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Monday, May 28, 2018



#FreeTommyRobinson: UK Launches Petition Demanding Right-Wing Activist's Release

On Sunday, hundreds of people gathered at the gates of Downing Street to protest the arrest and detention of Tommy Robinson, founder of the right-wing street protest movement the English Defense League, “on suspicion of causing a breach of the peace.”

Stephen Yaxey-Lennon, known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson, was detained by police officers while livestreaming outside a Leeds courthouse. His supporters have launched the hashtag #FreeTommy and started a petition, demanding that he be freed, which has already secured over 365,200 signatures.

“Arrested for “breaching the peace” while reporting on a Islamic grooming gang trial?” Dutch MP Geert Wilders tweeted. “Is this Saudi-Arabia?” Wilders also submitted parliamentary questions to the Dutch minister of foreign affairs on the matter.


Petition · Theresa May MP: Free Tommy Robinson ·

Tommy Robinson has been arrested and jailed for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs. A job that he chooses to do with no regard for his own safety, informing the public of all the wrongs committed in the name of Allah. Fighting against adversity and reporting on issues that our mainstream media are too afraid to speak of.
Tommy is raising issues that are affecting all of our communities, and that are being swept under the carpet and hidden from the public.
Its time we stand together, stand strong, and stand by his side.  

Tommy Robinson a été arrêté et emprisonné pour avoir parlé des gangs pédophiles musulmans. Un travail qu’il choisit de faire au détriment de sa propre sécurité pour informer le public des horreurs commises au nom d’Allah. Envers et contre tout, il fait le travail d’information que les médias de masse refusent de faire. Tommy parle de problèmes affectant toutes les communautés, mais qui sont pourtant passés sous silence et cachés du grand public. Il est temps que nous soyons forts et solidaires, et que nous le soutenions.

Tommy Robinson ha sido arrestado y encarcelado por informar sobre pandillas de aseo musulmán. Un trabajo que él elige hacer sin tener en cuenta su propia seguridad, informando al público de todos los horrores cometidos en nombre de Alá. Luchando contra la adversidad e informando sobre temas de los que nuestros medios convencionales se niegan a hablar.
Tommy está planteando problemas que están afectando a todas nuestras comunidades, y que están siendo barridos bajo la alfombra y escondidos del público.
Es hora de que nos mantengamos unidos, nos mantengamos firmes y permanezcamos a su lado.
Libertad para Tommy
Tommy Robinson wurde verhaftet und inhaftiert, weil er über eine muslimische Vergewaltigerbande berichtet hat. Eine Arbeit, die er ohne Rücksicht auf seine eigene Sicherheit ausübt und die Öffentlichkeit über all das Unrecht informiert, das im Namen Allahs begangen wurde. Kampf gegen Widrigkeiten und Berichterstattung über Themen, bei denen unsere Mainstream-Medien zu feige sind, darüber zu berichten.
Tommy wirft Fragen auf, die unsere Gemeinschaft betreffen und die unter den Teppich gekehrt werden sollen, um sie vor der Öffentlichkeit zu verbergen.
Es ist Zeit, dass wir zusammen stehen, stark sind und an Tommys Seite stehen.
FREIHEIT für Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson è stato arrestato per aver segnalato casi di gang di pedofili musulmani. Informare l'opinione pubblica sui misfatti commessi nel nome di Allah, è una missione che ha scelto di portare avanti consapevole dei rischi per la sua incolumità personale, facendo luce su quello che la stampa nasconde per codardia o per paura.
Tommy sta cercando di sensibilizzare su episodi che colpiscono tutta la nostra comunità e che vengono ripetutamente nascosti al pubblico.
È giunto il momento di essere uniti, forti e di schierarci dalla sua parte.

