“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

By any measure, Iran is one of the oldest, most stable and most dynamic countries in the Middle East today. Its population is not nearly as anti-American as those of most of the Sunni Arab nations, and it holds elections, which, though far from perfect, are fairer and freer than those in most countries in the region.


  1. Iran’s Rouhani speech to the UN General Assembly less than a month ago is more relevant today. It helps to actually hear it before you criticize it.

    1. Statement by H.E. Dr. Hassan Rouhani, The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Before the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly

      September 25, 2014

      I am coming from a region of the world whose many parts are currently burning in fire of extremism and radicalism. To the East and West of my country, extremists threaten our neighbors, resort to violence and shed blood. They of course do not speak a single language; they are not of a single skin color and not of a single nationality; they have come to the Middle East from around the world. They do however have a single ideology: “violence and extremism”. They also have a single goal: “the destruction of civilization, giving rise to Islamophobia and creating a fertile ground for further intervention of foreign forces in our region”.

      I deeply regret to say that terrorism has become globalized: “From New York to Mosul, from Damascus to Baghdad, from the Easternmost to the Westernmost parts of the world, from Al-Qaeda to Daesh”. The extremists of the world have found each other and have put out the call: “extremists of the world unite”. But are we united against the extremists?!

      Extremism is not a regional issue that just the nations of our region would have to grapple with; extremism is a global issue. Certain states have helped creating it and are now failing to withstand it. Currently our peoples are paying the price. Today’s anti-Westernism is the offspring of yesterday’s colonialism. Today’s anti-Westernism is a reaction to yesterday’s racism. Certain intelligence agencies have put blades in the hand of madmen, who now spare no one. All those who have played a role in founding and supporting these terror groups must acknowledge their errors that have led to extremism. They need to apologize not only to the past but also to the next generation.

      To fight the underlying causes of terrorism, one must know its roots and dry its source fountains. Terrorism germinates in poverty, unemployment, discrimination, humiliation and injustice. And it grows in the culture of violence. To uproot extremism, we must spread justice and development and disallow the distortion of divine teachings to justify brutality and cruelty. The pain is made greater when these terrorists spill blood in the name of religion and behead in the name of Islam. They seek to keep hidden this incontrovertible truth of history that on the basis of the teachings of all divine prophets, from Abraham and Moses and Jesus to Mohammed, taking the life of a single innocent life is akin to killing the whole humanity. I am astonished that these murderous groups call themselves Islamic. What is more astonishing is that the Western media, in line with them, repeats this false claim, which provokes the hatred of all Muslims. Muslim people who everyday recall their God as merciful and compassionate and have learned lessons of kindness and empathy from their Prophet, see this defamation as part of a Islamophobic project.



    2. The strategic blunders of the West in the Middle-East, Central Asia, and the Caucuses have turned these parts of the world into a haven for terrorists and extremists. Military aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq and improper interference in the developments in Syria are clear examples of this erroneous strategic approach in the Middle East. As non-peaceful approach, aggression, and occupation target the lives and livelihoods of ordinary people, they result in different adverse psychological and behavioral consequences that are today manifested in the form of violence and murder in the Middle East and North Africa, even attracting some citizens from other parts of the world. Violence is currently being spread to other parts of the world like a contagious disease. We have always believed that democracy cannot be transplanted from abroad; democracy is the product of growth and development; not war and aggression. Democracy is not an export product that can be commercially imported from the West to the East. In an underdeveloped society, imported democracy leads only to a weak and vulnerable government.

      When Generals step into a region, do not expect diplomats to greet them warmly; when war begins, diplomacy tends to end. When sanctions set in, deep hatred for those imposing them also begins. When the atmosphere of the Middle East is securitized, the answer will be of the same nature as well.

      The interests of Western countries in our region are tied to their recognition of beliefs and the desire of the people for democratic governance in the region. Our region expects that the Western world would once and for all place itself in the company of those true seekers of democracy, and, hence, soften the bitter memories of its support for dictators. The experience of creation of Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and modem extremist groups have demonstrated that one cannot use extremist groups to counter an opposing state and remain impervious to the consequences of rising extremism. The repetition of these mistakes despite many costly experiences is perplexing.

      Let’s recall that Iran had invited everyone to “dialogue” before the criminal act of September 11th, and also called for “a world against violence and extremism” before the outbreak of the current violent atrocities. Perhaps in the past year, few people could forecast the fire that would rage today. But now uninhibited violence and extremism presents an imminent threat to the world. It is self-evident that without an accurate understanding of how the current condition came about we will not be able to find the right solutions. Today, again, I shall warn against the spread of extremism and the danger posed by the inadequate understanding and incorrect approach to this phenomenon.

      The Middle East longs for development and is weary of war. It is the natural right of the peoples of the fertile lands of the Middle Bast to live in peace and prosperity. In the past, colonialism denied them this right and, today, the shadow of war and violence threatens their security. There are moderate politicians and elites in our region who enjoy the confidence of their peoples. They are neither anti-Western nor pro-Western. While aware of the role of colonialism in the backwardness of their nations, they are not neglectful of the role of their nations in reaching the development they seek. They do not absolve the West from its misdeeds, but are also aware of their own failings. These leaders can take positions of active leadership by attracting the confidence of the people in their societies and establish the strongest national and international coalitions against violence.



      Last June, the Iranian regime held the latest round of its sham elections while being surrounded by an array of aggravating crises, chief among them the poor state of the country’s economy and the potential of the re-emergence of popular uprisings.
      The charade ended with Hassan Rouhani being appointed as the country’s new president, a desperate measure taken by the ruling mullahs aimed at quelling the social unrest that, if unleashed, could quickly wash away the shaky foundations of their regime and put an end to their three-decade-long tyrannical rule.
      Rouhani assumed office with many a promise to the 75-million-strong population of Iran. Dubbing his administration the government of “hope and counsel,” he tried to distance himself from his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and create the false impression that, on his watch, Iran would see improvements in the domains of human rights and freedom.
      The Iranian resistance immediately dismissed his false promises as the same deceptive and duplicit tactics that the regime has been employing for decades on end.
      One year later, while Iran has undergone a steep decline in human rights, it has become clear that the Iranian resistance had the right of it.
      With more than 700 executions during his tenure, Rouhani has even surpassed Ahmadinejad’s statistics, and has virtually doubled the rate of executions. Dozens of public executions, mass hangings in prison courtyards, and clandestine and undocumented murders of prisoners are what define Rouhani’s notion of human rights improvement.
      Regime officials continue to send the people to the gallows for petty crimes and, in many cases, actions that under no logic could be classified as crimes. Death sentences are doled out in unfair trials and judicial processes that are questionable at best and are oriented by political, racial and ethnic motives.
      The execution of Gholamreza Khosravi on 1 June for the “crime” of having provided financial support to an opposition TV channel -- carried out in defiance of international appeals -- is an example of how “moderate” Rouhani’s government truly is. Khosravi was sentenced to death in a trial that, according to Amnesty International, was in total disregard to international and the regime’s own laws.


    4. Earlier, in March, Ms. Farzaneh Moradi was hanged, while there was strong evidence that her alleged crime was carried out by another person. Her request for an appeal was turned down. In another case, Rayhaneh Jabbari, a victim of sexual assault, is awaiting her death sentence for having defended herself against her aggressor.
      Rouhani describes the death sentences that his authorities are so generous to hand out as “the will of god.” In response to the international outrage to the spike in executions, Sadegh Larijani, the head of the Iranian regime’s judiciary, shamelessly stipulates that the international community must be thankful for the executions carried out by the regime.
      Another point of failure for Rouhani’s government is the issue of political prisoners, hundreds of whom continue to languish in detention, often for nothing more than the alleged crime of expressing an opinion or belief.
      The brutal April 17, 2014 raid by government forces on political prisoners in Evin Prison’s Ward 350 gives a clear view of the prospects of Rouhani delivering on his promises. His response to the globally-condemned attack on the defenseless inmates was to promote the head of Iran’s Prisons’ Organization, Gholamhossein Esmaili, to the position of Director General of the Justice Department in Tehran Province.
      Despite Rouhani’s professed commitment to greater tolerance of religious and ethnic minorities, the realities of his one-year presidency leave a lot to desire. A few months ago, Hashem Shabani, a member of the Ahwazi minority, was arrested, tortured, and summarily executed for his poetry.
      A few weeks ago, the regime secretly hanged two other Ahwazi Arabs on charges of “moharebeh” (enmity against god) -- a regime-crafted crime aimed at eliminating critics and opposition members -- and four Sunni Kurds are to be executed soon.
      The Baluchistan region hasn’t fared any better under Rouhani’s rule either, and the imprisonment and execution of Baluch compatriots who struggle for their natural rights continues. Last year, 16 Baluch prisoners were executed for simply having condemned a terrorist attack carried out on a PMOI/MEK opposition camp in Iraq.
      Furthermore, the regime continues to imprison and persecute Christians and Baha’is to cause fear among their respective communities.
      Freedom of expression has also been on the decline during Rouhani’s tenure. Censorship on internet has increased. The ban on social networks, namely Facebook and Twitter, has remained in effect under Rouhani, and the regime has most recently added Instagram to the list of forbidden websites. Social media users continue to be prosecuted and tortured, even when involved in apolitical activities.
      Six newspapers have been shut down in the past year, solely for having published content that was not sanctioned by the regime, and security forces continue to arrest and imprison journalists and bloggers on trumped up charges of “propagating against the system.”
      The staggering decline of human rights conditions under Rouhani’s government has become a source of international concern. In March, Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary General, said, “The new administration has not made any significant improvement in the promotion and protection of freedom of expression and opinion, despite pledges made by the president during his campaign and after his swearing in.”


