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Thursday, December 07, 2017

FBI Director Wray Gets Severe Dry Mouth As He Gets Emulcified by Rep. Jordan Over The Democrats Dodgy Dossier

Bruce Ohr, who met with dossier author Christopher Steele, to be hauled before Congress

The House Intelligence Committee plans to compel testimony from a career Justice Department attorney who met during the election campaign with the writer of the infamous unverified Trump-Russia dossier.

The committee has learned that Bruce Ohr, an associate attorney general, not only spoke with dossier writer Christopher Steele but also met after the election with Glenn Simpson, whose Fusion GPS hired Mr. Steele with Democratic Party money.

“Pursuant to the House Intelligence Committee’s prior subpoenas and information requests, the Department of Justice should have provided the committee with information on contacts that DOJ official Bruce Ohr had with Fusion GPS representatives and Christopher Steele.,” said committee chairman Devin Nunes, California Republican. “The Committee will issue a subpoena to Bruce Ohr for information on this matter.”

The committee is investigating Fusion’s financial arrangements, including the reasons for paying three journalists. It was Mr. Nunes’ first subpoena for Fusion bank records that forced Democrats to admit that the party and Hillary Clinton campaign paid for the dossier beginning in June 2016.

The dossier has taken on immense importance. The FBI relied on it in July 2016 to begin an investigation into the Trump campaign and any collusion with Russia over the hacking of Democratic Party computers. It relied on the dossier to obtain at least one eavesdropping warrant on a Trump associate.

The dossier contains salacious material and allegations of collusion against President Trump and his people, with Russia. None of those charges has been confirmed publicly.

Republicans have labeled the dossier a piece of fiction and demanded the FBI disclosed publicly how it was used to investigate Mr. Trump.

The top FBI agent over seeing the probe was Peter Strzok. He was removed last summer by Special Counsel Robert Mueller after investigators discovered he was sending anti-Trump pro-Hillary Clinton text messages to his lover
Republicans believe Mr. Strzok must have played a big role in getting the FBI to embrace the dossier.

Fox News first reported the Ohr subpoena. Fox said Mr. Ohr wore two hats at Justice. He led a drug enforcement task force and was a close aide to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He has relinquished the latter role, Fox said.
The Ohr investigation adds to suspicions among Republicans that a “deep state” of anti-Trump current and former federal officials have worked to sabotage Mr. Trumpas candidate, president elect and president.


  1. Deuce was right. The Obama 'birth certificate' was a phony -

    December 7, 2017

    It's Time for Congress to Pass the 'John McCain Rule'

    By Mark A. Hewitt

    ....The Left clearly cannot forgive Donald Trump for questioning President Obama’s legitimacy. Dozens of articles were published in American Thinker regarding the veracity of President Obama’s birth certificate. The consensus was that BHO’s birth certificate was a forgery. Counterfeit....

    1. It is far easier to discredit the American Stinker than to discredit the State o Hawaii

  2. From Africa to Europe to the Philippines embassies are moving to Jerusalem -

    December 7, 2017
    Why Trump's Jerusalem move is triggering a chain reaction
    By Monica Showalter

    There's nothing like a little U.S. leadership. President Trump's announcement that he is moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is seeing a heartening chain reaction as other nations follow our lead. Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu says he's hearing from all kinds of nations now. And the reasons are as much internal to the states following President Trump's lead as they are supportive of Israel. It seems that to affirm Israel is to affirm oneself.

    The Czech Republic wasted no time declaring that it, too, would be moving its capital to Jerusalem....

  3. On his Friday night show, “Freedom Friday” host Carl Gallups opened by referencing an article at The New York Daily News citing an alleged “report” from an unnamed U.S. Senator of a conversation during which President Donald Trump was said to have “revived” the “birther” issue, which questioned Barack Hussein Obama’s background and birthplace.


    Gallups pointed out that like many others in the mainstream media, the New York Daily News article ignored the five-year investigation into the “long-form” birth certificate image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 which found it to be a “computer-generated forgery.”


    The investigation was launched in August 2011 by then-Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio after 242 of his constituents expressed concern that their votes could be disenfranchised in the 2012 presidential election if reports from various experts that the image was fraudulent proved to be accurate.

    Certificate Mystery - Part I

  4. During an interview on Friday night, former Obama birth certificate lead investigator Mike Zullo discussed discrepancies, connections and revelations arising from the five-year probe which concluded that the image representing Barack Hussein Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate posted at in 2011 is a “computer-generated forgery.”


    Starting at the 13:11 mark in the 45-minute interview, Zullo reminded listeners that in January 2011, the newly-elected governor of Hawaii, former Congressman Neil Abercrombie, claimed that he was “investigating” where Obama’s original birth certificate could be found and planned to make the document public to settle existing doubts and Obama’s eligibility before the 2012 election.


    In an article published on January 18, 2011 now categorized as an “editorial” despite its straight-news format, the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s “political columnist Richard Borreca” questioned Abercrombie about how he planned to advance his gubernatorial priorities, particularly in addressing Hawaii’s financial crisis.

    Certificate Mystery - Part II

    1. I would have to refer to my notes for specific details. I was an early user of photoshop and I studied the document analysis done by others. I duplicated several documents in the ways they described. I also tried alternate methods to alter an argument and frankly did a better job, but my superior forgery would not stand the scrutiny of a professional analyst.

      I was astounded at how poorly the document was altered. I do not know where Obama was born. I do know the document which claimed to show Obama was born in Hawaii was an altered photoshop document. I can only speculate as to the why. I chose the obvious. Obama could not provide he was a natural born US citizen. I concluded he wasn't as Obama never denied the obvious altered document was forgery.It was a forgery.

