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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Wake Up!

Merkel Calls on Refugees to Respect German Values, Laws

BERLIN (Sputnik) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on refugees on Saturday to respect German laws and values and show interest in the German lifestyle.

"We expect that people who have come to us will abide by our laws and show some interest in our way of life," Merkel told Syrian journalist Hamdi Kassar in a daily podcast on the chancellor's official website.

The chancellor added that those seeking security in Germany had to respect German values and stressed that Germans, in turn, should show openness.
"We know very few things about Syria… Iraq or African countries. We should perceive this as an opportunity to learn something more [about them]," Merkel said.

Germany faced an influx of refugees, as it has been the key destination for hundreds of thousands of migrants coming to Europe since the country announced an open-door refugee policy in the fall of 2015. According to the German Interior Ministry, some 280,000 refugees came to Germany in 2016, which is lower than the 890,000 arrivals recorded in the previous year. The majority of the asylum seekers are from Syria and Afghanistan.

Europes Future Scientists, Doctors, Scholars and Cultural Saviors Arrive Ready for Business:


  1. There is something seriously wrong with the Liberal mind.

  2. They are not listening. Reason escapes them. Logic is perverse. It's time for a gun fight. Nothing else will work.

  3. The problem is the same around the world.

    Here is how China is currently reacting:

    So China is basically banning Islam in one western province

    All I want to do is keep any more of them from entering the USA.

  4. Proving that Democrats are idiots everywhere:

    Montana Democrats vote against bill banning Sharia, call it “repugnant”


    Do they even know what Sharia is? Almost certainly not. They’ve just been told that to oppose it is “racist,” and that’s good enough for them. Stonings, amputations, the institutionalized degradation of women and non-Muslims, the denial of the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience — what’s not to like?

    “Montana Democrats Vote Against Bill Banning Sharia Law, Call It ‘Repugnant,’” by Ben Kew, Breitbart, March 31, 2017:

    Democrats in Montana have opposed a bill banning the use of foreign law in its state courts on the grounds that such legislation would target Muslims.

    Senate Bill 97, introduced by Keith Regier (R-Kalispell) bans the application of foreign law in Montana’s courts, with the debate particularly focused on Sharia Law, a form of Islamic law typically used in the Middle East.

    Although the bill passed on party lines by 56-44, Democrats claimed it was designed to target Muslim communities.

    “I think it sends a dangerous message to minority groups both here living in our state and wanting to come visit our state, just merely on the fact that you may be different,” said Rep. Shane Morigeau, D-Missoula, while debating the bill. “I truly believe this law is repugnant. I believe this is not who we are as Montanans.”

    Meanwhile, Rep. Ellie Hill Smith (D-Missoula) proposed a failed amendment to the bill to include a ban on both Sharia Law and the Law of Moses, in order to “show the state of Montana that it is not just about Islamic Law.”

    “The courts have said that laws that single out certain religions violate the First Amendment,” Smith said, claiming that it was “peppered with anti-Muslim bigotry.”

    Another Democrat, Rep. Laurie Bishop (D-Livingston) urged legislators “not to forget the roots of this bill,” adding that “our children are watching.”

    Meanwhile, Rep. Brad Tschida (R-Missoula) said the bill was an attempt to push back against a “constitution [that] is constantly under assault.”…

  5. Montana looks a lot like Afghanistan but greener. I can hardly wait to see the travel promotions.

    1. When's the last time you saw a Big Bud in Afghanistan ? :

      A lovely place, believe me, that goes on forever, and O the mountains and fishing.

      Alas it does have a number of idiot Democrats.

  6. Poland will not yield to ‘blackmail’ over refugees: PM
    28.03.2017 16:55

    Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło has said that the European Union’s migration policy has proved to be a failure, adding that her country will not be “blackmailed” into taking in refugees.

