“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, February 22, 2015

How are the Duopoly of Polity Potomac going to spin this in 2016?


  1. Loving America Style

    Obama was largely brought up after age 10 by his grandmother and grandfather on his mother’s side, Madelynn Dunham and Stanley Armour Dunham.

    Stanley Dunham enlisted in the U.S. Army in January of 1942. His unit, the 1830th Ordnance Supply and Maintenance Company, Aviation, supported the 9th Air Force during the Allied landing at Normandy Beach in France on D-Day. Stanley and his unit were sent to France 6 weeks later, as was his brother.

    As for his wife Madelyn, she made the sacrifice during the war of working the night shift in Wichita, Kansas, at a factory making the Boeing B-29.

    Barack’s maternal uncle, Charlie Payne (Madelyn’s brother) served in the 89th Infantry Division. That division liberated one of the Buchenwald death camp complexes, Ohrdruf.

    Somehow I feel that the Dunhams loved America and raised their grandson that way.

    And it seems pretty clear that by referring to how Obama was brought up, Giuliani has just spit on the graves of the Dunham family.

    In contrast, Rudy Giuliani never served in the US military and nor did his father (his grandparents immigrated from Italy). As for how he was brought up (and this isn’t his fault), his father Harold served time in Sing Sing for robbery and then was a soldier in an organized crime operation in Brooklyn that ran a gambling racket and did loan sharking.

    1. No asshole. You are a loud mouthed punk and you wouldn’t have the balls to say it to my face. I’m leaving that one up, but anything else you ever post disappears. Bye bye.

    2. Guess or little piece of "O"rdure should not have pulled a name at random off the world wide web and then libeled the Jewish Cowboy and the widow woman "O"rdure happened upon, calling them antisemitic.

      That may have been a 'Bridge to Far' for our esteemed host.

    3. Good deal, "O"rdure.

      Spread the hate, before it consumes you, totally.

    4. It is your hate that you need to spread, get it out of your system, any way you can, "O"rdure.

    5. It is a disease that consumes you. Hate for Arabs, hate for Christians, hate for anyone that disagrees with your twisted ideology.

      Hate is at the core of your being.
      You ought to eat a little chocolate, it may just calm you down. I would suggest getting some from the Chocolate Emporium, but they are a tad pricey. Perhaps you had better go get a bag of M&M's

  2. Giuliani & Obama: Immigrant Families and Really Loving America
    By Juan Cole | Feb. 20, 2015

  3. Support for a Mike Huckabee 2016 presidential run is surging, according to a new poll.

    The former Arkansas governor leads the field of possible GOP candidates for the next presidential election in a new CNN/ORC poll.
    He garnered 16 percent support from Republican adults, a double-digit rise in support. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker also saw a jump in support, with 11 percent saying they would support him, up from 4 percent.

    Other potential candidates seemed to be stalling as the race for the nomination heats up. Fourteen percent said they supported former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, down 9 percentage points from a previous poll. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie garnered only 7 percent, a 6-percentage point drop.


    CNN)In the run up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress next month, add another 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls to list going out of his way to stand with the Israeli leader.

    Republican former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee visited Israel this week and met with Netanyahu, according to a statement from the 2008 presidential hopeful's office out Friday.

    "Gov. Huckabee encouraged [Netanyahu] regarding his upcoming speech to Congress," said Huckabee's Communications Director Alice Stewart in a statement to CNN, adding that the Governor assured the Prime Minister that the controversy surrounding his address, "was not directed toward him or the State of Israel."

  4. Yeah, it looks like Obama was raised by a family of Patriots, and Giuliani was reared by criminals, and draft-dodgers.

    And, the republicans are doubling-down on that whole "party of stupid" thing.

  5. There are crooks, some are small time crooks, some are big time. Case in point:

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hired a well-known lawyer described in the Israeli press as a “specialist in white-collar crime” to represent him and his wife if they face criminal corruption charges. Jacob Weinroth is considered to be one of the country’s top defense attorneys.

    The potential prosecution stems from a report published Tuesday by Israel’s state comptroller, accusing the Netanyahus of spending public funds in a way that “strayed from the cornerstone principles of financial management and the principles of proportionality, reasonableness, saving, and efficiency.”

