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Friday, December 29, 2017

6 Months of Media and Democrat Lying About the GOP Tax Bill Goes to the Test

Newt Gingrich: ‘The stage is being set’ for GOP landslide in 2018

Newt Gingrich said Thursday that Democrats are headed for a major political upset in 2018, mostly due to the mainstream media’s dishonesty and the party’s inability to learn from its own mistakes.

“The great political surprise of 2018 will be the size of the Republican victory,” the former Republican House Speaker wrote in a column for Fox News. “After members of the elite media have spent two years savaging President Trump, lying about Republican legislation, and reassuring themselves that Republican defeat was inevitable, the size of the GOP victory in 2018 will be an enormous shock.”
Mr. Gingrich said the most glaring example of “fake news” is the media’s handling of the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which he said will be “the 2018 proving ground of media liberal bias and dishonesty.”

“First, the media lied about the tax bill in an effort to convince most Americans their taxes would go up,” he wrote. “Then, the media took surveys of people who opposed the GOP bill based on the false information supplied by the media. Then, the media talked again and again about how unpopular the Republican plan was and how it was going to weaken Republican candidates in 2018. Then, the bill passed, and unsurprisingly, it turned out to be dramatically better for Americans than the elite media had described.”

Mr. Gingrich cited a recent CBS News report that interviewed three different families about their initial impressions of the GOP tax bill, which Mr. Trump signed into law last week. All three families believed they either wouldn’t be affected or would have to pay more under the tax plan, only to be told that they would actually be paying significantly less. In fact, CBS News reported that “most Americans” will get a tax cut next year under the plan. Mr. Gingrich said the report is just one example of how the media’s attempts to paint the tax bill as a tax hike on the middle class have negatively shaped public opinion.

“The gap between the news media falsehoods and the dramatically better reality of the GOP tax cuts will have three huge effects on the 2018 campaign,” Mr. Gingrich wrote.

First, he said the American people will be swayed by the Republican Party’s ability to follow through on its promises. Second, an increasing number of people will come to distrust the media after they compare their personal experiences with its “fake reporting and endless bias.” And lastly, the Democrats who voted against the bill “will live to regret it” and face major political upsets in the states that Mr. Trump won in 2016, Mr. Gingrich wrote.

“The stage is being set for a definitive election,” he said.

“Do you want higher taxes, bigger bureaucracy, more power in Washington, and a smaller economy with lower take-home pay and fewer jobs? If yes, vote Democrat, because that is what they stand for and will continue to vote for next year,” he continued. “If you want a bigger economy, more jobs, more take-home pay, less power with Washington bureaucrats, and lower taxes with more money in your pocket, then vote Republican.”

“If Republicans can learn to tell the truth better than the elite media and Democrats lie, the GOP will win an astonishing victory in 2018,” Mr. Gingrich concluded.


  1. We will need to hire a minder for poor disordered angry Quirk lest he become a danger to himself or others.

  2. A gunman opened fire outside a Coptic church south of Cairo, killing at least nine people and wounding at keast five others before being shot dead by police.

    The incident took place at the Mar Mina church in the Helwan district on the capital’s southern outskirts, according to Egypt’s health ministry. The state-run MENA news agency cited an unnamed official at the interior ministry as saying a second assailant had fled the scene.

    At least one police officer was among those killed in the attack, local media reported.

    Mobile phone footage posted on social media appeared to show a man wearing a bulky ammunition vest sprawled on a street as people restrained and then handcuffed him.

    The Islamic State’s affiliate in Egypt has killed dozens of Christians in church bombings and shootings over the past year, and has threatened further attacks.

    Egypt’s Coptic Christians make up about 10% of the country’s 93 million people, and are the largest religious minority in the region.

    Isis claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing of a Cairo church in December 2016 and attacks on two churches north of the capital in April. A month later, Isis gunmen shot dead about 30 Christians south of Cairo as they travelled to a monastery.

    The jihadis are also believed to have carried out a massacre of Muslim worshippers in Sinai last month, killing more than 300 in an attack on a mosque associated with the Sufi strand of Islam, which Isis views as heretical.

