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Friday, October 17, 2014

Kurdish defenders in Kobane have victory in their sights. After exactly a month of fighting, they say they have driven Islamic State from most of the city

Baharin Kandal said IS fighters had retreated from all areas, except for two pockets of resistance in the east.
US-led air strikes have helped push back the militants, with another 14 conducted over the past 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the new UN human rights commissioner has called IS a "potentially genocidal" movement.
Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein described the group as the antithesis of human rights.
Speaking by phone, Kurdish commander Baharin Kandal told the BBC's Kasra Naji that she hoped the city would be "liberated soon".
Ms Kandal said her militia group had been receiving arms, supplies and fighters but she refused to say how, reports our correspondent, who is on the Turkish border near Kobane.
Explosion in Kobane, 16 OctAir strikes continue to target IS fighters in and around Kobane
At the scene: BBC's Kasra Naji on the Turkey-Syria border
Kurdish defenders have victory in their sights. After exactly a month of fighting, they say they have driven Islamic State from most of the city.
But from a hilltop across the border in Turkey, it is clear there is still fighting going on, particularly in the north of the city. Small and heavy arms fire can be heard, as well as occasional explosions. There have also been several air strikes this afternoon by the US-led coalition.
One 32-year-old Kurdish militia commander, who leads the fighting in the east of the city, told me she hoped the city would be "fully liberated" very soon.
Her comments reflect an air of optimism here in Turkey among the Kobane refugees who are hoping to go back to their town in the next few days.
Major test
The battle for Kobane, which is also known as Ayn al-Arab, is regarded as a major test of whether the US-led coalition's air campaign can push back IS.
US Central Command said that bomber and fighter aircraft had conducted 14 air strikes on Wednesday and Thursday, all of them targeting IS around Kobane.
The strikes "successfully struck 19 IS buildings, two IS command posts, three IS fighting positions, three IS sniper positions, one IS staging location and one IS heavy machine gun", a statement said.
It said the air strikes had "continued to slow IS advances, but that the security situation on the ground in Kobane remains tenuous".
Kurdish defenders on the streets of Kobane, 16 OctKurdish defenders on the streets of Kobane
A Kurdish official in Kobane, Idris Nassen, confirmed to the AFP news agency that IS had pulled back from some areas and that "the international coalition has fought IS more effectively during the last few days".
But he warned: "We need more air strikes, as well as weaponry and ammunition to fight them on the ground."
New propaganda film
Meanwhile, IS militants released another propaganda video featuring British hostage John Cantlie on Thursday.
The journalist, who was kidnapped in Syria in 2012, has appeared in several videos released by IS that have all followed the same format - with Mr Cantlie addressing the camera from behind a desk.
There are no signs of violence in the videos but Mr Cantlie has made it clear he is speaking as a prisoner whose life is in danger.
Earlier, Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein, the new UN human rights commissioner, described IS as the antithesis of human rights and "a diabolical, potentially genocidal movement".
He said: "The way it has spread its tentacles into other countries, employing social media and the internet to brainwash and recruit people from across the globe, reveals it to be the product of a perverse and lethal marriage of a new form of nihilism with the digital age."
Activists say more than 600 people have been killed since the jihadist group launched its assault on Kobane a month ago.
More than 160,000 people have fled the mainly Kurdish town in the face of the IS advance.
Capturing the town would give the group unbroken control of a long stretch of the Syrian-Turkish border.
IS fighters, who have seized large areas in Syria and Iraq, have gained a reputation for brutal tactics, including mass killings and beheadings of soldiers and journalists.
Kobane map


  1. When you have an ally on the ground than can fight and will fight, air power is effective. In the case of Kobane, no one was checking ID cards of the Kurds on the ground doing the fighting. That formula will work wherever ISIS appears. The Kurds did not need to be trained for twelve months. Neither does Hezbollah, The Quds force, Iranians or any other party fighting ISIS.

  2. That includes any Kurdish woman carrying a weapon:

    DailyKos /

    ISIS's Nightmare: Fierce Kurdish Women Fighters
    In the battle for Kobani, Syria, Kurdish women warriors are said to terrify ISIS.

    October 10, 2014 |
    On Monday the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that the isolated Kurdish enclave of Kobani was "about to fall" to a massive, sustained assault from ISIS.

    Also on Monday, Rooz Bahjat, a Kurdish intelligence officer stationed in Kobani said the city would fall within "the next 24 hours." By now ISIS was expecting to be slaughtering civilians by the score.

    Instead, something totally unexpected happened - ISIS has been forced to pull back.

    A local Kobani official, Idris Nahsen, told AFP that fighters from the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) had managed to push ISIS fighters outside several key areas after "helpful" airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition

    "The situation has changed since yesterday. YPG forces have pushed back ISIS forces," he said.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring group, confirmed that ISIS fighters had withdrawn overnight from several areas and were no longer inside the western part of Kobani. They remained in eastern parts of the town and its southern edges, said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman, whose group relies on a network of sources inside Syria. The number of dead in the overnight fighting was not clear, but Mustafa Ebdi, a Kurdish journalist and activist from Kobani, wrote on his Facebook page that the streets of one southeastern neighborhood were "full of the bodies" of ISIS fighters.

