“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The genius of the Libyan adventure moves on to Mali

Here is some of the recent background in Mali:


  1. Exactly which Muslim country has been improved by the dismantling of the strongman regimes?

  2. Do any of these people look like folks you'd like to party with?

    1. Ah'd take a ride with that gal from London for the novelty of it.


  3. Forgive Buck, folks. He is just dreaming of riding 'side saddle' once in his life.

  4. 5% Christian, the rest Muslim. Excellent place to leave to French foreign policy.


  5. French air strikes not stopping Islamic supremacist advance on Mali capital

    As AFP reported yesterday, "The French officials believe the Islamists obtained many of their weapons during last year's unrest, when arms were delivered to rebels fighting to overthrow Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi." Those weapons came from the U.S. and its allies.

    "Northern Mali Islamic militants seem to press advance on capital as France steps up air strikes," from CBS News, January 14:

    BAMAKO, Mali French military forces on Monday widened their bombing campaign against Islamic extremists occupying northern Mali, launching air strikes for the first time in central Mali to combat a new threat as the four-day-old offensive continued to grow.

    Early Monday, an intelligence agent confirmed that shots rang out near the Diabaly military camp in what is still nominally government-held territory, and that soon after, jets were heard overhead, followed by explosions. The agent insisted on anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

    A Malian commander in the nearby town of Niono said the bombardments did not stop the Islamist fighters and that they occupied Alatona, and on Monday, they succeeded in reaching the north-south road which connects Diabaly to Segou, the administrative capital of central Mali.

    By sweeping in from the west the al Qaeda-linked insurgents are now only 250 miles from Mali's capital, Bamako. Before France sent its forces in on Friday to stop a rebel advance, the closest known spot the Islamists were to the capital was 420 miles away, though they might have infiltrated closer than that....

    Since seizing control of Mali's upper half, the extremists have imposed an austere form of Islam, foreign to the people of Mali, who have long practiced a moderate religion. They have cut off the hands and feet of thieves, in public spectacles that have left outdoor squares awash in blood. Women live with increasingly less freedom, and are required to fully cover themselves. They have been flogged and whipped for offenses ranging from wearing eyeshadow or perfume, to not covering their hands.

    ((((( "The French officials believe the Islamists obtained many of their weapons during last year's unrest, when arms were delivered to rebels fighting to overthrow Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi." Those weapons came from the U.S. and its allies.))))))


  6. I can't help it. I can't help recalling how Rufus touted Barky and his foreign policy expertise as a reason for voting for him.

  7. Maybe the London Gal with some acid (second try) to achieve Ash's vaunted good old
    "noumenal experience."

    That's what I experienced on my first and only very low dose acid experience on a ride back home:

    We passed a waterfall above Santa Barbara, and I tripped off on how it all really led up to God.
    The more experienced heads were confused about wtf I was talking about.


    Then I commented on how beautiful the long brown hair of the lady in the front seat of the VW beetle was.

    She freaked out...
    The daughter of an FBI Agent, she had spent the week tripping on acid w/Alan Ladd's son in the stream in which we stripped.

    My comment about her hair set off a paranoid delusion about me and the two other guys raping her, or something, saying:
    "I hardly know you."

    To me, it was actually no different than my comment about the waterfall, and I harbored no ill intent whatsoever.


    (This was the same lady that it turned out I had met before getting drafted, serving her and her friends in a Taco Joint)

    She was a blonde surfer girl then, and started going out w/my roommate, George, who affected being a surfer guy.

    Turned out they had gone out together before I was in the Army, and now were together again, but neither of them knew it since neither recognized the other's previous incarnation:

    She reverted to being a naturally beautiful brunette, and he had transformed himself into a Manson lookalike drug guy that attracted groupies.

    It took me and a gallon bottle of wine from a very small local winery to connect the dots for them.

    Maybe some intelligence training in the Army?

    ...or maybe they just had spent the two years having their native intelligence re-programed by the UC System, alcohol, and drugs? decide.

    1. What does this have to do w/the topic?

      ...nothing, far as I can tell, but maybe I can lure Rufus and his ire toward all things non-Green and non-Socialist Back, so we could again experience his charming, steamy self.

      Hope it passed the test.

    2. At least part of the story involved ethanol, so that should earn a point or two.

  8. My comment about her hair set off a paranoid delusion about me and the two other guys raping her, or something, saying:

    "I hardly know you."


    Forgot to include George's response:

    "Whatever happens, happens."


    Last time I saw him was before his fifth marriage to a Christian Gal with two kids.

    His mom was a whacko progressive Christian Scientist, staunch NEA Member, and his Dad was an alcoholic high school principal who was also on his fifth wife.
    (so to speak)

    Everyone would probly have been better off staying home watching TV with a fifth of Jack Daniels, and then pleading the fifth in any legal proceedings that might have come up.

