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Monday, February 08, 2010

If Obama's real father was his grandfather, who was his mother?

This is a strange tale. It is complicated to follow, but another theory on the origins of a president of the United States. Is is true? I doubt it. It seems too complicated but I do think we will hear more about it.


Obama with Stanley Dunham, a remarkable resemblance

A slip of the tounge?

February 07, 2010
Another Look at Obama's Origins

By Jack Cashill American Thinker

The murky circumstances of Obama's birth invite attempts to make the known facts fit together. This article was prompted by two e-mails. The first asked me why I had never weighed in on the birth certificate controversy surrounding President Barack Obama.

I responded that although I was troubled by the lack of documentation regarding all phases of Obama's history -- I'd be content with his SAT scores -- I could not understand why any pregnant American woman would go anywhere near Kenya.

The second e-mail was more interesting. It came from a Michigan entrepreneur named Don Wilkie, with whom I had not previously communicated. Knowing my interest in the authorship questions surrounding Obama's writing, he presumed that I was intrigued as he was by a cryptic poem the nineteen-year old Obama wrote called "Pop," the best thing that Obama himself has actually written. He was right.

"Pop" relates an encounter between Obama and a man most reviewers presume to be Obama's maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham. Dunham would have been in his early sixties at the time. In the poem, Obama has "Pop" wondering drunkenly about the boy, "What to do with me, a green young man."

The Obama of the poem is cynical, even a little bitter. He makes several allusions to the fact that he and the old man look and even smell alike, a fact that strikes Obama as more ironic than reassuring. The poem ends, however, with reconciliation when Pop stands and asks for a hug. Writes Obama:

I see my face, framed within

Pop's black-framed glasses

And know he's laughing too.

Wilkie offers a novel interpretation of "Pop." Says Wilkie, "I think the poem zeros in on that poignant moment when Obama was told that his grandfather was in reality his father."

Wilkie concedes his theory is "off-the-wall," but he also offers photographic evidence to show that Obama much more closely resembles Dunham -- especially by the telltale ears -- than he does Barack Obama, Sr.

Intriguing as the theory is, I thought it would be easy to disprove. I was wrong. For starters, in his 1995 memoir Dreams From My Father, Obama refers to his grandfather not as "Pop," but as "Gramps." If he were writing about his grandfather in this poem, the title "Pop" may very well be suggestive of a more direct kinship.

For another, there is little known about the marriage between Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's presumed mother, and Barack Obama, Sr. According to most accounts, Dunham and Barack Sr. were married on the Hawaiian island of Maui -- in some reports on February 2, 1961, and in others, on February 21.

Obama knows little about the wedding. He writes in Dreams, "In fact, how and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I've never quite had the courage to explore. There's no record of a real wedding, a cake, a ring, a giving away of the bride."

In his fair-minded biography, Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage, Christopher Andersen concedes, "There were certainly no witnesses -- no family members were present; and none of their friends at the university had the slightest inkling they were even engaged."

Another conflicting bit of evidence is that at the time of his alleged marriage to Ann Dunham, Barack Sr. had a pregnant wife and a son back in Kenya. There is more. In July 2008, speaking at a university roundtable, Michelle Obama said of Barack's mother that she was "very young and very single when she had him." This could well have been a slip of the tongue, but it may not have been.

Obama was reportedly born roughly six months after the February wedding date on August 4, 1961. Andersen reports that Barack Sr. drove Ann to Honolulu's Kapiloani Hospital for Women and Children to have the baby.

Andersen's account, however, suffers from chronology problems. He relates that Ann told the Dunhams of her pregnancy in "late October." Even if she had she been impregnated in early October -- it probably would have been earlier -- Obama's official birth date came ten months later.

In any scenario, Obama had at least one black parent, and if it is not Obama Sr., who then is it? Obama offers a possible clue in Dreams:

I was intrigued by old Frank, with his books and whiskey breath and the hint of hard-earned knowledge behind the hooded eyes. The visits to his house always left me feeling vaguely uncomfortable, though, as if I were witnessing some complicated, unspoken transaction between the two men, a transaction I couldn't fully understand. The same thing I felt whenever Gramps took me downtown to one of his favorite bars, in Honolulu's red-light district.

