“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, March 25, 2011

How the US Government deals with insurrection differs from the way Gaddafi does it.

We are involved in our third concurrent war in the Middle East. Our spoken justification for doing so is to protect the Libyan people from a cruel and vicious assault on those who have taken up arms against the Libyan Government. What would the US Government do if US citizens took up arms in lets say Waco Texas? Well, we know what they did  when the US Government went after  US citizens that  did not take up arms. Waco happened under A liberal Democratic President Bill Clinton. Clinton went after a religious fringe group. Who are the rebels that took up arms in Libya? Are the Libyans justified in putting down an insurrection? What do you think would happen if the Tea Party armed up and took to the streets?


  1. Won;t happen, most Trea Party folk are too old to march.

  2. In Jordan they seem to want a constitutional monarchy with reduced powers, what's wrong with that?

  3. How does the US Government handle insurrection?

    It burns out the insurrectionists.

    In Waco under Mr Clinton and in Atlanta, under Lincoln.

    A long history of not allowing insurrectionists free rein, and using military force to maintain Federal sovereignty.

    All the back to the original, rebellious, whiskey distillers

  4. You're the guy that worked for them, the Federal Socialists, there in Central America, you should know.

  5. Right you are, anon, I DO know.

    From both historical study and personal experience.

    Happy to see you've come around to reality, acknowledging, at long last, that I DO know.

  6. The Tomahawks, a million USD a shot.
    So, we're into it $120 million or so, for the cruise missiles.

    The F-15 carries a book value of $30 million, mas o menos.

    Other operational expenses could add up to another $50 million, or so.

    $200 million to rock the Colonels' whirled, cheap deal.

    NATO is taking over, funny that, since NATO is mostly US. As is so aptly illustrated in Afghanistan.

    For those that wanted to see the Islamic Arc aflame, their wish is being granted.

    Myself, I wait for the Saudi Princes to be left without their window to the Persian Gulf. When that comes to pass, it'll be time to breath deep the sweet scent of freedom.

  7. .

    $200 million to rock the Colonels' whirled, cheap deal.

    And counting.

    The U.S. will not get by with less than a billion. Numbers any smaller are not within their calculus.


  8. .

    We are not in a war. We are in a kenetic miitary operation.

    Euphemisms. Euphmeisms. Eupemisms.

    Even, the liberal Guardian Newspaper is frustrated with Obama's 'failure to communicate'.

    Michael Tomasky at The Guardian vents his anger:

    "You’re a president. You launch a war. Granted it’s not much of a war. But you are sending Americans into a position where they might die. And you don’t go on television and explain to the American people why you’ve made this decision?

    One more time: you don’t go on television and explain to the American people why you’ve made this decision?

    I find this incomprehensible. Reagan sent troops into Grenada on October 25, 1983. Two nights later, he was on television explaining why. Bush Sr. ordered strikes on Panama that began on December 19, 1990. The next night, he was on TV explaining why.

    This is really, truly unbelievable to me, and the worst thing Obama has done as president.

    The Opinionator Column at the NYT discusses the euphemisms and word games.

    War of Semantics


  9. .

    If I understand this correctly, you are not allowed to shoot your own citizens but starving them to death is acceptable under the the ever-evolving ROE.

    Sudan preventing food, health care from reaching Darfur, aid group says

    The Sudanese government is preventing aid organizations from delivering food and health services to hundreds of thousands of people in the conflict-ridden Darfur region of the country, according to one of the largest remaining groups there.

    The crackdown has left displaced populations at risk of disease and malnutrition as the government increases military operations in the area.

    Catholic Relief Services was forced to suspend its work in West Darfur state after the government told it to leave Jan. 20...

    The group’s international staff was relocated to the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and its Sudanese employees have not been allowed to deliver services. “Right now, this means that 400,000 people in West Darfur are not receiving food rations,” he said...

    No Soup For You!

  10. Ouch. It was the FBI that deployed the Bradley Fighting Vehicles and M-60 armored vehicles. The M-60s were the vehicles used to punch holes in the walls where the women and children were huddled.

    Remember Janet Reno's apology after sending in flame-throwing tanks and recordings surfaced of women -- American citizens -- screaming and crying as they died protecting their children?

    Reno had to apologize because it turned out there was no evidence that children were being abused in the Waco compound, as had been claimed in the justification for the ATF attacks on the residents.

