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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Obama Campaign's Theme Song?


    On the top photo, what are those 2 things growing upward from the Bumper?

  2. Maybe Palin could use it.
    Now that she can't use the Barracuda Song.
    She's put a spell on most of us.

  3. McCain, Obama plan joint stop at Ground Zero
    The Associated Press
    Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama said Saturday they will put aside partisan politics for a joint appearance at Ground Zero to mark the seventh anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

    The Democratic and Republican presidential nominees, in a statement, said they will appear together at the World Trade Center site on Thursday "to honor the memory of each and every American who died" in the 2001 attacks.

    The campaigns already had agreed to suspend television advertising critical of each other on Sept. 11. The McCain campaign has said it will air no ads that day.

    Both campaigns have been running negative television ads and, at the just-concluded political conventions, pulled no punches in exploiting partisan differences.

    Obama and McCain said Thursday will be different.

    "All of us came together on 9/11 — not as Democrats or Republicans — but as Americans," they said. "We were united as one American family. On Thursday, we will put aside politics and come together to renew that unity."

  4. Yeah,
    McCain had a congratulatory ad for Karl Hussein Obama, and Obama blackmailed Fox into having him on O'Reilly during McCain's speech!
    Chicago rules, all the way.

  5. That tune always brings back Padre Island, down Texas way, for me, doug.

    Went down the first time from Ft Hood for a three day romp. All you can eat, fresh shrimp, right on the wharf.
    Beer was not priced to high, either.

    Slept on the beach, it was a time, indeed.

  6. Sounds like us in Playa de los Cocos back when it was safe to camp out in Mexico.
    ...Just North of Santa Cruz, as I recall.
    Shrimp on the Beach, grilled fish, and those birds with the weird tails.
    And the ever present Iguanas.

  7. Boycott Obama Money Machine

    And other well known deceivers in your neighborhood, as well.

  8. ...walked down to Santa Cruz for some fresh bread and tortillas.

  9. (somehow standing in line outside the bakery was more pleasant than the supermarket checkout)

  10. The NYTimes
    One indication of the Obama campaign’s priorities can be found in a breakdown of how it is distributing large donations to a special fund-raising account it has set up for state parties. The breakdown, provided by an Obama fund-raiser, shows the campaign funneling money to traditional swing states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, but also allocating substantial sums to normally solid Republican states like North Carolina.

    Obama aides, while pulling back commercials in Georgia, are mulling new advertisements in other states that Mr. Bush carried, like Arizona and West Virginia, where the poor economy might help them somewhat.

    Obama proved his inability to act in a decisive manner, when he made his VP pick. Mr Biden ....
    Note that the NUTimes does not refer to Sarah as Mrs, but rather Ms. Not sure if that is sexist, on their part, or not.

    Ms. Palin took on Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, Mr. Obama’s running mate and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, as a personification of the status quo.

    “When our opponent made his choice, he went for a fine man, a decent man,” she said at the rally. “Senator Biden can claim many chairmanships across many, many years in Washington, and certainly many friends in the Washington establishment. But even those admirers would not be able to call him an agent of change.”

  11. Loaf or two of french bread and a couple of bottles of sangria.

    I think the place at Padre Island was called the Sand Dollar Saloon, built well off the grade, on telephone poles, the place surely rocked.

    Bet it's long gone, now.

  12. Whitey McCain/ and Obama's Secret Bar


    Sarah Palin: Is She Meaner Than Jesus?

    Posted by Scott Ott on Friday, September 05, 2008 7:35:40 PM

    During a panel Thursday at the Republican National Convention, the discussion turned to Gov. Sarah Palin's use of sarcasm to attack the Democrat duo facing off against her and John McCain. As a member of the panel, I was asked if Gov. Palin's speech was too mean to reflect a "Christian attitude".

    My colleague on the panel, Asma Hasan, author of "Why I Am a Muslim," is a self-described "religious person," recently-registered Republican and Hillary supporter, who noted, "I did think she [Palin] was a little mean."

    Upon further reflection, away from the glare of TV lights, I'm wondering if a better question might be: Is Sarah Palin meaner than Jesus?