    5. In the same month, Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on human Rights conditions in Iran, issued a report in which he highlighted a rise in executions, pressure on minorities, and the lack of independence of judiciary in Iran.
      Dr. Shaheed continues to be denied access to visit Iran and, on many occasions, has been subjected to insults and profanity by regime officials for his role in denouncing the Iranian regime’s brutal human rights violation.
      Amnesty international’s yearly report places the Iranian regime as the leading state in executions per capita, and AI authorities called the killing spree in Iran “shameful.”
      European Parliament members adopted a resolution on Iran in April, in which they raised “alarm with regard to the high number of executions in 2013 and 2014, including of minors.”
      They also condemned “the restrictions on freedom of information, freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, academic freedom, freedom of education and freedom of movement, as well as the repression and discrimination on the basis of religion, belief, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation that persist” in the nation of Iran.
      Rouhani’s one-year term has proven that he neither has the will nor the power to make any change on human rights conditions in Iran. Human rights has always been the regime’s Achilles Heel, and the ruling mullahs know better than anyone else that the slightest gap in this regard will lead to torrents of uprisings that will eventually seal their fate.
      It is now clear that Rouhani is cut from the same cloth as his predecessors, and if he employs different tactics, he still pursues the same fundamental and strategic goal: preserving the outdated and overdue dictatorship of the mullahs at all costs -- a task that is becoming more and more difficult with every passing day.
      Meanwhile, what has given Rouhani and his masters in Tehran a free hand to mount the pressure on the Iranian people and ratchet up their suppressive measures is the West’s policy to turn a blind eye on the human rights conditions in Iran for the sake of keeping the mullahs at the nuclear negotiation table.
      Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), has repeatedly called on the international community, especially Western states, to make contingent their relations with the mullahs’ regime to the human rights situation in Iran, especially the abolishment of executions, cessation of torture and suppression, and respect for freedom of expression by this regime.


    7. Ironic that an American is criticizing executing prisoners!

    8. "O"rdure is not an American, Ash.

  2. What a lot of horseshit.

    All the candidates are hand picked by the mullahs.

    If the women get out of line they get the ol' acid in the face routine.

    They stoned a couple of gals to death just the other day.

    Obama might have done some good during the last uprising by giving at least some verbal support to the guys and gals fighting in the streets.

    But no......

    Anyone could easily go on and condemn Iran for pages and pages.

    What a lot of horse shit.

    You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    1. The people of Iran, particularly the women, were a lot better off under the Shah.

      You are invited to blame Carter if you like.


    2. I could agree with everything you just said, but then I would be 100% wrong. You know your horse shit. I will give you that, but it declines from there. The speech is 23 minutes long. I posted it at 8:40. Your banalities began 4 minutes before it would have ended.

    3. The Shah’s brutal secret police force, Savak, was formed under the guidance of the CIA in 1957 and received training from Mossad.

      Savak used terror, torture and detention.

    4. As to your comments about “If the women get out of line they get the ol’ acid in the face routine.”:

      TEHRAN — Thousands of Iranians took to the streets of the historic city of Isfahan on Wednesday to protest several acid attacks on women. The attacks had coincided with the passage of a law designed to protect those who correct people deemed to be acting in an “un-Islamic” way.

      A local official said on Wednesday that “eight to nine” women had been attacked over the past three weeks by men on motorcycles who splashed them with acid in Isfahan, one of Iran’s largest urban centers and the country’s chief tourist destination. Some of the women were blinded or disfigured.

      The protesters — more than 2,000, according to the semiofficial news agency Fars — gathered in front of the local judiciary office and shouted slogans against extremists whom the protesters likened to supporters of Islamic State militants. They also called for the city’s Friday Prayer leader and the prosecutor to step down, witnesses said. Critics have long accused the Iranian authorities of playing down episodes that could embarrass leaders rather than investigating the cases.

    5. If I have understood your running feud with DR, you object to him using the aberrant behavior of a small minority of criminal Jews as an example of the criminality of Jews, all Jews. In reality you self-righteously use the same twisted ignorant behavior in condemning all Muslims or Iranians or Palestinians for the misdeeds of criminals.

    6. The Conga Line, here at the EB, told us that Israel was the font of civiliztion, the apex of culture and 'Western Culture'.
      desert rat came back with the "Equivalency Standard', that all those shitty little countries were just that, shitty little countries.

      That the ISraeli were no better than the Saudis, Jordanians, Syrians or Iranians.
      Just because the ISraeli are Europeans, it doe not make them 'superior'.

      This was answered with claims that 'rat' was a murderer, a war criminal, a drug runner etc.
      All fabrications, libels and lies. Why?
      Because 'rat' had hit upon a core truth and the Zionists despise the truth, when it is spoken about them.
      Simple enough.

      The Israeli kill civilians as a matter of public policy.
      The call basements 'bunkers'.

      The truth of the last Gaza massacre, there were no 'secondary explosions' the Israeli were destroying buildings, not 'bunkers' filled with 'munitions'. Firing on hospitals and schools, because that's where the people were.

      Terrorizing the people of Gaza to subjugate them, that was the Israeli way.
      The Saudi - I do believe they have behead a couple dozen folks in the past month or three.
      Assad, the duly elected leader of Syria, like Abe Lincoln, won't let the 'rebels' destroy the country.
      Bib won't allow the Palestinians to vote in free and fair elections along with the rest of the Israeli, won't let the 1948 refugees and their progeny return to their homes.

      They're all barbarians, terrorists and scum, the Zionists, radical Islamists.
      King Abdullah was right.

      n a meeting with Jordanian lawmakers earlier this week, Jordan's King Abdullah II equated Islamic radicalism, manifested in the ideology of the Islamic State group, with "Zionist extremism."

      "There is Zionist extremism; stakeholders should acknowledge there is extremism in all camps,"
      Abdullah was quoted as saying.

      Abdullah is the 'best' ally the US has in the region, listen to him.

    7. Deuce must agree with Iran's highly progressive use of capital punishment as well. How many executions have taken place in Israel this year?

  3. The Iran - Iraq War - Wiki

    It is an interesting read, to say the least but one salient fact stands out.

    When the Iranians were attacked with WMD by the Iraqi, the Iranians did not answer in kind.
    Did not stoop to using WMD in retaliation.

  4. REPORT: Autopsy Reveals Michael Brown Did Not Have Hands Up When Shot...

    WASH POST: New evidence supports officer's account...

    Black eyewitnesses corroborate...

    Brown high enough to trigger hallucinations...

    Police Chief: 'Very Unlikely' Officer Will Be Charged...

    Protesters march inside Police Dept...

    'All Hell Going To Break Loose'...

    AUNT: 'They Will Feel And See Wrath Of God's Vengeance Come Upon Them In Mighty Way'...

    .........................all from drudge

    >>>>>Brown high enough to trigger hallucinations.......<<<<<

    Them stolen ceegars was hollowed out and filled with super shit......

  5. Maybe people really are starting to wake up. And, how many stoners will get off the coach and go vote? -

    Oh my: Cory Gardner 46, Mark Udall 39 in Colorado Senate race
    posted at 7:01 pm on October 22, 2014 by Allahpundit

    Share on Facebook 11

    You know what this means, don’t you? Right: Colorado’s ripe for the picking by GOP nominee Mitt Romney two years from now.

    C’mon, it’s been hours since I trolled you guys about Romney 2016. I held out as long as I could.


    Obama’s currently rocking a robust 40/56 favorable rating in Colorado, a state he won twice. Mark Udall’s rating: Almost identical, of course, at 40/54. There’s a perfect example, actually, of why O is now shouting from the rooftops that Senate Dems are his loyal toadies who’ll go on carrying his water for the next two years if reelected. Nothing’s going to change those unfavorable numbers now but if he can convince more of the loyal 40 percent to turn out for Udall in the name of supporting Hopenchange, Udall might have a shot. Or … he might not: Not only hasn’t he led in a single poll this month, three different polls recently have showed Gardner with a lead of six points or better. It’s too much to ask for a GOP blowout in a state as purple as Colorado but a “comfortable” win — against an incumbent with a famous last name, no less — isn’t out of the question.......

    My, my o my......

    1. The Senate races this year are really fascinating, never mind that it is a subject too low for Quirk's high intellectual radar screen.

  6. The point to the post is not your prejudices against Iranians. Iran is in fact, one of the most stable countries in the Middle East and US interests will not be served by having it destabilized. We can work with Iran and we should.

    1. Nazi Germany was very stable also.

      The Iranian people are pro-western. The Mullahs are not.

      The government of Iran is committed to genocide of the west, israel and the sunnis.

      You might be able to work with the killers of Neda Agha-Soltan but I cannot.

      Not as long as they murder Iranians across the globe, murder Jews across the globe, fund and train terrorists across the globe and are committed to a world without America and a world with out Israel (and the Jews)

    2. No, wrong again, "O"rdure.
      Nazi Germany was never 'very stable'.
      It came out of the depression and went into a military mobilization, started persecuting selected minorities within the country,
      Then started to pressure its neighbors with annexation and land confiscations.
      Used false flag campaigns against 'enemies of the state' - the Reichstag Fire come to mind.

      "O"rdure, you don't even bullshit well,

      Like ISrael has done since its inception. Israel has never been 'very stable'.

    3. The two countries, Nazi Germany and Zionist Israel, both cut from the same clothe

      “To me the Zionists, who want to go back to the Jewish state of A.D. 70 (destruction of Jerusalem by Titus) are just as offensive as the Nazis.

      With their nosing after blood, their ancient "cultural roots," ...
      their partly canting, partly obtuse winding back of the world they are altogether a match for the National Socialists.

      That is the fantastic thing about the National Socialists,...
      that they simultaneously share in a community of ideas with Soviet Russia and with Zion.”

      ― Victor Klemperer, I Will Bear Witness: A Diary of the Nazi Years, 1933-1941

      He was there, you weren't.
      We know who he was, the same cannot be said for you, "O"rdure.

    4. The Zionists have raveled the world, killing those the deem enemies.
      Even waiters in Europe that 'looked' like they were someone they were not.

