“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An Airbus A380 is Green? Launching into Carbon Nirvana.

A lean green machine?

Perhaps they mean the green upholstery.

You really have to see this ad to understand how absurd big corporations think we are. There is nothing green about a monster airplane screaming down a massive concrete airstrip blowing out carbon based molecules from four fire breathing volcanic sized engines. 

It is an airplane. A lean green machine it is not.

PS: Boeing is no better.


  1. Look Deuce, no airplane is perfect. Do you have to be so judgmental? Can't we all just get along.

  2. Having trouble deciding who to vote for in 2008?

    This will compare your answers with ALL candidates.
    This online quiz will help you decide.

  3. Well, whit, it looks like I have to vote for Chris Dodd in the primary.

  4. Someday, Deuce, when everyone is wearing flannel shirts and riding their earth-friendly composite-frame cork-wheeled bicycles to work (with their organic vegetarian lunches packed in a rucksack), the only people who will need to fly will be the ruling class, who will flit between global warming crisis centers developing a consensus. Since we proles won't need to fly, they can rearrange all the cabin space in the planes with everyone sitting around little conference tables as they prepare to make their case before various world bodies.

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  6. A healthier cigarette.

    A greener airplane.

    Islam means Peace.

    The Saudis are our friends.

    Otherwise lawful people doing things Americans won't do.

    Taxation is investment.

    Two plus two equals five.

    Return to the 52" plasma bread and circus special and swill down your burger king and miller lite.

    Everything is fine.

  7. Save The Giant Worm

    Displace A Farmer

    Looks liks Duncan Hunter or Mitt the Mormon for me.

    Chris Dodd? In my poll he was almost dead last, even behind Kucinich:)

  8. This seems to be pretty much what Rufus has been telling us, about the voting in the early states.

  9. Bobal: Chris Dodd? In my poll he was almost dead last, even behind Kucinich:)

    Draw down the U.S. troops and decentralize Iraq by dividing it into regions of separate governments (Bush is holding our troops hostage to some hope that Allawi will be a uniter not a divider).

    I favor stiff fines for employers who hire illegal immigrants, a security fence along the border, and a denial of citizenship to children born here of parents who are in the U.S. illegally. I oppose any form of amnesty. (This makes me firmly opposite the Bush camp).

    I do not believe the 2001 and 2003tax cuts should be made permanent (I'm a fan of balanced budgets and pay-as-you-go).

    No federal funding of stem cells (let the free market do it).

    Universal health care for Americans, starting with baby steps...get everyone insured with HMOs to balance risk. No more shifting costs to hospitals via the emergency room option. No more $4.5 million dollar jackpot lawsuits because your baby was born with six toes.

    Despite being Catholic I am very weakly in favor of keeping abortion legal. It's primarily a woman's issue, between her and her doctor and her god or goddess, and men ought not be taking that option away from them.

    I no longer favor privatizing Social Security. This is due to the extremes the Bush Administration has gone to privatize everything, which only steers tax money to cronies and doesn't save a dime.

    I do favor a line-item veto, and I was disappointed in 1995 when Newt failed to deliver it.

    I do favor government subsidies for alternative energy, until we no longer rely on foreign oil.

    I do not favor tinkering with the Constitution so no two dudes or two babes can get hitched to each other. That's their own lookout.
    I've been married to one man since 1989 and it won't affect us one dang bit.

    I do not favor the death penalty for any reason, on theological grounds. Christ was the last necessary human sacrifice for sin, in my book.

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  11. Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has become the first person to buy a private Airbus A380, making the superjumbo a "flying palace" for himself.

    Green as a leprecon

  12. Go Huckabee!!

    Go Huckabee!!

    Even with Mitt in Iowa

    GO!! GO!!! GO!!!!

  13. I want to comment on T's manifesto, but have to make some money. later today perhaps.

  14. The quiz done told me...

    Duncan Hunter's my man!

  15. Seems I should be voting for (1) McCain (2) Paul or (3) Giuliani.

    "decentralize Iraq by dividing it into regions of separate governments"

    And on top of a draw down, no less. No sweat.

