“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Did the west "consult" with Algeria before it decided to change the regime in Libya, only to create a haven for terrorists and export weapons to Mali and now Algeria?


  1. It was all another part of the master plan by Barky to flush the jihadis into the open and blast 'em a good one and the other dead are a bump in the road like the Ambassador and the others, though Barky currently is seeking 'fuller understanding' of what happened in the Algerian siege...

  2. Stay tuned for the coming installment of memoirs from the lady with the answers, SecState Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was at the helm and has all the answers.

  3. She bumped her head and went to bed and couldn't remember in the morning.
    Manti Te'o's girlfriend should be called to duty.

    1. She bumped her head
      And went to bed
      An' couldn't 'member
      In the morning
      It is only now
      That our old cow
      Her lies she is aforming

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    1. ah, Doug notes one of America's peers which makes 900 dead Americans each month look just peachy keen fine.

    2. Ash MOST of the gun violence in America is suicide.

      So if America were to be more like the rest of the world? They use pills...

      Sadly using a gun for suicide is more productive than pills so Americans choose the more productive way. Using a gun for suicide promotes more jobs. Cleanup crews and such are needed far more than most suicides (in bathtubs)

      Maybe we should have an ad program to promote OD'ing as the proscribed "ash" approved method instead of using guns, that could drop the stat's by a long shot...

  5. Blame it all on the movie Speed.

    Harry: Alright, pop quiz:

    The airport. Gunman with one hostage, he’s using her for cover, he’s almost to the plane. You’re a hundred feet away.

    Jack: …

    Harry: Jack?

    Jack: Shoot the hostage.

    Harry: What?

    Jack: Take her out of the equation. Go for the good wound and he can’t get to the plane with her. Clear shot.

    Harry: You are deeply nuts, you know that? “Shoot the hostage”… jeez…

    Life imitated art in Algeria, according to one Filipino worker who was taken hostage. The Algerian rescue force seemed relatively unconcerned who got hit as long as they took down the Masked Brigade, who depending on what source you believe, started their attack from either Libya or the Niger. “Ruben Andrada, 49, a Filipino civil engineer … described how he and his colleagues were used as human shields by the kidnappers, which did little to deter the Algerian military.”

    With detcord wrapped around his neck and caught in the gunbattle between the Masked Brigade and Algerian forces, he regarded his chances of survival as doubtful. Andrada retreated into that classic Filipino attitude: “bahala na”. He thought ‘leave it to God’ as bullets kicked up the ground around him.

    “When we left the compound, there was shooting all around,” Andrada said, as Algerian helicopters attacked with guns and missiles. “I closed my eyes. We were going around in the desert. To me, I left it all to fate.”

    But when the vehicle carrying Andrada turned turtle in the desert, he gave fate a hand and scrambled from the wreckage to escape. His fellow hostages were not so lucky. All around him were strewn the corpses and body parts of people.

  6. 60. MachiasPrivateer

    The reason the United States, in particular, is subjected to higher standards than other nations is that as an advanced Western nation, it has adopted a Code of Chivalry, “women and children first”. Less advanced Western societies do not follow this code, as evidenced by the crew of the Costa Concordia.

    This situation made a peak in the 1950s and 1960s when the phrase “As American as MOM, apple pie and Chevrolet” was predominant. This happy state of affairs soon was soon under attack by Radical Feminists and their “Pro-Choice” argument against the then prevailing “Pro-Life” ethos of “women and children first”.

    Since Roe v. Wade, American women have been engaged in a Civil War, Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice. Pro-Choice is losing demographically, as they have used the following generations as cannon fodder. Just as Europe lost a generation to conscription and World War I, the Radical Feminists have lost a generation to abortion. Just as totalitarian regimes use conscription against America and its All-Volunteer Army, there is the element of evil versus good. But without that succeeding generation, the feminists are fated to go extinct. We are experiencing the death throes of Radical Feminism. Obama was right that there is a War on Women, he just left off the part that it is a civil war of women against women. And the Fifth Estate is full of career women who are Pro-Choice. It is only at Fox News and the Weather Channel that Moms are in the majority.

    Keep popping them out Megyn Kelly et al, you are the Arsenal of Western Civilization!


    61. Encefa

    Machias, that’s precisely why the Progressives will do all they can to maintain control of the public education system. They might not have children, but they will co-opt yours.


    64. MachiasPrivateer

    Encefa @ 61 – I acknowledge your concerns, but would offer these good omens.