    Kobani has been under attack by 9,000 ISIS jihadists, armed with tanks and heavy artillery for nearly a month. This is the largest manned assualt by ISIS in its short existence.They are being opposed by just 2,000 Kurdish fighters with the YPG, the armed wing of the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), without access to any heavy weaponry and short on ammunition.
    To put this into perspective, 800 ISIS fighters routed 2 divisions of the Iraqi Army, totaling 30,000 heavily armed soldiers, in June.
    In other words, the Syrian Kurds of Kobani weren't supposed to stand a snowball's chance in Hell.

    My father used to say, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight that matters. It's the size of the fight in the dog that does."

    And now, here we are. Two days after Kobani was supposed to have become just the latest victims of ISIS terror. The difference is obviously the motivation of who is fighting.

    "We either die or win. No fighter is leaving," Esmat al-Sheikh, leader of the Kobani Defence Authority, told Reuters. "The world is watching, just watching and leaving these monsters to kill everyone, even children...but we will fight to the end with what weapons we have."

    Some people have more motivation than others. Those people include women. A very large percentage of the YPG fighters that have been so good at killing ISIS jihadists are women.

    I asked her about YPG’s women’s wing, the YPJ (Women's Protection Units), and the women fighters coming from Turkey. She said Kurdish women were as equally involved in defense affairs as in social services. “We have set up training camps for women in all three cantons. Women are active in all fronts,” she said. “Of the first 20 martyrs we had when IS attacked Kobani, 10 were women. Last year, of our 700 YPG martyrs, 200 were women...

    I reminded Nimet of the legends we hear of IS militants fearing to encounter women fighters. She replied, “This is not a myth but reality. I personally met IS fighters face-to-face. Women fighters infringe on their psyche. They believe they won’t go to paradise if they are killed by women. That is why they flee when they see women. I saw that personally at the Celaga front. We monitor their radio calls. When they hear a woman’s voice on the air, they become hysterical.”


    1. {...}

      Kurdish women have traditionally been part of the resistance forces. At Kobani, one woman in particular, Arin Mirkan, showed just how far they are prepared to go to defeat ISIS.

      The woman, who is reportedly a commander in the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit, known as the YPG, broke into an Isis (also known as Islamic State) bastion on the eastern outskirts of Kobani and clashed with militants before detonating herself with a grenade, a monitoring group said on Sunday.
      Mirkan, a mother of two, is rumored (but not proven) to have killed 23 ISIS fighters.

      Another female YPG fighter, Ceylan Ozalp, killed herself with her last bullet rather than be captured by ISIS.

      It's still far to early to determine how this will turn out. The Kobani defenders are running short on ammo, while Turkish tanks sit just a few meters across the border doing nothing. Instead, the Turkish military is arresting Kurdsfleeing the fighting in Kobani.

      18 ethnic Kurds have been killed in violent protests in Turkey, demanding that the Turkish army help the brave defenders in Kobani.

      The Pentagon still expects Kobani to fall, and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is more concerned with ISIS marching on Baghdad.

      Speaking specifically about cities in western Iraq, he said, “There are places where [the Islamic State] continues to make gains in Iraq. We talked about Hit. We talked about Ramadi. We talked about Fallujah, which is still in contention right now. That’s worrisome, because it’s close to Baghdad.”

      8:46 AM PT: It's complicated.

      Kurds insist that Turkey should allow Kurdish fighters, supplies and weapons to enter the encircled town through its territory. Turkey refuses to do so unless the Kurds meet certain demands, including distancing themselves from their allies in an outlawed Kurdish separatist party in Turkey.

      As an indication of the complex political currents, however, she made it clear the Kurds would not welcome military assistance from Turkey, asking instead for free passage of Kurdish fighters from Turkey to reinforce those in Kobani.

      “We would view Turkey sending its troops without an international decision as an occupation," she said.

      Anwar Muslim, a lawyer and the head of the Kobani district, echoed those sentiments, saying it was illogical to ask the Kurds to denounce Mr. Assad and join Syrian insurgent groups fighting against him.

      9:12 AM PT: Meanwhile in Anbar, Iraq:

      Iraq’s restive western province of Anbar is on the verge of completely falling into the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) unless urgent action is taken to address military failures, the Anbar Tribal Council warned on Wednesday...

      “It is strange that while ISIS is developing its presence and capabilities on the ground in Anbar, military and security leadership are not doing anything new to address this. As a result of this, most parts of Anbar province are now completely in ISIS’s hands, including Ramadi city center,” Ibrahim told Asharq Al-Awsat.

      It was Anbar’s police force that was protecting citizens from ISIS, he said, adding that military forces were actively hindering efforts to combat the extremist group. “Unfortunately, the military has become a source of assistance for ISIS because for the most part ISIS is able to attack and defeat the military, taking control of their arms and equipment,” said Ibrahim.