    Speaking after a meeting in Warsaw with her counterparts from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, Szydło slammed EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos for telling the bloc’s interior ministers that there should be "no more excuses" and "no more talk about relocation, but delivery."

    Szydło also referred to a statement by the German interior minister, who said that the European Commission “must ensure the law [on refugees] is respected and has the tools to do so.”

    Szydło said such statements are “a misunderstanding and a blackmail attempt”.

    “The Visegrad group, including Poland, will never agree to blackmail and will not agree to such terms being dictated to them,” she said.

  7. 85 000 refusals of entry

    The Belarusian-Polish border has been the gate into Europe for the Chechens since the nineties, when Chechnya was ravaged by civil war. This is also through where they escape from Ramzan Kadyrov’s regime. But since the end of 2015, the Polish Border Guard has allowed only a few people to submit their refugee status application. For about 7 thousand applications accepted from Chechens in 2016 there were also about 85 thousand refusals of entry, four times as many as in the year before. Human rights advocates alarm of cases of manipulation during interviews conducted by the Border Guard.

  8. 28.03.2017 12:23

    Poland will not agree to the EU’s system for relocating refugees, a deputy PM has said after the EU’s migration chief last week warned the European Commission had “the tools and the power” to ensure member states would accommodate migrants.

  9. The US and the UK started and inflamed this ghastly business with multiple regime changes and twenty years of wars against Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria. It has a disaster.

  10. Poland increasingly at odds with EU
    By Dale R. Herspring
    March 19, 2017

    Only someone who has lived in Poland and dealt extensively with Poles could hope to understand the current political battle involving the Polish government and the election of Poland’s former president, Donald Tusk, as president of the European Council. I cannot find a case in which a member of the European Union fought has so hard against the election of one of its own citizens to the influential position of EU Council President. It is considered a great honor both for the individual and the country he or she represents. However, Tusk was elected EU president on March 9 despite opposition from his own government.

    Poland is currently governed by the Law and Justice Party, an extremely conservative party by European standards. Indeed, the Polish Foreign Ministry took the unprecedented step of nominating Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, a member of parliament from Tusk’s center-right Civic Platform Party, for EU President. The ministry considered Tusk “a German candidate.”

    Anti-German sentiment remains strong in parts of Poland. Also, notably, Poland has steadfastly refused to have anything to do with the EU’s resettlement of Middle Eastern refugees as required by Brussels. Warsaw strongly believes that Poland should remain Polish and that its national identity should not be diluted by a mixture of other nationalities, especially those from the Middle East. Polish money should be spent on Poles.

    1. Polish 'brights' are to be found in Poland, Polish 'dims' in Michigan.

    2. .


      The Poles refusal to accept these refugees is understandable especially given the EU dictates and the screwed up refugee policy there.

      The being said, when it comes to the refugee policy, the Poles especially the current right wing regime there are flaming hypocrites.

      The Poles have been a refugee 'sending' country for the better part of a century. They've been a resource for most of the countries in Europe looking for cheap labor. As for the refugees coming to Poland, for the most part Poland acted as a transit country with refugees passing through Poland on their way to other countries were the opportunities were better.

      When Poland joined the EU, the flow of refugees 'out of' of Poland became a flood. Britain ended up with almost 900,000 refugees from Poland. With births since, there are over a million Poles in the UK. Polish is the second largest language spoken in the UK. It's the third largest language spoken in the EU.

      At a minimum, the Poles are hypocrites complaining about the EU policies. As for the right wing government there, they are simply profiting off the xenophobia spreading through a large percentage of the EU.

      As for Michigan, we have successfully accepted and integrated refugees from Poland, Europe, and every other country in the world including those from primarily Muslim countries.

      The fact that certain hicks from Idaho can't understand that simple fact isn't surprising. It could have something to the hate sites they haunt.


    3. Nonsense. Unlike most of western Europe, Poland suffered under a 25 year occupation by Russia and enforced communism.

      The charge that Poland caused refugees for a century has no basis in fact. Poland has been sliced and diced by its neighbors
      for most of the 19th century. In the 20th century, Poland was not restored as a nation until 1918.

