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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ok, You Rich Liberal A-Holes, Pony Up or Shut Up

Frankly, I can't stand Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Stephen King and most of the liberal media types who carp about the rich not paying enough taxes, but do nothing to show us the way. If they have convictions about the government deserving more money, let them get out the checkbook and take one for the team. Actually, like most bullshit artists, they do just the opposite and go to great lengths to set up charitable foundations to protect their loot from guess who? Yes, Warren, yes Bill, write a voluntary check to the US Treasury and lead by example. Better yet, shut up.

Show us the money.


  1. Who lets Warren out of the house with that shirt?

  2. It looks like lost sperm caught in toxic green pre-ejaculent.

  3. Besides Warren toxic green sperm shirt, I'm finding your label, eat shit and die, very comforting this morning.

    It will be my mantra for the day.

  4. .

    A love the smell of catharsis in the morning.

    When Doug sobers up he will likely be here to join in.


  5. Can't help it, I think it was Quirk poo-pooed the idea about wolfs and school bus stops --

    Wolves reported near Kamiah bus stop
     January 15th, 2010
     (0) comments
    By Eric Barker of the Tribune
    Hunting outfitter says three animals appeared shortly after school bus stopped and
    picked up his children
    A man who lives near Kamiah reported seeing three wolves near his children's bus stop recently.
    Mike Popp, a hunting outfitter who lives on Glenwood Road east of Kamiah, said he is worried the wolves
    are becoming too habituated to people and running out of a natural prey base. Seeing a wolf is not unusual
    for him or his family. Popp guides hunters and frequently runs across the animals. He has also had them on
    or near his property on a regular basis and has long worried about the effects on elk and moose. But seeing
    them near the bus stop was different.
    "We see wolves. Wolves kill our dogs, they chase our horses," Popp said. "It's just a given in the last five
    years but I think gosh darn it when they walk up to the bus stop like that ... the kids is what worries me."
    Popp took his children to their bus stop Monday morning and sat in his jeep while his 6- and 8-year-olds had
    a snowball fight. The bus pulled up, stopped and flashed its lights. The kids got on and the bus driver pulled
    into a driveway to turn around. When the driver backed up, the bus emitted warning beeps. After it pulled
    away, three wolves came out of the woods and walked down the road toward Popp.
    He started his jeep and drove toward the animals. They left the road and Popp followed their tracks to see
    where they had come from. He said it was clear they were sitting in the woods about 30 feet away from the
    road prior to the arrival of the bus.
    "While we were there at the bus stop and those kids were snowball-fighting I know they could hear, and they
    just sat there," he said. "They are really becoming habituated to all the sights and sounds that are out there."
    He said the sound of the kids yelling, the bus pulling up and backing up might be something they are keying
    on, and he fears their familiarity with people could lead to tragedy.
    "That is what hit home," he said. "On Glenwood Road there are over 20 kids getting on the bus every
    He reported the incident to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and to local school officials.
    Wolves were removed from federal protection this year and Idaho has an ongoing hunting season on them.
    But the Dworshak Wolf Hunting Zone where Popp lives closed after its quota of 18 wolves was met. Even
    so, Dave Cadwallader, director of the Clearwater Region of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game at
    Lewiston, said people can shoot wolves to defend the lives of people or their animals.
    "I think it's no different than a mountain lion or a bear, if you feel threatened and in imminent danger then
    you are able to protect yourself," he said. "There just has to be some reasonable judgement and common sense.


  6. Bill's shirt ain't that great either. Look how those sleeves go down below his elbows.


  7. How bout you bein' the school bus stop guard, Quirk?


  8. .

    Hunting outfitter says three animals appeared shortly after school bus stopped and
    picked up his children...

    You nitwit.

    Go back and read the comments I posted from Lisa that were attached to the article you posted a couple of streams back, especially the one that points out who it was that was doing the protesting and stirring up the fight over wolves in Idaho.

    It's not about kids, it's about money.


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  10. A little catharsis in the morning.
    Last story.

    Wolves kill our dogs
    And do they!

