“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fly Fishing and Banking in Belize -

 It is Not Just for the Boys

For more than two decades, Turneffe Flats has been known as one of the world's premier flats fishing destinations combining a remarkable fishery with excellent English-speaking guides, top-notch equipment and superior service.   The ability to sight-fish for BONEFISH, PERMIT and TARPON on any given day makes Turneffe one of the few places where a Grand Slam is always a possibility. 

Turneffe Atoll is the largest of only four coral atolls in the Western Hemisphere, and is best-known for its variety of saltwater fishing. Turneffe Flats is located on a picturesque point with white sand beach and coconut palms.  The coral reef is a stone's throw away and a large bonefish flat is right outside the front door.


Bonefish have been a primary target of Turneffe Flats' anglers for more than 20 years.  While wading the expansive flats on the seaward side of Turneffe, you will regularly see large schools of bonefish providing an unequaled opportunity for new saltwater anglers to learn the basics of the sport. There is also plenty of challenging fishing for those who enjoy stalking larger fish (some in excess of 10 pounds) in skinny water.

Our ocean side flats, some only 5 to 15 minutes from the lodge, are some of the most picturesque flats anywhere. While wading the flats at Turneffe you will cast to large schools of bonefish averaging 2-3 pounds, with 4-8 pound fish common and some fish as large as 10-12 pounds.

The ocean side flats also offer the opportunity to pursue small schools, singles and doubles. This fishing requires casting accuracy and provides the added challenge many seasoned saltwater anglers relish.

Bonefish are present in equal numbers throughout the year and they are on the flats most of the time. This differentiates Turneffe's bonefish from those in other areas, such as the Florida Keys, where bonefish only enter the flats in search of a meal. These are very lush flats full of crabs, shrimp and other bonefish foods. As a result, these fish can become selective. This can make for challenging fishing and the right tackle, flies, presentation and fishing techniques are all important.

Bonefish also inhabit the mangrove-lined lagoons and flats on the interior of the Atoll. These bonefish are generally larger and take flies more readily than the ocean side fish; although they tend to be on the move, making casting accuracy more crucial. Fishing for these fish is mostly done from the bow of our 16-foot Dolphin Superskiffs.

There is a wadeable flat immediately in front of the lodge, allowing you extra fishing in the early morning or evening.

Dick Brown, author of Fly Fishing for Bonefish, has named Turneffe Flats "One of The World's Seven Best for Bonefish."

Permit Fishing

Permit are the prime objective of many saltwater anglers these days and with Turneffe Flats leading the way, Belize has gained a reputation as the permit capital of the world.  As much hunting as it is fishing, permit present a unique challenge and many guests have celebrated their first ever permit with us.  At Turneffe Flats you may have a better chance to land a permit than anywhere else. 

Most permit are found a singles or in small groups on the flats and bars throughout the Turneffe Atoll, although we also frequently see larger schools of permit tailing in shallow water. Most of our permit fishing is done from a poled skiff but we also see permit on the wadeable ocean-side flats.  Many saltwater anglers have landed their first permit with Turneffe Flats.

  In 2007,  Fly Fishing in Saltwater magazine named Turneffe Atoll as one of the 10 best permit destinations in the world

Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon are perhaps the ultimate challenge of saltwater fly-fishing.  Although there are always some resident tarpon to be found, our migratory tarpon season extends from mid-April to October.  Tarpon inhabit the creeks, channels and lagoons of the Atoll and most tarpon jumped are 60-90 pounds, with some fish in the 100-150 pound range and occasional monsters approaching 200 pounds.

This ain't no Farmer's pond we're fishin' in!

* * * * * * 

in The New York Times Magazine, Adam Davidson opens an account in Belize, which turns out to be a piece of cake:
Working with A&P Intertrust, a Canadian company that I chose largely because I liked its Web site the best.
(The other two companies’ sites appeared stuck in a late-’90s style with lots of flashing boxes.)

A&P works with the governments of Panama, the British Virgin Islands and Belize.

(Other companies that I contacted prefer the Seychelles, Cyprus or the Cayman Islands,
where Mitt Romney has been reported to have money.)

 I decided to start my shell company in Belize because it would be exempt from all Belizean taxes and, as A&P’s site explained, “information about beneficial owners, shareholders, directors and officers is not filed with the Belize government and not available to the public.” And I’ve been to Belize and like the place.

 Setting up the company was a lot cheaper than I expected.
A&P charged $900 for a basic Belizean incorporation and another $85 for a corporate seal to emboss legal documents.
For $650 more, A&P offered to open a bank account to stash my fledgling operation’s money in Singapore —
 a country, the Web site also noted, that 

“cannot gather information on foreigners’ bank accounts, 
bank-deposit interest and investment gains under domestic tax law.”

And for another $690, it offered to assign a “nominee” who would be listed as the official manager and owner of my business but would report to me under a secret power-of-attorney contract. Then an A&P associate asked me to fill out the incorporation information online, just so she wouldn’t type in anything incorrectly. The whole thing took about 10 minutes.

Amazingly neither A&P nor I broke any law in Canada, Belize, Singapore or the United States.
The company required, in compliance with international legal standards,
that I e-mail it a notarized copy of my passport, driver’s license and some other identity documents.

But a company representative also reassured me that these would not be visible to any tax authority.

Just before they processed the paperwork, I explained that I was a journalist working on an article about offshore tax havens, and I haven’t heard from them since. (A representative from A&P declined to comment for this article, but he did note in an e-mail that the company was still “happy to serve [me] as a client.”) 

Setting up an account may be easy, but managing one is expensive.
 Following the law requires a team of lawyers and accountants to carefully monitor tax laws in dozens of countries and maintain accounts that stay on the safe side of confusing rules.

It’s not really worth the cost for anyone other than wealthy investors looking to put aside money, tax-free, for future generations. Or for large multinationals who prefer to centralize their global cash-flow stream in a place that doesn’t tax corporations or require a lot of financial reporting.

 Why would a huge company like G.E. want to pay U.S. taxes every time its Spanish subsidiary sells parts to a company in Belarus when it could avoid them by incorporating offshore?


  1. Losing Crimea Could Sink Ukraine's Offshore Oil and Gas Hopes

    Without Crimea, Ukraine looks set to lose an important piece of its economic and energy future: valuable undersea oil and gas fields that lie just offshore the Crimean peninsula. Exploiting those Black Sea fields could help reduce Ukraine’s dependence on Russian gas imports.

    And Big Oil had been interested: Before the overthrow of former President Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine was on the verge of signing a deal with a group, including Exxon Mobil (XOM) and Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.B), that was prepared to spend $735 million to drill two wells off Crimea’s southwest coast. “Exxon and Shell are now in a legal limbo,” Chris Weafer of Moscow investment group Macro Advisory told Bloomberg News. If Crimea votes in a March 16 referendum to secede from Ukraine, the government in Kiev “may soon no longer have jurisdiction over the region.”

    The so-called Skifska area that Exxon and Shell want to develop is part of an undersea field that extends westward along the Black Sea coastline to Romania. Within the area now under Ukrainian jurisdiction, however, “the most interesting exploration areas are all effectively [under] Crimean waters,” says Julian Lee, an analyst at the Center for Global Energy Studies in London. Losing control of those areas “would be a significant loss for Ukraine.”

    Ukraine has estimated that oil and gas production from Skifska, along with another Crimean offshore area known as Foros, could reach the energy equivalent of up to 7 million tons of oil annually. That’s less than 10 percent of the oil and gas Norway extracts annually from beneath the North Sea. Still, it totals about 20 percent of Ukraine’s current annual gas imports, which come mainly from Russia and have been a longstanding source of friction between the two countries.