      Immigrants from areas reunited into Poland "flooded" into the US with stamped passports, registered in ledgers on Ellis Island, processed by the US government and then welcomed to the mines and industrial plants in the US North East.

      You seem to have a problem distinguishing a refugee from an immigrant.

      German and Russian aggression and war against Poland caused incalculable economic damage to Poland.

      Poland has to be compared with East Germany to make a rational comparison. I suggest you brush up on economic support provided by West Germany to East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall, including the extraordinary measure of declaring parity to the East and West German Mark.

      The EU is a French and German construct. It is based on a free flow of capital and labor When Poland was invited to join the EU, the "flood" of Poles into the UK and the EU was a demand pull. It was a fire sales for educated, skilled hard working people.

      Your focus on Britain is strange. After Poland was defeated by the Nazis and then the invasion by the Russians, Poland set up a government in exile in Britain at the request of the UK. The Brits needed the Polish Air Force in the Battle of Britain. Polish ground troops were with Montgomery at Tobruk and later at Monte Casino in Sicily.

      Polish paratroopers participated in brigade strength in the Allied invasion of Europe and in division strength in the invasion and defeat of Germany. In fact, Poland provided the fourth largest force in the European campaignn

      All that said, that contribution to Britain was paltry compared to the Polish contribution to the "English" Enigma program.

      England and the UK owe Poland big time.

      The "xenophobia" spreading throughout Europe is based not on needy "refugees" flooding Europe, but by an invasion of African and Muslim males, 20-30s, who are opportunists.

      Poland owes them nothing.

    4. An Immigrant is an individual who leaves one’s country to settle in another, whereas refugees are defined as persons, who move out of one’s country due to restriction or danger to their lives.

      Immigration is considered a natural phenomenon in population ecology, whereas the refugee movement occurs only under some kind of coercion or pressure.

    5. .

      The charge that Poland caused refugees for a century has no basis in fact.

      Sorry, sloppy wording on my part. The outflow of Poles to other European countries and the UK was obviously a matter of emigration rather than refugees especially given the EU's open border policy.

      The rest of my argument stands.

      You seem to have a problem distinguishing a refugee from an immigrant.

      No, I don't. As I said it was sloppiness on my part for which I have apologized.

      As for your history lesson, it's irrelevant to the discussion and the point I was making to Bob.
      I am painfully aware of what Poland has been through during its 11 century history. However, talking about the pain Poland suffered in WWII has jack shit to the right wing xenophopia expressed there today.

      An Immigrant is an individual who leaves one’s country to settle in another, whereas refugees are defined as persons, who move out of one’s country due to restriction or danger to their lives.

      As noted above, the point of my post was the hypocrisy of Poland's views on refugees given Poland's history of 'emigration' not Polish 'immigration'.


  11. Seriously?

    Israeli groups open school for Syrian refugees in Greece

    Israeli humanitarian group works on an initiative to build a school for children of Syrian refugees living in a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

    Gili Eliyahu Adler|Published: 24.03.17 , 09:56

    To an outsider, the Israelis who disembarked from a flight in early March from Ben Gurion Airport to Athens were regular tourists. Most of them were, but five were on a confidential mission: To build a school for children of Syrian refugees living in a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

    Israel’s humanitarian aid to victims of the Syrian Civil War has been well documented. Dozens of Syrian combatants and civilians have been treated at Ziv Medical Center in Safed, and a rash of Israeli relief organizations have conducted fund raising drives to ensure that refugees have sufficient food, clothes, medical supplies and more.

    1. .

      Which is better, Israelis opening schools or Saudis opening madrassas?


  12. I'm all in on Israelis opening schools. I only find the selection of a refugee island in Greece to be bizarre. The Israeli schools will have intellectual integrity and will not be for purposes of religious propaganda. Considering where Israel is located and what is going on in and around their borders, the location of a refugee school on a Greek Island appears to me to be nothing more than public relations.

