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Friday, December 04, 2015

The Mad Matrix of ISIS

Book Excerpt: ‘Jihad Academy’ By Nicolas Hénin

Jihad Academy
French journalist Nicolas Hénin has reported from the Middle East for more than a decade and was captured by the Islamic State and spent 10 months in captivity. Having witnessed the events that led to the rise of the Islamic State and its activities in the recent past, Hénin is of the belief that Bashar al-Assad’s regime isn’t opposing the Islamic State. In his book Jihad Academy, Hénin explains how the regime is using the Islamic State to wipe out moderates in Syria.

One of the organisers of this ‘jihad highway’ [between Aleppo, Syria and Baghdad, Iraq] was Sheikh Mahmoud Abu al-Qaqa, a young imam from Aleppo known for his inflammatory sermons inciting people to take up arms against the American invader. … The sheikh also called for an Islamic regime under Sharia law in Syria. Observers of politics in Aleppo followed the sheikh’s development closely. He quite openly put up mujahidin in his own home before they left for Iraq. This provoked no reaction from the authorities, though Syrian intelligence agencies are usually very quick to identify and punish anything they consider irregular.

The reason for this tolerance became clear only later: some of Abu al-Qaqa’s young recruits never reached Iraq. Certainly none made it back alive. The imam was in fact what intelligence services call a ‘honey pot’, a lure to help identify candidates for jihad. They would leave for Iraq as marked men. Some would cross over; some probably died before they even set off. What mattered was that they were eliminated and never returned.  … Abul al-Qaqa’s mission was to identify potential jihadists, try to confirm their violent tendencies and then pass on their names to the authorities. The regime was killing two birds with one stone: it was getting rid of potentially violent youths to prevent them from taking action in Syria, and also using them as tools in a policy of destabilisation in Iraq. The same kind of reasoning – which is not only immoral but also ineffective from a security viewpoint – can also be found in France, where some people are happy to see young Frenchmen go off to jihad.

…In January 2014, Nawaf al-Fares, a former chief in Military Intelligence (Amn al-Askari), one of the many Syrian intelligence services, gave a sensational interview… he revealed that ‘the regime [of Bashar al-Assad] did not just open the door to the prisons and let these extremists out; it facilitated them in their work, by helping them set up armed units.’ … Major General Fayez Dwairi, the Jordanian army officer in charge of fighting the spread of jihadi ideology in his country, has confirmed this: ‘Many of the people who created Jabhat al-Nusra were captured by the regime in 2008 and had remained in prison. When the revolution began, they were released on the order of Syrian intelligence officers who told Assad, “They’ll do good work for us. There are of course many drawbacks to letting them go, but there are even more advantages, because they’ll convince the world that we are fighting Islamic terrorism.”’ …

The political benefit for Damascus is obvious. It helps water down the narrative generally accepted by the Western media. Syria’s revolution is no longer legitimate, it is a war against terror and a fanatical, sectarian enemy within that has now found legitimacy.  In the worst-case scenario, if Syria comes to the brink of collapse, it will always be possible to sell the world ‘the theory of the lesser evil’, which represents the regime as less of a threat than Islamic State. The Assad family has always manipulated the ‘me or chaos’ slogan very persuasively. The jihadist bogeyman is shockingly effective.

This is why the regime will never strike the jihadists directly, but instead concentrate its military operations on those it sees as presenting the greatest danger, the moderates who legitimately claim to represent a political alternative. The Free Syrian Army battalions and the democratic Islamist brigades…have been caught in the crossfire between the regime and the Islamic State.

For the regime, this was the second advantage of Islamic State encroaching on, and then seizing, parts of Syria from the summer of 2014 onwards. Wherever Islamic State fighters advanced, they drove back moderate groups, forcing them from their hard-won territories. Islamic State is like a cuckoo, plundering the nest the revolutionaries fought so hard for. … As a result, Islamic State has rarely launched frontal attacks on the regime. To nip counter-arguments in the bud, let me list the exceptions. Islamic State fought the Syrian army when they seized the Menagh air base and when they captured Division 17 in Raqqa along with the neighbouring military airport. It also took part in relatively small-scale battles in Qalamoun in the Aleppo region, Lattakia and Al-Qamishli. That is the complete list.

…The survival of Islamic State, which Assad has helped create, allows him to lump together this movement with secular demonstrators and regime opponents in order to blanket the entire dissident population of Syria with ruthless repression.

Excerpted with permission from Jihad Academy: The Rise of the Islamic State, by Nicolas Hénin (Bloomsbury, Rs 399).  Boom live


  1. The bombing trap: Henin demolishes the current strategy against ISIS.

    1. He argues that the West is in a trap. It can’t stop bombing because it started bombing in the first place and this plays into the hand of ISIS because if the West now stops, ISIS will take credit for stopping the Western bombing.

