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Monday, April 25, 2011

National Labor Relations Board sues Boeing

The Post and Courier, Charleston, S.C.

April 21--File // Leroy Burnell // The Post and Courier

The National Labor Relations Board is seeking a court order that would require Boeing to maintain its second 787 assembly line in the Pacific Northwest, not at the plant going up in North Charleston.


Boeing Co.'s $750 million aircraft plant in North Charleston is at the heart of a growing labor rift pitting the aerospace giant against one of its biggest unions and now a federal agency.

The National Labor Relations Board sued the company Wednesday, saying Boeing shifted some of its 787 Dreamliner production to South Carolina partly to retaliate against the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers for past strikes in Washington state.

The NLRB is seeking a court order that would require Boeing to maintain its second 787 assembly line in the Pacific Northwest, an IAMAW stronghold. If successful, that could stop Boeing from building the plane in North Charleston.

Boeing said Thursday that it plans to "vigorously contest" the lawsuit. A hearing has been scheduled for June 14 in Seattle.

"This claim is legally frivolous and represents a radical departure from both NLRB and Supreme Court precedent," said J. Michael Luttig, Boeing's general counsel.

The lawsuit alleges that the company engaged in unfair labor practices in 2009 when it picked Charleston International Airport as the site of its second 787 assembly plant rather than expand its existing, unionized Dreamliner factory in Everett, Wash.

Employees at the North Charleston plant, which is scheduled to open this summer and manufacture three of the jets a month by 2013, are not represented by a union.

The NLRB said its lawsuit is limited to 787 production, and that it is not seeking to block other airplanes from being made at the site.

The federal agency's court filing stems from a complaint filed in March 2010 by the IAMAW, which engaged in five strikes against Boeing between 1977 and 2008. The NLRB said its investigation found "reasonable cause" to believe the company violated two sections of the National Labor Relations Act.

Specifically, Boeing officials had made "coercive statements" to its unionized employees starting in 2009 that the company would shift or had shifted production work away from the Puget Sound area because of labor walkouts, the federal agency said.

According to the lawsuit, Boeing did so out of "a desire to retaliate for past strikes and chill future strike activity."

"A worker's right to strike is a fundamental right guaranteed by the National Labor Relations Act," NLRB acting general counsel Lafe Solomon said in statement Wednesday. "We also recognize the rights of employers to make business decisions based on their economic interests, but they must do so within the law."

Solomon said he has encouraged the union and Boeing to settle their differences out of court, "and my door remains open to that possibility."

Boeing said it had met with IAMAW officials about keeping the second 787 line in the Puget Sound area but was unable to strike a deal.

It also said it had "every right" under federal law and its collective bargaining agreement with the union to build additional U.S. production capacity outside of its longtime manufacturing base in Washington state.

"Boeing has made it clear that none of the production jobs created in South Carolina has come at the expense of jobs in Puget Sound and that not a single union member has been adversely affected," the company said.

"In fact, IAM employment in Puget Sound has increased by approximately 2,000 workers since the decision to expand in South Carolina was made in October 2009."

Boeing also was critical of the timing of the lawsuit, which was filed nearly a year and a half after the North Charleston investment was announced.

The NLRB complaint drew harsh responses from South Carolina elected officials.

"This is one of the worst examples of unelected bureaucrats doing the bidding of special interest groups that I've ever seen," U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican, said in a statement. "In this case, the NLRB is doing the bidding of the unions at great cost to South Carolina and our nation's economy."

Republican Gov. Nikki Haley, who is being sued separately by the IAMAW for vowing to keep unions out of the Boeing plant, called the labor organization "meddlesome" and "self-serving."

"This bullying will not be tolerated in South Carolina," Haley said in prepared remarks.

The IAMAW said that before Boeing announced its North Charleston plant, it offered the company an "unprecedented 11-year agreement" that would have given the company the "labor peace" it claimed it needed.

Since then, it said, Boeing "hasn't been willing to have any serious conversations about its future in Puget Sound."

"I'm ready to have that conversation," said Tom Wroblewski, president of union's District Lodge 751 in Seattle. "We need to sit down and talk about our shared future, and what both sides need to be successful long-term. That kind of conversation is what's in the best interest of our company, our members and our communities."