The "Frank" in question is Frank Marshall Davis, a black communist, pornographer, and poet who had abandoned Chicago for Hawaii. In "Pop," it should be noted, the Pop character "recites an old poem" just before the reconciliation and reeks of whiskey. Davis would have been in his mid-seventies at the time. Some have theorized that Davis, in fact, is Obama's father and the "Pop" of the poem. This theory, though tenuous, cannot be ruled out. A grandson can look more like his maternal grandfather than his father. That happens. And then, too, there is Davis's Chicago connection.

The "Frank" passage and the ones that follow, however, tell us something suggestive about Stanley Dunham, namely that he frequented otherwise all-black bars in an area rife with prostitution. That a black woman -- perhaps a friend of Davis's -- gave birth to a child of Dunham's may explain "the complicated, unspoken transaction between the two men." If this were the case, it would have caused far less societal stress for Ann Dunham to assume maternity of her little brother than for Stanley Dunham to assume paternity of his son.

We also know that Stanley Dunham so desperately wanted a boy that he named his only child "Stanley Ann." That he chose to raise the young Barack would not have been out of character.

Is it possible that Barack Sr. obliged the Dunhams and went along with the charade? If so, as Andrew Young attests in The Politician, he would not have been the last good friend to claim false paternity for a larger cause.

As a Kenyan, Barack Sr. would have given the boy more than a name. He would give him a distinctive identity as an "African," a more respected ethnicity in the America of the 1960s than "Negro." Indeed, Obama has built his career around his exotic identity. Were he named after an American father -- say "Darnell Johnson" -- he may never have been elected president.

This hypothetical extended charade would help explain why Barack Sr. blithely blew off his new family when he headed for Harvard a year later, rejecting a reported opportunity to take both wife and child to New York, and began dating as soon as he arrived at Harvard. It would explain too why Ann Dunham felt free to leave young Barack with her parents for years at a time when her career beckoned.

Barack Sr.'s cooperation would also put Stanley Dunham's fondness for him in perspective. In Dreams, Gramps speaks so respectfully of his prodigal son-in-law that the whole opening sequence rings false to anyone who knows the larger story. A man, and a black man at that, has knocked up Dunham's daughter. Ann and Barack Sr. marry despite reported opposition from both families. The man then abandons wife and child, and the grandfather can only sing his praises to the man's son. This makes no sense at all and would have made even less sense in the racially charged 1960s.

Jerome Corsi of WorldNetDaily has found additional evidence that argues against Obama's birth to Ann Dunham in August 1961. As the records clearly show, "Stanley Ann Dunham" enrolled for classes at the University of Washington at Seattle on August 19, 1961, fifteen days after Obama's presumed birth. It defies all logic -- and logistics as well -- that Dunham would have flown her newborn across the Pacific, found an apartment and a job, and enrolled at school all within two weeks of the birth.

Most accounts put young Barack with Dunham in Seattle when she was attending college, but the sourcing on these accounts is suspect. One person cited often is Dunham's good childhood friend, Maxine Box. In February 2008, Box told the Seattle Times that the last time she saw Dunham was "in 1961," when, says Times reporter Nicole Brodeur, "[Dunham] visited Seattle on her way from Honolulu to Massachusetts, where her then-husband was attending Harvard."

"She seemed very happy and very proud," Box tells the Times of Dunham. "She had this beautiful, healthy baby. I can see them right now."

There are any number of problems with this account, beginning with the fact that Barack Sr. did not attend Harvard until the fall of 1962. Box also gives no sense that Dunham lived in Seattle or attended classes there through the winter and spring sessions of 1962, as records show she did. Whether Dunham was actually heading for Harvard, we have no real way of knowing.

A seeming hole in Andersen's account is that he missed the Washington adventure and has Ann remaining in Hawaii through Obama's first few years. He makes no mention of any trip to Harvard by Ann.