    In chapter 23 of Matthew's gospel, Jesus goes off on a rant against those who "exalt themselves."

    Speaking directly to his adversaries he accuses them of hypocrisy for running around proclaiming rules for others to live by, and boasting of their own good behavior, while they slam the door in the face of those others. He says they work hard to make converts to their way, and then they make their followers "twice as much a child of hell" as they are. (v. 15)

    That's not a very "Christian" thing to say, Jesus, is it?

    But Jesus isn't done yet. He accuses his opponents of focusing on small matters while ignoring what's really important -- "straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel!" (v. 24)

    If I didn't know it was Jesus talking, I'd think that was sarcasm. I wonder if he's like that because he was homeschooled?

    But wait, there's more. He nails them for putting on appearances that don't match their inner character: "you clean the outside of the cup and the plate, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence." (v. 25)

    He calls them "blind guides"and says "you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people's bones and all uncleanness." (v. 27)

    That's not very nice either. It's kind of "unappealing," don't you think?

    His diatribe reaches a crescendo with this ultimate smack down: "You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?" (v. 33)

    Jesus, of course, is not trying to destroy them, he's trying to teach them the error of their ways and to win some of them over to his way. He could have just stopped at verse 12: "Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted."

    But to do surgery, you usually need a scalpel. Sarah Palin's gentle jabs at Barack Obama pale in comparison to the way Jesus "owned" the scribes and Pharisees. That's not to say that Gov. Palin never has, or never will step over the line and wind up on Mean Street. But let's put to rest this idea that you can't express brutal truth, even with sarcasm, and still be a follower of Jesus.

  13. If Obama had chosen AZ's Governor, instead of Biden, he'd have a women, an executive, and Maverick would have had to campaign, HARD, here in his State of residence.
    Just to stay even in the polls.

    Would have changed the race, instead Obama chose old Joe.

    Poor judgement, to be sure.

  14. Obama's Usama-Centric View of Jihad

    Posted by Scott Ott on Saturday, September 06, 2008 11:29:47 AM

    Imagine the post-Usama world -- that Utopian realm which emerges after President Barack Obama orders the Pentagon to rupture U.S. relations with Pakistan, and sends planes and troops into the lawless tribal borderlands of Waziristan, easily snatching al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden from his subterranean condo and putting him on trial at The Hague.

    Now what happens?

    Sen. Obama has campaigned for president under the assumption that for the past seven years the Pentagon and the CIA have barely, or rarely, attempted to capture the world's most-wanted man. Of course, our military and intel community have all been distracted by Iraq and by spying on innocent Americans at home, so we lacked the resources to go after Usama. Sen. Obama believes that once we bring the troops home from Iraq, nabbing the terror mastermind will be a cinch, and peace will be upon us.

    Let's say he's right, and we get Usama. Is that the end of al Qaeda?

    Does Sen. Obama believe that Usama is the only jihadist smart enough to lead the decentralized terror network? Once he's safely in prison (no doubt serving 20-years to life) will our nation will again be safe?

    What if there's another leader, or dozens of others? What if we get Usama but the terror attacks don't stop? Senator, do you know the definition of the word 'decentralized'?

    Presumably, he would go after the new leader of al Qaeda, put him in jail, then pursue his replacement, and so on.

    Sen. Obama's Usama-centric view of jihad fails to comprehend that radical Islam is not a personality, it's an ideology, a worldview, a movement. As a Muslim martyr in suicide sportswear prepares to trigger his package, distributing his entrails and hot shrapnel over a crowded marketplace, he doesn't shout "Usama Akbar!" He shouts the name of his bloodthirsty God, proclaiming Allah's greatness in the slaughter of the innocents. Capturing or killing Usama won't stop this terror.

    Sen. Obama utterly fails to comprehend what we're fighting -- a "nation" without borders, a kingdom without a king, and a fighting force without medics whose best "soldiers" almost invariably die the first time they do battle.

    We should, and eventually will, get Usama. But that's not a plan for fighting jihad. It's a tactic in an overall strategy...a strategy which Sen. Obama has failed to develop or reveal

  15. Cradle Robber.
    What a cutie in the Cradle!

  16. Jimmy still does private parties and such, charged that one financier $250,000 for an evening on a Greek party island, for the fellows wife's birthday, at company expense.

