“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Boycott Idaho Potatoes and Save the Wolf!

Save the Gray Wolf - Stop the Slaughter

* CALL THESE SENATORS and express your outrage over the game of chess Congress is playing with wolf lives.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Washington DC

522 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-3542
Fax: 202-224-7327
Toll Free for Nevadans:
1-866-SEN-REID (736-7343)

Fax: 1-415-956-6701

Fax: 1-202-224-4700

Fax: 1-202-228-2190

Fax: 1-202-228-4054

Fax: 1-202-224-1651

Fax: 1-202-228-0776

Fax: 1-202-228-6362

Fax: 1-202-228-3261

Fax: 1-202-228-3997

Fax: 1-202-228-0282

  • The WOLF CREDO is More Than You Expect from Gun-crazed Idahoans

    •Respect The Elders
    •Teach the Young
    •Cooperate With The Pack
    •Play When You Can
    •Hunt When You Must
    •Rest In-Between
    •Share your affections
    •Voice your feelings
    •Leave your mark.
    ......Del Goetz 1988



  1. Idaho has an estimated elk population of approximately 115,000. Each year the state issues about 6,000 non-resident elk hunting permits on a "first-come, first-served" basis. The state is divided into 29 elk hunting zones and the number of hunting permits varies by zone

    Over twice as many elk in Idaho than there are people in Elko County, Nevada.

    Obviously there are to many elk in Idaho, to many to maintain a viable, natural, population without Federal subsidy.

    The Federal land those elk are on, they are to unique to be used for just elk. There needs to be greater diversification of native species, there.

    How can we peserve our National Heritage if we slaaughter the wolves?

    Boycott Idaho potatoes until the slaughter of our wolves ends!

  2. “We think that there is a balance that will occur naturally between predators and native wildlife that are prey species. If the level of elk turns out to be lower or even significantly lower in some parts of the state that may be an outcome of a more natural process, and therefore much healthier.”

    Except, of course, to the Pagans and tree huggers that are worshiping at the alter of the elk.

  3. The problems that are facing the elk herd in the Lolo Management District are much greater than the wolves.

    Indeed the wolves are just the latest scapegoat for the decrease in the elk population, there.

    The Director of Idaho Fish & Game explains:

    The Lolo elk herd is in trouble. The latest counts put the herd at 2,178 with poor survival of the cows and calves needed to replenish the herd.

    Idaho Fish and Game is committed to saving the Lolo herd and keeping Idaho's other elk herds healthy.

    The elk situation in the Lolo elk management zone didn't happen overnight. The Lolo elk herd had glory days after major fires in the early 1900s created phenomenal elk habitat in the Clearwater Region. Elk numbers peaked at 16,000 in the 1980s. But re-growth of brush and forest turned great elk habitat into poor habitat. Predation by bears and mountain lions took its toll.

    Following the severe winter of 1996-1997, Lolo elk numbers dropped by nearly half. When the population didn't rebound, Idaho Fish and Game took aggressive steps. We drastically reduced hunter numbers, and ended all cow harvest. We increased bear and lion hunting opportunities to reduce predation. We worked with other partners to improve habitat. Elk numbers started increasing.
    Idaho began taking steps to reduce wolf numbers with its first regulated wolf hunt starting September 1, 2009. But hunters in the steep, brushy Lolo country have had limited success, taking just 11 wolves of the Lolo zone harvest limit of 27 to date.

  4. It is not the wolves that are keeping the elk numbers down, it is the flora of Idaho.

    To much land in alfalfa production, not enough left in its natural state.

    The problem in Idaho is not to many wolves, but to many people.

    Federal Land grants should be retroactively rescinded, to regain that elk habitat and save our national heritage.

  5. Rat now in favor of Federal Control of what should be privately owned land!

    Predators and humans are incompatible...
    sorry predators!

    Wolves are uniquely incompatible, given that they know both Worlds (ours and theirs) better than any other predators.

    Let the hunting begin!

  6. Picking winners and losers in nature is as stupid as picking winners and losers in tribal warfare, but that is not the issue. Idaho is indignant about wolves killing elk because they want the privilege of government sponsored elk kills. The wolves are too entrepreneurial for Idaho potato pickers.