    This Masters of the Universe nonsense should have been, by dint of painful demonstration, the primary casualty of the war. But no. Hubris springs eternal.

  16. I have a developing theory that the rising price of oil and the examples of what is happening in the emirates and Kuwait may end up being enough of an incentive for the Iraqis to figure out their own way of getting it together with a rapidly declining US presence.

  17. I am not telling who I agree with the most, but I was mildly surprised.

  18. "...may end up being enough of an incentive for the Iraqis to figure out their own way of getting it together with a rapidly declining US presence."

    Well, the Iraqis will figure out their own way(s) regardless. They may after some bloody, godawful delay "get it together" or they may not. One thing's certain: We're not the overseas engineers many Americans (conspiracy theorists, Johns Hopkins types, and Weekly Standard pundits alike) believe we are.

  19. he,he,chuckle,chuckle...had my wife take the test and it came out--

    Joe Biden
    Barack Obama
    Hillary Clinton
    John Edwards and finally

    She is in 'political shock', and has gone to the bedroom to rethink her positions on some issues.

    She's for Mitt. She'll vote republican, always has.

  20. Did it twice with similar results:



  21. Agree with Bob's wife on one and five according to the quiz. I admit I do not care for Fred Thompson or Romney, but would vote for both of them over Hillary. I do not have a single issue that is a make or break. I am more interested in stability, maturity, judgement and I prefer an argument over an opinion.

  22. "Duncan Hunter's my man!"

    I had the same, followed closely by Fred Thompson.

    According to straight policy positions, I'm rooting for Paul and Thompson. (Key issues: Federalism, no NWO, no illegal immigration, "entitlement" reform or destruction.)

    None of the three look likely to win the primary. So I'll mull over whether to eat and reward the next new and improved shit-sandwich.

  23. Deuce: Did it twice with similar results...Biden...Interesting

    Welcome to the Dummocratic Party, Deuce.

    Biden is an outspoken critic of U.S. involvement in Iraq and calls for the removal of most U.S. "...The Sunnis and Shiites are killing each other. I would separate them in regions and give them control over their daily lives: police, jobs, religion, education, marriage. I'd bring in the United Nations to monitor this settlement..."

    "Imagine what we can do if we take back the tax cut for the top 1%..."

    His suggestions for where to use this $185 billion of projected savings include paying down the national debt, putting $26 billion toward health care for 9 million uninsured children, using $3 billion for increasing teachers' wages and hiring new teachers, and using $11 billion to increase Pell Grants to $6,300...

    Biden's energy plan includes increases in fuel economy standards by one mpg per year until a target of 40 mpg is reached by 2016.

    Biden is against public funding for abortions but would increase federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

  24. Back in the day, the days of Howard Hughes, when he owned the Desert Inn in Vegas, Hughes Air West had a flight from Lewiston to Vegas for almost nothing. Two engine jet, jets on the back of the plane, totally yellow. The Yellow Bananas we called them then.

  25. This is interesting. Auntie Benazir Is A Meanie, And A Thief They play tough in Pakistan. Was Benazir who recognized the Taliban. Shakespeare could paint this situation in beautiful words.

  26. Take this question for instance:

    Iraq: What is your opinion on the war in Iraq?

    1. Decentralize Iraq by dividing it into regions of separate governments. (not our country to divide)

    2.Draw down the U.S. troops and decentralize Iraq by dividing it into regions of separate governments.
    (not our country to divide)

    3. I favor immediate and orderly withdrawal of U.S. troops. ( has some merit)

    4. There should be a timetable for the removal of U.S. troops. ( too rigid)

    5. We are going to be in Iraq for a long time, as a support force for the Iraqi government and forces.
    ( assumes unlimited resources and does not consider more pressing problems)

    6. U.S. forces need to stay in Iraq for as long as it takes for Iraqi forces to take over. (why?)

    Conclusion: No good answer.

  27. Heres another one:

    Taxes: Do you believe the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts should be made permanent?

