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Monday, December 04, 2017

Mr. Mueller is too conflicted to investigate the FBI and should step down in favor of someone more credible

Mueller’s Credibility Problem

The special counsel is stonewalling Congress and protecting the FBI.

Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller Photo: thew/epa-efe/rex/shutterstock/EPA/Shutterstock
Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, as his many ill-advised tweets on the weekend about Michael Flynn, the FBI and Robert Mueller’s Russia probe demonstrate. But that doesn’t mean that Mr. Mueller and the Federal Bureau of Investigation deserve a pass about their motives and methods, as new information raises troubling questions.

The Washington Post and the New York Times reported Saturday that a lead FBI investigator on the Mueller probe, Peter Strzok, was demoted this summer after it was discovered he’d sent anti- Trump texts to a mistress. As troubling, Mr. Mueller and the Justice Department kept this information from House investigators, despite Intelligence Committee subpoenas that would have exposed those texts. They also refused to answer questions about Mr. Strzok’s dismissal and refused to make him available for an interview. 

The news about Mr. Strzok leaked only when the Justice Department concluded it couldn’t hold out any longer, and the stories were full of spin that praised Mr. Mueller for acting “swiftly” to remove the agent. Only after these stories ran did Justice agree on Saturday to make Mr. Strzok available to the House.

This is all the more notable because Mr. Strzok was a chief lieutenant to former FBI Director James Comey and played a lead role investigating alleged coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. Mr. Mueller then gave him a top role in his special-counsel probe. And before all this Mr. Strzok led the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and sat in on the interview she gave to the FBI shortly before Mr. Comey publicly exonerated her in violation of Justice Department practice.

Oh, and the woman with whom he supposedly exchanged anti-Trump texts, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, worked for both Mr. Mueller and deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, who was accused of a conflict of interest in the Clinton probe when it came out that Clinton allies had donated to the political campaign of Mr.

 McCabe’s wife. The texts haven’t been publicly released, but it’s fair to assume their anti-Trump bias must be clear for Mr. Mueller to reassign such a senior agent. 

There is no justification for withholding all of this from Congress, which is also investigating Russian influence and has constitutional oversight authority. Justice and the FBI have continued to defy legal subpoenas for documents pertaining to both surveillance warrants and the infamous Steele dossier that was financed by the Clinton campaign and relied on anonymous Russian sources.

While there is no evidence so far of Trump-Russia collusion, House investigators have turned up enough material to suggest that anti-Trump motives may have driven Mr. Comey’s FBI investigation. The public has a right to know whether the Steele dossier inspired the Comey probe, and whether it led to intrusive government eavesdropping on campaign satellites such as Carter Page.

All of this reinforces our doubts about Mr. Mueller’s ability to conduct a fair and credible probe of the FBI’s considerable part in the Russia-Trump drama. Mr. Mueller ran the bureau for 12 years and is fast friends with Mr. Comey, whose firing by Mr. Trump triggered his appointment as special counsel. The reluctance to cooperate with a congressional inquiry compounds doubts related to this clear conflict of interest.


Mr. Mueller’s media protectorate argues that anyone critical of the special counsel is trying to cover for Mr. Trump. But the alleged Trump-Russia ties are the subject of numerous probes—Mr. Mueller’s, and those of various committees in the House and Senate. If there is any evidence of collusion, Democrats and Mr. Mueller’s agents will make sure it is spread far and wide.

Yet none of this means the public shouldn’t also know if, and how, America’s most powerful law-enforcement agency was influenced by Russia or partisan U.S. actors. All the more so given Mr. Comey’s extraordinary intervention in the 2016 campaign, which Mrs. Clinton keeps saying turned the election against her. The history of the FBI is hardly without taint.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mr. Mueller, is also playing an increasingly questionable role in resisting congressional oversight. Justice has floated multiple reasons for ignoring House subpoenas, none of them persuasive. 

First it claimed cooperation would hurt the Mueller probe, but his prosecutions are proceeding apace. Then Justice claimed that providing House investigators with classified material could hurt security or sources. But House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has as broad a security clearance as nearly anyone in government. Recently Justice said it can’t interfere with a probe by the Justice Department Inspector General—as if an IG trumps congressional oversight.
Mr. Nunes is understandably furious at the Strzok news, on top of the other stonewalling. He asked Justice to meet the rest of his committee’s demands by close of business Monday, and if it refuses Congress needs to pursue contempt citations against Mr. Rosenstein and new FBI Director Christopher Wray.

The latest news supports our view that Mr. Mueller is too conflicted to investigate the FBI and should step down in favor of someone more credible. The investigation would surely continue, though perhaps with someone who doesn’t think his job includes protecting the FBI and Mr. Comey from answering questions about their role in the 2016 election.


  1. why did Mueller refuse to divulge Strzok's anti-Trump bias and his critical role in both the Clinton and Russia collusion investigations until after Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI?
    Isn't it obvious? Had Flynn and his attorneys had access to proof of Strzok's bias, they could have raised questions about Strzok's motives for conducting a surprise interview of Flynn in January 2017, for which Flynn did not have an attorney present, the basis used to get the FISA warrant--was it the Steele dossier--and would have had leverage against Mueller and his team.
    That they failed to disclose this information until after Flynn pleaded indicates that they intentionally withheld potentially exculpatory behavior on the FBI's part.
    Flynn and his lawyers should file an appeal immediately with the Federal courts to void his plea and to investigate the Mueller team for its unethical, if not illegal, behavior.

    - David Weisz


    1. So if Mr Flynn does not file an appeal, it invalidates David Weisz's idea tbat Mr Mueller acted illegally?

      Wonder what a reasonable time frame for that appeal to the plea should be filed?

      How does an appeal save the General's son from prosecution?

  2. Mueller Investigation: Politics, Not Law Enforcement or Counterintelligence

    The end game is the removal of Trump, either by impeachment or by publicly discrediting him and making his reelection politically impossible.

    Here’s what I’d be tempted to do if I were President Trump: I’d direct the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate Iran’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons, including any Obama-administration collusion in that enterprise. I would make sure to call it a “counterintelligence investigation,” putting no limitations on the special counsel — just as with the investigation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been unleashed to conduct into Trump “collusion” with Russia.

    That is, I would not restrict the prosecutor and investigators to digging for specified criminal violations. Or, indeed, any criminal violations. I’d just tell the special counsel, “Have at it” — with unbound authority to scrutinize the negotiations surrounding the eventual Iran nuclear deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). Would I really expect the special counsel to find that Obama officials conspired with the mullahs to obtain nukes for Tehran? No . . . but hey, as the “Trump collusion with Russia” crowd says, “You never know.” Meantime, under the guise of investigating this highly unlikely “collusion,” I’d want the special counsel to scrutinize closely any variances between what Obama-administration officials were telling Congress and the public about the negotiations and what they were telling the Iranians; to probe any side deals the administration agreed to but failed to disclose to Congress; and to consider whether any laws or policies were violated in such matters as President Obama’s payment of a cash ransom in exchange for American hostages held by Iran.

    Why would I do this? Well, because I disagree with Obama-administration foreign policy, of course. Under the Mueller “collusion” precedent, it is evidently now American practice to criminalize foreign-policy disputes under the pretext of conducting a counterintelligence investigation.


  3. {...}

    It is difficult to come to any other conclusion based on the guilty plea that Mueller just pried out of Michael Flynn.

    Let’s think about what has happened here.

    The Justice Department did not, as the pertinent special-counsel regulations require, identify specific crimes it suspected had been committed by Trump-campaign officials. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein disclosed no factual predicate calling for a criminal investigation from which Trump’s Justice Department would be ethically required to recuse itself.

    lnstead, Mueller’s investigation was rationalized by the need to conduct a counterintelligence inquiry into Russia’s “cyber-espionage” meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Though there was no probable cause to believe Trump-campaign officials had participated in Russia’s hacking (and remember: the FBI and Obama Justice Department had been investigating for months before the special counsel was appointed), Mueller was encouraged to focus on whether Trump-campaign officials somehow “coordinated” in Russia’s perfidy.


    1. {...}

      Mueller’s investigation was not a criminal investigation. It started out as a fishing expedition, under the vaporous heading of “collusion,” into “contacts” between Russian officials and Trump associates — notwithstanding that collusion is not conspiracy and that it was perfectly legal for Trump associates to have contacts with Russia (just like Clinton associates did).

      It was to be expected that the Trump campaign and transition would have such contacts once it was apparent that Trump could well become — and did in fact become — the next president of the United States. Only one conceivable crime could have arisen out of the “collusion” that was the pretext for Mueller’s probe: the knowing complicity of Trump associates in Russia’s hacking of Democratic email accounts. Of course, there was never evidence of such a scheme

      . . . but why should that matter? The point here was to have the theater of an investigation run by a prosecutor — the rest is just details.

      See, we’re not following the normal rules, in which a prosecutor is assigned only after evidence of an actual crime has emerged. We’re in the wooly realm of counterintelligence, where anything goes. And in the event our aggressive prosecutor can’t find any crimes — which would be no surprise, since the investigation was not triggered by a crime — no matter: The special counsel is encouraged to manufacture crimes through the investigative process.

      Misleading assertions by non-suspects made to investigators probing non-crimes can be charged as felony false statements. The end game of the investigation is the removal of Donald Trump from the presidency, either by impeachment (which does not require proof of a court-prosecutable crime) or by publicly discrediting Trump to such a degree that his reelection becomes politically impossible.

      The latter can be accomplished by projecting the appearance of a critical investigation (notwithstanding that there is no underlying crime), turning administration officials into suspects, and hopefully generating the false-statement prosecutions that help depict the administration as dishonest and icky. While all that plays out, though, behold the frightening thing Mueller’s investigation has become: a criminalization of politics. In the new order of things, policy differences are the grist for investigation and prosecution.