  7. Glenn Beck says every family should have a twenty year supply of Idahoe Potatoes.
    ...or tubers, or...

  8. No mention of Domestic Animal slaughter, eh?

    Is the EB a Greenie Zone?

    Gaia bless you!

  9. (Reuters) - A federal judge on Saturday rejected a plan negotiated between the government and wildlife advocates to remove most wolves in the Northern Rockies from the Endangered Species List.

    Molloy ruled then that the government erred in lifting federal protections for wolves in Idaho and Montana while leaving them intact for wolves in neighboring Wyoming. He agreed with conservationists that the wolves in all three states were part of a single population that could not be treated separately under the Endangered Species Act.

  10. Outlaw cows, horses, and etc in Idahoe!

    Save the Wolves!

  11. Rat now in favor of Activist Judicial LawMAKING.

  12. ...FEDERAL Judicial Activism!

  13. No, doug, I merely believe that we should maintain the same set of standards.

    The objective of maintaining those Federal lands, I was told, was preservation of our national and natural heritage.

    The wolves are, without doubt, part of that natural, national heritage. As long as the Federals maintain those lands, as long as our heritage demands it, we must save those wolves.

  14. ...all red-blooded Americans favor dismantling the EPA.

    RIP Richard (Dick) Nixon

  15. Illegal Mexicans kill more Idahoans than wolves do, by far. Potato farmers need the illegals and there are so many farms in Idaho, that if there was a huge crackdown on illegals farmers would revolt. Idaho needs bette control on illegals and the farmers who hire them.

  16. Ok, let's introduce Wolves to Mustang Country.

    ...just to be fair to horse lovers.

  17. Not a problem, Deuce:
    Shoot to kill @the border, problem solved.

    A-10's for the paramilitary Humvee Drug Enablers.

  18. Or the Federals should remove themselves from the land management business, which is not about to happen.

    In the American West, the Federals set the rules to the game.

    Just because I do not think the game is well designed, does not mean I will not play by the rules.

  19. ...that really gets Rat's undies in a knot.

    "They're good people"

  20. Wolves to Nevada, seems reasonable, doug.

    Call Harry Reid and work on that, will you?

  21. The horses are smart enough to handle the wolves. No problem there. That would be a good clean fight.

  22. Doesn't take much to get Doug fired up.

    Letter to wife on Big Island:

    "Think I was at Long's when you called.

    I've been "busy"

    Luckily, I no longer have the ability to keep more than 1 item in mind at a time, so I only remember the latest "busyness:"

    Again, luckily, I was home, awake, and in my room...

    Heard some weird cracking noise, figured the Gremlin was up to something...

    Finished reading what I was reading, went to front room to see what she was up to.

    While petting the Gremlin, I hear another crack from my bathroom, and go to investigate...

    Crap! crap, crap, said crap a bunch of times (not too bad, huh? didn't say fuck once...)

    In a continuation of the crack in the toilet lid, the water tank was cracking apart!!!

    Said crap some more, sloshed over and turned off the water, panicked cause it kept coming out...
    ...but it was just draining the tank, so a total meltdown was not in the cards.

    Clothes and towels were deployed in the bath, hall, closet, and doug's room.
    Don't think the wood floors are ruined.

    Several trips with the clothes to the washer to spin them out, then washed them all, and hung them up, ...again.

    So, now it is almost 3 am!

    Mail me as well as calling, just in case.
    ...unless you want to spend some extra time there!"

  23. For the cause of peace, love, understanding and harmony, I would like to introduce myself to Idaho.


  24. I was told, doug, that private ownership of the land was "unAmerican". Local and State control not representative of the needs and desires of the land owners, in Detroit and NYCity.

    I am neither in favor nor against the Judges, they are what they are. I have utilized the Federal Courts to rein in abusive Federal Agencies, like the Forest Service.

    Agencies that believe their administrative mandate allows the to violate the law.

    Checks and Balances, dougo.

    Perhaps you need a refresher course in civics.

  25. The argument is absurd. Wolves were around along side the elk for tens of thousands of years before the Europeans entered Idaho less than three hundred years ago. Somehow the elk , wolves and Indians survived and each had their own defense strategies.