      The other side of the trap is that the bombing creates more ISIS criminals than it kills. The trap.

    2. The ole Chinese finger trap has been a favorite analogy for me.

  2. I was reading a piece by a knowledgeable gentleman today who was somewhat of the same opinion.

    His opinion was, the current strategy not working well, it would be necessary to either send in the troops and stay a long long while, or carpet bomb the whole place to smithereens.

    He didn't seem to think the advent of Doug's Tor-NA-ders would make much difference.

    1. Hillary sez we must fight them in creative and agile ways in cyberspace, and on Twitter.

      This is likely to fail, too.

    2. The winning formula most probably is to bomb the place to absolute rubble, then send in the troops to occupy for some decades and de-Islamize the whole area.

      Similar to what was done in Germany and Japan.

      No one is going to do this, however.

      No one has even suggested it far as I know.

    3. 1.5 billion people. Spread over half the planet and integrated in one form or another in most western countries. You are going to bomb them and kill them? That is you suggestion?

    4. No, no, ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

      And it's not my suggestion.

      My suggestion is support the Kurds and Israel and be nice to Sisi, and the King of Jordan too.

      As I've said a dozens times already.

      I don't know what's right with ISIS.

      What is being done does not seem to be working.

  3. SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik met online and married two years ago, after he presented himself on a Muslim dating site as a devout young man who liked to fix cars and memorize the Quran. They registered at Target when Ms. Malik became pregnant, with a cheery newlyweds’ catalog of wishes: a car seat, diapers and safety swabs.

    But for all the outward signs of suburban normality, this couple, according to the police, used their comfortable home in a middle-class community near here to stockpile weapons and build pipe bombs. And on Wednesday morning, they left their 6-month-old daughter with her grandmother before heading to a holiday party with Mr. Farook’s co-workers where, the police say, they killed 14 people and wounded 21 others. A few hours later, they died in a crush of bullets in a brutal face-off with the police

    As investigators puzzle over their motives, the couple — the husband born in Illinois and raised in Southern California, the wife born in Pakistan and recently living in Saudi Arabia — have emerged as one of the most perplexing pairs in the recent history of mass homicide. Their lives, and motives, remain mysteries to investigators, who are looking at possible ties to international terrorism but have not ruled out the possibility that this was the bloody culmination of a workplace dispute.

    Mr. Farook and Ms. Malik were observant Muslims, described by friends as quiet and unobtrusive. Mr. Farook, 28, who was a lanky six feet tall and had a full beard for long periods of his life, graduated from California State University, San Bernardino, with a degree in environmental engineering. He worked for the San Bernardino County health department, checking food surfaces at restaurants and bakeries and chlorine levels in public swimming pools.

    Far less is publicly known about Ms. Malik, 27, who lived with Mr. Farook and his mother in Redlands, about five miles from where the attack took place. Mr. Farook brought her to the United States in July 2014, with a Pakistani passport and a K-1 visa, which designated her his fiancée. He applied for a permanent resident green card for her in September 2014, and she was granted a conditional card last July after passing a background check.

    In registering for one of two dating services he used, Mr. Farook said he spoke Urdu, though friends said the couple spoke to each other in English. Mr. Farook, in a posting on one of the dating services, said he was open to dating a woman of any faith but was looking for “someone who takes her religion very seriously and is always trying to improve her religion.”

    Mr. Farook was well known in the religious Muslim community here. From 2012 to 2014, he showed up twice a day for services at the Islamic Center of Riverside, sometimes as early as 4:30 a.m. and again in the evenings, said Mustafa H. Kuko, the director of the center. In a mosque where attendance on Fridays regularly tops 1,000, Mr. Farook stood out as one of the most devout members, wearing long robes to Friday services.


    1. {...}


      “He always kept a bit of a distance between him and other people,” Mr. Kuko said. “He never had any dispute with anyone here at all. Mostly when the service is over, his usual move is from the prayer to his car.” If he saw the director on the way out, he said “salaam,” but that was it.

      Mr. Farook grew up in Riverside; his parents were born in Pakistan. He had two sisters and a brother, according to a brother-in-law, Farhan Khan. The brother, Syed Raheel Farook, enlisted in the Navy in 2003 and served for three years aboard the aircraft carrier Enterprise before leaving the service in 2007, Navy records show. On Thursday, the police searched the brother’s home, neighbors said.


