“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Brave Soldiers of the IDF

"I will never gamble with the security of the one and only Jewish state," 
 "The only force that can defend it is its own army –
the brave soldiers of the IDF."
 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel worked with men’s magazine Maxim to develop a photo feature titled
“Women of the Israeli Defense Forces.”

Israel has decided to reach out to young US men by publishing images of
 semi-clad female former soldiers in US men’s magazine, Maxim.

The pictures are part of a public relations drive to improve the image of the country within the US.
Maxim said it was “pleased” with the result of its collaboration with the Israeli consulate in New York,
which came up with the idea.

Guns ‘n’ thongs: Four brave IDF soldiers who posed in their underwear are being punished 
for stating the unspoken truth about young women in Israel: they are often seen as sexual objects, 
and nothing more. Asher Schechter gives a lesson on Israeli sexual politics.

Several employees of Maxim Magazine went to Israel for a photo shoot of Israeli models, 
all in the name of a new kind of Israeli hasbara (talking points: OUT; curvy women: IN! IN! IN!)  
the issue was meant to either to generate no more waves than the average issue of Maxim,
 or cause the Jewish Agency and Nefesh B’Nefesh to dance in the streets
due to the biggest aliyah since Russia opened its doors in the early 90s

 Female Israeli Solders Bravely Posing Nude on Facebook

  In one of the raunchy photos five brave soldiers are shown standing topless
 in a barracks room with just combat belts covering their boobs.

 The identities of these brave soldiers have not been released. 
They are thought to be carrying out national service, compulsory for most Israelis when they turn 18.

Between this and Hooters, it’s a good time to be an Israeli male.  
So when Israel21c Editorial Director David Brinn left me a message yesterday saying 
“Benji, I’m going to see the models, you might want to come too”
…well, let’s just say I was excited.  To put it into perspective, on the scale of 
 “things that make your heart stop”, it ranked somewhere near “You just won the lottery!”

 * * * * * * * *
For Farmer Bob's Predilection

 In recent years, Israel and the Tel Aviv municipality have specifically promoted Israel as a destination for gay male sex tourism. The work of right-wing extremist Islamophobic pornographic filmmaker Michael Lucas has turned Israeli soldiers into an attraction for gay tourists while Omer Gershon — the gay flotilla hoaxer and hasbara activist — has said that tourists find Israeli men “very exotic.”

 American porn producer markets organized trip to Israel that includes unusual experience –
 visit to military base to meet with 'hot soldiers'

While the IDF suffers from a particularly negative image in world media, Israeli soldiers themselves, it turns out, are a different story.
At least, this is what Michael Lucas, a porn actor, producer and owner of Lucas Entertainment, believes.

"The Israeli photographer I work with knows a lot of hot soldiers. He has already photographed some of them. So we are going to get some of them together, and whoever in the group is interested can take a picture with them," assured Lucas on Thursday.

Lucas, who was born in Russia to a Jewish family and immigrated to the US when he was 25, often proclaims his love for Israel in interviews. Last year, he even arrived in Israel to shoot a porn film entitled
"Men of Israel." 

Then there are the brave soldier child abusers


The Brave Soldiers that threaten old men

The Brave Soldiers that manhandle young girls . . .

. . . and beat up old women

The Brave Soldiers that shoot unarmed men

The Brave Soldiers that give it up for Israel!

Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories: 
Trigger-happy: Israel’s use of excessive force in the West Bank
Israeli forces have repeatedly violated their obligations under international human rights law by using excessive force to stifle dissent and freedom of expression, resulting in a pattern of unlawful killings and injuries to civilians. They do so with virtual impunity due to the authorities’ failure to conduct thorough investigations. This report focuses on the use of excessive force in the West Bank since the beginning of 2011. It includes cases of killings and injuries of Palestinian civilians in the context of protests against Israel’s continuing military occupation of the Palestinian territories, illegal Israeli settlements and the fence/wall.

It is easy to see why Bibi will not allow NATO soldiers 
in Occupied Palestine

Sources:,7340,L-3871457,00.html   -  IDF soldiers new attraction for gay tourists 
Google Images


  1. Hooooreeee, lookie, lookie, lookie at all them tittie !!!

    oik, oik, oik

    1. Have to look somewhere else, for that.

      Not one 'tittie' is visible.

      Not only can you not read, you cannot write without lying

  2. The Libertarian now hits a new low.

    D o u g please !

    Q u i r k please !

    Start a new blog, please !

    1. .

      I've about had enough, Bob.

      Captain Moonbeam is one sick fuck.

      I'll check in now and then to see how you are doing. Best of luck.


    2. Well, Quirk, put up a thread, on any subject that interests you.

      You once said you were entering a 'writing contest' so you should be able to string a few hundred words together.

      If Google images bother you, so much.

    3. And Farmer Bob, he could start his own blog, or post a thread, but all he does is demand others do it, for him.

      Comical shit.

  3. Employment opportunities for Jackrat -

    Instead of actually doing something with his life, he puts up pornographic anti-semitic threads.

    A pornographic hate site is all this place is now.

  4. Damn, a little ass sure does set you you boys off, don't it?

    That's pretty damned interesting.

  5. Israel worked with men’s magazine Maxim to develop a photo feature titled
    “Women of the Israeli Defense Forces.”

    1. Israel has decided to reach out to young US men by publishing images of
      semi-clad female former soldiers in US men’s magazine, Maxim.

