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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Comey Interviewed by DOJ Prosecutors - FBI - DOJ agents lining up to testify

DOJ interviews Comey in McCabe investigation, indicates criminal charges may be filed: Report    Washington Examiner

A new report claims that investigators from the U.S. Attorney's Office in Washington, D.C., recently interviewed former FBI Director James Comey in relation to the Justice Department's investigation of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horrowitz issued a criminal referral for McCabe in April — which led to his eventual firing — on the grounds that he intentionally misled DOJ officials on four separate occasions. 

A source familiar with the investigation told the Washington Post the Comey interview indicates officials are seriously weighing criminal charges for McCabe, which are not guaranteed in a referral.
"A little more than a month ago, we confirmed that we had been advised that a criminal referral to the U.S. Attorney’s Office had been made regarding Mr. McCabe," Michael Bromwich, McCabe's attorney, told the Post when asked about the new revelations. "We said at that time that we were confident that, unless there is inappropriate pressure from high levels of the Administration, the U.S. Attorney’s Office would conclude that it should decline to prosecute. Our view has not changed."

Bromwich further criticized the DOJ employee who leaked the interview and pointed to Wednesday's reports on a memo, written by McCabe, which purported to show an intentional effort by President Trump to coerce Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein into framing Comey's 2017 firing in a beneficial manner. 
"We think it is no coincidence that these leaks follow within 24 hours of media stories — based on other leaks whose source is unknown to us — about memos written by Mr. McCabe that suggest potential criminal conduct by the President,” Bromwich further stated. “We will be demanding a leaks investigation.”

On Wednesday, the New York Times reported that special counsel Robert Mueller had obtained McCabe's memo and was considering its implications as he seeks to determine whether obstruction of justice has occurred in the wake of multiple investigations into alleged Russian election tampering. 

In the document, McCabe allegedly wrote that Rosenstein told him about a conversation in which Trump asked that the deputy attorney general's letter on Comey's firing specifically cite Russia as a primary cause.

The president denied on Twitter Thursday morning that Russia led to Comey's dismissal.

"Not that it matters but I never fired James Comey because of Russia!" he wrote. "The Corrupt Mainstream Media loves to keep pushing that narrative, but they know it is not true!"


  1. Little off topic-

    The recount campaign at the beginning looked like a racket to separate fools from their money. It appears to have succeeded in that goal beyond Stein’s wildest dreams.

    One FOOL in this instance being our one and only and irreplaceable The Quirkster.

    Unless of course, which is entirely possible, the recount money somehow got placed in one of The Quirkster's accounts.

    Another 2016 Mystery: Where Did All Jill Stein’s Recount Funds Go?
    ED MORRISSEYPosted at 8:01 pm on May 31, 2018

    In other breaking news, Samantha Bee, whoever she is, has called Ivanka Trump a cunt.

    1. Mark Steyn says the reason the 'c' word was used is because the 'f' word has lost all its potency from overuse.

    2. Reports in USA are that each day the women are calling one another f***ing c's with more and more frequency.

    3. I think Jill Stein gave The Quirkster a real good f***ing.

    4. Can anyone imagine Jill Stein negotiating with King Fatso Kim III ?

      Face to face ?

    5. Original source article below.

      Feckless !

      My God that really is awful.

      Samantha Bee: Ivanka Trump certainly is a feckless c*nt
      ALLAHPUNDIT May 31, 2018 11:21 AM

      By the way, Quirk, how did things go at that Reparations Happy Hour Event you were going to in black face ?

  2. A memo has been turned over to special counsel Robert Mueller that details a claim Donald Trump asked for the Russia investigation to be officially cited in the firing of FBI director James Comey last year.


    Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor now on Trump’s legal team, told reporters on Wednesday that he wants the Mueller investigation, which is looking into alleged ties between the Trump election campaign and Russia and any possible obstruction of justice by the president and others, to be wrapped up no later than September.

  3. Cry along with speechless Ben Rhodes on election night!

  4. Trump is on the verge of demolishing Obama and the Democrats. Why would that little Florida skunk Marco Rubio raise his oily little head again to interfere?

    Why would Paul Ryan and Trey Goudy be giving the Democrats an exit instead of delivering their well earned coup de grĂ¢ce?

    What have they been promised? What have they done?

    Trump will have to severely deal with these RINOs who obviously have something to hide.

  5. Democrats praised conservative Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy on Wednesday for defending the FBI against President Trump's charges that it used an informant to "spy" on the Trump campaign.