    Rather than seceding, voters in the March 16 referendum are being offered the option of remaining in Ukraine while increasing Crimea’s autonomy. Even that outcome would probably deter investment in the Black Sea fields. “Nobody’s going to put people at risk, nobody’s going to invest in drilling or any other kind of exploration if they don’t have certainty that their contracts will remain valid,” Lee says.

    The oil companies, for now, are lying low. Executives at Exxon Mobil say they remain interested in exploring the area and will not take sides in the dispute.

    Italian energy group Eni (ENI:IM), which last year reached an agreement to explore off Crimea’s eastern coastline, says it doesn’t know how the crisis might affect its plans. “We wait to see if the situation gets normal, and then I would certainly get back in touch with the new authority there,” Eni Chief Executive Officer Paolo Scaroni told CNN in an interview last week. “We have been living through changing of governments in many countries in our life.”

  2. That's the first thing that's been written about the Crimea that makes any sense.

    1. Take U.S. shale out of the equation, and World Crude + Condensate (Oil) Production is Lower in 2013 than it was in 2005.

      Extremely Simple Chart of World Oil Production

    2. Even With U.S. Shale, the growth of world oil production since 2005 is only 1/5th what it was in the 9 Years Prior to that date.

    3. Your hero is doing his very best to "Take U.S. shale out of the equation"


  3. Revolution Avenue-Avenida
    Revolucion in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico


    What happened to the mud "sidewalks and gutters"?

    The 47 year old fat whores?

    What's this World Come To??? you read this, I'm on a direct flight back to Maui.


    1. Rosarito II- Ultralight, Baja Studios, Lobster

      Not all my my memories of my trip to Modern Mexico are negative.

      (It's a Pier, Dick, not a bridge!)

    2. Rosarito not quite like it was in the Seventies.

      For better and worse...


    3. Nothing is quite like it was ...

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  5. In another generation, minority white ladies in California will outweigh Majority CA Senoritas.

  6. Most of the fish in this order are deep-sea types known from only a handful of specimens, such as the pelican eel. Saccopharyngiformes are also bioluminescent in several species. Some, such as the "swallowers", can live as deep as 10,000 feet (3,000 m) in the ocean, well into the aphotic zone.

    Saccopharyngiforms lack several bones, such as the symplectic bone, the bones of the opercle, and ribs. They also have no scales, pelvic fins, or swim bladder. The jaws are quite large, lined with small teeth, and several types are notable for being able to consume fish larger than themselves. Their myomeres (muscle segments) are V-shaped instead of W-shaped as in all other fishes, and their lateral lines have no pores, instead being modified to groups of elevated tubules.

    1. "Saccopharyngiformes are also bioluminescent..."


      We've got some with that little headlight on a stalk that are otherworldly.

      ...Remind me to look it up sometime.

    2. (Similar to "Dick Brown, author of Fly Fishing for Bonefish," Picture above.")

  7. U.S. Oil Production has Increased by 2.413 Million bbls/day from Dec. 2009 to Dec. 2013.

    All of it was "Shale," of course.

    Yep, that Kenyan Commie is just destroying the U.S. Shale bizness.

    1. On the other hand, oil production Fell by 437,000 bbls of oil/day under the shrub.

    2. One of the two fellas was an 'Oil Man' the other a Community Organizer.

      It was better for 'Oil' if production was limited and prices went higher.
      It was better for the 'Community' if production increased and prices fell.

      It does not take a genius to 'connect the dots'.

  8. Israel Passes Law Meant to Draft Ultra-Orthodox

    (JERUSALEM) — Israeli lawmakers passed a contentious law on Wednesday meant to draft ultra-Orthodox Jews into the military, culminating a reform drive that generated mass protests by the religious community in Israel and beyond.

    The issue of conscription of the ultra-Orthodox is at the heart of a cultural war in Israel.

    The matter featured prominently in elections last year that led to the establishment of the center-right government, which has pushed for the new legislation.
    . . . .
    Since Israel’s founding in 1948, the ultra-Orthodox, who make up about 8 percent of Israel’s 8 million citizens, have largely been allowed to avoid military service in order to pursue religious studies. In contrast, most other Jewish men perform three years of compulsory service.

    The stark difference in the society continues well into adulthood.
    Older religious men often don’t work and collect welfare stipends while continuing to study full time.

    The ultra-Orthodox insist their young men serve the nation through prayer and study, thus preserving Jewish learning and heritage. But the exemptions have enraged secular and modern Orthodox Israelis who say the ultra-Orthodox are not doing their fair share.

    The majority provide blood and service, the other provides 'prayer', little wonder there is a
    . . . cultural war in Israel. . . .


    2. A main reason why the Cherokee, being a moral, and sensible people, ran the "religious elite" out of town . . . . . er, village.

    3. A main reason why the Cherokee, being good slavers and sensible people, ran the 'religious elite' out of the village.....



  9. Wingsuit Flight Ends in Death for Hungarian Daredevil

    Hungarian daredevil Victor Kovats was found with a smashed skull at the foot of a cliff in China after taking the jump in this video.

    1. Finally, the Devil is Dead.

      Hungarian Hash for supper, boys!

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    1. Arab League Joins Abbas In Rejecting Israel As Jewish State

      The Arab League has backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, as U.S.-backed peace talks near a deadline next month.

      Arab foreign ministers said in a statement from Cairo that the League continues to support efforts to end Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and rejects the notion of a “Jewish state,” affirming Palestinian beliefs that the label would lead to discrimination against Israel’s large Arab minority, Reuters reports.

      Abbas objected that the Arab states have already conceded to recognize Israel as a state.

      “We recognized Israel in mutual recognition in the (1993) Oslo agreement – why do they now ask us to recognize the Jewishness of the state?” Abbas said.


    2. It would seem that Bibi objects to Democracy, as does Farmer Bob.


    3. In a Democracy the nature of the State would be decided by the voters . . .
      In an Authoritative Government, the State decides its own nature and imposes it upon the people.

      Bibi and Farmer Bob, they know what is best, and will impose it upon others, for their own good.


    4. The US recognized the Soviet Union.
      But the United States did not recognize that the Soviet Union was and would always be 'Communist'.

      ... and ...

      . . . it was not.

      The United States would NEVER had recognized the Soviet Union,
      not if the Soviets demanded the US acknowledged not only their government, but its form.

  11. Binyamin Netanyahu’s pipe dream

    By Uri Avnery

    What’s wrong with the demand that the Palestinian leadership recognize Israel as the “nation state of the Jewish people”?

    Well, practically everything.

    States recognize each other. They don’t have to recognize each other’s ideological character.

    A state is a reality. Ideologies belong to the abstract realm.

    When the United States recognized the Soviet Union in 1933, it recognized the state. It did not recognize its communist nature.

    When the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) recognized the state of Israel in the Oslo agreement, and in the exchange of letters preceding it, it was not asked to recognize its Zionist ideology. When Israel in return recognized the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people, it did not recognize any particular Palestinian ideology, secular or religious.

    Some Israelis (including myself) would like to change the self-definition of Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state”, omitting the word “Jewish”. Some other Israelis would like to omit or demote the word “democratic”. Neither of us believe that we need the confirmation of the Palestinians for this.

    It’s just none of their business.

    1. Sabotage or inferiority complex?

      I don’t know what the real intention of Netanyahu is when he presents this demand as an ultimatum.