    2. The pictures are part of a public relations drive to improve the image of the country within the US.

      Maxim said it was “pleased” with the result of< its collaboration with the Israeli consulate in New York,
      which came up with the idea.

      Damned anti-Semitic Israelis.

    3. By the way, I saw no mention in the article of the semitic language, much less those that are "anti" that language, OR of the various groups - Arabs, Jews - that speak semitic languages. So, I really don't understand the "anti-Semitic" slam,

      nor was I aware that photos of young women in their underwear was now considered "Porn."


    4. And that Anonymous contributor, so concerned about my time.

      It only took thirty minutes, or so.

  6. Golly, the pictures of the brave soldiers of the IDF got 'em going.

    Wonder which picture from the Google library pissed 'em off?

    The one where five brave soldiers got a young woman to piss on herself?

    Or maybe the one where a brave soldier was beating an old woman with a stick?

    Couldn't be the hypocrisy of paying Maxim to take pictures of half naked women, while penalizing women that took similar pictures of themselves?

    Maybe it was the Russian born Jew that was organizing gay tours of the IDF bases?

    Or was it the brave boys of the IDF, posing in the buff?

    Was it the picture of the dead guy on the ground?

    The report from Amnesty International?

    Or is it they do not like reality to be shown to them, it is not nearly as easy to dismiss a graphic image as it is mere words on a screen.

    heh, heh, heh.

    1. Maybe it was actually quoting Bibi that is considered anti-Semitic, even when he was speaking English.

      The pictures, they don't lie, and are not easy to dismiss as a rant, are they.

      Can't 'not read' them.

      heh, heh, heh


    2. Ynet and Haaratz were the major sources of the data sets, are they anti-Semitic, too?

      Is reality anti-Semitic?


    3. That must be it, reality is anti-Semitic!

  7. QuirkMon Mar 17, 01:24:00 AM EDT

    I've about had enough, Bob.

    Captain Moonbeam is one sick fuck.

    I'll check in now and then to see how you are doing. Best of luck.


    I've about had enough as well, Quirk.


    1. You are welcome, boobie

      “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that's in the right and keeps on a-comin'.”
      ― Captain Bill McDonald Texas Ranger


    2. Call me some more names, denigrate my ex-wife some more.

      See if I give a shit, fold up my tent and leave, like Ms T and Melody, or if I just amp it up.

      You bit off a tad more than you could chew.

      Rangers lead the way, asshole.

      ja, ja, ja.


    3. Tell some more Cannibal jokes.


    4. Quirk said that calls for murdering four million people, butchering them and feeding the meat to the poor were to be dismissed as humorous, he is a sick puppy, too.


    5. BobSun Feb 23, 10:56:00 PM EST
      "The argument that they are not native is amazing in light of the fact that neither are Europeans native."


      Shoot the Arizonans as well, give the meat to the poor.

  8. The sight of a gaggle of grown men getting the vapors over a few well-formed, female butt-cheeks is rather astonishing, no?

    1. Meantime,

      Shocker, Russians want to be a part of Russia!

    2. Shocker II

      State Dept finds that overthrowing duly elected governments (Ukraine) might have unforeseen consequences.

    3. Old men like you oooggling young girls is disgusting.

      Get your head out of your pants. It is for thinking, not panting.

    4. I ain't That old.

      And, I don't have to imagine my women in school uniforms, and being a member of my family, to get it up.

  9. Fonzie jumps shark, see it at the Libertarian.

    1. Thought you were leaving, but he addiction is too strong.

      None of your 'Heroes' are riding to your rescue, and none of them will.
      Quirk and Doug, will not start a new blog, they don't even post threads, here.

      'Lead, follow or get out of the way'.

      You are a follower, get used to your role, you've had a lifetime to learn it.

      ja, ja, ja

  10. Exchange enrollments coming up on 5 million.

    Estimated to end at a little less than 6 Million.

    Not bad, all things considered.

    ACA Signups

  11. KIEV, UKRAINE - Ukraine's government mobilized military reservists and approved an emergency military build-up a day after the disputed province of Crimea voted to secede from the country and become part of Russia. - WaPo

  12. Replies
    1. I would sure hate to see My Kids march off to war to defend one of those made-up borders.

  13. Social Issues and the Republican Party - be part of the poll

    There seems to be a constant discussion over how Republicans can grow their party. Last week, Senator Rand Paul said that Republicans should agree to disagree when it comes to social issues. According to, Paul made the comment when discussing gay marriage.

    I think that the Republican Party, in order to get bigger, will have to agree to disagree on social issues.
    The Republican Party is not going to give up on having quite a few people who do believe in traditional marriage.
    But the Republican Party also has to find a place for young people and others who don’t want to be festooned by those issues.

    Do you agree with Senator Rand Paul on this? Let us know in today’s KFYO Poll of the Day.

    Current results - Thank you for voting!

    Yes 70.34%

    No 23.51%

    Not sure 6%

    Read More: Social Issues and the Republican Party [POLL] |


  14. China rejects North Korean crimes report, hits chance of prosecution

    GENEVA (Reuters) - China dismissed a U.N. report alleging North Korea has committed crimes against humanity, effectively confirming the fears of human rights advocates that Beijing will shield its ally Pyongyang from international prosecution.


