“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, March 26, 2011

American Bluegrass - Cripple Creek - Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt

History of Bluegrass Music

The various types of music brought with the people who began migrating to America in the early 1600s are considered to be the roots of bluegrass music---including dance music and ballads from Ireland, Scotland and England, as well as African American gospel music and blues. (In fact, slaves from Africa brought the design idea for the banjo--an instrument now integral to the bluegrass sound.)
As the early Jamestown settlers began to spread out into the Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky and the Virginias, they composed new songs about day-to-day life experiences in the new land. Since most of these people lived in rural areas, the songs reflected life on the farm or in the hills and this type of music was called "mountain music" or "country music." The invention of the phonograph and the onset of the radio in the early 1900s brought this old-time music out of the rural Southern mountains to people all over the United States.
Good singing became a more important part of country music. Singing stars like Jimmie Rodgers, family bands like the Carter family from Virginia and duet teams like the Monroe Brothers from Kentucky contributed greatly to the advancement of traditional country music.


  1. here is some good banjo music for you.

  2. But what do I know about music, I like Miley Cyrus.

  3. Cripple Creek - all that reminds me of is the Colorado town that used to mine gold but now exists as a cheesy casino town.

    More interesting - let me drag my post up from last thread:

    The Middle East is the key to unlocking world dominance. All that oil and now's our chance to take all our traditional enemies down. How would Iran fare if we had Iraq, Syria, Libya, and the rest? Israel would be sitting pretty too.

  4. Ash has become a war monger? America, lacking an empire, Ash wants to fix that?

    Well, we might be better off if we did have an empire, they might be better off too.

    Maybe Arizona is part of our empire?


    Anyone need a fitting for an organic casket? I have the company's name. Time to be kind to Mother Earth, but what I don't understand is why have the casket at all?

    The only thing makes sense to me these days is my daughter and her horse riding. And the Idaho County Sheriff.

    What in hell does Europe care who runs Libya? Don't they get about 90% of the Libyan oil already?


  5. The link to "some good banjo music" doesn't work.


  6. Welcome on board, ash.

    Now you are where I was, back in 2002.

    On to Damascus!

    Did not happen, then, either.

    Instead we have what we have.

    Did anyone read the what was written in the Story of "o", last thread?

    Did he write anything worth reading, or was it just more of his usual pornographic rants?

  7. .

    ... if we had Iraq, Syria, Libya, and the rest?

    Watchoo mean 'we' white boy?

    You been popping them Four Loko again Ash?

    Delusions of grandeur?

    Haven't you heard that these wars are a humanitarian necessity and just another step in restoration of power to the people. As rat would say, it's all about universal rights.

    "We" indeed.


  8. .

    From NYT (on Syria)

    The new American ambassador in Damascus, Robert Ford, has been quietly reaching out to Mr. Assad to urge him to stop firing on his people.

    One assumes the next step is a no-fly zone.



    Little Girl Landlord

    I'm making up a business card for the first time in my life - for my daughter to use -

    "The Landlord never dies, they say." James Joyce

    Then the particulars.

    It seems that may be one of Joyce's 'grave and constants' in human life, like birth, death, failure in relationships, bankruptcy, earthquakes, and other unpleasantness.

    I'm thinking of making up a business card for Q's souls are us, too, including the offer of free organic caskets when the chakra alignments go south.


  10. .

    Besides Ash, how can it be 'we' when 'we' are mere bit players and not really, in any true sense anyway, involved?

    The administration insists that, in the final analysis, it will have provided only some small and brief help in launching the operation, and that it will be able to hand off the Libya mission to other coalition members. Soon, we are assured, they will be the ones setting policy, executing it and bearing the accountability for whatever follows. “In some ways, how it turns out is not on our shoulders,” an administration official told the New York Times on Thursday.


  11. I'm waiting for the day the oppressed Shia of Bahrain finally get their legitimate rights under Iranian overlordship. That should be something to watch. The women will be free!

