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Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Virtue or Folly of Austerity

The Nobility and Virtue of Austerity


  1. BBC: Top Afghanistan "militant" captured (terrorists are militants, rioters are youthful activists)

    50% are less likely to buy a car from GM because of the government bailout

    Obama to Congressional Black Caucus – A Billionaires should pay the same tax rate as a Jew.. errr Janitors

  2. Rick Perry took over $17 billion in Stimulus funds, the same Stimulus he's now against.

    According to Jewish group American Jewish Committee, their annual poll on Obama has him below water with a group that is 80% Democrat. The AJC poll finds Obama’s approval ratings dropping 12 percentage pages from last year, from 57% to 45% today. 48% of Jews polled in this poll disapprove of the Marxist Obama.

  3. I have a question. Guns laws are by state correct?

    Is it legal to openly and display firearms on one's person in Pa?

    Don't ask me to look it up because I did and I'm confused, which isn't to hard for me these days.

    Unless I missed something it says a LTCF is required to carry firearms CONCEALED on one's person.

    Then says a LTCF is generally NOT required to openly carry firearms on one's person except in Philia.

    Then it says a LTCF is required to carry a firearm on public streets in Philia.

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  5. PA open carry, questions and answers

    Is open carry legal in PA?

    Answer: Yes, with some restrictions.

    Anyone whom can legally own a firearm in the commonwealth can openly carry, on foot, with the exception of court facilities, federal buildings, motor vehicles and cities of the first class (Philadelphia)

    Those person possessing a valid License to Carry Firearms are also permitted to carry openly (or concealed) while in a vehicle and in cities of the first class.
    Do I need a permit to open carry in PA?

    A PA License to Carry Firearms (LTCF) is needed to open carry in a vehicle and cities of the first class (Philadelphia)

    A LTCF is not needed for open carry on foot in the rest of the commonwealth save for prohibited areas.

  6. The best way to carry a handgun in Pennsylvania is to use a man-bag or murse.

    Carrying an open weapon is asking for trouble. Big, big trouble. Always assume the worst. You are in a public setting where someone is planning some seriously bad behavior. They scope the place out and there you are, ready to rumble with your exposed weapon that is going to protect you. The problem is, you are eating a grilled cheese sandwich and debating whether to munch on the pickle. He, on the other hand has picked you and your gun out as a possible problem. Guess who gets dispatched early.

  7. That, Ms T, has little to do with the bailout and more to do with the vehicles.

    ... this one Harley Earl quote "poor styling and improperly timed styling has proved financially disastrous..."
    Earl's story cuts through all the fog of claims and counter claims and succinctly explains why GM and Detroit's other major automakers have lost so much so fast (and why GM's leaders continue making the same giant mistakes...relating to product designs, over and over again) moving forward.

    Car buyers care more about the car than the finances of the manufacturer.

    80% of the market does not buy GM, that 50% of the market even looks at them, in consideration, a positive for the company.

    Of those that consider GM, 40% buy.

  8. Cool another interesting thread turned to shit and why?

    Can't stay away from the JEWS...................

    What a bunch of Jew obsessed nitwits...

  9. I've never figured out how laying off private sector employees hurts the economy but laying off public sector employees helps it. It's like the public employee's dollar doesn't count.

  10. In fact, if one uses some common sense, when there is unemployment, even hiring somebody to sit around and pick their nose on the public purse is better for the economy than firing them. But of course, I'm sure we can find better uses for public employees. You think?

  11. Austerity measures are intended to shrink deficits. So when a (supposedly) unproductive public employee is laid off to shrink a budget deficit, there is no immediate tax dollar redirected to the private space. In all likelihood the layed off government worker will get extended unemployment benefits. Hence there's no chance for the expected efficiency.
    A tax increase to shrink a budget deficit does much the same thing. (There are multiplier effects on both, as I suspect you know. I'd argue that raising taxes on the rich affects savings while cutting benefits to the poor affects consumption, but of course others disagree.)
    Anyhow, in the current economy, we really should not be taking money out of people's pockets either through tax increases or benefit cuts, as both will shrink the economy.
    Yet we have the Democrats and the Republicans in a pact to do precisely that wrong thing.