    2. {...}

      There is no evidence that Flynn or any other Trump associate was involved in Russia’s election interference. Instead, after being elected on the promise of significant policy shifts from the Obama administration, President-elect Trump directed Flynn, his incoming national-security adviser, to make contact with foreign counterparts, including but not limited to officials from Russia.

      This is standard operating procedure when administrations change — that’s why they call it a transition. Nevertheless, Trump’s victory caused consternation in the Obama administration for two reasons:

      First, and most obviously, Obama did not want his policies reversed.

      Second, neither Obama nor his party could abide a judgment of history holding that the election of Trump, the bane of their existence, was a result of the American people’s rejection of the Obama agenda and of Hillary Clinton, the hapless candidate nominated by Democrats to carry that agenda forward.

      Consequently, while projecting a public image of cooperation in the transition, the Obama administration used the weeks following the election to do two things: protect Obama’s priorities from Trump, and promote a political narrative that Mrs. Clinton’s defeat was the result of sinister collaboration between Trump’s campaign and the Kremlin.

      One major Obama-administration priority was to solidify the policy of blaming Israel for the enduring Israeli–Palestinian conflict — specifically, downplaying the ideological roots of Palestinian terrorism and framing as the real culprit Israeli settlement-building in disputed territories that Obama, like Israel’s enemies, regarded as illegally “occupied.” Thus, in his administration’s coup de grace, Obama orchestrated a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity — a stark departure (as I wrote at the time) from America’s commitment to Israel’s security and policy of shielding Israel from such U.N. intrigues.

      Based on a statement of facts filed by Mueller in connection with Flynn’s guilty plea, we now know that, on December 22, right after this resolution was proposed, a “very senior member” of Trump’s transition team — who has been identified as Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, in a Bloomberg report by Eli Lake — directed Flynn to contact officials from the various foreign governments on the Security Council, including Russia. Pursuant to these directions, Flynn informed his counterparts that Trump opposed the resolution — which opposition, by the way, Trump was quite clear about publicly. Flynn encouraged them to vote against the resolution, or at least delay it until Trump would assume office in January.

    3. MORE & MORE


      All that said, what is going on here is politics, not law. No sensible person thinks the Trump campaign colluded in Russian espionage. If there were such evidence, I’d be first on line demanding the president’s impeachment and removal.

      Nor did Trump obstruct the investigation of this non-crime by firing the FBI director — what he did was exhibit incompetence and boorishness.

      Rather, Mueller’s investigation is a semblance of law-enforcement disguising the brute reality that Trump is being punished for winning the election and defying Obama policy. If that is the way the game is going to be played, if the purpose of a special-counsel “collusion” investigation is to humiliate the opposition party by exposing its wayward foreign-policy objectives and unsavory horse-trading, then let’s investigate Obama and Iran.


    4. Do you really think that Mitch McConnell and John McCain are going to rally their fellow Senators, to keep Mike Pence from residing in the White House in 2019?

      Then Pence grants the pardons.
      Jerry Ford redux


  4. As to the actual mechanics of the Trump campaign actively working with the Russian trolls ...

    Some pointed to Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm employed by the Trump campaign that claims to have built extensive personality profiles, with over 5,000 data points, on every American, based on their online habits.

    Cambridge Analytica says it uses them for so-called “psychographic targeting,” or crafting political advertisements and marketing campaigns that cater to people’s specific personality types. Some argued the firm’s shady techniques manipulated Americans into voting for Trump

    The supposed contact man in the Trump camp, the coordinator ...
    Jared Kushner.

    Mike Flynn could know.
    One wonders how well the DIA Chief documented his dealings in and around Trump Tower

  5. Trump is boorish and impulsive. He does not hold up his little finger as he quaffs a root beer. Trump offends the perfumed intellectual political dilettantes, but compared to the dapper slickster, Obama, and veritable overwhelming facts and historical record of Hillary, the odious vapor from the swamp, Trump is refreshment, incarnate.

  6. Whole to-do is a big farce.

    December 4, 2017
    While Percherons Graze, Mueller Perfects Whetstone Grinding
    By Geoffrey P. Hunt

    Oh my, how will the erstwhile unimpeachable, and irreproachable Robert Mueller rescue his reputation? In mid-June the former FBI director under presidents Bush and Obama -- Washington DC’s liege lord -- recruited thirteen, now up to twenty-one, mostly partisan adventure seeking knights-errant formerly pledged to Hillary, presumably determined to slay the “Russians, and Trump hacked the election” dragon.

    Any honorable counselor would have demurred. Not Robert Mueller. Bored with semi-retirement, he could have gone gathering black winter truffles in the royal forest. Not Robert Mueller. He chose to search for the Black Knight.

    Meanwhile, Independence Day, Veterans’ Day, and Thanksgiving have come and gone. Mueller’s armorers have outfitted his legion with lance, mail, and mace. Percherons are groomed, and well fed. But where have these knights-errant trotted about to find a worthy errand? Capturing beleaguered Michael Flynn who admitted lying to the FBI about conversations that were perfectly legal. Where is the evidence of collusion, and nefarious collaboration charges against Trump and his insurgents? There isn’t any.

    Trump’s threats to the republic have vanished, like so many ghosts evaporating from a misty heath after sunrise.

    Former Obama valet, Jeh Johnson, also holding the tenuous title Secretary of Homeland Security -- stumbling over honesty carelessly discarded at the bottom of the turret stairs -- was the most recent Obama official to debunk the ‘Russia hacked the election” theme. And president Barack Obama was well aware of the attempts by the Russians to hack into more than 100 state election polling systems, amongst other mischief-makings. Yet Obama informed no one else, much less sounded any alarms, until Trump was elected, instead creating the phony chronicle that it was Donald Trump who facilitated the Russian malfeasance.

    But there was no Trump criminal conspiracy with the Russians, a longstanding truth finally disgorged by Chaucer’s glutton of sanctimony, former FBI chief James Comey, a Mueller pal, and confidant.

    As Andrew McCarthy writing in National Review and others have pointed out -- notably retired Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, not exactly a Trump partisan -- collusion without a crime is no more nefarious than two passersby tipping their hats. Collaboration is equally innocuous, unless it drifts into a conspiracy to commit a crime, which no one, including Comey, Mueller, nor any Democrat party member of Congress, except resorting to innuendo, have shown any evidence, neither blood nor motive.

    1. And Trump’s so-called obstruction was never to frustrate the finding of truth, already known to Comey, and Senate/House leaders. Instead Trump called out the conspirators who refused to reveal the truth -- that Trump has never been the target of a conspiracy nor an obstruction probe, and there is zero evidence of Trump or his associates in conspiring with anybody -- except legitimate voters -- to seize electoral victory.

      Moreover, Comey’s unwitting, and Johnson’s nearly prostrate, confessions opened the drawbridge inviting Mueller to redirect his probe into those Democrat party co-conspirators, the DNC, Comey’s FBI, and the Obama Justice Department.

      Comey unveiled Obama’s late-term AG Loretta Lynch’s conspiracy to keep the unindicted criminal Hillary Clinton screened off from charging her with obvious felonies, by obstructing the FBI investigation, and providing secret warnings and tip-offs to the DNC.

      Or was it Obama himself who desperately wanted Hillary to succeed him, not to secure an honorable legacy, but inoculate himself from post-presidency opposition scrutiny on his entire administration -- ranging from gunrunning into Mexico, to illicit arms trading via Libya to Syrian rebels, to spying on members of Congress, to Benghazi, to IRS targeting of conservatives, to unmasking of U.S. citizens via intelligence bureau sweeps of opponents’ communications.

      Meanwhile South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, teased out from Jeh Johnson how the FBI was itself an accessory to the coverup -- and diversion -- over the mysterious DNC refusal to “cooperate” with the FBI in examining its server for alleged Russian hacking evidence -- more likely containing evidence that the hacking was an inside job. More sinister are the FBI’s and DNC’s fingerprints all over the procurement, assembly, and dissemination of the salacious fake smear dossier on Trump.

      Mueller’s own incompetence, and cover up in the FBI malfeasance over the Uranium One pay-for-play conspiracy directed by Bill and Hillary, is just more of the same sordid intrigue undermining truth, justice and the American Way.

      Mueller and his knights-errant could accept a compelling crusade, the beckoning to cross the drawbridge into the Democrat courtyard cum cesspool which would yield a treasure of corruption, and criminal conspiracy, justifying millions of special prosecutor salaries, office costs, IT security, travel expenses, special consultants, leather briefcases and black trench coats. Something to show for all of the melodrama.

      Instead, Robert Mueller can only muster a feeble roundup of a few poachers in the royal forest who have taken a wild boar or two for Christmas Eve’s past, snatched a wayward goose, and dragged a red herring across a sheriff’s trail.

      Thus, Mueller’s percherons savor grasses on the high meadow, waiting to be saddled up for something athletic, while his knights yearn for tales of brave cunning that will never be. And Robert Mueller, the inscrutable Grand Prior, seems content to wield a mighty whetstone grinding on idle blades, ready to slay only trifles and tangents.

    2. The upper levels of the FBI suck.

    3. Even someone at the Compost seems to think so -

      A special counsel needs to investigate the FBI and Justice Department. Now.

      Robert S. Mueller III. (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

      By Hugh Hewitt December 4 at 6:11 PM

      The Post reported that a former top FBI official, Peter Strzok, who had been assigned to and then removed from special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation, had “exchanged politically charged texts disparaging [President] Trump and supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton” and that Strzok was “also a key player in the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.”

      This is a blockbuster revelation, carrying the possibility of shattering public confidence in a number of long-held assumptions about the criminal-justice system generally and the FBI and the Justice Department specifically. The Justice Department should appoint a special counsel to investigate Strzok’s actions as soon as possible.

      The Strzok report comes on heels of the widely derided Justice Department investigation into IRS discrimination against conservative groups, including the disposition of allegations against IRS senior official Lois Lerner, and after the wildly erratic behavior of then-FBI Director James B. Comey during 2016. It also follows the vote to hold then-Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress — the first ever against a sitting member of the Cabinet — with 17 Democrats voting in support. Mix into this battering of the Justice Department’s and FBI’s reputations the still-murky charges and counter-charges of abuse of “unmasking” powers during the waning days of the Obama era.....