    My old realtor, guy from Boise originally, guy who lived in a tent first year here on an old farmer's land, told me about some friends from Boise that had a couple really high class hounds -thousands of dollars in those dogs. Fitted out with GPS and audio transmitters they took off after a big cat one day. They could hear them baying, finally the cougar got treed, but the baying stopped after awhile. What's up with this? Using the GPS they finally located the cougar in the tree, the hounds all torn up bloody in the snow. Wolfs got 'em. :)

    They hate dogs, among other living things. And they ran the lobos out of Idaho.

    Cute little suckers when they are young, though.

    That's all.


  11. Buffett is full of shit, a lousy judge of men's sportswear but the maestro of financial manipulation at taxpayers expense:

    Buffet leveraged the financial crisis in 2008 to make beneficial investments buffered by tax payer money, a lot of it, over $26 billion of Berkshire's money is invested in eight different financial institutions that have benefitted from the largesse in the form of TARP and FDIC's debt guarantee program.

    While he talks bullshit about his personal tax rate being too low, he has no qualms about using the money of lesser mortals further down the tax food chain, and actively encouraged the bailout by the government. When Obama wanted to levy a bank tax to recover tax-payer money, Warren demurred.

    He is a dick.

  12. It's about money for the biologists and Fish and
    Game, I grant you that, nitwit.

    And foolishness, inexplicable from an intelligent guy like deuce (we all have our blind spots), understandable from you, and crazed enviros.

    I don't want to exterminate the wolfs, I just want them really under control.

    Buffet may be a dick, but
    Bill at least created something to get his.


  13. Psychologically speaking, money is just shit anyway, some kinda anal retentive fantasy, with everyone dreaming the same bad dream together.

    Love's Body by Norman O Brown is a good book.

    My breakfast has arrived.


  14. Sure, it is all about the dogs and the kitties.

    Last year, In "humane" shelters alone, approximately 3-4 million cats and dogs were euthanized. They are usually buried in masse or incinerated.

    The few dogs eaten by wolves, were eaten alfresco. Perhaps you see the difference. Just as you crave elk, they crave dog, literally dog-food.

    By coincidence the European explorers Lewis and Clark also had a fondeness for eating dog and actively sought them out from the Indians.

  15. Breakfast, that means something. You can't live without some of that.


  16. Dick or not he still has balls wearing that shirt in public.

  17. Good man - Bad wolf, either way the dog takes it in the neck.

  18. Mel, you would never let your man leave the house like that would you?

  19. I'll change, and order dog, like a

    It's the kids I'm worried about. They can have most of the dogs, except mine, if I had one.

    We are the dumbest predators on earth, giving away the elk to our competitors the wolfs.

    What plastic minds we have.


  20. The cruelty of trying to retain consistent indignity!

  21. The outfitter, one assumes, has guns.

    If he fears for the safety of his children, they should not be left alone, on the side of the road.
    Especially in rural areas, where wolves roam free.

    Since the numbers of wolves legally taken does not even approach the number of permits available, it is obvious that this is a "manufactured crisis", on the part of the Idaho government and the wackos on the "right".

  22. It does look like sperm.


  23. Have you considered the possibility that the elk may have different ideas about their being yours?

    Let me think like an elk for a second: hmmm would I rather have a sniper take me down or have a running chance of avoiding a wolf?

  24. I would wager that there have been more children lost, to human predators, in Idaho, than to wolves.

    More children lost in auto accidents involving illegal potato pickers than to wolves.

    To stem illegal migrants:
    Boycott Idaho Potatos

  25. They are very hard to hunt up there, moron. It's timbered, and steep, and stuff.

    Fish and Game hired a couple pros to shoot 20 or so, they came back with 2. They said, "It's hard to hunt up there."

    No shit.

    I coulda told them that.

    Try it sometime, if you don't believe me.


  26. Save the children of Idaho

    Boycott Idaho Potatoes!

  27. I'd rather have a sniper take me down.

    From over 16,000 to under 2,000.

    I'd take my chances with the hunters.

    They have bag limits, and an interest in keeping the herd up in numbers. In the lottery of all that is for them, they are much better, much much better off with the tenderer mercies of the two legs.

    Besides your antlers, if you have any, might end up over some fireplace. You might attain a kind of semi-immortality this way, and people would go "ahh, what antlers."

    My dog meat is here.


  28. .