      The 'Mossad' has killed scores across Central America, helping to maintain the most rancid regimes in Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras. Regimes that even the US refused to support, the Israeli jumped right in, teaching the techniques of population subjugation they had refined in Palestine.Techniques now being aught to US police orces across the land, fuckin' terrible things that are happening while we watch it occur.

    5. The Zionists have traveled the world, killing those they deem enemies

    6. Techniques now being taught to US police forces across the land, fuckin' terrible things that are happening while we watch it occur.

    7. The Iranians, Israeli, Saudi, Egyptians, Lebanese and Syrians all cut from the same clothe.

    8. But the Israeli are the most militaristic, most aggressive, while least deserving of US support and financial aid

    9. Jack thanks for your input but as I said before?

      I don't really think you know shit about the subject except your hatred of Jews, Israel and Zionism.

      If your allegations of Israel being a modern day nazi state were true?

      You would have been whacked years ago.

    10. WiO,

      If you leave for a year, you can pick him up right where he left off. Psych wards used to be filled with poor souls like this.

    11. LOL you are SO correct...

      Thanks for the laugh!


    12. Jack HawkinsWed Oct 22, 10:05:00 PM EDT
      The Zionists have traveled the world, killing those they deem enemies

      They have your name, address, photo, circle of friends.....

      Why are you still alive?

      is it because you are just full of shit?

      I vote yep.

      But one can pray and hope that karma comes a visiting you...

  7. You really have no reason to negotiate with your friends. Wars and disagreements always ultimately have to be solved by negotiation. The time to resolve our differences with Iran is now.

    1. Read the Wiki piece, the Iranians have no reason to be the 'Friend' of the 'West', none at all.
      No reason to believe a thing the "Western Powers" say.

    2. That the Iranians are even at the table, speaks volumes about their ability to 'forgive & forget'.

    3. Wars and disagreements always ultimately have to be solved by negotiation.


      We didn't "negotiate" with japan or germany.

    4. We certainly did.
      In Germany the results of those 'negotiations' were "Project Paperclip"
      In Japan, the retention of the Emperor was part of the deal.

      Your ignorance, "O"rdure, is only matched by your stupidity.

  8. ISIS is the common enemy and is a result of the chaos and disability caused in part by our foolish decisions.

    1. And Israeli plans and schemes.
      Which the US has aided and abetted.

    Russian FM: We and the US Are Arming Opposing Sides in Syrian Conflict

  10. Jack HawkinsWed Oct 22, 10:04:00 PM EDT
    The Zionists have raveled the world, killing those the deem enemies.
    Even waiters in Europe that 'looked' like they were someone they were not.

    The 'Mossad' has killed scores across Central America, helping to maintain the most rancid regimes in Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras. Regimes that even the US refused to support, the Israeli jumped right in, teaching the techniques of population subjugation they had refined in Palestine.Techniques now being aught to US police orces across the land, fuckin' terrible things that are happening while we watch it occur.

    links ... proof ...

    1. And yet? They didn't kill you?

      I have told them about you, in detail, where you live, your photo, your patterns of travel and yet you are still alive!

    2. The Israeli were in Guatemala, managing the genocide during 1982 & 1983 that Jose Efrain Rios Montt was convicted of at trial.
      The links and proof, presented previously, "O"riginal saw it all and never wanted to discuss it, again.

      The Israeli were in El Salvador in 1983, running the Death Squads for General Adolfo Blandón, the Salvadoran Army Chief of Staff under the direct command of Lieutenant Colonel Sigifredo Ochoa Perez and Major Roberto d'Aubuisson, who established 12 free-fire zones in Chalatenango.

      There is all you need to know, if you wish to discover more about it, find it for yourself.

    3. As far as why I am still alive after you provided the Mossad with all those details.
      I am not an unarmed civilian, cowering in fear of armed men.

      That is all the Israeli know how to deal with, cowards that they are.
      They probably a threat assessment, and must have decided not to lose one of their 'Death Squads' in Greenback Valley.

    4. Jack HawkinsFri Jul 18, 12:36:00 AM EDT

      I mean, you are an Israeli, and there is nothing worse than that.

      In all the world, the Arabs of Israel are the scum.

      Now if you were a European, well thatd be different, but Israelis are all Arabs, Semites.
      Scum of the Earth


      Have a nightmare tonight and a shitty tomorrow,
      QuirkFri Jul 18, 01:13:00 AM EDT


      And the voice of the rat is heard in the land.

      And the world once again cringes.

      Bob OreilleFri Jul 18, 02:35:00 AM EDT

      "I mean, you are an Israeli, and there is nothing worse than that."

      There we go. That's a keeper. I am going to store that one.

      Jack "Hamasass PsychoRat of the Desert" Hawkins puts it in one concise line.

      His whole outlook. Simple, ignorant, unbelievably irrational.

      No wonder most people can't stand him.

    5. Bob OreilleFri Jul 18, 02:35:00 AM EDT

      "I mean, you are an Israeli, and there is nothing worse than that."

      Look what you've gone and done, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson


    6. You are correct, that one is a 'keeper'.
      Thanks a million for bringing it forward.

  11. Deuce must agree with Iran's highly progressive use of capital punishment as well. How many executions have taken place in Israel this year?

    1. Deuce is an official Iranian firster!

    2. China executed more people than any other country last year. Although Chinese authorities treat official execution statistics as a state secret, Amnesty International estimates thousands are killed under the death penalty every year, more than the rest of the world combined.

      Excluding China, executions rose to at least 778 last year, up from 682 in 2012.

      Hundreds in Egypt face death sentence Fading support for the death penalty?

      Iran came in second, with at least 369 put to death by the state, followed by Iraq (169), Saudi Arabia (79), and the United States (39).

      The United States was the only country in the Americas that performed executions, although use of the death penalty declined last year, to 39 executions from 43 in 2012. Texas accounted for more than 40 percent of all American executions.

    3. I thought the subject was Iran.

    IRAN/death penalty

    This is a civilized country, we are told. Right

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. "Jack HawkinsWed Oct 22, 10:04:00 PM EDT
    The Zionists have raveled the world, killing those the deem enemies.
    Even waiters in Europe that 'looked' like they were someone they were not.

    The 'Mossad' has killed scores across Central America, helping to maintain the most rancid regimes in Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras. Regimes that even the US refused to support, the Israeli jumped right in, teaching the techniques of population subjugation they had refined in Palestine.Techniques now being aught to US police orces across the land, fuckin' terrible things that are happening while we watch it occur."

    Name a single police department trained by Mossad.

    "Techniques now being aught (sic) to US police orces (sic) across the land, fuckin' terrible things that are happening while we watch it occur."

    What "terrible things" are happening?

    1. The NSA surveillance, the TSA shake downs at the airports, civil forfeitures without trial, searches without warrants, no knock entries by police.

      The list goes on. Figure it out for yourself.

    2. Isn't it obvious that the Mossad trained the feared and racist Ferguson, Missouri Police Department?

      Well, come to think on it, no, not really, not so obvious at all......

    3. Hidden deep within the City of Ferguson is a Mossad cell. They are not only training the police in the use of terror but are changing the weather as well.

  15. Without question, this proves the brutality and ubiquity of Mossad. "Horse Nutts (United States)" has words of wisdom from which we could all benefit...brilliant...
    MOSSAD(israeli secret service)worlds m/effeicient KILLERS
    Posted in the African-American Forum

    Mossad Comes to America: Death Squads by Invitation

    Other than the article not being as advertised, this man is a mental giant. Right

  17. Neda

    I was thinking of her, but could not recall the name.

    I can still see her in my mind and how she died.

    Thanks for the refresher, WiO.

    She was gunned down while standing peacefully on the sidewalk by one of the Iranian thugs during the last uprising who happened by on a motorbike and gunned her down.

  18. Here's a shocking surprise:

    Reuters: Suspect in Ottawa attack identified, was a Canadian convert to Islam
    Oct 22, 2014 5:10 PM by Allahpundit

    Who would have thought it?

    See here for details:

    1. The is a War going on in the Americas Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.
      It will get much, much worse, as the US and it Coalition partners continue to wage war in the Middle East.

      Have you not figured that out, yet?

      Rather than let the terrorists go to the Middle East, the Canadians made the previous attacker stay in Canada.
      He then ran down some soldier with a car, a couple of months later.
      Cleaver folk, those Canadians.

  19. October 22, 2014
    Here's the latest news from the 8th century
    By Rick Moran

    Two unrelated incidents in Syria involving Islamists show that it's not just Islamic State who wants to take us all back to the 8th century.


    A man and a woman have been stoned to death for adultery in separate executions in jihadist-controlled areas of Syria, a monitoring group reported on Tuesday.

    The man was executed in Idlib province in an area controlled by Islamist groups including the Nusra Front, al Qaeda's official affiliate in Syria, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks violence on all sides of Syria's civil war.

    It is the first documented case of a man being stoned to death for adultery since Syria descended into civil war in 2011 and hardline Islamic groups emerged as powerful players in areas that slipped from government control, the Observatory said.

    The woman was executed in Hama province in an area controlled by Islamic State, an al Qaeda offshoot that has seized swathes of Syria and Iraq and is being targeted by U.S.-led air strikes, the Observatory said.

    A video posted online appeared to show her execution. A bearded fighter is shown passing down the sentence in the presence of other gunmen and her father, who appears to approve of her execution.

    Her hands and feet are then tied with a rope and she is forced to kneel in a pit. Covered head to toe, she begins to pray out loud as large rocks are seen striking her body. The video shows the logo of Islamic State.

    The two incidents, which Reuters could not independently verify, appear to be unrelated.

    The woman's execution was the third of its kind in Islamic State-run territories in Syria, according to the Observatory.

    Islamic State controls around a third of Syria and Iraq after having acquired new territory with lightening speed earlier this year. It quickly established a fierce reputation by crucifying, beheading and carrying out public executions of anyone deemed a threat to its rule.