  15. Washington Times

    Guinness, the maker of the popular Irish beer, will nonetheless be missing from one of New York City's biggest Irish-based draws - this Monday's St. Patrick's Day parade, due to the march's prohibition on open displays of gay rights.

  16. By Mario Garita

    March 14th, 2014 (ISH) Narco-traffickers are known to move drugs using light aircraft, boats and evensubmarines, but now they have added another method: helicopters.

    Between October and November 2013, Costa Rican authorities found nine clandestine heliports used to transport drugs from Colombia to northern Central America, Mexico and the United States, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

    In the past 10 years, Costa Rica has gone from being a transit point for drugs to becoming a place where drugs are warehoused, according to Paul Chaves, an expert in security and drug-trafficking issues.

    “[In the case of the heliports], drugs entered Costa Rica by sea, were transported to another location in the country and stored before being shipped abroad,” he said. “That’s why helicopters have become more important. Since the Costa Rican police don’t have many helicopters and those are not armed, helicopters have become a very reliable way for drug traffickers to transport drugs [across the country].”

    The Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) is on the trail of José Arnoldo Díaz Castro, a 30-year-old known as “Pelleja” and alleged leader of a local drug-trafficking organization with ties to Mexico.

    The group smuggles large quantities of cocaine into the country through the Barra de Tortuguero and Parismina areas on the Atlantic coast, 200 kilometers northeast of San José. They transport the drugs to heliports on boats through canals and rivers.

    In early 2013, residents in the country’s northern region alerted police to helicopters flying at very low altitudes, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

    In October and November, authorities found and dismantled nine heliports and two camps on private estates in northern Costa Rica.

    Public Security Minister Mario Zamora said officials gained access through the mountainous terrain using paths cleared by the property owners. Access to the property is very limited, and it becomes impassable during the rainy season from May to November.

    The raids netted large-caliber weapons, including a rocket launcher, ammunition, US$50,000 in cash, barrels of fuel and two Honduran passports.

    “The drug warehouses are very difficult to access, which makes helicopters the ideal method of reaching them,” Chaves said.

    Additionally, helicopters can fly under the radar, making them difficult to detect.

    On Nov. 14, the OIJ arrested five alleged Costa Rican members of the drug-trafficking organization, including a border patrol officer suspected of helping Díaz import the drugs without being detected.

    Díaz may be in Honduras or Nicaragua, where he likely fled in November after police raided his house in Guácimo de Limón, 54 kilometers north of San José, Zamora said.

    The drug traffickers also operate in Honduras and Panama, leading Costa Rican authorities to request help from those countries to apprehend them.

    “We have to remember that borders do not exist for drug traffickers; regions do. … And if we acknowledge that border areas tend be the most isolated …, then we realize that these areas are the best suited for these types of organizations,” Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla said recently.

    The Ministry of Public Security’s efforts are focused on sea and land routes, as the police’s air response capability is minimal, according to Public Security Vice Minister Celso Gamboa.

    “The problem with our aircraft is that they are not armed, and that makes an aerial interdiction impossible,” he said.

    1. However on March 9, the United States Embassy in Costa Rica assisted the Aerial Surveillance Service (SVA) in purchasing a police helicopter, which will help identify drug-trafficking camps in mountainous areas.

      SVA Director Oldemar Madrigal said the aircraft is equipped with night-vision technology, external lights, a hook for external cargo and the NOTAR (No Tail Rotor) system, which reduces noise to avoid detection by narco-traffickers.

      Chaves said another way to investigate narco-traffickers’ use of helicopters is to monitor the sale of helicopter fuel.

      “Helicopters use fuel that’s difficult to obtain. It can be obtained only from the Refinería Costarricense de Petróleo (RECOPE) and at airports,” he added. “This makes tracking the fuel the most effective way of understanding exactly where these helicopters are flying within the country.”

    2. More money wasted.

      Why in the world should I (or the government) care if you want to suck a little powder up your nose, and get a buzz roughly equivalent to having a couple of stiff drinks?

  17. The thought of the old beer gut Rufus coot, Budweiser in one hand, penis pump in the other, staring at young women is truly horrifying.

    1. Then, don't think about it, pervert.


    2. He cannot help himself, he just projects his own thoughts and actions upon others.


    3. Poor Anoni, cannot comprehend what he reads, nor can he write with clarity.
      And when he sees pictures of women, he hallucinates.

      Says there are 'tittie' shots in the thread, when there is not even one visible, except on the fellas.
      I suspected, from his previous comments, that was his predilection.



    4. Come on out of that closet, Farmer Bob!

    5. The insane run the roost.

      There is no discussion with them.

      But their threads speak volumes as to who and what they are.

      Shark jumping at it's finest.

      Jack/Rat/Poncho/Adolf has outed himself.

    6. Rufus ages disgracefully, the opposite of what old farts are supposed to do.

    7. Perverts, racists, and Theotopians hardest hit.

  18. "Captain Moonbeam is one sick fuck."


    I hate understatements.

    1. I have to wonder about a man that recoils at the sight of a fine, young ass, and, at the same time,

      wants the "church" to be the arbiter of her ability to obtain birth control.

  19. Hmm..
    I don't see what all the fuss is about, provocative pictures are everywhere.
    Maybe I'm de-sensitized to women in thongs, soldiers acting less than honorably, death in the name of whatever god...
    Does that indicate that there is something wrong with me?

    1. Yeah,

      you're showing indications of sanity.