    Jeez dwr, first you give us a story that was dreamed up by a "hunting outfitter", the kind of guy leading the protests over wolves, a guy who has a big finacial interest in the debate, the only guy that saw the wolves.

    Then you come up with story told to you third hand about a cougar, some hounds, and a pack of wolves no one actually saw.

    You'll pardon me if I ask if you and the realtor weren't swapping tall tales over a few brewskis.


  29. If my man wore a shirt like that I would ship him to Idaho, and tell him to stand and wait for the school bus.

    First I would tell him to eat shit and die. Then I would wish him luck.

  30. Obviously, if the country is so tough that professional hunters cannot fulfill their contract, there are not many children in that area, of Idaho.

    Another proof that this is a "manufactured issue" with little real substance.

  31. That old consistency issue rears its ugly head again.

  32. Donald Trump, whose ego is even bigger than his poofy combover. He has stomped onto the GOP tundra, crashing through all the namby-pamby pseudo-candidates too frightened to criticize Mr. Obama for skyrocketing gas prices, trillion-dollar deficits, or even declaring war without congressional approval.

    The Donald absolutely killed at the Conservative Political Action Conference last month with non-campaign-tested verbiage like this: “I love this country, but this country is going to hell. I would run a great, great country. This country will be great again. It is not great right now. We have huge deficits, we have huge unemployment, we have huge problems. And we’re not respected. We’re not respected in the world. The world laughs at us. They won’t be laughing if I’m president.”…

    ...Mr. Trump is doing the one thing all the other candidates are terrified of: Going straight at Mr. Obama. He doesn’t believe the oft-repeated claim by the MSM that Mr. Obama is “unbeatable” in 2012. He doesn’t think Mr. Obama is the greatest orator since Cicero (you don’t see Mr. Trump with a teleprompter). And he thinks voters will understand when he lays out the complexities that America now faces.

    For those GOPers huddled and shivering in the wings, take note. Americans hate timidity - and they hate being talked down to, lied to. Fail to heed Mr. Trump, and you’ll find yourself stumping for him next fall.

  33. .

    The following is a comment from dwr's post on the Idaho legislature declaring a disaster emergancy (that's right it said a 'disaster emergancy') over the wolves.

    From Luke,

    I have hunted my whole life and I have seen 1st hand what the wolves do to the elk herds. up to the year 2000 we had an awesome overwintering elk population north of warm lake. That area is a prime overwintering area. We could go any day and see 250 to 350 head of elk during the spring and not afraid of us at all....

    ...spring 2006. We saw a whopping 5 elk during a five day hike. they see movement and run like a bat out of hell.

    So not only are the wolves hard to spot, but now even the elk have wised up and are actually avoiding the hunters.

    Life is hard.


  34. Warren Buffet's income is in the "Billions/Yr," and yet his Effective Tax Rate is 17.2%

    He makes his money by investing in companies like GE that made $14 Billion ($5 Billion in the U.S.) and paid No Taxes.

    Not only that, but, Now that Profit is locked up Overseas, and will stay there to be Invested "There."

    His shirt be damned, and him too, But This Stinks.

  35. This ain't no way to "run a railroad."

  36. Deuce said...

    "Something Doug would wear."

    Every time I look in the mirror it reminds me of how green w/envy you fuckers are wrt those of us w/the really big bucks and the heart to share with the less fortunate.

  37. "He makes his money by investing in companies like GE that made $14 Billion ($5 Billion in the U.S.) and paid No Taxes."


    Tell me, Mr. GOP Basher:

    Is Jeffie Imelt best buds w/Obama or Boehner?

  38. Deuce said...
    It looks like lost sperm caught in toxic green pre-ejaculent.


    That's almost as disgusting as Andy Dick relating how he kept thinking something just didn't smell right from the lady he was going down on only to discover one week on that she had forgotten a tampax somewhere.

    He discovered it and found it to be BLACK!

  39. Doug, I've been a "Republican" my entire adult life. That's why I'm so Goddamned mad at them.

    I don't expect a hell of a lot from the Dems, but I do expect a lot from my own family. I supported Bush all the way, and he damned near let the Wall St/K St crowd put us into a Worldwide Depression. I am pissed.

    I won't be through being pissed for a long damned time.

  40. In the meantime if I hear one more of these Goddamned Republican, talking head genii say, "We don't have a Revenue Problem" one more time I'll probably put a .45 round right through the fucking TV.

