“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"As Obama’s America rises, the old republic falls.” -Pat Buchanan

Obama Is Not King
Obama's dangerous agenda is putting the country at risk.
John Stossel | January 30, 2013 REASON

Watching President Obama’s inaugural, I was confused. It looked like a new king was being crowned. Thousands cheered, like subjects worshipping nobility. At a time when America faces unsustainable debt and terrible economic troubles, why such pomp?
Maybe it’s because so many people tell themselves presidents can solve any problem, like fairy-tale kings—or gods.
Before America’s first inauguration, John Adams suggested George Washington be called “His Most Benign Highness.” Fortunately, Congress insisted on the more modest title, “President.”
At his inaugural, President Obama himself said, “The patriots of 1776 did not fight to replace the tyranny of a king with the privileges of a few.”
But then Obama went on to say that his privileged few should force the rest of us to do a zillion things.
He said, “We must do these things, together.” But what “together” means to big-government folks is that they have a vision—and all of us, together, must go deeper into debt to pay for their vision, even if we disagree.
We can afford this, as the president apparently told John Boehner, because America does not have a spending problem.
But, of course, we do have a spending problem, and a debt problem, and the president knows this.
Just a few years ago, when George W. Bush was president, the Congressional Record shows that Senator Obama said this: “I rise, today, to talk about America’s debt problem. The fact that we are here to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure and our government’s reckless fiscal policies.”
Sen. Obama went on: “Over the past five years, our federal debt has increased from $3.5 trillion to $8.6 trillion—and yes, I said trillion with a ‘T’!”
Again, he was right to worry about the debt and right to call it “a hidden domestic enemy ... robbing our families and our children and seniors of the retirement and health security they’ve counted on. ... It took 42 presidents 224 years to run up only $1 trillion of foreign-held debt. This administration did more than that in just five years.”
It’s hard to believe that Obama chose those words just seven years ago, because now his administration has racked up another $6 trillion in debt.
It’s also a shock that Barack Obama believed this: “America has a debt problem. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America's debt limit.”
Yet this year, he demanded Congress raise the debt limit without conditions. 
I want the old Barack Obama back. He made sense. The new guy, he scares the heck out of me. Like a king, he assumes that the realm will be better if he can spend as he pleases.
He also issues executive orders when Congress doesn’t immediately do what he wants. To be fair, he isn’t the first president to do that. Or the worst.
That was Teddy Roosevelt. He issued 1,000 executive orders, including one that demanded phonetic spelling. On all government documents, “kissed” should be K-I-S-T and “enough” E-N-U-F. At least Congress mustered the two-thirds vote needed to override that one.
I might not mind presidents behaving like kings—if they at least made the tough decisions that the government needs to make, like balancing the budget. But no president has tried to use an executive order to eliminate whole programs or cut spending. They almost always act only to increase their own power.
Yet they pretend they make bold choices—even when refusing to make choices. Obama said, “We reject the belief that America must choose between caring for the elderly and investing in the next generation.”
That’s Washington-speak for, “We will spend government money on young and old alike and refuse to think about when this will bankrupt America.”
But it sounds exciting when he says it. He’s not just a king—he’s Santa Claus, too. Except that Santa spends his own money. The president spends yours.
Kings don’t like to be constrained. But all government should be.


  1. .

    Interesting point made by Fareed Zakaria on the difference in approach between liberalization and democratization as applied to the Arab Spring.

    Compare the differences between Egypt and Jordan. At the start of the Arab Spring, it appeared that Egypt had responded to the will of its people, had made a clean break with its tyrannical past and was ushering in a new birth of freedom. Jordan, by contrast, responded with a few personnel changes, some promises to study the situation and talk of reform.

    But then Egypt started going down the wrong path, and Jordan made a set of wise choices.


    1. At the start of the Arab Spring, it appeared that Egypt had responded to the will of its people, had made a clean break with its tyrannical past and was ushering in a new birth of freedom.


      Nah, that's really lame.

      Anybody but a lame brain could see what was happening.

      I thought Fareed got busted out of the journalism profession.

      And here he is writing for the compost.

    2. If Mafia News covered international affairs you'd get better reporting there. Even Supersalesmanship Overseas would do as well.

      Try American Thinker for awhile. Start your day with that.

    3. The boys and girls, black and whites, Jews and Gentiles over at American Thinker never fell for that Arab Spring crap, not even from the git-go.