    2. Mindblowing why he got a pass on that. Make one lose total faith in the whole system.

    3. Before Obama was elected, I posted this:

      "There is one loophole that some have raised in the hope that it might yet qualify Obama as natural-born, even if he could not prove he was born in Hawaii: the fact that his mother was US-born. But the US government makes it clear that time was not on his side: "A child born abroad on or after December 24, 1952 and before November 14, 1986 to one U.S. citizen parent and one non-citizen parent can acquire U.S. citizenship at birth if the U.S. citizen parent can demonstrate that he or she was physically present in the United States for a minimum of ten years, at least five of which were after the age of fourteen, prior to the birth of the child." Because Barack's mother bore him at the age of 18, he still doesn't qualify natural born citizen if he can't prove he was born in Hawaii with a certified birth certificate. (A subsequent law reduced the five years to two, but only for children born after 1986, and made provisional retroactive exceptions favoring parents serving in the military or for international organization. Neither applies to Obama).

      The bottom line is this: If Obama can't prove he has a certified Hawaiian birth certificate, he's not a natural born American. If he's not a natural born American, he can't be president. That's the law of the land. "


      The "embossed seal" in question is, she said, probably on the back of the document provided to Daily Kos, but not visible (as in another certificate posted on Israel Insider for contrast). She thinks the difference in visibility can be attributed to the pressure used when applying the seal.

      (jmh), a commenter at Just One Minute, who does know what she's talking about, says, not so fast, Jim:

      Contra [Geraghty's] admonition, the birth certification question may, in fact, be a related issue [to Obama's missing legislative records]. On the technical side, I suspect that Ms. Okubo is not very familiar with what a scanner picks up at a 300ppi resolution (as in the image Kos posted). Embossing works by actually deforming the paper itself, so no matter how light the impression might be, if it were even barely discernable on one side of a page, it would necessarily distort the pattern (and show up in the pixels) on the reverse. Indeed, high resolution scanning often picks up more than is immediately visible to the naked eye, not less! When a simple ink stamped date does show through on the reverse, Ms. Okubo's hypothetical makes almost no sense. I was suspicious of the Obama certification, but when I saw the comparison document that Isreal Insider posted, it certainly removed any doubt in my own mind.

      I have no idea why the Obama campaign would take such a risk. I've even wondered if perhaps his mother didn't list a father at all, but who knows? For some reason, however, I keep thinking back to that early campaign story about an attempt to gain access Obama's passport records. It turned out to have been made by Obama's own staffers, not someone else's oppo research team, which seemed peculiar at the time, and which was never explained, IIRC. Why were they trying to see - or feel the need to check -- what the passport office had on file? [emphasis added]

      I admit to the uncomfortable feeling that I'm verging on truther territory here, but considering how clean the Obama slate seems to have been wiped, and how few of his past associations -- which keep turning up by ones and twos in a blog here, or a report there -- actually show up on his c.v., my antennae just keep buzzing away. It may be exceedingly difficult to put the puzzle together because the pieces are currently so dispersed, but there's a story here.

    5. As we got into the Obama term as president, I made an observation that Obama had very shallow roots in the US system. After his eight years plus one, nothing changes my mind.

    6. A representative of the State of Hawaii testified as to the authenticity of the document.

      In Hawaii ALL birth certificates are computer generated.

      They were ALL digitalized in the 1970's.

    7. Wasn't Altered as it was issued by the State of Hawaii
      As their representative testified to.

    8. Google has deleted the links to the published analysis that I duplicated on unrelated documents using similar techniques. I can only speculate as to why the published "birth certificate" was altered. To my knowledge, there is no published certified chain of custody, but the document that was published was altered in several ways by a person with elementary skills with Photoshop and duplicating equipment.( Government offices are notorious for having office equipment and software that is technically obsolete or severely dated.)

      To my observation, Obama was contemptuous of traditional European and American white Christian values. He demonstrated that during every episode of his education and government career. He was and is a man of the international left. His favorite part of the red, white and blue was the red.

  5. If Moore wins will Frankenfingers unresign ?

    It's all becoming quite a 3 Ring Circus.

  6. In his Friday interview with Carl Gallups, Obama birth certificate investigator Mike Zullo indicated for the first time that he believes the “short-form” birth certificate bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II” was “officially” produced by the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH), although likely from a “surreptitious record” planted in the database by remote intrusion.


    The text of the letter included Obama’s purported statement that Kapiolani is “the place of my birth,” a claim the hospital has never confirmed. However, then-Rep. Neil Abercrombie published a statement of his own on his congressional website:

    Settling the question once and for all, he states that Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children “is the place of my birth. Hawaii has always been home to me.”


    Zullo explained that professional investigators use a system with the acronym “RAVEN” to determine the credibility of accusers. While he said that sexual abusers should “be in jail” and “stay there forever,” “you have to understand what’s happening.

    Certificate Mystery - Part III

    1. You do realize that Sheriff Joe was discredited, locally, by this sham of an investigation

      Taxpayer money frittered away on Hawaiian vacations for the investigators

  7. Video Of The Year

    All the proof you need that America is already great.

    (from twitchy)

  8. Anderson Cooper's Wednesday night interview with Roy Moore spokeswoman Janet Porter already had veered beyond the realm of normal political discourse when the CNN anchor posed the following question: “Do you really believe that the judges on the Alabama Court of the Judiciary are radical homosexuals and transgender people?”


    I have annotated the full interview, below, using Genius. To view an annotation, click on the yellow, highlighted text.
    COOPER: Joining me now is Roy Moore's campaign spokeswoman, Janet Porter. Janet, thanks so much for being with us. I appreciate it.

    PORTER: Thank you, Anderson. I appreciate you having me on.

    COOPER: Janet, you believe these women are all lying, but Roy Moore has been removed twice as chief justice in the Supreme Court. The second time he had his honesty challenged by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary.


    PORTER: First off, when we talk about believing the women, I would ask the question of maybe some lacrosse players at Duke University, ask them if they believe every woman who makes an accusation. If we did a lynch mob media against innocent people as we did with lacrosse, there would be some lacrosse players in jail right now.