      The most flattering explanation for his ego is that it is just another trick to sabotage the “peace process” before it reaches the demand to evacuate the Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories. The less flattering explanation is that he really believes in it, that he is driven by some deeply rooted national inferiority complex that needs outside assurance of “legitimacy”. Recognizing the “national state of the Jewish people” means accepting the entire Zionist narrative, lock, stock and barrel, starting from the divine promise to Abraham to this very day.

      When John Kerry considers whether to include this demand in his framework agreement, he should think about this twice.

      Where would this leave his special emissary, Martin Indyk?

      Indyk is a Jew, bearing a Yiddish name (Indyk means turkey). If Israel is the state of the entire Jewish nation and/or people, he is included willy-nilly. The state of Israel represents him, too. So, how can he function as an honest broker between the two warring sides?

      And where does this leave the millions of American Jews, now that the conflict between the governments of the US and Israel is deepening? On what side are they? Are they all Jonathan Pollards?

      The newly found independent American voice vis-à-vis Israel drives Israeli rightists to devise more and more weird solutions.

    2. Joker in the pack

      The latest example is Binyamin Netanyahu’s brilliant idea: why not leave the Israeli settlers where they are as Palestinian citizens?

      This looks to many sensible people as eminently fair, in the best Anglo-Saxon tradition.

      The state of Israel now has some 1.6 million Arab Palestinian citizens. Why should the State of Palestine, including East Jerusalem, not include some 0.6 million Jewish Israeli citizens?

      The Arabs in Israel enjoy, at least in theory, full legal rights. They vote for the Knesset. They are subject to the law. Why should these Israelis not enjoy full legal rights in Palestine, vote for the Majlis and be subject to the law?

      People love symmetry. Symmetry makes life easier. It removes complexities…

      This symmetry is false, too.

      Israel’s Arab citizens live on their land. Their forefathers have been living there for at least 1,400 years, and perhaps for 5000 years. Palestinian negotiator Sa’eb Erekat exclaimed this week that his family has been living in Jericho for 10,000 years, while his Israeli counterpart, Tzipi Livni, is the daughter of an immigrant.

      The settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories are mostly new immigrants, too. They do not sit on the land of their forefathers, but on Palestinian land expropriated by force – either “private” land or “government land”. This so-called “government land” was the communal land reserves of the villages that in Ottoman times was registered in the name of the Sultan, and later in the name of the British and Jordanian authorities. When Israel conquered the area, it took over these lands as if it owned them.

    3. The settlers and their character

      But the main point is something different. It concerns the character of the settlers themselves.

      The core of the settlers, precisely those who live in the “isolated” small settlements in the areas that will in any case become part of the Palestinian state, are religious and nationalist fanatics.

      The very purpose of their leaving comfortable homes in Israel and going to the desolate stony hills of “Judea and Samaria” was idealistic. It was to claim this area for Israel, fulfil their interpretation of God’s commandment and make a Palestinian state forever impossible.

      The idea that these people would become law-abiding citizens of the very same Palestinian state is preposterous. Most of them hate everything Arab, including the workers who work for them without the benefit of minimum wages or social rights, and say so openly at every opportunity. They support the “Price Tag” thugs who terrorize their Arab neighbours, or at least don’t speak out against them. They obey their fanatical rabbis, who discuss among themselves whether it is right to kill non-Jewish children, who, when grown up, may kill Jews. They plan the building of the Third Temple, after blowing up the Muslim shrines.

      To think about them as Palestinian citizens is ludicrous.

      Of course, not all the settlers are like that. Some of them are quite different.

      This week, an Israeli TV station aired a series about the economic situation of the settlers. It was an eye-opener.

      Those ideological pioneers, living in tents and wooden huts, are long gone. Many settlements now consist of palatial buildings, each with its swimming pool, horses and orchards – something the Israeli 99 per cent cannot even dream of. Since almost all of them came to the “territories” without a shekel in their pocket, it is clear that all these palaces were built with our tax money – the huge sums transferred every year to this enterprise.

      The clusters of urban settlements near the Green Line called “settlement blocs” are another matter. They are likely to be joined to Israel in the context of an “exchange of territories”. But at least two of them raise severe questions: Ariel, which lies some 25 kilometres inside the putative Palestinian state, and Maaleh Adumim, which practically cuts the West Bank into two.

      Incorporating these two large towns with their inhabitants into the sovereign State of Palestine is a pipe-dream

      When Netanhayu promised this week that he will not remove one single settler nor evacuate one single settlement, he may have been thinking of Charles de Gaulle, who also did not remove settlers or uproot settlements. He just fixed the date when the French army would leave Algeria.

      That was enough.

  12. That picture of the guy holding the tarpon is photo shopped.

  13. The comments are mostly just another long anti Jewish rant by psycho sicko.

    I got to take a piss.


    1. But first -

      Farm Bill program helps landowner nurture healthy forest, help wildlife

      By Ciji Taylor

      NRCS Supervisory District Conservationist Kelvin Jackson worked with Variano “Chino� Suarez on improving forested lands with conservation programs
      NRCS Supervisory District Conservationist Kelvin Jackson worked with Variano “Chino” Suarez on improving forested lands with conservation programs.

      With a little help from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, Variano “Chino” Suarez was able to use prescribed burning and other conservation efforts to greatly improve his forested land in Mississippi.

      Through NRCS conservation programs, Suarez and others are able to make improvements on private lands.

      The recently passed 2014 Farm Bill continues to provide financial and technical assistance for farmers, ranchers and forest managers wanting to put conservation to work on their land through the NRCS’ Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

      Under the new bill, EQIP absorbed the former Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program. The WHIP goals of enhancing wildlife habitat are now part of EQIP.

      Suarez used both EQIP and WHIP to improve his land. EQIP aims to help people improve water and air quality, conserve water, reduce soil erosion and sedimentation and improve or create wildlife habitat for at-risk species.

      “Adding WHIP into EQIP allows one program to address multiple resource concerns, including conservation and wildlife enhancement, while reducing the cumbersome process of ranking multiple applications under multiple conservation programs,” said Kelvin Jackson, NRCS supervisory district conservationist in Mississippi.

      Jackson worked with Suarez to put conservation practices on his forestlands in the red clay hills of eastern Mississippi. He enrolled 40 acres in EQIP, which helped him plant trees and start prescribed burns to put his forests on a healthier track. These practices improve the forest by reducing weedy vegetation and allowing the trees to grow more quickly, developing robust understory plants and reducing wildfires.

      An avid outdoorsman, Suarez later also used NRCS programs to re-establish pine trees on a portion of his property that had been clear-cut by a previous owner. These practices will help bring the land back to its natural state and enhance the habitat for wildlife on his property.

      Suarez said he expects to end up with a forest that has more marketable trees, more food for wildlife and better resiliency to insects and invasive species. He said if he manages his forest properly, it will not only provide him benefits from timber sales after selective harvests, but it also can help boost higher populations of wildlife.

      Through the assistance of Farm Bill programs, Suarez and his family will be able to enjoy a beautiful, healthy and productive environment for generations to come.

      Suarez said he is always appreciative of his visits to his woods, whether it’s to hunt, relax on the back porch of his cabin or spend time with his family. As he says, sometimes you need to “get lost in the woods.”