    4. Rage against the machine.

      Trump brought boorish impulsiveness to DC to do battle with the permanent government.

      Not a force of political antibodies, but old time DC veterans and Wall Street banksters.

      You guys keep looking back ...
      Distracted from the future, by endlessly repeated rehashing of blaming Hillary for Mr Trump's ineptitude.

    5. Obama is out
      Hillary lost

      Trashing Mueller will not save Trump. He is merely a symptom of Mr Trump's problem, not the cause.

      The Apprentice came to Washington ill prepared for the political battle he started with his inaugeral address.

      He did not bring a team of competent outsiders, as he promised. Instead he surrounded himself with career Generals, Democrat banksters and his son-in-law.


    6. Strzok sucks

      That is why he was removed from the investigation

  7. I think I just heard, having flipped to CNN, that Strzok was sexting his lawyer lover (female) who is also on Team Mueller.

    ho Ho HO !

    Jolly good belly jelly laughing stuff.


    Farce farce farce farce farce


    Pamela Lopez, a Sacramento lobbyist, alleged sexual assault. In 2016, she claims, Dababneh pushed her into a bathroom, masturbated in front of her and urged her to touch him. “I felt the weight of a body push me into the restroom.”

    Jerk Off Dababneh has strongly denied the allegation, and his attorney Patricia L. Glaser, who also represents Harvey Weinstein, threatened to sue her for defamation. “I affirmatively deny that this event ever happened," said Dababneh. "I am saddened by this lobbyist's effort... for her own self-promotion."


    Jessica Y. Barker, President of the Board of the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats, formerly a Dababneh subordinate, alleged Dababneh committed sexual harassment. "Pamela and I aren’t the only women that Matt has harassed," said Barker. "There are others and I have spoken to them.”

    While working with Dababneh in US Congresman Brad Sherman’s District Office Barker alleges Dababneh regularly spoke about his sexual exploits and made degrading comments about women. She said his behavior was the main factor in her decision to leave her job as a field representative for the congressman after 18 months. She said over the course of her tenure there that Dababneh frequently made inappropriate comments at work, including talking about his sexual habits and the attire of female staffers.

    Two friends confirmed to The Los Angeles Times that Barker regularly told them about Dababneh’s behavior and that she said it made her feel uncomfortable.

    1. FYI: Ione was a nymph from Greek mythology. The name and term came from ancient Ionia, now part of Turkey and colonized by Athens around 1000 BC. I know this, because as a young American in Greece in 1967, I met a magnificent dark haired beauty with astonishingly intense blue eyes, named Ionia.

      She was a historian and unconsciously seductive and here I am five decades later thinking about the powerful attraction that some women project, wondering why these morons in Hollywood, Washington and New York, meeting attractive women, are so inept and stupid to think that dropping their drawers and exposing themselves would seem sexy to a woman with a brain.

    2. Jerk off used to just be a put down, not a description of a (apparently widespread) behavior.

  9. December 5, 2017
    Mueller's FBI Will Never Recover Its Good Name
    By James Lewis

    Robert Mueller just fired a senior FBI agent for openly twittering against POTUS Trump. But if Mr. Mueller imagines that firing one guy will restore his shredded credibility to the public, fuggedaboudit. The unprecedented witch-hunt against a newly elected Donald Trump will remain green in the public memory for years to come. The FBI and DOJ will therefore have to live with a huge loss of public credibility. The IRS will never recover among Trump voters.

    Elected governments only work as long as they enjoy basic public confidence, and when that is gone -- as it is in Italy and Greece -- it can take many years to restore. Even if most of our FBI people are honest patriots, a few rotten apples will ruin it for the rest. In Italy, every sane person is expected to run some kind of tax scam, and until recently, the IRS told us that it relied on self-reported income. But high-level corruption sets an example for the whole country, and the Clintons and Obamas have shown us nothing but high-level corruption. The perps may get out of jail free, but the political culture will feel the damage they have inflicted.

    Mueller is a partisan hack to end all partisan hacks, and no sane observer believes otherwise. It was Mueller who got Bill Clinton out of trouble for selling missile launching secrets to China, secrets that may now be helping North Korea to aim nuclear-armed missiles at Washington DC and Paris.

    That's the trouble when the Democrats elect major corruptocrats like the Clintons and the Obamas. Half the voters have been profoundly angered by their corrupt shenanigans for years and years. The Clintons came out of the old Dixiecrat Machine in Little Rock, Ark, with ole Bill smokin' dope and harassing women to the max, and then came Obama...

    Obama was mentored by the Godfather of the Chicago Machine, Emil Jones, and Michelle's dad was a ward boss in Chicago. Can you spell C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N?

    Robert Mueller was set up as the DOJ's choice for Special Prosecutor by James Comey, who just twittered his own delight when he heard that General Michael Flynn has been arm-twisted into revealing confidential communications with the Republican candidate for President of the United States. Trump voters are watching every move as the Swamp burps up another ugly bubble. Since Swamp monsters only read their own PR, they have no idea what you and I understand. That's the trouble with closed cults: Pretty soon they start believing their own propaganda.

    Now inevitably people will be reminded about Obama's very close relationship with Walid bin Talal, the Saudi billionaire who is now under arrest in the Riyadh Ritz Carlton, accused of "corruption on earth" far beyond the ordinary level of Arabian baksheesh. Talal was named by Percy Sutton as the Saudi money man who got Barry Soetoro-Obama into Harvard Law School, the beginning of his political career. Talal may also be the mysterious billionaire behind the Jihad war. We don't know for sure, but Talal always says that he will leave his fortune to "charity." Muslims understand what that means: In Islam, a percentage of charitable giving has to go to jihad.

    1. Obama and Valerie Jarrett's were involved in obviously corrupt and highly dangerous communications with the Iranian mullahs, long before Obama got elected. Valerie Jarrett grew up in a Shi'ite (pro-Iranian) Muslim family, and Jarrett ran a back channel to the mullahs long before the first Obama election. When the United States "negotiated" a surrender on the nuclear issue with the mullahs, a planeload of Iranian negotiators landed in Cairo, and a photographer showed them coming off the plane looking drunk and laughing their heads off. Obama and Jarrett sold out the United States (and therefore also Iran's enemy Saudi Arabia), because both of them are jihad-symps from way back. This is serious business, and a large number of American voters know about it. They are the same voters who didn't answer the pollsters who called the election for Hillary. Their silence meant trouble for Hillary, who still can't believe she lost.

      In the last election the Communist Party of the USA openly backed Hillary Clinton, and Hillary never said a word against them. She wanted their support.

      So Donald Trump, who has his finger on the real pulse of the American people, ran with tens of millions of Twitter followers, against Hillary, who was supported by the much-despised media. Trump is an international hotel owner who has to know the politics of every country where he builds a hotel. He also ran the Miss Universe beauty pageant and started reality shows like “The Apprentice.” He knows other big business people around the world, who are often also major politicians.

      But Trump is obviously a country hick, according to the New York Times and the sophisticates. Using Twitter and Facebook he ran under the media radar in a classical campaign that caught the Swamp with its pants down.

      Now Robert Mueller has hired more than a dozen partisan Democratic hacks, mostly Hillary contributors, who were hoping for big jobs in the Hillary regime that never was. They are fired up for revenge against Trump, and just because Mueller fired one FBI guy for speaking out of turn, he will not get a single brownie point from conservatives.

      Harvey Weinstein might as well try to prove his virginity. Mueller will never, ever regain the kind of respect we used to feel for the Department of Justice and the FBI. The IRS cannot be trusted, as taxpayers around the country know very well. Our presidential candidates like the Clintons have sold favors for money, and the Obama White House sold our national security to the throwback mullahs of Iran.

      The Three Stooges of the Swamp, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper, chose Robert Mueller in collusion with the Democrats in Congress to become Special Prosecutor against Trump. Mueller has been part of that in-crowd all his life. But now the Swamp has finally sprung a trap on itself, and regardless of the legal outcome, the real accused in the dock will be one Robert Mueller.

    2. ....Talal always says that he will leave his fortune to "charity." Muslims understand what that means: In Islam, a percentage of charitable giving has to go to jihad.

      Didn't know that before.

      Should have been able to guess it though.

    3. Nice little method to continue killing the infidel after one has gone to the other world.

      Makes perfect sense from their point of view.


    4. Comey, Brennan, and Clapper, chose Robert Mueller

      Factually False.

      You are certifiably insane, Robert "Limp Dick" Peterson.

      Posting lies is all you can do.

    5. Criticize James Lewis, Self Confessed War Criminal, Dead Beat Dad, Abuser of your 'wife', Jew Hater, Liar and Military Moron.

      He wrote the article, I didn't.

      Comey certainly had something to do with it, don't know about the others.

      Jack, a suggestion - put yourself out of your misery.

      Your life isn't worth living, and you are beyond help by the psychiatrists.

      You don't have to worry about causing distress to friends or loved ones.

      You don't have any friends, or loved ones.

      The reason is obvious, you are a disgusting turd.

      Most here would be delighted to know you've checked out for good.

      Post a note here right before you go.

      That's what a gentleman would do.

      So, it's too much to ask of you.

      The joy here would be intense for a couple of days, then you'd be forgotten.

  10. Relaxation Without Representation

    (the phrase comes from Deuce)

    Puerto Rico's governor hands out almost $100 million in bonuses while asking American taxpayers for $94 billion
    December 4, 2017
    How does one account for a public relations disaster of such stunning dimensions? More

    1. Where is the Puerto Rican independence movement when we need it?

    2. Statehood for Puerto Rico

    3. Hank, that would mean two more Democratic Senators.

      The USA doesn't need that.

      Independence is the answer.