    Islamic State routinely carries out sentences of lashing against men in territories it rules for offences that range from adultery and subversion to blasphemy and missing prayer time.

    In July, Islamic State stoned two women to death under similar circumstances to the Hama stoning. One was of a 26-year-old widow, according to the Observatory.

    Syrian society is unaccustomed to sentences like stoning and lashing. For decades, the country was ruled by a government that implemented a mixture of Islamic and secular laws. Offences such as adultery were rarely prosecuted.

    Thanks for nothing, dad.

    Syrian society better get used to this, along with other 8th century niceties like crucifixion, cutting off limbs, deliberate blinding - all the enlightened punishments that any 8th century peasant would recognize.

    In other news, a camel set the land speed record, galloping more than 20 MPH in the desert outside of Raffqa...

    >>>> A bearded fighter is shown passing down the sentence in the presence of other gunmen and her father, who appears to approve of her execution.<<<<

    It is really hard to think of anything more perverse. Maybe there isn't anything more perverse.

  20. By Juan Cole

    al-Zaman [The Times of Baghdad] reports that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has proposed to visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-abaci an anti-ISIL axis including Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq that would be led by Iran, as an alternative to the US-led coalition proposed by President Barack Obama. In essence, this is the same kind of support Iran offers Bashar al-Assad in Syria against ISIL and al-Qaeda affiliates there (as well as against the Free Syrian Army).

    Al-Zaman’s sources maintain that al-Abadi was extremely annoyed by the openly anti-Western public pronouncements of Iranian officials and Revolutionary Guards commanders. The whole point of his repeated rejection of foreign ground troops in Iraq the previous day (after a visit to Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf) was to avoid such criticism from Iran.

    Iran provides Iraq with electricity, given that Iraq’s energy infrastructure is still being rebuilt, and officials in Tehran said that that agreement would be renewed, but that Iraq had agreed to pay more per kilowatt. Iraq also agreed to buy $30 billion in Iranian goods next year, including weaponry and logistical equipment. Iran is under US and UN sanctions and needs to expand its trade, and Iraq is one country the US won’t pressure over trade with Iran because it is understood that Baghdad needs good economic relations with its neighbor to the east if the al-abaci government is to survive.

    Al-Abadi, a fervent Shiite and member of the fundamentalist Da’wa (Islamic Call or Islamic Mission Party), also met with Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei and is said to much appreciate Iran’s help against ISIL.

    At the same time, US and coalition fighter jets continued to fly missions against ISIL on behalf of Baghdad.

    Another source of friction between Baghdad and Tehran, al-Zaman says, is that some of the Shiite Iraqi army officers who abandoned their posts in Mosul in the face of the ISIL advance are known to be close to Iran, and al-Abadi’s new Sunni minister of defense is already making noises about punishing and purging them.

  21. Jack HawkinsFri Jul 18, 12:36:00 AM EDT

    I mean, you are an Israeli, and here is nothing worse than that.

    In all the world, the Arabs of Israel are the scum.

    Now if you were a European, well thatd be different, but Israelis are all Arabs, Semites.
    Scum of the Earth


    Have a nightmare tonight and a shitty tomorrow,
    QuirkFri Jul 18, 01:13:00 AM EDT


    And the voice of the rat is heard in the land.

    And the world once again cringes.

    Bob OreilleFri Jul 18, 02:35:00 AM EDT

    "I mean, you are an Israeli, and there is nothing worse than that."

    There we go. That's a keeper. I am going to store that one.

    Jack "Hamasass PsychoRat of the Desert" Hawkins puts it in one concise line.

    His whole outlook. Simple, ignorant, unbelievably irrational.

    No wonder most people can't stand him.

    1. "Have a nightmare tonight and a shitty tomorrow"

      And so on that note I counter and I bid the group a g'nite, and sweet dreams, and a wonderful tomorrow.

      Cheers !!

  22. Mike Harari worked for Mossad. He became the Panama strongman Noriega's right-hand man.

    1. Agent's Ties to Noriega Give Israelis Pause : Mercenaries: Mike Harari worked for Mossad. But he became the Panama strongman's right-hand man.

      JERUSALEM — The news proved false, but a report last week that Mike Harari, an Israeli mercenary and right-hand man to deposed Panamanian strongman Manuel A. Noriega, was under arrest caused brief anxiety among government officials here.

      Harari is a former agent in the Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, who gained prominence as a figure in business and arms dealings between Israel and Panama, of which he was reported to take hefty commissions. Harari also trained anti-terrorist and private security squads for Noriega.

      Israeli diplomats in Panama and American congressmen have warned Israel on several occasions that if Noriega and Washington collided, Harari could prove to be an embarrassment.

      Before word arrived that U.S. troops had in fact not detained Harari, officials here had already moved to disown him. Whatever he was doing, he was doing it on his own, they insisted.

    2. Plausible Deniability, not likely.

    3. Noriega?! You are a joke.

      List the "scores" or "thousands" killed by Mossad.

  23. US police get antiterror training in Israel

    But there has been another, little-discussed change in the training of American police since the 9/11 attacks: At least 300 high-ranking sheriffs and police from agencies large and small – from New York and Maine to Orange County and Oakland, California – have traveled to Israel for privately funded seminars in what is described as counterterrorism techniques.

    For some, dispatching American police to train in a foreign country battered by decades of war, terror attacks and strife highlights how dramatically U.S. law enforcement has changed in the 13 years since al-Qaida airplane hijackers crashed into New York’s World Trade Center. In many places, the image of the friendly cop on the beat has been replaced by intimidating, fully armed military-style troops. And Israel has played part in that transition.

  24. From 2011 ...

    Report: Israeli model underlies militarization of U.S. police

    In an article which begins with examples of American police training alongside Israeli security forces, Blumenthal writes,

    “Having been schooled in Israeli tactics perfected during a 63 year experience of controlling, dispossessing, and occupying an indigenous population, local police forces have adapted them to monitor Muslim and immigrant neighborhoods in US cities.

    Meanwhile, former Israeli military officers have been hired to spearhead security operations at American airports and suburban shopping malls, leading to a wave of disturbing incidents of racial profiling, intimidation, and FBI interrogations of innocent, unsuspecting people.

    The New York Police Department’s disclosure that it deployed ‘counter-terror’ measures against Occupy protesters encamped in downtown Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park is just the latest example of the so-called War on Terror creeping into every day life.

    Revelations like these have raised serious questions about the extent to which Israeli-inspired tactics are being used to suppress the Occupy movement.”

    1. Name one police department trained by Mossad.

  25. us police training israel
    About 52,200,000 results (0.33 seconds)

    1. Then, name one police department trained by Mossad.

  26. Someone should have suppressed the 'Occupy Movement' just for the sake of public hygiene, but no one did.

    No one 'suppressed' the 'Occupy Movement' at all.

    They eventually got tired of shitting in their own tents and finally went back home to mom and dad's basement.

    Mom and dad were distraught to see them return.

    The food bill, the water bill, the electric bill, the heat know, all the bills.....

  27. Jacob Siegel
    Jacob Siegel


    Turning Tide
    Has ISIS Peaked as a Military Power?

    Gone are the days when ISIS could take down cities in an instant. Now the extremist movement is bogged down in a small Syrian town. Has the West found the way to beat the group back?

    Have we reached peak ISIS?

    >>>Iraq analyst Michael Knights conducted a thorough study of ISIS’s military abilities in late August for West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center and concluded that ISIS “is a military power mostly because of the weakness and unpreparedness of its enemies.”

    Some of that weakness was instilled by ISIS’s own actions. Months of targeted killings had wounded and demoralized the security forces in Iraq’s north before ISIS fighters moved en masse to finish them off. What resistance ISIS couldn’t assassinate it instead tried to break psychologically. In a propaganda campaign that swarmed social media with images of death and dismemberment, ISIS terrorized its enemies, warning that the same gruesome fate awaited them if they didn’t flee.

    At the same time, the gorier the propaganda, the better it was for ISIS recruiting. Gulf state fundamentalists, battle-hardened Chechens, and middle-class Londoners were all drawn into ISIS by its powerful messaging and the promise to, in a twist on an old phrase, be the evil you want to see in the world.

    ISIS chose its early targets carefully. Mosul was the culmination of a long, deliberate strategy. It’s also a city with a Sunni majority where ISIS could count on winning some local support.

    Driving outward, to enlarge the borders of its state, ISIS can’t be as selective anymore about the enemies it encounters. Nor can it count on local support in areas outside of the Sunni belts or an opposition primed to surrender by its ghoulish propaganda.<<<

    Yes, we have reached Peak ISIS.

    Their early gains were the result of the fighting being done in SunniLand, and their being lead by the old trained Sunni military folks, many of whom were fired from the Iraqi Army.

    What's a poor fired Iraqi sunni Colonel to do anyway, live on welfare and the good wishes of the Shia?

  28. The family of that second nurse is saying that she is now "Ebola free."

    The hospital, however, is playing it coy, saying "that's news to us." ?

    I'm beginning to think that both nurses are going to make it.

    That means the country will be "ebola-free," again - no thanks to the assholes at Dallas Presbyterian, and the CDC.

    1. We're 15 days past the date of Eric Duncan's death, which means it's becoming unlikely that there will be any more infections arising from his case.

  29. Israel's Security and Unintended Consequences

    by Richard Kemp
    October 23, 2014 at 5:00 am


    Would General Allen -- or any other general today -- recommend contracting out his country's defenses if it were his country at stake? Of course not.

    The Iranian regime remains dedicated to undermining and ultimately destroying the State of Israel. The Islamic State also has Israel in its sights and would certainly use the West Bank as a point from which to attack, if it were open to them.

    There can be no two-state solution and no sovereign Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan, however desirable those things might be. The stark military reality is that Israel cannot withdraw its forces from the West Bank.