      11:10 AM PT: Dramatic new development

      It appears that the Kurds have finally picked up an ally.

      Kurdish sources inside Kobane say that the YPG (Syrian Kurdish Popular Protection Units) have advanced in the east and that a group of Free Syrian Army fighters moved behind IS lines causing heavy losses.


    2. {...}

  3. Let’s give the gals an OOrah or two.

  4. German Development Minister Gerd Mueller claims that ISIS is funded by Qatar. There are other claims that Turkey has been aiding ISIS. Others are involved. They need to be dealt with as well.

    1. Qatar and Turkey also fund Hamas.

      If Hamas had gotten into Israel with their terror tunnels do you think they would have treated their kidnapped "guests" any better than ISIS?

      Judging from PAST kidnappings? i'd say no...

      ISIS and Hamas, two branches of the same tree.

    2. NAZI and Zionists, two branches of the same tree ...

      Zionists murder civilians, Jewish refugees in a False Flag operation

      On Nov. 25, 1940, a boat carrying Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe, the “Patra,” exploded and sank off the coast of Palestine killing 252 people.

      The Zionist “Haganah” claimed the passengers committed suicide to protest British refusal to let them land.
      Years later, it admitted that rather than let the passengers go to Mauritius, it blew up the vessel for its propaganda value.

      “Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice the few in order to save the many,”
      Moshe Sharett, a former Israeli Prime Minister said at memorial service in 1958.

      Killing Jewish refugees, for political gain, the NAZI and Zionists, birds of a feather that flocked together.

      Israel - Founded by Terrorists and Sustained by Terrorism and now ... Allied with Islamic Terrorists

    3. Bibi giving solace to al-Qeada terrorists in an Israeli hospital


  5. OOrah OOrah

    >>>According to the stories, Amazons were believed to live in Pontus, an area near the Black Sea, in today’s country of Turkey. Apparently, they had a kingdom in that area and their queen was called Hippolyte. Some of the cities which apparently belonged to the Amazon women are Paphos, Sinope, Ephesus and Smyrna. The name given to them by Herodotus was killers of men (Androktones).<<<

    They were Kurdish Women !

    1. I've read the Amazons used to tie the tits up in a certain manner so as not to interfere with the bow, the draw string, the sword, the spear......

    2. Quirk once told me he had early in his life dated a mysterious woman named Artemis Hippolyte who he said exhibited great disdain for his noble self, and seemed to use him only as sex object. When he broached the subject of marriage she said she'd rather see him dead first.

      This put young Quirk, who was quite vain about his youthful looks and talents, back on his heels.

      Since that time Q has concentrated on Spanish and Latina women.

  6. "When they hear a woman’s voice on the air, they become hysterical.”

    Freudian: hysteria: uterus: irrational behavior of women. It doesn't get any better than that. Too bad the Kurds can't take that viral. What a blow to the heroic Muslim, male ego.

    1. I guess the IS did it to themselves, keeping their own women locked away. Created a psychosexual distortion.

    2. Men without women is a formula for disaster.

      See Hemingway: Men Without Women

      Men Without Women pics -

      LOVE that life size bronze statue of Papa having a drink at the bar !

      It was through Papa Hemingway that Quirk first met Maria at Harry's New York Bar in Paris. The bar, Located at 5, Rue Daunou, between the Avenue de l'Opéra and the Rue de la Paix in Paris, France, was once owned by a famous jockey.

      If you go to Paris, go there. You might be able to find a University of Idaho Vandals pennant placed there by yours truly.

  7. Yesterday, the German government decided against arming or aiding Kurds on Mr. Erdogan's "Hate List". Given his indispensable assistance to the other Kurds, I can see why the Germans want to keep him a happy, valued ally.

    1. The Germans are tied at the hip to the Israeli ...
      Supplying the Zionist regime with submariner attack platforms.

      Israel prefers Daesh (al-Qeada) in Syria, over the Alawites, Christians and their Kurdish allies

      Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren told the Jerusalem Post that Israel so wanted Assad out and his Iranian backers weakened, that Israel would accept al-Qaeda operatives taking power in Syria.

      “We always wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.”

      Even if the other “bad guys” were affiliated with al-Qaeda.
      “We understand that they are pretty bad guys,” Oren said in the interview.

      No wonder the Germans do not support the Kurds, their ally in the region, supports al-Qeada.
      al-Qeada's staging area in Europe, where the terrorits prepped for the 11SEP2001 attack upon the US, that was Germany.

      The German preferences are clear.

    2. Jack HawkinsFri Jul 18, 12:36:00 AM EDT

      I mean, you are an Israeli, and here is nothing worse than that.

      In all the world, the Arabs of Israel are the scum.

      Now if you were a European, well thatd be different, but Israelis are all Arabs, Semites.
      Scum of the Earth


      Have a nightmare tonight and a shitty tomorrow,
      QuirkFri Jul 18, 01:13:00 AM EDT


      And the voice of the rat is heard in the land.