    4. "Interesting?

      Nah, that's really lame.

      Anybody but a lame brain could see what was happening.


      I was barely paying attention and the outcome was obvious from the git-go.

      I think Fareed got two weeks detention.

    5. I had heard he had to write "I will not plagiarize...." a hundred times on the blackboard.

      But then I looked it up -

      Fareed Zakaria Suspended For Plagiarism: Time Editor, CNN Host ...
      Aug 10, 2012 – Time editor-at-large and CNN host Fareed Zakaria was suspended from both places for a month on Friday after admitting to lifting parts of a ...

      You were close, Doug. He got a month 'detention'.

    6. .

      The interesting point was the part about the effectiveness of the 'liberalization' in Jordon and Morocco, or didn't you two dufi bother to read the article.

      In the future, I will see if I can get the comic book version to match your intellectual capabilitites.


  2. .. Lebanese sources later reported a Russian Mig-31 fighter had crossed over Sinai Wednesday in the direction of Israel. It veered west over the Mediterranean after encountering an Israeli warning not to intrude into its air space and continued flying over Lebanon.

    debkafile’s military sources say that the only external military force in the eastern Mediterranean region is a fleet of 18 Russian warships, which includes landing-craft – among the largest in the Russian Navy – with 2,000 marines aboard.
    According to various Middle East sources, the Syrian report of an Israeli air strike has touched off high military alerts across the region. Syria has put its Golan forces on the Israel border on combat readiness and the Lebanese and Jordanian armies are on alert. So too are the Russian fleet opposite Syria and the Lebanese army.

    Our military sources report that Turkish units on the Syrian border are on high preparedness although Ankara played down the reports of the Israeli air strike in Syria, uncomfortable over the fact that the Israeli Air Force was the first external power to intervene directly in the Syrian conflict.

    So too are the US air force units stationed at the Turkish Incerlik air base, the US special forces deployed at the Jordanian Mafraq air facility and the American, German and Dutch Patriot missile interceptors deployed in Turkey opposite Syria. Israel has been on high alert since last week.
    The prevailing estimate in military and intelligence circles in Washington and NATO capitals is that the Israeli air attack on the Syrian military site near Damascus was but the opening shot for the coming round of military blows they expect to be exchanged in the near future between Israel, Syria and Hizballah, with Iran possibly waiting in the wings for a chance to pitch in."

  3. Big news, Israel once again breaks internationsl law. Since when did Israel listen to International Law?
    Israel is the only country in the world which has boycotted the UN Human Rights Council, a subdivision of the same organisation they claim gave them legitimacy in 1948.

    1. So it's against international law to attack an illegal convoy of weapons headed for a terrorist group?



  4. Israel will involve itself and involve itself until we’re all drawn into WWIII.

  5. Dhimmitude in Detroit

    Detroit transit accepts "Don't believe in God?" ads, rejects "Don't believe in Muhammad?" ads

    Muzzies in Detroit have folks there on the run.

    Not to worry though. Now that Quirk has been made aware, we can expect to hear from him at the next City Council meeting.


    Anon, Jenny at least has the courage to attach a name to her drivel.

    Syria on human rights council a 'sick joke': Baird | Canada | News ...
    Jul 6, 2012
    The council condemned Syria on Friday for human rights violations, but UN Watch executive director Hillel ...
    More videos for UN Human Rights Council a farce »
    On Winning Reelection to the UN Human Rights Council
    Nov 12, 2012 – On Winning Reelection to the UN Human Rights Council ... Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Cuba were members, making the organization a farce.
    United Nations -- a human rights farce
    Last week the UN held elections to the newly created United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), successor to the failed UN Commission on Human ...
    Showdown between UN Human Rights Council and ... - Israpundit
    3 days ago – Showdown between UN Human Rights Council and Israel? ... This time, Israel decided to disengage entirely from the farce. Once HRC officials ...
    Photos & Videos - UN Human Rights Council Travesty: Seeing is ...
    UN Human Rights Council: The UN Lynch Mob January 9&12, 2008: The UN ...
    UN Human Rights Council: Curtailing Freedom of Expression September 18 ...
    The Farcical United Nations Human Rights Council - The Moral Liberal
    5 days ago – The people who believe in world government, which they sometimes call global governance, are always trying to advance their cause by ...
    The UN Human Rights Council descends into farce | Anne's Opinions
    Mar 19, 2012 – Further to the alternative-reality of the UNHRC's adoption of a resolution praising Libya's late unlamented leader Khadaffi's human rights record ...

    etc Ad nauseam


      Link to piece about Detroit

    2. .