    Pretty nasty of Qaddafi to bring that up ... but there is an unsettling parallel

  11. How the Mexicans reacted to a rebel insurrection in Texas

    As part of the Mexican invasion of Texas in early 1836, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his main force of at least 5000 men followed an inland route toward San Antonio. At the same time, Mexican General Jose Urrea with some 900 troops, left Matamoros and followed a coastal route into Texas.

    The first town approached by Urrea was San Patricio, where on February 27 he encountered Frank Johnson and about 50 Texans. Johnson and four of his men escaped, but the rest were either killed or captured. A few days later, the Mexicans also fell upon James Grant and another 50 men, and all but one of the Texans were killed.

    Citizens of Refugio, the next town in Urrea's path, were slow to evacuate. To provide assistance, James W. Fannin, commander of forces at Goliad, sent two relief forces. The first of these groups numbered about 30 men under Aaron King, followed by a larger group of some 150 men under William Ward. Like Johnson's force, both of these groups were eventually killed or captured by the Mexicans.

    Meanwhile back in Goliad, Fannin and his remaining force of about 350 were called on to aid William Barrett Travis and the Alamo defenders. Afterwards, he was also ordered by Sam Houston to retreat with back to Victoria. Due to indecision and carelessness by Fannin, however, he failed to accomplish either of these missions.

    After a delay of about five days following Houston's order, Fannin finally began his retreat. It was not long, however, before the Texans found themselves surrounded on open prairie. Several attacks by Urrea resulted each time in the Mexicans being repulsed by the deadly fire of the Texans. By dusk, the Texans had lost about sixty men killed or wounded against some 200 of the Mexicans.

    Still heavily outnumbered and with no water and few supplies, the Texans waved the white flag of truce the following morning. Believing that they would be taken captive and eventually returned to their homes, the Texans surrendered the morning of March 20. The were escorted back to Goliad as prisoners.

    When news of their capture reached Santa Anna, however, he was furious that the Texans had not been executed on the spot. Citing a recently passed law that all foreigners taken under arms would be treated as pirates and executed, Santa Anna sent orders to execute the Goliad prisoners.

    Santa Anna's orders were followed. On Palm Sunday, the 27th of March, the prisoners were divided into three groups, marched onto open prairie, and shot. Thus, all of Fannin's command except a few that managed to escape and several physicians and others deemed useful by the Mexicans, were massacred, collected into piles, and burned.

  12. On a dare from my darling wife
    We went to the Green Day Fair
    At university Wazzu
    And found the solution ecological
    To the closing of my life
    Before I hadn't really a clue
    As to just what to do
    Had considered burning
    Or a concrete overcoat in the sea
    But neither seemed attractive
    At my natural sparagmos
    But here it was
    And Mother Nature
    May caress me close
    Tisket, tasket
    A Sea Grass Casket
    The Lady showed to me
    The newest thing in burials
    Woven fine
    It was even floatable
    And could ride the Nile
    In another time
    No nasty concrete casing
    No wooden box
    And no embalming
    To try and outfox
    Mother time
    Just six feet below
    To dust soon come
    Almost immediately
    As these thing go
    And save my darling wife
    The trouble of ashes scattered
    Just simple burial
    No fuss no muss
    To humous we may go
    Just me and my Sea Grass Casket

    Id told her I might be interested, but not just yet.

    Harrelson is the great white hope in the NCAA finals. Kentucky downed Ohio State in a truly great game by a point or two. Well played, well coached, my wife had trouble making up her mind as to which team to back, having been to both schools.


  13. The Mexican loss of its Territory to the Texan rebellion was costly to Mexico. How did that end for Mexico?

    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed on February 2, 1848, by American diplomat Nicholas Trist and Mexican plenipotentiary representatives Luis G. Cuevas, Bernardo Couto, and Miguel Atristain, ended the war and gave the U.S. undisputed control of Texas, established the U.S.-Mexican border of the Rio Grande River, and ceded to the United States the present-day states of California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, most of Arizona and Colorado, and parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Wyoming.

  14. Does that mean Rat lives in occupied, stolen land?? An oppressor??

    God forbid.....

  15. Meanwhile our involvement in another Muddle Eastern civil war is taking on Shakespearian black humor. You could not make this up:

    President Barack Obama was under growing pressure last night to explain how he would extricate the US from a third military campaign in the Islamic world, as splits within Nato ensured his country remained at the forefront of the Libyan bombing campaign.