    2. {...}

      Syed Rizwan Farook was a “normal person” who kept halal “just like any other Muslim,” Mr. Khan said. “Why would he do something like that?” he said of the shooting. “I have absolutely no idea. I am in shock.”

      Mr. Farook’s father was an alcoholic and could be violent, capable of lashing out at his wife and children, according to statements his mother, Rafia Farook, made in a series of divorce proceedings beginning in 2006. The father, also named Syed Farook, called his wife names, screamed at his children, hurled home appliances and, at the worst moments, grew so combative that his children had to step between him and his wife, she asserted.

      The elder Mr. Farook forced his family to move out of their home in 2006, Ms. Farook said in court papers, but he continued to harass her. “My husband is mentally ill and is on medication but is also an alcoholic and drinks with the medicine,” she said. The marriage was formally dissolved this year.

      During those years, the family seemed to struggle with finances. Their home in Riverside, which the parents bought in 2000 before the title was transferred to Rafia Farook’s name, went into the early stages of foreclosure before Ms. Farook made an overdue mortgage payment in 2011.


    3. {...}


      ...Mr. Farook signed up on two dating sites when he was in his early 20s, one aimed at Indian singles and the other at people in the United Arab Emirates. He described his family as “religious but modern.” He said he did not smoke or drink. He said of himself, “Enjoy working on vintage and modern cars, read religious books, enjoy eating out sometimes travel and just hang out in back yard.” He also wrote that he enjoyed “doing target practice with younger sister and friends.”

      Mr. Farook enrolled in a graduate program in environmental engineering at California State University, Fullerton, in the fall of last year. But he continued to work for the county health department. His name appears on a county inspection report as recently as Oct. 1 for Cuca’s Mexican Restaurant in Rialto, Calif.

      Mr. Kuko, the director of the mosque Mr. Farook attended, said that before Mr. Farook went to Saudi Arabia to pick up his future wife, “he was asking my advice, my blessings,” he said. “He did double-check on her family background, and he was quite convinced that she was the right person for him.”

      They held the religious ceremony in Saudi Arabia and a reception at the mosque in Riverside, once they returned.

      Mr. Kuko said he was still trying to make sense of the idea that someone like Mr. Farook could have been involved in mass murder. A woman who was wounded in the shooting, Mr. Kuko said, was a member of the mosque, the wife of the mosque’s program director, and a county worker.

      “He’s a mosquegoer,” Mr. Kuko said of Mr. Farook. “He comes to the mosque regularly. Something might have happened to him mentally, physically or whatever that made him change.”

      He said, “I never thought of him as someone who is violent.”


  4. The guy was an all-America:

    Family values, religious, family members in the military, loved guns and target practice, shooting with his family. He enjoyed working on vintage and modern cars, read religious books, enjoy eating out sometimes travel and just hang out in back yard.

    1. This guy just developed the strategy to take down the great Satan. Get a good job, Join the NRA. Buy a legal assault rifle and three thousand rounds of ammunition. Modify it for full auto. Have some family picnics and target practice. Go to an out of the way crowded location where you are welcome and kill at will.

    2. The folks that did 9/11 were all normal guys too.

      Great neighbors some said.

      That's the problem.

      How can one ever trust these people, know for sure ?

  5. Just another "religious crazy."

    Christian, or Muslim; it makes no difference. The problem isn't islam; the problem is religion. It should be outlawed.

  6. A partisan spinmeister might characterize today's employment report as "mixed," or even weak, but a more objective analyst would probably use the more technical term, "crappy."

    The couple of hundred jobs were part-time, and another hundred thousand full-timers had their hours cut back.

    Wages ticked up a very tiny 0.16%.

  7. Median Household Income continues to improve.


    1. Keep in mind, if this chart was "deflated" using the PCE (Personal Consumption Expenditures) Index - the more accurate deflator, according to the Fed - rather than the CPI, it would be much more impressive, probably somewhere in the $5,000.00/yr between 2000 and 2015 range.

    2. .

      That's because people 30 year old kids are still living with them.


    3. That's an interesting assertion. Do you have any data to back that up?

    4. .

      Naw, I just threw it out there.

      I would spend the time to research it but I'm tied up with something I'm doing this afternoon.


    5. Well, I'm not dismissing it out of hand. I've been a bit busy, myself, and I'm not exactly for sure which data set Sentier is using. There are actually multiple "family income" numbers, adjusted for "one wage-earner, two wage earners, etc."

      For that reason, I kind of doubt that Sentier is using a "generic family" number, but I wouldn't want to get stretched too far out on a limb on it.

  8. Why must you blame these innocents?

    How do you know who committed this atrocity?