    COOPER: Actually, what the judge did was he violated state and federal regulations and he was removed from the Supreme Court for that. And then four years later, he misled the — he misled the judges by saying he didn't order probate judges not to marry same-sex couples.


    PORTER: Here's what really happened. Having been down here in Alabama, I'm learning a whole lot about what's going on. And one of the things that I learned is that what the rule of law really means is that you follow the Constitution.


    COOPER: Are you telling me Alabama has a lot of activist judges?

    PORTER: And that's one of the reasons why the people of Alabama love him so much.

    Pardon me?

    Moore's Spokeswoman

    1. Really good folk down in Alabama.
      None of the Yankees like 'em.

      Just look how nasty the writers are to Jeff Sessions here on the blog

      It's just because he's a Southern Gentleman and them damned Yankees just don't understand a class act.


  9. Representative Trent Franks of Arizona, one of the House’s most ardent social conservatives, said Thursday night that he would resign after the House Ethics Committee began an investigation into complaints that he had asked two female staff members to be a surrogate to bear his child.


  10. Trump said he was drastically cutting the sprawling monuments named by Democratic presidents. But tribal leaders, environmentalists and others argue the president doesn't have that authority and his move jeopardizes a wealth of Native American artifacts, dinosaur fossils and rugged spaces

    Why won't Mr Trump protect our Monuments
    They represent US culture
    They represent US history
    They represent the best of America

    America is Great -
    Let's keep it that way



  11. ... he believes the “short-form” birth certificate bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II” was “officially” produced by the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH),

    The rest of his "belief", unsubstantiated speculation for the purpose of creating political discord

    Who could have "altered" the Hawaiian data base ... And when?

    This "belief" that the data was contaminated, has less basis of substantiation than Roy Moore's claims of innocence.

  12. The NFL's Los Angeles Rams, who hold workouts near the largest of Southern California's fires, have canceled Wednesday's practice in response to the flames.

    On Wednesday, it also emerged that insurance claims in Northern California - which was hit by a string of wildfires throughout almost all of October - had tripled in the past month and a half.
    By the end of October the claims were at around $3.3 billion, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said; now they are at around $9 billion.

  13. Scientists 'Inject' Information Into Monkeys' Brains...Drudge

    Does this mean there might still be some hope for Jack Hawkins?

  14. We need a Supreme Court ruling, or a Constitutional Amendment, to clarify who can be and who can't be a "natural born citizen".

    Born in America (Hawaii) of a foreign father (a British subject before Kenya gained their independence) and an American mother, any lawyer in the (now defunct) Immigration & Naturalization Service would have said of the infant, “Per the U.S. Constitution, Little Barack is an American citizen.” Also, per the father’s country’s constitution, Little Barack is also a British subject or Kenyan citizen—pick one. That is how constitutions and laws work.

    The media were very careful in what they reported. They purposely hid some facts from the public that would have been upset the political balance because the candidate Obama was a Democrat. Had the candidate Obama been a Republican, the Democrats and the media would have moved to disqualify him and they would have started with his peculiar birth.

    As a Democrat, no immigration attorney was ever called to the networks to tell the rest of the story of the birth of Barack Obama. However, had he been a Republican, the networks would have immigration attorneys lined up around Times Square just to make the most salient of points: If the U.S. Constitution confers American citizenship to a child born of an American mother, doesn’t being born to a foreign father also make him a citizen of his father’s country? The answer is yes. That is a condition called Dual Nationality. A dual national is not a “natural born citizen” under Article II of the U.S. Constitution. A Republican Barack Obama would have been ruthlessly disqualified on national television.

  15. Those fires in LA are quite something.

    The air quality index was nearly 300 in parts of the area, and the highest level for human safety is 100 and something.

    One would need an air tank to last long in that.

    Mandatory evacuations ordered all over the place.

    Not really an end in sight yet.

    I think it is a Judgement of the Gods for LA voting for Hillary.

    "The mills of the gods grind slowly but exceedingly fine"

    What else could it be ?

    1. Dry and hot weather combined with high Santa Ana winds?

    2. :)


      That's just the method the Gods are using....

  16. Former cop Michael Slager gets 20 years for murder of Walter Scott

    JOHN SEXTON Dec 07, 2017 7:21 PM

    Mike has a really really tough 20 years ahead.

    Would be something of a minor miracle if he emerges alive and intact....

    1. Videos of shooting.

      Certainly looks very bad, indeed.

      It's hard for Slager to contend he was in fear of his life when the guy is running as fast as he can away from the cop....

  17. Jeremy Broekman was camped out at his in-laws' house in Sherman Oaks after evacuating his family of five early Wednesday from their home a mile away from the Skirball fire.

    Mr Broekman, who runs a public relations firm from his home office, had just an hour to get his family out of the house, grabbing hard drives and Pokemon cards and leaving behind a pile of Hannukah presents. He spent Thursday trying to work and checking the news while also caring for his three children, whose schools were closed because of the fire.

    "Although we always say we can work remotely with the use of a laptop, when you are displaced like this you are emotionally unbalanced," he said.

    Skirball threatened media magnate Rupert Murdoch's Moraga Estate winery. The property was evacuated, with possible damage to some buildings, Mr Murdoch said in a statement, but “We believe the winery and house are still intact."

    1. Thank the Gods they didn't take the winery.

      I find that odd, as some of the Gods are said to be heavy drinkers, especially the Scandinavian ones.

  18. Flynn alone may not be enough to advance an obstruction or collusion case. Prosecutors would likely need evidence against other high-ranking Trump associates, including perhaps Jared Kushner.

    Some experts believe that Mueller’s probe is now almost certain to reach a step beyond that. “Before this is wrapped up, Mueller’s going to request an interview with the president, and he may even request it under oath,” says Amy Sabrin, a Washington lawyer who worked for Bill Clinton on the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.

