“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The hits just keep on coming!


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  2. Bye, bye, Miss American Pie.

  3. “It’s not that I want to punish your success I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they’ve got a chance for success too. My attitude is that if the economy’s good for folks from the bottom up, it’s gonna be good for everybody … I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” -- Baraq Assad Hussein Faisal al-Bama, to Joe the Plumber

  4. We have seen the target,
    and the target is us.

  5. The Social Security number that he now uses is bogus, says the video.

    Does that mean there currently are public records of that stolen identity/SSN?

  6. As a college student, Barack Obama expressed Marxist views

    During Christmas break, Drew says he was at Grauman-Boss’ home in Palo Alto when Obama came over with Mohammed Hasan Chandoo, his roommate from Pakistan.

    “Barack and Hasan showed up at the house in a BMW, and then we went to a restaurant together,” Drew says. “We had a nice meal, and then we came back to the house and smoked cigarettes and drank and argued politics.”
    For the next several hours, they discussed Marxism.

    “He was arguing a straightforward Marxist-Leninist class-struggle point of view, which anticipated that there would be a revolution of the working class, led by revolutionaries, who would overthrow the capitalist system and institute a new socialist government that would redistribute the wealth,” says Drew, who says he himself was then a Marxist.

    “The idea was basically that wealthy people were exploiting others,” Drew says. “That this was the secret of their wealth, that they weren’t paying others enough for their work, and they were using and taking advantage of other people. He was convinced that a revolution would take place, and it would be a good thing.”

    Drew concluded that Obama thought of himself as “part of an intelligent, radical vanguard that was leading the way towards this revolution and towards this new society.”

    In contrast, “My more pessimistic Marxist perspective indicated this was not a realistic possibility, that we really hadn’t seen a sort of complete revolution take place anywhere in Western Europe, and that this isn’t what had happened in more socialistic Germany or in France,” Drew says. “He was pretty persistent, that I didn’t know what I was talking about.”

  7. Dr. Drew Reports on Young Obama's Marxist Socialist Perspective as of the Fall of 1980

    Barry a Committed Marxist at Occidental.

    Drew says Obama was a Marxist-Leninist and believed in redistribution of wealth. He was deceiving the public during the election because he was 100% in agreement with his Marxist pals and professors. Drew still believes that Obama is a socialist.

  8. That's just not right, doug.

    Where that thing is "Best of Show", therein exemplifies the reason why I don't go back to NYC, even to visit.

  9. All that gibberish goes to show, doug-o, is that even a young Marxist, behind the Resolute desk, cannot change the course of the United States.

    Even with 60 seats in the Senate, and the Oval Office, the course of the US cannot be turned.

    As for these huge deficits, it was just four or five years ago that the "conservatives", at the BC, were telling US that we could afford all the debt required, to fund a War on Islam.

    Funny that now that the "conservatives", here, tell US we cannot afford to fund our own economic recovery.

    Unimaginable Federal debt has been a hallmark of the Federals, since Reagan broke the bank.

    No reason to stop the parade, today.

  10. Newsflash....

    Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah have been accused of using false passports when infiltrating international borders (to murder citizens)

    Interpol stated that they take the crime of crossing borders with fake passports seriously and have issued an alert for any and all members of said groups carrying fake passports...

    G. Hunsel, Cptn Geneva Branch of Interpol stated, regardless of who or how many they murder, rape, kidnap or torture the real crime that we will not stand for, is usage of international travel documents that have been forged. In a further statement, he blamed Israel for setting the precedent for "forging" passports. He stated "Our international system of passports worked without fail until the Mossad ruined it, if they only would have stayed within the law we never would have had to deal with this issue."

    Hamas, Hezbollah & the Taliban could not be reached for comment at their 14 Downing street shared HQ as they were all out attending a honor killing...

  11. Wretched quotes Marc Thiessen in FP:

    "Today, the Obama administration is no longer attempting to capture men like these alive; it is simply killing them. This may be satisfying, but it comes at a price. With every drone strike that vaporizes a senior al Qaeda leader, actionable intelligence is vaporized along with him. Dead terrorists can’t tell you their plans to strike America."

    At least BC commenters aren't biting.

    Five days in and still no Afghanistan post. The silence...eet iss deafening.

    We're movin' on up to 40 degrees! Woohoo! Break out the Bermuda shorts and little bamboo umbrellas! It's a heat wave, baby!

