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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three Stooges: Speaker of the House John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and House Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy

Speaker of the House John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and House Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy have consistently blocked efforts by Reps. Steve King and Michele Bachmann to defund the so-called "Obamacare slush fund" via the continuing resolution or House spending bills, despite being told by House Republican leadership staff that they could do so under current House rules.

"There is no way we can include their [Bachmann and King's] amendment; it would just bog us down and undercut the leadership goal of getting real cutting done through negotiations with Democrats and the White House," says a leadership aide, sticking to talking points generated out of Cantor's office after Tuesday's vote in the House to extend funding for government through early April.

Bachmann and King have been pressing to zero out the $105 billion that funds the Obama Administration's implementation of the president's health care plan.

We are spending and borrowing $4 billion a day and the Republican leadership have the combined testicles the size of fly droppings. They are long on excuse and short action. Excuse me while I spit.


  1. Most of the Republicans in the House voted down the continuing resolution that includes $105 billion for ObamaCare through Sept. 30. But that's okay for the GOP leadership, they found 24 Democrats and were able to override their own party.

  2. That's bi-partisan leadership, Ms T.

    Just what the country needs.

    The GOP controls the House, where ALL funding legislation originates.

    Obamacare is now Boehnercare.

    Hallmark of the Republican Party.

    That's the reality in Washington DC.

    Learn it, Live it, Love it.

  3. .

    Anyone pushing for defeat of the continuing resolution is drifting in la la land.

    I have little to offer in praise of Boehner but at least on this occasion he was able to successfully herd cats.


  4. As the whirled continues to advance, upon the future.
    Bloomberg -

    Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he is ready to go to the Gaza Strip “tomorrow” to end a split with the Islamic militant Hamas movement that controls the territory.

  5. While Defense Secretary Gates visits Bahrain just as the Saudi Army fires upon civilians, there, in Bahrain.

    Killing five and wounding hundreds, Reuters reports.

    The US seemingly directing the action, with Secretary Gates on hand to supervise.

    Playing both sides of the growing sectarian divides in the region.

    Either muddling through or playing the game with gusto. Secretary Gates, himself, another prime example of the truly bi-partisan nature of the Federal government.

    Even during Mr Obama's tenure.

  6. Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan
    A CIA contractor charged with murdering two Pakistani men was freed Wednesday after the victims' families pardoned him and accepted financial compensation, a resolution viewed by many analysts as the best option to soothe strained relations between the U.S. and Pakistan while minimizing the potential for a volatile reaction from Pakistanis who wanted the American tried and convicted.

    Just hours after a trial court judge in Lahore announced Davis' formal indictment on murder charges, Raymond Davis, a 36-year-old American, was on a plane headed for London.

    Rana Sanaullah, a Punjab provincial law minister, said Davis' release was triggered by the decision of the families of the two Pakistani men to accept diyat, an Islamic tradition included in Pakistani law that permits the heirs of a murder victim to accept financial compensation in exchange for pardoning the accused

  7. Science and Technology march, ever, onward.

    The Newest Technology, and Science is always expensive.

    Everyone wants the "newest, and best" technology when it comes to their healthcare.

    Hence, healthcare will continue to be more, and more expensive. Boehner knows this.

    The "Winner" of the Obamacare Wars will get the blame for the higher healthcare costs. Boehner knows this, also.

    Boehner would much rather "have the issue" than "win the fight."

  8. Where is the president? The world is beset. Moammar Khadafy is moving relentlessly to crush the Libyan revolt that once promised the overthrow of one of the world's most despicable regimes.
    So where is the president?
    Japan may be on the verge of a disaster that dwarfs any we have yet seen. A self-governing nation like the United States needs its leader to take full measure of his position at times of crises when the path forward is no longer clear.
    This is not a time for leadership; this is the time for leadership.
    So where is Barack Obama?

    Where was O? A boy dances yesterday after hearing that Col. Khadafy's forces have retaken the eastern Libyan town of Ajdabiyah.

    The moment demands that he rise to the challenge of showing America and the world that he is taking the reins. How leaders act in times of unanticipated crisis, in which they do not have a formulated game plan and must instead navigate in treacherous waters, defines them.
    Obama is defining himself in a way that will destroy him.