    Attorney: Tashfeen Malik's suspected connection to shooting 'ridiculous'

    Attorney David Chelsey, who represents the family of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, told CNN, “There is a lot of disconnects and there is a lot of unknowns and there is a lot of things that quite frankly don’t add up or seem implausible.”

    Chelsey said the 90-pound Malik was not involved in the shooting and could not have carried the heavy ammunition and tactical gear.

    “It just doesn’t make sense for these two to act like some kind of Bonnie and Clyde or something,” Chelsey said. “It’s just ridiculous.”

    Chelsey sat with the FBI for three hours to determine characteristics and affiliations that could have motivated Farook to carry out the shooting, he said.

    “They couldn’t find anything,” he said. “They were totally stumped. They were totally frustrated.”

    Chelsey said investigators are “clueless” about Farook’s motivation.

    “There was nothing to characterize to make him act in this manner,” Chelsey said.

    (Search for "disconnects" to find and watch video)

    1. After having the Media and Public disturb their home/crime scene, they'll probably be exonerated! least it'll be posthumously.

    2. This lawyer guy is obviously a turncoat Sharia lawyer, even if his name doesn't indicate it.

      Probably being paid a fancy fee by the Saudis.

    3. “There was nothing to characterize to make him act in this manner,” Chelsey said.

      He seemed such a nice young man.

      And that's just the problem.

      You never ever know for sure.

      Best to not take any more 'Syrian refugees' into the USA.

      They have already found safety in Turkey or Egypt or somewhere.

      The Arab and Iranian worlds can easily absorb them.

    4. The only mosque that I know of in this area has been identified as a radical mosque.

      It is located on the edge of the Washington State University campus.

      There was news about this in the papers the other day.

      It comes as no surprise. I had wondered about it.

      All the foreign students.

      Makes perfect sense.

  9. galopn2Fri Dec 04, 02:47:00 PM EST

    That's an interesting assertion. Do you have any data to back that up?
    QuirkFri Dec 04, 03:51:00 PM EST


    Naw, I just threw it out there.


    1. Rufus generally has some data or reference to back his stuff up a little.

      With Quirk.....Naw, he just throws shit out there.


      Great great reply Quirk.

      Your light continues to outshine all of us.

    2. .


      I appreciate that recognition. There may be some hope for you yet though I'm sure at least Ash would deny it.


    3. What's wrong with his welcome?

  10. I'll be so so glad when Obama and all his appointees are finally out to pasture -

    Loretta Lynch: We will prosecute hateful rhetoric about Muslims that “edges towards violence”
    posted at 4:01 pm on December 4, 2015 by Allahpundit

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    Via BuzzFeed. To be honest, I’m not sure my headline captures what she’s saying. Watch the clip and ask yourself if she’s talking about hateful acts or hateful speech. Not so clear, is it? She mentions speech and rhetoric and the First Amendment but she keeps coming back to prosecuting actions. If all she’s saying is that she’ll charge anyone who acts violently towards Muslims, that’s not newsworthy. That’s her doing her job. If what she’s saying is that she’ll charge anyone who speaks violently about Muslims, that’s something else. She could have spoken perfectly clearly on this subject if she wanted to. The fact that she didn’t means she intended to be vague. How come?

    You have the right to say you hate a particular person or a particular group. You don’t have the right to try to harm that person or group. One is speech, protected by the First Amendment, the other is action. The gray area is when someone uses speech to encourage someone else to act violently. Even then, speech is usually protected. You can say, e.g., “let’s kill the atheists” without fear of going to jail. If you say that, though, to someone who seems like he really does want to kill some atheists and there just so happens to be some atheists nearby at that moment, then you can be prosecuted for saying it. That’s incitement. The rule courts follow in analyzing a case like that is whether the speech was intended to produce, and likely to produce, imminent lawless action. Because of that, it’s almost impossible to be guilty of incitement in most situations. If you’re addressing an angry mob, you’re in the danger zone. Anywhere else — especially if your speech consists of writing, not spoken words, since writing can’t trigger “imminent” action — and you’re safe. Threats operate similarly. If you say “the atheists should be killed,” courts will chalk that up to hyperbole or political grandstanding and refuse to let the state prosecute for it. If you say it, though, to a group of atheists while your hand rests uneasily on your holstered semiautomatic, well, that’s different. That threat seems real. You can go to jail for that.

    So, with that as background, what does this mean?

    “Now obviously this is a country that is based on free speech,” she said. “but when it edges towards violence, when we see the potential for someone lifting that mantle of anti-Muslim rhetoric or, as we saw after 9/11, violence against individuals… when we see that, we will take action.”…

    “I think it’s important that as we again talk about the importance of free speech we make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not America. They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted,” she concluded.