    “And then what is Trump going to do?”

  19. Video tour of 'no-go' war zones in Sweden

    Sweden: Chief of Anti-Crime Unit Says Stockholm Suburb is Like a War Zone
    By Geller Report Staff - on December 7, 2017

    The head of the national crime unit in Sweden said Stockholm in particular has been turned into a war zone, in large part because of the increasing number of no-go zones put in place by those adhering to sharia law.

    Talk about a travesty.

    Sweden used to be a place of beauty, an attractive spot for tourists. Now?

    Stay home and stay away — those seem the orders for the day.

    Look at what life inside a no-go zone in Sweden looks like: VIDEO

    Voice of Europe has more on the current plight of Stockholm:

    Lise Tamm, head of the national unit against organised crime, remarked in a Swedish radio interview that the situation in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby is so serious, that it can be compared with a war zone. She added:

    “When the police work there, they work like how the armed forces work.”

    Tamm even mentioned the conflicts in Colombia and El Salvador and thinks their conflicts with guerrillas could bring ideas for solving the problems in Stockholm:

    “How did they do it in Colombia with deporting the Farc guerrillas, how did they do it in El Salvador when the war ended? How have they done it in other parts of the world where they have had such great problems for many, many years? Is there any solution? You have to think outside the box.”

    The organised crime unit chief thinks about other solutions as well. According to her, young men who can’t behave and become angry should receive help from social services, because merely increasing police is not enough.

    Local Social Democrat leader Mohammed Nuur doesn’t agree with Tamm’s analysis and says:

    “I live in Rinkeby and have lived in Tensta as a child. When I hear the word war zone, I start thinking about Syria, Yemen, and other countries that are most seriously in war. We have problems and challenges, but you should definitely not exaggerate what the situation looks like. I live in Rinkeby and I do not feel scared.”

    For years Sweden has a serious problem with the increasing number of no-go zones. Swedish National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson earlier said the number of them has risen from 55 to 61 in only one year.

  20. FARCE

    December 8, 2017
    Rosenstein 'Satisfied' with Mueller Witch Hunt

    By Daniel John Sobieski

    In an interview with a local D.C. TV station, Rod Rosenstein admired the monster he created, who now runs an alleged investigation into supposed Russia-Trump collusion but which quickly morphed into what amounts to a silent coup against a sitting President of the United States:.....

    ....If evidence of bribery, kickbacks, extortion, and money laundering in the Uranium One affair are not grounds for a special prosecutor assigned to investigate Hillary Clinton, what is? Rosenstein and Mueller, by their silence on this investigation hidden from Congress and the American people, and using the office of special counsel and a politicized FBI to conduct a silent coup against a duly elected president are unindicted coconspirators in Hillary’s crimes and should be terminated immediately.

    Daniel John Sobieski is a freelance


    1. Real evidence of a crime would be required to reopen the Uranium One investigation.

      The DOJ will not spend more money on a closed case.

      The Congress could investigate the decision process in. The Uranium One case.

      Their findings would mirror Shepard Smith's Faux News reporting ...

      There is no there, there

      Uranium One is a nothingburger, as it relates to Ms Clinton

    2. .

      Daniel John Sobieski is a freelance

      A freelance what? Ignoramus?

      For days, you have been putting up this shit whining about the Mueller investigation. Our dear leader, calls the investigation 'conflicted.' The one thing you guys haven't put up is any proof. Try giving us some of that. Are you claiming any of these guys who have been charged either didn't do the crimes or shouldn't have been charged with the crimes? Which ones?

      Rosenstein is satisfied with the guy he picked. That's surprising to you? As for a special counsel for Hillary on the Uranium One deal. Rosenstein has nothing to do with that. Mueller has nothing to do with that. If there's going to be a special counsel it will have to be Jeff Sessions doing it. It's his responsibility. At least, until he screws up by misstating something and is forced to recuse himself. Maybe he's not doing it because he knows the law and knows he lacks any proof and doesn't want to look like a fool. This is after all a country of laws. It's not a country of she seems like a person that would break the law on this. Or, what she did should be against the law.

      You guys disagree. You whine about it. Trump whines about. Trump can do something about it. He can demand Sessions assign a special prosecutor and he if refuses Trump can fire him and get someone who will. For that matter Trump can fire the whole damn lot of them, Rosenstein, Mueller, Sessions and anyone else he wants.

      Quit whining about the dynamic trio and put the blame where it belongs with Trump.


    3. .

      You guys employ the same tactics Trump does, diversion and blame with nothing to back it up except your visceral dislike of Clinton and a perverse tendency to try to make up excuses for Trump.


    4. That would require taking responsibility for the results and consequences of their voting.

      Can't be having that ...

      Responsibility is a concept quite foreign to our linp dick Draft Dodger.

      Deuce will see the light.
      He already approved of impeaching Mr Trump ... After Mr Trump ordered an unprovoked military attack on Syria.

  21. .

    Roy Moore: The Guy Trump and the GOP Unabashedly Support

    Donald Trump and the GOP in Congress support Roy Moore for senator in the Alabama special election. It's a strictly political calculation. They do it for political reasons, one more GOP vote in the Senate, something they fell they need more than honor or being tarred a party of racists.

    Here's our boy Roy from a September article in the LA Times...

    Where Strange has often failed to excite voters, Moore has proved too controversial for many. For some Republicans, almost anyone would be better than Moore.

    "I go back to that line in the movie with Marlon Brando on the ship: 'Let's just throw the Bible-thumping SOB overboard,'" said Dan Benton, 78, a retired lawyer in Fairhope.

    At Moore's Florence rally, the former judge outlined all the wrongs he sees in Washington and "spiritual wickedness in high places." He warned of "the awful calamity of abortion and sodomy and perverse behavior and murders and shootings and road rage" as "a punishment inflicted upon us for our presumptuous sins."