  3. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Europeans are “asserting their will” by supporting leaders who reject mass migration and support Christian foundations, and gave a warning to politicians who deny the “natural order of democracy”.

    The conservative Fidesz party leader told Kossuth Radio’s listeners that 2.3 million Hungarians took part in the national consultation against the George Soros-backed pro-mass migration plan, and Mr. Orbán now intends to spend the next few months convincing his opponents that Europe is right to protect her borders and her culture.

    Asked by the 180 Minutes host what made him think that after two years, since the migrant crisis, progressive leaders would listen now, Mr. Orbán said: “Because in the meantime elections are being held in Europe.”

    Those who argue for a “mixed population” and to “abolish societies based on national and Christian foundations” in favour of living in multicultural societies “are continually losing ground in national elections”, he observed.

    “European people… will assert their will. Look at the elections that have been held in Europe over the last few months. And I think that this process will intensify.


  4. A landslide for the Grand Old Pedophiles!!!

    Not likely

    In fact the idea is ...


    Just sayin" ...
    Based upon the recent results in Alabama, Virvinia and PA.


      2018 ELECTION

      College-educated women are increasingly abandoning the "damaged" Republican Party as part of a backlash against President Donald Trump and the party's backing of an alleged child molester for Senate—and the shift could mean big trouble for Republican candidates in the midterms.

      Democrats in Congress currently boast a 20-point lead over Republicans with women and an even larger 32-point lead among college-educated women,
      according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll conducted December 13-15.

    2. The Republicans will not be able to run away from the Sexual Molestation charges.

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson tells us grown men dating 14 year olds is an ingrained part of the Christian Culture of the Grand Old Pedophiles.

      There will be a 'backlash'.

    3. Unlike the paragons of virtue in the Democratic Party and Democratic media?

      * Bill Clinton

      * Anthony Weiner

      * Al Franken

      * John Conyers

      * Bob Filner

      * Raul Bocanegra

      * Charlie Rose

      * Glenn Thrush

      * David Corn

      * Michael Oreskes

      * Leon Wieseltier

      * Mark Halperin

      Will the Democrats be able to run away from that? Will there be a backlash?

    4. They can use Matt Lauer as their spokesman.


    5. I have never said such a thing, Liar and War Criminal.

      I said DATING younger women in the South such as Alabama was something more or less culturally accepted in those days. In Idaho the age of consent used to be 16....I think it may still be so, though the legal age of something or other was raised back some many years ago. Maybe it was the drinking age.....

      The South had an outlook of civility to women, at least in theory, who rarely fled back to Central America immediately after giving birth in a US hospital.

      She had obviously been badly mistreated, Dead Beat Dad, by YOU, the father.

      Deuce has asked us to knock it off. I try to comply. You seem not to be able to contain your bitterness and aggressive instincts.

      Please try harder.

  5. .

    There is a difference.

    The Dems realized early that this 'me to' thing would grow, at least in the short run, and they decided to play that card. Leadership and the DNC has come out condemning it and the accused have for the most part have decided.

    The GOP on the other hand, from the president on down, have been less forthcoming in condemning it and the accused continue to deny the charges.

    And I'm merely talking the political reality here.


    1. .

      ...the accused have for the most part departed.


    2. It is always a good thing to talk political reality rather than to spin out to lululand, by accusing the President of being, O I don't know, perhaps a PSYCHOPATH or something.

    3. .


      Actually, I believe the correct term for his conditions these days would be anti-social personality disorder. It's a polite way of avoiding the term 'nutz'. The term encompasses both psychopathy and sociopathy which have some traits in common, lack of empathy for instance, but also some traits that are distinct to the two conditions. In choosing the term psychopath, there was some subjectivity involved but I believe it most closely describes Trump's condition.


  6. .

    We will need to hire a minder for poor disordered angry Quirk lest he become a danger to himself or others.

    Once again, the faux farmer offers us his views through his own special selective and distorted lens.