    I see no relevance to Saudi madrassas. The madrassas will have no intellectual integrity. They do not belong anywhere.They are not for purposes of anything more than subversion and aggression against modernism. They are sinister and a source of evil and suppression of women. In practice, they make pedophilia by catholic priests look like jr. little league compared to the Islamic big leagues of molestation, rape, seduction and sodomization of young boys.

    1. .

      I see no relevance to Saudi madrassas.

      I do. SA has been funding mosques and madrassas for decades in order to proselytize and spread the radical religion encompassed in Wahabbism. As a response to the refugee crisis in the EU, SA volunteered $200 million to the refugee effort, $200 million to build madrassas and mosques for the incoming refugees.

      Anything the Israelis or any other country or religion does to offset the spread of that philosophy I consider a good thing.


  13. On the subject at hand:

    There is a simple way to sort this out. When and wherever these "refugees" arrive, they should be sorted by accompanied families and processed as normal.

    1. All single unaccompanied males under 35, would be met by military recruiters and processed for three years of military service

    2. Those unfit for military service would be returned to where they came

    3. Recruit status fit for duty, go onto military induction

    4. Any fallout for any reason, they get a ticket home

    5. Advanced screening would be conducted with military liaison from the country of origin military, those failing, go home

    6. Those who successfully finish basic training, go onto to occupation status and training including language, washouts at any stage, go home

    7. Post graduation, Integration into military in either their country of origin or special units within EU armies follows

    8. Those completing military service with an honorable discharge would be given a path to citizenship in any country that wants them

  14. Am emigrant is one who leaves one's country, an immigrant is one who enters that of another.

    Thus, the title of The Great Movie is

    The Emigrants


    In 1844 in the Swedish province of Småland, the Nilsson family lives in Ljuder Parish a small farm in the woods at Korpamoen. The eldest son, Karl Oskar, inherits the farm from his father Nils, after meeting a young girl named Kristina Johansdotter, who becomes his bride. She moves to Korpamoen to live with him and his parents. In the following years, Karl Oskar and Kristina start a family, starting with a daughter, Anna, followed by Johan, Marta and Harald. The family struggles with poor weather and harvests and hunger. Karl Oskar's rebellious younger brother Robert first comes across the idea of emigrating to America, tired of being treated poorly as a farmhand. He first asks his friend Arvid, another farmhand at Nybacken to come along with him, who eagerly agrees to do so, but the pair's hopes are dashed when they realize they do not have the money needed for their passage. Robert confronts Karl Oskar about selling his share of the farm in order to afford the passage, only to find out that Karl Oskar himself had been considering the idea of moving his family to the United States. Despite the offerings of a better life, Kristina adamantly rejects the notion, not wanting to leave her homeland as well as being fearful of risking the lives of their four young children on the ocean.

    However, the family loses Anna to hunger. Devastated by this loss, Kristina agrees to Karl Oskar's plan to emigrate to the United States, and they begin making preparations for the journey. Meanwhile, Kristina's uncle Danjel Andreasson comes into conflict with the parish clergy for preaching in his home the teachings of the Akian sect to which he belongs. This leads to him, his wife Inga Lena, and their four young children being exiled from Sweden. After this, Danjel arrives at Korpamoen to join the emigration party. Danjel also plans to bring two of his followers to America as well, Ulrika of Vastergohl, a former prostitute, and her sixteen-year-old daughter Elin. Robert persuades Danjel to hire Arvid and pay his fare to America. Not long afterwards, a friend and neighbor of Karl Oskar, Ulas Petterson, also expresses an interest of going with them to North America as an escape from his unhappy marriage. The night before their departure, Kristina reveals to Karl Oskar that she is expecting another child. The party travels south from Korpamoen to the port city of Karlshamn, where they board the wooden brig Charlotta, which is bound for New York City. On board, Karl Oskar and Kristina meet Mans and Fina Kajsa Andersson, an elderly couple heading for the Minnesota Territory, where they plan to settle on their son's farm near a town called Taylor's Falls. After hearing how good the land is there, Karl Oskar and Kristina decide to follow them to Minnesota. During the voyage, Inga Lena and Mans Andersson die of sudden illnesses, which nearly claims Kristina as well.