“Tommy Robinson został aresztowany i osadzony w więzieniu za informacje (wolność słowa) o gangu muzułmańskich pedofilów. Praca, którą postanowił wykonywać, bez względu na swoje bezpieczeństwo, zdecydował przekazywać informacje dla opinii publicznej o wszystkich przestępstwach dokonywanych w imię Allaha.
Praca, walka która rozpoczął przeciwko nieszczęściom i przeciwnościom losu i faktom, o których główne media boja się mówić.
Walka o prawdę i wolność słowa.
Tommy wypunktował wszystkie problemy, które dotykają nasza lokalna społeczność, oraz inne które są „zamiatane pod dywan” i ukrywane przed opinia publiczna.
Nadszedł czas, najwyższy czas abyśmy się zjednoczyli, zjednoczyli w sile, i stanęli u jego boku.
Tommy Robinson byl zatčen a uvězněn za podávání zpráv o muslimských pedofilních bandách. Práci, kterou se rozhodl dělat bez ohledu na vlastní bezpečí, informovat veřejnost o všech příkořích páchaných ve jménu Alláha. Boj proti nepřízni osudu a podávání zpráv o otázkách, o kterých se naše mainstreamová média příliš bojí mluvit. Tommy však vyvolává otázky, které mají vliv na všechny naše komunity, a ta jsou zametána pod koberec a ukryta před veřejností. V tuhle chvíli  stojíme při sobě, stojíme silní a stojíme na jeho straně. OSVOBOĎTE 

Томми Робинсон был арестован и заключён в тюрьму за репортаж о мусульманских бандах педофилов.
Томми информирует общественность о всех злодеяниях, совершенных во имя Аллаха, не заботясь о собственной безопасности.
Он ведёт борьбу с преступлениями, о которых наши СМИ слишком боятся говорить.
Томми освещает проблемы, которые затрагивают всех нас, и которые заметаются под ковер и скрыты от общественности.
Пришло время встать и поддержать Томми всем вместе.



