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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Report: The Trump - Russia Spying by the Obama Regime was act two. It is reported that the first act was Obama spying on US lawmakers talking to Israel.

Levin: Trump isn't the first victim of Obama's police state tactics

Many of the same apparent “police state tactics” justified by “Democrat ruse” surrounding the Left’s Trump-Russia theories were first used by the Obama administration to monitor and bully Jewish nonprofits and activists opposed to that administration’s wrangling on the Iran Deal, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin said on his Tuesday radio program.

If Donald Trump’s team was indeed the victim of politically-motivated surveillance and leaks by the Obama administration, it may not have been the first, says Levin.

“This whole Democrat ruse, media ruse has been used to conduct domestic surveillance,” said Levin of the Left’s pervasive, unsupported Russia-Trump conspiracy theories. “And it was done before; it was done widely before in the Iran deal.”

Levin was referring to a Tablet Magazine story written by Lee Smith that examined whether or not Donald Trump was the first domestic political opponent targeted by Obama’s alleged spy-game:
In a December 29, 2015 article, The Wall Street Journal described how the Obama administration had conducted surveillance on Israeli officials to understand how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials, like Ambassador Ron Dermer, intended to fight the Iran Deal. The Journal reported that the targeting “also swept up the contents of some of their private conversations with U.S. lawmakers and American-Jewish groups.
Despite this reporting, it seemed inconceivable at the time that—given myriad legal, ethical, political, and historical concerns, as well as strict National Security Agency protocols that protect the identity of American names caught in intercepts—the Obama White House would have actually spied on American citizens. In a December 31, 2016, Tablet article on the controversy, “Why the White House Wanted Congress to Think It Was Being Spied on By the NSA,” I argued that the Obama administration had merely used the appearance of spying on American lawmakers to corner opponents of the Iran Deal. Spying on U.S. citizens would be a clear abuse of the foreign-intelligence surveillance system. It would be a felony offense to leak the names of U.S. citizens to the press.

The story goes on to discuss the possible workings of the Obama White House’s spying on pro-Israel activists during the Iran deal.
“The NSA’s collections of foreigners became a means of gathering real-time intelligence on Americans engaged in perfectly legitimate political activism — activism, due to the nature of the issue, that naturally involved conversations with foreigners,” a pro-Israel activist told the outlet. “We began to notice the White House was responding immediately, sometimes within 24 hours, to specific conversations we were having. At first, we thought it was a coincidence being amplified by our own paranoia. After a while, it simply became our working assumption that we were being spied on.”

“This administration was caught red-handed,” Levin said, two years ago, while big players like Susan Rice, James Clapper, and John Brennan were in key intelligence positions while Obama was receiving the intelligence. “They all need to testify under penalty of perjury.”

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Nate Madden is a Staff Writer for Conservative Review, focusing on religious freedom, immigration, and the judiciary. He previously served as the Director of Policy Relations for the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative. A Publius Fellow, John Jay Fellow, Citadel Parliamentary Fellow and National Journalism Center alumnus, Nate’s writing has previously appeared in several religious and news publications. Follow him @NateMaddenCR and on Facebook


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    1. One of Deep Coma's favorite must watch stations.

    2. Levin has been on The Rice Scandal from the git-go.

    3. “This administration was caught red-handed,” Levin said, two years ago, while big players like Susan Rice, James Clapper, and John Brennan were in key intelligence positions while Obama was receiving the intelligence. “They all need to testify under penalty of perjury.”

      Deep Coma was watching/listening to MSM at the time, and thinking it great, thinking he was getting 'the real skinny' when, in fact, Deep Coma was simply getting skinned and not realizing it

  2. Mr Trump's latest remarks have given some rebels cautious optimism that America's approach towards the civil war may be about to change - but others believe it is too early to tell whether any meaningful policy shift is forthcoming.

    In the White House Rose Garden, Mr Trump had said: "When you kill innocent children, innocent babies - babies, little babies - with a chemical gas that is so lethal, people were shocked to hear what gas it was, that crosses many, many lines."

    Fares al Bayoush, a Free Syrian Army commander, told the Reuters news agency: "(His) statement contains serious difference from the previous statements, and we expect positivity … from the American role."