    The elk have lost their natural strategies to deal with wolves but will in short order. That is the way nature works. There is no human sentimentality there.

  26. Fuck Wolves and Elk:
    People's business comes first.

    ...including, esp domesticated animals.

  27. Judging by the volume of junk mail, bills and statements I am receiving from credit card companies, banks and insurance companies, I am universally loved.

    If introduced into Idaho, in a manner to which I desire to become accustomed, I will do all within my power to attract harmony and love into a state in sore need of same.

    Just as I have done all these years at the EB.


  28. I am still convinced that there is a sexuality identity disorder with Elk from Idaho. No such problem exists with Pennsylvania elk and our white tailed deer are very well horned up for action. I am going to propose that Pennsylvania close the borders to illegal Mexicans and provide a safe haven state for persecuted Idaho wolves.

    I will do a post asking for NATO support of a no fly zone over the Idaho wolf range.

  29. You guys are going to get poor ol' "he who shall not be named" fired up again.

  30. WHY does the stupid lion sit there looking over the scenery as the Hog mounts it's next attack?

  31. You talkin anonymous A-Hole, Ruf?

  32. In Wisconsin the GOP controlled City of Brookfield "found" 14,000 "uncounted" ballots.

    ... when a county clerk in a Republican stronghold announces two days after the election that she's suddenly found 14,315 votes in a too-close-to-call race, that's just a bit much for some folks to handle.

    It was interesting to note how quickly so many right-wing types who were raising concerns about widespread voter fraud when Kloppenburg was winning suddenly went mute after their guy took the lead.

    What's most disconcerting about the Waukesha County election foul-up is the sense that if 14,000 votes can just disappear because someone forgot to push a button, how many times has that happened in the past when we didn't learn about it?

  33. Rufus w/his Bud is like the Honeybadger after being bitten by the King Cobra:

    Down, but not out.

  34. By the way, Palin fans, the Photo is parody. That is really Sarah's face but below the neck, it is someone else's booty.

  35. BS:
    The votes did not get reported to the AP.

    Big Deal.

    AS IF the GOP is in the same league when it comes to stealing elections.

    ...but Rat has to toe the MSM line if he's to get any pussy.

  36. Just to the AP, doug?

    If that were the case, why did the totals change, after those 14,000 "lost votes" were counted?

    The case of the "lost votes" just exemplifies the equivalency of the Dems and Pubs.

    As do the Obama foreign policies.

  37. Equivalency further confirmed by the latest "budget deal".

  38. By the way, Palin fans, the Photo is parody. That is really Sarah's face but below the neck, it is someone else's booty.

    One can dream.

  39. On a brighter note:

    GE to build Massive Solar Plant

    I'm going to post a link later to a company that has cut the price of installation by about 90%. just like I said someone would :)

    Solar's going to be a "hot ticket" guys - especially in the Southwest. There are two things that aren't being considered by many when contemplating Solar:

    1) Fossil Fuels are going to get a Lot more expensive, and

    2) These things last a whole heck of a lot longer than 20 yrs. (the number most commonly used for amortization.) They're taking panels down, now, that are 30+ years old, and are still producing within factory specs.

  40. Solar better than windmills, Rufus:

    How do they intend to keep them clean?

    (large amounts of H2O needed)

  41. Just so you'll love me again:

    I bought a shitload of mirrors back in '72 to make a concentrating solar setup.

    ...but never got a round tuit, so project was aborted.

  42. USAF Getting More Penetrating Power: Here's a little gem that was tucked in the Pentagon's contract announcement...

  43. That's an interesting story, Doug, but I'm curious. What's the first thing you did? How did you get rid of the tank water?

    BTW - I've had way too much experience with water on hardwood floors.

  44. I threw all our towels and my dirty clotes on the bathroom floor, tossed them into a plastic tote, and spun them out in our High Efficiency TOP LOADING washer.
    ...repeated until water was removed.

    What was your floor/flood experience?

  45. I like Solar a lot Doug. Less maintenance than windmills, and in most areas Maximum output matches "Peak" Demand.

    But, those people up in Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wyoming seem to be very happy with the output from "their" wind.