    Yes (there can be some very compelling unforeseen reason to raise taxes. Indefinite deficit spending is ruinous)

    No (removing the cuts and continuing and increasing spending is wrong also)

  28. Abortion: Do you favor or oppose legalized abortion in the United States?

    Favor ( I oppose all federal interference in decisions that should be made by individuals, religion or local communities. Why would I want a rapist and a congressman having a greater say over the health and welfare of my daughter over me?)

    Oppose ( If you oppose legal abortion, does that imply you are indifferent to illegal abortion? The question is too absolutist. If you believe in God and the concept that God created mankind with free will, then you have to believe that God places a burden on individual decision making. If you believe in right or wrong then you have to believe that there are right or wrong choices. If you believe that choices have consequences then you need to make decisions and face the consequences of your decisions.)

  29. My conclusion is that the test is simplistic and meaningless, but entertaining.

  30. "Not our country to divide."

    If it were, we couldn't. It isn't and we can't.

  31. "My conclusion is that the test is simplistic and meaningless, but entertaining."


  32. That conclusion will go well with my wife, as she feels she flunked the test.

    Hillary Puts Wet Finger Up, Tacks With The Wind After deeply meditating on the issue, Hill goes with the polls.

  33. Duncan Hunter,
    The test is BS beyond that point.

  34. Just saw Cutler's No 2!
    Samo, but Fred would be far down the field in real life due to McCain Feingold and a lack of obvious drive/commitment.

  35. But they've got the ISO 14001 cert.

  36. I just took the test again, answering as I did earlier, but putting not at all important for every answer, the I don't really give much of a damn outlook.

    Results were the same, Hunter and Romney.

  37. But when I answer with very important I get a tie between Hunter and Romney.

  38. In Westhawk's latest article at TCS Daily, I discuss the history of oil as a weapon, and what options oil importing countries have today.

  39. T,
    Do you happen to know why the Airbus kicks such serious ass over Boeing as a Tanker and Freighter.
    (actually, I guess I know:
    it's bigger/fits specs, but it does make a weird comparison)
    Good specs or not?

  40. Question 2 - Immigration:

    What's the difference between a guest worker program and somebody coming in on a work visa?

  41. Usually, historicly, the length of the stay.

    The "guest workers" would come in for the harvest, then leave at the end of the season.

    In today's venacular, harder to say, fer sur...

  42. Huh,

    #1 Tancredo
    Dead last - Edwards

    Great stuff. Thanks, Whit.

  43. "Just saw Cutler's No 2!
    Samo, but Fred would be far down the field in real life due to McCain Feingold and a lack of obvious drive/commitment."

    He's already disowned McCain-Feingold, but I agree about drive/commitment. I'm not looking for a micromanager either, but I think he'd be way out of his depth.

    Course, given what's currently going on I think most people would be.

  44. "In Westhawk's latest article at TCS Daily, I discuss the history of oil as a weapon, and what options oil importing countries have today."

    I won't have time to read this until later, but there was an interesting article in this month's American Conservative taking the position that it's a myth. (I.e., they have to sell it to somebody, markets will simply adjust, no reason to worry.)

  45. "The "guest workers" would come in for the harvest, then leave at the end of the season."

    "Few things are more permanent than a 'temporary' worker."

  46. Great J-Pod interview in Hewitt's first hour about Rudy's Ad, Rudy's CONSERVATIVE record in NYC.

    I don't care much for J-Pod, but he's a New Yorker who lived through the transformation of NYC from Crime/Welfare Capital to Safest/Most Welfare to work, from decline to prosperity, reformation of college system, including elimination of Bi-Lingual instruction, re-institution of entrance testing, with resulting turnaround.
    ...on and on.
    The only large city in Country with that sort of turnaround, and one which NOBODY believed was possible.

  47. I really don't feel like going into Giuliani atm (who I like as a personality), but Podhoretz is so far in the tank he can't see sunshine.