  12. How sad is this?

    Eastman Kodak Co. EK -53.84% dispelled rumors late Friday and said it has no intention to file for bankruptcy protection. Shares, which fell 53% to 78 cents during the trading session, rose 41% to $1.10 in after-hours activity.

  13. What a bunch of Jew obsessed nitwits...

    When the Yishuv is out of danger, I will move on. But for four thousand years, the children of Abraham, inheritors of the Blessing, have had to justify their right to exist.

  14. Thanks. The reason I asked was my daughter was telling me that a friend's friend was walking through the streets of Kensington, God only knows why someone would want to walk through Kensington, displaying his gun. The police approached him, knocked him around a few times and arrested him for walking in public with a revealed firearm.

    The chief of police apologized for his officers for not knowing the law.

  15. Many of our problems come from a slowing expansion of the native population. The demographic prospects for the US and Europe are rather depressing and it’s very disturbing that this issue is rather low on the agenda of most politicians. While natalist policies may ultimately not be successful (after all you can’t force people to have children), they should be tried – or at the very least there should be intense debate about them. Unfortunately the majority of the US and Europe’s political, academic and media elites seems to disagree and regard the demographic collapse of their own societies with equanimity (or even go so far as to consider it a good thing). How often do we hear of the inevitability of the US becoming a Spanish majority country or the EU becoming Islamic?

    There must be some solution to solve the debt problem and it may very well be facing the inevitable default and getting it over with.

  16. One thing I like about Cain: He's had serious success as a "turnaround" guy.

    The thing I don't like is: most of his proposed "solutions," so far, have been of the nitwit republican variety.

    The biggest disappointment so far: Both parties are ignoring the huge cache of corporate profits stashed away, untaxed, overseas, and the inane corporate tax code that has caused/enabled a couple of trillion dollars of potential investment money to be taken "out of the game."

  17. Big companies Don't create jobs. Medium size companies Don't create jobs. Small Companies Don't create jobs.

    Almost All jobs are created by "Start-Ups."

    A guy gets fired, gets mad, goes to the bank, and borrows against his house, and starts his own business. Hires his worthless brother-in-law to help, buys a pickup truck, gets terrified at what he's just done, and works his fucking ass off.

    4 out of 5 "new" businesses fail in the first five years, but the other one fifth hire the 4 out of 5 that failed, and the economy is off and running again.

    Oops, Houston, we have a problem. Everybody's house is "under water," and Banks aren't making real estate loans, anyway.

    This ain't your father's recession. This is your Grand-daddy's (I hate to say this word) Depression.

  18. Let's just call it a "super-recession."

    Later we'll look back on it, and call it a Depression, or "the long recession," depending on the decisions we make in the next couple of years.

  19. Ms T:

    When the Yishuv is out of danger, I will move on. But for four thousand years, the children of Abraham, inheritors of the Blessing, have had to justify their right to exist.

    The same "blessing" that last week you trashed?

    Lesbian Nazi is right.. Or maybe just a passive aggressive liar.....

  20. 4 out of 5 "new" businesses fail in the first five years, but the other one fifth hire the 4 out of 5 that failed, and the economy is off and running again.

    Venture-backed companies run by a woman had annual revenues that were 12 percent higher and used an average of one-third less committed capital. Women-led high-tech startups have lower failure rates than those led by men.

  21. I'm not against "food stamps," but I'm pretty sure we could cut the program by Ten, or Fifteen Percent, and still feed the Needy.

    I'm a Strong Advocate of spending whatever is "necessary" for Defense, but I'm pretty sure we could get by with a few less F35's, and a lot more Drones.

    We would probably survive if we mothballed a carrier group, or two.

  22. The best ("only," really) reason for paring back "services" is to be able to "Invest" more in our future recovery.

    We have to teach our kids how to be productive. That means, in the 21st Century, they have to know Computer Languages. They have to be able to talk to robots.

    We have to find a replacement for Foreign Oil. (Actually, we've found it, we just have to spend the money "Developing" it.)

  23. That doesn't surprise me in the least, T. In fact, I'm surprised the disparity isn't even greater.

  24. April 18, 1865, the 13th Amendment banning slavery was passed...with 100% GOP Support, and 63% Democrat OPPOSITION

    Obama’s jobs bill still has no cosponsors. No one wants to "Pass This Bill"

    Republicans suggest President Obama should have sent in the police to arrest Anwar al-Awlaki instead of sending in drones, because the war on terror is, you know, more a matter for law enforcement now that they are out of the White House.