    2. No kidding. Exhibiting "sanity" could be dangerous in today's environment.

    3. In fact, it's always been dangerous. Just ask certain "middle-ages" astronomers.

    4. The same church that put them to death, now wants to decide whether your wife can obtain birth control.


    5. They object to pictures of horses, pictures of dogs, pictures of soldiers beating women.

      Objected to threads about Mexico, objected to threads about surf beaches in Panama and Costa Rica, objected to a thread about the expansion of the Panama Canal.

      But not one of them objected to the picture of a victim of the US Border Patrol, lying dead on the ground inside Mexico.

      Telling, isn't it.

      Anonymous, he can't even find a subject, other than his betters.


    6. Oh, and Farmer Bob and Anonymous, both, object to pictures of women.

      Farmer Bob objects when women post on the blog.
      Does his level best to insult them, denigrate them.

      Farmer Bob even went so far as to proposition Melody, while calling her a 'cunt'.

      Real class, that. NOT.

    7. Naw, I think the problem lays in one poster posting above the fold and then spending loads of time below the fold brow beating a farmer who got his goat. All Jack all the time - yawn.

    8. 3 of the first 4 comments were the "farmer" attacking the post, and the "poster."

      And, what would YOU do?

    9. Those brave Israeli soldiers, they took those photos of their own volition, no one forced them to pose.
      No one forced them to post those photos to their facebook page.

      They are not, were, not ashamed of themselves, of their bodies, of their femininity.
      Only Farmer Bob finds fault with their self confidence, with their pride in being women.

      He just cannot abide a strong, self confident woman who is not ashamed of her sexuality.

    10. Ash just cuts and pastes whole articles, then objects when images are added, to edited pieces.

      It was Farmer Bob who called for the slaughter, butchery and then the consumption of the 4 million people in Arizona.

      It was Farmer bob who refused to walk that back, refused to apologize.
      Who instead made a lame claim that it was a humorous aside.

      Oh no, Ash, it is documented, this time. What he wrote, when he wrote it, I can and will quote it.
      That started the dance, and it won't stop. Even hints of genocide must be stomped out before they can take root.

      Don't forget that no one took Adolf seriously, either. Not until it was to late.

    11. I just counter punch.

      He instigates each exchange.
      That is documentable.

      Illustrated, again today.

      That I can push his buttons, true enough. But those are pushed innocuously.
      He finds objection in what is not culturally or socially objectionable.

      But claims to find 'humor' in genocide, in cannibalism.

      ja, ja, ja.

    12. I am no fan of Bob and his ideas, I think that is obvious. bob pushes your buttons just as you push his. You've become obsessed.

      I have no objection to your pretty little pictures. If I have any objections it would be to the vacuous nature of much of the content.

    13. What is "vacuous" about soldiers threatening, and beating old men, women, and children?

    14. What is "vacuous" about a government that allows some of its female citizens to be forced to ride in the back of the bus, in turn, forming a cooperative venture with a skin magazine to show off its female soldiers in the buff?

    15. Do you really think todays post is an insightful article on foreign policy? I thought you more interested in the titty shots than the beating shots - I guess not.

    16. And, yeah, I find the use of the soldiers in Maxim to be interesting. Pony stuff not so much.

    17. Even less do I care about Jack's grudge against Bob. Bob's an idiot - what else is new?

    18. I didn't see any "titty" shots. I did enjoy the "ass" shots, though.

      Actually, I thought the transdisposition of the Israeli Forces cruelty, with the collaboration of the Government with Maxim was pure art.

    19. pure art? wow! must be that rural upbringing

    20. Yeah, right up there with my "velvet Elvis," and the dogs playing poker.

    21. If a brief blog post can give one an insight into a culture (or, to be hyperbolic, a nation's soul,) then I would say that, yeah, that post is Art..


    22. Recall when the late lamented 'allen' spoke so righteously about "Spengler's Law", when he was pointing at Iran?

      But when the same standard was applied to Israel, when Haaratz articles about legal prostitution, and child prostitution in Israel were brought up, it was 'anti-Semitic', it was hateful, according to 'allen' and the Conga Line.

      Farmer Bob provides a diversion, for me, Ash.
      I really enjoy messing with his mind. It is entertaining to bludgeon his racist, fascist ass.

      If he were to leave, today, I would be disappointed on one hand, that the game was over. While satisfied on the other, that he would not be spreading his misogynist hate filled diatribes in the same space I use to examine the world.

    23. That you do not enjoy the equine, I can appreciate.
      That is why there was a post on sailing the Down East coastline.

      You barely participated on that thread, so there you go.
      Made no mention of the joys of sailing, of your experiences on that coast.

      So your objection is noted and filed in the waste basket.

    24. I've always come here to discuss politics. Opposing views provide for interesting reading. Ponies, sailing, babes, no this is not the place for that in my view but, hey, if that 's where it goes, so it goes.

      I do find it funny how bob got your goat but your obsession with him is tiresome. Have it if it pleases you. I can scroll or simply not read which is more my tendency of late.

  20. .

    Rufus IIMon Mar 17, 11:50:00 AM EDT

    I have to wonder about a man that recoils at the sight of a fine, young ass, and, at the same time,

    wants the "church" to be the arbiter of her ability to obtain birth control.

    Once again Rufus displays the paucity of thought that he has shown here over the years.

