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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Don't You Dare

It's interesting that Bill is trotted out every time Hill gets into hot water. Her waffling prevarication on Spitzer's catering to illegals has drawn some reaction from the former President. Lately, Bill Clinton seems to use the word "dare" a lot in his public speeches. Last week, he said to some hecklers, "How dare you..." He also told them to "shut up and listen." Now, he said to some unionistas, "Don't you dare let them take this election from you." Hill and Bill are like gods to the left and apparently can be forgiven for most anything but as Dennis Miller said "there's a little too much grifter there." I agree and I can't help but think back to the White House China which Hillary took with her when she left in 2001.

I would add that if George W. Bush ever tells someone to "shut up", there will be no end of the bad media about the "Imperious King George."

They may be grifters and dirty rotten scoundrels, but to the Democrats, they're family...

Clinton Defends Wife on Licenses
Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Former President Clinton on Monday compared Republican criticism of his wife's position on driver's license for illegal immigrants to the ads that helped sink John Kerry's White House hopes in 2004.

"I had the feeling that at the end of that last debate we were about to get into cutesy land again," Clinton told some 3,000 members of the American Postal Worker's Union at a convention.

At the end of a televised Democratic presidential debate last week, Hillary Rodham Clinton hedged on whether she supported a plan by her home state governor, New York's Eliot Spitzer, to issue licenses to illegal immigrants.

Republicans _ and her rivals for the Democratic nomination _ quickly criticized her answer, accusing her of trying to have it both ways.

But Bill Clinton said the issue is too complicated for sound bites.

"It's fine for Hillary and all the other Democrats to discuss Governor Spitzer's plan. But not in 30 seconds _ yes, no, raise your hand," he said.

The former president told the union members not to let the Republican attacks distract them from the important issues of health care and education reform.

He compared the driver's license dustup to television ads during the 2004 presidential campaign that questioned Kerry's patriotism, and campaign commercials in 2002 suggesting that former Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga., who lost three limbs in Vietnam, was soft on terrorism.

Clinton urged the union members to vote Democratic for president no matter who the party nominates.

"So do I hope you vote for my wife? You bet I do. It'd be good for America, and good for the world. But, more than that I came here to tell you today, don't you dare let them take this election away from you. This belongs to you."

Clinton also was to speak later Monday at a rally for his wife at the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy.


  1. He does not come out and say it, but

    In Pakistan, Echoes of Iran
    - David Ignatius, Washington Post

    Comparing Iran to Pakistan
    puts Mr Bush on par with Mr Carter.

    Going down the same trail?

    As for Bill, it's two for the price of one. A subversion of Constitutional intent.

  2. "It depends upon what state they're in. It depends upon what they think the risks are," Clinton said. "A governor of New York that has a lot of immigrants, many of whom we know are not there legally, has to worry about security. A governor of another state where that's not a problem doesn't."

    Clinton was widely criticized after a televised debate last week when she hedged an answer on whether she supported New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's effort to grant licenses to illegal immigrants. Clinton said she understood why governors are forced to take such steps but said she didn't necessarily agree with the policy.

    She has struggled since then to clarify her stance on the matter, which is widely unpopular in most states, including New York. Eight states, including conservative Utah, do not require proof of citizenship to obtain a driver's license.

    Clinton campaign aides say she generally supports the concept of granting licenses to illegal immigrants, in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform.

    "This issue has been so politicized and I understand that because you can score points," Clinton told CNN, adding that she felt the matter didn't lend itself to a 30-second answer in a debate format.

    50 different answers would take awhile, but the list of states that have no security worries should be short, indeed!

    "A governor of New York that has a lot of immigrants, many of whom we know are not there legally, has to worry about security. A governor of another state where that's not a problem doesn't."

  3. When in the military, you are fingerprinted, given a background check, photographed, given a special serial number, (now a social security number)and you have a permanent FBI record. You are then issued an ID card that is used to shop in the BX and prove who you are when asked.

    Now someone give me a logical answer to what is the big deal about doing the same thing to civilians that want to drive. No one is forced to get an ID, but you need an ID that requires you to prove who you say that you are.

    We have it backwards, instead of using driver's licenses for ID, we should have ID's issued to be used for travel, and securing any government issued license, to borrow money, open banking accounts or proving citizenship to vote.

  4. New York requires confirming documents for citizens to get a driver's license.

    Obviously, it would be unreasonable, not to mention insensitive, to ask for documents from
    "Undocumented Residents"
    who have no such documents, so no such documentation is required for THOSE residents.

    Some Residents are more Equal than others.

  5. "which is widely unpopular in most states, including New York. Eight states, including conservative Utah, do not require proof of citizenship to obtain a driver's license. "
    Yeah, like 80% oppose licenses for illegals in New York, and 77% in the rest of the country, but the great ship of state, and some of the individual states, just keep chugging along, singin their own songs.
    We the people done been F.....!