    Fatah leaders ally themselves with the terrorists of Hamas, and, like Hamas, they continue to reject the every existence of the State of Israel.

    If Western leaders actually want to help, they should use all diplomatic and economic means to make it clear to the Palestinians that they will never achieve an independent and sovereign state while they remain set on the destruction of the State of Israel.

    When in 1942 American General Douglas MacArthur took command of the defense of Australia against imminent Japanese invasion, one of the plans he rejected was to withdraw and fight behind the Brisbane line, a move that would have given large swathes of territory to the Japanese.

    Instead, he adopted a policy of forward defense: advancing northwards out of Australia to attack the Japanese on the island of New Guinea. MacArthur then went on to play a pivotal role in the defeat of the Japanese empire.

    1. At the end of last year, during the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations involving U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, another extremely able and widely respected American General, John Allen, drew up a plan progressively to withdraw Israeli forces from the West Bank and hand over Israel's forward defense to a combination of Palestinian Arab forces, international monitors and technology.

      Given the range of existential threats emanating from, or through, the West Bank today, known and unknown threats that will develop tomorrow, and the exceptional geographical vulnerability of the State of Israel, such a proposal is blatantly untenable. No other country would take risks with the lives of its people and the integrity of its territory by contracting out their defenses in this way -- nor should it.

      General Douglas MacArthur (left) strongly believed in forward defense. General John Allen (right) also believes in forward defense -- but for U.S. forces only, not for the Israel's military defending its borders.

      Britain, for example, where no such existential threats exist, even refuses to adopt the EU's Schengen arrangements, which would hand over the security of UK borders to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Italy and its other European neighbors. It is a long-standing opt-out that looks wiser by the day as international jihadist aggression against the West increases.

      General MacArthur would never have recommended the "Allen Plan." MacArthur, however, was not then under the same political pressure as General Allen. If he had been, he would have repulsed it. In 1934, as Army Chief of Staff, he argued against President Franklin D. Roosevelt's intention to cut drastically the Army's budget with such vehemence that he vomited on the steps of the White House as he was leaving.

      Would General Allen – or any other general today – recommend a similar plan to his own president, if it were not Israel's security, but the security of the United States, that was at stake? Of course he would not.

    2. Indeed, U.S. generals unsuccessfully argued the opposite course of action when U.S. President Barack Obama decided on a total withdrawal of US forces from Iraq in 2011, a move that made inevitable the resurgence of large-scale violent jihad.

      General Allen is now leading the American and allied forward defensive operations against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq [ISIS]. In the face of what he has defined as a "clear and present danger to the US," he is not recommending withdrawal of American forces back into the continental United States and reliance on Arab forces, peacekeepers and technology to protect U.S. interests. The reverse, in fact, is true.

      The reverse is also true for the forward defensive operations of the U.S. and its Western allies against violent jihad in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mali, Somalia and elsewhere. All are significant threats to the West, yet none is as immediate and dangerous as the threat to Israel from an undefended West Bank.

      Despite the determination of so many in the West erroneously to view the Israel-Palestine conflict as a mere territorial dispute that could be settled if only the so-called "occupation" ended, the forward defensive measures necessary for other Western nations are necessary for Israel as well. The stark military reality is that Israel cannot withdraw its forces from the West Bank -- either now or at any point in the foreseeable future.

      For those willing to see with clarity and speak with honesty, that conclusion has been obvious for many years. It is even more obvious, perhaps, for leaders with direct responsibility -- such as General MacArthur had in Australia in 1942 -- than for those who do not have to live with the consequences of their actions -- such as General Allen in Israel in 2013.

      Recent events have made this reality even more certain. Through incessant rocket fire and the construction of a sophisticated tunnel system to abduct and massacre Israeli civilians on a large scale, Hamas has just delivered another powerful object lesson in the consequences of IDF withdrawal.

    3. Fatah leaders may take a somewhat different stance for international consumption, but they ally themselves with the proscribed terrorists of Hamas. And, like Hamas, in reality they continue to reject the very existence of the State of Israel. They apparently continue to want only a one-state solution: Arab rule from the river to the sea, with the ethnic cleansing of the Jews that would follow.

      They are consistently encouraged in this intent, both wittingly and unwittingly, by Western nations, particularly in Europe. Not least by Sweden's commitment in September to support a unilateral Palestinian state, the UK Parliament's recent vote for the same thing, and similar moves across Europe that are likely in the coming weeks and months.

      Especially with such encouragement, there is no possibility that Palestinian Arab political leaders' rejection of the Jewish State will modify in the foreseeable future. The launch pad that an IDF-free West Bank would provide for attacks against Israel is so dangerous it makes even Gaza look about as threatening as Switzerland.

      The external threats are at least as serious as those from within the West Bank. Despite the wishful thinking of many Western leaders and the alluring grins from Tehran, the Iranian regime remains dedicated to undermining and ultimately destroying the State of Israel. By funding and fomenting violence, Iran's leadership will continue to exploit the Palestinian Arab populations in both Gaza and the West Bank to these ends.

      Instead, Western leaders should use all available diplomatic and economic means to make it clear to the Palestinians that they will never achieve an independent and sovereign state while they remain set on the destruction of the State of Israel and while they continue to brainwash future generations to believe in that goal.

      Colonel Richard Kemp spent most his 30-year career in the British Army commanding front-line troops in fighting terrorism and insurgency in hotspots including Iraq, the Balkans, South Asia and Northern Ireland. He was Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan in 2003. From 2002 - 2006 he heading the international terrorism team at the Joint Intelligence Committee of the British Prime Minister's Office.

    4. Those who are currently arguing for Israeli military withdrawal from the West Bank and the establishment of a sovereign state must have missed the war General Allen is fighting against the Islamic State [IS] and their jihadist bedfellows across the border in Syria. The Islamic State also has Israel in its sights and would certainly use the West Bank as a point from which to attack, if it were open to them. In the hands of international monitors and Palestinian Arab forces, the West Bank would be wide open to them.

      We have only to look at the reaction to aggression of almost all international peacekeepers over the decades to know they would not last five minutes. And we have only to look at the performance of the battle-hardened Syrian and Iraqi armies when confronted by Islamic State fighters to know how long Palestinian Arab forces would withstand such aggression, whether by infiltration or frontal assault.

      Whatever happens to the Islamic State in the future, this resurgent Islamist belligerence is not a flash in the pan. On the contrary, it has been building for decades, and President Obama, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and other world leaders acknowledge it as a generational struggle.

      This means that for Israel, as far as the West Bank is concerned, both the enemy within and the enemy without are here to stay. And if the IDF has no choice but to remain in the West Bank to defend Israel, there can be no two state solution and no sovereign Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan, however desirable those things might be.

      Nor can there be a one-state solution with democratic rights for all because that would spell the end of the one and only democratic and Jewish state and the beginning of a new autocracy and the next exodus of the Jews.

      For those who do not want that to happen, the harsh reality is continuation of the status quo. But the status quo can be significantly improved, by gradual and progressive increases to PA autonomy in the West Bank, to the point where a state exists in virtually all aspects other than military security. That progress can only be achieved through low-key bilateral negotiations with concessions from both sides. It cannot be achieved by Kerry-like peace processes that demand big sweeping strokes to deliver groundbreaking, legacy-delivering announcements.

      Nor can such progress be achieved in the face of a Western world that reflexively condemns every move Israel makes and encourages the Palestinian Arabs to believe that the fantasy of a two-state solution or a one-state solution on their terms can become a reality in the foreseeable future.

      As so often in the paradoxical world of geopolitics, the well-meaning actions and words of national leaders and international organizations have unintended consequences. For the Israel-Palestine situation, the unintended consequences of Western actions are to deprive Palestinian Arabs of increased freedom and prosperity and to undermine the security of the only stable, liberal democratic state in the Middle East. If the West actually wants to help, its leaders need to face up to this unpalatable truth rather than continue to delude the Palestinian people as well as themselves.

    5. The Israeli politicians who agreed to make Judea and Samaria negotiable were anti-Zionist tools. Israeli politicians and religious "authorities" are readily purchased as the media have made clear, recently. See: Pinto, Olmert, Rabbinate fake ordinations. When Jordan illegally annexed this land and Jerusalem in 1948 contrary to Resolution 181 and Israel regained them in 1967, there was nothing to talk about. That would have been the end of it had Israeli politicians and religious leaders not been for sale.

      Perhaps this is not quite true; there was Jewish bigotry and fear of Palestinians among the Israeli elite, who assumed the Palestinians would breed Israel out of existence. They were wrong. If all disputed territory, other than Gaza, were incorporated into Israel this instant, Jews would hold a huge numerical advantage at the polls.

    6. Indeed, if Gaza were annexed into Israel, Jews would still hold a majority of voters "from the river to the sea."

    7. Caroline Glick is advocating a one state solution. She argues the only way to give freedom to the Palestinians is to give them a responsible government, after all Israeli Arabs have the most freedom in any moslem or arab nation.

      By any measure, Israel is one of the oldest, most stable and most dynamic countries in the WORLD today. Its population is more PRO-American than any other nation in the WORLD, and it holds elections, which, though far from perfect, are fairer and freer than those in almost all countries in the world.

    8. Glick's book is quite good, although naive. Her data is spot on, but she hopes for a political will that is just not there. War will settle the matter, once for all.

    9. Yes real war.

      A new and improved Nabka for the fake nationalistic aims of a fake people.

      This time? They will leave as real refugees fleeing not expecting to return victorious and they can JOIN the others already there in the camps of Syria, Jordan, Turkey and perhaps the Sinai.

  30. The Good News? ISIS is being rolled back, and we're not losing any troops, nor a lot of treasure doing it.

  31. It is nearly 5:00am.

    rat will soon be up.

    Yesterday I learned from rat that it was the Jews and the Mossad that were really behind the violent and unforgivable 'suppression' of 'The Occupy Movement', which said 'Movement' was sponsored by our own Obama Administration.