    Read more:

  9. Give him a break, he be puttin' his bracket together.

  10. sheeesh, you guys think he is God able to fix the work with a wave of his hand.

  11. i am back. My good friend Barack sends his best greetings with a sorry for the scratchy hand do to his planning charts for all day on basketball marching for madness.

    He takes my hand offering friendship invitation to join him and lovely Michelle in big weekend in Rio. Trip to Brazil this weekend where he will speak in the popular Cinderella Square in downtown. This is so secretive that not even the Embassy or US Consulate in Rio know exactly how it to go down but he will draw large crowds to be very sure. Obama is most popular in Brazil and without Republicans he can relax.

    All in the Obama family will also take in big sights in Rio and some trip to Corcovado mountain, where the Jesus Christ Almighty statue stands for good pictures with family and celebrating Christian roots.

    I think I need to go now.

  12. I think we are all "Marching for Madness."

  13. I think I know what makes Japanese click...

    That's good, T. It's a good thing you don't have any endorsements.

  14. Most unfortunate he loss his Asswhack endorsements.

  15. Please forgive my not noticing Deuce making me regular at this bar blog. Thanks for making me regular. I have to go now.

  16. Ash, I think HE thinks he is God.

  17. Can you believe this?

    President Obama's 2011 NCAA Brackets
    Posted by Jesse Lee on March 16, 2011 at 12:20 PM EDT
    As he does every year, the President filled out his brackets predicting the winners of the men's and women's NCAA basketball tournaments, but discussing it with Doris Burke of ESPN, he began with a call to stand with the people of Japan:

    One of the things I wanted to do on the show was, as people are filling out their brackets -- this is obviously a national pastime; we all have a great time, it’s a great diversion. But I know a lot of people are thinking how can they help the Japanese people during this time of need. If you go to -- -- that will list all the nonprofits, the charities that are helping out there. It would be wonderful for people to maybe offer a little help to the Japanese people at this time -- as they’re filling out their brackets. It’s not going to take a lot of time. That's It could be really helpful.

  18. What an asshole. Can you imagine if Bush did this? Obama should lose his endorements.

  19. It's a national past time.


  20. He did good. We have no business getting involved in Libya.

  21. .

    He did good

    Shouldn't that be he didn't do bad?

    (Sorry, Ruf. Just trying to fill in in Trish's absence.)


  22. Boehner Good,
    BHO Good,
    Quirk and Rufus devoid of mental competence.

    Bachman and King for House Leadership!

  23. Boehner and Dreir enjoy playing Lord Fauntleroy to Pelosi Reid Obama's gangsta politics.

  24. So doug, you contention that the reactor was fine lands you in a class all your own with rufus, no?

  25. No, Rufass still contends he's right.

  26. Guess I'll never know why they could not even keep the spent fuel pools full when they are right next to the ocean.
    Any cement contractor in this country could do it.

  27. .

    Quirk and Rufus devoid of mental competence.

    Well, well, well. More wisdom from the island.

    One has to assume the Quirk reference was over the comment that only an idiot would be for striking down the continuing resolution on the budget.

    1. You realize that "shutting down" the government is a misnomer. That, in fact, the government doesn't really shut down. Right?

    2. You also realize that two thirds of the government would keep right on working right?

    3. And that only one third of the government would be furloughed right?

    4. And if past shutdowns are any guide, that those that have been laid off will likely get their back pay right? As a matter of fact, Obama has gone out of his way to not commit to not giving them back pay.

    5. And the only thing that government shutdown could possible accomplish is to hurt the US credit rating.

    6. And that there is no way the GOP is going to let it last more than a couple days and risk that.

    So what is the end result Dougo?

    1. Likely, you give a third of the government workers a paid vacation.

    2. Money saved? Zip.

    3. Point made? GOP can say "We shut down the government because we could." Big fucking deal.

    And victory, short lived and pyrric.

    Typical political bullshit from our reps in DC.

    And their minions on the right and left.



  28. .

    Of course, you have the nitwits who say "You have to make a point."


