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Friday, May 18, 2018

Kenyatta's Legacy

Crossfire Hurricane: Category Five Political Espionage

Deep in the New York Times’s account of “Crossfire Hurricane,” the FBI’s codename for spying on the Trump campaign, is a hilariously bland paragraph about John Brennan and James Comey teaming up to dig dirt on Trumpworld. If you blinked in the course of reading the lengthy article, you might have missed it:
The F.B.I.’s thinking crystallized by mid-August, after the C.I.A. director at the time, John O. Brennan, shared intelligence with Mr. Comey showing that the Russian government was behind an attack on the 2016 presidential election. Intelligence agencies began collaborating to investigate that operation. The Crossfire Hurricane team was part of that group but largely operated independently, three officials said.
Contained in that oh-so-nonchalant line — “Intelligence agencies began collaborating to investigate that operation” — is one of Obamagate’s biggest ticking time bombs. When it blows, John Brennan, whose demented partisanship led him to run an anti-Trump spying operation straight out of CIA headquarters, will feel much of the blast.
The gathering winds for Crossfire Hurricane, after all, came largely from that blowhard. Panicking at the sight of Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday wins in March 2016, Brennan had by the following month formed the beginnings of a spying operation against him, and managed to enmesh a bunch of other agencies in it, thinking that would keep the outside of the CIA’s cup clean. How do we know this? Because a “senior” member of the intelligence community — back when such a figure thought talking out of school about such matters would serve the cause of delegitimizing Trump — leaked the existence of the operation to the BBCin January 2017:
Last April [2016], the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him. It was – allegedly – a tape recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign.
It was passed to the US by an intelligence agency of one of the Baltic States. The CIA cannot act domestically against American citizens so a joint counter-intelligence taskforce was created.
The taskforce included six agencies or departments of government. Dealing with the domestic, US, side of the inquiry, were the FBI, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Justice. For the foreign and intelligence aspects of the investigation, there were another three agencies: the CIA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the National Security Agency, responsible for electronic spying.
David Corn and Michael Isikoff, authors of Russian Roulette, gingerly refer to this anti-Trump spying operation as the “working group at Langley,” an undertaking so outré that even Brennan called it an “exceptionally sensitive issue.”
Since they are engaged in propaganda and stenography rather than investigative journalism, Corn/Isikoff and the Times are content to leave this part of the story fuzzy. As the most crucial period in this debacle — the period that would bring out its unfounded, partisan origins the most clearly — they don’t want to look too closely at it. Better to dispatch it all quickly with the Times’s line, “Intelligence agencies began collaborating to investigate that operation.”
But make no mistake about it: that the FBI and the CIA, on little more than the say-so of a virulent Trump hater like Brennan, were meeting to spy on the campaign of Hillary’s opponent makes Watergate look like a tenth-rate burglary. Nixon, at his most Machiavellian, wouldn’t have thought to form a “working group at Langley” against McGovern. But Obama, via Brennan, did the equivalent for Hillary.
For all intents and purposes, Crossfire Hurricane did not begin in July 2016 but at the moment Trump emerged as Hillary’s rival. Brennan, shortly thereafter, was bringing CIA agents, FBI agents, NSA agents, and an assortment of Obama’s political aides together in one room at CIA headquarters to bat around ideas on how to smoke out the campaign of Hillary’s opponent. Out of these meetings came the plot to infiltrate the Trump campaign.
Notice the timing of all the grooming and entrapment of George Papadopoulos, a twentysomething Trump campaign volunteer in London whom the Australian ambassador, Alexander Downer, suddenly wanted to meet in May 2016 for an evening of sozzled political chitchat. That timing corresponds perfectly with the brainstorming meetings of Brennan’s Langley group.
British intelligence, through various planted stories, has bragged about its role in helping Brennan spy on the Trump campaign. It must have served as the bridge between Brennan and Downer. Famous for greasing the wheels of the Clinton Foundation, Downer was looking for ways to ingratiate himself with what he presumed was the next administration. So he was happy to serve as a cog in Brennan’s dirty machine.
One can only laugh at the sheer brazenness of the propaganda in the Times’s opener about Downer:
Within hours of opening an investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia in the summer of 2016, the F.B.I. dispatched a pair of agents to London on a mission so secretive that all but a handful of officials were kept in the dark.
Their assignment, which has not been previously reported, was to meet the Australian ambassador, who had evidence that one of Donald J. Trump’s advisers knew in advance about Russian election meddling. After tense deliberations between Washington and Canberra, top Australian officials broke with diplomatic protocol and allowed the ambassador, Alexander Downer, to sit for an F.B.I. interview to describe his meeting with the campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos.
First of all, Downer had no “evidence.” All he had was the memory of speculative remarks (the kind anybody following the news could have made) that he had pumped out of a minor campaign volunteer during a meeting he set up, according to the Daily Caller.
The threadbare character of this episode (not to mention the possibility that Papadopoulos might have simply been regurgitating speculation fed to him by a mole) is almost too stupid for words. But then Brennan’s Langley group needed something, anything, to get the dolts over at the FBI to open up a formal probe. Presumably, it was Brennan and other Obama political appointees who participated in the “tense deliberations between Washington and Canberra.” Or did Obama himself get on the phone with the Australian PM to discuss how to break through a diplomatic impasse touching on a matter as grave as the Downer-Papadopoulos pub crawl?
What a farce. But it is an entirely plausible one given the partisan progenitor at the heart of it, John Brennan, whose idea of a normal day at the CIA was to turn its offices into the Clinton War Room.


