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Friday, November 23, 2007

More Bombings Are No Surprise

We knew this was coming. Twin Bombings in Baghdad kill 26. The main vehicle for change in the Muslim world is chaos and instability. Good news must be countered with bad and what better way to do it than with senseless carnage such as these most recent bombings in Baghdad and Mosul.
"Today, the view of many young men coming with pets, colorful fish in aquariums and dogs was very encouraging and cheerful," he said. "There were also teenagers selling sandwiches and tea in wheeled carts giving the impression that life is back to normal again, but about 9 o'clock, we heard the sound of an explosion."

"Young men with pets, colorful fish in aquariums and dogs..." Senselessly murdered by the young men on missions for Allah. Come on Ummah, when are you going to put an end to the madness?


  1. Many here have noted how not particularly religious were the suicide attackers involved in the 911 attacks yet many persist in yelping how "Islam is the problem".

    I came across this article and thought of you all:


    Suicide bombers likely sane, paper says
    University of Toronto professor argues that political retaliation is the key motivator - not religious zeal


    November 21, 2007

    Suicide bombers are not crazy and indeed are often driven primarily by motivators other than religious zeal, argues a University of Toronto sociology professor in a new research paper he says is likely to prove controversial.

    In a paper published in the November issue of Contexts, a journal of the American Sociological Association published by University of California Press, Robert Brym argues that the most effective way of developing a workable strategy for dealing with such assaults is first understanding the assailant's point of view."


    "Dr. Brym was quick to point out that empathy doesn't have to entail "warm and fuzzy feelings" for the other side, but rather meaningful rewards and goals, such as releasing Palestinian tax dollars and working toward a two-state solution.

    Intertwined with Dr. Brym's thesis is a parallel argument that suicide bombers are not necessarily driven by religion. In the case of the Middle East conflict, he says, notions of martyrdom and holy war began to gain popularity after secular approaches failed. He highlights another study that found fewer than half of suicide bombers between 1980 and 2003 (for whom ideological background information could be found) were identifiably religious.

    Dr. Brym also points to the tendency for suicide bombings to happen in clusters as proof that there's often a political or strategic aim behind such attacks. A classic example, he said, took place in the mid-nineties, when Palestinian militants feared a settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority was imminent.

    But harsh repression on the part of the Israelis often reinforces extremist beliefs or leads militants to resort to even deadlier methods, Dr. Brym argues."

  2. Sorry, Ash, as we have been told repeatedly the fundies do not make a distinction between politics and religion. So, while political retaliation may be the "key motivator" the facilitators have been the religious leaders. The funding has been through Islamic charities. The vitriole to encourage the madness has been desseminated from the Mosques.

    Try again.

  3. "There is no doubt, my brothers, that raiding forums is among the most important means of obtaining victory in the fierce media war ... and of influencing the views of the weak-minded American who pays his taxes so they will go to the infidel American army. This American is an idiot and does not know where Iraq is ... every electronic mujahid" must engage in this raiding, Mr. Billah writes.

    The writing should, he says, provoke "frustration and anger towards their government, which will ... render them hostile.. and make them feel they must vote to bring the troops back from Iraq as soon as possible."

    Ash, I've bought you a free pass to JihadWatch, and dhimmiWatch, now all you have to do is click the mouse.

  4. Guard and wife beheaded in front of the kids in political--er, no-- that's religious retaliation. Here

    They was breakin' the Koran, a no-no.