      I am hoping they go for Independence.


    Special prosecutor Robert Mueller zeroed in on President Donald Trump’s business dealings with Deutsche Bank AG as his investigation into alleged Russian meddling in U.S. elections widens.

    Mueller issued a subpoena to Germany’s largest lender several weeks ago, forcing the bank to submit documents on its relationship with Trump and his family, according to a person briefed on the matter, who asked not to be identified because the action has not been announced.

    This is an attempt by the left and the Democrats to undo a constitutional election. It is an assault on our core values as a nation. It will be stopped within the current law or with violence. Trump has to recognize it for what it is, take it face on and end it. He needs to start by replacing Sessions and Christopher A. Wray. I'd give them hell with Christie and Rudy Giuliani.

    Mueller has broken, bribed and blackmailed Flynn into saying what Mueller wants. This is not justice, it is soviet style state terrorism. Mueller’s jihad to steal the presidency away from the American people is war.

    1. Deutsche Bank AG was acting as a conduit for Russian money laundering.

      Lt Gen Flynn is guilty of multiple crimes. He has pled to lying to the FBI.

      Anything that he may testify to will have to corroborated, Investigators will know exactly where and what to look for.

      If there is anything to find, Lt Gen Flynn will lead the way to it, like any good Army Ranger.

    2. Having admitted he is a liar his testimony in court is worth zero.

    3. Deutsche Bank AG was acting as a conduit for Russian money laundering.

      That is very naive and silly. Real estate comes with so many tax benefits, no one would need to take the risk of "money laundering".


    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., has accused the FBI and Department of Justice of a "months-long pattern … of stonewalling and obstructing this committee's oversight work."

    The House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday will begin writing a resolution holding top FBI officials in contempt of Congress after the agency missed a Monday deadline to turn over key evidence the committee has been seeking for months.

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., has accused the FBI and Department of Justice of a “months-long pattern … of stonewalling and obstructing this committee's oversight work.”

    Those accusations boiled over during the weekend, after stories were leaked to the New York Times and Washington Post saying that FBI agent Peter Strzok, a key investigator in the Trump-Russian probe, was removed from the Russia probe after exchanging text messages critical of Trump to another FBI agent he was involved with romantically. Republicans had been seeking information about why he was removed, but were never told anything by FBI or Justice Department directly.

    Nunes had also been seeking information about the FBI and Justice Department's use of the Steele dossier, which contains damning but unverified information about President Trump.

    But the Strzok leak was the last straw, and Nunes announced Saturday he has ordered committee staff to begin drafting a contempt of Congress citation for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and for FBI Director Christopher Wray unless they complied with the panels’ requests for information by the close of business on Monday.

    After the story broke, Nunes said, the FBI and Justice Department agreed to make some of the witnesses available, but are still withholding many documents and other evidence the Intelligence panel is seeking, an aide said.

    Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said the department has given the panel hundreds of pages of classified documents and multiple briefings, and has now allowed Strzok and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to meet with the panel.

    While committee aides will start writing the contempt resolution Tuesday, Nunes has not set a date for the panel to consider the contempt charges.

    If approved by the committee, the resolutions of contempt would be sent to the House floor for consideration, but only if Speaker Paul Ryan chooses to bring them up. A spokesman for Ryan did not respond to a request for comment about whether Ryan would bring contempt resolutions to the floor.

    Contempt of Congress resolutions approved by the House are referred to the the Justice Department, but they are relatively rare.

    Washington Examiner

    1. Who will introduce Articles of Impeachment, in the House?

      When will those Articles be introduced?

    2. Maxine Waters, when and if the dems get the majority in the House in a year.

  13. It's funny watching Deuce get hysterical as the noose tightens around his man Trumps neck. Follow the money. Trumps got loads of closets full of skeletons. I think laundering money through Condo sales will be the straw that breaks Trumps back even though the obstruction charges are the easy picking low hang8ng fruit.

    1. What obstruction charges ?

      The whole thing is a farce.

      It's Hillary that should be investigated.

    2. No Trump charges yet, true. Hillary has been investigated. No charges as of yet - don't hold your breath. I would think her use of the Clinton foundation could be a source legal trouble for her but so far nothing has happened in that regard as idiots like you continue to worry about her email.

    3. Another real estate genius checks in:

      I think laundering money through Condo sales will be the straw that breaks Trumps back even though the obstruction charges are the easy picking low hang8ng fruit.

      as to the email, no one was more worried about it than Hillary. With cause.

    4. The Deutsche Bank AG was the conduit for funding of the development of many Trump projects after 2008, with Russian money.

      Don Jr bragged on the subject, with a reporter from Golf Magazine.

    5. Sales of Trump Condos, on a retail basis may have dealt eith unsavory Russians, but that is not where the money trail will lead Mr Mueller.

      It's the "Big Money"" that was needed at the front end of so many 5 Star golf resort projects that will be.Mr Trump's financial Achilles heal with regards to the conspiracy.

    6. .

      Trump now exiting questionable partnership in Panama, the Trump Ocean Club Panama.

      Trump building in Panama tied to Russian mafia, international crime: report

      Plausible deniability or just 'don't ask don't tell'?

      “I had some customers with questionable backgrounds,” said Alexandre Ventura Nogueira, who spoke to NBC on camera but under disguise from an undisclosed European city.

      “Nobody ever asked me. Banks never asked. Developer didn’t ask and (the) Trump Organization didn’t ask. Nobody ask, ‘Who are the customers, where did the money come from?’ No, nobody ask.”

      The Reuters and NBC News investigation said it found no indication that the Trump family or the Trump Organization engaged in any illegal activity or know of the backgrounds of people who did have links to organized crime...


      Because Panama is “perceived to be highly corrupt,” said Arthur Middlemiss, a former assistant district attorney in Manhattan and a former head of JPMorgan’s global anti-corruption program, those who do business there should perform due diligence on others involved in their ventures.

      If they fail to do so, he told Reuters, they risk being liable under U.S. law of being found having turned a blind eye to wrongdoing...

      Just saying. Trump holds interest in hundreds of properties around the globe.


  14. Ciao

    Cheers to all except psycho-rat.

    1. $7 million of taxpayer funds produced 800 pages of GOP investigation about Benghazi.

      800 pages that exonerated Ms Clinton.

      This after years of rants from the anti-Hillary crowd about her alledged crimes committed as Sec of State.

    2. And how many requests from ambassador Stevens for increased security that went ignored.
      How many times the lie told to the world of a video causing the "protest" that led to 4 deaths & one man put in jail?

      Soros, Obama, Clinton,...

      Deserving of a noose.

    3. When the righteous can find no justice in the courtroom, how do you think it will be delivered?

    4. .

      Soros, Obama, Clinton,...

      Deserving of a noose.

      Unfortunately, justice doesn't always apply in a court of law.

      Clinton was guilty of failing to do her primary job which was protecting those who worked under her. Obama was guilty of setting the policy that called for US embassies around the world to be open and welcoming which meant having less security personnel. Soros? Not sure what he had to do with Benghazi so I'll let that one pass.

      While these amount to moral malfeasance (IMO) on the part of Clinton and Obama and could get them convicted, if pushed, in the court of public opinion they're not illegal and the charges wouldn't fly in a court of law.

      However, these charges weren't pushed. They were in the news for a couple days then dropped. Instead, the GOP tried to make a case for lying and collusion centering on the official story surrounding the video. We saw the result. Intent is even harder to prove than malfeasance.

      The investigation was meant more for political ends than legal ones or so it seemed.


  15. December 5, 2017
    Peter Strzok's role in Clinton email investigation takes a sinister turn
    By Rick Moran

    Former FBI counterintelligence expert Peter Strzok, demoted by Robert Mueller following a series of anti-Trump texts to his mistress, was the individual responsible for changing the wording in Director Comey's statement on Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless."

    That single change probably kept Hillary Clinton out of jail.

    It has also been revealed that Strzok was the FBI agent who interviewed both Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's two top aides. Mills and Abedin made misleading statements to the FBI in that interview but went unpunished.

    That a demonstrably partisan investigator has been at the center of an investigation that could potentially lead to the impeachment of a president of the United States makes it impossible for Robert Mueller to claim that his investigation is unbiased and independent.

    First, Strzok giving Clinton a "get out of jail" edit to Comey's statement.


    1. Being a demonstrably partisan government employee is not a disqualification for employment.

      Sorry Wolf, but your dick is limp.

      Just like Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    2. That a demonstrably partisan investigator has been at the center of an investigation that could potentially lead to the impeachment of a president of the United States makes it impossible for Robert Mueller to claim that his investigation is unbiased and independent.

      He's still 'employed' just not employed any longer in the investigation.

      No one said he was unemployed.

      Sorry Jack, both your dick AND your brain are limp. Making you lame-brained and lame-dicked psycho-freak, a mistake of nature.

    3. Yup, Jack is a mistake of nature.

  16. December 5, 2017
    Mueller and his cabal of villainous knaves
    By Patricia McCarthy

    By now it should be clear to every sentient American that the Mueller "investigation" is not an investigation at all. It is, as President Trump and others have noted, a witch hunt. As surely as the witch trials that began in 1692 were driven by hatred and hysteria, this one, too, is driven by hatred, intolerance and fear. The progressive left still refuses to accept the outcome of the 2016 election and has been trying to undo it by any means necessary. The "collusion with Russia" meme was and remains a non-starter so now the real motive for Mueller's appointment as special counsel is evident for all to see. It was always to find a way to remove Trump from office. Mueller and his gang of thugs, like Andrew Weissmann, are the left's version of mobsters: cross them and you will pay. The beltway establishment cannot, and will not, abide an outsider in their midst.

    Why is this travesty being allowed to continue? Why is Devin Nunes the only man in Congress to shout foul from the rooftops?....

  17. .

    A Case of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., has accused the FBI and Department of Justice of a "months-long pattern … of stonewalling and obstructing this committee's oversight work."