    "I'm frankly grateful to Congressman Gowdy that he has stepped forward and made such a clear and forceful statement," Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., said on CNN.

  6. CNN's Don Lemon speaks to David Axelrod about Rep. Trey Gowdy's (R-SC) recent appearance on Fox News, where he said he believes the FBI acted how citizens "would want them to ... and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump."

  7. Trey Gowdy rejects Trump’s Spygate theory. The South Carolina Republican congressman, best known for his aggressive investigation of the Obama administration’s handling of the Benghazi attack, dismissed President Donald Trump’s claim that his campaign was spied on by the FBI in 2016. “I am even more convinced that the FBI did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got,” Gowdy told Fox News on Tuesday night. New Republic

  8. Print
    By Dan Boylan - The Washington Times - Thursday, May 31, 2018
    Leading Republicans, including President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, on Thursday attacked Rep. Trey Gowdy’s defense of the FBI’s use of a confidential source to investigate suspected Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.
    Earlier this week, Mr. Gowdy, South Carolina Republican and House Oversight Committee chairman, told Fox News that he disagreed with Mr. Trump’s controversial suggestions that the Obama administration deployed the FBI to improperly spy on the 2016 Trump campaign by using an informant to contact certain staffers and advisors.
    Mr. Growdy said the term “spy” was being improperly used, arguing it was an “espionage” term and not a phrase he “ever used in the criminal justice system.”
    On Thursday, Mr. Giuliani accused Mr. Gowdy of “drinking the Kool-Aid” on the issue.
    Speaking to CNN, Mr. Giuliani further explained that negotiations over a possible interview between Mr. Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller regarding the Russian investigation were going nowhere until the White House could access documents related to the confidential source.
    “The only thing I can conclude is that the documents are going to show nothing connecting Donald Trump to the Russians,” Mr. Giuliani said. “It’s exculpatory, which is why they don’t want to show us.”
    Rep. Ron DeSantis, a fellow Republican member of the House Oversight committee, also railed against Mr. Gowdy’s defense.
    “When you are deploying surveillance powers, counterintelligence powers, against an opposition party’s campaign, that is not normal and I think that is not what Americans want the FBI to be doing,” Mr. DeSantis, the leading Republican candidate for Florida governor, told Fox News on Thursday.
    Earlier in the day, Mr. Trump attacked the news media for failing to cover what he has branded “spy gate” — his claim that the FBI’s use of a secret informant was part of a “deep state” conspiracy of Washington’s elite against him during the 2016 vote.
    “The corrupt Mainstream Media is working overtime not to mention the infiltration of people, Spies (Informants), into my campaign! Surveillance much?” Mr. Trump tweeted.
    Democrats and law enforcement officials have dismissed Mr. Trump’s argument as an effort to erode faith in Mr. Mueller’s investigation and have also criticized him for seemingly outing a valuable intelligence source.
    Late last week, Mr. Growdy and Rep. Devin Nunes, California Republican and chair of the House Intelligence committee — who has worked for months to learn more about the source — received a rare classified briefing from FBI and Justice Department officials on the Mueller probe and Mr. Trump’s accusation of spying.
    Mr. Gowdy said that based on the information he received, the FBI was investigating Russian influence, not monitoring Trump campaign political activity.
    Last week, Mr. DeSantis and a group of fellow House Republicans introduced a resolution calling for the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate possible misconduct by the DOJ and FBI during the 2016 election.

  9. Gowdy gave Susan Rice a Pass. He has never missed an opportunity to applaud Mueller's appointment and Trump only focus. Now he's an 0bamagate denier. What a RINO!

  10. Things is odd.

    I never thought I'd ever have any sympathy for that little slime blot Blago, but after listening to his wife talk of Mueller and Comey and Company I am beginning to have some sympathy for the little slime blot Blago.

    The world is becoming too strange for me, and I am beginning to think I really ought to be elsewhere.

    Like the perpetual Wenaha perhaps.....

  11. New IG Report coming out tomorrow, according to my sources.

    1. It's gonna rip a new asshole for the DoJ, according to my sources.

    2. Late Friday afternoon Docudump.

      Watch for it.

  12. Trump Resurgent as Mueller's Collusion Case Falls Apart

    Byron York

    The Spectator

  13. Eric Greitens Proves It Again: Politics Attracts Sociopaths

    ....Let’s take a moment to reflect on the kind of personality disorder might make one attracted to politics. To be sure, there are people who have entirely noble aspirations about making the world a better place. But what kind of sane person thinks he can oust a four-term incumbent from his perch? What kind of normal person is especially good at getting on a phone and asking other people to send him thousands of dollars? And what kind of narcissist would you have to be to think that you—and you alone—can fix people’s problems?