  3. I can't recall a time when our national politics has been as bizarre as it is now.

    So many players, so many plots, so many accusations/counter-accusations, so many issues, real, and pumped up....

    1. Most recent example:

      Surprise move...
      Increasingly embattled...


      Might as well go back to reading I, Claudius....

  4. O'Reilly ought to spend some time in jail, too.

  5. O'Reilly - 6 months, simple sexual harassment
    All The CLINTONS
    Susan Rice
    AG Lynch

    Add to list at your leisure and pleasure....

  6. Assad had been requesting, for months, for a special United Nations Chemical Weapons investigation team to come to Syria to check out earlier allegations that his government had used chemical weapons. The United Nations finally agreed.

    So why would Assad be so stupid as to carry out a chemical weapons attack on women and children the very day the UN chemical weapons inspectors arrive, just miles from where they are staying? and the answer is, Assad would not be that stupid. This chemical attack was carried out by the hired mercenaries to frame on Assad, and women and children were targeted to maximize the shock value for propaganda purposes.


    1. I don't know what happened but Assad is deeply deserving of death due to a whole list of other actions.

    2. We killed Saddam. How did that work out?

      We killed Qadaffi. How did that work out?

      Washington is the regime change specialist. It is by far, our greatest export and gift to the galaxy. We know best. For the record, we're number one:

      China 1949 to early 1960s
      Albania 1949-53
      East Germany 1950s
      Iran 1953 *
      Guatemala 1954 *
      Costa Rica mid-1950s
      Syria 1956-7
      Egypt 1957
      Indonesia 1957-8
      British Guiana 1953-64 *
      Iraq 1963 *
      North Vietnam 1945-73
      Cambodia 1955-70 *
      Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
      Ecuador 1960-63 *
      Congo 1960 *
      France 1965
      Brazil 1962-64 *
      Dominican Republic 1963 *
      Cuba 1959 to present
      Bolivia 1964 *
      Indonesia 1965 *
      Ghana 1966 *
      Chile 1964-73 *
      Greece 1967 *
      Costa Rica 1970-71
      Bolivia 1971 *
      Australia 1973-75 *
      Angola 1975, 1980s
      Zaire 1975
      Portugal 1974-76 *
      Jamaica 1976-80 *
      Seychelles 1979-81
      Chad 1981-82 *
      Grenada 1983 *
      South Yemen 1982-84
      Suriname 1982-84
      Fiji 1987 *
      Libya 1980s
      Nicaragua 1981-90 *
      Panama 1989 *
      Bulgaria 1990 *
      Albania 1991 *
      Iraq 1991
      Afghanistan 1980s *
      Somalia 1993
      Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
      Ecuador 2000 *
      Afghanistan 2001 *
      Venezuela 2002 *
      Iraq 2003 *
      Haiti 2004 *
      Somalia 2007 to present
      Libya 2011*
      Syria 2012

      How are we doing? Think we will get it right next time?

      Washington knows how to run countries. It inspires as it leads. A virtual bright shiny inspirational beacon on the hill.

    3. East Germany 1950s

      I missed that one, but I was pretty young at the time.

      But I recall when they did get the chance to out from under Soviet Imperialism they headed directly - WEST, to NATO and the EU.

  7. WASHINGTON — The Islamic State has used chemical weapons, including chlorine and sulfur mustard agents, at least 52 times on the battlefield in Syria and Iraq since it swept to power in 2014, according to a new independent analysis.

    More than one-third of those chemical attacks have come in and around Mosul, the Islamic State stronghold in northern Iraq, according to the assessment by the IHS Conflict Monitor, a London-based intelligence collection and analysis service.

    The IHS conclusions, which are based on local news reports, social media and Islamic State propaganda, mark the broadest compilation of chemical attacks in the conflict. American and Iraqi military officials have expressed growing alarm over the prospect of additional chemical attacks as the allies press to regain both Mosul and Raqqa, the Islamic State capital in Syria.

    “The coalition is concerned about ISIL’s use of chemical weapons,” Col. John Dorrian, a military spokesman in Iraq, said in an email on Monday, using another name for the Islamic State. “ISIL has used them in Iraq and Syria in the past, and we expect them to continue employing these types of weapons.”