Bruce Bawer: The Tommy Robinson affair

Bruce Bawer has been covering the Tommy Robinson affair for our friends at the Gatestone Institute. Today’s column is “UK: You’re Not Allowed to Talk about It. About What? Don’t Ask.” Please see Bruce’s column at the Gatestone site for the relevant links. With the kind permission of Gatestone, here is the text of the column:
On Friday, British free-speech activist and Islam critic Tommy Robinson was acting as a responsible citizen journalist — reporting live on camera from outside a Leeds courtroom where several Muslims were being tried for child rape — when he was set upon by several police officers. In the space of the next few hours, a judge tried, convicted, and sentenced him to 13 months in jail — and also issued a gag order, demanding a total news blackout on the case in the British news media. Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was immediately taken to Hull Prison.
Hull Prison, in Kingston upon Hull, England, where Tommy Robinson was taken to serve a 13-month prison sentence just hours after his arrest on Friday, May 25.
Most media outlets were remarkably compliant. News stories that had already been posted online after Robinson’s arrest at the Scottish Daily Record, Birmingham Live, The Mirror, RT, and Breitbart News were promptly pulled down, although, curiously, a report remained up at the Independent, a left-wing broadsheet that can be counted on to view Robinson as a hooligan. Indeed, the Independent’s article described Robinson as “far-right” and, in explaining what he was doing outside the courthouse, used scare quotes around the word “reporting”; it then summed up the least appealing episodes in his career and blamed him for an attack on the Finsbury Park Mosque last January. Somehow, the Independent also got away with publishing a report on London’s Saturday rally in support of Robinson.
Also on Saturday, Breitbart UK posted a copy of the gag order, but redacted it as required. The resulting document proved to be a perfect illustration of Western Europe’s encroaching tyranny.
Were all the articles in the British media pulled down “voluntarily”? There is no way to know for sure. On Sunday, at about noon Central European Time, one of my Facebook friends posted a link to what was apparently a new story at Breitbart UK, about Robinson’s imprisonment in Hull. Three hours later, however, the story was no longer there. Shortly afterward, I clicked on a link to an article at the Hull Daily Mail that Google summed up as follows: “Supporters of former EDL leader Tommy Robinson are urging people to write to him in Hull Prison — where they say he is in ‘grave danger.'” When I clicked on the link, however, the story had been pulled.
Carl Benjamin, who produces video commentary under the name “Sargon of Akkad,” is a popular British YouTuber who has somewhere around a million subscribers, and who routinely criticizes Islam, identity politics, and political correctness with wit and panache. He is generally a lively, free-wheeling, sardonic fellow, but in the two-hour-plus video he posted on Saturday about the Robinson case, he was uncharacteristically sober, exceedingly cautious, and at times even sounded mournful.
“I did tell you that Britain isn’t a free country, didn’t I?” he said a minute or so into his video. “I’ve been saying it for ages… and nobody listens.” He made it clear he was not about to violate the gag order — not, as he put it, about to “blunder into the jaws of the beast, in much the same way as I guess Tommy has,” and thus “deliberately put myself in the line of fire with the UK government, giving them just cause to arrest me.”
Benjamin is a gutsy guy, so it was unsettling to hear him speak this way. The look on his face somehow brought home the dark reality underlying Robinson’s fast-track arrest, trial, conviction and incarceration. Benjamin emphasized that the most “sensible” thing for someone like himself [Benjamin] to do right now — he used that word, “sensible,” repeatedly — is to do his best to stay out of jail so that he can continue to speak up. “I am in a country that is not free,” he repeated gravely. “My options are limited… I feel jealous as hell of you guys in America. You don’t know how lucky you are.”
The upside — and the irony — of this case is that the gag order, while silencing the British news media, has caused people around the world to take notice. To be sure, a quick tour of major mainstream newspaper websites in Western Europe, North America and around the Anglosphere turned up nothing. But on alternative news sites around Europe, the story was front and center. The Fox News website reported on Robinson’s arrest — but even Fox, frustratingly, insisted on calling him a “right-wing activist.”
Judi McLeod, editor of the Canada Free Press, began her article:
“Where is Tommy Robinson? A question whose answer should be demanded rather than merely asked…. Modern day Merry England has become far more nightmare than fairytale, as it steadily works its way toward ugly police state status.”
McLeod also challenged Fox’s label for Robinson: “‘Right wing activist’? How about civil rights activist or humanitarian activist?”
Yesterday, my article asked when anyone in a position of power in Britain would speak up against Robinson’s arrest. Since then, Gerald Batten, a UKIP member of the European Parliament, has done so:
“I am trying to recall a legal case where someone was convicted of a ‘crime’ which cannot be reported on,” he tweeted. “Where he can be cast into prison without it being possible to report his name, offence, or place of imprisonment for fear of contempt of court. Can anyone remember such a case”
Shortly after noon on Sunday, London time, Batten tweeted:
“UKIP Peer Malcolm Lord Pearson has written to Home Secretary Sajid Javid today saying: if Tommy is murdered or injured in prison he and others will mount a private prosecution against Mr Javid as an accessory, or for misconduct in public office.”
Good on Lord Pearson. We can only hope his efforts make a difference — and that, in the end, a prosecution of Javid will not be necessary.
Bruce Bawer is the author of the new novel The Alhambra (Swamp Fox Editions). His book While Europe Slept (2006) was a New York Times bestseller and National Book Critics Circle Award finalist. His other books include A Place at the Table (1993), Stealing Jesus (1997), Surrender (2009), and The Victims’ Revolution (2012). A native New Yorker, he has lived in Europe since 1998.
Copyright © 2018 Gatestone Institute. All rights reserved. Reprinted with the kind permission of the Gatestone Institute. Republication is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Gatestone Institute.


  1. he is not a right wing activist he is telling the truth

  2. There has never been a greater hosing of any society anywhere than what the leftist elitist bastards did to England.

    Firstly, The Royal pricks convinced the English that they were actually British. Could not tolerate being monarch of little old England. The Imperialist had bigger ideas.

    Empire became costly, outdated and was coming apart as each country balked against being ruled by "ruling Class , so they came up with the Commonwealth scam.