One other scenario makes sense out of a falsely assumed paternity by Barack Sr. This begins with the abrupt departure of the Dunham family from the Seattle area in the late summer of 1960. In Dreams, Obama tells how pleased the senior Dunhams were with the success of Ann in high school, but Stanley forbade her to go to the University of Chicago, "deciding that she was still too young to be living on her own."

Soon thereafter, however, the family decamped for Hawaii.

"Something must have still been gnawing at my grandfather's heart," writes Obama. He attributes the move to his wanderlust and the "limitless" prospects offered by a new furniture store in Honolulu. Adds Obama, "He would rush home that same day and talk my grandmother into selling their house and packing up yet again."

What Obama does not mention is that even at this time, his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, likely earned more than her furniture salesman husband. To move, she had to give up her job as a bank officer in Seattle. Arriving in Honolulu, she worked as a by-the-hour bank teller. This job would, however, have given her the opportunity to tend to the young Barack.

It seems altogether possible that the progressive and adventurous seventeen-year-old Dunham was impregnated by a black man while the family was still living in the Seattle area. If so, this pregnancy could have prompted the family to uproot to Hawaii, where no one knew them and where mixed-race babies were more accepted. According to the Andersen account, whose source was Maxine Box, "There were loud arguments between father and daughter -- fights that sometimes turned violent." Ann did not want to go.

Both the "Dunham as father" and the "anonymous black father" scenarios would make the Obama camp wary of sharing Obama's actual birth certificate, either because Dunham was not Obama's mother, or, if she were, because Obama was born much earlier than August 4, 1961.

If Obama were born, say, in February or March 1961, it would clarify why, as documented, Dunham attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the fall semester of 1960, but not in the spring semester of 1961. This timetable would have also allowed Dunham enough time to recover and prepare for a return to college in Seattle in August with or without the baby. Dunham would not return to the University of Hawaii until 1963. She filed for divorce in 1964, and little was heard from Barack Sr. ever again.

Scientists use the phrase "inference to the best explanation" to illuminate an unproven phenomenon. Given the available evidence, including the fact that some evidence has been strategically withheld, one can infer that Obama likely was born in Hawaii but that Ann Dunham did not give birth to Barack Obama, Sr.'s child on August 4, 1961.

So much depends on Obama's fabled "story," however, that the mainstream media have chosen not to investigate. When Christopher Andersen tried, he found himself immersed in a swamp of conflicting and concocted stories that tested the savvy of even a veteran biographer.

And so Obama's birth remains a mystery a year after his inauguration. The mainstream media, meanwhile, have paid more attention to the origins of Trig Palin than to those of the president, and they have spent their excess energy mocking those who do the reporting they once did.

If my humble efforts to clarify matters make me a "birther," then so be it.


  1. I dont know the fact...

    Only BHO knows the truth and he aint talking...

    He lies about much of his history...

    Lying is more that just mis-speaking it's about covering up truth...

    Someday, as his shine comes off, more people will come forward with bits of Obama's history..

    As a high ranking Democrat from IL said to me a few months ago, when we discussed his actualy birth/citizenship status, he stated that he didnt care what the constitution said about requirements for POTUS, it was un-important..

    Amazing... It will be proven that Obama was illegal for the office and we will get a YAWN from 40-50% of the nation...

  2. My Daughter's name is "Doug Mary"

  3. Old Frank escaped from the mainland, as I recall.

    Don't know if this was a result of his Communist status, or that he was a pedophile.

  4. What does Ms F do for Marriot, T?

  5. (I assume she's not a slacker, like her govt-teat-sucking partner)

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  10. Rufus is gonna get an orgasm from that one, WIO!
    A sucker born every minute, ya know!

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    Gotta love that boy.
    Now what does Miss F do, T?
    Wife might want to steal her for F and B in Hawaii!

  12. Rita's into animals, when she tells stories, these days.

  13. Doug said...
    In which WIO gets thrown out on his ass:

    I love this bar.