    Colonel Dorrian said that the Islamic State’s ability to use chemical weapons is “rudimentary,” and that American, Iraqi and other allied troops are equipped to deal with the impact of these chemical attacks — typically rockets, mortar shells or artillery shells filled with chemical agents. The effects of these chemical munitions thus far have been limited to the immediate area where they land.

    The IHS assessment is to be made public on Tuesday. The New York Times obtained an advance copy of the assessment and the location of the 52 reported chemical attacks. The analysis did not break down the cases by type of chemical attack.

    In an effort to blunt the Islamic State’s ability to make the weapons, the American-led air campaign has bombed militants associated with overseeing their production and the facilities where chemical ordnance is manufactured. In September, for instance, allied warplanes attacked a converted pharmaceutical factory in northern Iraq thought to have been a chemical weapons production facility

    Who's really "bad for America"?
    April 6, 2017 Humberto Fontova

    CBS is a listed favorite site by Deep Coma:

    "I find the news on NBC, CBS, and ABC pretty straight forward news reporting."

    Deep Coma

    1. Great news organization if one is a commie agent or a terrorist.

      Deep Coma is, to be sure, NONE of these things, he's just in a deep coma a lot of the time.

  9. Attempts by some members of the Brussels conference on Syria to redraw the agenda and focus on allegations of the Syrian government’s complicity in the suspected chemical attack in Idlib have failed, Russia’s deputy foreign minister has said.
    “In what concerns this conference, of course, some tried to redirect it in order to focus attention on the incident that has occurred [in Idlib]. I must say that they failed to achieve that,” said Gennady Gatilov, Russia’s representative at the UN-sponsored international donor conference that was held on April 4-5 in Brussels.

    Moscow hopes that the incident will not lead to the derailment of intra-Syrian talks as that would play into hands of those who strive to obstruct the peace process.

    “Anything can affect the talks. But we would not like for such incidents to be used by opponents of the negotiation process to disrupt it,” the Russian diplomat said, stressing that it is necessary for the negotiations to be inclusive.

    Despite the apparent discord at the conference, its participants were largely united in that there is no alternative to political settlement to the protracted military conflict.

    “I would like to note that all spoke in favor of political solution, the majority agreed that there is no military solution,” Gatilov said, as cited by TASS. He added that “practically all hailed” the negotiations in Astana made possible by the mediation of Russia, Turkey and Iran and commended them as “great help” for the Geneva process.

    No breakthrough has yet been achieved in the talks, Gatilov said, referring to the latest round of intra-Syrian negotiations that took place in Geneva last week.

    “Regrettably, so far it has yielded no practical results but it is not the reason to say that the round failed. Obviously, it is going to be a long process and we had been saying this all the time,” Gatilov said.

    The slow progress is due to major differences between the take of the Syrian government and rebels on an array of key issues, he said. The major point of disagreement between the sides is what topic should be given a priority in the talks. While opposition argues that the talks should pave way for a transitional government, the Syrian authorities insist on the preeminence of the fight against terrorism.

    On Tuesday, a suspected chemical attack on the hospital in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in rebel-held Idlib province claimed the lives of dozens of people, including children. Rebel groups accused the Syrian government of mounting the attack, the claims which the Syrian authorities flatly denied.

    Russia has demanded a thorough investigation into the incident, saying it should be led by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. The OPCW will be entrusted with collecting evidence of the attack within the fact-finding mission. The composition of the mission should be subject to approval by the UN Security Council.

  10. How much fighting will there be ? It's the only question left -

    Venezuela’s Breaking Point
    By Allison Fedirka
    April 03, 2017

    ....Popular unrest and mobilizations will play a critical role in the transformation process. The public successfully mobilized last year for a series of street actions. These included protests of hundreds of thousands of people across the country. This group is the most motivated for change because they are suffering the most in the current scenario, facing daily shortages of food, medicine and other basic goods. More notably, they forced a response from the government, including an increased presence of security forces and closure of metro lines to restrict access to gathering points. Of all the groups confronting Maduro, massive popular movements have been the most successful thus far in creating pressure and forcing the administration to be on the defensive.

    Any combination of these forces could bring about a transformation in government that we expect this year. The most likely scenario is a combination approach in which public unrest is the major engine driving the transformative process. As options for legal resolution – such as elections – become less likely and daily quality of life deteriorates, public unrest will intensify. Regardless of how these forces combine, they exist and are converging to a point of rupture this year, which will result in the breaking point for Maduro and his government. For the first time in nearly two decades, the United States and others in the region will have the opportunity to reset relations with Venezuela.