    Someone mentioned "moral relevatism' the other day evidently not knowing what the term means.

    The term basically expresses the believe that since there is no universal moral standard we should be tolerant of the believes, values, and ideals of others and not make moral judgements. We should assume that all are of equal value.

    The term seemed to be targeted toward me.

    In fact, if so, it was a poor term to choose. For what I have been saying right along is the exact opposite, that in fact, 'none' of the actions of the DEMS or GOP should be tolerated and few are valid.

    Pure politics, feed for the base, trinkets for the natives.


  29. You are the moron for thinking we can spend our way out of this with more printed money.

    ...and that is only one scenario for shutting down the governmernt.

    ...and you leave out how the Dems set this all up, and they've gotta be stopped, sooner better than later.

    ...and you fall for the bussed in rent a mobs as if they represent real people.

    ("Walker Energized the Democrats")

    SEIU, NEA, SOROS, and the Organizer in Chief were already "energized."

  30. OK
    Acting like the Pubs are no different than the Dems is stupid.

  31. ...even the worst pubs.
    I'd rather have 5 years before we lose all ability to continue to borrow than 3 years.

    ...and Freshmen Pubs are a lot better than lifetime Dem Gangstas.

  32. .

    Doug, time to get your head screwed on straight.

    You run around ranting on how the Dems have to be stopped and ignore the fact that the GOP are causing just as much trouble in the opposite direction.

    You are a kool-aid drinker on the right, mirror image to the kool-aid drinkers on the left you despise.

    Luckily, there are enough sensible people in the middle that eventually the damage created by the kool-aid drinkers will be limited.

    IMO, of course.


  33. .

    ...and you fall for the bussed in rent a mobs as if they represent real people.

    I don't fall for any of it.

    You are the one being fed the pablum my friend.


  34. .

    Acting like the Pubs are no different than the Dems is stupid.

    I don't say the Pubs are the same as the Dems. They are on most things polar opposites.

    What I do say is that they are 'equally' corrupt and incompetant.

    The fact that you buy into the bullshit being fed to you by the GOP is your problem. I would tell you the same thing is you were a Democrat.


  35. I admitted to "blowing it" on the mortgage crisis.

  36. But the billions of dollars in risky mortgages acquired at the height of the real estate bubble ultimately sank the once-mighty mortgage financiers. The Bush administration rescued Fannie and Freddie from the brink of collapse in September 2008, effectively making them wards of the federal government.

    The companies have since tapped more than $100 billion from their government lifelines. Fannie recently requested an additional $2.6 billion from the Treasury Department while Freddie requested $500 million.

    Last month, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said the two companies should be slowly wound down.

    SEC Action

  37. But Doug doesn't own up to his bad calls. Always someone else's fault in his fantasy world. I always got a lick out of Trish portraying him as "screwed into the ceiling."

  38. TONY EASTLEY: Away from the natural disaster zone concerns revolve around the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    ABC correspondent Hayden Cooper is in Tokyo.

    Hayden Cooper good morning. What attempts are being made or can be made today to ease the problems at Fukushima?

    HAYDEN COOPER: It certainly looks Tony as though the authorities here are getting more and more desperate and so are the measures that they are employing to try and get this situation under control.

    Now they have called in the police to actually use a water cannon to try and get water into reactor number four.


    TONY EASTLEY: Are there signs of growing frustration with the information coming out of Fukushima?

    HAYDEN COOPER: Yes there are and they're coming from the very top. I mean there was a report earlier this week that the prime minister Naoto Kan had in fact said, "What the hell is going on?"


    TONY EASTLEY: Hayden Cooper the public stoicism we've seen both in the disaster zones and in Tokyo itself amongst the Japanese people, that public stoicism, is that still holding up?

    HAYDEN COOPER: Look to some extent it is. The Japanese people are extraordinarily resilient.