  12. Last month, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and her senior staff privately met in Washington, D.C., with a select group of Muslim, Arab, and Sikh organizations. Among the mix were three organizations directly associated with an outlawed terrorist entity — the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Secretary Napolitano spent an hour and a half briefing them on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) counter-radicalization and anti-terrorist programs. The intensive briefings spanned two days (January 27 and 28) and were called by the DHS.

  13. Someone is covering up for Rashad Hussain. But who?
    And what did Barack Obama know, and when did he know it?
    Rashad Hussain is the Obama administration’s newly appointed special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the thuggish international organization that is engaged in a full-scale campaign to intimidate Western governments into adopting hate speech codes that will effectively quash criticism of Islam – including jihad violence perpetrated in its name. Rashad Hussain is an apposite choice for this position, since several years ago he defended a notorious U.S.-based leader of a jihad terrorist group.
    But someone doesn’t want you to know that, and made a clumsy attempt to cover it up.
    In 2004, Rashad Hussain, then a Yale law student, declared that the investigation and prosecution of University of South Florida professor Sami al-Arian, who ultimately pled guilty to charges involving his activities as a leader of the terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad, was a “politically motivated persecution” designed “to squash dissent.”
    Journalist Patrick Goodenough of Cybercast News Service reports that Hussain’s remarks in support of Al-Arian were published in the jihad-enabling Washington Report on Middle East Affairs in November 2004. But now all that has gone down the memory hole. The Washington Report’s archived version of this November 2004 article lacks two paragraphs that were included in the original version: the ones quoting Rashad Hussain. Otherwise the article is unchanged.
    The Washington Report editors, caught red-handed, decided to brazen it out, and blame their accusers – a tried-and-true tactic that is also frequently employed by jihadists in the West. They insist that there was no cover-up, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a venomous Islamophobe: according to Goodenough, “WRMEA news editor and executive director Delinda Hanley denied there was a ‘cover-up,’ and implied that anti-Muslim discrimination was behind the fact this was now being raised.”

  14. Lookit here, What Is, it's Israel's week to take the lumps. We've a rotating calendar and it's their turn.

    Do your small part and call for the sacking - better yet, public beheading - of one or more agency heads while everyone participates in a three-day stand down and shit's put in order.

    At least deeply furrow that brow!

  15. I am TotALLY cool with the rotating schedule of Israel bashing...

    It USED to be a daily event....

    As for sacking or beheading of dept heads?

    Not sure what you are saying...

    I LOVE the take out of the Hamas shithead...

    I think it IN FACT was successful....

    It was perfect... Israel (assuming it was them) have continued to delay Iran, Hamas, Syria (and assorted other bad guys) up close and personal...

    there has been several excellent examples of this recently...

    trust me, the bad guys are wetting themselves...

    from 5 star hotels, to downtown (secured) damascus, mysterious (illegal) arms caches in southern lebanon blowing up, Iranian atomic scientists coming up missing, syrian/nkor/iranian reactors being destroyed and many other examples, Israel is embracing Rat's wet dream..

    But the bad news for rat? Once you've been labeled by the UN for war crimes (when the rest the world uses a different standard) it's hard not to chuckle about being accused of passport tampering..

    hell, 6 weeks ago Turkey accused israel of organ harvesting, 2 weeks ago a MEMBER of the British Paralment ACCUSED israel of helping in Haiti JUST to HARVEST organs...

    yep... the redline has finally been broken...

  16. "To understand the profound stupidity of this operation and potential implications for Israel consider Bibi sitting down with other world leaders talking about the existential threat of Iran to Israel and dragging out his evidence and plans drawn up by Mossad."

    Get it?

    An unsatisfactory (except in that the target's dead) operation calls into question everything Israeli foreign intelligence is associated with. Everything. Including most ominously Iran.

    As IO go it's not particularly subtle but sometimes ya gotta drag out the two-by-four.

  17. "It USED to be a daily event..."

    Progress is progress.

  18. Assuming it was the mossad, and not another group (russian mob) the hit stands...

    Just two weeks ago the hamas target was on film admitting and bragging about the 1989 kidnapping and murder of 2 israelis...

    I dont see how uproar about the method of the kill changes the Mossad's credibility of INTEL on Iran...

    Iran is a threat to much more than tiny Israel..

    And the knowledge is getting thru the thick skulls of the French, Arabs, British, Americans, Russians and Chinese

    the funny thing? if iran goes hot, the saudis are more of a 1st target than israel...