    Regardless, of the results of the 2018 elections my views of Trump, the Trump administration, and the GOP majority will very likely remain the same as today.

    I can’t predict what will happen in the 2018 elections as there are a number of variables that come into play. The Dems are at a distinct disadvantage in the Senate because they have so many more seats to defend than the GOP. It will be hard for them to take over the Senate. In the House, history is on their side in that the party in power usually loses seats in the mid-terms; however, the GOP currently has a forty-something advantage there. The Dems would have to pick up about 25 seats there to take over. Not impossible but a tough row to hoe, nonetheless.

    That said, in IMHO, Gingrich has been drinking the Kickapoo joy juice again when he suggests a massive win by the GOP. I don’t see it. He is basing that on positive results from the tax cuts which may occur in the short term. Whether that is enough to swing many votes could be problematical for the GOP.

    Trump’s support among his base (white, non-college educated, poor, and to some degree nativist) is still strong as indicated by the 1/3 supporting him in the polls. He seems to have lost support among the young and white women. Trump has become such a dominant figure in the GOP, it is likely that as Trump goes so goes the party.

    Would I like to see the Dems take over either the House or Senate? Of course. I felt the same when the Dems had complete control of the government under Obama. One party rule is a formula for misery especially at a time when the country is so polarized. ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ We’ve seen that maxim play out in the last two administrations.


    1. .

      As to the Idaho Spud’s point, it is hardly likely my animus for Trump and the GOP can grow from the point it is right now. My contempt for the man should be well known here so there is little point in repeating the reasons.

      As for the GOP, Trump was a gift to the GOP leadership as he allowed them to accomplish their decades old dream of creating a laissez fair economy and an entrenched oligarchy to rule it, the concerns of the ordinary American be damned. At this point, it is hard to determine who controls who, Trump or the sycophantic mandarins in Congress and the administration who indulgently cow tow to Trump in order to get their own schemes passed.


  7. riday on Rush Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated radio show, conservative commentator Mark Steyn filling in for Limbaugh argued that there was much hanging in the balance for President Donald Trump regarding his immigration policy.

    Steyn credited Trump’s bold stand on immigration for getting him elected but said that presidency would “stand or fall” on how he handles immigration.

    “[T]here’s a lobby — there’s lobbies for everything in this country,” Steyn said. “And there’s a strong lobby for illegal immigration. There’s a strong lobby for refugees, which again is a completely fraudulent operation by and large. Trump won because a significant were serious about building a wall, about ending illegal immigration and about doing something about people who walk into this country illegally, stay here illegally, take jobs illegally, get driver’s licenses illegally, use Social Security numbers illegally. And at some point … I would have liked him to hold the inauguration ceremony on the southern border and for it to culminate after the oath of office with him ceremonial laying the brick in the wall. But in the end, his presidency will stand or fall on how he tackles immigration.”

    The illegal immigrant policy is simple to fix. Fine employers per illegal employee.

  8. Replies
    1. Perhaps if Iran were not fucking around in there this would not be happening ?

    2. We hanged the guy who was best suitred to balance Iran.

    3. .

      Perhaps if Iran were not fucking around in there this would not be happening ?

      Damn, Bob, try and keep up.

      The problems in Yemen were all internal before the Houthi started getting the upper hand there and booted out Saudi Arabia's figurehead. Since then it been a full fledged assault by SA and it's allies including the US including bombing of civilian populations and cutting off all shipments of medicine and food in order to starve the population and drive them into submission. Western companies are getting rich supplying arms for the war.

      The Saudis wouldn't be able to keep conducting the war without the complicity of the US in supplying arms and providing intel and flight coordination. Hell, the US would we would still be supplying cluster bombs to the Saudis if it hadn't become public knowledge and we were condemned for it.

      Wake up and smell the coffee.


    4. Wasn't an Iranian manufactured missile recently launched from Yemen, which is a dog's rear end of a place though it does have "location. location, location" as they say in the real estate business, into the main air port in Saudi Arabia ?