    Nuclear Site

  39. What a turn of events and the timing is horrible. But there is a whole myth in a moment here. The Fukushima Fifty though are a great example of what Schopenhauer was talking about when he pointed out examples of people unknown to one another sacrificing themselves for each other, perhaps even consciously unrealized by themselves - in his terms a true metaphysical insight into the truth that we are all one behind the scenes, broken off fragments of a larger whole, though we seem at odds here in space and time. One might mention this is the opposite of the outlook of an Ayn Rand, a Jewish atheist ‘philosopher’ of the worst sort. Schopenhauer’s insight is somewhat like that contained in the old Egyptian ‘secret of the two brothers’, fighting it out here below, at one and at essential living peace behind the scenes.

    These Fukushima Fifty are realizing these truths in their own self sacrifice and one can imagine them rising after their radioactive deaths to the highest of whatever eastern heavens there are, and they are really their own nation in micro in their sacrifice, and by extension one with all of us.
    While meanwhile our very own Obama, for whom Rufus says he is going to vote, hasn’t even given a good public statement of our nation’s solidarity with the people of Japan in a time of real need.

    I heard he was marking the odds on basketball games, and golfing a few rounds.

    2012 can’t come soon enough,


    NNC's coverage of all this has been good, especially Cooper Anderson's, whose parents obviously both had dyslexia.



  42. "These guys are not necessarily laying down their lives for their country and friends. We have a good understanding of what we can actually expose ourselves to.

    NHK said this morning that the workers are allowed to go in for a very short period of time, make an adjustment on a fuel generator or a pump or a valve, maybe take some data from a gage, and then they go back out," said Jere Jenkins, the director of Radiation Laboratories at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind.


    The crews are not necessarily made up of strong young men. Emergency nuclear scenarios suggest asking older retirees to volunteer, not because they're more expendable, or even because they're more skilled, but because even if they're exposed to massive amounts of radiation, history has shown they would die of old age before they die of radiation induced cancers, which can take decades to develop.

    Nuclear Plants

  43. .

    Specter of Rebel Rout Helps Shift U.S. Policy on Libya

    The prospect of a deadly siege of the rebel stronghold in Benghazi, Libya, has produced a striking shift in tone from the Obama administration, which is now pushing for the United Nations to authorize aerial bombing of Libyan tanks and heavy artillery to try to halt the advance of forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.

    The administration, which remains deeply reluctant to be drawn into an armed conflict in yet another Muslim country, is nevertheless backing a resolution in the Security Council that would give countries a broad range of options for aiding the Libyan rebels, including military steps that go well beyond a no-flight zone...

    U.S. Seeks to Attack Libyan Forces

    No you know they are not going to say they are declaring war on Libya. Any bets on what euphemism they come up with for this one?

    (If it happens of course. I still don't think it will.)


  44. .

    Egypt's next test in voting booth as Country prepares for Saturday vote on changes to constitution

    Cairo — Egypt's transition to democracy after 30 years of authoritarian rule faces a major test Saturday when Egyptians vote in a referendum on amendments to the constitution. Opponents are pushing heavily for a "no" vote, saying the changes don't go far enough and that the ruling military is rushing the process.

    If the changes are rejected, the military will have to go back to the drawing board and may extend the six-month deadline it had set for handing over power to an elected civilian government.

    A "yes" vote could mean parliamentary and presidential elections to be held before the end of the year. But critics say that timeframe is too rushed and will only benefit the party of ousted President Hosni Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood, the two largest and best organized political forces in the country...

    First Test for the Egyptian Military is Saturday's Vote


  45. .

    House Republicans try to steer focus back to jobs

    Dysfunction in D.C.


  46. Yukio Edano, the government’s top spokesman, said Thursday that it was understandable the U.S. government might take a “more conservative approach in protecting the lives of its nationals,” because the United States is not directly in charge of bringing the nuclear plant under control.

    In order for the workers at Fukushima Daiichi to resume trying to cool the damaged reactors, Japan’s health and welfare minister had to waive the nation’s standard of radiation exposure, increasing the level of acceptable exposure from 100 millisieverts to 250 — five times the level allowed in the United States.

    Japanese officials were working on a plan to deliver water and cool the reactors from the ground. In addition, a spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power said that a power line being laid to the plant to help restore the reactor cooling systems is almost complete and that engineers plan to test it “as soon as possible,” according to the Associated Press.