    Upon their arrival in New York, Karl Oskar and his party along with Fina Kajsa begin the long journey westward to Minnesota, first by train, then by riverboat.....

    In a wonderful scene, a blizzard comes up, and the father knows the son is not going to make it.

    He slays the ox, disembowels it, puts the little boy inside, up in the heart lung cavity, and makes it to the farm himself, coming back to retrieve the child the next day, who is just fine.

    1. Too long and boring for the attention spans of some these days, but O so true to the way it really was among the Swedish groups.....

    2. 'primogeniture populated the New World'

      Search Results
      the state of being the firstborn child.
      the right of succession belonging to the firstborn child, especially the feudal rule by which the whole real estate of an intestate passed to the eldest son.
      noun: right of primogeniture; plural noun: rights of primogeniture

      Precisely, exactly the reason my grandfather got the hell out, and Robert in the movie too....

      Robert first comes across the idea of emigrating to America, tired of being treated poorly as a farmhand

      Primogeniture wasn't usually an all or nothing deal, as I understand it, but a lesser share.

      My grandfather went to Stockholm with a few others and swept street with a broom for two years to get money enough for passage.

      Came through Ellis Island, then to northern Illinois, worked on a farm our of Rockford, then out his way.

      The area of Sweden he left, Malmo, is now mooslim central in Sweden, where the women are in hiding for fear of being raped by the savages.

    3. Rockford, Illinois is still the most Swedish city in the USA, according to the last I report about the place that I read. Definitely getting watered down these days though.

      Always wanted to drive through there on our travels but so far we have always missed the opportunity.

      Still hoping to do so.

    4. Always wanted a ride with Rockford in his Firebird.

      Wife has the series on disc, I should look for it.

  15. We should all salute Quirk for taking time to comment here in the midst of the magnificent work he is doing at the LA Times:

  16. This is the first of a four part work:

    Our Dishonest President

    Coming Monday

    Coming Tuesday

    Coming Wednesday

    Truly epic, don't miss it!

    1. I'm hoping we are finally finished with that Lumbago Echo fellow, or whatever his name was, that Quirk was quoting....he was really a pain in the muscles and joints of my lower back.

  17. I figured "Q" The Tweetster Fraud either came from or would end up at The LA Crimes.

    1. In the Police Section if not on the editorial page.

    2. Speaking of police:

      Policeman strips to shorts to deliver bulletproof vest.

      Deadly Good Guys siege unfolds on live television

      Three of the gunmen – Pham Nguyen, 19; his 17-year-old brother, Long Nguyen; and friend Cuong Tran, 19 – were killed. Loi Khac Nguyen, then 21, was wounded but survived and later was sentenced to 49 consecutive life terms in prison.

    3. Probly Muslims.
      ...or Mexicans.

  18. More PETA (the other one) news. Perhaps I'll do an 88 part series. When I get time.

    PETA’s the Best—At Killing Dogs and Cats

    Another year, another pile of dead dogs and cats for the crematorium, courtesy of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Late Tuesday night—almost literally at the last minute—PETA filed its 2016 animal custody information with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) admitting it had killed nearly 72% of the cats and dogs that came through the “animal shelter” at its headquarters. That’s 1,411 dead dogs and cats at the hands of PETA last year alone.

    Since reporting euthanasia statistics became mandatory in 1998, PETA has killed over 85%, or 36,000, of the animals at its Norfolk “shelter.” A 2010 audit by a VDACS veterinarian found that most animals were killed in their first 24 hours at the facility.