      To get started with NRCS, visit your local USDA Service Center or

  14. Uri Avnery - Biography

    Uri Avnery - peace activist, journalist, writer. - Member of Irgun underground, 1940

    founding member, Gush Shalom (peace bloc), independent peace movement (1993)
    former publisher and editor-in-chief, Haolam Hazeh news magazine (1950-1990)
    former member of the Knesset (three terms: 1965-1969, 1969-1973, 1979-1981)
    founding member, Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (1975)
    columnist, Internet.

    born: September 10, 1923, Beckum, Germany
    immigration to Palestine: November 1933
    spouse: Rachel Avnery, peace activist, teacher, photographer
    underground: member of the Irgun, 1938-1942
    army service: member of "Samson's Foxes", motorized commando unit, 1948 war, severely wounded in battle of al-Faluja, December 1948

    Son of a well-established German-Jewish family, originally from the Rhine area. (Avnery jests that his family believed that they had come to Germany with Julius Ceasar, but that "no archaeological proof has yet been found".)
    A Zionist from an early age, his father decided, immediately upon Hitler's ascent to power in 1933, to take the family to Palestine. Avnery still experienced the first half year of the Nazi regime, as the only Jew in school, and his impressions of the last years of the Weimar republic and the beginning of the Nazi era are imprinted in his memory. He wrote a book about this (The Swastika, 1961).

    He arrived with his family in Haifa in November 1933 and lived for half a year in Nahalal, the legendary Moshav, in order to "get acclimatized". Then his family moved to Tel-Aviv, where he has lived ever since. His father, who had come to Palestine with a so-called "capitalist" entry certificate, quickly lost the considerable capital he had brought with him, and in the following years the family lived in extreme poverty. Both father and mother had to do hard manual work in a laundry.
    In 1938, just before turning 15, he joined the Irgun underground (Irgun Tsvai Leumi - National Military Organization), to fight against the British colonial regime. He served for three years, but left the Irgun in protest against its anti-Arab and reactionary social attitudes and terrorist methods. He explained this in the booklet "Terrorism, the Infantile Disease of the Hebrew Revolution" (1945). His only brother, Werner, a commando in the British army, was killed in World War II in the Ethiopia campaign.

    In September 1947, on the eve of the Israeli-Arab war, Avnery published a booklet entitled "War or Peace in the Semitic Region", which called for a radically new approach: an alliance of Hebrews and Arabs for the liberation of the "Semitic Region" (a term coined by him so as to avoid the colonialist term Middle East) from imperialism and colonialism, to create a Semitic community and common market, as a part of the emerging third world. Excerpts of the booklet were sent to the media throughout the Arab world and mentioned in some Arab newspapers, just before the start of the war.

    1. ... in 1946 Avnery founded the Eretz Yisrael Hatzira ("Young Palestine") movement, also known as the “Bamaavak (Struggle) group” from the name of its publication, which he edited. This group provoked an unprecedented uproar because of its contention that the Jewish community in Palestine constituted a "new Hebrew nation" within the Jewish people, and that this nation belongs to Asia and is a natural ally of the Arab national movements.

      The idea of a partnership between the two national movements - the Hebrew and the Arab – became a cornerstone of Avnery's world view, and constitutes, in his view, his main contribution to Israeli thought. In September 1947, on the eve of the Israeli-Arab war, Avnery published a booklet entitled "War or Peace in the Semitic Region", which called for a radically new approach: an alliance of Hebrews and Arabs for the liberation of the "Semitic Region" (a term coined by him so as to avoid the colonialist term Middle East) from imperialism and colonialism, to create a Semitic community and common market, as a part of the emerging third world. Excerpts of the booklet were sent to the media throughout the Arab world and mentioned in some Arab newspapers, just before the start of the war.

      At the outbreak of the war, Avnery joined the army (Givati brigade) and later volunteered for "Samson's Foxes", a motorized commando unit on the Egyptian front which soon became legendary. He took part in dozens of engagements, became a squad leader, and was severely wounded in the last days of the war at Iraq al-Manshiyya (the present Kiryat Gat). His life was saved by four soldiers of his squad, new immigrants from Morocco, who rescued him under murderous fire and enabled him to reach hospital in time. There, a part of his intestines was cut out.

      Throughout the war, Avnery reported on the fighting and life in the combat unit. These reports, which appeared in the Haaretz evening paper, were published after the war as a book, “Bisdoth Pleshet 1948” ("In the Fields of the Philistines, 1948"), which immediately became a runaway bestseller. It is still generally recognized as the outstanding book of that war, in the tradition of Erich Maria Remarque's "All Quiet on the Western Front". Ten editions were published in quick succession and several more later on. (A new edition was published in April 1998, on the eve of Israel’s 50th anniversary.)

      For a time, he was popular even within the Israeli establishment. However, when he realized that the intended pacifist message of the book was not getting through, he wrote a follow-up, “The Other Side of the Coin”, which described the dark side of the war, including atrocities and the expulsion of Palestinians. This book caused a scandal, and the authorities obstructed its printing.

      In 1949, while Avnery was still in uniform, the editor of Haaretz, Gershom Shoken, invited him to join his staff as a writer of editorials. After one year Avnery quit, protesting that he was not allowed to express his opinions freely, especially about the mass expropriation of Arab lands by the Ben-Gurion government. In April 1950, together with some of his war comrades, he bought a moribund family magazine and turned it into a unique Israeli institution. He served as its Editor-in-Chief for exactly 40 years, until 1990.

    2. Haolam Hazeh was a combination of mass-circulation news magazine, similar in style to Time Magazine or Der Spiegel, and mouthpiece for aggressive political opposition to the establishment, with exposes of political and economic corruption and advocacy for a radically different national policy. It also created a new Hebrew style, now adopted by all Israeli media, and served as a school for many of the young men and women who became outstanding Israeli journalists. Its official slogan, which became an Israeli byword, was: "Without Fear, Without Prejudice".

      Haolam Hazeh was an apparent paradox: a mass-circulation paper attacking the most sacred beliefs and myths of the masses. It overcame this contradiction by tabloid-style reports and sensationalist journalism, and had a major influence on the shaping of the minds of two generations of young Israelis. Haolam Hazeh attracted an unusually large dose of both devotion and hatred, because of its untiring opposition to the official "consensus" on nearly all issues. At the base of the controversy was Avnery's unflinching opposition to the nationalistic, theocratic “Jewish state" created by Ben-Gurion, and his advocacy of a modern, liberal state, belonging to all its citizens, irrespective of ethnic, national or religious roots.

      Haolam Hazeh fought for the separation of state and religion, for human rights, the rights of the Arab minority, equality between Jews of European and Oriental descent, the adoption of a written constitution (still lacking), women’s rights, civil rights and much more. It was the first to uncover the facts of the infamous Lavon Affair (concerning an Israeli false flag operation in Egypt), as well as scores of corruption affairs. Since the early 1950's, it resolutely advocated the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel and support for the Arab struggles for independence (Egypt, Algeria, Iraq etc.)

      Enemies of Avnery (such as Aharon Amir, a prominent right-wing ideologue) accused him of "poisoning" two generations of Israeli youth, turning them away from the national ethos towards an ideology of "integration in the Semitic Region". Indeed, perhaps the most important battle won by Avnery was the gradual change in Israeli national consciousness from a total denial of the very existence of a Palestinian people (Golda Meir: "There is no such thing as a Palestinian people!") towards the general recognition which made the Oslo agreement possible. This was a weekly effort that took some 40 years.