    I still dont see how the press uproar will mean anything in 3 days...

  19. "I dont see how uproar about the method of the kill changes the Mossad's credibility of INTEL on Iran..."

    You'll have to ask dear host. He made the gigantic leap.

  20. trish said...
    "I dont see how uproar about the method of the kill changes the Mossad's credibility of INTEL on Iran..."

    You'll have to ask dear host. He made the gigantic leap.

    Yes, it seems our host and I differ on that...

    His previous post of:

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010
    Assassins and Criminals also had a bias with I thought was bullshit...

    I find articles posted fro the NYT always suspect at a minimum, and to then QUOTE Sir Menzies Campbell, the former Liberal Democrat leader strikes me as amazing..

    It's ENGLAND we are talking about...

    The home of Ken Livingstone, richard reid, the place that issued war crimes charges against the leadership of israel, and allows Hezbollah members into their country but not American Conservative radio talk show hosts...


    and lastly, and it bears repeating, a fine member of the english government claimed israel only helped in haiti to harvest organs just 2 weeks ago....

    So really how important is the new york times and the british opinion?

  21. cant make this shit up

    British threat to Israel over Dubai Hamas assassination
    Britain will consider severing its intelligence-sharing agreement with Israel if Mossad agents are proved to have stolen the identities of British passport holders, The Daily Telegraph has learnt

    now that's rich...

    Since the British (and Americans) are withholding intel to israel (for decades) about terrorism it would be funny for the British to threaten anything...

    Since, infact, ISRAEL gives much to England (and America) in the form of INTEL...

    Golly Good, Let's shoot ourselves in the foot!

    How's that Londonstan working out for ya?

    Bloody nitwits

  22. "Yes, it seems our host and I differ on that..."

    Dear host is concerned about the prospect of military action against Iran.

  23. trish said...
    "Yes, it seems our host and I differ on that..."

    Dear host is concerned about the prospect of military action against Iran.

    Yep... But America will not do anything about Iran. (the only possibility would be if BHO decided it would help HIS re-election)

    The "I vote present" form of government is in office as we speak.. Iran has plans against Israel and they have been in play and active for years...

    The only military action coming is Israel and Iran...

    (sure it might mean the USA might have to choose sides, just not sure whose side POTUS is on anymore)

  24. "The only military action coming is Israel and Iran..."

    I'm not sure he's any warmer to this than he is the idea of us doing it. Because it would require critical if somewhat discrete participation on our part. And not just us, mind you.

    Well, I've got a mountain of stuff to unpack.

    (And I swear to God, if I ever have to move again it better be someplace with fucking palm trees.)

  25. And by "he" I mean dear host.

    We already know in contrast that SecState's ass is on fire over Iranian missile development.

    Not quite feelin' the love wrt Iran.

    But at least the Left has STFU about the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Thing - morosely focused on the HCR fiasco.

    Buchananites are left to raise the alarm on potential action against our Good Friends the Persians.

  26. Wars generally require financing through bond issues and/or use of printing presses. Another war on the books could really be troublesome...

  27. Re: "Al-Mabhouh had also been travelling on a false passport."

    ...wonder the country of origin of that false passport...why the mystery...

  28. allen, the master of equivalency - so, are you trying to say that Hamas and Israel are somehow equivalent? That since the Hamas guy had a fake passport it's now okay for the Israeli to do the same?

  29. Ash,

    Re: equivalency

    We are told the countries of origin of the alleged Mossad issued passports. Why are we left in the dark about your brother's passport?

    It is a simple question, Ash.

  30. O, and Ash, there is no moral equivalency between a self-confessed murderer and his executioners.

  31. bob,

    Re: your touching invitation

    Would it were possible in this forum to have a rational, collegial discussion on the topics raised by Weiss, Black Elk et al. It is not.

    We have here a coterie of cranks who sit in front of their monitors all day, hoping for nothing better than the taking of the snarky shot to the back. In the real world, I imagine them as quite timid, unassuming and unaccomplished.

  32. We're movin' on up to 40 degrees! Woohoo! Break out the Bermuda shorts and little bamboo umbrellas! It's a heat wave, baby!

    Been a really strange winter, alrighty.

    We haven't had any snow at all, here, cept for that brief cold spot back in December.

    The old rule of the thumb here was, get the spring crop in before the snow melted on the south side of Moscow Mountain.

    It screws up our farmers minds.

    There hasn't been any snow on Moscow Mountain at all.

    Shit, when do we plant????