    In response to a question from one of the only African Americans in the audience — who asked when Moore thought America was last "great" -- Moore acknowledged the nation's history of racial divisions, but said: "I think it was great at the time when families were united — even though we had slavery — they cared for one another…. Our families were strong, our country had a direction."

    I think it was great at the time when families were united — even though we had slavery — they cared for one another.

    At the same event, Moore referred to Native Americans and Asian Americans as "reds and yellows," and earlier this year he suggested the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were divine punishment.

    Moore tends to prefer his interpretation of Christian Scripture to laws and court orders, which has twice put him out of a job for defying federal court rulings...

    Roy Moore. How would you describe him? Rascist? Child molester? Bible-thumping S.O.B? Or, as Trump and the
    GOP see him Senate vote?


    1. Trump backed Strange.

      Don't blame Trump.

      Blame the people of Alabama if you must blame someone for Moore.

      Or, you can go with partial birth abortion, an odd choice for Catholics.

    2. .

      Trump continues putting out tweets supporting Roy Moore.

      Try and keep up.


    3. Trump is going to campaign for Moore, tosday, just outside of Mobile.

    4. His guy lost.

      He wants a Republican Senator.

      Analysis: Implications of Roy Moore Accuser's Admission That She Doctored Yearbook Signature

      Just another Gloria Allred's special aassignments.

  22. Illegal crossings are down nearly 70% I read, and not a foot of wall has been built yet.

    It's called enforcing the law.


    1. Wanna talk GDP ?

      The stock market ?

      The Supreme Court, and the lower Federal Courts ?

      Wanna talk energy production ?

      Wanna talk unemployment ?

    2. .


      GDP has been steady and running fine for the last couple years. It's even higher right now. Why in the world do we need a tax cut?

      The stock market? Wouldn't you be ebullient if you were being handed $ billions as a Xmas present. Wouldn't you be happy as hell that it was a no obligation gift, the best deal ever, that you wouldn't have to do a damn thing different in order to get it? Hell, you wouldn't even have to give the American people a big kiss on the cheek because the cost of that gift is on their backs. Wouldn't you be happy as hell to be on the good side of the growing class divide in this country? How could you help but to ask for more.

      Christ, Bob, you are like one of those people and who takes some weird vicarious pleasure out of watching The Lives of the Rich and Famous while sitting at home with momma eating popcorn.

      The Supreme Court and Lower Courts? The GOP has been planning to stack the federal court system for the last two years. You have no idea what kind of Judge Gorsuch will be and you won't until his decisions start coming in. As for the lower courts, we have seen the quality of the people Trump will be appointing there. As for GOP judges just take a look at Roy Moore. You're nutz.

      Wanna talk energy production? Wanna talk pollution and oil spills? Wanna talk black lung disease? Wanna talk clean water and air pollution? Wanna talk all those coal jobs we were going to get? I count 79 of them so far and lord knows how long they will last. Try and keep up.

      Wanna talk unemployment? Wanna talk employment and labor participation rates? Wanna talk quality of jobs? Just saw an article the other day indicating that within the next couple decades 30% of today's jobs in the US will have been replaced by robots, that's white and blue collar jobs, everything from food handling to accounting. Take a look at what's happening with retail, with newspapers, 2017 is the first year in a while where the auto industry will show a decline in sales and it will only get worse if Trump follows through on NAFTA. Try and keep up.



  23. I must report this truly astounding news -

    The University of Idaho Vandals beat the Washington State Cougars 91-63 the other day.

    This is a real whupping. Unbelievable.

    The Cougars are in the PAC 10 and I'm sure Idaho is even in a league in Basketball right now.

    I am going to need to start paying more attention to our Basketball Team this year.

    1. Somehow it is connected with the new 'can-do' attitude The Donald has infused in our country !

    2. 2.2 Million New Jobs Since Election...
      Record low unemployment rate for manufacturing...
      Hispanic unemployment rate drops to 4.7% - LOWEST in history of USA... MORE... .DRUDGE

  24. Ler's talk the highest number of failed retail stores since 2008.

    Let's talk Main Street, not Wall Street.


    1. Analysis: Implications of Roy Moore Accuser's Admission That She Doctored Yearbook Signature

      Just another Gloria Allred's special aassignments.


  26. Gloria Allred flipped another one of her Special Fool's Fly into the river and ol' Quirk The Cut Throat Trout rose up immediately, and is now in the frying pan.

    1. MSNBC seems to have missed the story.

    2. CNN, too.

      One deep economic thinker there is complaining the great jobs numbers are going to 'increase inequality'.

    3. Obviously, if we were all unemployed and dead broke we'd all be equal !

    4. I am not shitting you.

      That is what the CNN moron said - great job numbers are going to increase inequality.

      Today's CNN rating: F-

      Down from the usual F.

    5. Quirk seems to have gone missing.....o wait, that's right, I forgot.....he's frying in the frying pan....




    7. .

      Bob, you're an idiot. I heard you screaming all the way over at Kroger's while I was picking up a package of Nutter-Butters.


      I've given you all of the data on unemployment, underemployment, labor participation rates, job creation etc. But you continue to either forget it or simply ignore it. I won't bother providing it all again other than to say that what is happening right now is following the trend lines that have been forming over years.

      However, you have just gone on listing 13 comments talking about a single months job creation numbers. In response, I will simply say...

      1. More jobs were created under Obama in the first 11 months of 2016 (2,085,000) that were created in the first 11 months of 2017 under Trump (1,916,000).

      BLS data listed here (see table at bottom of page)...

      WRT your specific headline from Drudge on monthly data...

      2. Looking at the data, you will see that 228,000 jobs while very good is no big shakes when compared to Trump's October numbers, 244,000 jobs. But it becomes even more pedestrian when compared to some of the monthly results in 2016 under Obama. For instance, the 2016 numbers included 297,000 (June), 291,000 (July), and 248,000 (September).