    What will we all learn from the rat this new fine day ??

    One can never tell......

    Out for most of the day.......

    Cheers !!

    We Must Be Asia's Voice

    "Asia Bibi, a Pakistani mother of five, faces execution by hanging for “blasphemy” because she’s a Christian."

    I shall ever be in a state of war with such savages. Those who would draw comparisons to Islamic "civilization" and mine are silly, dangerous fools.

  33. Jobless Claims - 283,000

    4 wk. average - 281,000

    4 wk. av. lowest since May of 2000.

  34. I typed in "preventing rodent hair in restaurants." 37,400,000 so-called links are available.

    I typed in "Mossad cannibalism cookbook" and found 319,000 links.

    By typing in "obama fornicates with his sister", 36,900 links appear. If I change "sister" to "dog", twice as many links are available.

    Rat has no evidence other than the frenetic ramblings of his favorite neo-Nazi sites.

    No American police department has been trained by Mossad.

    There is no evidence that Mossad killed thousands of people in Central America.

    Now, I will use the word delusional.

  35. (CNN) -- A deal has been reached for 200 Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces to pass through Turkey to help Syrian Kurdish fighters in the besieged town of Kobani, just over the border in Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday.

    The Syrian Kurdish fighters had originally declined the deployment of Peshmerga troops, but Erdogan told reporters in Riga, Latvia, that he'd learned Wednesday that an agreement for the reinforcement force had been reached.

    Kurdish fighters have been battling alongside Free Syrian Army forces to repel ISIS forces from the Syrian Kurdish town of . . . . . . .

    Army that doesn't exist pops up again

    1. And only a couple of hundred will have to deploy, not even a whole battalion.
      The auto mechanic, the alfalfa farmer and the other naysayers ... well ...
      Team Iraq is moving forward despite their protestations that they are not worthy..
      One step at a time ...

      The US will be on both sides of the fence, but ...
      The Zionist propagandists overplayed their hand.
      The US public will never, ever, accept al-Qeada, anywhere.

      Those backed by Iran, will meet those backed by the ISrael -Saudi alliance.
      And as occurred in the Iraq - Iran War ... will battle to a standstill.
      This time the battles will all be by proxies, on ground far from the homelands of the principles.
      Well, except for ISreal

      How Sweet It Is
      Jackie Gleason

    2. Perhaps, there is a reality that is out there ...
      A perspective not yet noticed.

      The Saudi view ...
      ISreal is not an ally, but just another proxy.

      The dawn may just now be breaking on that view point.
      Have to look into it a little deeper.

      Bounce it around some more.

      Sweeter than parve chocolate

    3. Jack HawkinsThu Oct 23, 10:05:00 AM EDT
      Perhaps, there is a reality that is out there ...
      A perspective not yet noticed.

      The Saudi view ...
      ISreal is not an ally, but just another proxy.

      Notice how Jack attempts to defame the Jewish Nation State by on purpose calling it:



      Deep insult coming from an avowed anti-semite.

    4. Re: "ISreal"

      He has done that several time over the years. Yawn ...

    5. Never done it before the rie of IS, ISreael' proxy in Syria and Iraq.

      I did notice, while reading the archives that the term
      "Isreal" was sometimes used, by others than Jack Hawkins.

      You better get some rest, allen
      Yawning is a mostly involuntary process and is usually triggered by sleepiness or fatigue. It is a very natural response to being tired.

  36. OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — An American video journalist who recovered from Ebola at an Omaha hospital left the facility Wednesday afternoon and is heading home to Rhode Island, a hospital spokesman said.

    Ashoka Mukpo, who contracted the virus while working in Liberia as a freelance cameraman for NBC and other media outlets, was released from the Nebraska Medical Center's biocontainment unit around 9 a.m. He spent several hours meeting with staff members who treated him and left the hospital complex in the afternoon, spokesman Taylor Wilson . . . . .

    Outbreak is fizzling

  37. Poor allen, he refuses to acknowledge the Mossad's presence in the Americas.
    In Guatemala, where their client/employer was convicted of genocide, because of the Mossad.
    In El Salvador, in Colombia, ...

    His denial is delusional.
    His rants, entertaining. Not a entertaining as our little piece of "O"rdure, but on par with Elmer Fudd.

    1. Notice how Jack Hawkins CHANGES the argument as he is defeated time and time again....

      I have a secretly recorded him in a fight with another on his land by use of an ultrasmall MOSSAD 5th generation drone:

    2. Jack HawkinsThu Oct 23, 09:52:00 AM EDT
      Poor allen, he refuses to acknowledge the Mossad's presence in the Americas.

      Allen dared you to prove your foul allegations.

      By the way, last evening your comment beginning with "Mossad" was the number "1" link on Google when coupled with the "murder of thousands in Central America." Sport, you are now on the radar. :-)

  38. By any measure, Iran is one of the oldest, most stable and most dynamic countries in the Middle East today. Its population is not nearly as anti-American as those of most of the Sunni Arab nations, and it holds elections, which, though far from perfect, are fairer and freer than those in most countries in the region.

    Another thread header that actually says nothing.

    "By any measure"

    "though far from perfect"

    "those in most countries"

    "By any measure, Iran is one of the oldest, most stable and most dynamic countries in the Middle East today. Its population is not nearly as anti-American as those of most of the Sunni Arab nations, and it holds elections, which, though far from perfect, are fairer and freer than those in most countries in the region."

    Country of Iran: The Iranian Revolution, later known as the Islamic Revolution,[92][93][94] began in January 1978 with the first major demonstrations against the Shah.[95] After a year of strikes and demonstrations paralyzed the country and its economy the Shah fled the country and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned from exile to Tehran in January 1979. A new government was formed and in April 1979 Iran officially became an Islamic Republic, after its establishment was supported in a referendum.[16][25] A second referendum in December 1979 approved a theocratic constitution.[96]

    1979 is not that old


    Almost immediately nationwide uprisings against the new regime began in Iranian Kurdistan, Khuzestan, Balochistan and other areas. Over the next several years these uprisings were subdued in a violent manner by the new Islamic government. The new government went about purging itself of the non-Islamist political opposition (e.g. although both nationalists and Marxists had initially joined with Islamists to overthrow the Shah, tens of thousands were executed by the Islamic regime afterward)

    Thru mass executions Iran today is stable. How many hundreds of thousands of Iranian citizens have be executed to have stability?


    (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.
    "a dynamic economy"

    I just don't see that, unless you are referring to the energy towards it's illegal nuclear program.

    "Iran's activity towards both atomic and nuclear weapons has been dynamic"

    Now that's accurate.

    I'll hold here....

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Well, "O"rdure, go post it on your bog.
      Wait, just one second, there is a 'News Flash' coming over the wire ...
      The voice of the clay footed G-d of Babylonian Judaism

      "No one would see it. There are no Readers there"


    3. "No one would see it. There are no Readers there"

      Do you need a school lesson on capitalization?

      We understand that English is not your 1st language but learn the basics already.

    4. Jack HawkinsThu Oct 23, 10:11:00 AM EDT
      Well, "O"rdure, go post it on your bog.
      Wait, just one second, there is a 'News Flash' coming over the wire ...
      The voice of the clay footed G-d of Babylonian Judaism

      "No one would see it. There are no Readers there"

      What is a bog?

      A bog is a mire that accumulates peat, a deposit of dead plant material—often mosses, and in a majority of cases, sphagnum moss.[1] It is one of the four main types of wetlands. Other names for bogs include mire, quagmire and muskeg; alkaline mires are called fens. They are frequently covered in ericaceous shrubs rooted in the sphagnum moss and peat. The gradual accumulation of decayed plant material in a bog functions as a carbon sink.[2]

      Bogs occur where the water at the ground surface is acidic and low in nutrients. In some cases, the water is derived entirely from precipitation, in which case they are termed ombrotrophic (rain-fed). Water flowing out of bogs has a characteristic brown colour, which comes from dissolved peat tannins. In general, the low fertility and cool climate results in relatively slow plant growth, but decay is even slower owing to the saturated soil. Hence peat accumulates. Large areas of landscape can be covered many metres deep in peat.[3][4]

      Sorry I don't own a bog

    5. Well, let's put it another way ...
      Your blog is a bog.

  39. While now it seems clear that the "Draft Dodger" Peterson has changed his entire life's schedule. Rather than confront reality.
    Rather than defend his hateful, racist and vile opinions, he gets up well before dawn and cuts and pastes from the ...
    "American Stinker"

    A vast improvement over his own, original, work product.

    How Sweet It Is
    Jackie Gleason

    1. .

      Rather than confront reality...

      Well, let's face it, rat, you do represent a rather dull reality; and when I say dull, I mean it in every sense of the word, banal, indolent, vapid, inane.

      In truth, Bob (or anyone for that matter) can just as easily pull up yesterday's stream and see the same tired rat droppings. In fact, we could pull up last week's or last month's or last year's or those from two year's ago or more and see exactly the same cut-and-paste bullshit from you. It's like a rather bizarre wallpaper, an aberrant and slightly disturbing backdrop to the Bar like something out of some hyperbolic Hieronymus Bosch nightmare scene rendered in shallow pastel using dull crayons, or as we used to call it, kinda fucked up

      It's a beautiful fall day here, sunny, 67F, I think old Bob has a pretty good idea.



    2. Cheerio, Legionnaire Q.

      Again, your failure to perform, as promised, is noted.

  40. Best post of the year:

    Jack HawkinsThu Oct 23, 10:09:00 AM EDT
    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Rat is learning to take down his anti-semitic, jew hating rantings and death threats before he can be censored or held accountable.

    Maybe Jack rat is learning that there are limits even here to his disgusting, jew hatred.