    The wealth was never common but the bloodletting, killing and suffering wall all too common as Britain went from one military clusterfuck to another.

    The Grand Royal scam is that without consent of the English, the real blood and cultural English, the elite gave half the shithole countries on the planet a "British Commonwealth" passport.

    Well guess who showed up for free breakfast, lunch and dinner? They did not come in from Lowestoft or Eye. Call them what the really are "the unenglish"

    London is no longer English. Someone will pay for this, bigly.

  3. The United Kingdom appears to be turning into a police state faster than even the most alarmist analysts believed possible. In what sounds like it could have come from George Orwell's nightmares, anti-immigration activist Tommy Robinson, without even having access to his lawyer, was ordered to more than a year in prison after being caught reporting on the trial of an Islamic child-rape gang — and then, making matters worse, the judge gagged the press about the scandal, even forcing newspapers to delete their published articles. Unfortunately for British authorities, though, the news got out anyway. Now, the story is an international sensation. Growing domestic protests are demanding that the high-profile anti-Islamization activist be freed immediately. And supporters of the arrested activist around the world vowed to redouble their efforts.


  4. Robinson's arrest (shown) outside a courthouse in Leeds came Friday on charges of “suspicion of breaching the peace.” His alleged crime: Reporting on a high-profile trial involving an Islamic gang in Britain accused of child rape, drugging children, and grooming children as young as 11 for sexual exploitation. It is an extremely sensitive subject in a nation where government criminalizes even criticism of Islam and homosexuality as “hate speech” and does not recognize free speech rights. It was not immediately clear how Robinson's live-streaming on social media constituted a breach of the peace. But the globalist, multiculturalism-promoting establishment in Britain has been seeking to destroy the activist for years. The main reason for its hatred of Robinson appears to be his hardcore opposition to open borders and his criticism of Islamism as incompatible with Britain's heritage of Christianity and liberty.

  5. What came next was even more bizarre. First, Robinson, 35, was hauled away in a police van to a secret judicial proceeding. There, he was reportedly denied access to a lawyer of his own choosing and instead was forced to use one appointed by the court. At that kangaroo tribunal, the judge ordered the activist jailed for 13 months. Initial reports suggested the sentence was a result of his reporting on the Islamic gang's child-grooming and child-rape operation outside the courthouse. Later accounts, though, said it was supposedly a "contempt of court" order for him to serve out the remainder of a sentence on previous charges of reporting on an Islamic rape trial, charges for which he had been released on a suspended sentence contingent on not being arrested again. Police and authorities refused to comment. And finally, even the media was barred from speaking about the case.

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  7. A leaked version of the media gag order, signed by “His Honour Judge Marson QC,” claims silencing the media about the secret proceedings “appears to be necessary for avoiding a substantial risk of prejudice to the administration of justice.” As such, the publication of “any report of these proceedings” must be “postponed until after the conclusion of the trial” of the Islamic grooming gang that was trafficking and sexually exploiting young British children. Incredibly, the court order somehow succeeded in getting even foreign media outlets with U.K. operations — including Breitbart News, Russia's RT, and other outlets — to delete their articles on the scandal. More than a few British newspapers and media outlets were also forced to delete their articles, with readers now simply getting error messages.

    The arrest and sentence immediately sparked a furious backlash as word got out. By the next day, thousands of Robinson's supporters had amassed outside government headquarters at 10 Downing Street and later Parliament to demand his release. Flags waved and placards could be seen reading “Free Tommy” and “Free the truth teller.” Some of the protesters even tried to scale the fence, but were stopped by police. Nearly 100,000 people signed a petition demanding his release. And the left-wing media, apparently not prohibited from reporting on the protests at least, dishonestly characterized the protesters as “far right,” without even explaining what that means. Supporters of Robinson have expressed alarm about what could happen to him in jail. Last time he was put behind bars, Muslim prisoners reportedly plotted to murder him. And a man who was jailed in 2016 for putting bacon sandwiches outside a mosque died in his jail cell less than six months into his sentence.