      It exploded too in a big bang.

      How did this occur, how did it happen ?

      Many thinking people are asking.

    5. I wish to apologize to the canines of the world for my characterization of Yemen.

      I wasn't trying to be offensive .

    6. Who did the targeting of that missile ?

      Some Yemeni peasant ?

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.


    8. U.S. Central Command in Tampa announced Wednesday that in 2017, U.S. ground troops conducted "multiple ground operations and more than 120 airstrikes" in Yemen.


    9. QuirkFri Dec 29, 07:26:00 PM EST

      Bob, you are a nitwit.

      The Saudi slaughter with Arab League and US support has been going on for two years now with up to 15,000 Yemeni killed by the Saudi bombing of civilians and with countless more dying of starvation and disease because of the Saudi coalition blockade of the country, yet, you whine that it is Iran's fault because over the last two months, two ballistic missiles where launched into Saudi Arabia. That's one missile a month.

      Are you really that dense?

      Simply because the US and SA accuse Iran, you accept that Iran supplied the missiles recently fired at SA and that the Houthi are too stupid to fire the missiles.

      Some Yemeni peasant?

      Do you know how stupid you sound? How friggin racist?

      You ignore the fact that the Houthi have been launching the occasional missile into SA since 2014. You ignore the fact that they produce their own missiles. You forget that Russian sources have indicated that at least one of those earlier missile launches appeared to be of one of the older Russian-made Scud missiles.

      You ignore that the Yemen Defense Ministry (in referring to the November 4 missile attack) said it "shook the Saudi capital" and the operation was successful and that the attack was conducted using a Yemeni-made, long-range missile called the Burqan 2H.

      You ignore that over a two year period, the Houthi drove the Saudi puppet regime out of the country. They took over the capital. They control a big chunk of the country. Between them and the al Qaeda controlled territory over half the country is now denied to Hadi loyalists. You ignore that these 'peasants' have fought to a standstill the combined forces of Saudi Arabia, the Arab League coalition, the US, UK, and France, and the western arms suppliers.

      Here, try and get a little background info before opening mouth and sticking in foot.


  9. Here is an excellent article about the true state of affairs in the middle East concerning:

    The Islamic Brew of Racism, Apartheid, and Slavery

    Eileen Toplansky

    American Thinker

    There is one anti-Semite here who has continually posted lies concerning Israel in this regard.

    1. Quote even one of those alledged lies Robert "Bank Fraudster" Peterson

      I know you support Christian pedophilia.

      Excusing the Culture of Republican Pedophiles.
      Which must be alive and well in Idaho, even if it was rejected by the majority of Alabamians that bothered to vote.

    2. Telling us that if momma thought it was alright, Christian Culture says the 14 year old girl's ripe.

      You really are a pig, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    3. War Criminal Dead Beat Dad Wife Abuser AntiSemite Liar etc etc

    4. Christian Culture, which you know nothing about, Jack, certainly doesn't say that, I certainly have not said it did, and you are a truly sick man.

      Get some help, as most here have advised you to do.

      Try harder to control yourself too and quite making your messes in a public forum.

    5. The only culture I can think of that approves of such a thing would be the 'culture' of the muzzies, whom you Jack have often approved as being superior to, say, the Jewish.

    6. YOU Jack have said:

      "The Jews are the scum of the earth"

      Therefore it is clear you prefer the culture of the muzzies to that of the Jews, Jack.

      Get help.

    7. And, kindly leave me alone in the future.

  10. It was the Pirates who prevented America from going Metric, bless them.


  11. I wonder when the media will start calling The Donald "Prince Tiny Hands" ?

    I see it all over lefty blogs now.

  12. Police are investigating an aggravated rape in Malmö in the early hours of Friday.

    "We suspect more than one perpetrator was involved," said Mats Karlsson, deputy police chief in Malmö, at a press conference on Friday morning, but added that the investigation is still in its early stages.

    It is the fourth attack in two months following a similar pattern – one woman attacked outside by more than one person, and police have called in a national group specializing in criminal profiling.