    This is almost a self-selecting way to manufacture hubris. (These politicians are not people, they’re animals.)

    But politics isn’t content with merely attracting egomaniacs. It also creates them. Let’s say that you run for office for all the right reasons, convince yourself that all the hard work is for the cause of freedom and justice, and then manage to get elected to Congress. You will immediately then encounter money-hungry sycophantic consultants who will tell you how amazing you are....

  14. Lavrov goes to North Korea / Kim should be invited to Israel

    Well now, we see the results of the absolutely disgraceful conduct of Obama, Clinton, Leftist US Media and the idiotic, unpatriotic progressives.

    Serial career criminal Hillary Clinton leads the pack with her damnable lies and claims of losing the election because of Trump Russian collusions with Putin. Her legacy of unnecessary wars, death and destruction, deception and dishonesty will soil the Democrats forever.

    The architect of the biggest corruption in US politics is of course the least American president was Obama. He conducted state craft and politics that would be more recognizable in Kenya, the land of his roots.

    Obama stained the US bureaucracy with the least among us.

    Hollywood, academia, the leftist elite and the US corporate news propagandist Media cartel were and are a disgrace.

    Trump should do the following:

    Ask Kim about how successful has his country become with the seven decades of support from Team Russia and China?

    Compare that to Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

    Show Kim a video or two on how effective the Russian defense systems were in recent US and Israeli attacks in Syria .

    I would also call in some chips from Israel. Invite Netanyahu to a meeting with Kim. Let Netanyahu demonstrate to Kim what Israel was able to do since the end of the Korean war with the benefits of US protection and financial support. Netanyahu should then open the possibility of Israeli technology, capital and experience being available to cooperate with North Korea.

    Netanyahu could say to the Palestinians. We tried. You wouldn't listen. Pay attention.

    That ought to snap a few heads.

  15. Half Time Out - Life Without Politics

  16. If I could end some of the suffering of the people in North Korea by torturing Kim Fatso III

    I'd torture Kim Fatso III

    And wouldn't care what God would say about it

    Or Quirk or Ash either

  17. I'm certainly hoping that IG Report comes out today.

    And is highly explosive.

    We taxpayers deserve to finally get something for our money.

  18. Tired of winning yet ?

    Kim aide huddle in Oval Office...


    MAY JOBLESS RATE 3.8%...



    Number of Employed Americans Sets 9th Record Under Trump...

    Federal Payroll Down By 24,000 Jobs....DRUDGE

  19. It's wonderful to have a bright capable Secretary of State for once, someone in whom one can have confidence, and who won't be using the office to line his own pockets.

    1. All this news is a little overwhelming, and brings a smile, and hope that it lasts, and reminds one how we really dodged the shotgun blast by not electing Jill Stein, or Hillary Clinton.

      Jill couldn't have handled our economy. She can't even handle the donations she suckered from the fools for her recount petitions.

      The money seems to have gone missing.....

      And, we still have the IG Report to look forward to !

  20. Replies
    1. As you wish -

      GREAT AGAIN: Atlanta Fed Boosts GDP Forecast to 4.8%...

      Economy suddenly looks unstoppable....DRUDGE


  21. TOM FITTON: FBI Delays Release of 16 Pages of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Docs AGAIN

  22. Huffington Post Doxes Pro-Trump Writer, Gets Her Husband Fired… And Now They’re Targeting Her Brother!


    Huffington Post Doxes Pro-Trump Writer, Gets Her Husband Fired… And Now They’re Targeting Her Brother! …BECAUSE SHE’S CONSERVATIVE!


  23. Rooskies

    JUNE 1, 2018 / 12:56 PM / UPDATED 9 HOURS AGO

    'We found Russian hit-list of 47 people', Ukraine tells allies

    Matthias Williams, Natalia Zinets

    KIEV (Reuters) - Ukraine, seeking to reassure its Western allies after faking the murder of a Russian dissident to thwart what it said was a plot on his life, told them on Friday its ruse led to the discovery of a hit-list of 47 people whom Russia planned to kill abroad....

    Could this possibly be true ?

    Or is it a ruse 'gainst the Rooskie ?

    While the Russians have had some wonderful writers, they never seem to be able to get things really right.