  33. Allen, you got to give me some days.

    But I am working on a post, to put some similarities in place.

    Everyday life, and it's demands, just seems to have the sway right now.

    Weiss was great.

  34. I have no problem with the outcome of the operation. What I have a problem with is that Israel screwed over innocent people, including their own citizens, in order to achieve it.

    "Tzachi Hanegbi, chairman of the Israeli parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, said there are no plans to try to unravel why Israelis' names appeared on the passports. If there is suspicion of identity theft or concern about implication in a murder, those involved should consult a lawyer, Hanegbi said."


  35. "Been a really strange winter, alrighty."

    Could be worse. Could be the Spring that isn't.

  36. A Dubai Victory

    "The people calling the operation “sloppy” and a “debacle” seem to actually believe that the Mossad is unaware that there are video cameras in airports and hotels today, or that the passport photos of the agents would not be revealed to the public. Really."

  37. On that happy note, I'm off to work.

    By the way, Trish, the weather here is beautiful today.

  38. I find the entire caper bizarre.

    Why would you steal civilian passports? Where is the upside on that? It makes no sense. Did anyone think that these people, publicly identified , will now become targets themselves?

    Why 12 - 14 agents, all of whom seem to have been identified with photographs? Someone is going to know them and their families. No retaliation from Islamists there?

    The Mossad operation was so in the face of Hamas that it baits and begs retaliation. There was not an attempt at subterfuge. The agents were practically smiling for the camera. They wanted to be noticed. Were they trying to draw them out, to goad them into a retaliation. Why?


    I would have to have a very good explanation about an action that has some basic details that seem to be very puzzling and unnecessary.

    No I do not support a pre-emtive attack on Iran. I do not want to see the US drawn into an unwanted war by a unilateral act of the Israelis. I would not stop them and I would not join them.

    A nuclear Iran is no more a threat to the US than a nuclear Pakistan. I do not want a nuclear Iran, but we do not have the sustained capability of stopping it, without causing more damage to our own security in the long run.

    An inneffective attack against Iranian nuclear facilities will not remove the existing regime in Iran and will harm US security interests. It will inflame the crazies and buy us nothing. It will cause further overuse of our military.

  39. It's amazing how fast we give credit/blame to israel..

    with really no facts...

  40. "No I do not support a pre-emtive attack on Iran. I do not want to see the US drawn into an unwanted war by a unilateral act of the Israelis. I would not stop them and I would not join them."

    I know.

  41. A really "Bearish" EIA Report, today. So what does oil/gas do? It takes off like a Rocket. Oil at $79.00. Wholesale Unleaded at $2.05 (translates to $2.75 Retail.)

    Wouldn't be surprised to see this run go to $87.00 - $88.00.

    Steadily drawing down the "floating" storage. Should be gone by July at the latest. Look for $3.50 gasoline in July.

  42. a pre-emptive attack on Iran?

  43. Do you believe EVERYTHING you read on the Internet?

  44. In today's dollars, the US was paying $3.00/gal for gas in 1928.


  45. If everything they are implying on that video is true, starting with the social security numbers, is our government really that naive as to elect him as president?

  46. Yep, Q, that's right. And, that 1929 was a danged good year, too, wasn't it?

    BTW, while you have your chart out, tell us what we were paying in 1932.

  47. For the conspiracy minded – here’s a thought:
    The Iranians set up M.
    Mossad gets Blame, this poisons the likelihood of UAE, Saudi to cooperate with Israel on taking out the nukes.


  48. it's amazing to me the world's reaction to the killing of a mass murderer...

    there was a time when the world would have been happy, impressed and down right proud of Israel..

    Now countries like England, France, America and the like have IMPORTED the very types of people that Israel is at war with...

    Only yesterday, Janet Nummuts, met with members of Islamic organization WITH TIES TO THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD...

    it's alice in wonderland...

  49. WiO, I agree with you.

    But I think, in this next round of elections, we will make some progress.

    I have no problem at all with greasing some of the bastards.

  50. No chart, Ruf. Just something I heard (or read) over the last week or so.

    I could google you an answer on 1932 if I were that interested but I'm not.

    Why don't you look it up.

    Then tell me how it's relevant.

    As you have pointed out, a lot of things are cheaper today than they were years ago. It all evens out.

    I doubt citizens of the EU would have much sympathy for Americans having to pay $3-$4 for gasoline.