    1) Women of the “Lost Generation” who were taught that they should put their childbearing on hold while they established their careers are discovering the pitfalls of such a strategy. Holly Finn, author of Baby Chase, An Adventure in Fertility, and others are discovering the hard way they have been sold a bill of goods.

    2) Actresses, such as Maggie Gyllenhal are making movies in favor of school choice.

    3) Have you talked to many public school teachers lately, they tend to be dumber than Ivy League Liberal Arts majors! Only a very, very few are “Smarter Than a Fifth Grader”.

    4) As I mentioned on an earlier thread, today’s young mothers, such as P!nk, are stubborn and have guts! Given a little support by some GUARDIAN ANGELS TO CHILDREN, armed with “terrible, swift swords” from which they can loose a “fateful lightning”, they might actually surprise everyone with what they can do! Rosie the Riveter for a new century.

    Rosie neither designed nor manned those Victory Ships my Dad designed, but she did build them.

    MAN UP BOYS! Rosie needs your support and encouragement.

  7. I can't get that kid and that pickup truck and that plane out of my mind.

    He could have made the situation a lot worse, and really caused a crash.

    Could have gotten tangled up in the rear landing gear or something.

    Yet right in the bed of pickup truck. You'd think all his tires would have blown out, his truck crushed.

    And yet, everyone walks away without a scratch, just as if they had practiced that 5,000 times.

    1. I shoulda shown a 737 at LAX with same problem come to a scraping, but safe landing, w/the nose gear ground down to a nub.
      ...I'll post it in the morning.

      Esp after that, I like you, thought how much worse it would have been if the plane had slightly overshot the Nissan, the Nissan would have ripped open a fuel tank, and tragedy would have ensued.

      The thing I still haven't figured out:
      It almost looks like the Nissan is pulling out at 30 mph, and somehow manages to catch up and get in perfect position.

      After putting all that into my computer, coward aircraft mechanic Doug's decision to watch and pray seemed perfectly reasonable.

    2. Bet you two think Transformers are real, too.

    3. Isn't if funny rat, those two, our very own b00b and dougshit show, extolling the bravery and heroics exhibited in a fictionalization they found on the net, because, for those two bright bulbs, finding it on the net must mean it is true, especially if there are moving pictures.


    4. "Yet right in the bed of pickup truck. You'd think all his tires would have blown out, his truck crushed."

      He was very proud, and confident, that he had ordered the (insert the name of the heavy duty 4 wd suspension) package, so he figured it was up to the task.

      The smoke from all four tires, and the slight but corrected wobble as the pickup took up the load, just added to the down to earth realism of the miracle.

      Two feet foreward by the 727, and our hero would have been ready to heat and serve in a Terri-McNugget.

    5. oh, wow, Mr. perceptive is just now starting to question the authenticity of the miracle landing. Brilliant. Way to go doug. Care to buy a bridge?


    6. Considered the possibility of a fakaroo. Maybe it is, pretty good one though, if it is. I kinda like thinking it isn't, we need our everyday heroes these days, but time will probably tell.

      When you find the truth of it, post it Ash. Then we will know for sure.

      Certainly seems a lot more credible than minting up Trillion Dollar Platinums, like you two oafs bought into.

    7. Or accepting Barky's newly printed up birth certificate.

    8. Spoiler Alert!
      ...and I ain't talkin Aircraft Spoilers.

    9. riiiight Doug just sucking in your boobie partner in crime - you were just lying about your beliefs until now.


      Boobie, watch the video closely. There are many 'tells' the video is a fake and one biggie that'll convince even a boob like you.

      The b00bie and dougshit show rolls on!


    10. Or maintaining that explosives brought down the buildings in New York.

    11. desert rat said...

      Speaking of the grassy knoll ...

      South Korean intelligence officials are even casting doubt on Pyongyang's official story line that the 69-year-old Kim died of a heart attack while working aboard a moving train Saturday morning.

      South Korea's top spy, Won Sei-hoon, told lawmakers in Seoul that a review of satellite photographs revealed that Kim's train was actually stationary at a Pyongyang station at the time of the ruler's death, as announced by the North, according to media reports.

      "There were no signs the train ever moved,"


      Due to previous assassination attempts, Kim always traveled aboard a bulletproof train that was more like an armored Queen Mary on wheels.

      North Korea watchers speculate that the time and place of Kim's death may somehow be sensitive to North Korean officials ...

    12. Reading the reports on it the opinions are somewhat divided.

      We will await Ash and his official report.

    13. "Lying about my beliefs"

      I believe in my new Hero more than I believe that more guns mean less crime, in real World scenarios.