      Complain to the 6th Court of Appeals you moron, or didn't you bother to read the article you posted.


    3. .

      Anon, Jenny at least has the courage to attach a name to her drivel.

      Ironic, coming from one of the many anonomous anonymi that visit here.

      And hilarious coming from Bob, Buck, Hamdoon, Anon, Snoopy, Dopey, Suzie, and Popeye, etc., etc., etc., et al, ad infinitum. A comglomeration that talks to itself, a walking psych lab study.

      The only contriibution he offers is the occasional comic relief he provides when he offers comments like that posted above.


  6. The Elephant Bar has some of the dumbest posters, and internet bullies, and percentage of anti-semitic posts, on the whole world wide web.

    1. .

      Yea, it's a bad situation. To correct it, we've tried to get rid of you before but it just hasn't worked out.

      Go figger.



  7. Rand Paul is much better than his father.

    Worth a serious look.

    1. Yeah, but he looks so unkempt:

      Why can't Gov Perry have his brains, or Paul have his looks?


  8. Israeli jets bomb Syrian military target to stop weapons bound for Hizballah jihadists

    Regional security officials said Israel had been planning in the days leading up to the airstrike to hit a shipment of weapons bound for Hezbollah, Lebanon's most powerful military force. Among Israeli officials' chief fears is that Assad will pass chemical weapons or sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles to Hezbollah — something that could change the balance of power in the region and greatly hinder Israel's ability to conduct air sorties in Lebanon.

    This is called prudence among normal people.


    1. Israel hits target on Syrian/Lebanese border

      While Obama sends money and weapons to Islamic supremacist authoritarians, Israel does the work of defending the free world. "Israel hits target in Syria border area: sources," from Reuters, January 30 (thanks to Charles)

    2. Explain to us how Israel attacking Syria is defending the free world.

    3. There is, of course, no particular reason to expect moral probity from the UNHRC. Its current membership includes human rights paladins like Saudi Arabia, China, Congo, Cuba, and Qatar, with a preponderance of nondemocratic countries—despite the Obama administration having insisted on U.S. membership since 2009 after the Bush administration had withdrawn from the body.

    4. Strike free world if you wish and call it simple self defense.

    5. It wasn't even my quote, Deuce. I, like you often do, just posted an article.

      It surely is self defense, and warranted.

    6. Here is American Thinker's take -

      January 31, 2013
      Israeli jets hit weapons convoy headed for Lebanon
      Rick Moran

      Read more:
      Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    7. .

      Normal people?

      This from the Bobettes?



  9. Fubby, NeO provide us alist of countries and their 'Legal' abortion rate.

    The Israli are murdering souls, according to the Chief Rabbinate. At an average of fifty thousand per year.

    If I have to choose between the Israeli government data or the Rabbi, I'll. Believe the Rabbinate.

    NeO can believe whatever he wants. Call theRabbis liars, if that is his won't.

    1. Rat was proven wrong...

      the USA's RATE is 2x of that of Israel.

      That is a fact...

      So what does the Bar's Liar in Chief do?


    2. The argument remains the same.

      The reliability of the source is questioned. Along with the scope of the data relayed. Your source cites Legal abortions, mine reference ALL abortions.

      Legal or illegal, makes no difference to the Rabbinate, nor to me.

    3. You cannot admit you are wrong.

      It's a strong sign of a serious mental disorder.

      I suggest you seek professional help.

    4. this is rat....