      And the world once again cringes.

      Bob OreilleFri Jul 18, 02:35:00 AM EDT

      "I mean, you are an Israeli, and there is nothing worse than that."

      There we go. That's a keeper. I am going to store that one.

      Jack "Hamasass PsychoRat of the Desert" Hawkins puts it in one concise line.

      His whole outlook. Simple, ignorant, unbelievably irrational.

      No wonder most people can't stand him.

    3. Jack must be living alone. No woman. Otherwise he couldn't put in his 16 hours a day here, saying the same things over and over and over and over again.

      We should add 'Men Without Women' syndrome to his lengthy list of maladies.

    4. The out and out Jew hating, Israel bashing and Zionism trashing that is shown on this site proves what it is all about.

      No need to point out Jack/rat's numerous anti-Semitic drivel, he proudly posts it OVER AND OVER again.

      The "readers" that read this blog see and hear his hatred on a daily basis.

      Meanwhile, Israel? Is trying to help those that are ill with Ebola

      An Israeli bio pharmaceutical company said that it has the resources to produce ZMapp – the drug that can potentially cure Ebola.

      The death toll from the Ebola epidemic has climbed above 2,000, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said Friday, as it voiced hopes a vaccine could be available in November.

      However, supplies of experimental medicines — including the prototype drug ZMapp — are limited, and “will not be sufficient for several months to come,” the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned Friday.

      Protalix, an Israeli bio pharmaceutical company, said that it has the resources to produce the coveted ZMapp, which has recently run out, Israeli site The Times of Israel, citing Channel 2 TV‘s report, said Sunday.

      In an interview with Channel 2, Dr. Yossi Shaaltiel, the executive vice president of research and development at Protalix, said: “Today our production capacity exceeds our needs, and we would certainly be happy to have the company producing the Ebola drug have us produce the drug for them. We would know how to do it effectively, in large quantities, and in a relatively short period of time.”

    5. The point needs to be made, continually ...
      Who supports the US in its war against terrorists and who prefers al-Qeada ...

      Israel prefers al-Qeada.
      Said so, themselves, damned right it is going to repeated.

    6. That reality is that the regime now ruling Israel is an enemy of the United States.

      Based upon US Law and the words of GW Bush, while he was President.

      I've said in the past that nations are either with us or against us in the war on terror.
      To be counted on the side of peace, nations must act.

      Israel's actions have made their position clear, the Israeli are against US.


    7. 'An Israeli bio pharmaceutical company said that it has the resources to produce ZMapp – the drug that can potentially cure Ebola.'

      Oh O, poor crapper.

      What will crapper do if faced with the horrid decision of either taking the Israeli produced drug ZMapp or kicking the bucket?

      I suppose many readers and contributors here might well hope he'd stick to his anti-semitic anti-Israeli guns and kick the bucket.

      This may not be the noblest thing to hope, but, well........

      Crapper may be soon facing an 'existential choice' of the first order.

      What would he do, what would he do?

      Any opinions?

      My opinion is he'd take the ZMapp and claim it is a Mossad plot to attribute its creation to Jewish folks.

    8. We recall crapper's support of boycotting all Israeli products on ethical grounds.

      According to his own lights, crapper may soon be in a really really tight spot, ethically speaking.

    9. So many hypotheticals, that only a "Draft Dodger" would float the lunacy and believe it.
      An Israeli company "could",produce a drug ... but has not ...
      That "potentially" could cure a virus ... because it does not.

      The apogee of Robert "Draft Dodger" Robertson's argument, a question about what the reactions of a character that is a construct of his own imagination would be, to a situation that even a potential reality.

      Delusional, that is word that llen used, just yesterday.

    10. The apogee of Robert "Draft Dodger" Robertson's argument, a question about what the reactions of a character that is a construct of his own imagination would be, to a situation that is not even a potential reality.

    11. Yup, crapper is delusional.

      Not much else to be said.

  8. >>>

    Islamic burial rituals are a key reason why health officials can't contain the spread of the deadly disease in West Africa.

    Many of the victims of Ebola in the three hot-spot nations there — Sierra Leone and Guinea, as well as neighboring Liberia — are Muslim. Roughly 73% of Sierra Leone's and about 85% of Guinea's people are Muslim. Islam, moreover, is practiced by more than 13% of Liberians.

    When Muslims die, family members don't turn to a funeral home or crematorium to take care of the body. In Islam, death is handled much differently.

    Relatives personally wash the corpses of loved ones from head to toe. Often, several family members participate in this posthumous bathing ritual, known as Ghusl.

    Before scrubbing the skin with soap and water, family members press down on the abdomen to excrete fluids still in the body. A mixture of camphor and water is used for a final washing. Then, family members dry off the body and shroud it in white linens.

    Again, washing the bodies of the dead in this way is considered a collective duty for Muslims, especially in Muslim nations. Failure to do so is believed to leave the deceased "impure" and jeopardizes the faithful's ascension into Paradise (unless he died in jihad; then no Ghusl is required).