    Assuming I was upset about the images of female ass is typical. I could care less about the pictures of the bare asses, although I must say that the soft porn rat has put up previously was far superior. In addition to the subject matter, it had a certain artistic appeal, not as good as Deuce's work but still not bad. Today's pictures merely looked like either teen agers mooning people going down the highway or simply sluts out for a good time. I've seen a lot better on page 3 of The Sun. Merely my opinion of course.

    No, what I objected to was the juxtaposition of subject matter, soft porn, gay erotica, and images of Israeli soldiers abusing women and children and old men, all tied up in a bow, the intent to denigrate Israel. I have been one of the biggest critics of the Israeli Lobby on this blog. But in my opinion, the way to do it is with facts not cheap theatrics or bullshit arguments.

    I don't accuse rat of being anti-Semitic. I merely say he is batshit crazy.

    The arguments he uses are just weird. He talks about the abortion rate of Israel when in fact it is half that of the US, Arizona or the rest of the world. Yet, he seems to take his own arguments seriously. With only a modicum of hyperbole, the pictures of abuse of women, children, and old people happens here daily with the TSA. Rat is nutz.

    Anyone that thinks that thinks Bob was seriously advocating genocide and cannibalism or compares him to Hitler has lost touch with reality. In a way it's actually scary.

    As for the condoms, Rufus, shove them up your scrawny ass, that is if you haven't had enough shoved up there already. Anybody that wants condoms can have them. I'm just unhappy I am forced to pay for them. The Church feels the same way. The difference is they have started lawsuits to try to make sure they don't have to pay for them.

    I'm just tired of the dumb fucks here and the irrationality of the arguments if you can call them that.



    1. Couldn't stay away, aye

      The use of hyperbole, you use it extensively.
      So do I.

      There was no humor in his remark, he could EASILY apologize for it, but refuses to.

      Don't blame me for his refusal to accept responsibility for his remarks.

    2. I don't see you apologizing for the bull shit you spread either yet you wail and moan like child wanting an apology.

      Have you noticed the plurality of voices here has diminished? If current trends continue it'll be just you. Won't that be cool?

    3. Not to worry, Rufus, his cum catching butt buddy will follow like the skank that he his...

    4. You could help the trend continue, Ash, by going in with Doug, and I still hope, Quirk, and start a new blog. I promise to thread once in a while. I'm not capable of doing it myself, my computer skills, you know.......

      But those of us who enjoy a little verbal yet polite back and forth need a new place, ratless.

      I hope you and Doug and Quirk and WiO really consider doing this.

      I think it would be wonderful.

      I would thread once in a while, after you teach me how.


    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. I'd love to post but the pussy-like host banned me...

      My threads were better, more insightful and quite frankly credible.

    7. Sure I have noticed, I do not care.

      I find no value in contributors that lie about the host, that call him NAZI, that insulted his father.

      Better to have an interesting thread, and a dozen pertinent posts following, than hundreds of insults.
      Better to lose a racist, than Ms T.

      If it is just me, than it is just me.

      What day would you like to post a thread on, Ash?
      Pick a day, any day, and you can be scheduled to post the thread, on that day each week.

      I sure will not object.

      Bob has been calling for you to do that, but you have not responded.
      Bob has called on Quirk to do that, he has not responded.
      Bob has called on Doug to do that, he has not responded.

      Do not blame me for you fellas' failure to take action or responsibility.

    8. Occupation is Apartheid had the opportunity to post threads, until he didn't.

      That is not on my shoulders, his loss of posting privileges.

      He and Bob could start their own blog, the 'O'riginal had a blog, you boys could head back over there and have at it.
      That would neither bother me, nor would I follow you all over there


    9. Hi WiO. I am trying to talk some of the others more computer savvy than I into starting a new place to chat, a ratfree zone.

      I hope some of you start it off.

      ****What is "Occupation"Mon Mar 17, 02:58:00 PM EDT
      I'd love to post but the pussy-like host banned me...

      My threads were better, more insightful and quite frankly credible.****

      All true.

      Busy day for me, got to run.....

    10. I find rat's voice here interesting and have no desire for a rat-free chat group. I do like a plurality of voices though, preferably intelligent. I think conflict is necessary for good debate.

    11. Oh and a quick hello to Rat, the self confessed murdered who leaked about the FBI investigation of national security about ME...

      Or you are just a crazy, blow hard that cannot stand the pathetic life you have created.

      No woman would stay with you, your kids? Don't know you THANK ALL THAT IS HOLY...

      You are a crabby, old, bitter anti-semitic, lonely, loser of a man who sits in a room and ponders his worthless existence.

      I hope you live a LONG and miserable life...

      I hope you get ill and go to a hospital and beg for a Israeli medical device or drug to save you, not that you deserve it.

      After all Israel treats, thousands of arabs from gaza, west bank and syria, why should they not help your pathetic jew hating ass?

    12. .

      Actually, I have to amend my last comment since the only condoms covered by the ACA are female condoms. Of course, 'ol Ruf may be into experimentation. However, he can still stick all the other contraceptives that are covered up his ass. I assume that is how he gets his estrogen fix anyway.


    13. Horseshit, Quirk. You're smart enough to realize that, with our political/social system, the investment that our government makes in birth control for the poor is, far and away, the highest return investment in the budget.

      The simple fact is, you bought into the Catholic Church's "Religious" argument.