    A deeper look at the numbers shows even more appalling statistics: PETA’s kill rate for dogs was 16.3 times the rate of other private shelters in Virginia.

    Bear in mind that PETA is under no government responsibility to run a shelter or to euthanize animals. They openly admit to the killings of these animals because they say these animals are in some way “unadoptable.” But even a cursory look at statistics from other shelters in the commonwealth shows that PETA is an extreme outlier in their keenness to utilize euthanasia. And when they were caught throwing recently-killed dead dogs and cats in a strip mall dumpster, their victims were cute, adoptable pets.



  19. Maui a popular stop for LGBT travelers

    Maui is the second-most visited island for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travelers from the United States, but it is top amongst Canadians and third amongst Australians, according to a study released by the Hawai’i Tourism Authority in March.

    Over the past five years, Oahu was the most visited island at 49 percent of U.S. participants, followed by Maui at 42 percent, Hawaii island at 37 percent and Kauai at 26 percent. Not as many had been to Lanai (3 percent) or Molokai (2 percent).

    While Maui may not have a lot of LGBT-geared hotels, bars or other venues, visitors don’t need those attractions to draw them to the Valley Isle, people in the tourism industry said last week.

    With LGBT Canadians, Maui was the most visited over the past five years at 57 percent of participants. It was less popular with LGBT Australians at 25 percent.

    1. They don't just come to fuck:

      “They’re all coming for the same kind of reasons — the beauty, the serenity, the adventure, the beach,” said Michael Waddell, general manager of the Kohea Kai Resort in Kihei, formerly the Maui Sunseeker LGBT resort.

  20. The Obama Era boom in gun sales is over.

    Sales have gone way way down, and prices are falling fast....

    It was the only Obama economic program that worked....gun manufacturing, sales all way way up during his years....

    About time for that trip to Missoula....

    1. Obama was definitely better than Trump… as a gun salesman

      It’s going to be a long time before historians can fully gauge the results of the presidency of Barack Obama and we’ve barely opened the book on Donald Trump’s tenure. But we do have one early indicator which points to a particular quality where Obama will likely be graded as head and shoulders above his successor. There was nobody better at spurring gun sales than the 44th president and, at least thus far, President Trump is a bitter disappointment. Gun sales hit record levels under Obama, but since December they’ve absolutely tanked....


  21. WAKE UP !!

    Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, did not include receiving thousands of dollars in speaking fees from three Russian companies in initial financial disclosures to the Office of Government Ethics, ...

    1. It is hard to believe that we haven't even made it through the first 100 days of the Trump administration but the clown car careens out of control. Elect a clown expect a circus. The conflicts of interest are legion. The US resembles African despotic rule. Hard to believe but even Deuce is having second thoughts about his man. MOME, not yet. Bob and Doug - sycophants always willing to bend over and take it in the ass for their man. 'Ewe ewe the MSM printed it so it can't be true!"

    2. You act like an Ewe, Ash. Are you a woman?

    3. Hey Ash, who's bitch are you?

    4. Not Trumps, unlike you. Nor Hillary's. You guys stuck your lips to Trumps ass - enjoy the ride!

  22. Obama, "Intel" Fbi, MSM continue their phony story, Quirk and Ash slurp it up.

    The truth:

    Under the Obama Admin, US citizens were illegally unmasked.

    Police State Tactics.

    Many times worse than Nixon.

    No problemo!

    To some.

    1. Riiiiight! Doug says it, so it must be true.

    2. .