  41. Well Melody at least can get to the heart of the issue about bus stops.

    If you want to off someone, park em' there.

    Does The Donald have a wig, or no?

    My wife and I got in a big argument about this. She is now a Trumper, and I said 'that bald ass?"

    Rat you moron, Kamiah is right on the edge of what used to be the best elk country. Rough yes.

    I simply dispair over Quirk, so no reply.

    And what do illegal aliens and car crashes have to do with anything but illegal aliens and car crashes?

    I leave the issue.


  42. Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
    i think so hun either that r he pends along time doing a comb over lol nooo im certain it is a wig hope that helps xxx


  43. ‘Easter eggs' reportedly renamed ‘spring spheres' at Seattle public school
    Thomas Lifson
    The educrats strike again, and make themselves look ridiculous again, according to a 16 year old student identified only as Jessica, who volunteered to do a project at a local elementary school, supplying plastic eggs filled with jellybeans. From

    "I went to the teacher to get her approval and she wanted to ask the administration to see if it was okay," Jessica explained. "She said that I could do it as long as I called this treat 'spring spheres.' I couldn't call them Easter eggs."

    Rather than question the decision, Jessica opted to "roll with it." But the third graders had other ideas.

    "When I took them out of the bag, the teacher said, 'Oh look, spring spheres' and all the kids were like 'Wow, Easter eggs.' So they knew," Jessica said.

    If this story is true, as recounted by Jessica, it takes political correctness to a new height of absurdity.


  44. "I supported Bush all the way, and he damned near let the Wall St/K St crowd put us into a Worldwide Depression. "


    How did Bush do that?

  45. We don't have a Revenue Problem" one more time I'll probably put a .45 round right through the fucking TV.

    There is no shortage of revenue.

    Please refrain from shooting THRU a tv, please use a hollow point.

    Remember always KNOW where your ROUND will end up...

    Safety First

  46. Bob says to Bob, Bob, you shouldn't be showing them this sent from your wife -

    Posted on April 2, 2011 at 5:48 PM

    LA GRANDE, Ore. (AP) — A taste for winter wheat has killed about 250 young elk in Eastern Oregon.

    The Observer newspaper in La Grande reports the elk died because they had gorged themselves on winter wheat for months, and their digestive systems cannot break it down and absorb its nutrients.

    As a result, some died from starvation despite plenty of food. Most of the others likely died from disease after they were weakened by poor nutrition and other factors that compromised their immune systems.

    Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists say elk find winter wheat especially tasty from December through February when almost all the forage available is hard and cured. Once elk discover a winter wheat field, they just keep on eating.

    Damned farmers may be worse than the wolfs. It's possible though the field had been sprayed recently with some mean herbicide cause I've never heard of such a thing before. I doubt the Oregon Fish and Game is any better than ours. Gut full of wheat = the wheat done it, they conclude.


  47. Please refrain from shooting THRU a tv, please use a hollow point.


    A man after my own heart.


  48. Trump: Obama Is to Blame For High Oil Prices...
    'I'm His Worst Nightmare'...
    'I believe in God. I am Christian'...

    The Donald is hitting all the right buttons.

    "I'm a Christian" ---He's a...a...dare I say it?...a muslim.

    And a foreign born one at that.....


  49. You guys know no more about the elk, cattle and wolf situation in Idaho (or anywhere else for that matter), then those nitwits inside the beltway.

    Googling a subject does not make you an expert on it.

  50. What Deuce said (about Trump).

    sorry folks, getting caught up on my lurking. I've been out hunting wolves.

  51. You guys know no more about the elk, cattle and wolf situation in Idaho (or anywhere else for that matter), then those nitwits inside the beltway.

    An opinion on the knowledge of the bar but hardly helpful in the discussion on wolves and elk in Idaho since it offers no information or opinion on the subject at hand.


  52. Deuce is a Call of the Wild Kinda-guy.

    I get what it means to be a lone wolf.

    I love the story of the independence of a soldier and a hunter, deadly devoted to his clan, who can eak out a living off the land, with no weapons, no shelter, in any kind of terrain and weather. A soldier and entrepreneur that needs nothing but his wits strength and endurance to survive, thrive and provide for his own. Fearless when called for and smart enough to get out of dodge when the shit hits the fan.