  41. Jack Hawkins: The voice of the clay footed G-d of Babylonian Judaism

    Feet of clay is a reference to the interpretation of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, by the prophet Daniel as recounted in the Book of Daniel:[1]

    Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible.
    This image's head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass,
    His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. (Daniel 2:31-33)
    And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters' clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.
    And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.
    And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay. (Daniel 2:41-43)

    The analogy is now commonly used to refer to a weakness or character flaw, especially in people of prominence.[2]

    Once again the illiteracy of Jack Hawkins comes to the surface.

  42. This is a hero.

  43. Notice, Readers, the Zionists are avoiding any references to Leviticus and the Babylonian revisionism to Judaism.

    1. Nap time for allen

      Yawning is a mostly involuntary process and is usually triggered by sleepiness or fatigue.
      It is a very natural response to being tired.

    2. No, Rat, you are just a boring poseur and minuscular dilettante. Deuce once applauded you as a provocateur. Hardly…

  44. I suppose that's part and parcel of being anti-Israel, to post glowing articles on Iran, but the rest of us Republicans feel like Mexican lesbians at a Buchanan rally.

  45. US military forces again focused air strikes on the area near the Syrian city of Kobani in their campaign to turn back Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants and also hit oil facilities held by the militant group, the US Central Command said on Thursday.

    A total of 15 strikes were staged against ISIL in Iraq and Syria on Wednesday and Thursday, according to a statement from Central Command.

    The statement said US fighter and bomber aircraft staged four strikes near the key border city of Kobani, destroying an ISIL control center and fighting positions in an area that has often been targeted this month, and two more that knocked out oil tanks east of Dawr az-Zawr.

    Four air strikes by US and allied forces in Iraq near the vital Mosul Dam hit small ISIL units and destroyed a vehicle, while another attack near Bayji took out a fighting position. Four strikes in the Fallujah area targeted a training facility, a larger ISIL unit and a building.

    In the meantime, Syrian Kurdish factions have signed a deal to share power and set their rivalries aside to capitalize on growing international support for their fight against . . . . . .

    Bomb a little, here; bomb a little, dere

    1. One step at a time ...

      The Iraqi will be deploying a couple companies of light infantry to Kobane ...
      Just as advised, here. A little lighter than advised, but they probably have a better 'feel' for what is needed, having both boots and eyes on the ground.

      The Israelis are miffed, their preferred proxy in Syria has stalled, and will soon be falling back.

      The Legionnaire Q, had to leave, having been proven wrong in his tactical assessment of the situation, again.

  46. It is interesting how the discussion becomes 'boring' when your points are proven to be inaccurate.
    Your assumptions false and arguments fallen flat.

    Then, instead of doubling down, they get 'bored' with the discussion


  47. Holy Shit! Why Isn't This a Headline?

    Nina Pham's Status Upgraded to Good.

    The NIH has received countless inquiries and expressions of support for Ms. Nina Pham, the Texas nurse who was admitted to the NIH Clinical Center Special Clinical Studies Unit on Thursday, October 16, with Ebola virus disease. The NIH Clinical Center staff has shared the general sentiments with her and Ms. Pham has expressed her gratitude for everyone’s concerns and well wishes. Ms. Pham’s clinical status has been upgraded from fair to good. No additional details are available at this time.

    It don't "bleed," it don't lead

    1. The last we heard, a few days ago, she had been downgraded to "serious." Since then it's been back to "fair," and now, "Good."

      "Good" is Good. :)

    2. Does not lead to fear and loathing, so "News" it ain't

    3. So, ISIS is getting their asses kicked in Iraq, and Syria;

      Ebola is getting eradicated in the United States,

      Jobless Claims are at a 14 Year Low,

      and the Market is busting out.

      All "in spite of Obama," I suppose. :)

    4. addendum:

      Gas Prices are Down

      Health Costs are Down

      25 Million People have Health Insurance,

      and Mortgage Rates are at 3.92%

      Damn that Communist. :)

    5. gas in Stone Mountain (Kroger) - $2.94.9

    6. By the way, Rufus, you had the great, pandemic, "Oh, my G-d, we're all going to die", Ebola scare nailed. As I recall, so did I. Miracles are possible.

      If you did not take the chance to look at my link from Soldier of Fortune (Facebook) a few days ago, you missed two of the most unusual and beautiful "handguns" made by modern gunsmiths: two unique 454 over 32mm grenade launchers.

  48. allen's most intelligent comment of this, the common era ...

    allenWed Oct 22, 11:34:00 PM EDT

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Since we have devolved to this, let's Get 'er on !

      Deflection from the discussion, misdirection and obstipation, by Team Zion, is comical

      Yes, obstipation ...
      Intestinal obstruction; severe constipation.

      They are just full of shit.


    Iranian Basij general killed in Aleppo

    "Other Arabic news sites have reported similar claims that Shi'ites from Central Asia have been recruited by Iran to fight alongside Hezbollah and Syrian troops."

    Yes, indeed, Iran is a stabilizing force in an enormous region from central Asia to Lebanon.

  50. No One has ever died of Ebola contracted in the United States.

  51. Margerie’s passing is the latest in a series of mysterious deaths involving figures in the oil and banking industries. As the fatalities continue mounting, so do the implications of foul play and suspicion of collusion.

    Earlier this year we saw at least a dozen high level bankers mysteriously die under atypical circumstances or by suicide.

    As the theatre of war plays out in the holy name of the Petrodollar and Syrian oil fields are ablaze from U.S. airstrikes under the guise of combatting ISIS, the CEO of an extremely profitable French oil company is dead.

    How could these two seemingly unrelated events coincide? Could it be sheer coincidence or could this story be one of sinister origins.

    In July of this year, Margerie went on record stating “There is no reason to pay for oil in dollars.” The CEO didn’t entirely wish to abandon the dollar. He continued by saying, “Doing without the (U.S.) dollar, that wouldn’t be realistic, but it would be good if the euro was used more.”

    Is questioning the dollar and its ties to oil a death wish?

    In 2000, Saddam Hussein abandoned the dollar and began accepting payments for Iraqi oil exclusively in Euros. The Iraqi leader was out of power within 3 years.

    In 2011, Muammar Gaddafi was on the cusp of halting the sale of Libyan oil in dollars. He was instead going to begin selling his nation’s petrol in gold-backed “dinars” (a single African currency made from gold). It was predicted that if this plan would have come to fruition, the dollar would have been “wrecked.” Gaddafi was killed on October 20, 2011.

    It is impossible to know if the Total CEO’s death was orchestrated because of his statements on the dollar. Maybe it was nothing more than an accident. What it does comment on is the climate of distrust perpetuated by governments and warfare.

    Are we so inundated with fear and lies that every death is an assassination? Or is the United States government so over protective of the dollar and its stranglehold on oil that they are prepared to intimidate anyone who questions its authority.

    Even scare them… to death.

  52. Oh, one more thing, while it is still fresh ...

    The police in the US are being trained in the 'Israeli Method'.
    The Mossad did participate in the genocides of Central America.
    There are rodent hairs in restaurants.

    All are accurate statements.


    1. Mossad is not training American police departments as you alleged.

      You cannot prove that Mossad murdered tens of thousands of people in Central America. (Hells bells, man, you cannot even remember being there).

      Re: "Israeli Method" ... Right ... Loser ...

    2. The police, American hospitals and Mayors across the USA learn from Israel how to save their citizens lives from Islamic Terrorism

      That is an accurate statement.

      If the Mossad were 1/100th of the killers you claimed they were?

      You, Assad, Abbas, the heads of Hamas, the heads of Iran would have been capped long ago.

      Again an accurate statement.

      You lie?

      that is an accurate statement as well

    3. Ferguson Missouri Police Chief Timothy Fitch trained in “counter-terrorism” with the IDF in Israel.
      Hre is one

    4. he St. Louis County Police Department and the St. Louis Police Department — received training from Israeli security forces in recent years.


    5. U.S.-Israel Strategic Cooperation:
      Joint Police & Law Enforcement Training

      In 2002, Los Angeles Police Department detective Ralph Morten visited Israel to recieve training and advice on preparing security arrangements for large public gatherings.
      In January 2003, thirty-three senior U.S. law enforcement officials - from Washington, Chicago, Kansas City, Boston and Philadelphia - traveled to Israel to attend a meeting on "Law Enforcement in the Era of Global Terror." The workshops helped build skills in identifying terrorist cells, enlisting public support for the fight against terrorism and coping with the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

      “We went to the country that's been dealing with the issue for 30 years,” Boston Police Commissioner Paul F. Evans said. “The police are the front line in the battle against terrorism. We were there to learn from them - their response, their efforts to deter it. They touched all the bases.”

      “I think it's invaluable,” said Washington, DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey about the instruction he received in Israel. “They have so much more experience in dealing with this than we do in the United States.”

      Also, in 2003, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security established a special Office of International Affairs to institutionalize the relationship between Israeli and American security officials. “I think we can learn a lot from other countries, particularly Israel, which unfortunately has a long history of preparing for and responding to terrorist attacks,” said Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) about the special office.

      In November 2011, a delegation of senior American law enforcement officials, including police commanders, security experts and FBI agents, went to Israel for a joint training seminar with Israeli counter-terrorism officials sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. Israeli Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said ...

      The very same Mickey Rosenfeld that reported that HAMAS was not complicit in the kidnapping of those three teens.

      Col. Robert Quinn, commander of the New Hampshire State Police, was part of the delegation. "It's really been an eye-opener," says Col. Quinn. "We attend various training in the states on terrrosim and counter-terrosim issues but never have I ever learned as much as I have just by looking and observing as I have been in [Israel]."
      In September 2013, a special team of bomb squad members from cities along the U.S.-Mexico border travelled to Israel in an effort to improve techniques and tactics for dealing with illegal immigration and IED attacks. Sgt. Chris Rogers represented the Pima (Arizona) Regional Bomb Squad -

      There are four, five and six departments ...

    6. ...waiting for names of those American "police forces" trained by Mossad...