    Never allow an uneducated unemployed bus driver to run a country

  11. Presidents inherit problems and unfinished business. President Barack Obama inherited two Middle East wars and an economic crisis of proportions not seen in decades.


    Casting blame and pointing fingers will not save a single child's life, bring justice to a single grieving mother, or return a single refugee to his home. Nor will it convince adversaries that the price to be paid for resorting to chemical weapons, or biological or nuclear weapons, will exceed any benefits from their use.

    Deterring future chemical weapons use requires hard work, tenacity, and, most importantly, leadership - not recrimination or revisionism. This is too important.

    Pointing Fingers

  12. Could the Great Apes possibly be of some help to Deep Coma ?

    Great apes 'KNOW when wrong decisions have been made' in latest link to humans

    GREAT apes know when the wrong decision is being made - a process usually reserved for humans, scientists have discovered.

    "This study shows for the first time that great apes - chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans - can use an understanding of false beliefs to help others appropriately....

    This study from The Max Planck Institute out of Leipzig gives us some reason to hope.

    Ciao for now....


    Now we know why Democrats concocted their wild Russia-Trump conspiracy theory.
    April 6, 2017 Ann Coulter

    The Susan Rice bombshell at least explains why the Democrats won't stop babbling about Russia. They need a false flag to justify using national intelligence agencies to snoop on the Trump team.

    Every serious person who has tried to locate any evidence that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 election -- even Trump-haters at the New York Review of Books and Rolling Stone magazine -- has come away empty-handed and angry. We keep getting bald assertions, unadorned with anything resembling a fact.

    But for now, let's just consider the raw plausibility of the story.

    The fact-less claim is that (1) the Russians wanted Donald Trump to win; and (2) They thought they could help him win by releasing purloined emails from the Democratic National Committee showing that the Democrats were conspiring against Hillary Clinton's primary opponent, Bernie Sanders.

    First, why on earth would Russia prefer a loose cannon, untested president like Trump to an utterly corrupt politician, who'd already shown she could be bought? The more corrupt you think Russia is, the more Putin ought to love Hillary as president.

    The Russians knew Hillary was a joke from her ridiculous "reset" button as secretary of state. They proceeded to acquire 20 percent of America's uranium production, under Hillary's careful management -- in exchange for a half-million-dollar speaking engagement for her husband and millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation.
    (Politifact rates this claim FALSE! -- LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! -- because Trump referred to 20 percent of America's "uranium," not to 20 percent of America's "uranium capacity." This is the sort of serious reporting we get from our watchdog media.)

    The last thing our enemies want is unpredictability in an American president, and Trump is nothing if not unpredictable. Actually, that's only the second-to-last thing Putin wants. Russia's only export is energy: The last thing Putin wants is a president who vows to drill and frack, driving down the world oil price.

    1. But let's say the Russians were morally offended by a woman who could be bought (by them) for a $500,000 speaking fee, and what they really longed for was a bellicose American president promising to put our interests first.

      Why would anyone, least of all trained spies, think that it would help Trump to release emails showing the DNC had its thumb on the scale against Bernie Sanders?

      How was that supposed to work again? I forget.

      Accepting everything else the most deranged Trump-hater believes, normal people lose the thread of the conspiracy at the moment when the Russians are supposed to have said to themselves, "HEY, I KNOW -- LET'S TRY THIS!”

      Even experts in American politics haven't the first idea how to affect an election. The best minds of the GOP bet $140 million of their own money that Jeb! would be the nominee. (Maybe they should have hired Putin.)

      Throughout the primaries, Democrats were openly praying that the GOP would nominate Trump. Democrats had the same hope in 1980 for Ronald Reagan. In 2008, Republicans hooted at the idea of Al Franken running for the U.S. Senate.

      Days before the election, America's premier journal of liberal opinion, The New York Times, gave Hillary a 91 percent chance of winning. The Princeton Election Consortium calculated her chances at 99 percent. The Huffington Post's polling aggregator put Hillary's odds at 98 percent.