    According to the report, Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu spent 8,166 shekels ($2,117) per month to clean their private residence in Caesarea, even though they stay most of the time at the official residence in Jerusalem -- which carried cleaning costs as high as 1.1 million shekels ($285,251) a year. They racked up another $68,000 in one year on expenses for makeup, hairstyle and presentation services.

  6. The Republicans always have Ted Cruz; maybe not:

    Sen., Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is the darling of the tea party and right-wing talk radio. He is a smart man and fiery orator. And he is at 5 percent in national polls. It’s just as bad in Iowa, where he should be a crowd favorite. There he is in 7th place according to the RealClearPolitics average, barely ahead of Rick Santorum. While not an early primary state, a Virginia poll released yesterday put Cruz at 3 percent. At the first cattle call of the primary season he was upstaged by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. After a couple of years of nonstop attention-getting, he hardly is unknown to primary voters. Voters just don’t seem to like him. (His average unfavorable rating is about 40 percent, his favorable about 30 percent.)

    1. He is a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sucks.
      The idea that the Republicans would even consider him as a potential candidate ... absurd.

  7. The Republicans don’t give a crap about Israel. Blacks don’t vote for Republican, neither do Jews, Millennials, Hispanics, anyone receiving Obamacare and in total a simple majority are opposed to them. There is one group that constantly votes Republican:

    From Christian News Service:

    Hundreds of Christians and Messianic Jewish believers from nearly two dozen states and more than a dozen countries have gathered in Loveland, Colorado, for a Stand Firm with Israel summit.

    Pastor Wayne Hilsden of Jerusalem's King of Kings Congregation and Pastor Jonathan Wiggins of Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland organized the summit amid growing concerns that Christians around the world need to stand with Israel in a time of growing danger to Jews and Christians and rapidly growing anti-Semitism, especially in Europe.

    Hilsden also announced the formation of a group called FIRM, Fellowship of Israel-Related Ministries, to emphasize the biblically based importance of supporting Israel and the Jewish people.

    Standing with Israel doesn't necessarily mean agreeing with every decision made by the Israeli government, Hilsden explained. But it does mean acknowledging the eternal covenant the Lord made with the Jewish people in the land with Israel.

    1. Without Pentecostal Christians, The Republican Party flies off to carrier pigeon heaven.

    2. If a person were to read "revelations", they would quickly realize that the current crop of "Jews" in Israel, they are not Jews at all.

      At one time I had this discussion with some 'Baptists', when I read the Scripture to them ... the cowboy said ...
      "That's good stuff"
      He had never read the book, just had other folk tell him what was in it.

      Ignorance is bliss.

    3. Then dovetailed with what I have learned, since that discussion ...

      It would lead a person to believe that there are some evangelicals that are pining for a war that will wipe out the Ashkenazi.
      Like the medievil IS preachers, they yearn for death, destruction and devastation of everyone, in an effort to hurry along what they perceive to be "God's Will".

    4. It is endemic amongst the Abrahamics.

      As if their God of Abraham could not do what he wants to do, without their help.

  8. So far today the usual suspects - Deuce, ratboy, Rufus - have said zero of importance or even of meaning. ratboy blabs on again about the 'Abrahamics' as if he knows a goddamn thing about the subject, which I can assure you he does not.

    My contribution shall be: going to the Casino.

    I find more meaning there than here most days, and Uncle Eddie might be out there today. Always like to talk with him.

    Happy Chattering !

    Cheers !!

  9. Winning those "hearts and minds"

    Baghdad, Feb 21 (IANS) The Iraqi security forces Saturday launched a major offensive in the western province of Anbar to free a town from where the Islamic State (IS) militants abducted around 43 people and later burned them alive inside iron cages, a provincial security source said.

    Iraqi soldiers, police and allied Sunni tribesmen, backed by the US-led coalition and Iraqi aircraft, advanced in the morning from three directions to free the town of al-Baghdadi, some 200 km northwest of the Iraqi capital, Xinhua news agency reported citing the source.

    The offensive was also designed to break the siege of a neighbourhood adjacent to al-Baghdadi, where some 1,000 families of security members and government-backed Sahwa paramilitary group members have been trapped, the source said.

    The troops managed to let humanitarian aid reach the families suffering from acute shortage of food and drinking water for about 10 days.

    The troops surrounded the town while heavy clashes broke out around the area and in some neighbourhoods of al-Baghdadi town.

    "The streets clashes which broke out today (Saturday) will continue until the troops clear the town from the last extremist militant," the source . . . . . . .