  1. "The NLRB said its lawsuit is limited to 787 production, and that it is not seeking to block other airplanes from being made at the site."


    You guys can just change out the factory, OK?

  2. The unions with the help of their administration aim to stop those hillbillies/southerners from building airplanes in that solar powered plant?

    So now the administration intends to inform private companies where they can build their manufacturing facilities.

  3. Of course, it goes to the Ninth Circuit. Jeez.

    This is the worst abuse of government power I've ever seen in the U.S.

  4. This is stunning. Some of these agencies need to be shut down. There is no reform possible of such monstrosities.

  5. Just when I thought the current team running the White House might have used up all its allotted mistakes comes word that President Obama failed to issue either an Easter or a Good Friday greeting to the nation.

    Now, let’s forget for a moment that these greetings, which presidents issue on many holidays and commemorations of events, are largely perfunctory and symbolic gestures that nobody cares about.

    Until there’s a problem with them.

    Fox News first caught the blunder and put it into context that makes the omission insulting to Christians. The mistake is odd enough to call into question just what Obama’s priorities are.

    By comparison, the White House has released statements recognizing the observance of major Muslim holidays and released statements in 2010 on Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hajj, and Eid-ul-Adha.

    The White House . . . did release an eight-paragraph statement heralding Earth Day. Likewise, the president’s weekend address mentioned neither Good Friday or Easter.

  6. "So now the administration intends to inform private companies where they can build their manufacturing facilities."

    Ex post facto, no less:

    Employees at the North Charleston plant, which is scheduled to open this summer and manufacture three of the jets a month by 2013, are not represented by a union.

    Boeing also was critical of the timing of the lawsuit, which was filed nearly a year and a half after the North Charleston investment was announced.

  7. Like Babs Boxer and Feinstein and Company in California turning off the water to orchards and crops in full production:

    "Tough shit, boys,
    you're done.

  8. Beautiful :)

    Obama's Birth Certificate Opens a Twitter Account

    Following Malcolm X, The Communist Party, Bill Ayers

    Gotta love it.

  9. Anyone notice the death toll in Syria lately and how Obama is almost completely SILENT?

    Tanks being used on civilians....

    on purpose...

    But let's not forget the real VILLAN in the middle east?

    Israel, they build HOUSING for their ingathering of refugees...

  10. The NLRB is a government funded union thuggery.

  11. The Syrians government is many things, but not a client of the United States.
    Thus, Israel is held to a different standard than those States that are listed as State Sponsors of Terror.

    If some posters wish to claim an equivalency, between Israel and Syria, well, that's their business.

    For the United States, though, there is a difference.
    About $4 billion USD worth of loan guarantees and forgiveness, just to start.

  12. On the other hand the US has subsidized Boeing's development of the 787, to the tune of over:

    In its WTO case against the US, the EU is challenging various US Federal, State and local subsidies benefiting Boeing, totalling USD $23.7 billion in WTO-inconsistent subsidies over the past two decades and up to 2024.

    Boeing is not an independent operator, not with the amount of subsidy it receives from the Federals. Now, if Boeing wants that Federal money, it should play by the Federal rules.

  13. Tens of billions of dollars in subsidies and yet the management of Boeing claims the "right" to independence from Federal meddling.

    Comical performance.

  14. Airbus got larger subsidies, dickweed.

  15. STUNNING VIDEO: German Woman Confronts Radical Muslims: ‘Never Again! I Am Ashamed! … Rise Up, Germany!

    Eric Dondero obtained and translated this video from Frankfurt, Germany , in which a woman encountered a group of Muslim men who were evidently engaged in hateful anti-Jewish rhetoric. She decided she had to speak out:

    “Never again! Never again! I am ashamed that he is allowed to speak here. I feel ashamed! I am German, and I am so sorry that someone like him can stand here and speak like Hitler!

    I am so ashamed!
    Where is everybody?

    Why are people not standing up in this country of ours?
    Why are you all keeping your mouths shut?

    Do you want Germany to be like those countries from which they all came? Do you really want that?

    You have to speak out! . . .

    Germany, you have to rise! Rise up, Germany!”

  16. "Now, if Boeing wants that Federal money, it should play by the Federal rules."

    Heil Hitler!