  1. Note to self:

    Self, add to bucket list:

    1) Live long enough to see Brennan imprisoned or hung

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  2. Deadly protests continue in southern Iran for a second day: 'Streets look war-torn'
    By Ben Evansky | Fox News

    Deadly protests in the southern Iranian city of Kazerun continued for a second day following the deaths of two protesters Wednesday. Protesters aimed their wrath at the Iranian regime following a decision to split the city of nearly 150,000 into two townships.

    “After anti-riot forces were dispatched to the city from Shiraz, the people charged at them and hand-to-hand clashes ensued,” a press release from the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said. NCRI is a coalition of influential Iranian opposition groups.

    The protests have left at least two people dead and six others injured.

    The NCRI press release said that protesters had set fire to a trailer belonging to regime security forces and that four police vehicles had also been set ablaze. It said that parts of the city looked “war-torn.” It said smoke had filled the air close to the main square following the burning of tires by protesters. It also noted the Internet and mobile phones have been cut off.

    kazerun NCRI 3

    Deadly protests in the southern Iranian city of Kazerun continued for a second day following the deaths of two protesters Wednesday. (NCRI)

    Heshmat Alavi an Iranian political and rights activist who has been following the protests since they started last December, told Fox News that “the scene we are witnessing in Kazerun is merely one of the many flashpoints in Iran, a powder keg state considered ready to explode at any moment.”

    Alavi said more protests have been occurring across the country.....

  3. Contribute a few bucks to Judicial Watch !

    Even I have.

  4. School shooter in Santa Fe, Texas is one Dimitrios Pagourtzis.

    Sounds Greek.

    Interestingly, there seems to be no social-media footprint for Pagourtzis.

    Sounds like he was a student at the school.

    Senator Rand Paul grew up near there and had a relative that was employed by that school system.

    1. In other shooting news:

      Man opens fire at Trump Miami resort; Spewing hate about president...

      Who is Jonathan Oddi?

      Lured police into lobby...

      Laid American Flag Over Counter....DRUDGE

  5. News from Bernie/Ash Land:

    'Pressure Cooker': Discontent Rises in Venezuela Military as Economy Dives...

    Empty stomachs drive soldiers to desert in droves....DRUDGE

    CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — He enlisted in Venezuela's National Guard to earn a ticket out of poverty. But little more than two years later, his monthly pay is worth only about $2, forcing him to moonlight at a tire shop, and he has put in for a discharge.

    "I don't know what everybody else does to survive," said Ruben, a 21-year-old sergeant, who fearing retaliation agreed to speak about his situation only if his last name was not revealed. "If I don't get out of this, I'll starve to death."

    Not even Venezuela's once-proud military is immune to the oil-rich country's deepening economic crisis of food shortages and skyrocketing prices, and while top commanders deny there is any discontent, analysts say thousands of soldiers are asking for honorable discharges or deserting their posts by simply walking away....