      A simple Google check and you can save yourself some of this embarrassment.


      1. Unemployment rates have been dropping for years. (See the attached link.) Unfortunately so has the labor participation rate as people drop out of the labor force through retirement or discouragement.

    8. Quirk you're a moron.

      If you scream in public again, you will arrested.

      And who knows what will happen then ?

      You just can't stand the fact things are actually starting to look up.

      Only when things are heading to the sewer do you seen happy.

      Prolly folks have to advertise more then....


    9. .

      Once again, the Idaho Spud ignores facts and simply makes up his own fairy tales.

      Once again, who proves his bona fides as an English major by being unable to read simple sentences and comprehend them. Perfect examples, above I said the November jobs number were good. Bob interprets that as bad mouthing the numbers. Above I said the GDP numbers were good and used that to question why we need a tax cut. Bob considers that an attack on the economy and my wish that things turn south.

      Absurd, of course. In fact, I am arguing why rock the boat by taking a risk with this massive tax cut for the rich. I would argue that it is more likely to hurt the economy than help it. You can go down the list of factors and everything points to it.




      You can go down the list

    10. You should get a job as an anchor at CNN, or MSNBC.

      Insist on having your own advertising slots, too !

    11. Go to Fox right now ! Quirk, and watch The Donald connect with the crowd !

      He just pointed to the folks with Blacks For Trump signs, and mentioned black home ownership is right now at its highest level ever !


    12. MSNBC doesn't seem to be covering it, while CNN has Trump half screen with a couple of commentators talking trash on the other half.

      Fox is your only real chance.


  27. Pope Francis gets one right.

    It is a very bad mistranslation.....the 'lead us not into temptation'.....

    Pope Francis Wants To Change Line Of “Our Father”

  28. White Lives Matter

    Cold Blooded Murder By Cops


    Video: The Shooting Of Daniel Shaver
    ALLAHPUNDITPosted at 6:41 pm on December 8, 2017

    The headline should be “The murder of Daniel Shaver” but the cop who pulled the trigger was acquitted of that charge yesterday. I’m not even going to preview the clip for you. Just turn up the sound and watch. Radley Balko, who’s spent years tracking cases of police brutality, calls it the worst police shooting he’s ever seen....

    1. That a jury could actually find that ass hole cop not guilty argues strongly that in certain cases we should consider going to a professional jury, as they do in England on some matters.


    2. You just do not like juries, Robert "Limp Dick" Peterson.

      You just stand against our Constitutional norms.

    3. There are too many uneducated idiots like you, Castrato and War Criminal and Dead Beat Dad and Jew Hater and Liar, that muck up what would otherwise be a good system.

      The Constitution was written by literate men, for literate men.

      Not for illiterates like you, Castrato.

      The British way is acceptable.

      Now go fuck yourself and leave me alone, please.

      Thank you so much.


      As the crapper castrato is here I say:

      Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah to all you others...

      And to all you others, Good Night !

  29. OH..ooooo -

    December 8, 2017
    A curious recusal in the sentencing of Michael Flynn could be an indicator of something very big happening
    By Thomas Lifson

    Something very strange, and possibly extremely significant, happened yesterday, with no explanation and little notice from the media. But two different writers for the same DC-insider publication rushed to be the first to note this barely-noticed move, suggesting that they know something big is happening.

    To my deep sorrow, the skills of a Kremlinologist – the people who specialized in interpreting small signs, such as who stood next to whom reviewing military parades in Red Square, to figure out the real power structure within the secretive upper ranks of the USSR – are necessary to figure out what is going on in the Deep State attempts to take down the Trump presidency. The two writers rushing to be the first to break the story work for Politico, the publication that specializes in DC insidership. They rushed to be the first to note the case of the curious recusal. First was Sean Davis, whose tweet went up at 5:23 PM yesterday:.....

    Only 348 comments so far and rising....

    1. Now we begin to understand why Quirk is so often all fucked up -

      Noggins & Neurosis

      Brains & Disabilities

      Research: Superior IQs Associated With Mental And Physical Disorders

      ....Now there’s some bad news for people in the right tail of the IQ bell curve. In a study just published in the journal Intelligence, Pitzer College researcher Ruth Karpinski and her colleagues emailed a survey with questions about psychological and physiological disorders to members of Mensa. A “high IQ society”, Mensa requires that its members have an IQ in the top two percent. For most intelligence tests, this corresponds to an IQ of about 132 or higher. (The average IQ of the general population is 100.) The survey of Mensa’s highly intelligent members found that they were more likely to suffer from a range of serious disorders.

      The survey covered mood disorders (depression, dysthymia, and bipolar), anxiety disorders (generalized, social, and obsessive-compulsive), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism. It also covered environmental allergies, asthma, and autoimmune disorders. Respondents were asked to report whether they had ever been formally diagnosed with each disorder, or suspected they suffered from it. With a return rate of nearly 75%, Karpinski and colleagues compared the percentage of the 3,715 respondents who reported each disorder to the national average....

      Hyperactive dysthymia, generalized attention deficit hyperactive disorder, manic obsessive compulsive.....extraordinary bravery at times, especially when drinking to excess.....

    2. It explains what so many have said so often about Quirk:

      "How can someone some damned smart be so damned dumb at times ?"

    3. The Limp Dick Clan expounds on uts expanding universe of ignorance

    4. Castrato War Criminal can't speel gud

    5. And don't send me any more of your disgusting pictures.

      I wouldn't go out with you if you paid me, if you were the last 'man' on earth.

    6. Even your envelopes even smell like they haven't had a bath in months.


  30. .