    Soon to be Dead - but not soon enough

    1. Interesting that the Daesh could not take the neighborhood where those 1,000 families were ...
      They could cut them off, they could surround them, but they could not take the ground.

      Good news, that.

    2. That is kind of a recurring theme. The only large town that ISIS holds 100% is Mosul. All the rest - Fallujah, Ramadi, Tikrit, etc., they only hold parts of.

    3. IF this big spring offensive even gets going the Sunnis will blow the bridges and hole up on the west side of Mosul, if the going gets rough.

      Go back to drinking
      An fergit about thinking
      Your logic is stinking
      Your eyes only blinking....
      As an owl is blinded by light

      Have a Bud-Beam

  10. Exclusive: Pentagon Doubts Its Own ISIS War Plan
    That didn’t take long. Less than a day after the U.S. military announced its Spring offensive against ISIS, seasoned military officers said the plan was unworkable.

    Skepticism about the U.S. and Iraqi military plans for the next phase of the ISIS war begins inside the Pentagon.

    Less than 24 hours after U.S. military officials publicly detailed their plans for a spring offensive on ISIS-held Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, many within the Pentagon privately questioned whether that timetable was plausible. They said that they were dubious that their partners in the Iraqi military—the troops supposed to lead the offensive—would be capable of conducting such a campaign by then.

    “I really doubt it is going to happen that soon,” said one military officer who, like several others, served in Iraq between 2003-2011 and spoke on condition of anonymity. “And if it does, it will take months.”

    The largely Shiite troops of the Iraqi army are unlikely to risk their lives to win back a Sunni dominated city, several U.S. military officers told The Daily Beast on Friday. Indeed, when ISIS stormed the city last June, Iraqi forces walked away, leading the U.S. and 60 other nations to form a coalition against the terror group.

    Even if the Iraqi troops do stand up and fight the self-proclaimed Islamic State, having a Shiite force move in and potentially ravage a major Sunni city in a bid to save it could have adverse affects on the Sunnis in Iraq and broader Sunni Arab world. Sectarian tensions, particularly in Iraq, run that deep.

    “I cannot believe that Shiites would fight for Mosul,” one officer who served in the restive Sunni province of Anbar during the Iraq War told The Daily Beast.

    So far, there is no evidence of a strong Sunni-majority Iraqi Army brigade, and U.S. Central Command has said it will take at least eight brigades to win back the city.

    In the absence of such a force, it is not clear that the Sunni-dominated city would welcome those troops. Many Sunnis feel betrayed by Iraq’s Shiite-dominated central government, and all indications are that Shiite militias are becoming increasingly powerful in Iraq as the war against ISIS drags on, only confirming Sunni residents fears.

    Critics inside the U.S. defense community note that the battle for Mosul could be much harder than the coalition’s fights so far to reclaim cities from ISIS. It took 112 days for a capable Kurdish ground force and U.S.-led air campaign to win back the small northern Syria city of Kobani.

    “I really doubt [the offensive] is going to happen that soon… And if it does, it will take months.”

    Wife is back with car now going Casino-ing.

    1. 'Generals' Rufus and ratshit are idiots.

    2. Rufus, you were correct, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson is declaring defeat before the operation begins.

      You nailed it.

  11. Here is an example of another mistake the reborn Chocolate Emporium of South Euclid, Ohio is making.

    They are trying to sell a 'Gift Basket' of what we can only assume are chocolate treats, for $85.
    The error in their marketing, the complete lack of a product description. All they tell the customer
    loaded with chocolate gifts and gourmet chocolates

    With a picture of a basket with an assortment of plastic wrapped stuff.

    For some reason the proprietors, or the web site developer, does not want the potential customer to know what it is, exactly what they are getting, for their $85.

    1. For some reason the proprietors, or the web site developer, does not want the potential customer to know what it is, exactly that they are getting, for their $85.

    2. Simple advise for a food concessionaire on the world wide web that is looking for success.

      Recipe for Success: 7 Tips for Selling Food Online

      4. Label Your Products
      ... the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act stipulates that “all food products should be labeled with disclosure of ingredients, quantity and weight of ingredients and labeled with the name and place of the person or business who makes and packages these goods.”
      Be sure to add your ingredients to the listing descriptions in your Etsy shop

      6. Be Transparent

      Transparency as a food business can go a long way in reassuring customers that the food product they are buying is safe, high-quality and expertly made. Images of your kitchen facility and your process are a simple, but impactful method of communicating this.