  48. "Few things are more permanent than a 'temporary' worker."
    Prior to the Welfare State, this was not the case with the Bracerro Program in Calif.
    Socialism screws up Mexicans just like it does natives, but the outcome is different, because the natives at least, are already here!
    (and now layered on that is this sick embrace by our Pols of La Raza)
    ANOTHER illegal shame of Outlaw Bush.

  49. Ignacio Marquez, manager for the Employment Services Department Ag Services Program, said the H-2A program is complex, but they are working to streamline the process and to educate employers and workers.

    "It's not enough for them to know it's field work -- they have to understand the terms of the contract -- that they can't just pick cherries and move on to another farm to pick cherries, they might have other responsibilities," Marquez said.

    And the long lag time between when employers must request workers and when they actually need them also poses problems.

    Farm Bureau Meeting

  50. Bush policy is to restrict legal immigration to better propel illegals, who can be more easily exploited by his political donors, crooked, immoral businesspeople.
    Birds of a feather.

  51. Too bad everyone does not read "Mexifornia" which does a good job of describing how illegals are used up and discarded when they are no longer young and healthy, replaced by a new crop of healthy young illegals.

  52. The clear proof that they don't give a damn about the whole temporary "guest" part is that none of the proposals have even tried to address the obvious problem of the current interpretation of the 14th Amendment.

  53. The growing populist sentiment in the United States against illegal immigration likes to point out that not only do these migrants steal U.S. jobs, they also send $50 billion back to Latin America each year instead of spending it in the United States. In fact, the approximately $2,000 per year sent home by the average working illegal migrant is less than 15 percent of what he earns in the United States and far less than what he contributes to the U.S. economy.


    The economic impact of illegal immigration in the United States is a debate that has simmered for more than a decade. It is largely accepted that the discounted wages earned by illegal migrants serve to depreciate or freeze the wages of America’s lowest-skilled labor.


    Most U.S. consumers and even lawmakers think of Latin America as a desperately poor region that exports people and sucks aid monies out of Washington. As the debate on Capital Hill reaches a fever pitch, the rhetoric is beginning to emulate the likes of Pat Buchanan who in 2004 infamously remarked:

    Half the 100 million Mexicans are still mired in poverty.

    Subsizing the U.S.

  54. Dang.

    1) Tancredo
    2) McCain
    3) Paul
    4) Hunter
    5) Thompson

    Tancredo scares the shit out of me. I guess I should be scared of myself.

  55. Bobal: Two engine jet, jets on the back of the plane, totally yellow. The Yellow Bananas we called them then.

    Oh wow, that takes me back. They could be seen at the Portland Airport. I suppose yellow planes are more visible so there was less of a chance of a mid-air collision. Good thinking, Howard.

    Howard died in 1976. His airline was bought up by Republic in 1980 and then Republic was bought up by Northwest in 1986.

  56. 2164th: My conclusion is that the test is simplistic and meaningless, but entertaining.

    My conclusion is that there are few real differences between the parties, and partisanship has less to do with principles and more to do with rooting for one side. Bobalharb, for instance, where he is positioned, could root for the Seahawks or for the Broncos.

  57. And not know the difference:)

  58. Infighting breaks out in Romney campaign. Murder-Suicide Dilemma Discussed To attack or not to attack, that is the question.

  59. I flew the yellow banana a couple times to grandma's in Spokane in the early 70's.

  60. Brother D-Day lists my favorite candidate:
    Hunter Thompson,
    but I think that he's passed on to gonzo heaven.

  61. Fear and loathing about the border non fence-- Alliance

    We have the "smoking gun" on why the government isn't
    building the double-layered fence mandated by law.

    Please read below and forward to your friends.


    As we reported to you last week, our government has built just five
    miles of the 854 miles of double-layer border fence mandated by
    the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

    This outrageous fact begs a question...

    Why? If the law mandated a double layer fence covering 854 miles,
    then how come such little progress has been made?

    + + Border fence funding hoax of 2006 and 2007's research staff has blown the lid off a deceptive
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    Warning -- reading this report will enrage you. It will
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    As you will see in this report, Congress and the Administration
    are pretending to support a real border fence but then working
    behind the scenes to ensure that the Secure Fence Act is never
    really implemented.