    While I am a great believer in openness and that all government agencies are too free with classifying documents and redacting what they do provide under FOIA, I still have to laugh when I see it is Devin Nunes whining about 'stonewalling and obstruction. The irony is palpable.

    This is the same David Nunes who earlier this year was forced to recuse himself from leading the House intelligence committee Russian probe when he was investigated by the Ethics Committee for releasing classified documents in an effort to carry water for Trump and the White House. The charges were the result of his release of classified information to the public in a bizarre late night press conference.

    Nunes, a Trump transition team member, a man who was constantly complaining about leaks most of which originated in the White house, went on TV to announce he had uncovered information that there might have been 'incidental' contact by members of the Trump team with Russian officials and he personally went to the White House to inform the president of this. What Nunes didn't mention was that he 'uncovered' the information in deep throat fashion when he received a call from a White House official about it, that he picked up the info in a secret meeting on White House grounds then refused to release the actual documents to the press or for that matter to the Democratic members of his own intelligence committee even though he did inform the president, a potential target of the Mueller investigation. In fact, the only way we know about who and what was involved in this mess was from investigative reporting by the 'MSM' (which of course is accounted as another one of their sins by some here).

    I see the same story repeated numerously above as if somehow repeating the same story over and over again will add to its credibility under the maxim 'a lie repeated often enough will become the truth'. No. It doesn't.

    The hypocrisy of the effort is seen in the fact that the same speculation and innuendo that is so readily applied to any probe of GOP activities is ignored when the shoe is on the other foot.


    1. .

      Why is this travesty being allowed to continue? Why is Devin Nunes the only man in Congress to shout foul from the rooftops?....

      I just gave you your answer above.


    2. .

      By now it should be clear to every sentient American that the Mueller "investigation" is not an investigation at all. It is, as President Trump and others have noted, a witch hunt


      Bob-World Dictionary


      euphemistic falsity

      1. partisan proponent of fake news and alternative facts.

      2. member of the "Sentient Big Foot Chasers Club"


    3. They're out there.

      I know a woman who has smelled 'em.

      Big fella ran across Highway 95 in front of them.

      They got out of the car, and could smell him.

      They're gettin' closer and will be in our smaller villages soon.


      There has been no subpoena of The Donald's Deutsche Bank records.


  18. Mexican man acquitted in slaying wants gun conviction tossed

    Lawyers for a Mexican man who was acquitted in the shooting death of a young San Francisco woman that sparked a national immigration debate said Monday they will ask a judge to toss his gun possession conviction.

    Lawyers for Jose Ines Garcia Zarate say they will argue that he didn't know he had a gun in his hand until it fired.

    Garcia Zarate has said he found an object wrapped in a T-shirt under a bench on a pier that turned out to be gun and accidentally fired when he picked it up.

    His lawyers say that doesn't constitute possession of a weapon. They intend to seek the dismissal after a sentencing hearing set for Dec. 14.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. The U.S. trade deficit jumped 8.6 percent in October as imports from China and other suppliers hit a record high ahead of the holiday shopping season, a Commerce Department report released Tuesday showed.

    The monthly trade gap totaled $48.7 billion, the highest level for a full month since President Donald Trump took office on Jan. 20.

    Ahead of the election, a Trump campaign adviser asserted they could eliminate the deficit in one or two years.

    Instead, the 2017 deficit is on track to exceed the 2016 level of $505 billion.

    Imports of goods and services hit a record high of $244.6 billion as the U.S. economy continued to strengthen and suck in more goods from abroad. Imports totaled $48.2 billion from China, $39.4 billion from the EU and $28.7 billion from Mexico

    all record highs.

    Quirk had remarked that he'd wait on trade deficit numbers before deriding Mr Trump's failing trade policy.

    Reality is 180 degrees from his campaign promises.

    Oh well, things are going about as expected ...

  21. Wrong.

    Imports of goods and services hit a record high of $244.6 billion as the U.S. economy continued to strengthen and suck in more goods from abroad.

    Things are going well, people have money and optimism, low unemployment.

    We need to do more exporting.

    You need to get out more.


    1. Wrong answer Frank of the Kimp Dick clan

      US trade deficits are BAD for the USA

      Mr Trump told US so.
      Do you think ge was wrong?..

      Even if you do, Mr Trump won promising lower trade deficits.

      He has failed to perform
      He has broken the promise he made to his supporters during the campain.


    2. Mr Trump was correct when he said Jeb Bush was a "Low Energy" candidate.

      Mr Trump is proving to be a "Low Integrity" President.


  22. ... Trump and his son are not the only ones in the first family to have a relationship with Deutsche Bank.

    Jared Kushner’s family has borrowed heavily from the German bank. Deutsche Bank threw the Kushner family a $285 million loan to help with a Times Square property—a loan made one month before the election, while Trump’s son-in-law was a top campaign adviser.


    In the summer of 2016, The New Yorker detailed how Deutsche Bank was involved with a complex scheme to move as much as $10 billion out of Russia on behalf of powerful individuals facing sanctions in the West.

    In fact, according to Deutsche Bank’s own public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice is actively investigating the case. However, last month, CNN reported that since Trump came to office, the Justice Department investigation into the Russian money-laundering scandal had gone dormant. It is not clear why. (The Department of Justice declined to comment on the investigation.)

    Perhaps Mr Trump's DOJ is as corrupt as he says it is.


    1. Trump’s supersized Deutsche Bank loans—as well as his debts to other lenders—create massive conflicts of interest.

      These deals give lenders leverage over the sitting president.

      Moreover, Deutsche Bank has recently clashed with US regulators over its involvement with the 2008 financial crisis, and, yes, its business dealings with Russia.

      This means Trump is overseeing a government that has had to make tough decisions over how to handle various matters related to Deutsche Bank—to which he owns a ton of money.

    2. You're singing out of key, Castrato.

      You know nothing about economics, and not much of anything else, either. Guns maybe, that's about it.

      You show it every day.


    3. Frank of the Limp Dick clan just rambles along, kinda goofy, what with everyone mocking his lack of capacity, his failure to perform.

      For years, now.

    4. You can't even get a date, Castrato.

      Understandable, given your widely known past abuse of women.

      Not to mention your being a Dead Beat Dad.

      The fems just don't view you as a good 'catch'.

      They, understandably, head the other direction from wherever you might be.

  23. Just turned on Fox.

    Looks like The Donald is going to move our Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

    The a-rabs will get over it. Most of them are trembling in their boots over Iran.

    And their oil card isn't worth what it used to be.

    They will get over it.

    1. Heh, the perfidious Rooskies got themselves banned from the Winter Olympics.


      Changing urine samples.

      KGB involvement.

      HoHoHo - Merry Christmas !

  24. Political Prediction:

    Moore wins in Alabama



    Take your choice.

    1. And what a choice it is. :(

      Choice between protecting teenage girls, or 9 month fetuses.


      "Democracy is the worst form of Government - until you've tried all the others."

      Winston Churhill

  25. .

    Another Unforced Error by Trump?

    Trump is reported planning on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel tomorrow. Many consider this another unforced error by a president prone to unforced errors. They ask the question, why and especially why now. To me, the answer is obvious. Trump is making good on a campaign promise, a bone thrown to the evangelical Christians in his base, a base he can't afford to lose as other issues close in around him.

    The move certainly isn't for Israel. Earlier this year when Trump was talking about this move, Netanyahu asked him to back off because the move would likely cause more problems for Israel than it helped.

    It's obviously not designed to further peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians or Trump's plan for the 'greatest deal ever'. Trump is about to give away his biggest bargaining chip in the negotiations and will receive zip in return. The move will alienate the Palestinians and much of the Arab world. Trump is basically throwing gasoline on a simmering fire.

    The move is unlikely to promote peace in the ME. Trump has already alienated the Shia. He is now moving to alienate he Sunni and the rest of the Arab world. The Palestinians and Jordan have condemned the move. Turkey is talking pulling its embassy from Israel. The Arab League has condemned the move.

    He is not boosting US status in the world. For 70 years, the US and its allies in the UN as well as most countries in the world have abided by and supported the UN provisions on Jerusalem.

    It's hard to see any positive accruing to the US over Trump's decision.

    Trump is doing it because he can. He is pandering to a base who want to see this move because they deem it necessary to fulfill their belief in end times prophecy not because they necessarily support Israel.

    Unforced error? Probably.


    1. Too damn many people in the mid East, and here too, are always rooting for the coming of the End Times.

      I find it quite spooky, and discouraging.

      There aren't any End Times, even if the idiot human race exterminates itself in nuclear madness.

      I wish people would learn to relax, myself.

  26. from The Believable Files -

    DC has highest percentage of heavy drinkers....DRUDGE

    #1 in the coveted Heavy Drinkers Division !

    1. 100 Senators All In A RowTue Dec 05, 09:49:00 PM EST

      Swamp water and Jim Beam !


  27. The lawsuit filed against President Trump by a former contestant on The Apprentice who accused him of groping and then defaming her moved a step closer Tuesday to a decision on whether the case should go to trial.

    In clashing court arguments, lawyers for Summer Zervos said she suffered threats after Trump publicly said she had "made up" her claims in a politically motivated effort to help Hillary Clinton beat him in the 2016 presidential race


    Trump "cannot be allowed to attack a woman who has factually described his sexual groping and be allowed to get off scot-free," argued Zervos attorney Mariann Meier Wang during the hour-long hearing before Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Jennifer Schecter.

    Marc Kasowitz, Trump's personal lawyer, contended that Trump said nothing wrong while defending himself. He also argued that the case cannot legally be tried in state court, and should be dismissed or at least delayed.

  28. There's a lot of money in sexual abuse claims if the 'abuser' has deep pockets, whether the 'abuser' is guilty or not.

    1. I know.

      It got me my 6,000sq ft beach home, and my Mercedes !

      It makes for a great legal practice.