    I think the "trick" to wind is many "fields" spread out over a very wide area (hundreds of miles.)

    That is an interesting chart, isn't it, T?

    The first thing that caught my eye was that the CRB line seems to be leadiing the Fed QE line.

    This might be one of those cases where you have to be very careful assigning "causation." There ARE several "macro-"trends working right now.

  46. From Mother Earth News:
    Why does this rooster want to fight me?

    Wow! That brings back memories of the '70s when I had to deal with a mean Rhode Island Red. This bird was out of control. He went after everybody on their way to the outhouse. He was sly, too. When their backs were turned, he would go after them with both feet. Needless to say the young ladies were quite startled when assaulted on the legs by unknown assailant.

    If only I had the Mother Earth guidance, I never would have plugged him behind the right ear with a .22 long rifle from fifty feet.

  47. C W "Trigger" Miller · 1 day ago

    YEEHAAW!, Behold the Greatest Weapons Platform, both Stand-Off and Direct Killing in the World!!!! ALCM's, Harpoon, JASSM-ER, 108 MK82's. God I Love this Platform, spent many an hour "Killing People and Breaking Things". The Cost of a B-52H in 1962 $4 Million Each. The same investment return as Berkshire Hathaway. We don't need a New Bomber, we need to upgrade our Stand Off Weapons and Allow this Great Hell Raiser to send folks to the see the Great Camel Round-up in the Sky. 20 B-52H's loaded with MK-82's or GBU's over the Mountains of Afghanistan would bring the Taliban to their Knees. 50 Of these Monsters 200 Feet off the Deck may make these folks surrender. GO Buff... Go Ugly Early!!!! Thank God for General LaMay!!!!

    Read more:

  48. "...behind the right ear"


    Picturing an (imaginary)'Island Red's "ear"

  49. Roosters are cheap. Whit had the right solution - target practice.

  50. Chickens don't do too well w/predators,
    Greenie Weenies.

  51. Was building a beautiful Southern Living style house with a "carrier flight deck" of 3/4" white oak floors. The plumbers (of all people) left an upstairs valve open all night. It soaked down through the ceiling walls into the unfinished floor of a study below. We had to vacuum the water, and blow a fan over the floors for a couple of weeks. Most of the boards warped but laid back down.

    Weeks later, on the same job, the Plumbers installed the dishwasher but failed to secure the dishwasher to the cabinet. Someone ran just enough water in washer to fill up the tub. When I opened the washer door, the machine tilted forward and spilled the full tub of water onto the kitchen (finished hardwood of course). Unfortunately, the latter incident took about $2K to repair. The plumber wouldn't own up to the mistake buy I withheld the money from his final draw. He tried to sic a lawyer on me but I sent them the installation instructions which explicitly spelled how imperative it is to secure the machine to the cabinets. That was the end of that but, needless to say, that was the last job he ever did for me.

  52. I should have said "eye".

    Also, correction, it was the left eye. I was perched on the porch facing south as the bird moved to my left.

  53. Blogger whit said...

    Deuce said:

    ...this thing will not be fixed until we are financially wrecked

    And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, just about says it all.

    Well, then, I guess the appropriate course of action is to speed the wreckage - spend, spend, spend and cut cut cut the taxes. Full speed ahead!

  54. Blogger Deuce said...

    Illegal Mexicans kill more Idahoans than wolves do, by far. Potato farmers need the illegals and there are so many farms in Idaho, that if there was a huge crackdown on illegals farmers would revolt. Idaho needs bette control on illegals and the farmers who hire them

    How about cars - they kill far more than wolves or illegals and we send money to Saud et al to keep the beasts going. I guess the appropriate course of action would be to initiate a war on cars?

  55. Solar's going to be a "hot ticket" guys - especially in the Southwest.

    The enviros will say all those dark panels increase the albedo of the earth and contribute to global warming.

  56. This might be one of those cases where you have to be very careful assigning "causation." There ARE several "macro-"trends working right now.



  57. Solar Projects have, up till now, been in the hands of the "blue suede" boys that knew how to milk a government program.

    They have been getting Outrageous Amounts of money for, basically, a very simple installation process.

    Having grown up on a farm, and seeing what my father, and the local blacksmith could build, I knew that this couldn't last.