    At least all are starving equally, thank Dios.

  6. Tip: Don't fly Cubana Airlines in a rented plane.

    1. The very same model 1946 Pontiac that I drove to high school is shown commuting to the airport.

    2. I LOVE Cuba.

      Everyone there is an antique car collector.

      And, they keep them running, too !

      Beats riding mule back (just barely)

    3. Cuba is, like Venezuela, another of these wonderful progressive commie countries that Bernie Sanders and Ash love so well.

      Where marching into the future is marching into the past....a true accomplishment....

  7. 'Get ready for two weeks of politicians acting like they give a s**t': Parkland activists take to Twitter immediately after Santa Fe school shooting to pledge support for students

    Parkland activists David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez tweeted on Friday after the Texas school shooting to warn students that politicians will now act briefly like they give a shit."

  8. It's Mueller Time!

    Ben Shapiro

  9. Ted Cruz is getting some air time, and is reminding everyone in Santa Fe that the entire country is grieving with them.

    1. "You (people of Santa Fe) are right now being lifted up by the power of prayer coming from all over our great nation."

      Ted Cruz

    2. 'bravery manifesting in the face of evil'

    3. Governor of Texas is now advising all legal gun owners to be sure to lock your guns away, lest they be stolen and used for evil by the reprobates.

    4. The Guv hasn't any workable solution at all, truth be told.

      He is advising single entrances to schools.

    5. OOoops, that's not the Guv.

      The Guv is sitting in his wheel chair, listening.

    6. Some moron calls it a 'tragedy'.

      This always pisses me off.

      It is NOT a tragedy.

      It is a totally thoughtless and senseless event perpetuated by the mentally ill.

      Nothing uplifting about it at all, it is totally immune to catharsis.

      Catharsis - Wikipedia
      Catharsis (from Greek κάθαρσις katharsis meaning "purification" or "cleansing") is the purification and purgation of emotions—particularly pity and fear—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration.
      ‎Dramatic uses · ‎"Catharsis" before tragedy · ‎Social catharsis

  10. One might say it is a politically opportune event, an opening for everyone to get up and blah blah about their own favored political agendas.



    SULLIVAN: Obama Legacy Already Destroyed....DRUDGE

  12. I can tell you one thing about this shooting:

    Old Man Papa Pagourtzis is going to get his ass sued off.

    He is the source of the weaponry.

    Picture out of Pagourtzis the Younger.

    Fat asshole who tried to play football as a freshman.

    1. Fat stupid looking asshole who tried to play football as a freshman.

    2. Stupid shaming is hate speech.

    3. Does Bob not believe in the spark of divinity?

    4. Actually I read he had pretty good grades, at least one year.

      He didn't seem to shower enough though.

      His coaches told him he stunk.

    5. Bob is smart enough to believe anything Nan tells him to believe !

  13. WASHPOST: President pushed Postmaster General to double AMAZON rates...

    1. I order a heavy case of cat food that gets flown from New Jersey to Tennessee to Hawaii:

      What kind of insane, immoral waste of energy is that?

      Something far removed from honest economics/accounting there.

    2. You should be heavily fined.

      Why not feed your cat pineapple, Pineapple ?


    Bogus Mueller probe begins second year -- empty-handed.

    May 18, 2018 Lloyd Billingsley

    A ballpark figure for the number of partisan Democrats and Clinton donors on Mueller’s team should be zero. Instead he brought aboard Hillary’s fan club and anti-Trump bigots such as Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Herr Mueller thus eliminated any need to take the probe seriously. That was also true of the mission.

    It had evidently escaped notice that Russia intervened in U.S. elections by running their own candidates in the Communist Party USA. In 1976, John Brennan voted for the Stalinist Gus Hall for president rather than Democrat Jimmy Carter. Brennan went on to head the mighty Central Intelligence Agency, and he is now the loudest barker in anti-Trump chorus.

    It had also escaped notice that, as Secretary of State, former First Lady Hillary Clinton gave the Russians virtually everything they wanted. She authorized an intrusive missile inspection agreement and through the Clinton foundation contrived to put U.S. uranium in Russian hands. So it is absurd to charge that Putin hates Hillary and loves Trump.