  29. A rep for Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore said Tuesday that the women who accused him of sexual misconduct are “criminals” who are “seeking revenge” — arguing that there were plenty of “non-accusers that did not accuse the judge of any sexual misconduct.”

    Janet Porter, Moore’s spokeswoman, made the jaw-dropping statements during an interview on CNN in which she repeated Moore’s claim that all of the women who have accused him are liars.

    1. It's always a good sign if the non-accusers outnumber the accusers !


    2. It all reminds me of he scene in I, Claudius where the Emperor Augustus gets wind of the rumors that his daughter had been sleeping with the Senators.

      He lines all the Senators up, on pain of death or truth, and asks them individually.

      They all admit, 'well, yes, I screwed her too'.

      What's a Senator supposed to do ? Disobey Caesar's Daughter ?

      Caesar Augustus put an end to all the hanky panky by disowning his daughter and exiling her for life to some shit island out in the sea.

      Oh, how she did wail, to no avail...and away she went and that was the last heard of her, far as I know.

      There not nearly so many legal pleasantries in those days....


  30. ***********

    Skydiving Santa crashes into tree, breaks leg....DRUDGE

    GULFPORT, Fla. - A skydiving Santa looking to make a grand entrance while taking an Elf on the Shelf to a 9-year-old girl crashed into a tree and light pole before hitting a Florida beach and breaking his leg.

    George Krokus was dressed as Santa Claus during a Saturday skydive to deliver toys to the Tampa Bay Beach Bums Operation Santa Charity Volleyball Tournament.

    Madison Spiers saw the crash and later found a note from the "elf" named Kristoff who visits her house during the holidays. It said, "As we were about to land, this big tree jumped right out in front of us!"

    Damned fool Santa jumped right out of his sleigh !

    What the hell was he thinking ?

  31. Peter Strzok may be getting 'the Stalin treatment' by Wiki -

    Peter Strzok
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy.
    Please share your thoughts on the matter at this article's entry on the Articles for deletion page.
    Feel free to improve the article, but the article must not be blanked, and this notice must not be removed, until the discussion is closed. For more information, particularly on merging or moving the article during the discussion, read the guide to deletion.

    Peter who ?

    Never heard of him.

  32. A terrific catch by the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, whose story you should read in full. It was widely known that Peter Strzok, the FBI agent dismissed by Mueller from the Russiagate probe due to anti-Trump bias, had had a lead role in the Hillary Emailgate investigation.


    But the question remains: If Mike Flynn’s lies were sufficient to warrant being charged, why weren’t Abedin’s and Mills’s?

    Summaries of the interviews, known as 302s, were released by the FBI last year.

    A review of those documents conducted by The Daily Caller shows that Mills and Abedin told Strzok and Laufman that they were not aware of Clinton’s server until after she left the State Department…


    Whatever Strzok’s role here and notwithstanding Mueller’s insistence on ousting him, he’s going to be a major political headache for Mueller as this plays out to its inevitable surreal conclusion, with the special counsel getting fired or Mike Flynn, Jared Kushner, Don Jr et al. getting pardoned. Or both.

    Strzok and the FBI

  33. .

    America's homeless population rises for the first time since the Great Recession

    America’s homeless population has risen this year for the first time since the Great Recession, propelled by the housing crisis afflicting the west coast, according to a new federal study.

    The study has found that 553,742 people were homeless on a single night this year, a 0.7% increase over last year. It suggests that despite a fizzy stock market and a burgeoning gross domestic product, the poorest Americans are still struggling to meet their most basic needs...


    1. The slight rise is due to the legalization of mary jane.

      Washington State on the coast, Colorado inland.

      Trading one's seed corn for the loco weed, so to say.

  34. .

    First they came for our fairytale princesses. Now it’s mistletoe. On Saturday, the Police Service of Northern Ireland really got into the festive spirit, tweeting: “If you bump into that special someone under the mistletoe tonight, remember that without consent it is rape #SeasonsGreetings.”

    Cray cray.

    I probably wouldn't have made it through my youth without going to jail if I were growing up these days. First aids. Then a continuing decline in the birth rate. Being mocked for identifying as a 'man' or 'woman'. Now, a requirement you have a notary affirmed signed agreement before you can flirt with someone. I fear for the country and the planet.


    1. I probably wouldn't have made it through my youth without going to jail if I were growing up these days.

      That's unbelievable !

      With your adult history of incarceration, I find it unbelievable to even imagine that you made it to 16 without even going to juve.

      Are you bull shitting us ?

      I'm really in shock.

    2. I never had no signed notary agreement before you flirted with me. You just flirted.

      I've never even heard of such a thing.

      I think it's terrible, having to go to a lawyer before doing what comes naturally.


    3. Robert "Limp Dick" Peterson ripped off a bank dor $7,500 by the fraud of idenity theft.

      He did it as an adult.
      Well, he was not a kid, when he ins his Aunti to avoid prosecution.

      Geez, what a goofy piece of shit that Limp Dick Peterson is


    4. Well, he was not a kid, when he institutionalized his Aunti to avoid prosecution

    5. Well, Castrato, I didn't institutionalize my Aunt. And there was no prosecution to avoid.

      My Aunt hit the rest home at 96 years of age after nearly being taken out by pneumonia.

      And, her private lawyer and her sisters agreed it was in her own best interest.

      And, she agreed too.

      And, my lawyer was complimentary of the bank thing. He laughed about it. It wasn't identity theft at all. She walked in the bank and got the money herself. It was legal, quite legal.

      The bank just got left with a bad debt, is all. She never got round to paying it back. Poor Bank of America.

      My Aunt lived with myself and my wife and kids for years before all this happened.

      She died at 98 1/2 years of age.

      And was ready to go.

      The rest home called....she's going.....I got there and was with her when she died.

      The rest home folks told me she had waited for me to come before dying.

      The rest home folks complimented me for coming and seeing her nearly every day.

      They said a lot of folks just dump them and never look back.

      Which is exactly what you would do, Castrato.

      You are singing out of tune, Castrato.

      Try again, Castrato, and Ass Hole.

      You don't have it quite right, Dead Beat Dad, Self Confessed War Criminal, Liar and Jew Hater.

    6. So, you admit it again. Your aunt borrowed money to give to you and she defaulted on the debt to the bank and you are proud of it. you go girl!

  35. O Canada !

    Canada:Trudeau and his liberals vote in support of ISIS, Trudeau ripped for “little arrogant smile”

    By Pamela Geller - on December 5, 2017

    There it is. For years I have said any opposition to jihad terror is labeled ‘islamophpobia’ by Islamic supremacists and their leftwing lapdogs. Justin Trudeau and his liberal lackeys said the same on the floor of the House. After the Conservatives introduced an anti-ISIS motion in the House of Commons, the Trudeau Liberals disturbingly voted against it.I have been attacked, smeared and libeled for my opposition to jihad terror and sharia. If you oppose ISIS, you, too will be smeared the same way.

    The Liberal government in Canada insist condemning ISIS is “Islamophobic.” In this they are correct. The Islamic State is pure Islam.

    This is incredible. What part of this anti-ISIS resolution could the left disagree with? Everything. This is not the first the Canadian left has stood in support with ISIS. Back in Aprl of 2016, a resolution to label the millions murdered by ISIS genocide failed as Liberals vote against it.

    Is it any wonders the left passed a sharia resolution criminalizing defamation of Islam, M-103 motion against Islamophobia.

    The left is as dangerous as jihad.

    The debate over whether the government is doing enough to deal with foreign fighters returning to Canada took a personal turn in the House of Commons on Monday when Conservatives accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of wearing the “same little arrogant smile” when answering questions about the matter in recent weeks.

    Conservative public safety critic Pierre Paul-Hus used the personal attack to kick off debate Monday over an opposition motion asking the House of Commons to “condemn the horrific acts committed by ISIS,” and “acknowledge that individuals who joined ISIS fighters are complicit in these horrific acts and pose a danger to Canadians.”

    Spencer Fernando, December 4, 2017:

    Justin Trudeau is getting ripped for his “same little arrogant smile” while debating how to deal with returning ISIS fighters.

    According to Global, the comment was made by Pierre Paul-Hus, the Conservative Public Safety Critic, and came during a discussion about an Opposition motion, the text of which is below:

    December 1, 2017 — Mr. Paul-Hus (Charlesbourg—Haute-Saint-Charles) — That the House:

    (a) condemn the horrific acts committed by ISIS;

    (b) acknowledge that individuals who joined ISIS fighters are complicit in these horrific acts and pose a danger to Canadians;

    (c) call on the government to bring to justice and prosecute any ISIS fighter returning to Canada; and

    (d) insist that the government make the security and protection of Canadians its priority, rather than the reintegration of ISIS fighters, or the unnecessary financial payout to a convicted terrorist, like Omar Khadr.
    It’s a common sense motion, yet Trudeau has either laughed off or demonized common sense proposals before.

    In fact, he even attacked the Conservatives as “Islamophobes” for opposing his dangerous policy of trying to “reintegrate” returning ISIS fighters, showing he puts political correctness and virtue signalling ahead of safety.

    The key issue is that elites like Justin Trudeau live in a different world than the rest of us. To them, everything is an abstraction, since they don’t actually feel the consequences of their policies.

    It’s like how Trudeau refused to provide more support for Canadian border towns even as residents grew worried about the influx of illegal border crossers. Trudeau and his buddies don’t live anywhere near rural border towns, so they could care less about how their open borders policies could put people at risk.

    That’s why Trudeau feels free to smirk and smile his way through debates on things like protecting Canadians from ISIS. For him, it all seems to be a game.

    Spencer Fernando

    1. - WATCH: Migrants RIOT at Paris train station :

    2. To get a little more insight as to how things are in Paris, France.

      But then, being brain dead, you lack curiosity, so it's wasted on you.


    3. A street riot is a street riot.

      Who among us need pointers on either police tactics or rioting techniques to overcome the police?