    Can't recall that fellows name.

  17. That Usama centric piece is jibberish, bob.

    Obama, last November, said there wer 40,000 jihadists that would have to be killed.

    One would have to assume a lot of those are massed around Usama, not lounging at the Sand Dollar Saloon.

    Georgia is now the cause de jur, of the United States, bob.
    Jihadist terrorism is so yesterday.
    Ask Dick Cheney.
    He's all about Russia, now.

    Ask John McCain
    "We're all Georgians, now"

  18. I think that the "Blessed Rich Guy" went to jail, as I recall.

  19. What's gonna happen now, gang?
    Pakistan closes Torkham border crossing, shuts down NATO’s supply line

    An estimated 70 percent of NATO supplies move through Khyber to resupply troops fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan. The bulk of NATO's supplies arrive in the port city of Karachi, move north to Peshawar, and head west to the Torkham crossing into Afghanistan and the final destination in Kabul. The rest of the supplies pass through the Chaman border crossing point in Baluchistan or arrive via air.

    ht - Cannoneer No. 4

  20. Oh, man, You Gotta see THIS!

    Funniest ad I've Ever Seen.

    Sarah Palin, Moose Killer, Mom, Moose Killer

  21. Boycott Obama Money Machine
    I've been saying this for years, and practicing it for even longer.

  22. Sarah Palin, Moose Killer, Mom, Moose Killer
    Lying Propagandist! She's killing Santa's reindeer, and you know it!

  23. Yeah, but at least she's eating them.

    I mean, she does have a pretty big family.

  24. Yeah, but at least she's eating them.
    I like the part where she skins them, best. :)

  25. Gov't okays Friedmann's bill to cut Supreme Court's authorities
    Sep. 7, 2008
    To see, that wasn't so hard.

  26. Boycott Obama Money Machine

    Obama's money machine is the Internet. I ain't about to boycott the Internet.

  27. Bobal, rufus already linked to it, and I already made Fely watch it.

  28. Looked like the same asshole, to me, doug.

    Afghanistan, the Chosin of the 21st Century?

  29. Obama's money machine is the Internet.
    The Daily Kos is NOT The Internet.

  30. Okay, I already removed the Daily Kos link from my blog as part of my girlcott of the Obama Money Machine.

  31. Beneath the gobbledy-gook, an implied concession about taxes
    Bookworm on Sep 07 2008 at 12:03 pm | Filed under: Barack Obama, Economics, Taxes

    Wow! Unless I’m very confused, beneath all the O-babble here, Obama is conceding that low taxes benefit the economy:

    Democrat Barack Obama says he would delay rescinding President Bush’s tax cuts on wealthy Americans if he becomes the next president and the economy is in a recession, suggesting such an increase would further hurt the economy.

    Nevertheless, Obama has no plans to extend the Bush tax cuts beyond their expiration date, as Republican John McCain advocates. Instead, Obama wants to push for his promised tax cuts for the middle class, he said in a broadcast interview aired Sunday.

    “Even if we’re still in a recession, I’m going to go through with my tax cuts,” Obama said. “That’s my priority.”

    What about increasing taxes on the wealthy?

    “I think we’ve got to take a look and see where the economy is. I mean, the economy is weak right now,” Obama said on “This Week” on ABC. “The news with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, I think, along with the unemployment numbers, indicates that we’re fragile.”

    In other words, while Obama shies desperately away from simple declarative sentences, what he’s saying is that his taxes have nothing to do with economic strength. If they did, nothing would prevent his immediately rescinding the Bush tax cuts so that his Obamonomics could help “grow the economy.” Instead, he’s conceding that tax increases are economically damaging, since they could, if enacted, harm an already fragile economy.

    Still, Obama remains committed to making those who pay the most taxes pay even more taxes. Let’s put that in other words too: raising taxes has nothing to do with the economy under the Obama plan and everything to do with wealth redistribution. Under the blathering, under the equivocation, under the confusion generated by the vague words, Obama is stating “This is socialism. Taxes are not about paying for the government, a cost that should be kept to a reasonable minimum so that Americans can manage their own money and keep the money growing. They are about punishing the rich, and redistributing wealth in America under the government aegis.”

