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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Putin Spending His Oil Money

Marching back  to the future good old days.

Russia really needs to restore a conventional land force against the Latvian, Polish and Czech armies mobilizing against it. Putin continues to enable the natural state of Russian paranoia. Europe is beginning to notice. Good.

Hilversum, Wednesday 07 November 2007 18:16 UTC

Russia suspends conventional weapons treaty

Moscow - The Russian Duma has ratified a decree issued by President Vladimir Putin in June suspending the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE). The move comes into force on 12 December. The treaty, limiting the number of conventional weapons in Europe, was brokered between NATO and the Warsaw-Pact countries at the end of the Cold War.

Mr Putin argues that NATO is no longer upholding the treaty, citing developments including US plans for a missile defence system based in Poland and the Czech Republic.


  1. He needs the strength to challenge US in Kosovo. With NATO stretched to it's limits, in Afghanistan ...

    The US streched to the breaking point in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Could be Afghanistan calms down, if the Taliban really have their eyes on the prize.

  2. I hereby formally endorse Mitt the Mormon. There, that neutralizes Robertson.

  3. The only country in the world that might have any designs on anything Russian would be the Chinese. NATO is not marching on Moscow. If anything he ought to be cozying up to the West.

  4. Talk about building a Wall I read one time about the 'great attractor' which was supposed to be the big deal--maybe this is it under a different name.

  5. FEAR US.*

    *Of course the entire population of Latvia is less than the numbers of men under arms in all the various Russian defence and interior services, but since we are allied with Estonia that ain't going to save them.

  6. We are marching up to the very gates of Russia, bob, do not kid yourself.

    Air Force Bases on the southern flank, Special Forces in Georgia, Anti-missile systems being installed in Poland and Czeck Rep.

    NATO is now operating in Afghanstan, another encroachment in what had been the Soviet sphere of strategic influence.

    What NATO and the US is doing, it depends upon where you're watchin' from.

    There is enough smoke there for the Putinites to bang the arlarm drums, if Iran is worthy of US war drums.

    As Pakistan melts down, the Administration has been focused on the non-nuclear threat, in Iran.

    While Pakistan headed south.

  7. Back in March we posted this on Obama saying the smartest move he could make would be to attack the Boomers. Someone woke up over there.This is the big lead at Drudge: Baby Boomer Bash

  8. I hear you Rat, but the other way to look at it is that those countries marched right away from Russia soon as the chance came along, as fast as they could. What are we supposed to do, tell them to endure the bear's breath some more? I agree we shouldn't push things. But if Putin weren't being Putin things would be better. They really could sort of 'join' the west if they wanted. Didn't they have observer status or something in NATO for awhile? Or maybe it never got past talking.

  9. No question, we're operating in Russia's sphere and it's making them nervous. Not because they fear an invasion but because it foils their plan to reassert dominance of eastern Europe. Energy dominance. We saw them play hardball with gas last winter.

    It also helps with domestic issues to keep the hordes focused on an external enemy. Much like a magician, practicing misdirection during sleight of hand.

  10. I've been listening to Hannity interview Kathleen Wylie, one of the women Bill sexually messed with. Her main point being that Hillary is an enabler and do the women of America really want someone like that, much as they want a woman President, but not just any woman.

    I tend to believe those stories. There are too many of them, and more that are not public she says. The Clintons are thugs.

  11. Some good woman journalist ought to stick it to Hillary in a question one of these times, if they can ever get close enough. These canned debates are crap.

  12. I am not saying that we should abandon the Poles or the Georgians, or the Afghani for that matter. Only that there is amble cause for Mr Putin' rhetoric, to fuel his Miliary Industrial Complex. It is only a rhetorical cause, as that System is part of his core support and he has to feed it.

    They've lost their buffers, the Great Game continues, we're way up, in many if not most respects, vis a vie the Russians.

    It's those same old Pakistani nuclear devices, those are the wild card in the Game, now.

  13. Click here to listen to a 24 minute IBD podcast with Dr. Richard Lindzen as he discusses the total BS of global warming.

    Dr. Lindzen is a professor of meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He pioneered the study of how ozone photochemistry, radiative transfer and dynamics interact with each other, and is currently developing a sophisticated climate model to test whether the proper treatment of cumulus convection will significantly reduce climate sensitivity to the increase of greenhouse gases.

    Dr. Lindzen is a recipient of several awards, including the American Meteorological Society's Meisinger and Charney Awards, and the American Geophysical Union's Macelwane Medal. He is a member of the National Research Council’s Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate and is a Distinguished Visiting Scientist at the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  14. Whit: It also helps with domestic issues to keep the hordes focused on an external enemy. Much like a magician, practicing misdirection during sleight of hand.

    It's also good to let your enemies waste their money on stuff that looks good on parade in Red Square but doesn't do them a lot of good in actually throwing their military weight around. Ever since the turkey shoot in Lebanon, 1982 (score:86 MiGs shot down vs ZERO F-15/16s) it's been a buyer's market for Russian crap anyway.

  15. Bob, that was a "Wonderful" link you put up the other night about The History of Human Migration."

    I had seen some of it, but tying it into the movement of the Glaciers was Phenomenol. The "Ice" Ages were much more Complex than I realized.

    Thanks, again.

  16. Thanks, Rufus. I 'stole' it from somewhere but can't remember where now.

  17. I would like to see that migration story, Bob.

  18. BTW
    Congrats on the big Moscow victory. I hope you guys can begin to roll back the lunacy...

  19. Why the Russians are helping Enable Iran is beyond me. Part of the great game I quess and boys being boys but it is idiotic, for themselves too.

    YeahWhit :) we replaced a lawyer and a hippie(pony tail know it all) with a tire salesman, a county road crew guy amd Mr. Steed, kind of retired, sure not famous. Just a bunch of local guys who always lived here. They will do fine.

  20. I'd like to know how accurate that migration map is. Probably pretty rough. It doesn't show anything coming across the Pacific. I wonder about the time lines.

  21. That map is starting to give me the creeps. Now I'm beginning to imagine a map showing the slow inexorable spread of nuclear technology across the globe, just like flint points, just like agriculture, just like monumental buildings....

  22. Naturally, the only thing I can think about is the slow inexorable spread of of illegals!
    Good thing they didn't have fences back in them days!

  23. The slow inexorable spread of Larry Craig's buttocks.

  24. Buttocks Spread Sandwich?

    Shoulda had Craig outfits for Halloween.
    Check out Halloween in Lahaina in the next thread.
    Looked pretty tame this year.