  36. A former independent counsel laments the “arrogance” of special counsel Robert Mueller in stacking his legal team investigating the president with partisans in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.
    “This is about appearances,” Joseph diGenova tells Breitbart News. “For Mueller to hire all of these people who made so many contributions to Hillary Clinton was a decision of such arrogance and indifference to appearances. You just can’t have the optics of that and not have your work questioned. And [Peter] Strzok has just brought it to the fore.”

    Strzok earned his dismissal from Mueller’s team after the special counsel learned of anti-Trump text messages the FBI agent sent to an alleged paramour.

    Strzok allegedly played a major role in changing the language in James Comey’s report on Hillary Clinton’s server from describing her as “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless,” a significant alteration given the former phrase approximating the language in the law possibly catalyzing an indictment. Later, according to CNN, he signed the document launching the investigation into alleged interference by the Russians in the 2016 presidential election and personally questioned former Trump administration national security advisor Michael Flynn. In other words, a politically-biased investigator played leading roles in two of the most politically-charged cases in recent times.

    Mueller dismissed Strzok from his investigation. But he still holds a position at the FBI.

    “He didn’t get fired,” diGenova points out. “He just got demoted.”


  37. ... according to CNN

    A. FAKE NEWS source that Mr Teunp says has ZERO CREDIBILITY.

    Try again, with reliable sourxes, next time

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. How's Deuce's man Trump doing today? ah, he is moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Brilliant, just brilliant.

  40. I would not do it. I do not see the upside at this time. The Russians and Iranians helped solve the ISIS problem. For the first time in two decades, the US can do what Trump promised and that is disengage from ME conflicts.

    We have no dog in that fight.

    1. Trump wants to do a 180 from Obama. He wants to go all in backing Israel and tear up the Iran Nuclear accord. That's the man you whole heartedly support. Even Hillary would have done much better.

    2. Hillary is a genius, a paragon of truth and virtue, level headed, fine mind, astute and honest to the bone. Of that, there could be hardly any doubt.

  41. Trump will get less votes from Jews than from Puerto Ricans. Makes no sense to me.

    1. Trumps a believer... He believes in his fantastic judgement... His instinct... The last flashy thing that passes in front of him... anything not-Obama.

  42. .

    The following article asks the questions I asked above, 'Why would Trump recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and why would he do it now?'

    why is Trump Undoing Decades of US Policy on Jerusalem?

    After describing the history of the battle over the city and listing possible negative repercussions of Trump's decision, the author of the article comes up with two possible answers to the question in the title...

    So, again: Why in the world is Trump doing this?

    From the outset, most experts understood that the “deal of the century” was most likely beyond reach and that its collapse may lead to President Trump lashing out with such moves as moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and giving the green light to expand Israeli settlement in the West Bank. The fact that the White House may take a controversial step on Jerusalem now, before he even has a chance to unveil his plan, means one of two things.

    The first is that his advisers live in their own bubble, reinforced by unprecedented inexperience. In fact, this is already a public fear. Despite deep partisanship on almost every issue, Americans come together on this issue: 81 percent of all Americans, including 71 percent of Republicans, prefer Trump relying on experts in his Middle East diplomacy, not on inexperienced family members and personal lawyers.

    But there is a second possibility: That the Trump administration has already given up on its “deal of the century” and is looking for ways to pin the blame on someone else.

    While there may be some truth in the first explanation, I can't fully buy it as we've seen it widely reported that there is a group of advisors that are strongly opposed to the move and in the end no one doubts Trump does what he wants to do regardless whether it makes sense or advise against it..

    On the other hand, I can fully believe the second explanation since we have seen it play out so many times before. Trump is arrogant, petty and vindictive. He is so transparently insecure that he can't admit to the smallest of mistakes. He is constantly blaming others for the results of his own words and actions. Rather than the Apprentice he should have been host of The Blame Game. It would take the lexicon of a linguist to try to list all the character flaws and pathologies of the man.

    As president, every six months Trump is forced to sign that waiver saying the US will not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Every six months he is reminded of his dumb ass promise to bring about 'the deal of the century' (by sending Jared Kushner to the ME for god's sake) and it obviously grates on his nerves. I don't doubt for a minute he has been looking for some way to shift the blame on this subject regardless of the potential for people being hurt or killed.

    This is our president and we are forced to live with it.


    1. U.S. decades old policy isn't working with thousands year old policy of Mohammed's followers?!
      Who'd have thought?

    2. .

      As has been pointed out, Christians have as much right to claim Jerusalem as Jews or Muslims. The Jews stole the city from the Jebusites at the time of David and changed the name from Jebus to Jerusalem. Christians using the Bible trace Jesus' ancestry back to David. They have as much historical right to it as the Jews.

      The Jews occupation of Jerusalem lasted a few centuries. The rest of the time it was controlled by other major powers. Some occupied it as long as the Jews. In the 13th century Nachmanides (a Jewish scholar) visited the city and found only two Jews there, brothers who were in dyers trade.

      So much for the BS of a historical claim. The Jews hold it by force and occupation. Their claim that Jerusalem is their capital is in contradiction of international law. You could make the case that Trump is ignoring international law by recognizing Israel's claim.

      Because of the centrality of Jerusalem to the three Abrahamic faiths to place the fault for the conflict solely on Mohammad's followers is simplistic. The Jew have been just as bullheaded on the issue.

      The UN had a good idea with their plan to create and international city governed by a non-sectarian commission so that their would be perpetual access to all the holy sites. Since it was a practical solution, it hasn't gone anywhere. That's what happens when you are dealing with two tribes of religious nutjobs.


    3. What non sense, Quirk.

      The Jebusites may have the best claim, but like the Chippewas in Michigan, they don't seem to really be hanging around there much any longer.

      The Jews have the next best claim.

      The Christians come in lagging 3rd.

      And the Muzzies way dead last.

      Since it's at bottom a cultural/military question I side with the Jews as they treat the women well, are a democracy, folks have secular rights, and are not out to convert the world. Nor do they do terrorism against us here.

      Finally they put the least emphasis on the End Times.

      I don't like End Timers.

      It doesn't conduce to a rational world looking to a possible better future right here, right now, while we are still kicking.

      You are just bull shitting us.

  43. There is no possible benefit for the US in this move. It is not a US problem. How does this promote an America First agenda?

    1. .

      Well, it's true Guatemala and El Salvador recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital before the US but if Trump follows through on his threat the US will be the only country to have their embassy there.


    2. It's no big thing to me but if the USA puts a new sign up on its Consulate in Jerusalem calling it an Embassy others will follow.

      That Consulate was built with an eye towards its someday being the Embassy.

      I think the 'Palestinians' ought to high tail it to Jordan and have their state there.

      Some came from Egypt, like Arafat the Crapper the Egyptian, now thankfully deceased, let them go home. Many others wandered into the area for the jobs the Israelis created.

      They've all been living on International Aid (most from the USA) forever.

      Let them get off their murderous butts and do something Jordan.

    3. If the International Community is against it, I'm for it.

    4. Besides, Low Energy Jeb is for it.

      And he's from a long noble line of Jebusites.

    5. And, this shit about some ($millions) of our Aid money being used to support the dear families of 'Palestinian Martyrs' aka terrorists really has to stop.

    6. Call the White House and leave Mr Trump a message, Robert "Limp Dick" Peterson.

      Mention the 160,000 or more Kurds now left homeless due to your other forein policy disagreement with the President.

      Make the call ...

  44. Sept. 30, according to Department of D.The U.S. has 8,892 forces in Iraq, 15,298 troops in Afghanistan and 1,720 in Syria, for a total of 25,910 troops serving in three war zones . How many paid mercenary contractors with them?


  45. U.S. Military Will Cost About $6 Trillion* Over Next Decade, Says CBO

    *Not including the cost of ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Niger...

    ... or the $4.8 trillion debt already accumulated from the post-9/11 wars

  46. Frankenfingers may be resigning from the Senate tomorrow, my D.C. sources have informed me.

    He won his seat by something under 1,000 votes, IIRC.

    Meaning it may well have been stolen.

    Nevertheless the Governor will appoint someone from the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party to replace him.

    I am hoping it's a real Farmer.

    Certainly not another Comedian.

    1. Other sources say he is hoping to hang on -



  47. Wow, that fire in LA is nearing Wilshire Blvd. and Sunset Blvd., only a couple miles away !

  48. The Brain Predicts What We See Even Before The Eye Can Tell It What’s Going On

    ....No need to invest in a crystal ball, your brain can already see into the future, well…sort of. Our eyes move faster than our brain is able to comprehend so in order to make up for this lapse and ensure our vision is stable and not jumpy, our brain “predicts” what our eyes will see next. Now, for the first time, scientists in Scotland have figured out exactly how we’re able to accomplish this feat.

    In the study, now published online in Scientific Reports, scientists at the University of Glasgow in the UK used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and optical illusions to better understand what’s going on in our brain when we see. Whereas the eyes usually send information to the brain about what the surroundings look like, known as feedforward input, this study focused particularly on brain feedback input, the neurological process where the brain sends information to the eyes.

    Study co-author Gracie Edwards, who specializes in neuroscience and psychology at the University of Glasgow, explained that the brain creates predictions based on memories of similar actions. “Feedforward and feedback information interact with one another to produce the visual scene we perceive every day,” said Edwards....

    This is the kind of stuff that would interest my Ph.D Niece, who specializes on information flows in the noggin, blockages, remedies to such, etc. She is in Poland right now at some two week conference, and is spending Christmas with some German family she knows when she gets back.

    I have sent her a short list of Christmas does and don'ts, as she is unfamiliar with Christmas customs.

    She knows now, for instance, to check the ceilings out, locating the mistletoe....etc.

    I have offered to try and provide her with an experimental guinea pig with badly blocked noggin information flow from our group here, but so far she has no need for such....


  49. Trump, who has repeatedly bragged about his prowess in hiring the “best people,” chose as his closest adviser on the most sensitive matters of national security and defense a man who
    reportedly avoided legally required disclosures,
    lied to FBI agents,
    and mismanaged the DIA while leading it.