    Actions will be prosecuted? Yup, that’s typically how law enforcement works. Speech that “edges towards violence” will be prosecuted? That’s … sometimes how law enforcement works, if it meets the rule I described above about threats or incitement. If it doesn’t, though, then she’s talking out of her ass — or at least, she is for the moment. Some Democrats are jonesing for a new legal standard that would let the state charge people with “hate speech.” Is Lynch one of them? Is she going to try to prosecute someone for writing “kill all the Muslims” or whatever on Facebook, hoping/expecting that the Supreme Court will revisit its rules for free speech and allow that conviction to stand? Or is she just pandering to her audience (a Muslim advocacy group) by floating some legal gobbledygook about speech that “edges towards violence,” when in reality all she means are the threats and incitement that are already criminal under the law?

    1. More Brain-Dead Democrats, continued -

      Democrats to Attend Prayer Service at Radical Mosque

      Former home of terror leader who mentored 9/11 hijackers

      Dar Al Hijrah

      Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center is seen in Falls Church, Va., in 2009 / AP

      BY: Adam Kredo
      December 4, 2015 3:00 pm

      Democratic lawmakers are planning to attend prayer services at a Washington-area mosque that has been accused of acting as a front for Hamas and that served as the home of terrorist spiritual leader Anwar al-Awlaki, who reportedly mentored two of the 9/11 hijackers.

      On the heels of a deadly mass shooting by two Muslim individuals in San Bernardino, California, a group of Democratic lawmakers said they would attend Friday prayer services at the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque in Virginia, which has been linked to the financing of terrorists and where al-Awlaki served as the spiritual leader.

      The Democrats set to attend include Reps. Don Beyer (D., Va.), Joseph Crowley (D., N.Y.), Betty McCollum (D., Minn.), Eleanor Holmes Norton (D., D.C.), and several Virginia state lawmakers, according to the New York Times.

      Beyer told the Times that the visit could help diffuse tensions with the Muslim community in the wake of the San Bernardino attack and the recent terrorist massacre in Paris.

      “After Paris and after the House resolution a few weeks ago, we just thought it was really important to continue to reiterate to the many, many peace-loving Muslim Americans that they were still a welcome part of our community,” Bayer said.

      The accused attackers in San Bernardino reportedly pledged their allegiance to the Islamic State before carrying out the rampage.

      Al-Awlaki, who was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2011, began service as Dar al-Hijrah’s imam in January 2001. He is accused of acting as a key recruiter for al Qaeda and as serving as a spiritual adviser for those aligned with the terror group.

      Treasury Department records have indicated that, in the past, Dar al-Hijrah acted “as a front for Hamas operatives in U.S.,” and was at one point “associated with Islamic extremists,” according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism.....

    2. More BDD, continued -

      December 4, 2015
      Obama and Hillary's lethal Libya legacy and future terror
      By John Smith

      More and more Americans realize that the administration's Arab Spring movement was simply a front for a massive train-and-equip operation for Islamic radicals – including ISIS. During Bush '43, strongman Gaddafi was pushed by Operation Iraqi Freedom into declaring his WMD program and later provided intelligence to the U.S. As SoS, Hillary jumped for joy as Gaddafi was brutally murdered by so-called democracy movement members, which eventually led to the looting of the dictator's armories for weaponry to be spread far and wide across the region.

      Now we learn from Asharq al-Awsat that ISIS now has obtained at least one flight simulator from one of the airports in order to train terrorist pilots.

      A senior Libyan military officer said in an interview during a recent visit to Cairo that a group of ISIS leaders, amongst them retired officers from Libya and a number of neighbouring countries, obtained the first simulator device that specialises in civilian planes last October. Security services have gathered new information from Sirte during the last two weeks suggesting that another fighter jet simulator had arrived. However, its type remains unknown.

      Despite Egypt's turning back the Arab Spring movement and dealing a severe blow to associated Muslim Brotherhood leadership, the chaos in Libya is the gift that keeps on giving – in a very bad way to very bad people. In this case, there is potential for another attack using commercial airliners.

      John Smith is the pen name of a retired career military officer, currently working overseas.

    3. .

      John Smith is the pen name of a retired career military officer, currently working overseas.

      I'd use a 'pen name' myself if I thought anything I wrote might end up in the American Thinker. Gotta be embarrassing.


    4. Now, now, that's quite unfair, Quirk.

      You didn't know until AT told you that ISIS has flight simulators.

      Besides, you use a pen name yourself.

      To avoid embarrassing yourself, I presume.

    5. Unless Quirk is your real name, and no one really believes that.

      No parents would be so cruel.

    6. .