      Proud Midwesterner + Brooklynite, Alison Walla is doing her part to help crafty folks spread the handmade love.


    3. Listing description
      , that is an essential part of marketing anything on the world wide web.
      Otherwise the consumer may think they are being sold a 'Pig in a poke" and not make the purchase.

    4. I couldn't give a flying fuck.

      I like McDonald's, and Hersheys chocolate.

  12. Am I the only one that's starting to suspect that the first big strike will be Fallujah, not Mosul?

    1. Could well be that all the talk about Mosul is 'misdirection' and that there is an attempt underway to mislead the leadership of Daesh. It would not be the first time that public pronouncements were intentionally misleading in regards to strategic objectives.

      It certainly is confusing Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, he will have declared defeat in the wrong battle, before it begins.
      Those public statements by the Iraqi PM and the DoD could be effecting the leadership within the Daesh in a similar manner.

      Putting Daesh in a 'defensive crouch' in the wrong locale.

    2. One thing that American Military Leaders have always been good at is Misdirection. :)

  13. Bob declares "defeat in Fallujah Operation" in 3, 2, 1 . . . .


    1. Fallujah might be possible.

      What conclusion do you draw from this ?

      Perhaps they are fully aware that they will have an extremely hard time with Mosul ?

      You are the guys that have the decades of experience allowing you to peer inside the 'mind' of the Great Napoleon of the Potomac, O'bozo.

      How you like my elk?

      I consider them my elk now, and aim to protect 'em.

    2. Inscrutably, our Napoleon of the Potomac took our troops out and Iraq went immediately to hell. The speculation is in "informed circles" that this was to allow him to show his genius as a military leader by re-taking Fallujah, or something.

  14. Then again, Mosul might be starting to look like the softer target.

    The Syrian Kurds (YPG,) having driven the Daesh out of Kobane, are advancing on the two ISIS strongholds in the Northeastern part of Syria (basically, across the border from - and on top of the only remaining escape/resupply route to - Mosul.

    Dead Men Surrounded

    1. "Then again" is a term of art used by someone who doesn't have a clue what the hell he is talking about.

  15. :) Maybe it's time to start referring to Deuce as The BHLPM

    :) :) :) :)

    1. BHLPMIC

      black hearted little prick of a man in charge. :) :) :) :)

      Has kind of a ring to it don't it? :)

    2. It does ! And I may take it up myself.

      It is a little long and windy but very good, and worth the time to memorize.

    3. Deleting WiO, who is the only person here, save allen, who actually knows something about the mid-east, must give BHLPMIC the feeling he can order Bibi, his nemesis psychological, around.

      If WiO is deleted permanently, I'm outta here too. You three can then continue to pass gas among yourselves.

      So BHLPMIC can kill two birds with one stone if he really wishes.

  16. It would take a battalion at least a month. But a few daring men...specialists, led by you, could do it in one bold, swift stroke.

  17. BAGHDAD / WASHINGTON: Iraq’s defense minister criticized the U.S. Sunday for declaring a timeframe for an offensive to recapture ISIS’ northern stronghold of Mosul, saying military commanders should not show their hand to the enemy.

    Khaled al-Obeidi said the timing of the Mosul assault was for Iraq to decide, and that a U.S. Central Command official who predicted the attack was likely to take place in April or May had no knowledge of the issue.

    - See more at:

    1. Sounds like he may be saying the operation is 'off'.


      Perhaps they wish to take advantage of the cooler winter assault weather next January or something.

    2. Only thing for it is for you, ratass, to get your lil' military expert ass over there and whip them into shape.

      By the way Quirk is already there. I was messaged from the Kurdish neighborhoods of Mosul by Intrepid, Q's nom de plume these days.

      Short translation: he needs me NOW.

      We are together going to do the war reporting for the Detroit Insider.

    3. Doubt that the Legionnaire would go to war with someone that does not take instruction

      Quirk Thu May 27, 02:16:00 AM EDT
      Bob, a tip.

      Delete your post on the bank.

    4. Mətušélaḥ Fri Nov 14, 12:48:00 AM EST

      Fuck, you're a dumbass, Bob.


    5. Quirk, my lawyer congratulated me on my conduct with the bank. They richly deserved it for various reasons that are too lengthy to spell out.