    As CNN notes, Mueller has found no collusion. With the scope memo hidden, the people’s representatives can be forgiven for believing that Mueller is wielding unfettered power for partisan ends.

    “Congratulations America,” President Trump tweeted Thursday, “we are now into the second year of the greatest Witch Hunt in American History...and there is still No Collusion and No Obstruction. The only Collusion was that done by Democrats who were unable to win an Election despite the spending of far more money!” The president has a point, but he actually understates the matter.

    The Mueller probe is cover for a coup against a duly elected president. As Michael Walsh notes, this was “an intelligence operation from the start, engineered by Barack Obama, James Clapper, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, leading Democrats, rogue Republicans, and using a deeply partisan and thus compromised media as its vengeful Greek chorus.”

    As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes put it, “three generations of imbeciles are enough.” Twelve years is too long for anybody to run the FBI, and one year is more than enough for a bogus probe that never should have launched in the first place.....

    1. It had evidently escaped notice that Russia intervened in U.S. elections by running their own candidates in the Communist Party USA. In 1976, John Brennan voted for the Stalinist Gus Hall for president rather than Democrat Jimmy Carter. Brennan went on to head the mighty Central Intelligence Agency, and he is now the loudest barker in anti-Trump chorus.

    2. The Mueller probe is cover for a coup against a duly elected president. As Michael Walsh notes, this was “an intelligence operation from the start, engineered by Barack Obama, James Clapper, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, leading Democrats, rogue Republicans, and using a deeply partisan and thus compromised media as its vengeful Greek chorus.”

  15. People who live in small towns, rural areas happier, researchers say....DRUDGE

    Wayne and I go rodeo -

    Circle of Fear, Mustang Western Days Rodeo, angry Bull - YouTube
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    Jul 17, 2016 - Uploaded by Chris Beggs
    Buckin Wild 2016 Amarillo This is the Ring Of Fear face to face with a bull for a simple $100.00 prize.
    Circle of Fear - YouTube
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    Jul 20, 2011 - Uploaded by anekanw
    When drunk people attending a bull riding event think it is a good idea to stand in a circle in the middle of the ...
    Lincoln Rodeo Ring of Fire - Crazy guys and one angry bull in Lincoln ...
    Video for circle of fear rodeo▶ 1:43

    1. Beats listening to the gossip down at Ye Olde Mafia Barber Shoppe in Detroit, Michigan, huh !

  16. Why wasn't Stormy Daniels invited to The Royal Wedding ?

    After all, she's our American royalty, mistress of Presidents, most recognizable woman in USA, able to bend lawyers to her every whim....

  17. Ah ha !

    ......To Save a Black Hole

    Dafermos and Luk, a mathematician at Stanford University, proved that the situation at the Cauchy horizon is not quite so simple. Their work is subtle — a refutation of Penrose’s original statement of the strong cosmic censorship conjecture, but not a complete denial of its spirit.

    Building on methods established a decade ago by Christodoulou, who was Dafermos’s adviser in graduate school, the pair showed that the Cauchy horizon can indeed form a singularity, but not the kind Penrose anticipated. The singularity in Dafermos and Luk’s work is milder than Penrose’s — they find a weak “light-like” singularity where he had expected a strong “space-like” singularity. This weaker form of singularity exerts a pull on the fabric of space-time but doesn’t sunder it. “Our theorem implies that observers crossing the Cauchy horizon are not torn apart by tidal forces. They may feel a pinch, but they are not torn apart,” said Dafermos in an email.

    Because the singularity that forms at the Cauchy horizon is in fact milder than predicted by the strong cosmic censorship conjecture, the theory of general relativity is not immediately excused from considering what happens inside. “It still makes sense to define the Cauchy horizon because one can, if one wishes, continuously extend the space-time beyond it,” said Harvey Reall, a physicist at the University of Cambridge.

    Dafermos and Luk prove that space-time extends beyond the Cauchy horizon. They also prove that from the same starting point, it can extend in any number of ways: Past the horizon “there are many such extensions that one could entertain, and there is no good reason to prefer one to the other,” said Dafermos.