      But we're supposed to believe that a country practiced in spycraft was confident that it not only knew what was likely to happen in a U.S. presidential election, but also knew how to swing it? And no one in Moscow thought to ask: "What will be the predictable, certain outcome of releasing the DNC's 'Get Bernie' emails?”

      The DNC leaks might have ended up being the best thing that ever happened to the Democrats. What if they had pulled a Torricelli, and forced Hillary to drop out, so they could run Joe Biden instead? Biden is a lot more popular than Hillary!

      Isn't the more logical leaker someone within the DNC who'd had enough with David Brock and Debbie Wasserman Schultz steering the party into a ditch? The actual leaker probably thought: I've got to save the party! She's going to destroy us!

      Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, as well as his associate, former British ambassador Craig Murray, both say that the DNC emails came from a whistleblower within the DNC. Murray has even identified the precise location where a DNC insider passed him the emails -- a park near American University.

      Assange may be a misguided zealot, but neither his friends nor his enemies call him a liar. His image is very nearly the opposite: a self-righteousness fanatic -- not a slippery con man.

      Hey, did anyone else notice that last week, very quietly, every single staffer at the DNC was fired?

      The claim that Russia hacked the DNC's emails to help Trump is the sort of crackpot theory that can only be concocted after the fact.

      They would prefer to say that North Korea or ISIS "hacked" our election and somehow installed Trump. But unfortunately, Trump has no business dealings with ISIS or the Pyongyang regime. He -- or people he knows -- have had some vague business dealings with Russia. So the left is stuck with its insane Russia conspiracy.

      And now, just as the whole story is collapsing, their need is even more urgent, to distract from the Obama administration's use of national security intelligence-gathering agencies to spy on domestic enemies like Donald Trump.

  15. Who woulda thought it?

    Barry Manilow has spoken about his sexuality for the first time and come out as gay, confirming he is married to manager Garry Kief, his partner of nearly 40 years.

    The famously private pop icon confirmed his relationship to People, explaining that he feared fans would be disappointed if they knew he was gay.

    “I’m so private,” he said. “I always have been. I thought I would be disappointing them [fans] if they knew I was gay. So I never did anything.”

  16. Private sector booming !....263,000 jobs added last month.....way above expectations....winning, winning, too much winning....I'm tired of winning !

    1. "Nobody feels bogged down anymore !"

      Bob Massi

      'The Property Man'

      And does that slim bucket look Vegas, or what ?

    2. (that guy's got to be related to Quirk)

    3. slime bucket, dammit, SLIME bucket

  17. I LOVE Bob Massi, and everyone to whom he is related.

    That guy can brighten the day even when the market is crashing !

    Been a favorite of mine for years.

  18. .

    Nunes temporarily recuses himself from the Russian investigation pending ethics review.

    Per Nunes, the charges were brought by left-wing activist group.

    Ethics Committee

    January 2, 2017

    House Republicans on Monday quietly voted to strip the independent power from an outside ethics panel established eight years ago following a string of corruption scandals, a move they made just hours before the start of the 115th Congress,

    A measure defanging the Office of Congressional Ethics, authored by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, will now be included in the House Rules package, which is poised for a Tuesday afternoon vote before the entire House.

    The provision's most important feature changes the OCE from an independent entity to a body that falls under the jurisdiction of the House Ethics Committee, a 10-member, bipartisan committee of lawmakers that rarely hands out serious punishment...

    Brought to you by the House GOP.


    1. Does this mean I won't be able to wander into Congress and file an ethics charge against somebody for something I'm ticked off about any longer ?

    2. Anybody ought to be able to wander into Congress and file an ethics charge against anyone about anything at all and have some independent panel made of of who knows whom investigate the matter.

      I was just in the process of writing up an ethics charge against Maxine Waters this very morning, for instance.

    3. .

      Once again, the English major proves he can't read and understand at the same time.

      There are two separate issues in the post above.

      One, Nunes recuses himself.

      Two, based on the rules changes put in by the GOP as their first act in January, the Ethics Committee has been gutted and left with no independent review thus suggesting that the Nunes review will simply be kabuki, inconveniencing Nunes a little but little else.



    4. Why did he 'recuse' hisveryself ?

      Who filed the phony ethics charge ?


      She said she wanted to file an ethics charge too.