    And, you know what they say, "If it can't last, it won't."

    "We were able to preassemble panels on North-South rails at a location 60 miles off site. Then we transported them to the site in a patent-pending racking vehicle with zero breakage, utilized a crane, and placed them on IGM with a clip to hold the modules in place while they were secured to the beam, significantly increasing our productivity," explained William Rawheiser, the president and owner of Wise Power Systems. The company boasted an installation rate as high as 70 kW in one day, with a crew of eight.

    "This preassembly/prewired method enabled the installation to be 'clamp and play'," Rawheiser added.

    70 kW - One Day - Crew of 8?

    You're, basically, talking a Penny a Watt. That's just "Stupid" Cheap. Add in another penny (quite possibly, less) for the work back at the pre-assembly area, and a penny for the "very small" crane, and trucks, and you're installing these things for about 1.5% (oops, my earlier cost savings estimate seems to be off by an order of magnitude) of what some of the Blue Sueders have been charging.

  58. Q, that was a Very short-term chart.

  59. This sector is steaming hot right now as a result of gummint subsidies; but, when supply catches up to demand, you're going to see "installed costs" of these solar farms coming in in the $1.50/Watt range.

    At that point, you start getting to break-even with coal, and nat gas in the short term (including interest payments, etc) W/O Gummint Money.

    Longer term, as the cost of coal, and nat gas escalates (as it will; there Is No "bottomless milkshake,) and the cost of these systems are paid off, you're looking at Huge savings over fossil fuel plants.

  60. Bwasshahaha

    I wake up to true pornography.

    Deuce is now a fan of Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer!!!!


    Bout a month till we're on the road and I'll check out the massive environmental damage cause by the elk in Yellowsone.

    Just as a beginning side note, there is some question as to whether the gray wolf ever was native here, one line of thought being most of the wolves here were a smaller type called the lobo, now run out or dead, related to the wolves further south. I don't know the answer to this.

    Deuce is just projecting his Ayn Rand survival of the fittest nonsense onto nature. From where of course it came in the first place.

    I expect Deuce to die in a rest home, with all the other stout supporters of the survival of the fitness, begging for more morphine, his only remaining enjoyment being the daily enema given by a warty faced woman. :):):)

    I expect a thread on the movie when it comes out about next week.

    In Shakespeare the image of improving nature is the grafting of the rose. In William Blake some things in nature were just too tough for the human mind to contemplate, and he was for giving nature a human face, best as we can, like turning a howling wilderness into a farm. Tyger

    A boycott of the noble Idaho potato will fail. Many of the best bakers are shipped overseas to foreigners or back east, the same thing.

    I'd agree with the illegals but that's a problem for south Idaho, the farmers up here have no use for stoopers.


    Ship all the grays back to Philadelphia!!!!!!

    Will have more to say after I wake up - this thread proves most here are NUTS, the only exceptions being WIO, Sam, Whit and Quirk and Doug, on their good days, like I've always said.

    dead wolf running

  61. And the wolves do precious little to keep the health of the herd up to snuff, these days. They prey on the young, and elderly first, while there are any left, those either before or after their glory breeding days.

    The noble elk do a good job of that themselves, with their annual fall butting of heads, the whole harem going to the toughest bravest meanest mostest male there is, to spread his sperm around.

    No candle light, fine wine and food here. Just honest competition.


  62. Hunt When You Must
    from The Wolf Credo


    The real credo is hunt till you drop from exhaustion, just for the fun and the hell of it, leaving the meat to rot, save a little fooling around with the genitals and anus, until the herd is down to the point where, hell, you go to eat sometime. Or you can turn your attention to the deer, as the idiot Idado Fish and Game thought they would do in the first place.

    Want to save some money? Defund Idaho Fish and Game, the Department with more pickups than employees, and no brains whatsoever.


  63. .

    In Shakespeare the image of improving nature is the grafting of the rose. In William Blake some things in nature were just too tough for the human mind to contemplate, and he was for giving nature a human face, best as we can, like turning a howling wilderness into a farm. Tyger

    As I said two streams back, the Idaho state flower is the pansy.