      “Warning Signs of a Bully” Checklist
      ____ 1. Enjoys feeling powerful and in control
      ____ 2. Seeks to dominate and/or manipulate peers
      ____ 3. May be popular with other students, who envy his or her power
      ____ 4. Is physically larger and stronger than his or her peers
      ____ 5. Is impulsive
      ____ 6. Loves to win at everything; hates to lose at anything. Is both a poor winner (boastful, arrogant) and a poor loser
      ____ 7. Seems to derive satisfaction or pleasure from other’s fear, discomfort, or pain
      ____ 8. Seems overly concerned with others “disrespecting” him or her; equates “respect” with fear
      ____ 9. Seems to have little or no empathy for others
      ____ 10. Seems to have little or no compassion for others
      ____ 11. Seems unable or unwilling to see things from another person’s perspective or “walk in someone else’s shoes”
      ____ 12. Seems willing to sue and abuse other people to get what he or she wants
      ____ 13. Defends his or her negative actions by insisting that others “deserved it, asked for it, or provoked” him or her; a conflict is always someone else’s fault
      ____ 14. Is good at hiding negative behaviors or doing them where adults can’t notice
      ____ 15. Gets excited when conflicts arise between others
      ____ 16. Stays cool during conflicts in which he or she is directly involved
      ____ 17. Exhibits little or no emotion (flat affect) when talking about his or her part in a conflict ____ 18. Blames other people for his or her problems
      ____ 19. Refuses to accept responsibility for his or her negative behaviors
      ____ 20. Shows little or no remorse for his or her negative behaviors
      ____ 21. Lies in an attempt to stay out of trouble
      ____ 22. Expects to be “misunderstood, disrespected, and picked on;” attacks before he or she can be attacked
      ____ 23. Interprets ambiguous or innocent acts as purposeful and hostile; uses these as excuses to strike out at others verbally or physically
      ____ 24. “Tests” your authority by committing minor infractions, then waits to see what you’ll do about it ____ 25. Disregards or breaks school and/or class rules
      ____ 26. Is generally defiant or oppositional toward adults
      ____ 27. Seeks/craves attention; seems just as satisfied with negative attention as positive attention
      ____ 28. Attracts more than the usual amount of negative attention from others; is yelled at or disciplined more often than other students
      ____ 29. Is street-smart
      ____ 30. Has a strong sense of self-esteem. Tip: This is contrary to the prevailing myth that bullies have low self- esteem. In fact, there’s little evidence to support the belief that bullies victimize others because they feel bad about themselves
      ____ 31. Seems mainly concerned with his or her own pleasure and well-being
      ____ 32. Seems antisocial or lacks social skills
      ____ 33. Has difficulty fitting into groups
      ____ 34. Has a close network of a few friends (actually “henchmen” or “lieutenants”), who follow along with whatever he or she wants to do
      ____ 35. May have problems at school or at home; lacks coping skills

    5. .

      Why do you guys continue this argument? You are both wrong.

      Rat, like Deuce and Jenny, are merely looking for an excuse to attack Israel. It's obvious from the inordinate amount of time they spend doing it compared to their direct attacks on all the other shit countries in the world.

      Rat has for some time fixated on abortion in Israel as if it is significant relative to other nation but at the same time he ignores abortion rates in other countries like those of Eastern Europe and Asia where the rates are much higher or even here in the US where the rates are comparable.

      WiO on the other hand pulls a number out of google that seems to support his point and pushes it as some kind of apples to apples comparison.

      The data he posted yesterday has one major flaw. Unlike the US where one pretty much has abortion on demand, Israel has relatively strict laws on abortion. Because of these strict laws, it is estimated that 50% of the abortions in Israel are illegal. Since the data provided by WiO only talks of legal abortions the actual rate there is probably somewhere around 20-22% very similar to that of the US.

      If you want to argue about the right or wrong of abortion, that is one thing. If you want to argue about the comparison of abortion rates in Israel and the US, you are merely splitting hairs.


    6. Quirk,

      I take your points to heart. Never knew about "illegal" abortions in Israel. They are not illegal like in America back in the day (coat hangers and back alleys)

    7. quirk: Rat, like Deuce and Jenny, are merely looking for an excuse to attack Israel. It's obvious from the inordinate amount of time they spend doing it compared to their direct attacks on all the other shit countries in the world.

      So the RATE that the 3 attack israel is disporportionate to Israel's standing in the world.

      With a total population of about 11.5 million, they represent about .2 % of the world population

      6,973,738,433 trillion people in the world and yet the RATE at which Deuce, Rat, Ash and Jenny attack israel and all things Jewish shows their bigotry

    8. since the murder of American souls via abortions doesnt matter to Rat and company, the RATE does.

      It stands that he be consistent.

      Dont hold your breath.

      wiggle wiggle wiggle


  11. We have you boob, as the most prolific poster.
    Guess you are correct, even if your are not 'Right'.

    1. Ooooh, name calling, that hurts so.

      Whit was hopeful you would leave, and asked you to 'take a hike'.