      Can just anyone file an ethics charge ?

      Kinda sounds like it, which was my point, Deep Coma.

    5. .

      Sorry, from the question marks I kind of believe the statement above is some kind of question; however, unfortunately I don't have the time right no to get the statement translated from standard Bob-world linqua goofy into English.


  19. It's our Congress. We The People ought to run it.

    To hell with representative democracy !

  20. I wanna file an ethics charge toooo !

    1. .

      Bob's DID surfaces again in the personas named (Persona #8) and (Persona #2) in the court-ordered involuntary commitment review initially requested jointly by his wife and (Persona #10) in the case which is first in medical and jurisprudence history.


    2. .

      ...which is a first...

      You betcha.


    3. eh ?

      You're the one that's under court order, not me.

    4. In addition, you got some ethics charges coming your way.

      Whatya gonna do, recuse yourself ?

    5. .

      Note: Confused thought (often called the 'I know you are but what am I' response) and inappropriate spontaneous and seemingly uncontrollable laughter are cited as symptoms mentioned in the Idaho et al v. English Major Bob DID commitment case. Leaked documents indicate the symptoms are associated primarily with Persona #6 (a persona named Gerty).

      Court testimony by experts suggest the fact that all 19 of Bob's personas are women seems to indicate the DID is itself a denial of Bob's repressed and slutty feminine side. Others have noted changes in the defendant likely brought on by the pressure of the hearing seem to buttress that diagnosis. Those changes include the longer nails, the cute pixie cut, and the various colored pant suits English Major Bob has begun wearing the hearings.



  21. There was a nuclear explosion in D.C. today.

    Let's talk about that.


  22. Naw, let's stick with ethics charges.

    Devin Nunes steps aside temporarily from Russia investigation as House launches ethics probe

    “Several left-wing activist groups have filed accusations against me with the Office of Congressional Ethics,” Nunes said in a statement Thursday. “The charges are entirely false and politically motivated, and are being leveled just as the American people are beginning to learn the truth about the improper unmasking of the identities of U.S. citizens and other abuses of power.”

    If any old 'left wing activist group' can file ethics charges, why the hell can't Me-Me ?

    She as American as apple pie, and as good to eat, too.

    1. I'm gonna file ethics charges against Maxine Waters, that un-American witch !

      I got as much rights as anyone else to file ethics charges, just like some lefty acty groups does.

    2. .

      She as American as apple pie, and as good to eat, too.

      It was comments like these that influenced the 'slutty feminine side' evaluation noted above at

      QuirkThu Apr 06, 04:21:00 PM EDT


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. .

      It was noted that Bob's wife, who seemed to be conflicted about her role in bringing about the hearing, would often quietly wipe a tear from her eye when the English major would utter comments like...

      If any old 'left wing activist group' can file ethics charges, why the hell can't Me-Me ?

      during the hearing.

      At other times, she could be heard muttering through clenched teeth, "Bob, just shut your damn pie hole you idiot." Then noting she might have just prejudiced the case against him, she said, "I meant you Idahoan...yea that's it, 'Shut your pie hole you crazy Idahoan'. O dammit...I meant...hell, forget it."


    5. You are avoiding the question, Deep Coma, and doing a damn poor job of it.





    1. Dumb Fucks Matter to Stanford


  25. Slimy spying is SOP for Obama.

    Had he not slimed his way into the sealed divorce records of his opponent, this country would not have been subjected to his Criminal Police State Rule.


    1. Let's not forget the Tea Party and the IRS, Holder and the Black Thugs at the polls, etc. etc.


  26. Muslim births to outnumber Christian births worldwide by 2035

  27. Florida Police Station Break in.

  28. .


    Asked at a press conference whether the U.S. would lead an international coalition to oust the Syrian leader, Tillerson replied that "those steps are underway." He said there's no role for Assad in Syria's future and reiterated his contention that "information supports" the U.S. claim that the Syrian military was responsible for Tuesday's bloody attack.

    - USA Today



    1. Brilliant.

      The Hillary, Obama, Trump Plan.

      Tonkin Gulf

  29. .


    If you want the US to remove Assad be prepared to answer these 14 questions

    Here are 14 questions that proponents of war in Syria must answer before anyone considers whether military intervention to remove Assad is the best course of action for the American people.