    Before the body is buried, Muslims attending the funeral typically pass a common bowl for use in ablution or washing of the face, feet and hands, compounding the risk of infection.<<<

    October 17, 2014
    Ebola's spread and Islamic burial ritual
    By Thomas Lifson

    Yup, that would about do it, for certain.

    Passing around that common bowl is the final kicker.

  9. VP Biden’s son kicked out of Navy Reserve

    Friday, October 17, 2014
    O’Ryan Johnson

    Vice President Biden's Son Discharged...
    CBS Philly

    The youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden was kicked out of the Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine, two people familiar with the matter said yesterday.

    Hunter Biden, 44, was discharged from the Navy Reserve in February, the Navy said in a statement. The Navy did not give a reason for the discharge.

    Biden’s attorney didn’t respond to inquiries about whether Biden had used cocaine. But two people familiar with the matter said Biden was discharged after he failed a drug test last year. They weren’t authorized to discuss the incident and requested anonymity.

    Hunter Biden released a statement saying he was honored” to serve in the Navy and he was “embarrassed” by his actions.

  10. It was an honor having him protect us down there in Delaware. A real loss. Shot below the water line for the navy.

  11. Reuters Top News: Iraqi pilots training Islamic State to fly stolen Syrian fighter jets

    And naturally we trained the Iraqi pilots.

    1. Those planes would last no longer, in the air, than did the Iraqi Air Force did, under Saddam.
      In a word, they would die.

      Or fly to a Daesh sanctuary, in Israel or Turkey.

    2. "Daesh" is hillbilly for Dead Men Walkin'.

      Or, in this case, flyin'

    3. Teresita RedingerFri Oct 17, 09:29:00 AM EDT
      Reuters Top News: Iraqi pilots training Islamic State to fly stolen Syrian fighter jets

      How many IS does it take to push start a plane?

    4. .

      "Daesh" is hillbilly for Dead Men Walkin'.

      If things go south for IS, maybe that is the plan. Obviously, old Migs and inexperienced pilots would equate to a quick death in any combat situation. Likewise, the war would probably be over before they could train pilots for combat. On the other hand, how much training and how long would it take to train pilots to lift off, fly to Baghdad, and point them at a neighborhood, the airport, or the Green Zone? Probably, too many obstacles in the way to allow that scenario but still...

      While the above strategy may prove unfeasible, there is likely another reason IS is talking about the planes, PR. People tend to dismiss the importance of the PR aspect in this war; however, I doubt the US is ignoring it. It is important to our efforts to hold together a diverse coalition, it's important for morale, and it is important to fight recruitment efforts by IS and to sway those Sunni in Anbar that are currently on the fence. That's the reason Kobani is important, not only to the Kurds but to the coalition. A win there would be a big PR boost for the coalition and a major setback for IS.


  12. Those Kurdish ladies got some real chops. :)

    I wondered whatever happened to all my ex-wives.

    It seems they all "went home" to Kurdistan. :) :)

    1. We must hope that ex-wives do not compare notes. ... nowhere to run, nowhere to hide ... When they carry AKs, "Get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans" takes on a whole different meaning.

  13. Obomb'em continues to school the military in 21st Century Warfare.

    1. Generals always wanting to fight the "Last War" ...

    2. Yeah, in this case, "the one they did so well in."


    3. "Last" as in the previously occurring war.

      In this case the War against the Iraqi Army and the decade of occupation of that country.
      Despite the abject failure of the US military to achieve the political goals that were set for it.

      Generals, they just don't 'Get It'.
      They never stand for election, of any sort.

  14. Borderland Beat Reporter ChivisFri Oct 17, 09:39:00 AM EDT

    Tamaulipas Tuitera/ Blogger Kidnapped and Killed
    Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

  15. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei promised increased support for Palestinian terrorists and urged them to stockpile arms in anticipation of a new war on Israel, according to public comments made Thursday following his meeting with members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror group.

    “Fighting the Zionist regime [Israel] is a war of destiny,” Khamenei said after a meeting with PIJ’s secretary general, according to Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency.

    Khamenei instructed Palestinians to “intensify their fight against the Israeli regime” and vowed that Iran would continue to arm Palestinian terrorists in both the Gaza Strip and West Bank, according to Fars.

    All Palestinian terrorists groups—with Iran’s support—should rearm and prepare for another war with Israel, Khamenei said.

    “The resistance movements in Palestine should boost their preparedness day by day and reinforce their power resources inside Gaza,” Khamenei was quoted as saying Thursday, less than two months after Israel launched an intense several week war against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

    Khamenei maintained that the most recent war with Israel, in which thousands of terror rockets were dropped on the Jewish people, marked the start of the “divine promise” of destroying the Jewish state.

    The supreme leader also discussed the importance of arming terrorists in the West Bank, which is controlled by the more moderate Fatah Party.