      It would be a wonderful world if you would do so.

    2. Then left himself. In large part because of you. One hell of a bad trade.

    3. I am trying not to, WiO.

      I've decided to just put up WHIT INTERNET BULLY ALERT as my reply.

  12. Answer Duece's question, boobie.

    How does attacking Syria advance the cause of the Free World?

    how does supporting the Muslim Brotherhood do that?

    Why will the MB be better for the Free World than the Assad's?

  13. Hagel Hearing alert:

    Hagel is a chickenhawks nightmare. He knows the savagery of war first hand, and will do what he can to prevent sending young people into another unnecessary Iraq/Afghanistan. He's just what this country needs for SecDef. A firewall between the war profiteers that force this country into asinine, needless wars, and the politicians that are only too ready to make them happen.

    1. .


      In an Obama administration, Hagel will merely be staff, doing the bidding of the boss like all the other cabinet members.


  14. Already answered Deuce's question above.

    I am going back to bed.

    The Internet Bully has arrived.

    The toilet will soon be full. I'd rather not smell it.

  15. Self Defense?

    Oh. Boobie.

    That rationale fails the 'Balance' test.

    It is aQ's reason for the WTC raid. The one of 11Sep01 where they 'Killed' the symbol of the global corporate State.

    In self defense.

    Preemptive self defense, tell that to the FBI...

  16. Article in Telegraph:

    Britain badly needs an Abraham Lincoln who will think big and act big
    MPs in both Conservative and Labour parties are yearning for a leader who will show courage and imagination

    1 hour ago
    Isn't the popular view of Lincoln more myth than reality? Probably too much to expect Mary Riddell to check the facts.

    Recommended by 2 people

    1 hour ago
    So Britain needs an Abraham Lincoln to enforce the Union, invade Scotland in an unprovoked war, kill, pillage and lay waste the countryside and cities on an unprecedented scale.

    Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    Recommended by 1 person

    1 hour ago
    Britain doesn't need another Lincoln; it needs another Thatcher!

    Recommended by 3 people

    2 hours ago
    Here is a link about the real Abraham Lincoln:

    Recommended by 1 person

    2 hours ago
    Good Old Abraham Lincoln, the only leader in the nineteenth century Americas that could not end slavery without a war, got 650,000 Americans killed. Britain needs that for sure.

    Lincoln hired the psychopath Sherman to murder and burn his way through the South. Lincoln also had the distinction of approving the largest mass hanging in American history. He calculated the proper amount for political reasons.

    Lincoln arrested US citizens and journalists by the thousands for expressing their opinions. His disaterous shortcomings threw the US into a decades long depression.

    Lincoln, one of the great killers in world history, the incompetent politician that could not stop a Civil War, got more Americans killed than in any other war, (and that is saying something) is really the thing that Britain needs.

    Read your history with a little more caution please.

  17. Of Course Lincoln Pales in Comparison to
    "Planned Parenthood"

    ...which we all are forced to fund.

  18. Circumcision and HIV

    @ 30 Minutes they discuss how it could save millions of lives.

    Kelly Gluckman and Adam Carola

    Dr. Drew sits down with Kelly Gluckman from MTV's 'I'm Positive' to discuss living with HIV. Adam Carolla also stops by to give his take on foreskin preservation & they answer questions from callers.

  19. God loved us so much he created HIV so that we could cirucumsize and rea;;y show him that we care. We could also prevent most other sexual diseases by closing up the vagina. Personally, you would think that god had enough other things on his plate or if he were so clever, reconize the design error and issue a Human 1.1 fix.

    1. He did...

      He gave the world the Jews which gave us the proper way to circumcise the penis.

      To those to ignorant to appreciate the genius of the "bris" enjoy the natural selection of viruses and filth.

    2. I think it would be humorous if the gentleman from Arizona were circumcised, with a sign of promise with him always, as a sort of cosmic joke.

  20. Got to love the sheer "balls" of this comment...

    DeuceThu Jan 31, 08:01:00 AM EST
    Explain to us how Israel attacking Syria is defending the free world.

    Please explain to us why is it Israel's job to defend the free world?

    1. I could have taken a shot at explaining that comment at JihadWatch but it would have been long winded, of the variety of we are all in it together sort of thing, and decided it wasn't worth the effort.

  21. Trying opening your eyes before your mouth. It was a response to a comment by Bob.