    1) What national security interest, rather than pure humanitarian interest, is served by the use of American military power to depose Assad’s regime?

    2) How will deposing Assad make America safer?

    3) What does final political victory in Syria look like (be specific), and how long will it take for that political victory to be achieved? Do you consider victory to be destabilization of Assad, the removal of Assad, the creation of a stable government that can protect itself and its people without additional assistance from the United States, etc.?

    4) What military resources (e.g., ground troops), diplomatic resources, and financial resources will be required to achieve this political victory?

    5) How long will it take to achieve political victory?

    6) What costs, in terms of lives (both military and civilian), dollars, and forgone options elsewhere as a result of resource deployment in Syria, will be required to achieve political victory?

    7) What other countries will join the United States in deposing Assad, in terms of military, monetary, or diplomatic resources?

    8) Should explicit congressional authorization for the use of military force in Syria be required, or should the president take action without congressional approval?

    9) What is the risk of wider conflict with Russia, given that nation’s presence and stake in Syria, if the United States chooses to invade and depose Assad, a key Russian ally in the Middle East?

    10) If U.S. intervention in Syria does spark a larger war with Russia, what does political victory in that scenario look like, and what costs will it entail?

    11) Given that Assad has already demonstrated a willingness to use chemical weapons, how should the United States respond if the Assad regime deploys chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons against the United States?

    12) Assuming the Assad regime is successfully removed from power, what type of government structure will be used to replace Assad, who will select that government, and how will that government establish and maintain stability going forward?

    13) Given that a change in political power in the United States radically altered the American position in Iraq in 2009, how will you mitigate or address the risk of a similar political dynamic upending your preferred strategy in Syria, either in 2018, 2020, or beyond?

    14) What lessons did you learn from America’s failure to achieve and maintain political victory following the removal of governments in Iraq and Libya, and how will you apply those lessons to a potential war in Syria?

    Chances that questions like these will be asked and actually answered before we decide to go into Syria? Probably zero.


    1. Good catch here, that, of course, Deep Coma didn't catch, being in a deep coma, as usual -

      Update: Good catch here:

      View image on Twitter
      Olivier Knox ✔ @OKnox
      Just watched Tillerson's fuller Syria answer (was offline when he spoke): Look at sequence of events and "through a political process."
      1:06 PM - 6 Apr 2017
      23 23 Retweets 18 18 likes

      through a political process

    2. As for me, I'm still uncertain what happened.

      Further, since several hundred thousand have already died in Syria by other means, I'm uncertain this is in itself such a big deal.

      If something is done, I'd suggest to the Russians that they stay away from Assad's person, and then target just that, Assad himself, family and friends included if they happen to be too nearby.

      While he certainly is deserving of death, I'm also uncertain it's worth the effort.

      We should have set up safe zones before the Roosians arrived, but, things have changed.

      I blame it all on O'bozo and Hillary.

    3. *Further Note

      I wouldn't allow Deep Coma to even discuss the situation on the grounds it just adds more confusion to an already confused situation.

      Outside of the confines of Ye Olde Mafia Barber Shoppe, that is....

    4. .

      So what Tillerson is saying is we are going to do exactly what the Obama administration did.

      If so, that would explain Trump's soft shoe as he danced around the subject yesterday.


  30. I believe I heard Tillerson say we need to defeat ISIS first, then form an international coalition and get Assad out through political means, through a political process....

    Senator McCrazy is, one the other hand, breathing fire and wants to start dropping bombs....

    Meanwhile, Deep Coma is jumping to conclusions and mouthing off inanely, as usual.

    Someone, his wife perhaps, ought to tell Deep Coma to shut his pie hole.

    1. Or confine him to Ye Olde Mafia Barber Shoppe....or, best of all, both.

  31. .

    You will note that the only 'mouthing off' about Syria has been done by Bob.

    All the Quirster did was put up a quote that no one denies Tillerson said. I made no further comment.

    The English major once again proves he lacks the ability to read and comprehend simple English.


    1. .

      I believe I heard Tillerson say we need to defeat ISIS first, then form an international coalition and get Assad out through political means, through a political process....

      ...a policy often called Obama 1.1.


    2. Coma, you can't recall what you said in your own previous comment:

      So what Tillerson is saying is we are going to do exactly what the Obama administration did.