      He was very complimentary. It's all legal and you have left them with a bad loan, he said. What are they going to do attach her assets at the rest home ? The pricks deserve it.

      He also gave me the best compliment I've had in my life.

      Baab, even I couldn't have handled eight years of this as well as you.

      I will always remember that lovely compliment.

      So fuck off War Criminal.

      It's all I am going to say on the subject, and, actually I was replying to Quirk, who is an honorable intelligent humorous man unlike yourself, rat - O - rooter.

      The bank was also involved in a class action suit brought against them by irate credit card holders. Don't know how that turned out though.

    6. That particular bank, by the way, was bought out something like 25 years ago. Been a long time ago.

    7. Time does not change the reality that you stole that money.
      You are a thief

      Like a meth head now you are trying to justify your evil ways.

    8. It is not the bank that is at issue, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.
      The issue is that you stole money. Flat out.

      Th issue is that you have, for a decade that I have had the displeasure of knowing you, always fail to assume responsibility for your actions. That continues now.

      You ripped off the bank.
      Just as the looters in Ferguson ripped off the gas station.

      Do you want to read your denunciation of them and the President, and by extension yourself?
      Or would you rather slip away.

    9. And $7,500 dollars, twenty years ago ...

      That was not small change, but a 'big score'

      You should have heeded Q's advice, but like Mat said.
      "Fuck, you're a dumbass Bob".

  18. And crapper, Mat loves me !

    We used to trade emails every month or so till I messed up when changing computers.

    He invited me to go to Israel with him

    1. It's our "Beer Gut" General '4th of July' Rufus that can no longer stand me. I would fear that if I ever entered the sacred precincts of Mississishitti I might get shot. I've been there once, and that was enough, in fact it was too much already.

    2. It's not that "I can't stand you," bob. It's that you are an obnoxious fool, and a racist.

      I would never "hurt" you, but I don't want to be around you, either.

    3. You may love him, but he still thinks you are a dumb fuck.
      Besides, you cared so little about him and your other 'friends' you lost their addresses.

      You lie so poorly, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. It is interesting that just as ISIS makes a threat against the Mall of America, the Republicans in the House of Representatives are preparing to shut down Homeland Security, by stripping its funding.

    As Rufus says ...
    The Party of Stupid

  20. Did you know the USA is sending food aid to Sunni Iraq ?

    It's true.

    And the food aid is re-labelled by ISIS to say 'Brought to you by ISIS" or some such.

    Are we idiots, or what ?

    Don't have the link, read about it a couple of days ago.

  21. Before I take a nap, I'd like to ask the Terrible Trio here why you all are so hot to use American money, equipment, and inevitably some troops, plus the air power, to go back into Sunni Iraq ?

    Protecting the Kurds is one thing, but why worry about 'taking' - 're-taking' - Mosul ?

    Uncle Ed of the Casino, whose son has been over there twice, says let them kill each other.

    1. We are not, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.
      No US troops, that is what Rufus and I have been advocating.

      You are the one who advocates for invading Iraq.

      The discovery of widespread FGM in Iraqi Kurdistan suggests the assumption to be incorrect that FGM is primarily an African phenomenon with only marginal occurrence in the eastern Islamic world. FGM is practiced at a rate of nearly 60 percent by Iraqi Kurds, then how prevalent is the practice in neighboring Syria where living conditions and cultural and religious practices are comparable?

      Bob Oreille Thu Aug 07, 01:07:00 PM EDT
      If you can't see it any other way, think about all those clits, Quirk, think about all those coming clipped clits.

      Why should a single US soldier die to protect this horrid cultural practice,
      Answer US that Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson

    2. You don't care about any of those things, you old racist asshole. You're just afraid that Obama will be proven right.

    3. As for when the crazed psychopaths are cleared from Iraq, it doesn't matter if it's July 4, 2015, or July 4, 2000. The important point is that their progress has been halted, and they're being rolled back.

      Their only relevant act, from here, is ordering their last meal.

  22. Why does the US continue to support ISraeli terrorism?

    Israeli forces have continued with systematic attacks against Palestinian civilians and their property in the occupied Palestinian territories

    ISrael terrorism documented

  23. TRIPOLI, Feb 22 (Reuters) - Militants claiming loyalty to Islamic State said they were behind Sunday's twin bomb attacks on the residence of the Iranian ambassador in the Libyan capital and a rocket strike on the eastern Labraq airport.