  17. If you take the Mortgage deduction you should worship The Won,
    Barrack Huesein Obama.

    I mean...!!!

    PBUH !!!

  18. All the looters standing in line, with their hands out, while attempting to reject the oversight that goes hand in hand with the Federal welfare payments.

    This is true amongst a sizable portion of the individuals, corporations and foreign States that receive such largess.
    As the Federals attempt to choose the "winners".

  19. Airbus?

    This is a domestic labor and production issue, dougo.

    Has little to do with the Airbus, except to document the amount of Federal subsidies Boeing has received.

    You do not dispute that the Federals have given Boeing tens of billions of USD. That is what gives the Federals their "right" to inject themselves in Boeing's management.

    There is no disputing the subsidies that the Europeons have given the Airbus, but that is not germane to the US labor dispute.

  20. Rat would rather have four year old's molested than to profile Muslims.

    It's their duty as Federal Serfs.

  21. I'd have to see how they arrived at that $23 B number.

    I gotta go against you on this one, Rat. You just can't have the government telling a business where they have to locate. You just can't have it.

    The nlrb doesn't have a chance when it gets to the supremes.

  22. You are not germane to rational discussion.

  23. The US has paid for their "influence peddling", the Boeing boys being forced to produce what they were paid for, jobs in the Pacific Northwest.

  24. This is just pure "electioneering." The Dems know they have no chance of carrying South Carolina, so they'll make damned sure they carry Washington State.

  25. I advocate for boycotting air travel, dougo.

    See the USA in a Chevrolet!

    We do need to help out the labor force, in Silao and Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.

  26. This encounter apparently was connected to a Muslim rally in Frankfurt called “Islam, the Misunderstood Religion,” which was addressed by a Jamaican-Canadian imam
    who advocates sharia law,
    including the stoning of homosexuals.

    ...and all us apostates who do not bow to Rat's Federales.

  27. Oh, the places you'll misunderstand Islam!

    Jamaican-born, Canadian-raised jihad preacher ordered to leave Germany
    You can't make this stuff up:

    "Philips, who was born in Jamaica and raised in Canada, spoke in Frankfurt earlier this week on the subject 'Islam, the Misunderstood Religion'."

    "Islamist preacher ordered to leave Germany,"

    from Deutsche Presse-Agentur, April 21 (thanks to Josephine):

    A radical Muslim preacher has been ordered by German authorities to depart the country immediately. The move comes after he attended an Islamist rally in Frankfurt that took place despite the objections of city leaders.
    Citing security concerns, the authorities said if he doesn’t depart on his own, he could be arrested and forcibly deported.

    Pure Naziism,
    We must follow our Federal Masters and not follow these German Traitors.

  28. If there is an agreement and understanding prior to Boeing receiving money from the Feds that upon receiving that money, The Feds decide when and where to build airplanes, then I would agree with you, Rat.

    Can anyone produce that document?

    People on welfare and food stamps are not told where to live and where to shop.

  29. The post 11SEP01 Federal policy, towards Islam and airport profiling, dougo, was designed, developed and instituted by Republicans.

    The current Head of the TSA, a Bush era FBI man, John Pistole. Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation - 2004–2010

  30. Nevermind Representational Government…

    Emotional Congressman Demands Obama Use Executive Power or Latinos Won’t Vote for Him;

    Urges Use of Homeland Security Memo as Cover to Decree Immigration Reform

  31. I just wasn’t cut out to be a Chinese Tiger Mom. I’m more of an Irish Setter Dad. Here are some of the things my daughters, Muffin and Poppet, and my son, Buster, were never allowed to do:

    • go to Mass naked

    • attend a sleepover at Charlie Sheen’s house

    • mix Daddy a martini using sweet vermouth

    • play the violin within earshot of me

    Have you ever heard a kid learning to play the violin? A cat in the microwave is nothing to it. And let me add an addendum to the things my children were never allowed to do​—​put a cat in the microwave. I’m not saying it didn’t happen; I’m just saying they weren’t allowed to do it.

    Tiger Moms? PJ O'Rourke is more of an Irish Setter Dad.

  32. Bush enabled his lover to unjustly jail Hispanic border patrol agents for doing their job.

    Bush headed the Federal Government.

    We MUST follow his acolytes!

    Onward Federal Soldiers!