  51. The Euros get free healthcare, Q.

    Gasoline prices plunged after the crash. Gas was probably selling for $0.30, or so, a gallon in today's dollars, and stayed low all the way through the depression. The E. Texas oilfield came online in the early thirties IIRC.

    Point is, almost all recessions are preceded by a Spike in Oil, and then are aided by Low oil prices until recovery takes place.

    It's not going to happen that way This time. We got our plunge, but we've, already, seen a 100%+ increase in oil/gas prices since the low.

  52. Where, o where, are the women of
    America, on all this?

    They fought for their rights here, why not take it a step further?

    I am embarassed bout the women's rights movement here.

    Do they not realize they have sisters?

  53. Hell, Rufus. You pull these numbers out of...well

    Now you going to make me look this up.


  54. Knock yourself out.

  55. Very nice article, and video on the Ricardo Engine.

  56. From the US Dept. of Energy, Vehicle Technology Program, Fact of the Week Section.

    Fact #426 dated May 29, 2006.

    1932: Ave. Gasoline Price = $0.18/gal.

    1932: Ave. Gasoline price in constant 2005 dollars = $2.56/gal.

    With regard to taxes, healthcare, the cost of highways, et al.; 1932 was the first year a federal excise tax was added to gasoline in the US.

    It amounted to $0.01/gal.

    Today's prices(according to The Tax Foundation)include an average of $0.45/gal in federal, state, and local taxes.


  57. I heard recently and am inclined to believe that gold and oil prices are divorced from supply and demand of the market and now are being traded in relation to other investments.

    Is the drawdown in floating storage a result of reduced production or increasing demand or both?

    I read or heard somewhere recently that we can expect a bubble in oil prices come spring. (Whatever that means)

    Also, this is interesting. The Chinese real estate market is approaching mega bubble proportions. They have built, or are building or have plans to build office space equaling 25 sq feet for every man, woman and child in China.

    Also, heard recently something corroborating my thinking; Some wonk said that the British people are going to endure a reduced standard of living. I think most of us here in the good 'ol USA will suffer the same.

    Finally. No, anonymous, I do not believe everything I read on the internet nor everything alleged on the post video. I posted it for the entertainment value, more than anything.

  58. Mostly increasing demand in non-OECD countries, Whit.

    Q, can you put up a link for that? thanks

  59. Never mind, Q. I was vaguely remembering an old chart I'd seen. The big drop was from 1920 to 1929, not 1930 to '39.

    Gasoline prices stayed high in Real dollars all through the Depression. Hmm, I'm sure that didn't help.

  60. Hello!

    A last minute opening in Congressman Minnick's schedule means that we have the opportunity to host an open house TOMORROW MORNING ~ February 19, 2010.

    I hope you'll join us for coffee, pastries and lively conversation.

    Friday, February 19th, 2010
    Sage Baking Company
    1303 Main Street ~ Lewiston, ID

    My ass!

    I always sign up for the opposition's mailings.

    Minnick can't get enough folks together to fill dunkin donuts.

  61. That's spooky, Melody.

    It sure isn't Lone Star School, class size eight, where my aunt walked to school, three miles, circa 1910.

  62. The report also provides support for a theory that Iran could be running out of natural uranium by an apparent inability to produce feed material for their centrifuges.

    The officials said the IAEA report raised questions about Iran's claim it began building the formerly secret Qom facility in the second half of 2007 and that it appeared to have been begun in 2006.

    The Obama administration leaped on the disclosure of the facility's existence last autumn as proof of Iran's weapons intentions. The officials said it now appeared there was little activity at the facility.

    Technical Problems

  63. So, we've had higher prices in 1920, '21, and '22, and 1981, and '82.

    Of course, that stopped in 2006. We had 2008, also.

    Good job, Q. Thanks.

  64. Oops, that was '80, and '81.

  65. If you wanted an education in them days, you had to walk for it.

    There is a fellow out there, last name of Church, who I really don't know, who built a replica of the old LOne Star school. My aunt said, couple years before she died, he got it right, but the location was off by some yards.

    "No, it was just over there" she said.

  66. The Lower Merion School District:

    Educated in imbecility:

    What were they thinking?

  67. I used to take her for a drive, escape from the rest home, out that way. Take my shotgun too, in the fall.

    "Just don't shot the deer, Bob"

    I never did. We got some pheasants, though.

    Some years ago, I counted over forty elk, going from one timber patch to the other.