      But then, no one takes me seriously either.


    7. .

      And, even I wouldn't degrade myself further by contributing in AT.


  11. The Islamists have a powerful meme going, sometimes more powerful than even the maternal instinct -

    December 4, 2015
    The jihadist and the Messianic Jew
    By Jay Michaels

    The workplace for jihadist Maj. Nidal Hasan was Ft. Hood, and his 13 victims were soldiers in the infidel army that was occupying parts of dar al Islam. Jihadist Mohammod Adulazeez also attacked military facilities earlier this year, killing four Marines at a recruiting center and a Navy sailor. So why did Syed Farook kill co-workers at the San Bernardino County Health Department’s Inland Regional Center?

    One of Farook’s colleagues at the Department was another health inspector, Nicholas Thalasinos. He was a Messianic Jew (a Jew who has converted to Christianity but maintains he is still Jewish) who always wore his talit, the prayer shawl with fringed tassels, and a Star of David tie clip. He was an outspoken conservative and passionate supporter of Israel. He blogged occasionally at, and his most recent article was “Palestinians: The Invented People.”

    According to a friend, Thalasinos got into a heated discussion with Farook about Islam two weeks before the attack. The Messianic Jew was trying to persuade Farook that Islam is not a religion of peace. Farook disagreed. Americans don’t understand Islam, he complained.

    Farook, who had begun growing his beard out, had clearly planned an attack earlier. But could Thalasinos have had something to do with why the shaheed targeted his co-workers on Wednesday? Thalasinos was certainly a provocation: a Jew, an Evangelical, a supporter of Israel, and a critic of Islam. As for the other co-workers, who may have had no opinions on the Middle East, was it enough that they were Americans and infidels?

    “Rest assured, we’ll get to the bottom of this,” President Obama has promised.

    The only real mystery for the president to solve is why, after the Inland Regional Center massacre, the jihadists didn’t head for the nearest military recruiting office or Jewish daycare center.

    Meanwhile, Farook, like the Charlie Hebdo killers, will have extended the reach of the Pact of Umar, the code for dhimmis, which forbids criticism of Islam. Americans skeptical about the Religion of Peace will keep their mouths shut around Muslim colleagues. (Farook, said Thalasinos’s widow, “got along with everybody. That’s what’s so shocking.”) Fewer Jews will wear symbols of their religion, also outlawed under the Pact.

    In a recent case of real workplace violence, when Omar Thornton killed 8 people at the beer distributorship where he was about to be disciplined for stealing, relatives claimed he was a victim of racism.

    Will the media run with the story that Farook was provoked by the Islamophobic rants of his right-wing colleague? Or will they continue to just talk about guns?

    What’s particularly chilling about this story is that Syed and his wife and accomplice, Tashfeen Malik, had a six-month-old daughter, whom they deposited with Farook’s mother before the attack. Co-workers had given the expectant mother a baby shower earlier in the year. For Malik, the desire to become a shaheed, a martyr for Islam, was stronger than one of the most powerful drives in humans, the maternal instinct.

    Nick Thalasinos blogged under the name “Noahide,” a reference to the Seven Laws of Noah that God is supposed to have given to all of humanity. Law number three is Do Not Murder.

  12. I'm flying over to attend Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik's funeral.

    1. :)

      I think you may be too late.

      Best check it carefully.

      I don't want you to waste your money.

    2. Here' s Tashfeen's photo for you -

      First Photo of Female San Bernardino Shooter Tashfeen Malik

      By Rhonda Schwartz
      Brian Ross
      Lee Ferran

      Dec 4, 2015, 5:48 PM ET

      PHOTO: Tashfeen MalikObtained by ABC News
      Tashfeen Malik

      Since news today that San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik is said to have posted a pledge of allegiance to ISIS around the time she and her husband killed 14 people Wednesday, the world’s attention has shifted to the mysterious mother-turned-murderer.

      Malik, who was born in Pakistan, moved to Saudi Arabia 25 years ago when she was about four years old. When she was older, she likely moved back and forth between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, according to a source close to the Saudi Arabian government.

      In 2007, she returned to Pakistan to study at Bahuddin Zakri University in Multan and stayed until 2012, according to a Pakistani intelligence official. She was said to be a brilliant student and was not known to have religious or political affiliation while there.

      She has a pimple at the tip of her nose.

  13. SOUTHWEST ASIA, December 4, 2015 — U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

    Officials reported details of the latest strikes, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

    Strikes in Syria

    In Syria, coalition military forces conducted 20 strikes using attack, fighter, bomber, and remotely piloted aircraft:

    -- Near Dayr Az Zawr, six strikes struck an ISIL gas and oil separation plant.