    14. Quirk, you understand that "birth control" is the plan the democrats had for black kids.

      73% of all black conceptions now end up aborted. Thanks to Margret Sanger and Planned Parenthood and the Democrat party the population is controlled….

    15. quirk:
      I don't accuse rat of being anti-Semitic. I merely say he is batshit crazy.

      he's a batshit crazy anti-semite

  21. "Anyone that thinks that thinks Bob was seriously advocating genocide and cannibalism or compares him to Hitler has lost touch with reality. In a way it's actually scary."


    Yes, he has, and it is.


    1. Why don't you and 'Occupation is Child Abuse' start your own blog, Bob?
      He used to have one, between the two of you, he could probably do it.


    2. I promise to never post on it, never lurk on it, to never even visit.


    3. It would fulfill all your stated desires.

    4. Nobody here likes you, Jackrat, except Rufus, and he's forgiven as he is lovable but befuddled.You have been a big pain in everyone's ass forever.

      Rufus doesn't have a mean bone in his body. I would hope he too would come to a new site, if someone wants to take the time to form one.


    5. Only one vote matters, Farmer Bob

      DeuceSun Mar 16, 12:24:00 PM EDT

      Good work Jack

    6. Farmer Bob and 'Occupation is Apartheid' can go do what Farmer Bob has advocated for, dozens of times.

      'Occupation is Child Abuse' has the blogger knowledge required, he is dissatisfied with the management of the 'Libertarian'. Farmer Bob is dissatisfied with the management of the 'Libertarian'.

      Libertarianism is all about 'Free Association', remember when Dougman asked, and that was the basis of the answer?

      'Free Association'. The management is happy with the product.

      Farmer Bob and 'Occupation is Child Abuse' are not.

      If they stay, it is because the choose to associate with the management of the blog.
      If they go, no one will be mad at them, no one will denigrate them, it will be like they were never here.

      Free Association, do what you want, but Jack is not leving, Deuce controls access and his feelings are, have been made, clear. 'Occupation is Apartheid' is not going to be given posting authority.

      I notice that Ash, Quirk nor Doug have signed up for thread posting days.
      None of them are volunteering, none want the social responsibility, or for some other reason of their own.


    7. Free Association, do what you want, but Jack is not LEAVING ...

      Come on, Farmer Bob, 'Occupation is Apartheid' and you, it is a match made in heaven.


    8. I notice that Ash, Quirk nor Doug have NOT signed up for thread posting days.

      mea culpa.

    9. I've always been more interested in the discussions below the fold as opposed to the above the fold article. Unfortunately the discussions have been deteriorating over time.


    10. What day would you like to be in charge of posting the thread?

      Or would you rather follow Farmer Bob and "Occupation is Child Abuse' to a new 'Happy Space' blog?


    11. “Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.”
      ― George S. Patton Jr.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. I've posted a few threads in the past to help out while Deuce was travelling. My aim in posting was to try to provoke discussion. I see no reason why people should "stay on topic" but rather would see back and forth discussion/argument on whatever strikes individuals fancy. Need a plurality of posters for that. Above the fold posts are primarily place holders in my view though a well thought out one can provoke discussion.


    14. At your own blog, Ash, the comments are disabled and the E-mail is nonfunctional.

      Is that leading by example?

    15. for example, I'd like to know why Quirk has a problem with ACA funding birth control.


    16. What day do you want to "Take Charge' of, Ash.
      Pick a day, it will be yours to manage as YOU wish.

      Perhaps that will silence the disaffected, the dissatisfied, those that are complainers, whiners and malcontents.


    17. Simple, he objects to 'birth control' on moral and religious grounds.
      Feels that his taxes are being used immorally if used to 'get around' nature or 'God's Will' as expressed through biological functions.

      That is if he falls into line with others of that ilk, he may have other reasons, but that is the 'standard' objection.

      But, the next step in that argument is that cancer is 'God's Will' and that tax funding for health care is as immoral as funding birth control.

      On your threads, you could ask those questions, make the distinctions, guide the conversation.

      Go for it, Ash!

      What day do YOU want to take responsibility for?


    18. Christian Science is a set of beliefs and practices belonging to the metaphysical family of new religious movements.

      It was developed in the United States by Mary Baker Eddy (1821–1910) after she experienced what she said was a miraculous recovery from a fall. She subsequently wrote Science and Health (1875), in which she argued that sickness is an illusion that can be corrected by prayer alone.

      The book became Christian Science's central text along with the Bible; by 2001, according to the church, it had sold ten million copies in 16 languages

      Christian Scientists see their religion as consistent with Christian theology, despite key differences.

      In particular they subscribe to a radical form of philosophical idealism, believing that reality is purely spiritual and the material world an illusion. This includes the view that disease is a spiritual rather than physical disorder, that there is no death, and that the sick should be treated, not by medicine, but by a form of prayer that seeks to correct the beliefs responsible for the illusion of ill health.

      The church does not require that Christian Scientists avoid all medicine – adherents use dentists, optometrists, obstetricians, physicians for broken bones, and vaccination when required by law – but maintains that Christian Science prayer is most effective when not combined with medical care.

      Between the 1880s and 1990s the avoidance of medical treatment and vaccination led to the deaths of several adherents and their children; parents and others were prosecuted for manslaughter or neglect, and in a few cases convicted

    19. I'm not sure I'm keen on committing to a particular 'day' to make above the fold posts.

      I'm interested in Quirks reasoning for his position, not yours.