      The chief of the secret service in the 50s, Issar Harel, later testified that the Ben-Gurion establishment considered Avnery and Haolam Hazeh the "Public Enemy Number 1". This may explain why attacks on Haolam Hazeh were often violent. Its editorial offices and printing facilities were bombed several times and some employees injured; Avnery was ambushed and both his arms broken after he criticized Sharon’s infamous Qibya massacre (1953). In 1975, he was the victim of an assassination attempt by a person officially declared mad. Avnery escaped with severe knife wounds to the chest.

  15. Aaaahhh, there, that's better. If I'd been able I would have pissed on Jackorat's head for predictably turning what looked to be a good thread about fishing into another anti semitic rant......but since the subject is changed........

    Scarborough: FL-13 upset shows 2014 will be “historic” Dem loss


    Just how much of a bellwether was the special election in FL-13? If there’s one solid prediction to make in a special election, it’s that the winning side will call it a bellwether and the losing side will insist it’s not. In this case, though, denial will be difficult to support from Democrats, who poured $5.4 million into Alex Sink’s campaign, only to see her lose to David Jolly, a candidate the broad consensus called “flawed.” Jolly ran against ObamaCare more than Sink, though, while Sink got forced into defending it — and that’s why Joe Scarborough declared the race a harbinger of a “historic” midterm defeat for Democrats:


    “History shows Obamacare sunk Democrats in 2010,” Scarborough said. “I think we may have something historic here happening, where you have one act actually causing grave damage to a political party two midterms in a row.”

    “I personally believe Alex Sink’s consultants, that had her stand in front of the camera that said ‘fix the Affordable Care Act,’ I think that’s a horrible mistake,” Scarborough continued. “You don’t fight on enemy terrain. She tried to fight on enemy terrain, defending this act that no Democrat has tried to defend over the last four years. They just don’t do it because you can’t do it on the campaign trail, unless you like losing.”

    The problem for Democrats will be that ObamaCare literally impacts everyone, and overwhelmingly in bad ways — by making insurance and health care more expensive, and doctors less willing to take new patients. That’s not true of the issues that Democrats would rather discuss than ObamaCare; even income inequality, the big theme of Democrats since the State of the Union speech, is aimed at benefiting a small percentage of the population. Plus, ObamaCare was literally the Democratic effort on supposed health-care inequality, so it’s not really changing the subject at all. They have little choice but to fight on “enemy terrain,” and even a big money advantage won’t help.

    Politico’s Alex Isenstadt called FL-13 a “big blow” to the midterm hopes of Democrats:

    1. Florida’s 13th District is, in many ways, the archetype of the kind of seat Democrats need to win if they’re serious about erasing their 17-seat House deficit anytime soon. Its electorate is older, overwhelmingly white, and politically moderate — in other words, the kind of people who dominate many of the swing congressional districts across the country.

      In fact, the district should have been one of the Democratic Party’s most winnable targets. Of the 37 GOP-held seats that the Cook Political Report ranks as the most vulnerable to Democratic takeover, only 11 are more Democratic-friendly than Florida’s 13th. The district has just a narrow GOP registration edge.

      “If the Democrats can’t win with their former gubernatorial candidate with 100 percent name ID, where are they going to win?” asked Guy Harrison, a former National Republican Congressional Committee executive director. “When the Democrats look at their playing field, they don’t have too many better seats to target. They don’t have too much of a prayer for winning the majority.”

      Some Democrats viewed the race as a template for how the party could win in purple-hued districts. Over the past two months, Sink rolled out an elaborate plan to win over the GOP and independent voters she’d need to take the district, airing ads in which she promised to “work across the aisle. … Bringing Republicans and Democrats together — that’s what I’ve always done, and that’s what I’ll do in Congress.”

      But Jolly’s win shows just how politically treacherous the path is for Democrats running in such moderate-to-conservative areas. Rather than moving to the center, Jolly pushed to the right, painting himself as a foe of President Barack Obama and his Affordable Care Act — and presenting Sink as a staunch ally.

      “She supports Obamacare. I don’t. I’m David Jolly, and I approve this message because [we] need someone to look out for our interests, not President Obama’s,” he said in one TV ad.

      In the face of those kinds of attacks, Sink’s can’t-we-all-just-get-along message just didn’t cut it.
      Republicans should take care not to read too much into this, either. Sink only underperformed Barack Obama’s 2012 margin by five points in the district, and turnout models in special elections are much different than those in regular elections. Still, Democrats had the matchup they wanted with Sink against a former lobbyist and Beltway insider, won the cash fight by almost a million dollars — and still lost by almost two points in a three-way race. That may not mean everything or be a perfect predictor of what will come in November, but it’s not meaningless, either.

  16. Menachem Begin disclosed in 1977 that the chief of the secret services had asked in the late 50's for his support for putting Avnery in administrative detention (detention without trial) under emergency regulations. (Begin refused). The offices of Haolam Hazeh and its invaluable archives were completely destroyed by arson in 1972. For more than 20 years, all branches of the government and the army maintained a total economic boycott of the paper. Ben-Gurion refused even to utter the name Haolam Hazeh, always referring to it as "the certain weekly" - a term eagerly adopted by the paper as a proud nickname.

    The paper introduced something new to the Israeli media: sustained public campaigns. Among others, it led the campaign against Amos Ben-Gurion, the leader's son and deputy chief of police, who was compelled to resign. It played a key role in the infamous Kastner Affair (concerning contacts with the Nazis in occupied Hungary) and the Lavon Affair (concerning an Israeli sabotage network in Egypt). It exposed the corruption affairs of Asher Yadlin, the chief of the Central Bank, Yaakov Levinson, all-powerful chief of Israel's most important bank, and the theft of archaeological artifacts by Moshe Dayan.

    In 1956 he created, together with ex-Stern Group chief Natan Yellin-Mor and others, a movement called "Semitic Action", which advocated the setting up of a Palestinian state and an Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian federation. Some years later he set up the "Israeli Committee for a Free Algeria" and established contacts with the underground FLN leadership.

    The most determined attempt to silence Avnery was made in 1965, when the government enacted a special press law, openly aimed mainly against his magazine. This provided the final push for starting an operation which had been on Avnery's mind for a long time: the creation of a new political party to fight for the principles advocated by Haolam Hazeh. The new party (which adopted the name of the magazine and called itself "Haolam Hazeh - New Force Movement") came into being on the eve of the 1965 elections as a citizens' volunteer movement. It astounded the establishment by winning a seat in the Knesset, at that time an unprecedented feat for a completely new party. In the 1969 elections it gained two seats

    1. During his first eight years in the Knesset, even his enemies described Avnery as one of Israel's foremost parliamentarians. He had a lasting impact on the Knesset, making more than a thousand speeches in the Knesset plenum. Many of the hundreds of his initiatives in all fields of law and administration are still being debated in the Knesset today. He was probably most popular as an abrasive critic of the establishment, causing Golda Meir to declare from the Knesset rostrum: "I am ready to mount the barricades in order to get Avnery out of the Knesset!" A book about his activities in the 120-member Knesset ("1 against 119") appeared on the eve of the 1969 elections.

      On the fifth day of the Six-Day War, Avnery published an open letter to the Prime Minister, Levi Eshkol (and repeated its message in a face-to-face meeting with him), calling upon him to make a dramatic gesture and offer the Palestinian people at once the opportunity to create an independent State of Palestine in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, which had just been occupied by the Israeli Army. This idea, which has been promoted by Avnery after 1948, and which he outlined in a detailed plan in 1957, became his central theme since 1967 and the subject of hundreds of his speeches and initiatives in the Knesset, where for years he was the sole voice advocating it.

