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Thursday, December 03, 2015

"Allah Took Their Sanity”

‘Allah took their sanity’: Putin accuses Turkish leadership of ‘aiding terror’

Russian President Vladimir Putin lashed out at “part of the leadership in Turkey" during his annual address to the parliament, accusing Ankara of having trade ties with terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. He also promised more sanctions for Turkey over downing of the Russian jet.
Putin said Russia still cannot comprehend why the downing of the plane happened.
We were prepared to cooperate with Turkey on most sensitive issues and go further than their allies. Allah knows why they did it. Apparently Allah decided to punish the ruling clique in Turkey by taking their sanity,” Putin said.

Putin stressed that Moscow’s anger over the incident is directed at particular individuals and not at the Turkish people.
“We have many friends in Turkey,” he said. “They should know that we do not equate them and part of the current Turkish leadership, which holds a direct responsibility for the deaths of our troops in Syria,” he said.He added that the killing of Russian officers would have long-term consequences for those responsible.
We will not forget this aid to terrorists. We have always considered betrayal the worst and most shameful act. Let those in Turkey know it who shot our pilots in the back, who hypocritically tries to justify themselves and their actions and cover up the crimes of terrorists,” he said.
Putin said Russia would not resort to saber-rattling to respond to the Turkish actions, but neither would it limit itself to the economic sanctions it imposed since the incident.
The incident with the Russian Su-24 bomber shot down by Turkish warplanes near the Turkish-Syrian border has greatly deteriorated relations between the two countries. Turkey insists it acted in response to a brief violation of its airspace and was justified in using lethal force. Russia insists no violation took place and has accused Turkey of supporting terrorists in Syria.
The downing of the bomber resulted in the deaths of two Russian troops, who were the first combat losses during the two month-long Syrian campaign. The pilot of the downed plane was killed by a pro-Turkish militant group as he was parachuting to the ground. A marine was killed by militants when a helicopter dispatched to rescue the bomber crew came under fire from the ground.
Putin’s address started with a minute’s silence to commemorate the two troops. The widows of the dead Russians were present at the event.
Putin stressed that the Russian operation in Syria is aimed first and foremost at preventing fighters who went to the Middle East from Russia and its neighboring countries from returning home and bringing the threat of terrorist attacks to Russian soil.
"They are getting money, weapons, gathering strength. If they get stronger, winning there, they will inevitably come here to sow fear and hatred, blast, kill and torture people," Putin said.
Putin called on all nations that have pledged to fight terrorism to join forces and abandon the notion that terrorist groups can be used for country’s own goals. He stressed that the rise of terrorism in the Middle East over the last few years was caused to a large degree by foreign meddling.
Some countries in the Middle East and North Africa, which used to be stable and relatively prosperous – Iraq, Libya, Syria – have turned into zones of chaos and anarchy that pose a threat to entire world,” Putin said.
We know why it happened. We know who wanted to oust unwanted regimes, and rudely impose their own rules. They triggered hostilities, destroyed statehoods, set people against each other and simply washed their hands [of the situation] – giving way to radicals, extremists and terrorists.”
Russia’s lost thousands of lives over two decades of terrorist attacks and is still not safe from terrorist attacks, as evidenced by the bombings in Volgograd in 2014 and the bombing of a Russian passenger plane in Egypt in October, Putin reminded.
“Breaking the bandits’ back took us almost 10 years,” he said. “We practically pushed the terrorists out of Russia, but we are still engaged in a fierce fight against the remainder of the gangs. This evil still comes back occasionally.
Putin said the rise of jihadists in the Middle East in our time is not unlike the rise of Nazism in the mid-20th century, and that the world should learn from the mistakes of the past, when a failure to act in time resulted in the loss of millions of lives.
We are facing a destructive barbaric ideology again and we have no right to allow those new obscurants to achieve their goals. We have to abandon all differences, create a single fist, a single anti-terrorist front, which would act in accordance with the international law and under the aegis of the United Nations,” he said.
Putin was speaking on Thursday before the Federal Assembly, a joint session of the two chambers of the Russian parliament, plus regional governors and the cabinet. The annual address is a traditional key policy report of the executive, which focuses on domestic politics rather than international relations.
‘Business as usual’ with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is now over, Sergey Ivanov, the head of Putin’s office, confirmed to RT after the Russian president’s address:
“Yes, it is definitely over. But fighting terrorism is ‘business as usual’, as the Russian president said,” Ivanov said.
The Turkish leadership “must acknowledge that a tragic mistake was committed and to beg for [forgiveness], or this leadership will not play any significant role in bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey. We will not be able to have any ties with Turkey under this leadership if it doesn’t change its attitude,” Konstantin Kosachev, the chair of the State Duma Committee for Foreign Relations, told RT.