    Iran said in late August, days after the last war officially ended, that Tehran had stepped up arm shipments to the West Bank.

    “The enemy should feel the same worries in the West Bank as it does in Gaza,” Khamenei said on Thursday, adding that Tehran will continue its support for the Palestinian “resistance.”

    “The Islamic Republic and the Iranian people are proud of your victory and resistance, and hope that the back-to-back triumphs of resistance groups will continue until final victory,” he was quoted as saying.

    PIJ Secretary General Ramazan Abdullah thanked Khamenei for Iran’s ongoing support for terrorism against Israel.

    “Definitely, the victory was achieved with the assistance of the Islamic Republic,” Abdullah was quoted as saying by Fars following his meeting with Khamenei in Tehran. “Without Iran’s strategic and efficient help, resistance and victory in Gaza would have been impossible.”

    Iran’s “arming” of the Palestinian factions in the West Bank has been “strategic and effective,” according to Abdullah, who also noted that Tehran’s support has “re-energized the Palestinian fighters and raised their spirit,” according to Fars.

    Additionally, Iran on Thursday sent a plane of what it claimed is humanitarian aid and food to the Palestinians. The aid was said to be delivered via Egypt, according to Fars.

    “The society has dispatched aid packages, including tents, blankets, food, and medical products worth $890,000 to Gaza,” the Iranian Red Crescent announced on Thursday.

    As the Obama administration contemplates extending nuclear talks with Iran through the November deadline, sources on Capitol Hill are warning that there is no way to stem Iran’s support for terrorism.

    The potential extension of talks through November, which already marked the second deadline for progress in the negotiations, has experts and lawmakers worried that the Obama administration will concede to Tehran’s demands that it be permitted to enrich uranium.

    “With the Obama administration poised to extend nuclear talks with Tehran once again, it’s business as usual for the Iranian regime, which continues to brazenly fund and incite terrorism across the Middle East,” said one senior congressional aide who works on foreign policy issues. “Almost a year of negotiations has only served to boost Iran’s economy, embolden its leaders, and buy Iran more time to continue its quest for nuclear weapons.”

    1. Now "O"rdure is trotting out an anonymous, unnamed aide, as an expert.

      Let's stick with people that represent governments, or at least have names, shall we.

      Israel prefers Daesh (al-Qeada) in Syria, over the Alawites, Christians and their Kurdish allies

      Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren told the Jerusalem Post that Israel so wanted Assad out and his Iranian backers weakened, that Israel would accept al-Qaeda operatives taking power in Syria.

    2. Senor Rat Mierda speaks.

      (rough translation: Mr Rat Shit passes gas)

    3. The "Draft Dodger" Peterson is reduced to calling his imaginary character names ...
      ... because he and his Zionist cohort have nothing left in the quiver.

      "If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts.
      If you have the law on your side, pound the law.
      If you have neither on your side, pound the table."

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson is down to pounding sand.

    4. Seems like it's you that is fixated.

      Most of us ignore you

    5. You do not. "O"rdure, so I know that the readers do not, either.

  16. My guess is that Fallujah is next.

    But, far be it for me to second guess the Great Obomb'em.

    1. .

      Fallujah is a lot different than Kobane.


    2. Why did I get crucified for suggesting bombing and Obama gets to be called The Great Obomb'em for bombing them ?

      I don't feel this is very fair.


    3. Because "Draft Dodger" you called for "Carpet Bombing" and what the President is providing US allies is "Close Air Support".

      If you knew what you were talking about, no one would crucify you for your stupidity.
      But words have meaning...

      You Can't Fix Stupid.

  17. Warner Robins, GA
    gas = $2.759/gal.

  18. increased support for Palestinian terrorists and urged them to stockpile arms in anticipation of a new war on Israel,

    I think the IDF just proved to the Palestinians that they need a lot more defense than the good will of the Israeli military and political class.

    1. Defense?

      The palestinians should learn that launching 5000 offensive rockets gets them a kick in the ass…

      IF the palestinians didn't kidnap and murder civilians? Launch rockets? Spend a billion on underground terror tunnels?

      Maybe they'd not get the rightly deserved beating.

    2. Oh yeah, those tunnels into Israel were for "defense"

    3. The Noble Gazans started it all.

      They deserved what they got.

    4. Yeah Bibi kidnapped those jewish teenagers and shot them in the back of the head...

      that's what rat was saying....

      If you want to say that the VERY crime of Israel BEING there started it?

      Well Jews were there for thousands of years before islam was invented.

      As for arabs?

      They are new to the area too...

      But not to worry Quirk, you sit in your home in America and don't worry that the real owners force you out..

      Oh, that's right, one set of standards for the entire world, one standard for thieving Jews.

    5. People want freedom. They detest people that take it away from them. Israel built the walls and the Palestinians dug the tunnels under them. No walls and repressed freedom and I contend there would be no reason for tunnels.

      Israel loaded up with nuclear weapons and a record of being trigger happy is an ample incentive for countries such as Iran to want them.