  64. Somebody's gotta say it: It may not be Sarah-baby, but I'd hit it. :)

  65. :)

    If only I were still farming I'd hire you Quirk as the gopher on the combine crew, see how long you'd last away from your ipod.

    Out here we have men to match thee mountains as they used to say, and the women are all, of course, filled with virtue, like Sarah Palin.

    I'm worried if Bachmann gets into the race Sarah's vote gets cut down considerably. I'm actually hoping in a way she doesn't run as I'd hate to see her lose.

    If memeory serves, I think our state flower is the noble syringa. And our bird the noble bluebird.


  66. What a slander on Sarah is that photo.

    And I thought the place was above such things here.


  67. Sounds like anonymous lives in Lake Woebegon with that wild-eyed, Scandinavian progressive guy that made a very good career sucking off Public Radio. Can't think of the name right now, but you know who I mean. The one whose political discernment never progressed.

  68. It's funny how progressives,aka liberals, have become knee-jerk reactionaries. What goes around, comes around.

    Seems to be that the political spectrum isn't a flat line, left right scale but rather a circle where extremes meet.

  69. Where the extreme jerks meet in a circle.


  70. Wow, that tsunami reached 15 Meter (49 ft.) at Fucyewshima.

    If you were standing on top of a 5 Story building you would have drowned. How's them apples?

  71. .

    Out here we have men to match thee mountains as they used to say...

    What? Dumb as rocks?


  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. How about cars - they kill far more than wolves or illegals and we send money to Saud et al to keep the beasts going. I guess the appropriate course of action would be to initiate a war on cars?

    I did opine that watching someone shooting a buffalo was like shooting a Ford F-150, other than that ASH, what are you drinking these days?

  74. I expect Deuce to die in a rest home, with all the other stout supporters of the survival of the fitness, begging for more morphine, his only remaining enjoyment being the daily enema given by a warty faced woman. :):):)

    …naaah, on second thought, I better not.

  75. There's no basement in the Alamo, and there's no Memphis, Idaho.

  76. .


    I meant Moscow, Idaho.

    My apologies for insulting Memphis.



  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. By the way the students here in Memphis are really really good at building spud guns, kinda an art form around here. Some are so powerful you could take down a wolf with one.


  79. .

    If they could find one.

    Remember, these kids are from Idaho.


  80. And I must say that was an excellent and very artfully done piece of propaganda you have put up. Like all your work, very artifully down. That's a sincere compliment.

    Propaganda being an opinion one doesn't agree with.

    And that spud gun does look worthy of our folk here. Some student got injured by one once, and the dean of students who used to live next door, tried to put a damper on the practice without much success.


  81. Well there was one - about3 or 4 actually - outside my neighbors back door out by the farm one fine morning. Kinda startled him, but being a lawyer he had no potatoes and no spud gun.


  82. How can a man who likes dancing traipsing and frollicking in the moonlight to flutefull tune with the gentle druid maidens have anything put a hatred for the mean fierce wolfs that bay in anger at his harvest sexual moon?


  83. I am with Doug :) Shoot every one of those worthless predators! I live on the east coast and would give a left nut to have an elk herd here that could actually warrant them to be hunted!. My state (west Virginia) would NEVER think of importing elk and getting them repopulated but had no Problem indulging in importing Coyotes of all things and ever since we have had the privileged in watching ALL forms of hunt-able game such as white tailed deer plummet to all time lows! It is pathetic to sit in the woods for 2 straight weeks of deer season and see the same 3 deer each day! Or to hunt turkey in a woods that you are more apt to come across a pile of feathers from a coyote or bob cat kill instead of seeing the flock of fifty some turkeys from 14 years ago I now see 3 or 4 turkeys on a GREAT hunting day! So, If the wolf deserves being protected where then is the protection for the remainder of the IMPORTANT animals to our culture?

  84. Potato's are to heavy for your system anyways. I am from Idaho and I don't eat potato's. Kill those damn wolves.

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    Diet food
    Since now a days Women & Men are more conscious of the food that they eat hence they prefer to have homemade low cal food and if you can start supplying low cal food to various offices then it will be a very good source of income and not too much of efforts. You can hire a few ladies who will help you out and this can be a good business.

    Thus think over this concept and go ahead.