  32. Barack could get out his prayer rug right in the middle of the Presidential debate, line up with Mecca and do his prayers, he could come out and offer a Final Solution involving the transfer of sixteen F-117 stealth fighter-bombers to Hamas in Gaza, complete with a hardened new runway to launch them and Patriot missile batteries to protect them, but American Jewry will still vote for Obama because he's got a "D" after his name.

  33. Damn Ohio, changed their voter rules, making it easier to cheat. There's going to be a lot of voter fraud in this election, in places where it counts too, like Ohio.

  34. Ukraine, the big prize

    Ukraine is very likely to be the next flash point between Russia and the West. For both Russia and the West, Ukraine is the big prize. If Russia can successfully intimidate Ukraine’s leadership, Russia will have broken up the West’s best way of containing Russia, and the West’s most direct way of putting an end to Russia’s current round of adventurism. By contrast, should Ukraine move firmly into the European Union and NATO, Russia would be contained during the period when demographic, economic, and financial forces will weaken it to a point of irrelevance. For Russia, Ukraine represents a chance to gain extra time. For the West, Ukraine is a chance to box up the Russian problem for good. It is for these reasons that the stakes, and the dangers, over Ukraine are immense.

  35. What did they change, al-Bob?
    Dems musta done it, right?

  36. Barry is so blatantly and obviously corrupt, but none can see.
    (in the MSM)

  37. Ohio Voting Rules

    I'm gonna get busy and vote in Ohio this year. Be the first time I ever voted any place but dear old Idaho, birth place and education point for that savior of the Western World, Palin Moose Killer.

    It was the Idaho Journalism Department that taught her how to talk. God gave her the looks. :)

  38. Right here is dear old Moscow, queen of all the west, BACKBONE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION. :)

  39. Why is it that the Pakis think they have leverage over the US, when they don't?

  40. Daily Times
    A new Voice for a New Pakistan

    ISAF-NATO supplies not officially blocked

    ISLAMABAD: The blockade of 35 containers of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and fuel supplies to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) forces from Pakistan to Afghanistan is due to the law and order situation and the government has not banned the consignment in any way, a senior customs official told Daily Times on Saturday. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), which regulates imports via land, has not restricted the consignments through any legal instrument or any verbal instructions to customs authorities posted at Torkham, Pakistan’s last bordering customs station at Pak-Afghan border, the official added. sajid chaudhry

  41. Seems the shipments were stopped, mostly because the Government does not control the road, or the ground around it.

  42. The corruption, doug, both barry's and Maverick's is taken as a matter of course, by the MSM, doug.

    Being new, Obama is more than likely "cleaner" then most of he politicos in DC.
    Look at Rengel's predictiment. That other fellow from Chi-town, Dan Rostenkowski, who used to run Ways and Means, crooked as a dogs hind leg. In ways large and small. The small stuff, bogus furniture rentals and the like is what ended it for Dan. Pardoned by Mr Clinton, Dan Rostenkowski exemplified DC.

  43. Seems the shipments were stopped, mostly because the Government does not control the road, or the ground around it.
    That's not what their Defense Minister said.

  44. Where did he say that?

    doug's link says:

    NATO supplies suspended following attacks: Mukhtar

    * Interior adviser says supplies resumed after area cleared of militants

    LANDI KOTAL/LAHORE: The suspension of supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan shows Pakistan is serious about safeguarding its territorial integrity, Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar told Dawn News on Saturday.

    “We have told them that we will take action and we have already taken action today. We have stopped the supply of oil and this will tell how serious we are,” Mukhtar said.

    Resumed supplies: However, according to a late night report by Dawn News, supplies from Pakistan to NATO forces have resumed after authorities secured the supply route in the Tribal Areas.

    Adviser on Interior Rehman Malik confirmed to the channel that NATO supplies, temporarily suspended after militants hiding in the area kidnapped around 20 Frontier Corps personnel, resumed on Friday night, after the security forces cleared the area.