      Can you imagine the howling and wailing from AIPAC and the full court press on The Conga Line if Iran had a nuclear arsenal and Israel did not?

      One standard for Israel for sure.

    6. .

      Nonsense, anyone who pays the least amount of attention would know what was at the bottom of this. Maybe we just need to go over it again. As soon as the PA and Hamas signed the reconciliation agreement, you know that Bibi was looking for any excuse to blow it up. Hamas had been relatively quiet in the year leading up to the agreement. In the agreement, they pretty much caved to the PA and to the commitments the PA had made. All of a sudden, Bibi had run out of excuses for blowing up the peace negotiations.

      The killings were a godsend to him. Instead of handling them as a police matter or recognizing that it was as a rogue group from Hamas, he milked the crisis for three weeks even though he knew the boys were dead by the next day. The result was to build up public anger and hysteria to fever pitch.

      They picked up all the Hamas leadership in the WB, then he cut off funds to pay the bureaucracy in Gaza. When an Israel air attack killed a member of Hamas in Gaza, that's when the rocket attacks started.

      This article kind of lays out the chronology,

      In the flood of angry words that poured out of Israel and Gaza during a week of spiraling violence, few statements were more blunt, or more telling, than this throwaway line by the chief spokesman of the Israeli military, Brigadier General Moti Almoz, speaking July 8 on Army Radio’s morning show: “We have been instructed by the political echelon to hit Hamas hard.”

      That’s unusual language for a military mouthpiece. Typically they spout lines like “We will take all necessary actions” or “The state of Israel will defend its citizens.” You don’t expect to hear: “This is the politicians’ idea. They’re making us do it.”

      Page 2 of the article has most of the detail...

      Read more:

      And the most disgusting part of the whole charade was that the prick let the kids parents suffer needlessly for three weeks with the hope that their kids were still alive while he rounded up the usual suspects, hundreds of them though they pretty much knew who had done it. That's Bibi.


  19. .

    Ron Klain, a political operative as Ebola Czar?

    There have been a lot of mistakes and some mixed messages coming out of the CDC. A full-time czar that could coordinate the efforts of various organizations involved in the fight probably makes sense and maybe Ron Klain is qualified for the task. I've never heard of the guy.

    However, there are a couple things that worry me,

    1. While he seems qualified to manage the politics of the crisis, I hear he hasn't had any experience coordinating inter-agency efforts.
    2. He will be reporting Susan Rice.

    My first impression is that as we approach the elections his main priority may be managing the politics. This would be unfortunate and short-sighted since the nature of the disease will probably highlight any deficiencies he may have.


    1. He has zero medical knowledge.

      That always helps in fighting a contagion.


      Ben Carson, our next President, ought to be put in charge.

    2. White House on Ebola Czar: We didn’t want an Ebola expert

      posted at 2:41 pm on October 17, 2014 by Noah Rothman

      You could be forgiven for thinking that the White House would want to appoint someone to the newly created post of Ebola Czar (or “Ebola Response Coordinator,” as the White House prefers) who knows even a little bit about the deadly hemorrhagic fever which is spreading across the globe. You would be wrong.

      Since the White House announced on Friday that it was appointing Ron Klain, a Democratic operative with experience on both the Bill Clinton and Al Gore presidential campaigns, to manage the administration’s response to the Ebola crisis, some in the media have been scratching their heads and wondering just what skills beyond administrative experience he brings to the table.

      Let’s ask the White House.

      “What does the new czar know about Ebola?” CNN’s Jim Acosta asked White House Press Sec. Josh Earnest.

      “The president again, wanted somebody who could serve in a coordinating function to manage the implementation of our whole government approach to our Ebola situation,” Earnest replied, answering Acosta’s question indirectly.

      “I guess, to more directly address your question, what we were looking for was not an Ebola expert, but rather an implementation expert,” Earnest replied. “And that’s exactly what Ron Klain is.”.........

      Makes sense ? Appoint a man totally ignorant of the subject to run the program and save the nation.

      Rufus would be much better.

      He has already put out one excellent suggestion on the subject.

  20. Quirk, that surfing super storm you have been longing for is on now.

    Get going.

  21. THIRD Senate Dem Candidate Won't Say Voted for Obama..........drudge

    Don'cha just love the f'ing Democrats?

    What a bunch of swine.


  22. The NIH, CDC, and all the other alphabet agencies have plenty of medical talent. They need someone to organize the lash-up.

  23. It looks like that family that he was staying with is in the clear. They're right at 20 or 21 days, now.

    If that bunch of idiots running the hospital had done their job this deal would be pretty much over.

    1. They didn't have a proper protocol established, and didn't know what they should be doing, is what I've read.

    2. They fucked it up from the first day that he walked in with a fever, and told them that he'd recently been in Liberia.

      They sent him home with antibiotics, and the rest is history. They had their heads up their asses from start to finish.

    3. Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, said that the hospital staffs all across Texas were prepared for Ebola.