    As someone RAISED in Texas, listening to jerry Jeff, willie, and zztop, "I love this bar" is all to familiar...

    You would never have picked me out of the crowd, except by my exceptional good boyish looks...

    My cowboy hat and tony lamas (ostrich) fit right...

  14. Trish's buddy Paul Krugman says Dems need to eliminate the filibuster. Of course, as soon as the Senate is back in GOP hands he will say the filibuster should be restored just like the Founding Fathers originally envisioned.

  15. Ms T continues to try to pretend "Doug" is invisible to her Linux World View.

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    ...looks had nuthin to do with it.

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  22. Doug said...
    I just saw him mercilessly firing the guy by cellphone and thought of you, WIO!
    ...looks had nuthin to do with it.


    I am nothing like that as a businessman...

    I am sneaky.... I used positive attributes to motivate both employees and vendors...

    I am a master at being win-win....

    war and jihadists are not about positive motivation.. that is war...

  23. Teresita said...
    I can tell you this, Doug, in five more years when she's over 25 years there, we get free weekend stays at any Marriott. That's a lot of knocking boots.

    Lesbians "knock boots"?

    I always thought it was more like a "purring" sound

  24. ...we all have our fantasies.

  25. Wow, free:
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  28. "The study "is the latest evidence that our nation is facing an adolescent-reproductive health crisis,"

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    In Chi-Comville, Girl babies are a reproductive health crisis.

    In Islam, babies are a suicide bombing opportunity.

  29. My wife just finished a book whose hero/detective is named Hieronymus Bosch, my favorite painter. Our hero Hiero gets his man, she tells me, and it was an inside job.

    Hieronymus has a painting called "The Prodigal Son", perfectly done, he just barely makes it across the bridge.

    Bosch was in some sort of secret men's society of his day. Some of his paintings have the look of detoxing from some drug induced high, yet they are the most spiritual of paintings.

    As to Zero, maybe Ann herself didn't know who papa was.

    If we take the House and Senate, inquiring minds might wish to know the truth of this big scam.

  30. Rat is chortling, chortling, chortling to himself this morning, grinding his little rotting rat teeth, grimey little yellow rat teeth, knawing, knawing and hoping, o hoping bob gets's what I like about the guy, he's so very open

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  32. Hawaii brings back a lot of memories. We worked one summer, Glenn and I and Tim and Chuck, driving the cars in from the docks to Aloha Motors at the time, the biggest dealership in the world, so it was said, and in the evening we siphoned gas from the lot, and got the money together to buy our way in to see Don Ho, and Robin Ward. Now Glenn is dying from Lou Gehrig's disease and he is twisted like a pretzel. He has a couple months to go. The girls used to sing "Glenn Owen, Glenn Owen, he'll never stop growin'", he was very tall, and his daughter played pro in the womens pro league, and he and I and Tim used to rent a room at the old hotel for New Years and bring our girls. Things are changing. I have put in a prayer request at our church, nothing wrong in that.

  33. Doug, for your knocking boots edification, google "Tribadism".

    And Bob, all this talk about death is much ado about, literally, nothing.

  34. What's dark to us is light to them, Miss Lily.

    I'll pull that one on you.

    And I know more than thee, I'm certain.

    How about this line--

    "On the jackpine plain I hunted the bird nobody knows"

    I have thought about this line from Roethke for years. And can't quite get it.....but it does goes deep. Deep in the brain, far back.

    And we have been talking about reincarnation.

    Two steps forward, one step back, the sway and flo, the pull from the front, always something more.

    And surely, all these faces, personalities, people we have loved, they don't vanish, they do not vanish, they are...just over there....

  35. Sarah's 4 words written on her hand are EQUAL to Obama's use of a Teleprompter so says MSNBC

    The main stream press have been trying to savage Sarah Palin's hypocrisy that she dare point fingers at Obama's use of a teleprompter...

    Seems to me what we have here is a perfect example of Affirmative Action...

    4 words written on a white woman's hands are EQUAL to a 900 word speech read via a teleprompter by a black man...

    so the standard is set...