    Pakistani authorities had suspended the supplies on Friday and stopped over 30 NATO trucks at the Torkham border due to security concerns.

    Earlier on Saturday, Landi Kotal Tehsildar Javedullah Mehsud had told Daily Times said that the supplies would remain suspended unless the law and order in the area improved, adding that no alternative route for the supply was being considered. Mehsud had said that a deployment of armed squads for the security of the convoys carrying goods to Afghanistan was also being considered and also hinted that the check posts for Khasadars and FC might be erected to keep the route safe from militants. staff report/daily times monitor

    Now if the bolded quote is all there is, the Defense Ministry stopped those shipments until they could take action in securing the road. Now it could easily be misinterpreted, to have been directed at NATO, but the reality is clear as to the referenced actions. They were taken in regards area security. Which has to be guarenteed before those supplies could move.

  45. ..temporarily suspended after militants hiding in the area kidnapped around 20 Frontier Corps personnel,..
    LOL! Kidnapped! Whatever.

  46. Sam, I've developed Bob's Theory of the Lifeless Universe.

    Every time, every time, a civilization advances to our level, the scientists get too curious, and curiousity kills the cat.

    That's why SETI hasn't heard a peep.

    My advice to you now is, quit your job and go surfing in the few remaing days we all have.

    Cheers, your friend bob

  47. :)

    Thanks, Bob.

    I will do that. Nice knowin' ya.

  48. 4 years later a beam of light will shoot out from the Indian Ocean.

    More on 9/10

  49. The death toll in a devastating suicide blast has reached 35, officials said Sunday, as Pakistan prepared for Benazir Bhutto's widower to take over as president.


    Two U.S. diplomatic posts in Pakistan received envelopes containing an unknown white powder last week, causing a security scare, The Associated Press reported from Islamabad.

    Tests are being conducted on the substance, which was sent to the consulate in Karachi and the embassy in Islamabad, said a spokesman, Lou Fintor. He declined comment on whether any embassy staffers had become ill.

    Zardari Presidency

  50. OBAMA:
    Global warming is a serious problem.
    Uh, i-it-it's not just some tree hugger, you know, uhhh, sprout eatin' liberal thing.
    You know, the polar ice caps are melting. Temperatures are getting warmer in the oceans, and it could wreck (sic) havoc on our agriculture.
    It could increase insect-borne diseases.

  51. "While the strikes have disrupted al Qaeda's senior leadership, they have done little to disrupt the growth of al Qaeda and the Taliban in northwestern Pakistan.

    The Taliban, al Qaeda, and allied terrorist groups have established 157 training camps and more than 400 support locations in the tribal areas and the Northwest Frontier Province, US intelligence officials have told The Long War Journal.

    The Taliban has organized some of its fighters into military formations. Al Qaeda has reformed the notorious 055 Brigade, the Arab legion of al Qaeda fighters that was destroyed during the initial US assault in Afghanistan in late 2001. Additional al Qaeda brigades have been formed, intelligence officials informed The Long War Journal.

    Foreign al Qaeda fighters have flocked to the Pakistani border regions. On July 23, Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani and his cabinet were told that more than 8,000 foreign fighters were operating in the tribal areas.
    We got em on the ropes, 'Rat!

  52. Like his renowned father, economist John Kenneth Galbraith, James is an iconoclast. In previous books, polemics for national magazines and research studies for academic journals, he questions the central tenets of economic policy and the underpinnings of waging imperialistic wars on behalf of capitalism and democracy.


    Citizens who vote for change can influence policymakers who will raise wages for American workers, create domestic jobs while erasing incentives that lead corporations to move American jobs overseas, and reinstitute government regulation that might achieve cleaner air, less polluted water, safer food and airlines that run on time, he suggests.

    "Politics may stand in the way, but economics does not," Galbraith says, "and there is nothing really to lose, except 'free market' illusions."

    Free Market

  53. coyotl said...

    Wretchard wrote:

    The Taliban in Pakistan (TTP, or Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) has an economy based on crime. ”
    How much of it is being paid by the US taxpayer, Wretchard?