      Ash, relax. Sit back. Enjoy the experience. You are up close and personal, viewing the altered reality of Trump-world. It is, as one of the main inhabitants has claimed, a world of 'alternative facts'. It's a world where the Big Kahuna, the Kingfish, a man who believes in 'pizzagate, in '3 -5 million illegal votes' cast in the last election, in Germany out-negotiating us in past trade deals even though we have no formal trade deals with that country, a man who accepts that the UK's GCHQ spied on him for Obama based on the conspiracy theories of some crazy judge with a truly weird hair style, who as president simply has to ask his AG to provide him with answers but instead would rather base his tweets on alt-right bullshit from an alt-right bullshit source; yes, in that world, the Kahuna says any media that questions the truth of any of these bizarre fairy tales is guilty of spreading 'fake news'. It is Newspeak on steroids and it is the official language of Trump-world.

      However, the truly amazing thing is that in Trump-world the Trumpettes, the lumpkins that populate Trump-world, actually eat this shit up and regurgitate it out with childlike Trumpisms such as 'Ooh, MSM, MSM, bad, bad'. Or the more sanguine, referring to news that's a little over a month old but still unresolved, might say "So what...old news" seemingly indicating that lies to Congress and possible tax issues are of little importance when we should instead be concentrating all our attention on that flashing object the Kahuna is waving.

      It's a rare and crazy site, Ash, and it is destined to be a very short lived one. Enjoy it while you can. Soak it in so that some day you can laugh with your grandkids as you try to convince them you were actually able to view that alternate universe of clown cars and alternative facts that was Trump-world. You'll play hell trying to convince them such a thing was possible but you will know. You will know.


    3. It's a rare and crazy site, Ash, and it is destined to be a very short lived one.

      Says Johnny Came Later to Johnny Came Lately....

  23. Manicure gone bad:

  24. The US resembles African despotic rule.



    And in less than 100 days, too.....

    About the only thing that's actually happening is the pipeline from Canada is getting built.

    Except that in some parts of the country arrests are down as the cops are declining to enforce the law for fear of getting assaulted, charged, shot, sued, sparking riots by the Black Lives Matter and Feminist crowds etc.....


    Well, SMIRK'S got to bullshit somewhere.

    He's got no freedom of speech to bullshit in his own beloved adopted country of Canada, so it lands in our lap.


    Good to have him gone, though !

    1. LA will increasingly resemble Chicago:

      Police arrests are plummeting across California, fueling alarm and questions

    2. Chicago is not yet as dangerous as Mosul !

  25. Ash, seriously, you ought to start and lead a Free Speech Movement in Canada.

    You would do some real good, might become famous, and, if you hired Quirk as your Business Manager and Campaign Donation Chairman and Advertiser, make a few bucks too.

    Take a little of the USA with you to Canada, Ash !

    1. What percent of the donations you asking, Quirk, to fire up a Free Speech Canada Movement for young Ash ?

    2. Don't let him get away with more than 1/3rd, Ash.

      He'll start by asking for 40%.

    3. His accounting department doing the counting, of course.

  26. Go to:

    Quirk's Western Heritage Free Speech Foundation for details.

    1. (working for worldwide free speech out of Detroit, Michigan)

  27. And, as a favor to us all, Ash, insist that Quirk maintain, and occupy himself, offices in, say, Toronto.

    If we are at all lucky, he will be arrested, jailed, and we will all catch something of a break.

  28. WikiLeaks' Assange asylum winner in Ecuador election

    Greg Toppo , USATODAY Published 9:45 p.m. ET April 2, 2017 | Updated 2 hours ago

    (Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth, AP)

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will likely be able to remain at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London after voters in Ecuador on Sunday narrowly elected ruling party candidate Lenín Moreno over conservative Guillermo Lasso.

    Moreno, the political successor to President Rafael Correa, had said he would allow Assange to stay. Correa in 2012 granted asylum to Assange, who hasn’t left the embassy since.

    Moreno won the presidential runoff with 51% of the vote, according to an official quick count by by the National Electoral Council, although Lasso was seeking a recount after three exit polls showed him winning by a comfortable margin. Minutes earlier a separate quick count by a respected local group said the race was a technical tie with a difference of less than 0.6 percentage points separating the two candidates. The group refrained from saying which candidate was leading until the electoral authorities made their pronouncement....