  33. I would say, gag, that generations of Congressmen and Senators from Washington thought they had an "understanding" with Boeing management.

    Whether or not that "understanding" was committed to writing, and thus legally binding, doubtful.

    rufus is correct when he calls this "Electioneering".
    Whether or not he is correct in his assessment of how the Supremes will interpret the NSLB, I take no position on.

    It's only natural, you know.
    They'd tell me I have no standing, regardless.

  34. doug, you claim that there is a difference 'tween the GOP and the DEMS.
    While at the same time telling us that the Republican policies, pursued by DEMS, must be rejected as NAZIism.

    There are the Federals, and the rest of US.

    Glad you are coming around to the "right" way of thinking. Slow as it is.

  35. I gotta admit to a little "emotionalism," there. I doubt my track record has been all that stellar when it comes to predicting "El Supremo" decisions.

  36. It'll be years, in any case; so, I think I'll take a nap. Wake me when they "decide."

  37. "Buster, age 7, is a master of passive resistance who can turn staying up past his bedtime into Tahrir Square. He could hire himself out as a civil disobedience coach to Mahatma -Gandhi and Martin Luther King, if they weren’t dead.

    Poppet, 10, is a persuasive saleswoman, not to say charming con artist, who can hand you a sheet of black construction paper with a hole in it and convince you it’s a science project on collapsed super-novas.

    And Muffin, 13, has her own .410 shotgun and knows how to use it.

    Try your Chinese Tiger Mom stuff on my kids.

    Both PJ's and Tiger Mom's kids became more rebelious according to birth order.

    I was number 3 out of three...

    Got any siblings, and if so where did you stand in line?

    My Guess is Rat was number one from the way he worships Rockyfeller.

  38. I never supported Bush's Nazi ways wrt the border and illegals when he was in office, Rat.

    You were here, you must know that unless you forgat.

  39. I said Cuomo, Democrat, is different than, and better, than Bloomberg and Arnold the Guvernator.

    You argue there is no difference.

    I stand by my pov over yours.

  40. That German woman, more proof that most of the balls now rest in their court in our postmodern age.

  41. Doug - don't you know this rat character will always support Obama; 90% and all.

    Of course what he doesn't mention is that federal subsidies are monies collected via taxes.

    Federal equates to... what Obama wants from the perspective of the entitlement mentality.

  42. Professor Landis goes revolutionary!

    Quelling the Revolt: Will the Opposition Take up Arms?

    Bashar al-Assad is determined to quell the Syrian revolt, which is why he has sent in the military with tanks and is now arresting the network of opposition activists and leaders that his intelligence agencies have been able to track.

    There is an element of “shock and awe” to the operation. Tanks are clearly not useful for suppressing an urban rebellion, but they demonstrate the superior firepower of the state and the determination of the president. It is a classic military strategy – go hard and quick. Take out the opposition before t has a chance to harden and develop a durable command a reliable cell structure. This is precisely what the US military tried to do in Iraq. It is what it failed to do in Libya, when it allowed Qaddafi to regroup and regain control of Tripoli and Western Libya after his initial confusion and weakness.

    I do not believe that the regime will be able to shut down the opposition. Unlike the Iranian opposition, which was successfully put down, the Syrian opposition is more revolutionary, even if, perhaps, not as numerous in the capital. The Green movement did not call for the overthrow of the regime and an end to the Islamic republic, but only reform. The Syrian opposition is revolutionary. Although it began by calling for reform, it quickly escalated to demand an end to the regime. It is convinced that reform of the Baathist regime is impossible and Syria must start over. It wants an end to the Baath Party, an end to Assad dynasty, an end to domination of the presidency and security forces by the Alawite religious community, and an end to the domination of the economy by the financial elite which has used nepotism, insider trading, and corruption to monopolize the ramparts of trade and industry. In short, the opposition abhors most aspects of the present regime and is working to uproot it. It is more determined and revolutionary than was the Iranian Green movement that Ahmadinejad and Ali Khamenei successfully suppressed.

  43. Doug - don't you know this rat character will always support Obama; 90% and all.


    I've always tilted at windmills for fun.

    Never profit, unfortunately.

  44. Anon,

    Barry's latest on campaign finance may be the worst yet...