      If so, that would explain Trump's soft shoe as he danced around the subject yesterday.

      1) There is no quote there, only a confused assertion of some sort about what Tillerson is saying

      2) Then, if so, you go on to make a comment about The Donald doing some soft shoe dancing around 'the subject'

      Time to move on....

    3. QuirkThu Apr 06, 08:49:00 PM EDT

      ...a policy often called Obama 1.1.

      Is this a 'fascist' policy conforming to the descriptions provided by Umberto ?

      Sounds a little limp dicked for a guy working for The Donald The Strong Fascist. Except that so far all The Donald has done is 'some soft shoe dancing around the subject'.

      The Donald so far is coming over as a great dancer, lousy fascist.

    4. .

      Time to move on....

      Not so fast, old timer. Nice try but no cigar.

      This latest post shows that Bob not only lacks the neurons to provide sufficient synaptic energy to read simple English and comprehend its meaning but also that he lacks the ability to follow the chronological order of blog stream posts. There is some indication (though tentative at best) that his hypothalamus still remains viable enough to generate sufficient norepinephrine and epinephrine to activate the sympathetic nervous system and trigger the 'flight response' when caught in one of his numerous inanities.

      Chronology of a Faux Farmer Faux Pas:

      1. QuirkThu Apr 06, 05:30:00 PM EDT [Initial Tillerson quote sans comment by Quirk]

      2. BobThu Apr 06, 07:12:00 PM EDT [Bob's silly, uninformed 'mouthing off' quote]

      3. QuirkThu Apr 06, 08:20:00 PM EDT [Finally, Quirk's comment about a revised T-Rex quote.]

      4. BobThu Apr 06, 08:57:00 PM EDT [Bob's childish attempt at deceit and flight.]

      One thing about the 'flight response' faux farmer, you can run but you can't hide.

      Oh, what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive.



  32. Quote of the Day

    "Bombs can be surgical though indiscriminate"

    Colonel Hunt on O'Reilly Factor, the guy with the goofy fast voice

  33. Why would Assad do, if he did do it, what he is accused of doing ?

    Doesn't make any sense to me.

  34. US President Donald Trump says "something should happen" against the Syrian leadership over a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town.


    It is a clear and pretty dramatic shift. A month ago, Bashar al-Assad in the eyes of the US was part of the solution, considered useful in the fight against so-called Islamic State.


    Russia's deputy UN envoy warned of "negative consequences" of any US military strike on Syria.

    "All the responsibility... will be on shoulders of those who initiated such doubtful and tragic enterprise," Vladimir Safronkov said.

    1. Surely there's a satellite permanently parked above Syria that can see exactly what's going on. Who did what, when, and where.

  35. We are indeed right now no longer dancing around the subject but launching Tomahawk cruise missiles at two, or in another report, one, Syrian air bases thought to house poison gas weapons...43 Tomahawks reported used....

    Meanwhile, at Mar-a-Lago, our Melania is showing herself to be much more beautiful and O so much more classy than the Chinese First Lady, who is showing herself to be Chinese pork by comparison...

    1. Pentagon reports 60 cruise missiles used so far....

    2. Stay tuned for a statement by El Jefe, The Donald, says Fox News ----

  36. Deuce's man TRUMP- Tomahawk!

    1. Don't be cocky, Deeper Coma.

      None of this would be happening if it weren't for the malfeasance of O'bozo and Hillary.

  37. I don't believe in these Tomahawk raids.

    B-52s, that's the ticket.

  38. General Jack Keane is saying The Donald is trying to impress the Chinese, with whom he is dining tonight, in the hopes of strengthening them against the Norks.

    1. .

      Nonsense, someone whispered to him that he would look 'weak' if he did nothing.

      This was predictable and predicted.

      Is there any promises Trump hasn't broken to those who put him in office?


    2. Slash federal regulations.

    3. .


      But I doubt the people who voted for him and put him over the top fully realize yet what him fulfilling his promise means to them, the negative effects on health and safety, privacy, you name it.


  39. .

    Faux Farmer Bob, this is the voice of your long suppressed conscience speaking, warning that your deceit and thinly veiled deception has been exposed to the world at...

    QuirkThu Apr 06, 09:57:00 PM EDT