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Monday, September 01, 2008

MSM on the Early Hunt to Take Down Palin

White Republican Conservative Woman Need Not Apply

The Process Begins. All the usual suspects are falling into formation to do their skullduggery. When the Divine One appeared they sought a magical garden in Kenya, but Palin being a white woman, a regular American from a real ordinary decent family, they are looking for Palin's dirty thongs. Here are the coordinated efforts of their weekend work:

Palin relied on earmark system she now opposes

-Los Angeles Times - 2 hours ago

The governor's past practice on earmarks stands in contrast to the views of her running mate, a researcher at a watchdog group says

Account of a Bridge’s Death Slightly Exaggerated
-New York Times

Palin "bridge to nowhere" line angers many Alaskans
--Washington Post - USA Today - The Associated Press - CBS News


  1. From Team Obama, the Party line, just as predicted

    The memo, obtained by The Hill, lays out how Obama surrogates should attack Palin, noting that McCain had only met the governor once before tapping her as his running mate, emphasizing her inexperience and proclaiming the McCain picked Palin to placate the right wing of his party.

    "John McCain made a political calculation and has chosen a candidate who will mollify the right and shares his view that the economic policies of George W. Bush are working and should continue," the memo read. "And that’s a risk America can’t afford."

    While the Obama campaign released a statement Friday saying that Obama and running mate Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) hailed the pick, the internal talking points memo distributed to surrogates made it clear that Democrats plan to portray Palin as inexperienced and a politically expedient pick for McCain to mollify hardcore conservatives in his party.

    "What does it say that he knuckled under to the right-wing of his party, who angrily threatened to veto McCain’s preferred candidates, Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge, for their pro-choice views?," the memo reads. "What does it say that, in order to satisfy the right, he hastily selected someone he barely knew-and had only met once – to serve a heartbeat away from the presidency?"

  2. It has unhinged Kerry on next post

  3. Another of the previously mentioned points is batted about by Michael Kinsley

    No Experience Necessary
    How Sarah Palin made the GOP change its mind about presidential qualifications.

    That's why the important point about Palin's lack of experience isn't about Palin. It's about McCain. And the question is not how his choice of Palin might complicate his ability to use the "experience" issue, or whether he will have to drop experience as an issue. It's not even about the proper role of experience as an issue. In fact, it's not about experience at all. It's about honesty. The question should be whether McCain—and all the other Republicans who have been going on for months about Obama's dangerous lack of foreign-policy experience—ever meant a word of it. And the answer is apparently not. Many conservative pundits woke up this very morning fully prepared to harp on Obama's alleged lack of experience for months more. Now they face the choice of either executing a Communist-style U-turn ("Experience? Feh! Who needs it?") or trying to keep a straight face while touting the importance of having been mayor of a town of 9,000 if you later find yourself president of a nation of 300 million.

    We all know that modern political campaigns choose their issues from the cafeteria line after market-testing them and then having them professionally framed. Rarely, though, are we offered such a clear and unarguable example. How could anyone truly believe that Barack Obama's background and job history are inadequate experience for a president and simultaneously believe that Sarah Palin's background and job history are perfectly adequate? It's possible to believe one or the other. But both? Simply not possible. John McCain has been—what's the word?—lying. And so have all the pundits who rushed to defend McCain's choice

  4. Kinsley is a MetroMoron that would be better off as a flaming faggot.

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