  8. Prominent European political figures have now come to Robinson's aid as well. “What happened in the United Kingdom last week is an absolute disgrace,” said powerful Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders in front of the British embassy in The Hague, adding that he was “shocked and outraged” by authorities' actions targeting “freedom fighter” Robinson. “Freedom of speech is being violated all over Europe and also in Britain. The lights of freedom are going out.... Britain used to be a bastion of freedom of speech. Today, its authorities are behaving like North Korea and Saudi Arabia. I am here on behalf of millions, in the Netherlands, in Europe, and also in Britain. And in their name, I say, We will no longer be silent. Our future is at stake. And we will protect it. Free Tommy Robinson. Release him from jail today! Restore freedom of speech! And stop gagging the people.”

    Wilders, a leading European critic of Islam and what he describes as the ongoing “Islamization” of Europe, also took the opportunity to criticize the Islamic religion, which he views as a totalitarian ideology more than a genuine religion. “Islam critics are taken to court, jailed, or targeted with fatwas,” explained Wilder, leader of the Dutch Party of Freedom. “The authorities try to silence us. However, Islamists are pampered, protected, and defended. That is totally unacceptable. We will not accept this — never. We will continue speaking the truth about Islam and horrendous crimes like rape, genital mutilation, honor killings, and terrorism.” Indeed, despite his status as a leading elected official, Wilders himself has been the target of government speech police for his criticism of Islam and mass Islamic immigration into Europe.

    The media blackout ordered by the judge appears to have backfired in spectacular fashion. For instance, the Drudge Report, perhaps the most influential media outlet in the world today, featured the story at the top of its page for hours and hours. But with the establishment press either silenced or deliberately trying to demonize the victim, the alternative media ensured that Robinson's story would be heard. And now, the proverbial cat is out of the bag, with the British government facing unprecedented global scrutiny over its increasingly totalitarian tactics. Caolan Robertson, a close associate of Robinson who was in the court when the kangaroo proceedings took place, went on the Alex Jones Show to give an update on the situation.

    The New American actually warned in a series of articles more than five years ago that freedom of speech and the free press were in grave danger across the United Kingdom. Today, those warnings have become reality. But ironically, by seeking to suppress the news, the British judicial system has inadvertently caused an international scandal that turned Robinson into a global celebrity and a martyr. The government's actions may have built more support for Robinson's cause than anything he could have accomplished himself. Whether one agrees with him or not, everybody must have a right to speak their mind and to report on judicial proceedings. Only slaves do not have a right to speak their minds or report the truth. It is time for people around the world to recognize that free speech is in mortal danger — and to protect it at all costs.


  9. .

    Suggest you edit out all mention of "Islamic grooming gang" and "child rape"

    Keep the Peace!


    1. CNN’s resident crackpot “analyst”, and White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, April Ryan took a break from re-tweeting complements to post an article alleging President Trump runs a sex-trafficking ring. In the still up, and undeleted tweet, April Ryan linked to an article on race-baiting site “The Root” titled “Is the Trump Administration Running a Child-Trafficking Ring or Nah?
      Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole”.

    2. CNN's April Ryan is slammed for tweeting an article suggesting President Trump is running child-trafficking ring
      April Ryan retweeted a story published by The Root, which raised questions around whether President Donald Trump could be engaged in child trafficking
      Ryan then lashed out at Fox News for targeting her with a story about her retweet
      Ryan accused Fox News of not reading the story she had tweeted out, and that it noted the conspiracy was unproven
      The Root's story was based partly on revelations that almost 1,500 immigrant children have gone missing under the watch of the current administration.


    3. .

      I told you that in the last thread!


    4. .

      That's ok, Doug. We've come to expect redundancy from you.


    5. I noticed it was a tactic he developed over the months after you first washed up here.

      Doug was just trying, as it were, to pound something into your noggin.

      Lately I see less of it, as if, finally, discovering one can't pound mud into granite, despite repetitions.