    And then the retired Pakistani official offered another explanation — one that he said could never be discussed in public. The reason the Pakistani security services support the Taliban, he said, is for money: after the 9/11 attacks, the Pakistani military concluded that keeping the Taliban alive was the surest way to win billions of dollars in aid that Pakistan needed to survive. The military’s complicated relationship with the Taliban is part of what the official called the Pakistani military’s “strategic games.”

  54. The Tax Policy Center, a think tank run jointly by the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, concluded that Obama's tax plan would benefit middle-income taxpayers more than McCain's. However, Obama would raise payroll taxes on taxpayers with incomes above $250,000, and he would raise corporate taxes.

    Small businesses that make more than $250,000 a year also would see taxes rise.

    McCain's plan cuts taxes across all income levels. It would cut taxes for those in the top 1 percent by more than $125,000, raising their after-tax income an average 9.5 percent, the center concluded.

    Tax Cuts

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Maureen Tarpey, 72, was a key organizer for Clinton volunteers in Fayette County this spring. She said to count her among the Hillary loyalists who have wholeheartedly embraced Obama.


    "She doesn't have the same positions as Hillary," Tarpey said, pointing to Palin's rigid opposition to abortion rights and strong support for drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. "The whole thing about Hillary Clinton supporters voting for McCain, that's just something that the Republicans ginned up," said Susan Carson Lambert, 60, a farmer and renewable energy consultant from Lawrenceburg.

    Lambert was a rare Democrat who was still undecided in the days leading up to the May 20 primary.

    Inching Toward Obama

  57. Worthwhile read, "The McCain gamble":

    "In titling this, I have a dual meaning in mind. First, I'm referring to the great strategic gamble by John McCain and his advisers in this election. Secondly, I'm referring to the great ideological gamble of people like me in supporting John McCain."

  58. errrr, yep, "gamble" is operative word as in, "Hail Mary Pass". Not many other options on the table. Good luck!

  59. "Now that the NSG has approved it, congressional leaders should act expeditiously to pass the US-India nuclear agreement here at home"


  60. from The McCain Gamble--

    On the most gravely important policy issues of our day -- national defense and energy development -- the choice is clear.

    Yup, that's pretty much my rationale as well. Plus, with Obama, there's no gamble at all, just an anti-American loaded deck of cards, card shark dealiing 'em.

    Say, Ash, while you're here, re the abortion issue of the other day, which do you think is more extreme--Palin and no abortion even for rape (leave incest aside, being voluntary),or, Obama's position advocating infanticide for those surviving an abortion?

    It being all academic, as nothing is going to change.

  61. I was reading last night, that the abortion rate in the United States, which effects the black population most, has actually come down among all groups, as the acceptance of single motherhood has increased. This used to not be the case many decades ago, when it was really frowned upon in 'society' to be an unwed mother. Part of this change has occured because of the evangelicals working with, helping, supporting, having compassion for, unwed motherhood. They have created a net work of over 2,000 centers around the country to offer their support for women facing a difficult choice.

    Considering Obama further, I can see why he might vote for infanticide, as, he said, he did not know when life begins, and that it was "above my pay grade."

  62. China is willing to push forward the friendly cooperative ties with the DPRK and to make unremitting efforts to maintain regional peace and stability, the message said.

    The message was concluded with wishes for the DPRK's prosperity and its people's happiness.

    Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi also sent a congratulatory message on Monday to his DPRK counterpart Pak Ui Chun on the occasion.

    Founding of DPRK

  63. Democrats, for their part, say the Treasury's takeover demonstrates that the company's public mission is vital and needs to be preserved. "Most Democrats believe Fannie and Freddie need restructuring," Schumer said, "but their overall mission to help ensure affordable housing must remain intact."

    Jason Furman, Obama's economic policy director, warned that some of the GOP positions would do more harm than good. "This is a complex problem that doesn't lend itself to a simplistic ideological solution," he said.

    "The root of solving it is how to disentangle the public functions . . . from the things that the private sector can and should be doing."

    Structure of Firms

  64. rufus: USA/TODAY McCain/Palin UP 54 - 44 Among "Likely" Voters.

    Wow Rufus, I thought it would have been the other way around with such a hot dog like Senator Biden vs. four more years of the same failed Bush policies with that podunk baby factory.