  53. There is much in life that I find inexplicable and this is one of those things -

    >>>More Western Women Answer Call As Islamists Fill Ranks..........drudge<<<

    Western women signing up for the real 'war on women'.

    I can't even begin to explain this.


    The drought here broke today.

    Lots of much needed rain for the newly planted crops.

    First biggie since early June......

  54. Health Costs are Down


    You got to be joking.

    Gas prices are coming down, though.

    My latest was $3.12

    Mortgage rates are low, but then so is return on parked money, which is now, essentially, zero.

    I am glad mortgage rates are down. If you need a mortgage you don't have any money to park anyway.

    Great time for the newly weds to find a decent home.

  55. Report: Israeli model underlies militarization of U.S. police

    The Anti-Defamation League has also provided Israeli-run training senssions to over 700 police officers through its course on Extremist and Terroist Threats and claims to have provided a background in Israeli perspectives to another 45,000 through its Law Enforcement and Society program, which is required training for all new FBI agents.

    The Israeli influence has been particularly strong in New York City where, Blumenthal writes, “under the leadership of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, ties between the NYPD and Israel have deepened by the day. Kelly embarked on his first trip to Israel in early 2009 to demonstrate his support for Israel’s ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip.


    Perfectly reasonable thing to do from their point of view.

  57. The Ferguson/Palestine Connection
    As the unrest continues, the St. Louis Police Collaboration with Israel Underscores Connected Struggles

    Over 9,000 American officials have trained with Israeli police and military units on responding to civilian protests and terrorism. These operations reflect failure to distinguish between the apparent duty of police to protect civilians and military responses to war. This fusion has had life-costing implications for Americans, specifically black, Muslim and Arab people.

    In 2006, 92-year-old Kathryn Johnson was shot and killed by Atlanta police, who had participated in an exchange program with Israeli soldiers on counterterrorism and drug enforcement. The Oakland police who used tear gas and rubber bullets against Occupy Oakland protesters in 2010 were fresh off a joint training exercise with Israeli and Bahraini police forces. An NYPD official reported that the department's now-disbanded "Demographics Unit," which spied on Muslim and Arab citizens, was modeled on Israel's practices in the West Bank.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. I see rat is still ranting along nicely.

    He desperately needs something creative to do with his time.

    1. The rat already has, and so does Jack Hawkins.

      Keeping the liars in check, right here, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson

  59. Jewish Groups Pay to Send U.S. Police to Train in Israel

    Israel’s security forces have also trained police in Mexico since 1994, originally in response to the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas.

    Should I start with the Mexican connections - the murders by Israeli trained police there ?

    The editing will not be a bear.

    1. Nope, buckaroo, you said Mossad was training police forces in the U.S. and terrible things were happening.

  60. Borderland Beat Reporter ddThu Oct 23, 09:08:00 PM EDT

    Kill The Messenger; The Gary Webb Story

    The CIA denied the charges, and every major newspaper in the country took agency's word for it. Gary Webb was ruined. Which is a shame, because — as Charles Bowden revealed in this 1998 Esquire story — he was right. Borderland Beat reprinted the Esquire article by Charles Bowden, titled “The Pariah” in a thread posted by SiskiyouKid on Dec/ 30, 2013 (link below).

    It doesn’t take many to control the thinking of millions of Americans.

    6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America
    In 1983, fifty corporations dominated most of every mass medium; ]n 1987, the fifty companies
    had shrunk to twenty-nine; In 1997, the biggest firms numbered ten and involved the $19
    billion Disney-ABC deal, at the time the biggest media merger ever.

    Michael Eisner, CEO of Walt Disney Co. said in an internal memo:
    “We have no obligation to make history. We have no obligation to make art. We have no obligation to make a statement. To make money is our only objective.”

    Borderland Beat link to Bowden story in Esquire;

  61. rant rant rant

    What a sad son of a bitch.

  62. Rain shatters record — and more is on the way

    Seattle received 1.13 inches of rain Wednesday, breaking the 1985 record of 0.87 inches. More rain and thunderstorms are forecast for Thursday.
    Seattle's 60 Second Forecast
    Weather Channel

    By Paige Cornwell

    Seattle Times staff reporter

    Tornado causes damage in Longview
    Photos: Wild weather

    Reader Comments
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    @Evil Neocon Close. Rain + commute + bad driving = bad news (October 23, 2014) MORE
    @gouwdogs Yeah, cuz Yawnima shows up on every best of list. You might want to check out the education article about... (October 23, 2014) MORE
    There is that. But then again, you live in Yakima. (October 22, 2014) MORE
    Read all 25 comments
    Post a comment

    Even by Rainy City standards, it was unusually wet in Seattle on Wednesday.

    By 6 p.m., Wednesday evening, 1.13 inches of rain had fallen at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, breaking the previous record of 0.87 inches set Oct. 22,1985, according to the National Weather Service. In Seattle’s Sand Point neighborhood, 1.16 inches had fallen by 6 p.m., shattering the 1989 record of 0.79 inches.

    “It’s just your typical, wet fall day,” meteorologist Johnny Burg said.

    Heavy rain was reported throughout the region, prompting a flood warning for the Skokomish River and concerns about localized flooding, especially in urban areas where leaves may clog drains.

    Thunderstorms are forecast for Western Washington on Thursday, with up to a half inch of rain possible, Burg said.

    Depending on weather conditions Thursday afternoon, skywatchers may be able to experience a partial solar eclipse — the transit of the moon across part of the sun, according to NASA. The eclipse is expected to begin at 1:35 p.m. and last about 2½ hours in Seattle.

    NASA offers tips on the best way to view an eclipse. The short version is never, ever look directly at the sun with the naked eye.

    “Even during a partial eclipse, when only a very small part of the sun is visible, viewing it without eye protection risks permanent eye damage or blindness,” NASA warns on its website.

    Regular sun glasses won’t protect your eyes.

    “The sun can be viewed directly only when using filters specifically designed for this purpose. ... One of the most widely available filters for safe eclipse viewing is a No. 14 (or darker) welder’s glass,” NASA says.

    But the safest way to experience an eclipse of the sun, NASA says, is to make a pinhole in a bit of cardboard, then hold it between the sun and a sheet of white paper a few feet away. You’ll see the eclipse transpire on the paper with no damage to your eyes.

    There’s at least a chance of rain forecast every day for the next week. But, as residents of the Rainy City, we expected that.

    About 2 to 4 inches of rain is forecast for coastal locations, and 3 to 6 inches for most of the coast range and the Cascades.

    Rainfall at the North Fork Stillaguamish River, which changed paths after the mudslide in March near Oso, Snohomish County, raised concerns about potential flooding Wednesday, but by evening, the river had reached just 7.4 feet, more than 4 feet below flood stage.

    The Skokomish River in Mason County remains under a flood warning until Thursday morning, as a result of the 3 to 5 inches of rain that fell over the south slopes of the Olympics. The river crested around noon Wednesday but is expected to slowly recede Thursday and Friday, the weather service said. Skokomish Valley Road was covered with water Wednesday afternoon, according to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

    The weather service issued a hazardous-weather outlook for Eastern, Central and Northern Washington, where heavy rain could cause minor flooding, debris flows or mudslides near burn scars from recent wildfires. The heaviest rainfall is forecast near the Canadian border, the weather service said.

    “It’s not going to be dry and sunny,” Burg said. “If you want sunny and 70 degrees, go south to the desert.”

    Paige Cornwell: 206-464-2530 or

    1. Thank you, Miss T, for the 'leftovers'.

      We got them this afternoon and evening and the farmers all love you.

      Are you sure I can't buy you an umbrella?

    2. My wife always pronounces that UM- brella, when the correct pronunciation is um- BREL-la.

    3. Actually the correct pronunciation is:


  63. Here's little info on the shithead that's going to keep you from getting Ebola - a typical Obama appointee -

    October 23, 2014
    Ebola czar a population control zealot
    By M. Catharine Evans

    Yes, Obama’s Ebola Czar thinks overpopulation is the number one problem facing world leaders today.

    In a 2008 Georgetown University interview, Ron Klain and his wife Monica Medina, currently Senior Director for International Ocean Policy at the National Geographic Society, shared their concerns about global population growth. Apparently, the earth’s population of 7 billion is out of control especially in UN-designated least developed countries (LDC’s).

    Klain says he wants to “make the world work for everyone" and believes too many people, especially on continents like Asia and Africa, are having a negative impact on the planet’s ecosystem. Medina concurs. The former whaling Commissioner says the continued extraction of oil and fish is unsustainable unless we learn how to stop depleting the earth’s resources. The couple, who live in a $1.8 million home in Chevy Chase, warn us that the outlook for the rest of mankind is dismal if we do not take overpopulation and dwindling food supplies seriously.

    From the interview:

    Klain: I think, I think the top leadership issue in the world today is how to deal with the continuing, growing population of the world and all the resource demands it places on the world and uh uh burgeoning populations in Africa and Asia that lack the resources to have a happy healthy life and I think we have got to find a way to make the world work for everyone…climate change is an issue that impacts that greatly.

    Medina:…For future generations to survive I mean it’s right now, we’re extracting oil, we’re extracting resources like fish at such an alarming rate we won’t be able to sustain our planet into the future.

    Obama’s appointment of a man with no medical expertise had pundits stumped, but it makes a tad more sense now. As one of the global elites obsessed with overpopulation, an outbreak of a deadly disease in West Africa is a perfect vehicle for Klain. He can now push an agenda that has occupied the ruling class for over a century. Prince Philip once remarked, “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” Is Klain set to morph into our first official “population control czar.”

    photo credit: Georgetown University video screen grab

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    I'd much MUCH rather have Rufus as 'Ebola Czar'.

    In addition to having excellent policies such as quarantine for travelers coming to USA before boarding the departing plane, he might well advise us all to 'stay home, drink, and blog'.

    We'd never have another case, except for another case of Bud.