    20. There you are then, Ash.

      You do not want to accept the social responsibility.
      There is no reason why you should, except that if you don't, there is no room to complain about those others that do.

      I notice Quirk is not jumping on board the social responsibility bus, either.

      'Occupation is Apartheid' has shut up.
      Farmer Bob is thinking about a response, he has situated himself in another 'No Win' position.

    21. Jack "the self professed murderer" says:

      'Occupation is Apartheid' has shut up.

      Hardly, But discussing anything with you except whether you are a liar or a criminal is useless.

      You can't win.

      Either you are a criminal or a blow hard.

      Which is it?

      You claimed to have seen the criminal complaint I filed against you, you even bragged you said that there was a ONGOING National Security investigation on me to which you said this on an open blog.

      Which is it? You are a lying blowhard? Or you actually released confidential AZ FBI information on this blog...



    22. So you and Farmer Bob are going to fire up 'O';riginal's old blog site, aye.
      That's great news!


    23. I notice you can't answer the question.

      Liar or Criminal...


  22. Freedom of Association = The sort of voluntary association that it results in is the beating heart of the classical liberal vision of civil society.

    Empty Threat = Making threats you never mean to keep.
    Like saying to your child you will get sent to bed if !!!
    But never following it through, soon they do not listen to a word you say

    Vote with your feet, keyboard and URL selections.



    1. Call a bluff
      When someone pretends to be about to do something, and another person challenges them to actually do it

  23. More than 5 million people have signed up for health care plans under the newly created Obamacare insurance exchanges, according to a Monday press release from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    According to the release, "the last several days have been the busiest since December, with the Call Center taking more than 198,000 calls on Thursday alone -- the busiest day since December 23 -- and more than 130,000 calls over the . . . . . .

    5 Million

    1. Oh, and California has enrolled Over A Million, so far.

      If the rest of the country was doing as well as California we would already have 7 million enrolled.

    2. If pigs had wings they might be able fly, too.

    3. Well, pigs Don't have wings; but, about 14 Million more people Do Have Health Insurance.

    4. Thanks to those of us that pay taxes, own businesses and employee people. Money doesn't grow on trees.

  24. Jack the ever posting liar of the blog.

    Lies when he's lying....

    He can't keep them all straight.

    Now he talks about Rat in the 3rd person..

    off his meds...

    thank goodness he's camped out in the middle of the bottom lands where none but a horse comes near...


    1. So 'Occupation is Child Abuse' and Farmer Bob are going to fire up 'O';riginal's old blog site, aye.
      That's great news!



    2. Occupation is Apartheid is freely associating with us here, because here, at the Libertarian he mixes with a better class of people than at his own blog.

      Soon 'Occupation is Child Abuse' and Farmer Bob will be bolstering the internet with provocative and interesting threads, I'll miss out, but wouldn't want to stand in their way.

      Good luck, 'Occupation is Apartheid', to both you fellas in your new blogging venture, wishing you both the best !

    3. 'Occupation is Injustice' and Farmer Bob have had this blog to practice on, now they will take off the training wheels and strike off on their own!

      I am so glad that Farmer Bob found a partner that will carry him for a while. This blog has been a great learning experience for both 'Occupation is Hate' and Farmer Bob, now they are ready to spread their fledgling wings and FLY!

      It is so heartening when the children move out, on their own.
      This move is just another indication of the great job Deuce has been doing, here!

    4. And how would you KNOW what being a parent is about? Knocking up some under age gal like you did doesn't qualify you in the parent game. But if that teenagers daddy had gotten hold of you? You'd be sing like a girl now.

      You are lucky that you ran away, like the coward you are, from being a father or a husband.


    5. ;-)

      Good luck on the relaunch of that blog site!

  25. Carbon Green Bioenergy, in Lake Odessa, Michigan, continues to have the lowest E85 Price in the Nation, at $2.29 / gallon.

    Michigan Prices

  26. And there is still no such thing as an "American Mustang"

    1. Country of Origin - North America

      What part do you not understand, North or America?

      Again, good luck now that you and Farmer Bob are partnered up on the 'Occupation is Child Abuse' blog site!

      Do you two have a name for the relaunch, or are you going to stay with
      "I support a JEWISH Palestine"

      I mean, since there are two of you, it should be plural ... that means 'We support ..." would be more appropriate.

  27. I've been reading your blog. My Goodness, it really is true Jack Hawkins abandoned his child and never paid any child support, and he knew where the child was at.

    He's admitted all this.

    As someone said earlier, Moonbeam is one sick fuck.

    Thanks to Bob for pointing all this out.


    1. But if you believe Farmer Bob, you should follow him to his new blog


    2. 'Occupation is Apartheid' is giving him lessons, soon he'll be posting threads, it'll be grand!

    3. Their firs 'jont post' is scheduled for tomorrow, Farmer Bob says he cannot stand the atmosphere, here.

      So he'll be moving on, we all wish him and his fans a hearty farewell!
      Those two, Farmer Bob and 'Occupation is Child Abuse' will surely be providing an adventure in blogging excellence.

    4. Farmer Bob and 'Occupation is Child Abuse' will surely be providing READERS an adventure in blogging excellence.


  28. BERLIN — The raft of travel bans and assets freezes against Russian officials by the West fail to go far enough to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to change course on Crimea, analysts say.