  65. Frank Bailey, a member of Palin's administration, was caught on tape in August 2008 on a phone call with another trooper in which he questioned why Wooten was still on staff, seemingly speaking on behalf of Palin. The release of this tape proved embarrassing for Palin, who was forced to backtrack on her earlier statements, in which she had maintained neither she, nor her family, nor staff, ever pressured Monegan or anyone else to fire Wooten.

    Bailey was put on paid leave from the administration following the release of that tape.

    Since becoming the VP nominee, Palin has challenged jurisdiction of the ethics investigation. Bailey cites that jurisdictional uncertainty as his reason for not testifying.

    Troopergate Investigation

  66. Mo where'd you come up with a good word like 'podunk', T. I thought that never got out of Idaho.

  67. T, some people say that it was "Michelle" Obama that was adamantly opposed to having Hillary on the ticket. Whoever it was, the decision not to put her on might go down with the inside-baseball crowd as the Worst Political Decision in 100 years.

    I, honestly, don't think there's any way on God's Green Earth they could have lost.

  68. Michelle screwed the pooch all right.

  69. "I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else's," John McCain said during his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination. "I loved it not just for the many comforts of life here.

    I loved it for its decency, for its faith in the wisdom, justice and goodness of its people."

    John McCain was 31 when he became a prisoner of war. Before this time, did he not love his country?


  70. Get your upscale Mexican bullerproof jackets and jeans Here to protect yourself and your loved ones from the coming chaos south of the border. Or, get the hell out and make your way to the great north, as many of the Mexican rich are doing now, along with the poor.

  71. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews get booted down a notch on the network, which ought to put at least a grin on deuces's face.

  72. "Those reading US Weekly with the picture of her and her youngest daughter with the word `scandal' written across it won't be so happy"


  73. Sam!


    Dr. Bill just said them black holes aren't gonna get us after all. Nor them Hadrons either.

    We'll be ok.

    Keep the job.

    Surf the weekends.


  74. By the way, I find you can listen to KGO on the computer. Why I hadn't figured out that before shows how dumb I am.

    Sure comes in better that way.

    Man, Sarah Palin has got those freaks down there in San Francisco in conniption fits. All except Dr. Bill of course, who loves her.

  75. Dr. Bill's laughing about how the callers calling in pissing and moaning about Palin with idiotic objections are blowing Barry's brains out, a lovely thing to listen to.

  76. The Vanishing Republican Voter -

    What the middle class needs most is not lower income taxes but a slowdown in the soaring inflation of health-care costs.
    If health-insurance costs had risen 50 percent rather than 100 percent over the Bush years, middle-income voters would have enjoyed a pay raise instead of enduring wage stagnation.
    John McCain’s health plan, which emphasizes tax changes to encourage employees to buy their own insurance rather than rely on employers, is a start — but only the very beginning of a start.

    Some Republicans have brought great energy to this problem. In the Senate, Robert Bennett of Utah has written a bill with the Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden that would require employers to “cash out” employer-provided health care — and then midwife a national insurance marketplace in which employees would join plans that offered more price control and price transparency.

    Mitt Romney in Massachusetts put an end to the tax disadvantage that hammers consumers who buy health care directly rather than through their employers. Rudy Giuliani proposed a federal law to enable low-cost insurers in states like Kentucky to sell their products across state lines in high-cost states like New Jersey.

    But it remains unfortunately true that the Republican Party as a whole regards health care as “not our issue” — and certainly less exciting than another round of tax reductions.

  77. "But as the past two weeks have shown, that success has a downside.
    When the vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin lamented media bias during her speech, attendees of the Republican convention loudly chanted “NBC.”
    Laura Ingraham single handedly started all that!
    Not by design.

  78. What if I can't live w/o my flashbacks?

  79. I thought it might help your wife with those hallucinations.

    I got a big day tomorrow and Bill just went off the air.

    Those folks in San Francisco can't stand Madam Palin. Got to love it. I just wish I could hear Bernie's reaction, but, he's in jail. Talafero is beside himself. Sleep tight.

  80. Boxer-Pelosi People Driven Mad by the Sarahcudda!

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