  68. They never gave me a new laptop.

  69. They never gave my aunt a laptop, either.

  70. And the ranked 13th in the state.

  71. Did your Aunt attend school in Lower Merion, bob?

  72. I just want to know what kind of inappropriate behavior this boy was doing.

  73. In 1985, he incorporated Prowess Engineering Inc. in Corona. It was suspended two years later.

    He started Software Systems Service Corp. in Lincoln in 1995 and that entity was suspended in 2001.

    Stack listed himself as chief executive officer of both companies.

    Tax Office

  74. Nope, it wasn't much like that, Whit.

    I just searched, can't find a picture of it.

    Classic old one room school house.

    I went in one time, scribbled on the blackboard "Zoro was here" like we always used to do in grade school in Moscow, in the mornings.

  75. inappropriate

    I hate that word, inappropriate, my wife uses it all the time.

    When that word comes into style, you know you fallen from the grace of natural life.

  76. The U.S. official said the Iranians were accumulating LEU "at a fairly low rate compared to what they should be able to do on paper" and that Tehran seemed to be "at least several years" away from accumulating enough 20 percent enriched uranium that could then be converted into bomb-grade material.

    But the senior official close to the IAEA said Iran seemed to be shifting focus to a second enrichment site at Fordow near Qom, which Iran has said will preserve the program if foes bomb Natanz and be operated with advanced centrifuges able to enrich two to three times as fast.

    Tucked deep inside a mountain bunker to ward off attack, the plant at Fordow is scheduled to open in 2011.

    Nuclear Warhead

  77. Fordow...

    Sounds like a far-away evil empire bent on the destruction of man, in a far-away distant land, in a time long, long ago.

  78. Higher language, by the way, can also be thought of as a fall from the grace of natural life.

    That's why I just want to live in a hut by the lake with a girl like Melody, not saying a thing, just stoking the fire, physical and metaphysical.

    Just there alone, the two of us.

    We could watch the geese come and go, and the rising and sinking of the moon, and the movement of the stars, and feel the movement of our hips.

  79. Bob, you seriously need to get laid, dude.

  80. Bob, you couldn't keep you mouth quiet for two seconds even if that meant living in a hut with me. (:

  81. Heh, maybe, but I wanted to say "with Melody" not with a girl like Melody.

    All girls aren't the same.

    Glad you gave me the opportunity to correct that, Sam.

    But I am not kidding, I read a philosophical tome, whose subject was, how language was a fall from the grace of natural life.

    Whose author I can't recall.

  82. Bob, you couldn't keep you mouth quiet for two seconds even if that meant living in a hut with me. (:

    Try me, we'll see.


  83. Thanks for Posting! Love your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange??

  84. Have you ever heard of verbal diarrhea?

  85. Bob, you seriously need to get laid, dude.

    Then let Melody
    Be the Remody

  86. Gas prices mean absolutely nothing when it comes to the economy. Look at Venezuela, gas is 19 cents a gallon, and the economy is tanking, so to speak.

    Gas is $7.76 in Norway, and they only just had a 1.5% drop in GDP in 2009, their first in 20 years.

  87. Both countries are socialist oil-producing countries, so don't tell me "apples and oranges".

  88. Have you ever heard of verbal diarrhea?

    No, but I may have experienced it, with my wife's uncle Arly, who just wouldn't shut the fuck up.

    I myself, can be silent for days, when I wish too.

    I said, Melody, me, the hut, no talk, the geese, the moon, the stars = paradise in my mind.

    No more Chevron card paymenst!

  89. Nope, you're Right, Teresita. They're exactly the same.

    It's obvious, low gasoline prices Kill an economy.

  90. I just want to know what kind of inappropriate behavior this boy was doing.

    Curiosity killed the cat.

  91. The cat has her nose in it more than I do so when I find out I will let you know, Whit.

  92. The dreams

    I shut up now

  93. All I have to do is keep an ear open and make a phone call.

  94. Authorities in Dubai say as many as six more people may have been involved in the liquidation of Hamas terrorist and arms dealer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. And that's just among the people who were in Dubai. In Damascus, a Hamas security official is being questioned regarding involvement in Mabhouh's liquidation, while details have started to emerge regarding two 'Palestinians' who were arrested and extradited from Jordan to Dubai in the days after Mabhouh's death - they may be connected to the 'Palestinian Authority.' This is from London's Guardian.
    Massoud's name first surfaced in the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Siyasah which quoted "a well-informed source" in Dubai as saying he had been with Mabhouh until he was killed, raising questions about his involvement.