      To further this idea, he wrote a book in 1967 analyzing the conflict. It was published in 1968 (in English as "Israel without Zionists" and in Hebrew as "The Seventh Day War") and translated into many languages. His proposal for a "two-state solution" was attacked in 1970 by a book published in Beirut by the PLO in Arabic and French under the title "Uri Avnery and Neo-Zionism".

      However, in 1974, with the beginning of the change in the PLO line, Avnery established contact with senior PLO officials. These contacts were initially secret, but Avnery reported on them to the Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin. For Arafat, the contacts were conducted by the PLO representative in London, Said Hamami, who was murdered because of this in 1978 by Palestinian extremists. In 1975, Avnery himself fell victim to an attempt of his life. The would-be assassin missed his heart by a centimeter, was caught on the spot and declared mad. He was not prosecuted.


      Honorary citizenship of Abu Ghosh near Jerusalem, for his part in preventing the expulsion of the villagers, awarded 12.12.53.

      Erich Maria Remarque peace prize (Osnabrueck, Germany), 21.6.95.

      Honorary citizenship of Kfar Kassem, Israel, for his role in exposing the war crime committed there, awarded on 31.11.96, the 40th anniversary of the massacre.

      Aachen Peace Prize for "Gush Shalom with Uri Avnery”, Aachen, 1.9.97.

      Kreisky Prize for Human Rights, Vienna, 22.1.98.

      Lower Saxony Prize for Human Rights, awarded by Gerhard Schroeder, Bad Iburg, 11.2.98.

      Palestinian Award for Human Rights, awarded by “Kanoun’, Palestinian Society for Human Eights, East Jerusalem 7.6.98.

      The alternative Nobel prize (Right Livelihood Award), awarded by international jury, to "Gush Shalom, Uri and Rachel Avnery", Stockholm 7.12.01.

      Carl von Ossietzky Prize (Oldenburg, Germany), 4.5.02

      Lev Kopelev Prize (Cologne, Germany), together with Sari Nusseibeh, 16.11.03.

      Sokolov Prize for life achievement in journalism, awarded by Tel-Aviv municipality, 6.9.04.

      Mare Nostrum Prize for Human Rights (Viareggio, Italy), awarded 6.10.06.

      Certificate of Appreciation from President Mahmoud Abbas "in recognition of your outstanding support and courageous solidarity with the Palestinian people", awarded in Bil'in village, 18.4.07.

      Leibowitz Prize for life achievement, awarded by Yesh Gvul, the soldier’s peace movement, January 30, 2012.

      “Lifetime Achievement Prize”, awarded by the Tel Aviv Journalists’ Association, Eilat, November 11, 2013.


      Terrorism – the infantile disease of the Hebrew revolution (booklet, 1945, Hebrew).

      War or peace in the Semitic region (booklet, 1947, Hebrew).

      In the fields of the Philistines (1949, Hebrew, translated into Spanish and Yiddish), combat diary, outstanding bestseller (14 editions).

      The other side of the coin (1950, Hebrew), war experiences. (boycotted because of description of atrocities).

      The swastika (1961, Hebrew), analysis of growth of the Nazi movement and childhood memories.

      Israel Without Zionists (The War of the Seventh Day) (1968, English - Macmillan USA and Britain - translated into Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Spanish), a new view of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

      1 against 119 (1969, Hebrew), speeches by Uri Avnery in the Knesset, edited by Amnon Zichroni.

      My friend, the Enemy (1988,English, translated into Hebrew, French, German, Italian), a personal testimony about contacts with the PLO since 1974. German edition with a preface by Bruno Kreisky.

      Lenin does not live here anymore (1991, Hebrew), about the transformation in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, with photos by Rachel Avnery. We Wear the Shirt of Nessos (1991, German), Israel after the Gulf War.

      Two Peoples, Two States (1995, German), conversation with Uri Avnery, preface by Rudolf Augstein.

      The Jerusalem Question (1996, German), with Azmi Bishara, conversations with Israeli and Palestinian personalities.

      Chronicle of an Israeli Pacifist during the Intifada (2003, french) collected articles from October 2000 to September 2002

      A life for peace (2003, German), collected articles 1993-2003.

      Truth against truth (2004, brochure, Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, German), an unconventional view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

      In the Felds of the Philistines (2005, new German joint edition of "In the Felds of the Philistines" and "The Other Side of the Coin").

      From Gaza to Beirut (2006, German), collected articles about the Second Lebanese War).

      The Lebanese war, an Israeli accuses (2006, French), collected articles 2006.

      Israeli society and the Lebanese war (2007. Arabic, Ramallah), collected articles.

      Other Israel (2012, Portugese, Rio de Janeiro) collected articles.

      Israel im arabischen Frühlingg (2013, German, Austria), collected articles.

    3. FILMS

      re: Uri Avnery, Israel, by Yair Lev, shown several times on Israeli TV

      Uri Avnery, Germany, by Juergen Hobrecht, shown several times on German TV and arte.

      Uri Avnery's Websites:


  17. Farmer Bob describes Uri Avnery as an "anti Jewish ... psycho sicko."

    Farmer Bob talks out his ass.
    Disparaging a hero of Israel's war of establishment and then the war of 1948.

    Farmer Bob denies history and he denies reality.

    He libels a better man than Farmer Bob could ever hope to be.
    Or has ever been, now that Farmer Bob is in the twilight of his life.

  18. What I'd like to know is what are we going to do if the Rooskies invade Estonia, as they might.

  19. Go get help, rat.

    There is no day like today.

    Who knows, even you, even you of all people, might wake up to a brand new meaningful tomorrow.

    1. This from Farmer Bob, who would have no tomorrows if not not for the Health Care system administrated by President Obama.

      If not for the Federal benefits, armer Bob would be dying, wasting his families fortune on extending his own life. Instead of that reality, Barack Obama and the Federal government is keeping Farmer Bob 'in the game' and what does Farmer Bob say.

      They 'owe' it to him.

      What a fraud Farmer bob has proven himself to be.

    2. The 'average' cost of a hip replacement, - $350,000
      The 'average' cost of radiation treatment for prostate cancer - $350,000

      Both procedures the people of the United States have 'gifted' to Farmer Bob.

      Without Barack Obama, Farmer Bob would be impoverished.

      The Federal government does not 'owe' Farmer Bob a thing.

      Those taxes he paid, back in the day, were just that, Taxes.

      The taxes he paid, they did not fund a defined benefit program, did not fund HIS Medicare or Social Security benefits.

      That is the reality, that is the Law.

      Farmer Bob wants Federal benefis for himself, but wants to limit the Federal's involvement in assisting others.
      Those less financially fortunate than himself.

      If Medicare was means tested, Farmer Bob would have to divest himself of his 'fortune', no more rental properties, or no more Federal benefits.

      But Barack Obama, President of the United States will not let that happen.
      So the Federal deficit remains large. To the immediate benefit of Farmer Bob.

      But Farmer Bob continues to disparage the man who is protecting his life.

      He would be ashamed of himself, if he was half the man Uri Avnery is.

  20. Norwegian cruise lines joins growing world wide boycott Israel movement -

    After Israeli Passengers Rebuffed, Norwegian Cruise Line Cancels Tunisia Calls - Hannah Sampson

    Norwegian Cruise Line announced it was canceling all future calls to Tunisia on Tuesday, two days after the country refused entry to Israeli nationals who were passengers on the Norwegian Jade. "We want to send a strong message to Tunisia and ports around the world that we will not tolerate such random acts of discrimination against our guests," Norwegian Cruise Line CEO Kevin Sheehan said. (Miami Herald)

    from Daily Alert

    1. One of them countries should set up some gas chambers and ovens, and we could rid the World of this Damned Jewish Problem once and for all.