    Yet — and here’s the subtlety in their work — these nonunique extensions of space-time don’t mean that Einstein’s equations go haywire beyond the horizon.

    1. Dafermos and Luk prove that space-time extends beyond the Cauchy horizon.

      That's what has been bugging me all these decades, but oh now I see, the Cauchy is, after all, just a horizon.

    2. Our universe is a toot toot horn.

      (see illustrations)

  18. Sara Carter and Tom Fitton on a roll tonight on Hannity.


  19. That's one hell of a dress Miss Merkle has on there, one must admit !

    1. Ha ! Meghan, being bright as well as beautiful, did NOT promise before Christ to obey 'arry.

      I was able to slip that one over on my wife.

      We too had a church full people.

      Meghan's mum sure seems happy.

    2. 'Where true love is found, God is there.'

    3. I like that Meghan an' 'arry.

    4. The Pastor, like most Pastors, is yammering on too long.

      Hell, let them be now, they want to get out of there.....

    5. Don't forget The Balm of Gilead.

      Balm of Gilead - Wikipedia
      Balm of Gilead was a rare perfume used medicinally, that was mentioned in the Bible, and ... The tree or shrub producing the balm is commonly identified as Commiphora gileadensis. Some botanical scholars have concluded that the actual ...
      ‎History · ‎Lexicon · ‎Tsori · ‎Plants

    6. 'arry rubs his nose too much, Meghan is perfect.

    7. The Pastor is quoting Pierre Teilhard de Chardin concerning fire !

    8. Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven't committed.

      Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
      Read more at:

    9. Now a choir is singing Stand By Me.

    10. The rings having been successfully exchanged, the Pastor having pronounced them Man and Wife, we break for a regularly scheduled advertisement.

      One thing I missed, the marital kiss.

      Maybe they don't do that any longer ?

    11. Markle Won't Promise to Obey....DRUDGE

    12. Ah finally !

      The Royal smooch when stepping into the sunlight when leaving the church !

    13. Now the Royal Carriage Ride to wave at the serfs.....

    14. It's the smaller more intimate of the Five Royal Carriages.

    15. Shep Smith is saying SHE DID utter the word "Obey".


    16. There is always, appropriately, a spoil sport -

      Harry And Meghan’s Wedding Is A Reminder That Britain Doesn’t Need The Royals

      ....This rebranding effort has allowed royalists to justify the cost to the public purse on the grounds of “value to the economy.” But the story of the royal family’s value to the British economy was simply dreamed up by smart PR professionals to save an institution in crisis. In reality, according to our research, British taxpayers lose about $468 million a year just to have a head of state—a lot more than the official figure released by Buckingham Palace, which was $58 million last year. In fact, our monarch is one of the most expensive nonpolitical heads of state in Europe, at least 12 times more expensive than Ireland’s elected equivalent.

      Even if it were true that the royals represent an investment by the British people, why should the royals spend taxpayers’ money with no checks and balances? That, after all, is why the monarchy costs so much—not because it’s expensive to run the office of head of state, but because the royals spend tens of millions of pounds on their palatial apartments, security and luxury vacations. Brits increasingly resent this—a recent poll we commissioned shows that 57% believe the royal family should pay not only for the wedding but also for police costs....

    17. Trump sent presents to Prince Harry's wedding. So what did Obama send? - 5/19/18

      He's always been a cheapskate...


    18. May 19, 2018

      A royally useless spectacle

      By Rick Moran

      The man who is sixth in line to be king of Great Britain is getting married today and America has lost its mind.

      What does it mean to be sixth in the line of royal succession to an office that depends solely and exclusively on who your father is? It means that five family members have to die before you get the real goodies. Granted, those goodies are amazing. Who wouldn't want to live in a thousand year old castle (too bad it's in Scotland) or have dozens of "servants" cater to your every whim and need?

      But that lifestyle depends on people believing that you are deserving of such wealth and privilege because you happened to be lucky enough to be sired by a big-eared dolt whose mother is currently known as a "queen."

      I find it unbecoming that citizens of our republic should be so enamored about the goings on of a family who takes the issue of "bloodlines" seriously. Even some Hollywood types appear to be unimpressed:.......