    In truth the whole goddamned thing may really blow up.

    WiO called all this when he wrote about Egypt being one food riot away from chaos, with the others following the example. Turns out he was right.

    I'm looking into retreat properties in Yellowpine, Idaho myself.


  12. That's the beauty of it Quirk - America can dominate the world and others shoulder some of the burden. Oil gained in human rights name...

    ...what could be better?

    Unfortunately the GOP turned weak kneed. Folks like Deuce are pure lily white doves now.

  13. desert rat said...
    Did anyone read the what was written in the Story of "o", last thread?
    Did he write anything worth reading, or was it just more of his usual pornographic rants?

    Ah, the Bar's resident murdering pervert, that talks of all things sick and demented brings me up again!

    And his obsession with porn...

    But as everyone knows, Rat is a criminal, a self confessed murderer of civilians...

    He lies, distorts and misleads..

    He slanders and confuses....

    His name is Ishmael...

    Or as I like to call him...

    worthless garbage...

    Back to your horses you sick, demented, worthless piece of shit..

    Back I say....

    The rodent is what he calls himself...

    A rat...

  14. Unfortunately the GOP turned weak kneed. Folks like Deuce are pure lily white doves now.

    Let me explain it to you again Ash, This is not our fight. Our good friends the Brits were all concerned about the rights of "the cancer stricken Lockerbie Bomber" on strictly humanitarian reasons of course. British government ministers secretly advised Libya on how to get convicted Lockerbie bomber, al Megrahi released from a life sentence in a Scottish, prison.

    Obama was on board before he wasn't.

    Al-Megrahi's release last year was approved based on "compassionate" grounds, on the belief that he had months left to live.
    The Obama administration sent a memo by Richard LeBaron, deputy head of the US Embassy in London and said:
    "Nevertheless, if Scottish authorities come to the conclusion that Megrahi must be released from Scottish custody, the US position is that conditional release on compassionate grounds would be a far preferable alternative to prisoner transfer, which we strongly oppose."

    At the time Scottish officials viewed US resistance to the release as "half-hearted." They were not concerned with vengeance against Libya. They are all scum sucking lying self aggrandizing politicians, not worth one American life. I am more interested in a regime change here in the US than I am in Libya, on strictly humanitarian concerns, of course. I am just a compassionate guy.

  15. The half-life of public support for foreign military intervention is very very short. Soon enough there will be paybacks day in Libya where all these tribes and groups will be settling old scores and fighting to save positions and a power readjustment begins. No one knows where that will end. It could be better or worse. It got worse in Iran after we cut the Shah lose after being deeply involved in Iranian politics. It got worse in Iraq in that Iran is stronger again.

    If we cannot resist getting involved in the politics of Libya, what are our chances of staying out of an Israeli/Iranian fight, even one not of our making?

    The weaker the neighbors of Iran become, the stroner Iran. An ascendent Iran will make for a more dangerous potential confrontation with Israel. Where Israel goes, all 4.5 million of them, they will drag along US politicians, who will drag 320,000,000 Americans into another fight that is not ours.

    Do you know where this all goes? Will the US come out of this better, stronger, richer, more free, more secure, better jobs, greater financial stability?

    What has any Middle Eastern country done for the US except caused us grief, American deaths and destruction, American brain injuries and amputees and cost us trillions of dollars in defense costs? Our concerns should be in the Americas. All of this is about oil and political opportunism. There are fifty states that concern me far more than the states of Libya, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Turkey etc etc. When we are done fixing Wisconsin, Michigan and New Jersey we can fret over Libya.

  16. Oil, deuce, as you say, oil and all things oil (price, availability ect) IS in America's interest. Besides we can't let the region descend into chaos or al queda will rise, no?

  17. We supported dictators for fifty years to keep the peace. That cost us the two towers, wars, thousands dead and trillions lost. This will be worse before it is better. We will be better to stay out of it. Eisenhower was strong enough and smart enough to keep us out. Obama is not.