    Happily, they are drinking themselves to death, and losing population.


    Should the world of the democracies subsidize vodka supplies to Russia ?

    1. One should note they do seem to treat their muzzies right.

    2. Alas, the average Rooskie does seem to like Pooty, and it does seem to be true his popularity there hoovers around 70%.

      Pooty, who has taken The Cross, is of the opinion that the breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest geo-political tragedy in the history of our suffering mother earth.

    3. (none of the captive Eastern European countries seemed to agree, though, for when it happened they all ran to join NATO as fast as their shoeless feet could carry them)

  24. Did someone mention brain death ?

    Swedish church collects money for mosque construction

    By Pamela Geller - on June 1, 2018

  25. June 1, 2018

    Does Gun Control Lead to Genocide?

    By Eileen F. Toplansky

    Rational conversations about gun control are difficult to come by. Hyperbole as well as deliberate misstatements only lead to emotional tirades. With this in mind, I will tread carefully toward illuminating the question posed by this article.

    In their 1997 paper titled "Of Holocausts and Gun Control," Daniel D. Polsby and Don B. Kates, Jr. note:......

    1. One of the many eloquent comments asserts:

      In 1995 the Democrat Party became thoroughly controlled by Marxists and as we see today the Communist Party U.S.A. for the first time did not run their own candidate in the 2016 presidential election, but officially endorsed Hillary Clinton citing identical political agendas!

      Was wondering if that is accurate....

    2. It's much tougher to do genocide when everyone is shooting back at you.

      This point of view in the article seems heartily endorsed in the long comments section.

      So many historical examples are listed.

  26. The Papadopoulos Case Needs a Closer Look

    Is the former campaign adviser accused of misrepresenting his subjective state of mind, not objective reality?
    Congress should be taking a very hard look at the prosecution of George Papadopoulos. To these eyes, the harder one looks, the more the Papadopoulos case appears to be much ado about nothing. That is no small thing: The “much ado” here is a purported Trump–Russia conspiracy to subvert a presidential election.

    There has always been something fishy about the charge filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller against Papadopoulos, who was a green-as-grass 28-year-old when he made the big primary-season move from Ben Carson–campaign novice to Trump-campaign novice. Peruse the “Statement of the Offense,” filed by Mueller’s lead prosecutor on the case, Jeannie S. Rhee (who is fresh from a stint representing the Clinton Foundation — and donating $5,400 to the Hillary Clinton campaign). You find that there is collusion with Russia pouring off every one of the document’s 13 pages — meetings with shadowy figures portrayed as Kremlin operatives, apparent schemes to undermine Mrs. Clinton, ambitious plans for pow-wows between candidate Trump and strongman Putin.

    Yet . . . there is no charge having anything to do with “collusion” — in the criminal-law sense of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin to commit “cyber-espionage” or otherwise sabotage the 2016 election...

  27. Ah, I get it.

    The first Kim was an officer in The Red Army, and fought for the Ruskie against the nip.

    After we blew the nip to Kingdom Come, the Ruskie installed Kim I as their boy in the north of now nip free Korea.

    The Ruskie set Kim I to the task of taking over the entire peninsula, the Chinaman got involved, Truman declined to blow anyone else to Kingdom Come, and MacArthur was sacked for being too enthusiastic, and, here we are.

    Source: Fox News

    The nip made the big mistake in attacking Pearl, against the urging of the Kraut, who wanted the nip to attack up into far eastern Ruskieland, tying the Ruskie down there, which might have sealed their deal in Europe.

    As it was, the Ruskie was able to move unending troops from their east over the Urals to fight the Krauts, and finally stopped 'em at Kursk, the biggest mechanized battle ever, the front lines going from about, say, Moscow, Idaho to the Canadian border....both sides had built up their forces near Kursk all that winter and spring, until the ground dried....the Ruskie stopped 'em at Kursk.

    After that it was all playing defense by the Krauts, with The Fuhrer finally killing himself in his Berlin bunker.

    1. Quirk fought the Kraut at Kursk, leading his own independent command of nazi hating volunteers raised from all over earth, and from Detroit, Michigan.

      It may have made all the difference.

    2. I got to say, only a great unimaginable god of magnificent creative and destructive power could have thought up this meat grinder of an insane situation of wasted human life.

    3. Or, as Joe Campbell might say, it's what happens when the One breaks into the Many and human hopes are dashed on rocks of suffering, but he would add not to forget that an essential peace endues behind the scenes in the ever reality of the One.