      No doubt suitable travel could be found by ship and air.

      Some of our Arab Buddies are Boeing's best customers.

  21. Rufus IIWed Mar 12, 10:05:00 AM EDT
    U.S. Oil Production has Increased by 2.413 Million bbls/day from Dec. 2009 to Dec. 2013.

    All of it was "Shale," of course.

    Yep, that Kenyan Commie is just destroying the U.S. Shale bizness.


    You are too disingenuous, full of it, and STUPID to be worthy of a response.
    Repeating the same BS three thousand times does not make it so.

    It is what it is: BS

    1. The Real Estate Crash was a Piddle in a Puddle.

      Fracking is a non-event, because Rufus said so Hundreds of Times.
      Here today, gone tomorrow.
      blah, blah, blah...

      The Genius has done spoke,

    2. And, yet, you responded - not with facts (you don't have any, obviously,) but with invective.

      The EIA tracks production, especially in the U.S., very closely, publishes the numbers, I link to them, and you scream in rage, and call me "stupid."

    3. Yeah, when I see a retarded sloth in the Zoo, I go into an uncontrollable rage.

      I tried therapy, but it din't work, so I just stopped going to the Zoo.

      Like I've stopped responding to your repeated BS about your Hero's Mythical Achievements.

      Next step is to not even bother to read them, again, and again, and AGAIN.

      Same old lies, propaganda and BS.

      Anybody too stupid here to see it for what it is when they read it is just that: Too fucking stupid.

    4. Maybe some day when I have nothing better to do, I'll post one final refutation of your BS, then whenever you repeat it, I can just post a Hyperlink to the Truth for any Newcomers that aren't instantly repulsed out of this place by your Phoney Ass.

    5. I must congratulate you, Doug; not many people can differentiate between "retarded," and non-retarded sloths.

    6. Make sure you c.c. that rebuttal to the EIA. I'm sure they will appreciate the knowledge.

    7. I'd like to see your refutation Doug. I read the blog pretty closely and all I've seen you do is foam at the mouth. I must have missed that one, rational, killer refutation post you made. I hope you understand how it would have been easily missed...

    8. Pretend you don't remember a single one of all my refutations of your BS.

      Still BS, to everyone but you.

    9. If you show me a Potatoe Foaming at the mouth also, Ash, I will repeat it one more time just for you.


    Rangel: 'Our community's 9/11'...

    Is 2 Eleven Percent of 3,000?

    Rufus would know.


      Doug: "Our Communities JAWS..."

    2. At least Rangel got his Grammar right.

  23. I guess when Rangel got those Jews burned to death in his Riot, it was the Jewish Community's 9 - 11.

  24. Obama: 'I Don't Have Time to Waste. Clock Is Ticking'...

    Threatens to veto bill requiring him to follow law...

    1. CONFUSED: Dem Believes Constitution 400 Years Old...

      Clinton Push Doesn't Save...

      FLASHBACK: Race Dems Can't Afford to Lose...

      Axelrod 'explains'...

      NATIONAL JOURNAL: Republican wave looks more likely...
      AZ Gov Brewer won't seek third term...
      Obama Goes Shopping: 'Oh Wow, So You Can Sign the Machine?'

      Flashback: Media ridiculed Bush for grocery store scanner incident...

    2. And ...

      I read the blog, extensively, Doug.
      I do not recall the data sets you referenced with both Rufus and Ash.

      Please, post them, again, if you would be so kind as to edify.

  25. Interesting that the of the past 25 threads, discounting the one that Ash stepped on, the thread with the most page views, was the one with the fewest comments.

    "Central American Surf Breaks", by far the most views, and the fewest comments.

    Getting the 'formula' down.


    1. The Canine Corps, as well, had VERY few comments, but proportionately many more page views than any other thread.

      That was the thread that Deuce 'stepped on' when the junior member of the Dimwitted Duo made his return.

      Dogs and women, the two things that, so far, drive 'readership', best.
      The subject of the thread, more so than anything written in the comment section, drives readership.

      And, sorry . . . Farmer Bob, but the horse threads rock, too!

    2. Shouldn't we hold Deuce accountable for breaking his own rules?

    3. What 'Rules' are those, Doug?

      Be so kind as to edify

    4. He once posted guidelines for posting Verdana fonts, and etc.

      Scared me off, I usta just post, and it seemed to work out fine.

      Guidelines also included the admonition not to step on a fresh post with a new one, perhaps with an exception for emergencies, I do not recall clearly on that.

      I was going to ask him to have a real post of the guidelines, instead of just a comment, so we could have a permanent link for ourselves, and hopefully, some of the new readers that might have been lured in recently.

  26. You got MY formula down, bubba. :)

    1. The non-thinking man's blog. Good formula.

    2. The old ladies in Bikinis Blog.

      I like the shot of the skimpy white dress much better.

      Reminds me of the good old days of miniskirts, when I was young.

      Proof that I have fought off Alzheimer's to this point, at least.

    3. Rufus's entire caloric intake consists of Kenyan Formula.

      American Indians, Kenyans, or Muslim Extremists, who were/are the most Barbaric?

    4. Whenever I Dream of Barry's Father, I consider it a nightmare.

      ...but that's just me.

      My little community of 3,000 souls taught me why I should love this country.

      College "taught me better" but that didn't last in face of reality.

    5. I have never, not one time, had a dream of Barry's daddy.

      I feel sorry for you, Doug, now that I know that your dreams are so shallow.

    6. You have any idea how hard it is to find pictures of good looking women, in mini skirts, elk and wolf hunting, in Idaho?

      You better appreciate the effort, Doug, truly appreciate it.
      It was tough sledding, a hard long slog, but I got 'er done!

      It'll post at 21:00hrs or later, tonight or even in the morning, AZ time. Of course.


    7. Unless there is 'Breaking News', then the babes in the woodland thread will just have to wait.


    8. Anonymous doesn't even know his own name, what kind of thinking does that imply?

    9. "You better appreciate the effort, Doug, truly appreciate it.
      It was tough sledding, a hard long slog, but I got 'er done!"


      There is no question about that, sorry to give you the wrong impression.
      My bad.

      Carry on, Sir!

    10. Wouldn't good looking women, in mini skirts, elk and wolf hunting, in Idaho have blue legs?

    11. "Whenever I Dream of Barry's Father, I consider it a nightmare."

      Was Artistic License, a turn of phrase, to get across a larger point.

      ...similar to The President's Head.

    12. Can you imagine how difficult it would be if you tried to deal with copyright issues as well?

    13. I consider the history of the Bar, and it's ill-named successor to be proof that that is a worry without a cause.

    14. No sales, no issue.

      First they have to make a claim, then the offense piece is removed.
      No harm - no foul.

      Been at it a long time, Ash.
      Copyright infringement and libel, retractions and removal ends all claims, before they begin.
      At the first letter from the person that claims to have a copyright to the Google image.

      Nothin' to being within the letter of the law.

    15. You'll see it at Wiki and Google, both, from time to time.

      An announcement that 'some' images have been removed due to copyright claims.
      On the hunt for jungle airstrips, for the next Border Wars edition, I found some pages with images deleted from Costa Rica. They sent the letter to Google, Google took down the images.

      When Google gets a letter about the Libertarian, we'll have hit the 'Big Time'.
      I'll throw a 'Coming Out' party.

      In Cave Creek, AZ.