      Guess this fiasco will torpedo his Presidential hopes, or not.

    4. Rick Perry is, after all, a Republican. They have a slim field in 2016.
      Two retreads that have already been blown-out and another Shrub.

      So his hopes, they spring eternal.

    5. Oh, almost forgot there is that fellow, the Liberal Governor from New Jersey.
      He ain't slim, not by any stretch of the imagination..

  24. Update on a sourced too often quoted here -

    Cambodian Genocide Denier Noam Chomsky Claims US Created ISIS
    October 17, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.

    The US didn’t create ISIS, but it did create Noam Chomsky by funding him and hoping that he had some useful insights into linguistics. Instead his only insight was into following up on the earlier work of his colleague Goebbels.

    The appearance of ISIS and the general spread of radical jihadism is a fairly natural outgrowth of Washington wielding its sledgehammer at the fragile society of Iraq, which was barely hanging together after a decade of US-UK sanctions so onerous that the respected international diplomats who administered them via the UN both resigned in protest, charging that they were “genocidal.”

    Apparently Jihadism was invented in 2003. Who knew?

    Speaking of lies about genocide told by Chomsky, he dismissed eyewitness testimony as demonstrating “the extreme unreliability of refugee reports, and the need to treat them with great caution, a fact that we and others have discussed elsewhere… Specifically, refugees questioned by Westerners or Thais have a vested interest in reporting atrocities on the part of Cambodian revolutionaries, an obvious fact that no serious reporter will fail to take into account.”

    What’s the difference between Chomsky and Goebbels? Clueless freshmen at Evergreen College usually don’t tote around collections of Goebbels’ essays.

    1. source, not sourced, source

      Chomsky is, always has been, and will always be crazy as hell.


    3. He is not the only one who makes that claim.
      One thing that is known, for sure, though. ...

      Israel prefers Daesh (al-Qeada) in Syria, over the Alawites, Christians and their Kurdish allies

      Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren told the Jerusalem Post that Israel so wanted Assad out and his Iranian backers weakened, that Israel would accept al-Qaeda operatives taking power in Syria.

    4. We know that Bibi has visited and given succor to al-Qeada operatives.
      Bibi giving solace to al-Qeada terrorists in an Israeli hospital

    5. We know that Israel has formed alliances with the Wahhabi.
      In broad daylight, a Saudi-Israeli alliance

      Saudi Israeli alliance forged in blood

      Understanding the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi alliance

    6. So whether or not Chomsky is correct, we KNOW that the Israeli government prefers al-Qeada in Syria, over all others that are engaged in the fighting.

    7. Like Elvis, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, you should leave the building.

  25. What’s happening in Iraq and the rest of the Muslim world is not a Sunni-Shiite civil war. This false view events is spread maliciously by some, and ignorantly by others. This narrative is based on a fantasy by Neocons and Zionists who wish to see the Sunni world fight a devastating war against Iran and Shiites so as to allow Israel breathing room to aggressively expand its state and fulfill the ‘Greater Israel’ project. Journalist Seymour Hersh wrote about the plan seven years ago. So it’s been in the public forum for all to research and cannot be dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

    The Seymour Hersh piece from 2007 that details the "Yinon Plan"

    Annals of National Security - March 5, 2007 Issue
    The Redirection
    Is the Administration’s new policy benefitting our enemies in the war on terrorism?

    By Seymour M. Hersh

  26. Ben Barrack on August 21, 2014

    According to Seymour Hersh, the U.S. presence in Benghazi included a weapons trafficking operation, the logistics of which were run by then CIA Director David Petraeus, as relayed. It was allegedly financed by Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The operation – known as the “Rat Line” involved weapons shipments from Benghazi to Turkey, and then on to the Syrian rebels.

    It has become patently obvious that those rebels turned out to be ISIS.

    This would mean that the U.S. (Obama), Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have been supporting ISIS / ISIL.

    The Turkish government’s fingerprints are increasingly all over support for ISIS. As reported recently, there are multiple reports that Turkish citizens are capturing ISIS agents and turning them in only to see Turkish authorities release the agents and attack the citizens. Just yesterday, posted videos showing a huge influx of ISIS fighters in Turkey that congregate at training centers.

    Here is video of a Syrian opposition fighter from earlier this year in which he says specifically that U.S. and Turkish intelligence services provide him and his fighters with weapons:

  27. New exposé by Seymour Hersh: Turkey staged gas attack to provoke US war on Syria

    It was clear that the rebels used the gas. It did not come out in public because no one wanted to know.

    In a lengthy article published Sunday by the London Review of Books, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reports that the sarin gas attack on a Damascus suburb on August 21, 2013 was actually carried out by Syrian “rebel” forces acting at the behest of Turkey, for the purpose of providing a pretext for a US attack on Syria.

  28. Now the "Coincidence Theorists" would have you believe all that has transpired ... happenstance and "Luck".

    I tend to see things from FDR's perspective, seeing as how he was 'there', and was for such a long time...

    "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." - Franklin D. Roosevelt