    4. I remember the story told us by an English professor at the University of Washington concerning a US Naval Officer of his father's acquaintance who calmly enjoyed a dish of ice cream as he watched from the bridge of his ship the US troops getting machine gunned when hitting the beach at Normandy.

    5. The professors at U of W in those days had been told by the University powers that be not to express their own opinions about the Vietnam War going on at the time, and he didn't.

  28. Very long, very good article -

    The Real Reason Why the FBI Had a Spy in the Trump Campaign
    BY D. C. MCALLISTER JUNE 1, 2018

    What Did Mueller Know? New Documents Show Clinton-Russia Scandal Dwarfs Anything on Trump’s Side

    ....Why did Brennan send a CIA crony with a shady past abroad to spy on a political campaign adviser? Could it be that Halper’s purpose wasn’t to discover information, but to twist it, to manipulate his targets to bend to the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, something a qualified undercover agent wouldn’t do? Was he looking to set someone up as a foreign agent instead of merely gathering information?

    To begin a preliminary investigation, there must be "information or allegation" that someone was acting as an agent of a foreign power and a threat to national security. According to my source, this isn’t a very high bar to reach, but it can’t be just any allegation. There must be "articulable information" that would stand up in court. "Remember," the expert said, "we eventually have to make the case to a jury, and we want to have legitimate reasons for what we did every step of the way."

    Honeypot: Was the Trump Camp's Meeting With Russian Lawyer All a Clinton Set-Up?
    Pushing the Investigation Forward
    What moved the threat assessment to the preliminary investigation in the spring of 2016? It couldn’t have been the hiring of Paul Manafort by the Trump campaign. There were no dots connected to a threat to national security, terrorism, sabotage, or any crime that would put national security at risk. Manafort was under suspicion of financial wrongdoing and was already being looked at by the FBI, but he had nothing to do with Russian interference in the election—a point supported by the fact that he has not been indicted for any crimes related to collusion.

    It wasn’t the hiring of Carter Page. Regardless of his business interactions with Russians in the past—none of which has led to indictments against him—there was no information related to Page working as a foreign agent to threaten national security. There might have been whisperings of wrongdoing, but again, the dots needed to connect. There weren’t any.

    The only event in the spring that created a legitimate reason to push the investigation forward was the hacking of the DNC computers. The FBI never examined the servers and DHS never examined the servers—only a private company with connections to the DNC and the Obama administration examined the servers. CrowdStrike, Inc. alone determined that the Russians were responsible.

    This information would, no doubt, give the FBI reason to initiate a preliminary investigation into Russian interference. Whatever you believe about the identity of the hacking culprits after nearly two years of reports, we know the Russians meddled in the election to sow chaos. The opening of a preliminary investigation regarding this prong of inquiry was the right thing to do.

    1. The second prong of the investigation, however, is the rub—links to the Trump campaign. While it is certainly in keeping with the DOIG to question people of all sorts in an investigation, even if they are not suspects themselves, there still must be a valid reason to use an intrusive method to obtain intel.

      What information would have been known in late spring/early summer to justify these methods? Was it George Papadopoulos’s meeting with Joseph Mifsud and his promise of emails on Clinton and contacts with Russian government officials to discuss foreign policy? The FBI said it didn’t know about that meeting until late July when the Australians supposedly told them about it.

      A criminal investigation into financial interactions between Trump Tower computers and Russian banks was happening, but this was reportedly in the preliminary stage and dropped when no evidence of a crime could be found. Still, this provides no dots between the DNC hacking by the Russians and the Trump campaign.

      That being said, Halper’s spying on Page could have been part of the investigation into Russian interference alone and not collusion, but why send a spy into risky international territory to gather information from a periphery individual for this prong of the investigation?

      Page gave a speech in Moscow, but that was his right as an American citizen. No conspiracy was evident. Christopher Steele’s unverified dossier paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign accused Page of meeting with Russian officials during his Moscow visit in July—a visit that was independent of the campaign—but the FBI said it didn’t know about the dossier when the investigation started.

      What Did Mueller Know? New Documents Show Clinton-Russia Scandal Dwarfs Anything on Trump’s Side
      There was no articulable information of the Trump collusion prong of the counterintelligence investigation in late spring/early summer. A Russian lawyer with links to the same company that hired Steele for the DNC met with Donald Trump Jr. in early June, but no information was exchanged. Where was the threat to national security?