      Or that "Pro-Choice" has been a positive good for our culture.

      Luckily, for our future, dead fetuses can't vote.
      ...except when Holder is AJ.

    14. The lack of critical thinking exhibited by the Boob and Dougshit is painfully obvious as expressed across the vast majority of your two postings. This particular issue just highlights how gullible the two of you are. Heck, if you hear Rush, or Beck, or Coulter, or American thinker say something, by gosh, you guys bubble with knowledge.

      Try thinking critically for change instead of believing things you WANT to believe. And maybe shut up and stop spreading your shit around? Go hang with rufus somewhere!

    15. lordy, there goes the dougshit spouting his truths again.


    16. The tell, Ash, was the Terri McNugget.

      ...but of course you could not tell about the tell, since it was beyond your daily experience of catered meals on the yacht.

    17. tells all over that video. Upon first watch the bullshit meter was twigged:

      Gee, full and complete branding of the truck - Nisaan blah blah blah
      Why is this the only source of such a remarkable story? It would have been all over the news networks if true.
      What was the name in the graphics of the News network telling the story?

      There is a little critical thinking for you, or for most of us (but not you two) COMMON SENSE.

      But the tell to convince even boobie? - It says "fictionalization" right at the beginning of the video - bottom right, small print. You don't think Nissan and their Ad agency would want to be sued do you?


    18. Ash is in the 'splice and dice' business after all. Maybe he put it together. Business has been slow, he said, work hard to find. Or maybe Quirk and Ash collaborated. Both are scoundrels, Quirk coming up in 'marketing', Ash mostly by inheritance, and maybe marriage, certainly not by work.

      While Doug and I are honest farmers.

      I did by the way notice the splice/dice in there when the pickup was heading out.

    19. You two distinctly lack the power of simple observation and critical thinking.

      Go listen to Rush for some more fodder for your show. Boob, back to AM!

    20. It says "fictionalization"

      It does? Shit, I am tired. Been up all night again. Took D to the hospital, sick as hell from chemo. They did decide to finally give him chemo.

      Well, anyway, I couldn't give a damn one way or the other. Not about D but about the plane/pickup.

    21. Ash, you may be right on this one. The first time in years, I can understand your gloating. A little rain, after such a long dry spell.

      Just for the fun of it, what is your opinion of Barky's birth certificate? I recall deuce thinking it was a fraud. Actually am curious, you are the splice/dice go to guy. And how can you refuse to make proclamation on such an important issue?

      Fake, or no?

    22. Don't worry about it, Bob:

      Ash is trying to reinvigorate his brand following the total meltdown of his core beliefs by facts presented by us here, re:

      Gun Control and Crime, and the Culture of Socialized Abortion.

      You'll notice he went silent, following that, and then thought he could re-insert himself when he took my prank seriously.

    23. You have a good technique, only pulling this shit once every few years, far as I know. And always out of the blue, somehow.

      You Ash and Quirk would make a great team.

      And, I take that back about you being an honest farmer!

    24. What is your response/explanation of events covered in my link to the Australian Gun Confiscation, Mr all-knowing, common sensical, Ashole?

    25. "You have a good technique"

      Thanks, Bob.
      I really wanted to employ you in that Commercial Opportunity, that I refer to below.
      These two have blown that out of the water, at least for you, and my chances have been somewhat diminished.

      You can't really blame an honest clod-kicker like me from dancing to the Siren Song of Hollywood, can you?

    26. Doug,

      Don't confuse my 'silence' with agreement to anyting you would write. In fact I rarely read most of what you post given that you post just 3 variations of the same thing each time:

      1. You set up a straw man argument, knock it down, and then strut about as if you've made a great intellectual victory

      2. You state 'facts' as settled, obvious, and accepted by those in the know and only disputed by stupid leftards.

      3. You quote from your hereos, the mensas (you share at least something with DRR) of the BC.

      and you usually conclude with "moron".

      you moron!

      On top of the drivel you post, which often, as trish said "screws you into the ceiling" I do have a life outside of this blog and I don't plan on wasting much of it figuring out your unique brand of logic, your demented world view.

      and now I return you all to the "b00b and dougshit show" aka morons on parade.

    27. Ah, the wife just came in as I was trying to go to sleep, and something she just said reminded me of what I was trying to dig up about our lovable critical thinking Ash.

      You recall how he was always saying how firm all that global warming science was, how it had to be true, it was peer reviewed and all? And someone (me) suggested the peers might be in cahoots. Now, I submit, there is an issue of some importance, not a video about a plane, and Ash insisted till the very end it was all peer reviewed and it had to be true.