    -- Near Abu Kamal, two strikes struck an ISIL oil field well head.

    -- Near Ayn Isa, four strikes struck four ISIL tactical units and destroyed two ISIL fighting positions, an ISIL vehicle, and wounded an ISIL fighter.

    -- Near Mar’a, eight strikes struck seven separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed an ISIL tactical vehicle, four ISIL staging areas, an ISIL fighting position, an ISIL vehicle-borne bomb, an ISIL compound, and wounded four ISIL fighters.

    Strikes in Iraq

    Bomber, fighter, and attack aircraft conducted six strikes in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of Iraq’s government:

    -- Near Kisik, one strike suppressed an ISIL heavy machine gun position.

    -- Near Ramadi, four strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed 14 ISIL heavy machine guns, five ISIL RPGs, an ISIL recoilless rifle, two ISIL anti-air artillery pieces, three ISIL fighting positions, two ISIL sniper positions, three ISIL staging areas, three ISIL bed down locations, two ISIL compounds, an ISIL vehicle-borne bomb, and denied ISIL access to terrain.

    -- Near Mosul, one strike damaged an ISIL vehicle-borne bomb storage location.

    Definition of a ‘Strike’

    A strike, as defined in the CJTF releases, means one or more kinetic events that occur in roughly the same geographic location to produce a single, sometimes cumulative, effect for that location.

    So, the officials said, having a single aircraft deliver a single weapon against a lone ISIL vehicle is one strike. Multiple aircraft delivering dozens of weapons against a group of buildings, vehicles and weapon systems in a compound, with the cumulative effect of making that facility [or facilities] harder or impossible to use is also considered a single strike, task force officials said.


    1. -- Near Ramadi, four strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed 14 ISIL heavy machine guns, five ISIL RPGs, an ISIL recoilless rifle, two ISIL anti-air artillery pieces, three ISIL fighting positions, two ISIL sniper positions, three ISIL staging areas, three ISIL bed down locations, two ISIL compounds, an ISIL vehicle-borne bomb, and denied ISIL access to terrain.

      Give me a break. How do they know they destroyed an ISIL recoiless rifle, for instance, or three ISIL 'bed down locations' ? Whatever they are.

      And exactly 14 ISIL heavy machine guns ?

      I think we have someone tasked with making most of this stuff up, slapping it together, popping it out so as to make like something is being accomplished.

    2. Admittedly, the lose of three bed down locations hurts.

      On the other hand, a big crater in the ground might actually improve the bed down locations.

      If I were over there I think I might prefer sleeping in a crater than out on the desert floor, wide open to the elements, and the enemy.

      At least it would make feel safer.

    3. I think all the bombing by everyone is having some positive effect, though.

      ISIS seems more on the defensive these days.

      The French will be bombing from their aircraft carrier soon.

      France, Britain, Russia,'s gotta hurt.

  14. Obama Names Hamas Sympathizer as New ISIS Czar

    President Obama has appointed a foreign policy advisor known to be a friend of the terrorist group Hamas to be the administration’s new czar in charge of countering ISIS. The appointee, Robert Malley, has a history of sympathizing with Islamists, which makes the appointment all the more appalling.

    1. Good Lord !

      I can't wait till Obama is out to pasture.

  15. When Mashable reached out to the FBI while the scene was simultaneously unfolding on live television, a spokesperson seemed shocked when asked if the public was allowed to enter the apartment.

    "I do not believe so, but I can check," she said around 9:30 a.m. PT. "My understanding is it is still an ongoing investigation."

    An hour later, Lourdes Arocho, spokesperson for the FBI Los Angeles field office, told Mashable: "The search is over at that location."

    A man named Doyle Miller, who identified himself as the landlord, told CBS News that he didn't intend to let the press into the apartment. When he opened the door, "they rushed," he said.

    1. San Bernardino attacker was 'typical housewife,' lawyer says

    2. :)


      My wife, a typical USA housewife if there ever was one, often goes out and shoots up Christmas parties for Allah.

    3. On whether law enforcement is troubled that media were allowed into the assailants' home by a property manager:

      "We executed a search warrant on that apartment. And last night, we turned that over back to the residents [property manager]. Once the residents have the apartment and we're not in it anymore, we don't control it. We did leave a list of items seized that I know some people have, and they're asking, 'Why did we give that?' We have to give that out by law. Any time we execute a lawful search warrant, we have to leave, for the residence, a list that lists all of the items seized during that search warrant.

      "Once we turned that location back over to the occupants of that residence, or once we boarded up [and left], anyone who goes in at that point, that's got nothing to do with us."