    If the whistleblower’s account is to be believed, he may also have used government office to enrich his business partners and himself.

    Later, Trump tried to run interference for Flynn with the FBI director. The basic question on Flynn is the same as it was in March:

    How did this guy ever get hired as national-security adviser?

  50. Double SONIC BOOM heard over Area 51....DRUDGE

    Quirk, where are you right now ?

  51. Aside from all this, however, each new piece of evidence of Flynn’s missteps and alleged corruption further calls the president’s judgment into question. For any other president, such a parade of incriminating revelations about a top official would be catastrophic.

    But Trump has so many political scandals that practically speaking he has no political scandals—they all evaporate into a lingering, poisonous miasma that floats permanently over the West Wing.

    The Trump team has tried to downplay Trump’s connections to Flynn, calling the retired general “a former Obama administration official.” In fact, President Obama both fired Flynn from his post at the Defense Intelligence Agency and reportedly warned Trump not to hire him.

  52. :)

    Chris Matthews Explains The Amazing Secret Reason For President Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement
    Posted at 5:00 pm on December 6, 2017 by streiff

    Chris Matthews was on Hard Ball (singular) today to drunk-splain why President Trump directed that the United States will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and set in motion the process of moving the US embassy to that city.

    Via Daily Caller:

    “And a couple more points about this. Don’t think this isn’t related to Alabama next week. It is related. It is the Christian evangelicals down there with their crazy ideas about Israel, which is, I don’t know, mythical,” Matthews stated.

    “They don’t understand the situation over there and how tricky it is ethnically, how tricky it is tribally. They don’t care because it’s a religious belief. Trump’s playing to that this week. You watch him,” he continued.

    In fairness to Matthews, he seems to be describing something that is widely believed on the secular left.

    Long list of Crazy Tweets Here

    I’m not an evangelical, but I’m theologically literate enough to recognize that what is being described here is a variety of dispensationalism and the two are not the same thing. I think you have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that Trump is timing this announcement to fire up tens of thousands of Darbyite dispensationalists to turn out to vote for Roy Moore. But this is a strange year so who the hell knows.


    Only in America !

    1. The Donald would have zero idea what a Darbyite dispensationalist might be.

      Quirk might be the only one here that might know.

      He's often very good at arcane mysterious gnostic stuff.

      I recall him saying once:

      "It's keeps me out of trouble"

      I had no idea what he was talking about.

    2. .

      The Donald would have zero idea what a Darbyite dispensationalist might be.

      True. But he does know his base.


  53. O my I just had a horror thought -

    If Frankenfingers goes, does the muzzie Elison get appointed to his seat ?

  54. Good conversation on Hannity tonight -

    That Kamala whatshername from California, or - wait for it - Michelle Obama is likely to be the Dem candidate for Pres in 2020.

    The Dem party is in the process of purging all the old Clinton influence. But what they are bringing up might actually be worse in many ways.

    Also lots of good talk of how, and how badly, the FBI has been totally out of control.

    Scary, some of it....

  55. Sharp lines have been drawn in many American cities when it comes to gentrification. Residents of low-income neighborhoods in the crosshairs of future development actively resist new development because they fear displacement and losing their place in their city's history.


    In 2015 Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Barack Obama Foundation announced that the Barack Obama Presidential Center would be built on the city's South Side, in partnership with the University of Chicago. In 2016, the mayor and the foundation announced that the OPC would be located in Jackson Park, wedged between the Hyde Park (north), Woodlawn (east) and South Shore (south) neighborhoods on the city's south lakefront.


    As the OPC moves closer to reality, the Obama Foundation and community activists find themselves debating ways to control or direct the impact of the OPC's development. Activists are pushing for a community benefits agreement (CBA) meaning they want to establish a contract between the foundation and community groups that codifies expectations -- jobs for local residents, contracts for local contractors, and commitments to support affordable housing and the development of neighborhood amenities, among other things.

    Gentrification Displacement

  56. Young Prince Conyers, hoping to continue in Papa John's sinecure, is in the news -

    Conyers son arrested for domestic abuse -- but not prosecuted....DRUDGE

    NEWS DEC 6 2017, 9:14 PM ET
    John Conyers III arrested but not prosecuted in domestic abuse case


    LOS ANGELES — John Conyers III, a Detroit hedge fund manager named as a possible successor to his scandal-rocked father, Rep. John Conyers Jr., was arrested in Los Angeles this year on suspicion of domestic violence, but prosecutors declined to charge him, according to documents first obtained by NBC News....

    A minor matter fixed by the usual methods.

    1. Rep. Conyers resigns, designates rapper son as successor - 12/6/17
      John Conyers III's brief rap career included lyrical gems such as "My [n-----] turn grams into grands." More


    2. Congressmen do not get to appoint their successor.

      The Governor of Michigan will appoint Mr Conyers replacement, regardless of who is designated by the Congressman. Then a special election may be held, or the replacement could hold the seat until the 2018 elections, depending on Michigan's election laws.

      Even someone as ignorant as you, Limp Dick, should know that.

      Now you do

    3. You moron, Castrato, the Governor will appoint, in this case, the designee of the Congressman.

      Wanna bet ?

      Oh, wait, I forgot, you don't pay your internet gambling debts.

      You still owe me $5 bucks.

      You COULD ask your mom for five bucks.

  57. Jerry Seinfeld Endorses Roy Moore?
    Ann Coulter Ann Coulter |Posted: Dec 06, 2017 5:50 PM Share (185)

    Apparently, the GOP is now the party of CHILD MOLESTATION! At least the media tell me that's the meaning of President Trump's endorsement of Senate candidate Roy Moore.

    Are we allowed to mention that Moore denies the charges?

    It's hard to disprove accusations from 40 years ago -- that's why we have statutes of limitations -- but, despite that, there are a surprising number of problems with the allegations against Moore.

    One accuser has been called a liar by her own stepson, who says he's voting for Moore. Another neglected to mention that Moore sent her brother to prison.

    In defense of one of Moore's accusers, Gloria Allred produced a yearbook allegedly signed by Moore, apparently in two different inks and giving his title as "D.A." He was not the district attorney and didn't sign his name that way. Allred refuses to produce the yearbook for handwriting analysis or to deny that it's a forgery.

    Contrary to what you have heard one million times a day on TV, there aren't "multiple accusers." There are two, and that's including the one with the fishy yearbook inscription whose stepson says she's lying.

    The other "accusers" claim he dated them when they were 16 to 19 years old and Moore was in his early 30s -- or younger than Jerry Seinfeld was (39) when he dated 17-year-old Shoshanna Lonstein.

    That would also make Moore 15 years younger than Bill Clinton when he had a 22-year-old intern performing oral sex on him in the Oval Office. Moore's date "accusers" say he did nothing more than kiss them.

    The media throw the dating claims in with the molestation claims so they can keep howling about "multiple accusers." In fact, only two women are alleging anything that, if true, would merit national attention.

    TV anchors think it's very clever of them to ask anyone who isn't bowled over by the claims of Moore's (two) accusers: So you're calling the women "liars"?


    There's a lot of room between HE'S A CHILD MOLESTER and THE WOMEN ARE LIARS.

    They could be misremembering. They could be confusing Moore with someone else. They could be suggestible. They could be delusional. They could have repeated the story to themselves so many times that they believe it. They could be really, really disgusted with Jerry Seinfeld.

    The main accuser has gotten a lot of her facts wrong, such as where she was living at the time (she moved to another town 10 days after meeting Moore); the corner where she allegedly met Moore for their liaisons (she named a corner more than a mile away from her house, across a busy intersection); and when she began to get into trouble with boys and alcohol (it was before meeting Moore, not after).

    It was 40 years ago! But it's just weeks before the election and that's the media's favorite time to produce wild accusations against Republicans.

  58. Anne Coulter is a stalwart supporter of the Grand Old Pedophiles.
    Not the Grand Old Party, they are not one and the same.
    Though the Pedophiles may gain the levers of power within the Republican Party, having corrupted the RNC.

    The RNC not supporting the public statements of Kelly Anne Conway, Mitch McConnell or Ben Sass.

    In a series of tweets Wednesday, Sasse blasted the RNC.

    “This is a bad decision and very sad day. I believe the women--and RNC previously did too. What's changed? Or is the party just indifferent?”
    he said.
    "This sends a terrible message to victims: 'It’s not that the party won't believe you if you come forward. It might. But just doesn't care.’”

    1. Even the Attorney General of the United States said he believed the women accusing Roy Moore.

      Mr Sessions used to live in Alabama, and is familar with Roy Moore and his character flaws.

    2. All this hand wringing over Roy Moore's penchant for young girls masks his terrible political record and the craziness of his politics. He's a friggin' loon! But hey, he's not a Democrat so a lot of folk would vote for him - Deuce included if he could.

  59. It looks like the people of Alabama are going to elect Roy Moore, whether they believe, don't believe, or don't care about the accusations, according to the most recent polls.

  60. What they probably wouldn't elect is a dead beat dad.

    Roy Moore has never been accused, or admitted, like you, Jack Hawkins, to being a dead beat dad.

    1. The "Limp Dick" chirps away.

      Really pretty goofy


    2. Mr Sessoons knows Roy Moore ..
      and Jeff believes the women.

      Jeff, a professional law enforcement man

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson and his Limp Dick clan just can't stand the professionalism demonstrated by Mr Sessions, the FBI and the rest of the Justice Department

      So they stand with the Grand Old Pedophiles, personified by Roy Moore, led by Donald Trump.

      Donald, who grabs women by the pussy, and brags about the rush he gets ...
      From the power to intimidate.
      Because Donald was a "Star"

  61. Now here's a real quirk of nature -

    New dinosaur looks like odd mix of duck, croc, ostrich, swan,-croc,-ostrich,-swan

    Good Grief.

    Claws on proto-wings.


    Good Day to all except DBD.