    2. Collusion in an election doesn’t rise to that level. The counterintelligence expert I spoke with said, in his decades as an FBI agent, he never heard of political collusion amounting to a national security threat—political corruption maybe, but not anything requiring a counterintelligence investigation that involved spying on an administration’s political opponent.

      It seems the FBI head honchos knew this to be the case. They didn’t have a reason that would stand up in court to justify sending an untrained CHS to England to spy on Trump advisers. Yet, the CIA director and others up the chain of command allowed it.

      They allowed it despite the DIOG repeatedly saying that an investigation should use the least intrusive methods to gather information—this is true at the threat assessment stage through the full investigation stage. "If the threat is remote, and individual’s involvement is speculative, and the probability of obtaining probative information is low, intrusive methods may not be justified, i.e., they may do more harm than good." Using a human source is an intrusive method and uncalled for in a sensitive environment such as a political campaign.

      Pushing hard to advance the investigation in this way was inappropriate. Instead, the FBI should have approached the individuals and admonished them, told them their suspicions and stopped them in their tracks. A little confrontation goes a long way in preventing wrongdoing, my source said. This is in keeping with DIOG directives to de-escalate instead of escalate, prevent rather than promote, and protect privacy rather than use intrusive measures that are unnecessary.

      The First FISA Request
      In the midst of concerns about the election, the FBI was already investigating financial interactions between Trump Tower computers and Russian banks. The criminal investigation, however, went nowhere....

    3. ....Inexplicably, the FBI converted the criminal investigation into a counterintelligence investigation.

      Using the national security arm of the government to root out criminal violations without evidence of a crime is a misuse of powers. Yet this is what happened. With no crime to pursue wiretaps, the FBI changed the rules of the game. They would now be looking for agents of a foreign power—an inquiry more in keeping with its goal to prove collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

      In June, as part of the newly packaged counterintelligence, the FBI sought a FISA warrant to electronically surveil members of the Trump campaign and maybe even Trump himself, since he was named in the application. The court soundly rejected the request—something that rarely happens due to the somewhat rubber-stamping nature of the FISA court. Given the lack of probable cause to electronically surveil American citizens, the FISA court made the right decision.

      The fact is, the FBI should never have sought a FISA warrant, not only because the criminal investigation failed, but because the counterintelligence investigation was in a preliminary stage. According to the DIOG, the FBI can use all methods of investigation at this stage "except mail opening, physical search requiring a Federal rules of criminal procedure Rule 41 search warrant or a FISA order, electronic surveillance requiring a judicial order or warrant." The FBI sought a FISA warrant before it initiated a full investigation.

      The outset of the investigation in 2016 was fraught with violations of guidelines, failure to intervene and prevent further damage, and the appearance of political decision-making at the highest levels of law enforcement. In the midst of a preliminary investigation into Russian interference, the FBI converted a criminal investigation into a counterintelligence investigation to seek a FISA warrant in violation of federal guidelines. When that effort failed, they sent a human source instead of a trained undercover agent overseas to spy on an American citizen, violating federal guidelines to use nonintrusive measures in the process.

      Investigations are supposed to prevent harm. The FBI failed (or succeeded, depending on how you want to look at it). Harm has certainly been the result—harm to the credibility of the justice system, the sanctity of our electoral process, the viability of the presidency, and the stability of the civil society. This is nothing less than scandalous.

      I write more about the tactics and motivations that transformed the counterintelligence investigation into one of the greatest political scandals in American history in the upcoming book "Spygate," which I co-author with Dan Bongino and Matt Palumbo.


    Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko’s wife found him face-down in a pool of his own blood on Tuesday, his back riddled with bullet wounds. He was pronounced dead in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. On Wednesday, he walked into a press conference with the Ukraine Secret Service.

    The secret service helped fake his assassination to foil an actual threat against his life from the Russian government. I guarantee this’ll be major Hollywood film within the next five years.

    (I'm the guy flipping my glasses.)

  30. If Big Bill Bubba Clinton can pardon his brother Roger for dealing cocaine, Trump can pardon whomever he damn well pleases, in my view.


    Roger Clinton, the president's brother, was pardoned for drug charges after having served the entire sentence more than a decade earlier. Roger Clinton would be charged with drunk driving and disorderly conduct in an unrelated incident within a year of the pardon.[32] He was also briefly alleged to have been utilized in lobbying for the Braswell pardon, among others. However, no wrongdoing was uncovered.

    What a bunch of crap it all is....endless....