    "The sanctions aren't particularly harsh, so they could be harsher," said Andrew Wilson, senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations in London.

    "There are also broader economic measures that could be taken, particularly and most obviously to affect the Russian energy export of gas," he said. "Europe isn't going to stop buying Russian gas overnight, but it's been buying rather less recently."

    European foreign ministers and Washington agreed Monday to impose bans on travel to Europe and the USA and asset freezes against 21 officials from Russia and Ukraine after Crimean authorities claimed the peninsula's independence following a disputed referendum Sunday.


  29. China vows to push forward Iran nuclear talks

    TEHRAN – China said on Monday it is ready to make joint efforts with relevant parties to push forward the Iran nuclear negotiations in the new round of talks.

    Iran and the 5+1 group (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) are scheduled to resume nuclear talks on a final nuclear agreement in Vienna on Tuesday.

    The talks on Iran’s nuclear issue are entering an important new stage, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a daily news briefing, noting that key elements of a comprehensive accord will be the main topic during the new talks, Xinhua reported on Monday.

    “China urges relevant parties to stick to peaceful talks, adopt an objective and pragmatic attitude, seek common ground while solving differences, and jointly pursue mutual benefits and a win-win outcome,” he said.

    China stands ready to work with relevant parties to promote negotiation on the Iranian nuclear issue, Hong said.

    1. So it would appear that Russian diplomats will not be on the sanctions 'Travel Ban' list.

      The Russians have already removed their $100 billion in US Treasury Notes that was being held by the NY Fed.
      Those are overseas, now.

      Looks like the sanctions against Russia will be a 'Paper Tiger', a 'Shadow Boxer'.


  30. MOSCOW, March 18. /ITAR-TASS/. Russia’s State Duma on Tuesday will consider a draft statement entitled On the Situation in Crimea, presented to it on behalf of the leaders of all four parliamentary factions and lower house speaker Sergei Narsyhkin.

    The State Duma is going to voice support for the people of Crimea in their determination to reunite with Russia.

    “As it hails the will of the people of Crimea expressed in the March 16, 2014 referendum in favour of including the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol in the Russian Federation, the State Duma proceeds from the understanding that the bodies of state power operating in Crimea’s territory shall be supporting inter-confessional accord and language diversity in the republic,” the proposed statement runs.

    For their part the Russian legislators wish to declare that they will promote the socio-economic development of Crimea and the well-being of its population during the transitional period.

    “The State Duma will be promoting the security of all people present in Crimea’s territory irrespective of their citizenship, nationality, language or religious affiliation and the observance of their legitimate rights and freedoms,” the draft statement runs.
    The head of the Crimean legislature’s referendum organization commission, Mikhail Malyshev, said that according to the final returns the idea of reunification with Russia received the backing of 96.77 percent. The turnout totalled 1,274,096, or 83.1 percent of those eligible to vote.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin in the evening of March 17 signed a decree to recognize the Republic of Crimea as a sovereign and independent state.

  31. Jack HawkinsSat Mar 15, 05:37:00 PM EDT

    Los Angeles -- An amber alert was issued Saturday afternoon after a reported kidnapping of four children in the Los Angeles area, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

    The four children - 5-year-old-Justin Felix, 7-year-old Enrique Felix, 1-year-old Veronica Felix and 1-year-old Janeth Felix - were thought to have been abducted by Enrique Felix and Rose Chairez around 12:30 p.m. on Friday in Los Angeles, according to the alert.

    The suspects are believed to be driving a dark-colored Chrysler PT Cruiser, possibly gray or purple, with paper plates and a missing hubcap.

    Farmer Bob would demand that the distraught mother pay 'Child Support' to the father that kidnapped those children.

    He would continue to disparage her if she does not.
    Just as he continues to do with a contributor, here at the blog, whose child was abducted and taken from the United States.

    1. All too true.

      No where in the post does it say that the blog contributor knew where the child was taken to, prior to 1999, when the child returned to the United States.

      It does say the child was abducted and taken from the United States, which is an accurate rendition of the story.

    2. If the reader believes in the tale tales that are atributed o Farmer Bob, check out his new blog site ...

      It's going to be great fictional reading, I'm sure.

      If you are a fan of Farmer Bob, enjoy his work, there, starting tomorrow!

      He cannot stand the atmosphere, here.

    3. If the reader believes in the tale tales that are ATTRIBUTED TO Farmer Bob, check out his new blog site ...

    4. "a contributor, here at the blog, whose child was abducted"

      Ah, it was Jack who gave birth and not the mother, then? For how else could the child have belonged to Jack, rather than the mother?

      Now we see the truth. Jack had just given birth, and the mother abducted HIS child, and fled for her sanity to Panama.

      Jack did not go running after. Jack really didn't give a shit because he is one sick fuck. And even though he knew where his child was, he never paid 10 cents in child support.

      Such a man, what a sick fuck.

  32. "Relax! We're all crazy. It's not a competition"
    That's from facebook.
    Seems fitting for the blogosphere.

    1. It's wrong, however. Only Jack Hawkins is crazy.

      Only Jack thinks it's a competition, a competition to be most professional asshole.

      Jack wins the competition.

    2. Jack is "one sick fuck".

  33. Does anyone know if this Jack Hawkins jerk is the same guy as the desert rat that made all the death threats on this blog?

  34. The death threats that Deuce had to take down?