  1. That Allah's best skill - taking their sanity away from folks.

    1. Allah and marijuana have a lot in common, both hallucinatory, both often lead to crime, even being lethal in some way or other....

      December 3, 2015
      Colorado's crime rate was declining...until they legalized marijuana
      By Sierra Rayne

      Despite what the Big Pot lobbyists claim, the evidence is starting to mount that Colorado's experiment with legalized marijuana has led to increased crime in the state.

      According to the latest 2014 Crime in Colorado report by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the crime rate – based on arrests statistics – increased 9 percent from 2013 to 2014. But that is only part of the story.

      Looking back on the crime rate data over the preceding decade, the state's crime rate was rapidly declining (by 32 percent overall) from 2004 through 2012. Since 2012, the crime rate has increased more than 21 percent.

      Graph of crime in Colorado

      What happened after 2012? On May 8, 2013, the Colorado legislature passed bills regulating the manufacture, sale, distribution, and use of recreational marijuana. In late May 2013, the governor signed the bills into law. On January 1, 2014, the first stores in the state to sell pot for recreational use opened.

      And during these past two years as Colorado moved towards legalized marijuana, the statewide crime rate reversed a nearly decade-long trend downward – and instead exploded upward.

      That graph - down,down,down....up,up,up....

  2. Yet another Lamarckian challenge to the weary Standard Model Rufian/galopin2ian/Darwinian thoughtlessness -


    Parents May Pass Down More Than Just Genes, Study Suggests

    DEC. 3, 2015


    Scientists are investigating the epigenetics of fatherhood: how a man’s experiences can alter his sperm, and whether those changes in turn may alter his children. Credit Dann Tardif/LWA, via Corbis

    In 2013, an obese man went to Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark to have his stomach stapled. All in all, it was ordinary bariatric surgery — with one big exception.

    A week before the operation, the man provided a sperm sample to Danish scientists. A week after the procedure, he did so again. A year later, he donated a third sample.

    Scientists were investigating a tantalizing but controversial hypothesis: that a man’s experiences can alter his sperm, and that those changes in turn may alter his children.

    That idea runs counter to standard thinking about heredity: that parents pass down only genes to their children. People inherit genes that predispose them to obesity, or stress, or cancer — or they don’t. Whether one’s parents actually were obese or constantly anxious doesn’t rewrite those genes.

    Yet a number of animal experiments in recent years have challenged conventional thinking on heredity, suggesting that something more is at work.

    In 2010, for example, Dr. Romain Barres of the University of Copenhagen and his colleagues fed male rats a high-fat diet and then mated them with females. Compared with male rats fed a regular diet, those on the high-fat diet fathered offspring that tended to gain more weight, develop more fat and have more trouble regulating insulin levels.

    Eating high-fat food is just one of several experiences a father can have that can change his offspring. Stress is another. Male rats exposed to stressful experiences — like smelling the odor of a fox — will father pups that have a dampened response to stress.

    To find the link between a father’s experiences and his offspring’s biology, scientists have taken a close look at sperm. A sperm cell delivers DNA to an egg, of course. But those genes are regulated by swarms of molecules, so-called epigenetic factors.

    These molecules can respond to environmental influences by silencing some genes and activating others as needed. Some studies suggest the changes in epigenetic factors can be handed down to offspring via sperm............

    When the scientists get around to including Karma in the formulae of evolution then I will sit up and take notice.

    1. After than, they can try to tackle the pull from the front, the pull from the above.

    2. Jack (Doug, Rufus, Bob, Deuce, WiO, Sam, Quirk yes, even Ash, all of us) and the Beanstalk -

      Jack and the Beanstalk

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      For other uses, see Jack and the Beanstalk (disambiguation).
      "Beanstalk" redirects here. For other uses, see Beanstalk (disambiguation).
      Jack and the Beanstalk
      Jack and the Beanstalk Giant - Project Gutenberg eText 17034.jpg
      Illustration by Arthur Rackham, 1918, in English Fairy Tales by Flora Annie Steel
      Folk tale
      Name Jack and the Beanstalk
      Aarne-Thompson grouping AT 328 ("The Treasures of the Giant")
      Country England
      Published in Benjamin Tabart, The History of Jack and the Bean-Stalk (1807)
      Joseph Jacobs, English Fairy Tales (1890)
      Related Jack the Giant Killer