  29. Robert Spencer: Muslim MP Turns Up the Heat in Her Battle Against Free Speech in Australia
    By Robert Spencer - on April 2, 2017


    Heat Street reported Thursday that Anne Aly, a Muslim MP in Australia, has “called for tougher speech laws so that it is illegal to offend Muslims because of their religion.” She declares that “race discrimination laws should be expanded to cover insults based on religion as well.” This would, of course, establish Muslims as a protected class, beyond criticism, including counter-terror analysis. If Anne Aly succeeds, the jihad can advance in Australia, and no one would be able to say a word in opposition to it.

    Anne Aly has for years been an Islamic supremacist foe of free discourse. In August 2014 I wrote here about her false claims that Islam doesn’t sanction beheading and grants equality of rights to women. Instead of responding on substance, which I understand that she could not really do since I had produced numerous Qur’an verses that rather directly showed her to be lying, she claimed that she had received “hate mail” from Jihad Watch readers; six months later that claim had morphed into death threats. Predictably, that became the story, as dubious as her claims were, not her deceptions.

    Now, if she gets her way in Australia, she could just have me arrested — not for the alleged hate mail or death threats, but for my initial post exposing her deceptions. This proposed law clearly would establish Muslims as a protected class, above all criticism, which would have the effect of allowing the jihad to advance unimpeded and unopposed.

    And it would do all this because criticizing Islam would be considered “racist.” This is so obviously ridiculous that the far-Left fake news and propaganda outfit BuzzFeed rushed to Aly’s defense, running a particularly striking and revolting example of a hard-Left propagandist running interference for the imposition of Sharia blasphemy laws. Aly was given space on BuzzFeed Australia’s political podcast to explain that “anti-Muslim hatred” should be considered racist.

    1. Mark Di Stefano of BuzzFeed assures us that Aly is “well aware of the ‘but Islam is not a race’ retort used by trolls online.” You see, it’s only “trolls online” who dare to assert that Islam is not a race. No serious person would think such a crazy thing. At least in the bizarre and addled Leftist mind of BuzzFeed.

      No violence against any innocent person is ever justified, whether it’s called “racism” or not. The problem here is that numerous Islamic groups have made clear that in referring to “anti-Muslim hatred,” they mean not just attacks on or harassment of innocent Muslims, but also any honest analysis of how jihad terrorists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims. Thus to label this racist is an attempt to shut down all critical analysis of the jihad terrorists’ motivating ideology; they will then be able to advance unopposed and unimpeded.

      Anne Aly would have you believe that those who oppose jihad terror and Sharia supremacism “have the same motivations as racism.” Yes, that’s right: in Anne Aly’s world, opposing jihad terror and speaking about its Qur’anic justifications stems from the same impulse as segregated drinking fountains. She doesn’t even entertain the possibility that someone might oppose jihad terror and Sharia oppression out of a concern to preserve and defend societies that respect human rights and the freedom of speech.

      BuzzFeed also tells us that Aly has “worked as de-radicalisation expert,” which is noteworthy in light of the mountain of evidence that “de-radicalization” programs don’t work, and have an ever-lengthening history of failure, as you can see here.

      Di Stefano also bats back a quite sensible observation from a fellow member of Parliament who suggested that Aly’s initiative stemmed from Sharia principles. Aly, we’re told, “brushed off a claim by Liberal MP Tim Wilson that she’s actually arguing for blasphemy laws. She pointed to the fact that hatred against Jewish people and Sikhs could both be protected under the Act’s controversial 18C, despite neither being ‘a race.”

      Australia needs to clarify what exactly it thinks a “race” is for the purposes of this absurd and sinister law, and how it proposes to distinguish between legitimate criticism and “racism.” In any case, if Aly’s proposal is adopted, it will be the death of Australia as a free society....

      The Aussies won't do it.