    4. It seems to me that at that point the media were trespassing.

      Granted the occupants were dead, except for the daughter, but this fact doesn't seem to equal an invitation to enter.

      That would have to come from the lawyer(s) for the deceased.

  16. For Rufus, who is forever hitting on the white man - and the Christians -

    December 4, 2015
    San Bernardino Shooting: Political Correctness Kills
    By Selwyn Duke

    There was a tragic incident of climate change this week, or so Barack Obama might say. As I was driving home last evening listening to the still sparse details on the San Bernardino shooting, the news report informed that there were two dead suspects, a man and woman. So I already knew more than the authorities were telling: I figured the two assailants were non-white, almost certainly Muslim. After all, if the police knew their sexes, they knew what they looked like. And if they’d been white, it would have been announced right away.

    You see, I know the drill. When the suspects are non-white, politically correct authorities will never mention it for fear of condemnation.........

    ...................It’s not that liberals don’t engage in profiling; it’s just that they do it all wrong. MSNBC wasted no time profiling the terrorists as possible pro-lifers, pointing out that a Planned Butcherhood facility was “just a few blocks away.” And recently, liberal senator Sherrod Brown asserted that white males were a bigger threat to America than Muslim jihadists (this may be true about white males such as Sherrod Brown).

    Downtown Brown was, of course, talking about mass shootings such as Columbine and Sandy Hook. He completely ignored that such incidents aren’t classified as terrorism for the simple reason that they’re not terrorism; they’re not generally perpetrated in the name of a cause but are the work of deranged minds. But no matter. The whole point is based on a lie to begin with.

    As I reported last year using statistical analysis, it is a myth that an inordinate percentage of mass shooters are white.

    In reality, mass shooters’ racial and ethnic backgrounds (insofar as major groups go) reflect the demographics of the overall U.S. population almost perfectly; the only exception is Asians, who, interestingly, are somewhat overrepresented. But, hey, the media have their narrative. And they’re stickin’ to it.

    “Narrative,” you may note, was once used mainly in reference to fiction. I suppose it still is. And perhaps that’s a better name for our Teleprompter-reading “reporters”: narrators.

    This brings us to the other Teleprompter reader, our Narrator in Chief. Obama called for gun control soon after news of the SB shooting broke, when what’s really needed is immigration control. But then Mr. Hussein couldn’t import any more refujihadis (hat tip: an American Thinker reader), who we know for a fact are coming in with the Mideastern Muslim migrants because the latter cannot be vetted. But, you know, eggs and omelets.

    Obama never feels constrained by facts, but he probably assumed that, whoever the SB assailants were and whatever their motives, the guns just had a mind of their own. Perhaps he ought to recruit Little Lord Fauntleroy’s recessive-gene twin, Piers Morgan, to tell us how much lower gun-control poster boy Britain’s murder rate is than ours. Except that New Hampshire -- with a higher gun-ownership rate than the U.K. -- has a lower homicide rate. This is despite it, frighteningly, being just chock full of those dreaded white males (N.H. is 91.3 percent non-Hispanic white, versus 62.1 percent for the U.S. overall). And Dr. Thomas Sowell tells us there just might be a connection there.

    Returning to profiling, there are other connections we could make. I am a member of the most profiled group in the nation: males. Police view males far more suspiciously than females because males commit an inordinate amount of crime. But if this is just, is it not also just to apply the exact same standard to all other groups that commit an inordinate amount of crime? And if so-called “racial profiling” is “racist” and is verboten, isn’t sex profiling sexist? Shouldn’t it be eliminated with the same vigor?..........

    1. refujihadis

      Refujihadis is good. Will have to remember that.

    2. This Week

      Why fighting gun violence by arming citizens isn't a crazy idea

      Marc Ambinder


  17. Bud Weisser arrested for trespassing at Budweiser Brewery

    Posted 3:14 pm, December 4, 2015, by Joe Millitzer

    Bud Weisser picture

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The brewery got an unwanted visit from a man with a familiar moniker.

    Bud Weisser, 19, was placed under arrest for trespassing at the Budweiser Brewery located at 9th and Arsenal in St. Louis.

    Police say Weisser entered a secured area at the brewery at after 6pm on Thursday. Security officers told him to leave and called police after an altercation.

    Weisser was taken into police custody. He was issued summonses for trespassing and resisting arrest.

    This is not Bud Weisser's first run in with the law. He snuck into a gas station in August 2014. Police saw him climbing out of a shattered window in the 900 block of Lemay Ferry road. Weisser escaped after a chase.

    Police found evidence that linked Weisser to the break in. DNA matched blood found at the scene. He turned himself in and was charged in December 2014.