    Don't have time right now, but it might be the most blatent thuggery yet employed to support the Unions to support him.


    It's stories like this that make my day in the morning. Just what they deserve.


  46. .

    Rufus get's his worst nightmare.

    Hundreds killed in inter-faith fighting in Nigeria.

    Seems the man declared president is a Christian. However, the Muslims in the north don't like that. They feel cheated. The new president replaces a Muslim that died in office. Since the Muslim wasn't able to complete his term, the Muslim population is rising up demanding that a Muslim replace him.

    Oh, by the way, they are also demanding that the constitution be dumped and that Sharia law be instituted.

    And thus it goes for democracy in Muslim nations. "You want democracy? Sure. No problem. As long as it is under our rules."

    Religious fundamentalism has been the biggest problem the world has faced for millenium.


  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. 2nd out of 2, Doug.

    But, I wuz a paragon of virtue, moderation, and obedience.

  49. kind to children, and old ladies

  50. Never, ever shot a frog out of a piece of pipe with a cherry bomb.

  51. No, Q, "My" worst nightmare is Rufus getting killed in Sectarian fighting.

  52. .

    No, Q, "My" worst nightmare is Rufus getting killed in Sectarian fighting.

    Don't vist Dearborn.


  53. Quirk, have you or have you not killed mice with D-con?

    You've avoided the question too long.

    I recall some big disputes with Boeing when I was in Seattle. Fianlly moved the headquarters to somewhere back in the midwest. This stuff has been going on a long time. I don't follow it much.

    Went to a EENT doc in Pullman. I'm suppossed to get a file and file down a little chip in a tooth that's been irritating my tonque. See if that helps. But, Rufus, it may still be cancer so you still might get your wish. If the file don't work, I get a biopsy in two weeks. A doc with the army for a long time, in Germany same time as my brother, he was telling me about the gangs in Spokane. Hispanic I ask? Yep, some skinheads too. He seemed to know all about the Spokane gangs, how I know not. I think he exaggerates. If not, it's a new surge upwards in gang activity there, as far as I've ever heard.


  54. .

    Quirk, have you or have you not killed mice with D-con?

    Poison is for pussies.

    We've got a cat we inherited when my mother-in-law died. She's getting a little long in the tooth; but my dog is a ratter.

    What the cat doesn't get the dog does.

    Poison. Sounds like something a woman would use. The Lucrezia Borgia of Ideeho perhaps.


  55. Somebody click on that link

    (and come back and tell us if your computer's still working.)

    Go on, Doug; you know you want to.

  56. Lucretia Borgia is also the name Buffalo Bill gave to his .50caliber buffalo rifle.

  57. I knew if I hung around here long enough I was bound to learn something useful, eventually. :)

  58. Or Livia.


    But it works good and you don't have to feed it.


  59. Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Paramo, a member of the European Central Bank's executive board, warned on Tuesday a restructure would be "quite likely more devastating" than the fall of investment bank Lehman Brothers, which precipitated the financial crisis.

    Portugal also disappointed as Eurostat confirmed the figure out from Lisbon at the weekend that upped its 2010 deficit to 9.1pc of GDP, compared to earlier estimates it hwill it its 7.3pc target for the year.

    Separately, an auction of Spanish debt caused comment as six-month bonds were sold with an average yield above 1.8pc, half a percentage point higher than at a sale last month. "There is little scope for further such increases in short-dated funding costs before the market begins to get spooked over Spanish contagion," said Richard McGuire, a rate strategist at Rabobank.

    Bond Flight

  60. Separately, revisions to past years to comply with the EU agency's accounting methods added some €4bn to Britain’s reported deficits over the past four years.

    Aside from the bald debt and deficit figures, the UK's situation is strengthened by the fact that much British sovereign debt is long-term, which means the UK does not have to raise huge sums of money imminently.

    A Treasury source argued that it was "thanks to the action the Coalition has taken" - the £110bn austerity programme - that the interest rates the UK pays on its debt are comparable with those of Germany, the eurozone's economic powerhouse.

    Budget Deficit

  61. When you bite the head off a living rat, then I'll think of you as one of my farm crew, Quirk.


  62. Biggest euro deficits:

    1. Ireland
    2. Greece
    3. UK

  63. Oil slipped after the chief executive of Saudi Arabia's state oil company expressed fears that high oil prices could strangle economic activity.