    The Swedish police in Malmö need a specialist in criminal profiling? Perhaps I can help pro bono:

    1. Males under 30

    2. None have a Swedish accent

    3. None are blonde

    4. None have a job

    5. Dark complexion

    6. None were baptized

    7. None had pork and sauerkraut in the past 14 years

    8. All of them could relate to the words of Barack Hussein Obama when he recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent, describing the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

    9. None have blue eyes

    1. The story of Malmö

      How a post-industrial city reinvented itself as a dynamic knowledge centre built on cultural diversity, youth and sustainable development.

      Inclusion in a diverse city

      What does Malmö city do to make everybody feel secure and ensure that everybody is given the same opportunities regardless of culturell or religious background? It is largely about collaborations for social sustainability, but also targeted initiatives when those are required.

      Sustainable Malmö

      Progressive eco-friendly development projects and multi-stakeholder social initiatives to promote health and well-being have put Malmö on the map as one of Northern Europe’s most sustainable cities.

      The young and global city

      Malmö is highly diverse, both culturally and socially. The city’s inhabitants come from around 170 countries and speak a total of 150 languages.

      City of Malmö as an employer

      The City of Malmö is a large regional employer with a strong profile in social welfare and sustainable development and a commitment to providing high-quality services.


      Malmö works to deliver inclusive education services – from playgroups and preschools to higher education – that provide a sound platform for lifelong learning.

    2. Police in the south of Sweden are probing possible arson after US electric car giant Tesla’s new building in Malmö was damaged in a fire less than a day after it opened.

      Along with the building, cars and other inventory were damaged in the fire on Boplatsgatan, with smoke damage causing most of the problems.

      “Cars sitting in the service room and showroom suffered smoke damage,” Joel Johansson from the emergency services in the south of Sweden told news agency TT.

      Tesla only opened the new service centre’s doors to the public on Thursday, their third in Sweden following previously opened locations in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

      The fire took less than two hours to extinguish after the alarm was raised at 8.30pm. The building is now cordoned off pending a forensic investigation.

      The fire is currently classed as suspected arson, but police said that can change once the cause is properly identified.

      “It’s quite normal that we classify it as such. Then the investigation will reveal what has actually happened,” Mikael Karlsson from Malmö police told local newspaper Sydsvenskan.


      Let me know if you need some profiling on who may have done this.

  13. Demonstrators in Malmö called on Sweden's government to do more as they held a protest against alleged rapes in the city as well as acquittals in a case from Stockholm suburb Fittja.

    The demonstration was attended by hundreds and arranged by medical student Camilla Lundgren.

    Speaking with The Local, Lundgren reiterated the protesters' demands that the Swedish government take responsibility as the "feminist government it claims to be" and introduce "substantial changes" in Sweden's judicial system and raise conviction rates as well as lengthening jail times.

    Lundgren said she had received an "enormous response from the public" following the demonstration but had "not received any response or feedback from political figures yet".

    The demonstration was planned a week in advance when it started to become clear that some of the accused men in the Fittja case would be acquitted.


      A Swedish court has acquitted five men accused of raping a woman and being complicit in her rape in Stockholm suburb Fittja in 2016, saying there was insufficient evidence to convict them of the crimes.

      Södertörn District Court on Tuesday said that the men – three of whom were charged with aggravated rape and two with complicity in rape – would also not have to pay any damages as they had been acquitted of the acts alleged to have taken place in the summer of 2016.

      According to the court document which The Local has seen, the two men acquitted of complicity in rape had been accused of filming the incident, but despite a large number of mobile telephones being searched "videos of the incident were not found, and therefore not presented to the court".

      Video evidence from CCTV and images from the stairwell where the rape is alleged to have taken place were however used in the trial, as well as witness accounts. The three men accused of rape acknowledged that they had sex with the woman, but insisted that it was voluntary.

      And while it "was been established the woman had injuries after the incident in the form of skin discoloration and scrapes, the origin of or reason for them could not be established" the court's summary of the trial states.