    I always loved this story:

    "Buck, a Saint Bernard shepherd dog, lives a comfortable life in the Santa Clara Valley with his owner, Judge Miller. One day, Manuel, the Judge's gardener's assistant, steals Buck and sells him in order to pay a gambling debt. Buck is shipped to Alaska and sold to a pair of French Canadians named Francois and Perrault, who were impressed with his physique. They train him as a sled dog, and he quickly learns how to survive the cold winter nights and the pack society by observing his teammates. He and the vicious, quarrelsome lead dog, Spitz, develop a rivalry. Buck eventually bests Spitz in a major fight, and after Spitz is defeated, the other dogs close in, killing him. Buck then becomes the leader of the team.

    Eventually, Buck is sold to a man named Charles, his wife, Mercedes, and her brother, Hal, who know nothing about sledding nor surviving in the Alaskan wilderness. They struggle to control the sled and ignore warnings not to travel during the spring melt. They first overfeed the dogs, then when their food supply starts running out, they do not feed them at all. As they journey on, they run into John Thornton, an experienced outdoorsman who notices that all of the sled dogs are in terrible shape from the ill treatment of their handlers. Thornton warns the trio against crossing the river, but they refuse to listen and order Buck to mush or move on. Exhausted, starving, and sensing the danger ahead, Buck refuses and continues to lay in the snow not moving except for breathing and blinking. After being beaten by Hal, Thornton recognizes him as a remarkable dog and is disgusted by the driver's beating of the dog. Thornton cuts him free from his traces and tells the trio he's keeping him, much to Hal's displeasure. After some argument, the trio leaves and tries to cross the river, but as Thornton warned, the ice gives way and the three fall into the river along with the neglected dogs and sled.

    As Thornton nurses Buck back to health, Buck comes to love him and grows devoted to him. Buck saves Thornton when the man falls into a river. Thornton then takes him on trips to pan for gold. During one such trip, a man makes a wager with Thornton over Buck's strength and devotion. Buck wins the bet by breaking a half-ton sled out of the frozen ground, then pulling it 100 yards by himself, winning over a thousand dollars in gold dust. Thornton and his friends return to their camp and continue their search for gold, while Buck begins exploring the wilderness around them and begins socializing with a wolf from a local pack. One night, he returns from a short hunt to find his beloved master and the others in the camp have been killed by a group of Yeehat Indians. Buck eventually kills the Indians to avenge Thornton. After realizing his old life is a thing of the past, Buck follows the wolf into the forest and answers the call of the wild.

  53. .

    I'm a Call of the Wild Turkey kind of guy, but you gotta love Jack London.


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  55. Good on ya Gag. The wolf hunting is good out here now. Come on out. Chance of a lifetime.

    I thought, what kind of woman would dump her man off at a rural Idaho bus stop at the mercy of the wolfs just because he came home once wearing a puke green shirt that looked like he just got out of the sperm bank?

    So, I asked my wife of course, "What would you do if I came home wearing a puke green shirt that looked like I just got out of the sperm bank."

    "I'd dump you off at one of those dangerous bus stops you're always talking about and be hoping the wolfs have a feast on you not the kids."


  56. A soldier and entrepreneur that needs nothing but his wits strength and endurance to survive, thrive and provide for his own.

    Fantasy looloo land.

    One man alone ain't got no chance. Ernesto Hemingway

    But makes for good reverie when riding in the boring back of a limo.

    Even the mountain men trappers of old had to come into market.

    And the farmers need a wife to put the damned hitch pin in.

    And a banker, and a fertilizer dealer, and a machine shop, and fuel and seed and and and


  57. The wolf is: "A soldier and entrepreneur". Not me!!!

  58. Well, you were a soldier and are an entrepreneur. :)

    But I see your point. But the fact is the wolves always hunt in packs.

    The solitary noble cougar might make a better subject for going it alone.

    Guy my realtor friend knew was up in the Snake River Canyon where there are quite a few big caves. So he thought I quess I'll climb up there. Enters this big walk in cave with a flashlight and GGGRRRRRR!!

    Solitary cougar, big too.

    Backed out, heart rate rising, that was all that happened.


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