  6. Uh, I thot Pat was dead!
    Who died a few months ago?
    Not ANYwho!
    The Evangelical Leader Guy!

  7. Falwell, how soon I forgot.
    Course I can't recall my middle name often these days.
    Life is Hard.
    Then you Die.

  8. Actually, it's kinda cool, then you get old and it sucks, then you die.
    Thanks, God!

  9. Ah, if you wait past the fearful moment, the nightmare will pass, the dawn arrive....Greater Moscow Alliance sweeps the voting, ushering the retards out the door. All three candidates win, retiring (hopefully permanently) Pall, Ament.

    This is good news, and shows what a good organization can do in a smaller town. Biggest vote getter got about 26oo votes. Very well done professional ads on the radio. Started organizing nearly two years ago, regular monthly dinners to which anyone could come all the way through. Web Site, plenty of exposure in the newspaper. Who says the professors can't be beat in a college town!!


  10. Pat was the guy said we ought to assassinate Chavez, in good Christian fashion, while we had the time, and opined it would save us a bunch in the long run.

  11. Where's Oral Roberts when we need him? He said he had raised the dead.

  12. Greater Moscow Alliance Looks Down In Pity at the Moscow Civic Association--ha,ha!

  13. Small Town?
    My Hometown only HAD 2600 CITIZENS!
    Luckily, the undocs have swelled that number to some swell number of non-citizens.
    Where's Oral Sex when we need it?

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  15. It ate my missive!

    The point I had made so well ...

    These illegals are not undocumented, by Mexico. They have IDs, drivers licenses and Consular Cards. All of Mexican or other country of origin.

    These undocumented are not shipwreck survivors washed up on foreign shores.

    A drivers license is not a passport, nor proof of citizenship. It is a license to drive. To show financial responsibility, with liability isurance.

    What do you all propose to do with the 20 million illegals, only 5% of which are in New York.
    Ignore them some more?

    How do we identify them, those that are already here, if not with a carrot?

    Alternate proposals that the Federals would implement, that be an interesting idea. But as it is, the Federals abdicated responsibiity, what should Arizona or New York do...
    With two million of so Federal criminials, between them, that the Feds will not arrest and deport?

    How do we identify them?
    If they do not do it themselves?

  16. Give them a non-citizen non-voter ID!
    Why the hell should we give the country to the Dems?
    (although at this rate it is a fait accompli, or whatever)
    Why make them fucking VOTERS?

  17. Twas a fiercely contested race, Doug. Last time the winners had in the 1700 vote range. This time, nearly 45% of eligibles voted. Here in Lewiston, a whopping 14% turned out for the city election.

    I'm going to go get a haircut.

    'I had swarn unto my Lord, not to cut my hair, until the Philistines were driven into the sea.'

  18. "With two million of so Federal criminials, between them, that the Feds will not arrest and deport?"
    Because W will not, does that mean we CANnot?

  19. Hey!
    Don't cut your hair until you've argued some sense into that 'Rat in the Desert!
    I can't win this war w/o sleep!

  20. That's up to each State to decide, if those here without Federal approval can vote.

    They are counted in the census. As full people, they are being represented in Congress.

    I would vote against allowing non-citizens to vote, but that is not the direction we seem to be moving.

    Motor voter and direct mail balloting, it sure is convienent, I hadn't been to the polls for years, until the last city election, went with Jr, so he could vote for the first time.

    Wiki puts New Yorks population at 19.3 million, of which 1 million are illegal residents ...
    5.4% of the folk ...

    Guarenttee it is a higher percentage here in AZ or in CA.

  21. Whomever is the next resident, in the White House, doug, they won't be singin' from your hymn book on this issue.

    Best we can hope for is some measure of security on the frontier itself. But niether Rudy nor Ms Clinton are going to be aggressive in removing them folk already here.

    Not cost effective, wouldn't be prudent.

    So we keep them in the grey market, or do we regularize them. COIN Doctrine is to regularize them, as in Ramadi.

    Old school is to raze their communities. We're a long way from that, now, aren't we?

    If not regularization, then what?

    The Military is an organized society, by the demands of the job. It is both socialist and fascist in it's organization and command structure. Internally judgemental, with an entirely seperate set of laws from the rest of US.

    Which is well and good for the miltary, it is not so for the rest of US society as a whole. To be catagorized and tracked. But then again ...

    Never will have so much have "changed" over so little.

    But for fear.
    As has been noted, the terrorists will be well documented, the last set were.

    Attacked by terrorists, the Government reacts by limiting civilian freedoms.

    Whether in Pakistan or the US, it may not be the best path to follow, giving up freedom for security.

    The funny thing, what Spitzer is proposing, to document those that are in New York. To license them, bringing them into law abiding society.
    To identify them is what duece is calling for as well, but is strongly opposed to Mr Spitzer's technique of identification and regularization.