    19. I saw someone in the crowd looking exactly like Quirk holding a sign that read:

      This Is All A Royal Pain In The Arse

  20. We wuz robbed.

    That’s the theme Democrats and their media allies are working hard to cement into conventional wisdom. And robbed in a very specific way: The 2016 presidential election, we’re to believe, was stolen from Hillary Clinton by disparate treatment. As Democrats tell it, the FBI scandalized their candidate while protecting Donald Trump.

    You might think peddling that story with a straight face would be a major challenge. But they figure it may work because it was test-driven by the FBI’s then-director, James Comey, in his now infamous press conference on July 5, 2016 — back when the law-enforcement and intelligence apparatus on which we rely to read the security tea leaves was simply certain that Mrs. Clinton would win.

    If you or I had set up an unauthorized private communications system for official business for the patent purpose of defeating federal record-keeping and disclosure laws; if we had retained and transmitted thousands of classified emails on this non-secure system; if we had destroyed tens of thousands of government records; if we had carried out that destruction while those records were under subpoena; if we had lied to the FBI in our interview — well, we’d be writing this column from the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth. Yet, in a feat of dizzying ratiocination, Director Comey explained that to prosecute Mrs. Clinton would be to hold her to a nitpicking, selective standard of justice not imposed on other Americans.

    So it was that the New York Times, in this week’s 4,100-word exposé on the origins of the FBI’s Trump–Russia probe, recycled the theme: Government investigators were savagely public about Clinton’s trifling missteps while keeping mum about the Manchurian candidate’s treasonous conspiracy with Putin.

    As we contended in rebuttal on Thursday, the Times’ facts are selective and its narrative theme of disparate treatment is hogwash: Clinton’s bid was saved, not destroyed, by Obama’s law-enforcement agencies, which tanked a criminal case on which she should have been indicted. And the hush-hush approach taken to the counterintelligence case against Donald Trump was not intended to protect the Republican candidate; it was intended to protect the Obama administration from the specter of a Watergate-level scandal had its spying on the opposition party’s presidential campaign been revealed.

    But let’s put that aside. Let’s consider the disparate-treatment claim on its own terms.

  21. 13-year-old arrested for murder in death of her infant

    13-year-old father has been identified.

  22. That Royal Wedding was a rather shabby affair compared to mine.

    1. And it was nothing compared to Quirk when he married four at one time.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This was back after II when he was drinking way way too much and went about calling himself The Prophet.

  23. Heh, ALL of the Bishops in ALL of Chile offer to resign over yet another Catholic sex scandal.

    They say it's up to Pope Francis as to whether to fire their worthless asses, or not.

    It really doesn't make a bit of difference, as this buggering of children will continue as always until the Catholic Church gets rid of the nonsense about celibacy.

    Which started, by the way, as a money saving measure.

    The early married Priests often died young, leaving behind the wife and kids to the expense of the Holy Mother Church.


    Justified won again today. Triple Crown in sight.

  24. Is the torture over? No. We will have to be treated to every detail of their royalty for the rest of our pitifully short existence.

  25. One Princess comes, one Princess goes.

    CNN has the Life and Lamentable Death of Princess Die on right now.

    She bought hers on a rainy rainy night in a tunnel in LondonTown.

    There is no end to it, like hell itself.

    1. "The entire nation lost control of its senses in mourning and sadness".

      I am beginning to weep myself, then, I in gladness turn my mind to Meghan an' 'arry Red Hair and Springtime and Life.

    2. Princess Di was really kind of a snotty upperclass bitch anyway.

      Though, whatever smarts the Princes have sure came from her, cause inbred Charlie has an IQ of Zero.

      Meghan, now she's one of us all, come hither from lower levels Hollywood.

    3. Meghan will give a needed boost to the Royal gene pool.

  26. Quirk, do you have external testicles ?

    If so, then this is for you:

    Evolution’s worst mistake? How about external testicles?


    What a revoltin' development.

  27. John Brennan is seriously losing it. “Fear is the mind-killer” and the fear coming from the Deep State leaders is emitting a foul odor, triggering fear in the brains of many underlings that will soon do anything to save their own sorry asses.

    How sweet it is.