      "Jack and the Beanstalk" is an English fairy tale. The earliest known appearance in print is Benjamin Tabart's moralised version of 1807.[1] "Felix Summerly" (Henry Cole) popularised it in The Home Treasury (1842),[2] and Joseph Jacobs rewrote it in English Fairy Tales (1890).[3] Jacobs' version is most commonly reprinted today and it is believed to be closer to the oral versions than Tabart's because it lacks the moralising.[4]

      "Jack and the Beanstalk" is the best known of the "Jack tales", a series of stories featuring the archetypal Cornish and English hero and stock character Jack.[5]


      1 Story
      2 Origin
      3 Variants
      4 Controversy
      5 Film adaptations
      6 Other adaptations
      7 See also
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      9 External links


      Jack is a young boy living with his widowed mother and a cow who is their only source of income. When the cow stops giving milk, Jack's mother has told Jack take the cow to the market to be sold. On the way, he meets an old man who offers "magic beans" in exchange for the cow and Jack makes the trade. When he arrives home without any money, his mother becomes furious, throws the beans on the ground and sends Jack to bed.

      A gigantic beanstalk grows overnight which Jack climbs to a land high in the sky. There he comes to a house or a castle that is the home of a giant. Jack breaks into the house. When the giant returns, he senses that a human is nearby:

      I smell the blood of an Englishman,
      Be he alive, or be he dead,
      I'll grind his bones to make my bread.[3]

      When the giant sleeps, he steals a bag of gold coins and makes his escape down the beanstalk.

      Jack returns up the beanstalk twice more. He learns of other treasures and steals them when the giant sleeps: first a goose that lays golden eggs (the most common variant is a hen; compare the idiom "to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs."), then a harp that plays by itself. However, the giant is woken when Jack leaves the house with the harp. The giant chases him down the beanstalk and Jack calls to his mother for an axe. Before the giant reaches the ground, Jack cuts down the beanstalk, causing the giant to fall to his death. Jack and his mother then live happily ever after with their riches that Jack stole from the giant.

      What o what did Jack really steal from the guardian fierce Giant ?

      Surely gold coins is just a crude earthly metaphor....a goose that lays golden eggs is much better.....but still, what did Jack really steal, or was it really his for the taking from the origin of things ?

    3. Our monomythian Hero/Heroine

      1) departs from the realm of common day

      2) enters a world of supernatural wonder

      3) overcomes a resistance

      4) wins the reward, the boon, the good thing

      5) returns to the world of common day and shares it with her/his people

      Mathew 4 1-17

      Jack Beanstalk Christ, Quirk Christ, Doug Christ, Bob Christ, Deuce Christ, WiO Christ, Rufus Christ, Sam Christ, yes even Ash Christ, in this world or some other.

  3. Putin for President!

    (Trump will build the fence, per Cruz)

  4. December 3, 2015
    The Logic of Islamic Intolerance
    By Raymond Ibrahim

    A sermon delivered by popular Saudi Sheikh Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid clearly demonstrates why Western secular relativists and multiculturalists -- who currently dominate media, academia, and politics -- are incapable of understanding, much less responding to, the logic of Islamic intolerance...........

    .................Indeed, not only does Islam, like traditional Christianity, assert that all other religions are wrong, but under Islamic law, Hindus, and Buddhists are so misguided that they must be warred against until they either accept the “truth,” that is, converting to Islam, or else being executed (Koran 9:5). As for the so-called “people of the book” -- Jews and Christians -- they may practice their religions, but only after being subdued (Koran 9:29) and barred from building or renovating churches and synagogues and a host of other debilitations that keep their (false) religious practices and symbols (Bibles, crosses, etc.) suppressed and out of sight.............

    .................The net result of all this? On the one hand, Muslims, who believe in truth -- that is, in the teachings of Islam -- will continue attacking the “false,” that is, everything and everyone un-Islamic. And no matter how violent, Islamic jihad -- terrorism -- will always be exonerated in Muslim eyes as fundamentally “altruistic.” On the other hand, Western secularists and multiculturalists, who believe in nothing and deem all cultures and religions equal, will continue to respect Islam and empower Muslims, convinced that terrorism is an un-Islamic aberration destined to go away -- that is, they will continue disbelieving their own eyes. Such is the offspring of that unholy union between Islamic logic and Western fallacy.

    Raymond Ibrahim, author of Crucified Again, is Shillman Fellow, David Horowitz Freedom Center, and Judith Friedman Rosen Fellow, Middle East Forum

    The Hindus, and their protestant offspring, the Buddhists, get the worst of it, death.

    Hindus have been killed by moslems to the tune of 80.000.000 over the centuries.

    While the the Christians, and some others, are allowed to live, well, sometimes, but out of sight.

    Wake UP, America !