  25. NYPD warns women about skirts in Brooklyn sex attack probe (blame the victim).
    Rick Perry: “Science reveals new discoveries all the time, and in so doing makes the evolutionary explanation less plausible.”

    Michelle Bachmann: “It’s a theory that’s out there, and it’s got some gaps in it."

    Florida Lt Gov. Jennifer Carroll: “Some of our political leaders bow down to scientists and let them have the stage to push their evolution.”

    She made it clear that the coming Republican revolution would no longer allow “the minority to poison the minds of the majority.”

  26. I can think of one "Infrastructure" project that even Q, and I, could agree on; We could save a LOT of Diesel (and money) by Electrifying our railroads, at least the Main Lines.

    These are Private Enterprises, so it gets tricky; but, it would be well worth the money to offer some incentives (as long as we don't go crazy with it) for the railroad companies to do this.

  27. The Republican Party is definitely tipping into the "batshit crazy" category.

  28. Obama snuffing al-Awlaki? Just another Muslim-on-Muslim atrocity.

    Good news: Price of gas is going down.

    Bad news: It's because the freaking economy is imploding.

    Minnesota is now considered a swing state — after voting Democratic in the last 9 presidential elections. Only 9% of Independents think the US is going in the right direction.

    Today is Day 885 without a budget from Senate Dems.

  29. U.S. Congress Blocks $200 Million In Aid To Palestinians.

    Bill Maher: ‘Somehow the Republicans stole the Jews’

    The Left says that morality is relative and can't be legislated, but they try to make the taxation of the rich a moral issue.

  30. Bill Maher is a dick

    but, that "stealing the Jews" line was funny.

  31. wio confused thespians with lesbians.

  32. I'm starting to believe that Obama, and the IEA, might have averted a recession, at least in the very short run, by bringing that 60 Million Barrels of Oil out of the strategic reserves.

    I was skeptical when he did it, but it's starting to feel, to me, like we might just pull out of this dive (like I said, in the short run) right at tree-top level.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see some leaves, and branches in the landing gear when we get home.

  33. Ahh, This is Wonderful. Perry's Florida Co-Chair is going to be on the committee to decide who gets "raised from the dead."

    Yeah, really, honest, it's on Youtube

  34. Perry's Fl Co-Chair.


    G'wine be "raisin' de daid."

    sho nuff.

    Holy Shit!

  35. We might be in big trouble, here, folks.

  36. I had to go back and look, again. Glad I did. I "misreprehinsibled" the laday.

    She won't be "on the committee."

    She'll be the one A'Doin' It!!

    She gonna pray'em right "back to life!!"

    Hallelujah. We be Saved!

  37. Ya gotcha a "Winner," there, Rikster.

  38. Man, we're not in trouble.

    We're in Deep, Deep Shit.

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  40. .

    Left says that morality is relative and can't be legislated, but they try to make the taxation of the rich a moral issue.

    Left, right, Libs, GOP, it makes no difference.

    If there is a chance they can convince a credulous populous that god is on their side, they'll try.

    You would like to think they are just being hypocritical; however, if there is a chance they really believe this shit, as Rufus has pointed out, we are in deep doo doo.


  41. Golly, we had a thread going without a mention of Jews or Israel, until the Story broke the jawbone.

    Takes an ass.

  42. Obama signs legislation that was backed by the NRA, Wayne says it's a smokescreen.

    That "next term" the excrement will hit the rotating blades.

    What a vindication of Q's last post.

    Makes no difference, they're all Federal Socialists, with personal power agendas.

    Ringmasters and clowns.

  43. .

    The best way to carry a handgun in Pennsylvania is to use a man-bag or murse.

    Wouldn't a guy carrying a purse
    be more likely to get rousted or am I thinking too old school?

    By the way Deuce, as a point of info, do you carry a murse?


  44. There must be an entire tribe of single socks hiding somewhere in this house laughing their ass off at me right now.

  45. There is a tremendous range ...

    Of scope and scale ...


    Austerity & Conspicuous Consumption

  46. And, give'm a break, T. It's not a whole passel of fun bein' a sock, you know. :)

  47. I mean, sure, you guys' socks don't have it so bad, but think what mine have to go through. :)

    Mine probably don't hide for "levity." Self-preservation is prolly closer to their mind.