    "Hamas suspects that he [Massoud] passed on the information that led to Mabhouh's killing," a senior ­Palestinian source told Israel's Ma'ariv newspaper. Massoud, a commander of Hamas's armed wing, the Izzedine al-Qassam brigades, fled from Gaza to Egypt where he was detained but released in late 2007, to the fury of the western-backed Palestinian Authority, run by Hamas's rival, Fatah.

  95. A key security operative of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas was under arrest in Syria tonight on suspicion of having helped an alleged Israeli hit squad identify Mahmoud al-Mabhouh before he was assassinated in Dubai, the Guardian has learned.

    Palestinian sources in the Gulf confirmed Nahro Massoud, a Hamas security official, was in detention and under interrogation in Damascus in connection with the 19 January killing, which is now widely assumed to have been mounted by Israel's Mossad secret intelligence service.

    Khaled Mishal, Hamas's political leader, denied the allegation. "It is not correct at all," he said, as Hamas sources suggested a disinformation campaign by the group's Fatah rival. But informed Palestinian sources insisted Massoud was being questioned amid mounting speculation that potentially senior Palestinian defectors may have assisted in the plot.

    The authorities in Dubai have refused to name two other Palestinians who were extradited from Jordan to the United Arab Emirates after the murder. Al-Jazeera reported that one of them worked for Fatah's security services but the Palestinian Authority has denied that.

    Today fresh details of the assassination operation and the motives for the killing continued to emerge.

    The plot

    After returning from a walk around the city al-Mabhouh was ambushed in his room on the second floor of Dubai's al-Bustan Rotana hotel by four men wearing baseball caps and T-shirts identified by Dubai police as the "execution team". They were said to have broken into his room, suffocated him and departed in around 10 minutes. They then left the country.

    The squad had constantly changed their appearances, using wigs, hats and glasses as disguises. But today questions emerged over the CCTV evidence released by Dubai police.

    All the assassins began leaving the hotel around 20 minutes after the murder, according to Dubai authorities, who showed footage of Gail Folliard, claimed to be the only woman in the group, exiting the hotel. Police also released footage of what now appears to be a second woman leaving the building around the same time. She was wearing white trousers and a stripy hat, departing with a different man.

    An Emirati official told the New York Times the hit team was not restricted to the 11 individuals whose photographs were initially released by Dubai police, but in fact included a total of 17 people, six of whom had not yet been identified. Those additional suspects could include the two Palestinians in UAE custody, the second woman shown in the footage and, potentially, Massoud.

    The Palestinian connection

    Massoud's name first surfaced in the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Siyasah which quoted "a well-informed source" in Dubai as saying he had been with Mabhouh until he was killed, raising questions about his involvement.

    "Hamas suspects that he [Massoud] passed on the information that led to Mabhouh's killing," a senior Palestinian source told Israel's Ma'ariv newspaper. Massoud, a commander of Hamas's armed wing, the Izzedine al-Qassam brigades, fled from Gaza to Egypt where he was detained but released in late 2007, to the fury of the western-backed Palestinian Authority, run by Hamas's rival, Fatah.

    Killings of Palestinians by Israel have often involved Palestinian agents being used to identity the target.

    Israeli media have reported previously that Mabhouh's killing prompted Hamas to launch an internal investigation to determine whether Israel had infiltrated its ranks. "The assassination of someone as senior as Mabhouh has rung an alarm bell in Hamas," one official told the Jerusalem Post. "Only a few people in the Hamas leadership knew about Mabhouh's secret activities and movements."

  96. But Yossi Melman, the Haaretz newspaper's expert on intelligence, commented that such stories were "another example of the sort of psychological warfare against Hamas that would have the organisation become even more suspicious of flawed security in its ranks".

    Hamas has said little about Mabhouh except to acknowledge he was a valued member of the organisation. It immediately vowed to retaliate for his death.

    A colleague told a Gulf newspaper: "Mabhouh played a key role in supplying the Palestinian people with weapons and money. His central role in the 2008-2009 Gaza war was clear, he supplied Palestinian fighters with special weapons, he was an important figure for our military."

    Hamas has accused Israel of trying and failing to kill Mabhouh three months ago. Speculation about the motives for his assassination has focused on his role in the 1989 abduction and killing of two Israeli soldiers.