      Well, we all get the wool pulled over once in while. It's just that, like, global warming, hey that's important!

      Ash ain't gonna touch that birth certificate challenge with his manicured golf gloved unemployed fingers.

    28. oh lordy, boobie, I addressed the Birth Cert issue numerous time when we all discussed it. YOU simply read and absorb what you WANT to hear - it borders on pathalogical.

  8. Isn't this 'Gun Appreciation Day'?

    Time to strap on the shooter and walk down Main street at high noon.

    1. Meanwhile some moron waves a gun around in the Virginia legislature with his thumb on the trigger trying to make a point -

      'Joe Morrissey went into rigor
      His brains on the ceiling
      His thumb on the trigger'

      tombstone inscription

  9. So, the complaint is what, exactly?

    That the mercenaries Colonel Q used to rule Libya went home?
    That the NATO forces did not destroy them, root and branch, in Libya?

    Or that the US did not allow Colonel Q to provide basng rights to the Russians for another warm water port on the Med?

    If the French care about the leadership of Mali, they'll deal with it.
    That Mali is inconsequental to the US, more than obvious.

    That the US military provided trainiiing to foreign officers that later led a coup or went rouge, par for course. We've been doing that since President Diem was deposed, in Vietnam. The coup that empowered the Shah, another example. More recently Los Zetas in Mexico were special forces troops, trained at Fort Benning before they went Independent.

    1. Who's complaining?

      The French far outperformed us, the USA, in the Obama/Bengazi affair.

    2. .

      So, the complaint is what, exactly?

      The complaint is simple, that Obama is starting out in much the same way he started in Libya and that eventually there is the possibility that he will get us into the same type of clusterfuck as Libya. This time we are not waiting until he has time to implement the 'Obama Doctrine'.


      Obama took us to war for 'humanitarian' reasons, a phony and cynical appeal. In Mali, the initial particiapation was to aid an ally.

  10. Deuce:

    If you can't stop Ash from calling me "Dougshit"
    I'm never coming back here again!!!

    My feelings do matter, you know.

    boo hoo hoo!

  11. (I'm practicing my acting skills:
    I've got a good shot at playing the Old Coot in the next Nissan Viral Video Commercial)

    Sadly, and tragically, as far as my chances go, I no longer will be able to incorporate Bob, thanks to our local spoilers of all things good and pure.

    1. You Hawaiian snake, you had some of us believing Buddy Larsen had kicked the bucket, Rufus was even putting up Cherokee death chants.

      I will never speak to you again! Much less consider a word you say.

    2. Please read my
      Doug, Sun Jan 20, 11:50:00 AM EST:

      I was always planning on cutting you in on the Hollywood Action,
      but that required a TEMPORARY deception on my part.

      I soon as I got us all signed and settled, I was going to let you know what was up, using the code of the Aina, the Keiki, and the Te'o.


    3. Why do I read this and think, Quirk!

  12. Try to re-connect with the spirit of Aloha in these trying times, Bob.

    I know you have experieced it here before, even on the Island of birth of The Great King Kamehameha.

    1. I first knew my wife on that great isle, up from the Palace somewheres.

  13. You are not allowed in my bunker. But if you are an Elk you are still allowed on the farm. And I will point you out to my pet wolves.

    Ah, the wife just came in as I was trying to go to sleep, and something she just said reminded me of what I was trying to dig up about our lovable critical thinking Ash.

    You recall how he was always saying how firm all that global warming science was, how it had to be true, it was peer reviewed and all? And someone (me) suggested the peers might be in cahoots. Now, I submit, there is an issue of some importance, not a video about a plane, and Ash insisted till the very end it was all peer reviewed it had to be true.

    Well, we all get the wool pulled over once in while. It's just that, like, global warming, hey that's important!

    And I do think a pickup truck could take the weight of a plane like that in the initial stages of landing, because, it really doesn't have much weight, the nose being up and all, and flying. Sitting on the ground, different.

    Try to re-connect with the spirit of Aloha -

    Goodbye, Doug!!!

    1. .

      What was it your wife said?

      "Get you lazy ass out of bed and go let the cat out?"


    2. She said "It's cold out there today".

      "Get you lazy ass out of bed and go let the cat out" is what your wife said.

  14. Ash ain't gonna touch that birth certificate challenge with his manicured golf gloved fingers.

  15. And I'm in such a mood now I don't believe for a minute Felody was going any 92mph in Arizona, neither.

    bah with you all