  48. first post mentioned Jews mr rodent

  49. Mr Rat complains and bitches about Jews israel most every thread

    Why should this one be any different?

    It aint

  50. Don't start it, Bob. Rat didn't make the first post. And, although the word "Jew" was used, therein, there was nothing derogatory about them.

  51. Good Lord, Sam, Be Careful.

    Top Ten Deadliest Snakes on Earth

    And, it looks like they're ALL from Australia.

    Can that be right?

  52. Seattle is so wet that people protect their property with watch-ducks

  53. This is the post Story wrote his lies upon.

    A thread without mention of Judaism or Israel, the two being inherently different, a the Story of "o" brings his garbage forward.

    With another untruth.
    Claiming mention was made on THIS THREAD, when it had not.

    Fiction, the Story's specialty.

  54. The Story is no Jew, but a Zionist, to conflate two, foolish.

    The being many, many Jews that deny the legitimacy of Zionism as practiced in today's Israel.

  55. While there are many residents of Israel that deny the Jewishness of that part of the whirled.

    Millions of them, in fact.

    Major part of the problem, there.

  56. desert rat said...
    This is the post Story wrote his lies upon.

    A thread without mention of Judaism or Israel, the two being inherently different, a the Story of "o" brings his garbage forward.

    With another untruth.
    Claiming mention was made on THIS THREAD, when it had not.

    Ah the self confessed murderer of civilians in Central America never stops...

    Or is he really just a fraud?

    No one will ever know..

    But we do know that the Rat is a perpetual jew hating, Israel hating piece of pornographic vomit...

    Nothing changes in this shithole..

    the Rodent spews anti-israel shit every day, every thread....

    Nothing to argue about...

    One just laughs how he has destroyed any credibility this blog had any chance of having...

  57. Besides, everyone knows Zion is in Utah, USA.

    Ask any Mormon.

  58. Date and time Story, of this alleged confession?

    Just another of your lies.

  59. While boob has admitted to Misprison of Felony.

    A different story, WE ALL recall.

  60. I mean, really, Story.

    Your reading ability is suspect.

    You thought a live fire simulation to be the same as a gun battle.
    Your reading comprehension, it's low level.

    About 6th or 7th grade.

    Not bad for someone who has English as a second language.


  61. Utah's First National Park

    Massive canyon walls ascend toward a brilliant blue sky. To experience Zion, you need to walk among the towering cliffs, or challenge your courage in a small narrow canyon. These unique sandstone cliffs range in color from cream, to pink, to red. They could be described as sand castles crowning desert canyons.

  62. As Brother Brigham taught:

    Let me say a few words with regard to Zion. We profess to be Zion. If we are the pure in heart we are so, for “Zion is the pure in heart” [see D&C 97:21] (DBY, 118). Where is Zion? Where the organization of the Church of God is. And may it dwell spiritually in every heart; and may we so live as to enjoy the spirit of Zion always! (DBY, 118).

  63. And the Church of God, that is in Salt Lake City, Utah.


  64. This is the Gospel; this is the plan of salvation; this is the Kingdom of God; this is the Zion that has been spoken and written of by all the Prophets since the world began. This is the work of Zion which the Lord has promised to bring forth (DBY, 118).

    Zion will extend, eventually, all over this earth. There will be no nook or corner upon the earth but what will be in Zion. It will all be Zion (DBY, 120).

  65. I speak to the audience...

    and that is about the level of a retarded camel...


    we all know you are full of shit...

    classic bully....

    you win, this bar is yours...

    and your DNA will define it...

  66. And there we are, one of the core doctrinal beliefs of Mitt Romney.

    Mr Perry is going door to door in New Hampshire. It's a awfully small place, from a Texican perspective.

  67. I don't read your stuff, just skim the highlights of hate.
    But you take the time to cut and paste mine. So I know you read 'em.

    That you think so little of others in the whirled that may read this, Story, typical of a hedonist with cultural schizophrenia.

    A person suffering from schizophrenia symptoms thinks that he is unique individual, a higher being, and so everyone is trying to do him in. He or she suffers from delusions ...

  68. .


    Truly the metrosexual international man of mystery.