    The Iranian connection

    Middle East experts and diplomats see the Dubai plot as part of a wider clandestine struggle between Israel and Hamas – and a deliberate attempt to weaken the Palestinian organisation's links with Iran. Israel considered Mabhouh to be the point man in smuggling longer-range Iranian rockets into Gaza that would be capable of striking Israel's urban heartland.

    Neither Hamas nor Dubai police have given any indication of why Mabhouh was in the emirate, a convenient access point for the Islamic Republic. Hamas has occasionally confirmed that its men have been sent to Iran for training by the Revolutionary Guards, confirming allegations made by Israel.

    Iran says it supports Hamas as a resistance movement. But it is shy of revealing any information about its financial and logistical backing for the Palestinians. A rare public glimpse of this largely secret war came last January when Israeli planes and drones attacked a convoy of arms and explosives heading for Gaza across the Sudanese desert during the three-week Cast Lead offensive.

    The Austrian connection

    There were more signs tonight the plot was connected with a less obvious country, after claims Austria was used as a communications hub by the squad.

    Dubai police identified Austria as "command centre" for the assassins, after mobile phone data showed at least seven numbers originating there. The gang never telephoned each other directly other than with what Dubai police speculated were "encrypted" messages, but contact was maintained via several Austrian mobile phone Sim cards. Austria has confirmed its officials were assessing the claims.

    Vienna has a long reputation as a centre of espionage, having been used extensively during the cold war and elements of the sophisticated infrastructure have remained in place. In December 2008 radical Islamic terrorists also coordinated their bomb attacks in Mumbai, in which 160 people were killed, using Austrian mobile phone numbers.

  97. 10th grade

    inappropriate behavior- cannot be released. Of course he's a minor.

    Rumors- smoking drugs, masturbating and pretending the mike and Ike's he was eating were drugs.

  98. Detectives were called to the eight-storey hotel after a body was found in a room on Monday evening. The prince was not at the scene and was arrested five hours after hotel staff found the body.

    After his arrest, officers spend the day checking the man's claim that he was a member of the Saudi royal family and assessing whether he was entitled to escape charges under diplomatic immunity rules. They successfully applied at a magistrate's court for a warrant of further detention.

    The hotel's general manager, Francis Green, confirmed the death of a guest and said the hotel was co-operating with police.

    Murder Suspect

  99. Gaza Strip .. Clinical death to a leader of the Qassam Brigades after he had been poisoned


    Gaza - Palestine Press: According to local sources and informed in the Gaza Strip, the citizen Asif Kahil, a leader of Hamas has arrived Shifa hospital in Gaza City following the case of serious poisoning in a state of clinical death.

    The sources said that Asif Kahil now lie in the intensive care unit at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City ..

    The sources described and based on Palestinian medical sources in Gaza that the state citizen health Kahil very critical to severe poisoning.

    The sources revealed that the vulnerability of a stormy Kahil poisoning is the result of an internal dispute between the poles in the Qassam Brigades, including by Basil Salehia a member of Hamas, known as "the pilot".

    The sources revealed that Ahmed Al-Jabari and Ahmed Al-Ghandour and Obhoshrk had visited Kahil windy last night and today, and their relationship to liquidate liquidated Kahil not too comes under liquidation and accounts of the Interior after he was dismissed from the battalion commander Sabra against the backdrop of financial wrongdoing and the sale of weapons-Qassam Brigades.

  100. J.P. Morgan's Abu Dubai opening comes after the balance of economic power appears to have shifted in the UAE. Last November, quasi-sovereign corporate Dubai World sent palpitations through global capital markets when it asked for a standstill agreement for $26 billion worth of debt.


    As if in symbolic punishment, the tallest building in the world was renamed the Burj Khalifa, after Abu Dhabi's leader, when it opened in Dubai last month.

    J.P. Morgan has four other offices in the Middle East, in Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, and offers its customers asset management, investment banking, private banking, and treasury and securities services. It has been in the Middle East for over 50 years.

    Abu Dhabi

  101. "A nuclear Iran is no more a threat to the US than a nuclear Pakistan"

    just because they are both islamic does not mean they are the same. the rulers in iran have expressed much more hatred and hostility towards us and seem to be far more beligerant and bent on some sort of vengance. i dont think they can be accurately compared

  102. "A nuclear Iran is no more a threat to the US than a nuclear Pakistan"

    just because they are both islamic does not mean they are the same. the rulers in iran have expressed much more hatred and hostility towards us and seem to be far more beligerant and bent on some sort of vengance. i dont think they can be accurately compared