  9. "Whatever happens, happens."


    That wonderful phrase from the past.

    I never tried any of the big drugs, little marijuana was enough.

    Did you perhaps experience "the ole' psychological dig" - "the ole' past life regression" stuff - in short, did you ever experience yourself as, say, a frog?

    Did you ever experience yourself as a root, and say, God bless the roots, body and soul are one?

    1. Naw, just those two Elk Reincarnations that just about got me banned from this site.

      Wild Elk Speaks has gone silent.

    2. Did you ever feel you had met Stanislav Grof? And say, good grief Grof the gods are in the roots?

  10. More Ethanol News

    Rotta Winery, founded in 1908 by the Rotta Family, is the only remaining family owned “original” winery in San Luis Obispo County. Mike Giubbini, grandson to the Rotta Family & Mark Caporale of Napa, have combined their talents to “bring back to life” the historic and rustic winery.

    Today, Rotta Winery, just as in days of old, specializes in premium red and white wines along with flavorful and distinct dessert wines.


    That was the source of the Gallon Bottle of Sweet Muscatel wine, which led inspector Doug to his conclusion.

    Back in the day, it was really cool, featuring an underground stone-walled tasting room.

    The host was Mrs. Rotta herself.

  11. Thanks to Obama and his fun in Libya, these weapons are now bristling in Gaza and Syria..

    1. It's all super secret stuff, Anon, and Barky has a plan, and we are not allowed to know the full of it yet, it is all 'a work in progress'.

    2. Oh well, it is the establishment of the caliphate, but we are not supposed to say that, we are to maintain that Barky is an 'American patriot' like we are to be, and a Christian believer to boot, and revers our Constitution like we do, who just happens to think the muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world, and who, 'if the political winds change' will side with the muslims.

  12. Wouldn't it be cool to be holed up in an underground stone walled tasting room when Bengazi Comes to the USA?

    1. You are always welcome here, Doug, in my underground bunker, as I hope I am in your lava tube there.

    2. I don't know how I'd sleep, wondering if I'd wake up to a high-tide/Tsunami, or a river of molten iron, also known as "Lava"

  13. 15 Miles to the East, Sandy Koufax had a nice modern winery.

    Haven't kept up w/Sandy, last time I saw him was in a Theater Lobby in San Luis Obispo.

    Wonder if his wine is Kosher.

    A sure first target for one of the local Sleeper Cells.

  14. (I'm dedicating all this to Melody, who grew tired of the political monotone)

    Enjoy, Mel!

    (It's the best I can do.)

    1. We need detox music!

      We need Melody!

    2. Ethanol Delusions are a bitch!
      ...or I should say, b....!

  15. Sanford "Sandy" Koufax (pron.: /ˈkoʊfæks/; born Sanford Braun, December 30, 1935) is a retired American baseball player. A left-handed pitcher, he played his entire Major League Baseball (MLB) career for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers, from 1955 to 1966. He retired at the peak of his career, and in 1972 became the youngest player ever elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, aged 36 years and 20 days.[1]

    Koufax's career peaked with a run of six outstanding seasons from 1961 to 1966, before arthritis in his left elbow ended his career prematurely at age 30. He was named the National League's Most Valuable Player in 1963. He also won the 1963, 1965, and 1966 Cy Young Awards by unanimous votes, making him the first 3-time Cy Young winner in baseball history and the only one to win 3 times when the award was for all of baseball, not just one league. In each of his Cy Young seasons, Koufax won the pitcher's triple crown by leading the NL in wins, strikeouts, and earned run average. Koufax's totals would also have led the American League in those seasons.[2][3][4][5]

    Koufax was the first major leaguer to pitch four no-hitters (including the eighth perfect game in baseball history). Despite his comparatively short career, Koufax's 2,396 career strikeouts ranked 7th in history as of his retirement, trailing only Warren Spahn (2,583) among left-handers. Koufax and Nolan Ryan are the only two pitchers inducted into the Hall of Fame who had more strikeouts than innings pitched.

    Koufax is also remembered as one of the outstanding Jewish athletes in American sports.

    His decision to not pitch Game 1 of the 1965 World Series because it fell on Yom Kippur garnered national attention as an example of conflict between professional pressures and personal beliefs.


    Just another one of those GD Joos, with split allegiances.

    Shoulda learned the split fingered fastball instead of getting all up in his head about some paleolithic superstitious trance thingamaBobs.

    (a tip of the hat, Bob)

  16. Sandy Koufax

    (center of first row) at first White House reception for Jewish American Heritage Month, May 27, 2010. At Koufax's right is Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama.
    Looking good @ 77

    BHO was probly out shootin hoops w/some of his homies.
    ...and this guy promised to bring us together.

  17. ...or maybe he feared a Fatwah would follow the first White House reception for Jewish American Heritage Month party...