    Conspiracy on the Potomac

    To my deep sorrow, the skills of a Kremlinologist – the people who specialized in interpreting small signs, such as who stood next to whom reviewing military parades in Red Square, to figure out the real power structure within the secretive upper ranks of the USSR – are necessary to figure out what is going on in the Deep State attempts to take down the Trump presidency.

    This sounds like something out of a Dan Brown novel right down to the 'symbologist' and the secret society.

    Is anyone else getting really tired of hearing about the Deep State, no names, simply a secret society of individuals and organizations that disagree with Trump, kinda like Doug's MSM meme except that the Deep State is said to have a secret handshake.

    The Illuminati failed to take down the papacy in The Di Vinci Code so they are now forced to settle for sloppy seconds while taking down Trump. If you listen long enough to Hannity, American Thinker, and the rest of Bob's key 'sources' you can be pretty sure you will soon be hearing about Templar assassins and The Old Man of the Mountain.

    The truth is the biggest criminals in D.C. right now are Trump, his minions, and the GOP in the House and Senate. They continue their efforts to commit highway robbery on the American public. Sadly, their budget and the tax cuts for the rich they are trying to push through are only Phase I in this crime.

    In addition to their reverse Robin Hood plan that takes $ billions from the poor and middle class and gives it to the rich and especially to the 1%, stripping healthcare from millions, taking away incentives for education from the young, etc., etc., etc., it's just the beginning.

    Before the final Senate vote approving a version of the tax plan, Trump was already indicating that his next goal was 'welfare reform,' read cuts in entitlements, the same entitlements he promised he wouldn't be cutting.

    Last week, Paul Ryan when pressured on how he would be able to absorb the huge debt resulting from the GOP tax plan, indicated they would be investigating all areas where costs could be cut and that might involve 'welfare reform'.

    For any with eyes to see, the GOP plan is downright transparent. Phase I, you install massive tax breaks for the rich and corporations and designate them permanent. Then you throw a few worthless trinkets, gewgaws, and baubles to the poor and middle class on a temporary basis. Finally, you label the entire farce a middle-class tax cut.

    Then for the money shot...

    Phase II (the Holy Grail of the GOP)

    When the bills start coming in, the supply-side fantasy doesn't work they wring their hands and say 'oh, boo hoo, we are going to have to make some cuts'. This will be where the poor and middle-class will really take it in the ass.


  31. Talk about taking it in the ass:

    GOOGLE SEARCH: Bitcoin

    About 245,000,000 results (0.41 seconds)

    Anything that can be created in the mind of a diode can be undone by a different mind in a similar diode. I think I'll pass.

  32. . .

    O my my my....

    How can someone so damned smart sound so damned dumb at times ?

  33. by Heather Wilhelm December 8, 2017 4:00 AM @heatherwilhelm

    Wealthy blue-state foes of the GOP tax bill face a harsh look in the mirror.

    Ah, the holiday season. It’s a magical time, bursting with joy and merriment, the laughter of children, jolly parties, twinkling lights, mildly terrifying mall-dwelling Santas . . . and the faint sounds of caterwauling blue-state politicians shrieking that the GOP tax bill signals the end of civilization as we know it. Can you hear it? Fire and brimstone! The weeping and gnashing of teeth! According to Nancy Pelosi, this reshuffling of government regulations amounts to “Armageddon” and “the worst bill in the history of the United States Congress.” California governor Jerry Brown labeled the tax bill “evil in the extreme.”

    According to Bernie Sanders, the proposal amounts to “class warfare” and “one of the greatest robberies in American history.” In terms of sheer melancholy drama, comedian Patton Oswalt might win the prize: Because of the GOP tax bill, “there’s no America now. Not the one we knew. Sorry, feeling real despair this morning.” Not to be outdone, the New York Times editorial board heaped scorn upon this supposed Scrooge-like attack on the poor: “Republican leaders’ primary goal is to enrich the country’s elite at the expense of everybody else, including future generations who will end up bearing the cost.”

    In additional comments, Jerry Brown — personally, I miss the days when he was known as “Governor Moonbeam,” that glorious nickname bestowed upon him by the late Chicago columnist Mike Royko — agreed: “Who’s to say that the rich need more money right now?” Ah, yes. Thank goodness for people like Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, the New York Times editorial board, and other blue-state stalwarts, whose No. 1 concern is to fight this pernicious money grab by a sinister, well-organized, and garishly wealthy elite!

    But hark, New York Times: What have we here? Why, it’s an analysis from your own news pages, dated December 5, with a doozy of a headline: “Among the Tax Bill’s Biggest Losers: High-Income, Blue State Taxpayers.”....

    Read more at:

    1. .

      “Republican leaders’ primary goal is to enrich the country’s elite at the expense of everybody else, including future generations who will end up bearing the cost.”

      How can anyone who has read key elements of the plan and who does not suffer from English major disease deny it?




  35. FARCE

    Whole Meuller 'team' made up of Hillary lackeys.


    1. FARCE

      You certainly are, Robert "Limp Dick" Peterson

  36. Deepening our understanding of Islam -

    Archeologists discover Jewish symbol inscribed on Early Islamic period coins, further falsifying the legend of Muhammad
    By Pamela Geller - on December 8, 2017

    How long before the Supreme Council of murdering mullahs declares a fatwa against the coin?

    Will islamophobic coinage never end? Robert Spencer writes:

    This supports the argument that I presented in my book Did Muhammad Exist?, that Islam was not presented to the world in complete form by a man named Muhammad, but began to appear only decades later than the traditional date for Muhammad’s death, and is an amalgam of material from multiple sources, principally Judaism and Christianity. For decades in the seventh century, it was in an inchoate state in terms of doctrine, even as Arab armies were conquering large swathes of the Middle East and North Africa. During that period, public buildings were inscribed with crosses, and coins featured crosses as well, along with, as we now see, menorahs. Islam was put together from disparate elements in order to provide a religion that would unify the new Arab empire. The new creed was martial and expansionist because it was crafted by warriors and for warriors.