    16. It has little to do with being in the letter of the law but rather in the false pride one assumes when crafting a decent piece.


    17. The image was up on Google, the image, here, is still up on Google.
      Since this is Google, too.

      So, in the end, it is Google that is the purveyor, and it is Google that will take down the offending image, it is Google that retains the liability.

      Technological wonders, entwined with Common Law, they never cease to amaze.

    18. Taking pride in.plagiarism - you go girl!

    19. There is nothing false about it.

      Most every written piece on the blog is cut and pasted from somewhere else.

      Very, very few threads are original work.
      If I were to look at your gun control piece, I bet it will have been authored by a stranger.

      I doubt that YOU wrote it.

      Same with the images.

      We all take the editorial, I take some images, then build a piece of entertainment.
      It is all within the Google Umbrella.

    20. Ok, not false pride, but pride in, what, a few hundred page views? Whopee fuckin shit? 300 million people out the int good old USA and page views double to 200. Oh. My.

    21. Not plagiarism, at all.

      I have never claimed to have taken the photos.
      They are all Google. Google is the provider, for the content on a Google platform.

      It is their library, their platform, their legal liability.

      If one does not claim authorship, it is not plagiarism.

      17 U.S.C. § 107

      Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:

      the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
      the nature of the copyrighted work;
      the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
      the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

      The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.

      Here at the Libertarian the use of images would be covered, by Statute as . . . criticism, comment, news reporting, . . .

    22. Better than closing down, from lack of interest, Ash.

      Better than not doing anything, at all.

      Better than the Conga Line incessantly discussing Israel.
      I find it an entertaining interlude.

      If you don't like it, don't participate or post your own cut and pastes, as you have in the past.

      Certainly doesn't matter to me. If you had a draft' on the board, I'd certainly hold off on the Woodland Babes for a day. The Commentary is not SO timely, that it couldn't wait another day.

    23. A few hundred page views, every day, is a lot. In the real world of blogging.

      Now, at Borderland Beat, when Chapo was busted, they had over 700,000 page views, in a day.
      So the contributions, there, are seen by lots more folk than the ones here.

    24. I propose we shut down Museums and Libraries, what right do they have to display the works of others?

      Mark Steyn thinks his experience suggests that this movement could best be started in Canada.

    25. Don't know much about law, but it seems to me that Common Law was a central element of the successes, of England and the USA.

      Natural Selection in the field of law.

    26. Welcome aboard, Doug!

      Farmer Bob says the legal system has no impact on culture or societal success.
      That there is no detriment to a society that adheres to the Napoleonic Code.

  27. Speaking of False Causes:

    I was always sickened by the Multitudes that Mourned Paul Walker as if he were a saint.

    As if "Grown Men" putting innocent children, women, and men on the streets at risk for their lives in movies and in reality were somehow honorable, ass!

    Good Riddance, Pork Chop!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. ...he was also a Perv:

      His Girl was 16, and he was 34 when she "became his girlfriend"

      She was 24 and he was 40 when he died., fried.

    3. "A Scumbag Without a Cause"

      The Movie

  28. Replies
    1. Child Molesters and Incest Activists Still Side With Woody.

    2. MSNBC's Ronan Farrow aired a report from Kenya on Wednesday, pointing out that even though President Obama was suffering some of his lowest approval ratings ever in America, he was still very popular in his father's homeland.

      "We've heard about President Obama's poll numbers here in the United States, including those pretty dim assessments of his handling of the rest of the world," Farrow began. "But out in the wide world, there is one place he can always call home — if they have anything to do with it."

      Farrow featured several live interviews with Kenyans who supported the president and even included one Kenyan who composed a song for the American president.

      "That was our ... exclusive informal polling all the way from Africa," Farrow concluded. "Just think, they don't even have Obamacare yet."

    3. No doubt the song can be found on YouTube, or somewhere.

      I heard it on the radio.

      Sweet Dreams of Kenya tonite.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Venezuela
      3 Shot Dead During Unrest in Central Venezuela

      AP / Fabiola Sanchez and Jorge Rueda

      (CARACAS, Venezuela) — A university student, a National Guard captain and a third man were shot to death in separate incidents Wednesday as anti-government protests roiled the central Venezuelan city of Valencia. Three National Guardsmen and several protesters were wounded.

      Two of the deaths came in the opposition-dominated Isabelica neighborhood, where residents unhappy with the scarcity of basic items and rising unemployment from the closure of some businesses in the area have protested for weeks by blocking streets and throwing rocks at police.

      Valencia Mayor Miguel Cocchiola said a man was killed and six people wounded in Isabelica. The newspaper Notitarde de Valencia said the dead man’s cousin, Luis Acosta, identified him as 22-year-old student Jesus Enrique Acosta and said he was killed near his home by men on motorcycles, but it was unclear if the victim was participating in a protest.

      The mayor later said through his Twitter account that another man, 42-year-old Guillermo Sanchez, also died from a gunshot wound in Isabelica. He said Sanchez was painting the front of his house when he was shot.

      Carabobo state Gov. Francisco Ameliach, who supports the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro, announced via Twitter that National Guard Capt. Ramzor Ernesto Bracho also was killed in Valencia. The federal prosecutor’s office said another guardsman was wounded in that shooting. The office reported earlier that a lieutenant colonel and two guardsmen were wounded by bullets while clearing a barricade blocking a highway in the city.

    2. It's been some time since we've heard from Farmer Bob.

      Is he down there supporting the Napoleonic Code?

      ...or just in the bathroom taking a High Colonic?

    3. Just woke up from a short nap.

      Start a new blog, Doug. Call it the Rat Free Libertarian or something. We'd all migrate over there, if only you ban Jackrat, who has forfeited his right to take part in a civilized discussion long ago.

      The way it is now it's just bull shit day after day after day.

      Hope you are doing well.

      Probably watch Fox News for awhile and may doze off again.

      Nice Congressional special election down there in Florida. The dems threw all they could into it, more money too, and still lost by 2 points, even with the Libertarian Party siphoning of about 4 or 5 points from the Republican.

      The issue was ObamaCare.

      This should be giving Rufus bad dreams.

  30. AshWed Mar 12, 09:53:00 PM EDT

    Ok, not false pride, but pride in, what, a few hundred page views? Whopee fuckin shit? 300 million people out the int good old USA and page views double to 200. Oh. My.




    And 3/4 of those views are Jackrat's.

    So, this 'blog' has lost viewers.



    Secret of why Rufus is such a jolly good humored confused silly old coot revealed -!topic/goaa/D741BTSdUuo

    He is still hittin' on his grandfather's remaining stash......

    1. Go look, Farmer Bob.
      The stats are not hidden from "Team Members"

  31. Dieses Blog ist für dumme. Nur scheiß Vögel und Demenz Ratten es zu lesen. Es erklärt werden sollte eine hetzerische Website. Das ist meine Ansicht. Es ist ein langes dumm demente Schrei des Hasses und bullshit von der Soziopath Ratte.

  32. How's that reading assignment coming, Farmer Bob?

    Doug realizes the importance, the superiority of Common Law over the Napoleonic Code.
    How the legal system has a lot to do with culture and societal performance.
    Doug wants to join in the conversation, but you were not prepared, prior.

    Are you ready for the quiz?

    1. Go get help.

      You don't even make the first step to any sense whatsoever.

      You have made a complete farce of this place.

      Aren't you so proud of yourself?

      I'm gonna go watch the news and see what's up with the airliner.

      Continue the conversation with yourself....


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