  36. Shit, he used the telepromter to speak to some fifth grade class.

    Shit, even I could do that.

    In fact, I'm sure I could, and do it better.

    I'd just talk to them about hunting and fishing and stuff, and the stars, and camping, and rivers, and Walt Whitman, and we'd all get along great.

  37. Bob, be like Father Abraham. He was the head of a large nomadic clan and the possessor of great riches, he was already living in the golden age as far as he was concerned. Abram did not pine away for "salvation" or an afterlife. He had lived a full and blessed life, he accepted that he was mortal, and the only thing left that God could promise him was that his name and his DNA would be carried into the future by a people who would live in the land of what could be termed "Greater Israel", which was to extend from the east bank of the Nile to the west bank of the Euphrates. And that was enough for Abe.

  38. Less than all is too little for a man, Teresita.

    And, are you Miss T again?

    I can't keep up.

    I feel you haven't clicked on a thing I've said, over the years.

    There is...a first heaven of knowing...the poets.... insist...beyond belief...beyond Father Abraham...we are just beginners's just right...over there...the first heaven of knowing....when the mind's's the far field...unasked for...a grace...only by love and by silence can it be gotten...the divine compassion is matched only by the divine patience...but you already know that, down deep...

  39. As a blind man turns toward the window, and knows it is morning...

  40. Great gifts are sweeter when they are but revealed in their fulfillment unspoiled by hasty tidings.

    In other words, your Father wants you to come out on Christmas morning, open your gifts, and be genuinely surprised, and joyous, rather than see you sneak out at midnight, open the presents, re-wrap them, then when you come out you pretend to be pleasantly surprised. When you take your NDE "peek" you betray a lack of faith that your Father will do what is best for you.

  41. I love the rich running day, he said, and that one sun, and life, and all we can become, and people, so many people, people I have not even met, even better yet, I love the night, and death, and the stars, when we finally see everything, when we finally see all the stars....

    scrambled from our national poet,
    Walt Whitman

  42. When you take your NDE "peek" you betray a lack of faith that your Father will do what is best for you.

    No, I disagree with that.I don't know what it is, but it doesn't have anything to do with faith.

    It is a revelation of what is.

    I frankly don't give a fig for Zeus, I care a lot more for Melody, my friend, but I like knowing what may happen to me.

    Faith, fuck it, I like knowing.

    And I like Melody best of all.

  43. Best of all, he loved the fall... leaves yellow on the cotton woods.... and above the hills, the high blue windless skies...

    Best of All

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  46. Making health insurance less competitive

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    The House of Representatives is set to vote next week on a bill to strip health insurance companies of their limited antitrust exemption. This would undermine competitiveness in the market.

    The legislative push against the insurance industry is a predictable result of disinformation put out by the Obama administration. For months, President Obama has conjured up a picture of health insurance companies colluding to raise insurance premiums. These purportedly evil companies supposedly are able to collude by the antitrust exemption. The problem with this dark worldview is that the exemption only allows insurance companies to share mortality and care data. This information allows insurance companies to better know the risks that different categories of patients face and hence properly set insurance premiums.

    Information sharing is particularly important for small insurance companies because they typically cannot build up comprehensive databases themselves. In other words, this particular antitrust exemption does not discourage competition; it increases competition by making it possible for more companies to be in the market
    F...... Commie Traitor
    Comrade Rufus's Hero

  47. 'Rat:
    Thomas Barnett sees us annexing Mexico like you.
    Says it is no more Imperialism than the Euros adding countries to their group.

    I've been wrong before.
    Now I'm listening, at least.

  48. No, Doug, Comrade Rufus don't know nothin about no insurance bizness.

    He does, however, live today 100% on policies he wrote 20 Years, Ago.

    BTW, the life expectancy of the type policy I wrote (L&H) is 1.5 years. But, I don't know nothin about no insurance polisees.

  49. Thomas Barnett is a Moron.

  50. MLD learned punctuation from Rufus.

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    Barnett is not a moron, as his football allegiance demonstrates.

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