    “Archeologists discover menorah inscribed on Early Islamic period coins,” by Daniel K. Eisenbud, Jerusalem Post, December 6, 2017:

    Researchers recently discovered that menorahs prominently adorned Muslim coins and vessels during the early Islamic period 1,300 years ago.

    Relics inscribed with the Jewish symbol dating to the Umayyad dynasty during the seventh-eighth centuries were found at various archeological sites in Israel and are now being exhibited to the public.

    Last year, archeologists Assaf Avraham of Bar-Ilan University, and Peretz Reuven of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem exposed an early Islamic inscription referring to the Dome of the Rock as “Beit al-Maqdis.” Jewish-Muslim influences in early days of Islam

    According to scholars, the “Nuba inscription,” as it is called, implies that in the early days of Islam, Muslims perceived the shrine as an Islamic version of the Temple of Solomon.

    Now, researchers are exposing further finds in Israel that constitute evidence of Jewish influences in the early days of Islam.

    “The Jewish symbol which the Muslims were using was the menorah [the gold seven-branch candelabra from the Temple], which appeared on several coins and other early Islamic artifacts,” said Avraham on Wednesday.

    “The menorah coins bear the Shahada Arabic inscription on one side: ‘There is no god but Allah,’ while the menorah appears in the center of the coin. The other side bears the inscription: ‘Muhammad [is the] messenger of God.’”

    In addition to the coins, the archeologists are presenting several pottery and lead vessels from the early Islamic period that also utilized the menorah symbol in their design.

    “They are dated to the early days of the Islamic caliphate, and were in use by Muslims,” said Avraham, noting that the finds are of great importance for understanding the history of Islam….


    1. Always looking back, Robert "Limp Dick" Peterson, and never forward.

      The future terrifies you ...

      You've looked into your own soul, and found yourself wanting.

      You never did ...

      Stand Tall

    2. George Papadopoulos' fiancee:
      He's a patriot, not a Trump campaign coffee boy

    3. Only those that know history are not condemned to repeat it, Limp Dick Castrato and Dead Beat Dad and War Criminal and JEW hater and LIAR.

      You deserve to be in prison.

      Thankfully the woman that 'dropped the kid' recognized that soon enough, and fled from you to Central America immediately after giving birth in the USA.

      Did you just verbally abuse her, or was it verbal and physical and sexual too ?

      If you had any brains you'd blown them out. They have never done you any good, and can really be said have ruined your life.


      That is a tracking of the information flows in you brain......round and round and round and round and round....endlessly, never ever generating any real thought.

      Get some sleep now.

      Give your noggin a rest.

      Though it won't do any good.

      You have never Stood Tall in your miserable hallucinatory life.

      So lay out flat.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Good Night to all the other good folks here, and Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah !!

  38. crapping rat doesn't even pay his $5 gambling debts.

    Such a man....

    So sad.

    1. Limp Dick ...

      Learn to take responsibilry for your actions.

      Your thieving

      Your inability to protect your family

      Your failure to admit to your part in the destruction of Kurdistan and making 160,000 Kurds homeless

      Your ability to keep Uncle Hank smiling, which is a failurw of your manhood, Limp Dick Peterson

  39. .

    Reasons for the Kate Steinle Verdict: Questionable Prosecution and the Law

    Op-ed in Politico...Views of an alternate juror...

    But why the manslaughter acquittal? Most of the confusion I've encountered has been over this part of the verdict, and it does seem to me personally that manslaughter is the appropriate charge for Steinle’s killing. However, given the evidence and the law presented in this trial, it is clear to me that the jury made the right decision.

    The involuntary manslaughter charge that the jury was read included two key requirements: 1) A crime was committed in the act that caused death; 2) The defendant acted with "criminal negligence"—he did something that an ordinary person would have known was likely to lead to someone's death.

    The jury members were not free to select the crime for part (1)—they had to use the one chosen by the prosecution, and the prosecution chose that crime to be the "brandishing," or waving with menace, of a weapon. As a juror, I found this choice puzzling, because the prosecutor presented absolutely zero evidence of brandishing during the trial. I don’t think we even heard the word “brandishing” until it was read as part of the charge during the jury instructions at the trial's end. No witnesses ever saw the defendant holding a gun, much less brandishing it. Given that baffling choice by the prosecution, the manslaughter charge was a nonstarter for the jury. Had a different precursor crime been chosen—for instance, the unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon—the outcome might have been different.


  40. .

    Bad Things Always Happen When One Party Controls All of Government

    From the Guardian newspaper,

    The GOP unmasked...

    "1. This bill is a Republican dream come true

    Critics of the $1.5tn tax cuts—on the left and the right – see it as a break with the conservative past, a sign that today’s Republican Party has been captured by mad dogs and rubes.

    But look at these names all signing a group letter in favor of the Republican tax cuts: Robert Barro, Michael Boskin, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Glenn Hubbard, Lawrence Lindsey, George Schultz, and others. It’s a who’s who of the Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush administrations—larded and laced with Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, and Stanford.

    One of the Republicans’ most notorious cuts – reducing or eliminating inheritance taxes on the rich – elicited this defense from Republican Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa:

    I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing, as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.

    It sounds crude, just the sort of impolitic thing today’s rabid Republican – as opposed to yesterday’s genteel conservative – would say.

    Till you remember that it was libertarian guru Ludwig von Mises (that “von” was there for a reason) who told Ayn Rand, inspiration to Paul Ryan and other conservatives:

    You have the courage to tell the masses what no politician told them: you are inferior and all the improvements in your conditions which you simply take for granted you owe to the effort of men who are better than you..."

    While it's clear now to anyone with eyes to see, it shall become crystal clear to all when the GOP Phase II takes place and we see who ends up paying the price for the GOP's profligacy in their Xmas gift to the rich.


    1. .