    It happened last year, and as I write, Congress is trying to repeat
    its Border Fence Funding Hoax on us again! Here's how...

    As you may know, last week an amendment providing $3 billion for
    border security was stripped from the DOD appropriations bill.

    We fully expect that bill to be added to the DHS funding bill
    in the next few days. But even if they pass the $3 billion
    funding amendment, DHS may not be required to use any of that
    money for the border fence.

    Not ONE DIME!

    That's because of another amendment by Sen. Hutchison that says
    DHS does not have to build the fence! Sen. Hutchison's staff told
    us this amendment (also removed from DOD appropriations) will also
    be re-attached to the DHS appropriations bill.

    + + Action Items: Help expose the Funding Hoax

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    Specifically, we are calling for an amendment (or amendments) to
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    1. I am disappointed that Congress has not tied the border security
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    Fence Act.

    2. I call on Congress to reject any amendments (such as the
    Hutchison Amendment, SA 3176 to H.R. 3222) that gives Homeland
    Security total discretion over whether or not to build a
    border fence.

    3. I call on Congress to amend the DHS appropriations bill to
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    such funding to the Secure Fence Act's two-layer fence mandate.

    Again, please read our full report. You will be outraged when you
    see how the "fix was in" last year even before the Senate voted on
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    The DHS appropriations bill is in House-Senate conference right
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    Steve Elliott, President

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    Hunter Thompson had the right idea--buy a bunker, live in it.

  62. "Buy the ticket, take the ride."

    - H. S. Thompson

  63. It is equally critical that we enact policies that protect human life and the rights of the unborn. And when we appoint judges, we are handing great power, including the power of life and death, to individual people.

    Judges must demonstrate discernment and an understanding that the unborn are worthy of protection, or they should not receive an appointment to the bench.

    America's continued success demands that we take the steps necessary to strengthen our nation's security, restore our nation's industrial base and protect individual rights, including those of the unborn. This vision, which I will pursue as president, will ensure our nation remains strong and prosperous for future generations of Americans.

    Duncan Hunter

  64. Clearest problem with Hunter for me is the general protectionism.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Drive On B....!

    Mr. Spitzer’s decision to abandon his plan comes as a poll released Tuesday by Siena College found that seven in 10 New York voters who had heard about it — and more than 80 percent of the 625 registered voters polled had — opposed it.

    It also found that for the first time, more people viewed the governor unfavorably than favorably.
    The governor and his aides said that they were not reacting to the slumping poll numbers, but acting pragmatically. That the dispute had even tripped up Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who stumbled to answer a question about it in a presidential debate, “was symptomatic of where we were,” he said.

    “The issue was gaining traction not based on thoughtful discourse, but based on sound bites and less than careful analysis,” he added.

    Don’t kid yourself.
    The real reason why this was to be rammed through had nothing to do with ‘bringing people out of the shadows’. It had to do with the motor voter law and ginning up Democratic candidate support by aiding illegal aliens in obtaining voter registration with no questions asked.

    Following Hillary’s tapdance around this issue just a week or so late, it is heartening that the people in New York, who so often lean to the left, had the good sense to soundly denounce this tripe. Remember, though, that Hillary finally came out in favor of the now defunct plan- twelve hours or so after the question was asked of her at the Democratic debate.

    I’m offering to start my own identification card business to cater to Hillary’s apparent need for more ID. Here, the first one’s on me.

    neocon news

  67. Any volunteers to be in the first load of passengers in the first epoxy fiber plane that burns on the ground?

  68. That fancy interior shot reminded me of that:
    The interior alone has enough plastic to poison a small city.

  69. I think the Psychological Angle is that in such plush, Marriot-Like surroundings...
    I mean, how many Marriots have crashed and burned?

    Or how many Grand Pianos?
    (Other than the one in the Hindenburg!)

  70. Hewitt Linked this Moronic Video Poll
    God, I hate bad design!
    Never did find the results.
    Probly sposed to watch 1,423 dumb-ass videos.