    But when the alternative to giving the illegals an ID is to force me to carry an enhanced bio-metric, GPS implanted, micro-chip in a plastic card or up my ass...

    No thank you.

  22. Turning America Socialist is worse than giving Illegals NON-CITIZEN, NON-VOTER ID'S is a good thing?

    Have no idea how that logic works.
    ...except by the old false argument of:
    "We cannot deport them all!"
    So what?
    Why make them VOTERS when 77% of the CITIZENS don't want to give them licenses?

  23. Why redifine America away when 77% are against it?

  24. (did your dad implant a Rockefeller Chip in your ass?)

  25. Clinton, Spitzer, Kennedy, and 'Rat?
    Sounds like a law firm from MAD
    Comic Book!

  26. If 77% of New Yorkers are opposed, to the licenses, doug, how can it be moving forward?

    It won't, most likely.
    Stopped in New York, by New Yorkers.

    Mr Spitzer the prosecuting bully may have met his match in the people of New York.

    Ms Clinton will not be deporting twenty million people, it's not happening. Neither will Rudy.

    Not Mr Romney, look to their records, it is not a burning issue. Even McCain now says "build the fence, first".

    So the "status que" rules until the "fence" is finished.
    Which is a decade away, they say.

    By then there'll be two million drivers without licenses in New York. If these folk were not driving, if they were obeying the law, driving licenses would not be an issue.

  27. "To license them, bringing them into law abiding society. "
    Why not LICENSE them as non Citizen, non VOTERS?
    Anything else is simply turning the USA into a Socialist Utopia Overnight.

  28. Your ignoring my NON-VOTER driver's license,

    What's the problem w/That?

  29. By striving for the perfect, we allow the wage slavery to continue, the grey and black labor markets flourish.

    With fear of law enforcement affecting between 5 and 15% of the total population. In some areas of Phoenix, where last year's serial killers stalked, as high as 45% illegal residents.

    Made for co-operation with the Police less than overwhelming. They had to have a community amnesty propaganda program to get the leads to bust the killers. Just like Sadr City, kinda.

  30. iow, why give them de-facto citizenship/amnesty instead of a driver's permit?

  31. So we have to have amnesty to incarcerate criminals?
    Pure Liberal BS!

  32. That is what Spitzer's second proposal is, today.
    Federally mandated REAL ID licenses for those that qualify

    Non-REAL ID drivers licenses for those with residency permits.

    It is the proposal he announced after meeting with Chernoff.

  33. "instead of a (NON-CITIZEN, NON VOTER) driver's permit?"

  34. No, Chertoff announced that the Real ID would no longer have any secure features.
    Did you miss him announcing the removal of all the security safeguards?

  35. (because "state govts" complained)
    NOT That the PEOPLE of the states want to do that!

  36. Who do you think lives in New York, doug.
    If not liberals?

    How conservative can a successful politician from Mass. be?
    The Mayor of New York?
    An exSenator from Hollywood?
    A past Pastor?

    Mr McCain ... A "conservative"?

  37. I did miss that Chernoff announcement about the REAL ID

    If there is no security features, why have the ID, at all?

  38. 80 Fucking Percent of NEW YORKERS don't want drivers/voters licenses for illegals.
    Rasmussen and others say so!

  39. " why have the ID, at all?"


    Doesn't it fit with everything boner globalist Wuss-Ass W has done?

    Look it up!

  40. He's such a pathetic Asshole.
    I'd rather meet Madonna!

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Timothy Sparapani, senior legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, said DHS is weakening the program in a desperate bid to keep it alive. The ACLU and conservative libertarian groups that oppose Real ID view it as a de facto national ID with Orwellian implications. Eight states have passed legislation to opt out of the program, nine others have passed resolutions in opposition, and more will consider doing so this winter.

    "DHS is doing back flips in order to get states to say they are complying with Real ID," Sparapani said. "It was flawed in principle from the beginning, and DHS is attempting a 'Hail Mary' pass to try to coerce and convince states that what they are doing under existing statutes is acceptable."

  43. In a recent meeting, DHS policy official Richard C. Barth told state officials to expect Real ID's price tag to fall by "billions of dollars" as DHS eases previous demands that the new licenses be renewed every five years, that expensive, tamper-resistant materials be used to create the ID cards, and that each state develop its own document verification systems, those officials said.

  44. In a recent meeting, DHS policy official Richard C. Barth told state officials to expect Real ID's price tag to fall by "billions of dollars" as DHS eases previous demands that the new licenses be

    renewed every five years, that expensive, tamper-resistant materials be used to create the ID cards, and that each state develop its own document verification systems,

    those officials said.
    They TRASHED IT!
    What else is new in the Greatest Globalist Admin in History?

  45. Put them in fucking Cheerios Boxes!

  46. good looking woman, with or without the rings.