  64. Barack Obama came to Washington just six years ago, having spent his professional life as a part-time lawyer, part-time law professor, and part-time state legislator in Illinois. As an undergraduate, he took courses in history and international relations, but neither his academic life nor his work in Springfield gave him an especially profound grasp of foreign affairs.


    Obama entered the Senate in 2005, at a moment of passionate foreign-policy debate within the Democratic Party. The invasion of Iraq was seen as interventionism executed under false pretenses and with catastrophic consequences.


    In the end, Barack Obama overcame Hillary Clinton’s campaign warnings that he was too callow, too na├»ve about dealing with rogue regimes, too untested to respond to the “3 A.M.” emergencies from all corners of the globe. Obama entered the White House at a moment of radical transition in global politics, and one of his most significant appointments was Clinton as his Secretary of State.

    The Consequentialist

  65. Somebody click on that link

    (and come back and tell us if your computer's still working.)

    Linux users shall fear no malware.

  66. Biggest euro deficits:

    1. Ireland
    2. Greece
    3. UK

    Neat trick, being as how the UK is not in the Eurozone.

  67. Dear Speaker Boehner, Senator Reid, Senator McConnell, and Representative Pelosi:

    I am writing to urge you to take immediate action to eliminate unwarranted tax breaks for the oil and gas industry, and to use those dollars to invest in clean energy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.


    And I hope we can all agree that, instead of continuing to subsidize yesterday’s energy sources, we need to invest in tomorrow’s. We need to invest in a 21st century clean energy economy that will keep America competitive.

    In the long term, that’s the answer. That’s the key to helping families avoid pain at the pump and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

    Oil Subsidies

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    i have to go now.

  70. I forget, Mellow-D she still number one here at bar. Maybe she read my palm.

    I have to go now.

  71. funny fellow, whoever he is. :)

  72. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  73. O come on, that was funny. That was all. You got no sense of humour.


  74. But maybe it's best you did.


  75. I did not like where it was going, and you know I am right.

  76. I was thinking about Thailand and Cambodia. The human race is ungovernable.
    Cambodia, that happy kingdom, killed 1/3 of their own folks. Some Khmer Rouge biggies are still, aging. You'd think they'd have more to do than getting into it with the Thais.

    And I make a prediction, Assad goes down, might take a while.


  77. Alright, I think you are.
    Thank you.

    Deuce, can't WiO have a place up there? Maybe you're trying to avoid trouble but he's been here forever and knows more than anyone on the middle east. Just sayin'


  78. No, Bob. He can't.

    You're about to get your ass canned, again.

  79. The unemployment rate, now 8.8 percent, will drop to 8.4 percent by December; average hourly pay will rise to exceed inflation; and consumer spending will grow 2.8 percent this year.

    Excluding food and energy prices, which tend to fluctuate, so-called core inflation is expected to amount to 1.7 percent this year. That’s within the range the Fed considers healthy.

    Still, depressed home prices are weighing on the economy.

    Recovery Strengthening

  80. THE consumer price index (CPI) rose by 1.6 per cent in Australia in the March quarter, for an annual inflation rate of 3.3 per cent, official data shows.


    Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in January showed the CPI rose by 0.4 per cent in the December quarter with annual rate of 2.7 per cent.


    The ABS calculates the trimmed mean and weighted median measures on behalf of the Reserve Bank (RBA), which uses them to gauge the underlying trend in inflation.

    Australian CPI

  81. Least I could actually understand the words of that, that last one you put up was just NOISE to me, but then I'm fifty percent down on one ear.

    My wife should have gone into medicine. I'm sure she was right, my tongue feels better already. Got a drill and drilled that little tip off. She could have been a dentist too. I'm starting to think my lady doctor has an overeaction to possible cancer. But, there's the lawyers, she's got to be careful.
    But now I have to go and have blood drawn tomorrow morning - a fasting blood draw - and I'm hungry. What this is about I'm not sure.

    But I do know I'd put my liver up against any of yours, cause mine is 100 percent. So there.

    When is the Atlas Shrugged post coming?



    Read you J Campbell, tis here, now, and later too.

    See: Apache Dog Shit Eating Ceremony


    I got to get up at styx oclock am.


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