    Gotta figure out a browser set-up for that leaves out all the blinking, refreshing, popping up, and etc.
    Intrusive, infantile, garbage!

  71. Doug, see my 6:33--good ol' Hillary. :)

  72. Trish, re your Wed Nov 14, 02:09:00 PM EST

    You might like this.

    Derbyshire's an oddball, but he's one of my favorite writers for brutal honesty.

  73. Sort of a coincidence, but I actually just ran across another one that's pretty relevant.

  74. Oops, that previous one will send you in endless circles :)...Doug part 2

  75. Latin cultures, cutler, are ready-made for socialism.

    Did I say that? No, I did not.

  76. Latin cultures have a strong propensity for socialism.

    Came up in Derbyshire. Sorry.

  77. This was actually the part I thought you'd find most relevant:

    "I don’t, of course, know the answers to any of these questions, and neither does anyone else. Perhaps the human sciences, which are advancing very rapidly in the relevant areas, will give us some clues in the next few years. Until they do, though, all we can really say is that stable consensual government is hard to get and hard to keep. To stake our own nation — its prospects, its security, its economy — on our ability to create good government in foreign places, close or far, is unwise. Let’s look to our own affairs, and do what’s best for our own people, without any illusions that we have the knowledge, or the power, to put the whole world to rights."

  78. Looking back, unless I'm missing something I ran a search and he doesn't even say the word latin.

  79. "Let’s look to our own affairs..."


    And we're so far, so long, beyond that that our affairs end no where. They are everywhere, everything.

    And, let's be honest, we wouldn't give it up for anything.

  80. "Looking back, unless I'm missing something I ran a search and he doesn't even say the word latin."

    No, I did.

  81. Just to be accurate, I said the other day that Sweden had a state church. I find that it was disestablished in 2000. I was correct in saying, it's mostly empty.

  82. The savior has arrived. All we have to do is hang tough until 2012 !

  83. And we like it that way, dear host. All of us.

  84. Sorry. That should have been to Rat.

  85. "And, let's be honest, we wouldn't give it up for anything."

    I certainly would. Given time (decades) so will other people. Too many contradictions to be maintained.

    "Latin cultures have a strong propensity for socialism."

    ^Sorry for being dense, but was that actually serious?

  86. Okay, just checking.

    I've heard the argument, I just didn't expect it from you.

  87. Latin or Indian cultures, trish? They're not really the same.
    Even when the indians speak some spanish.

    As you may soon learn, first hand.

    Is ideology geneticly inclined? Are the descendents of Rome more apt to be fascists, or militarized socialists?

    Or are the indians really indifferent in their poverty?

  88. "I certainly would."

    Think you wanna be Denmark?

  89. The U.S. circa 1913 would be fine.

    I don't like the Mexican government anyway.

  90. "Latin or Indian cultures, trish? They're not really the same.
    Even when the indians speak some spanish."


  91. Obviously, first thing I'd do would be to get out of the Phillipines.

  92. Sure we do, trish.

    The differences are in the margins.
    Management techniques that differ, but no one suggests that we go and abandon the world, just redeploy the assets.
    Shift our means and methods.

    Perhaps our goals may shift, but few of the knowledgable call for a return to fortress Americas.

    Nature abhors vacumes

  93. "The U.S. circa 1913 would be fine."

    And we've have to go through all this again.

  94. Maybe, maybe not.

    I don't think American involvement in
    World War I was either necessary or helpful, for example.

  95. Nature abhors a living contradiction, Rat. Not a vacuum.

  96. Never heard that old saw, before.
    ... living contradiction ...

  97. Ayn Rand.

    She's good in a pinch.

  98. "And we've have to go through all this again."

    If you don't mind me asking, Trish:

    You obviously don't like what we're currently doing. I.e., playing good liberal-internationalist globocop (and naturally, often failing at it because we're only human).

    Yet you wouldn't want to give it up?

  99. As I've got work in under 4 hours...night, be back tomorrow.

  100. I don't mind you asking, but I have to sleep.