    Although the Pentagon maintains that its role is being scaled back, US aircraft carried out 67 of the 153 sorties undertaken by the coalition in the most recent 24 hours. With Nato planners talking about the no fly-zone lasting up to three months, US air and sea forces will be central to the mission.

    Nato agreed on Thursday to replace the US in co-ordinating the imposition of the no-fly zone, but Turkish opposition prevented a deal on a unified command for the whole mission.

    The convoluted deal raises the prospect that the operation would have a divided command structure, with the Americans continuing to run attacks on the ground forces of Muammar Gaddafi, and a Canadian general appointed yesterday to head the Nato operation.

    Nato diplomats will negotiate through the weekend in an attempt to agree on rules of engagement that will allow the alliance to take command of all international military operations in Libya.

    Turkey has complained that the strikes on Gaddafi's tanks go beyond the scope of the UN resolution while other Nato allies, led by Britain and France, insist their forces be given the flexibility to hit ground forces if they pose a threat to civilians.

  16. I can hardly wait to hear the next propagandist explains how all this serves "American Interests". I understand we will be involved for days, weeks at most a few months. Let's have some fun and see what our presence is in the first Nato social engineering in the Yugoslavian civil war:

    Kosovo Conflict is the euphemism used to describe two sequential, and at times parallel, armed conflicts in Kosovo. From early 1998 to 1999, the war was between the army and police of FR Yugoslavia, and the Kosovo Liberation Army. From March 24, 1999 to June 11, 1999, NATO attacked Yugoslavia, and ethnic Albanian militants continued battles with Yugoslav forces, amidst a massive displacement of population in Kosovo estimated to be close to 1 million people.

    The war in Kosovo was believed to be the first humanitarian war. Yugoslavia claimed that NATO attacks caused between 1,200 and 5,700 civilian casualties. NATO acknowledged killing at most 1,500 civilians.

    Twelve years later we still have 2000 troops in Kosovo. We maintain a base, Camp Bondsteel. The base has a seven mile perimeter.There is no similar base on the US border with Mexico.

    American Empire, aka "US Interests" are greater in Urosevac, Kosovo, than they are in the sprawling and porus narco/criminal Mexican border.

  17. This is becoming a theater of the absurd. Intervening in a civil war was folly to begin with. Like Vietnam it starts with airstrikes and ends with ground troops. If Ghadaffi is the bogey man he is made out to be, then his army would be in revolt and his effort to crush the rebels would be at and end. Instead he retains the loyalty of his army and most of his people. Having the most powerful military in the world is useless if it is ran by fools. As a great philosopher said "he who would triumph knows when to fight and when not to fight." It is self evident that this is the wrong war against the wrong enemy.

  18. Anon, The folly of it all is that every one of these wars and every one of these bases makes us weaker. We are in a ruinous financial decline. Our adversaries, wise enough to avoid these conflicts grow stronger.

    Why are we killing Libyan soldiers who are doing what our soldiers have sworn to do, and that is protect their lawful government from enemies without and within?

    American in the twentieth century became a stranger to the America of the founders, ignoring the ideals of the founding era and documents or in some case being outright hostile to them.

    Should those TFA agents in Waco have been taken out by some foreign power because they were killing and burning to death innocent American woman and children?

    What business is it of the US to get involved in tribal warfare in the ME? Which tribe is superior to the rest?

    The ME is a cesspool of religious fanatics arguing, fighting and killing each other over deeds and misdeeds committed by long dead superstitious small minded people, ignorant of the world, the universe and science. They kill each other and make claims on each other because of myth and legend written on scrolls and charts. Why are we party to such childish yet murderous nonsense?

    Why do American politicians cater to one religious group over another, one tribe over another? How many more Islamic wars are we going to get involved with? How many more decades will we engage with the squabbling, warring and killing between Israel and her enemy de jour?

    Let them alone, ask them to leave us alone and those foolish enough not to leave us alone, punish them in ways that will not soon be forgotten. Mind our own business.

  19. .

    And counting.

    I believe someone mentioned the U.S. was getting off cheap in its foray into Libya.

    U.S., allies ponder arming Libyan rebels

    The United States and its allies are considering whether to supply weapons to the Libyan opposition as coalition airstrikes fail to dislodge government forces from around key contested towns, according to U.S. and European officials.

    France actively supports training and arming the rebels, and the Obama administration believes the United Nations resolution that authorized international intervention in Libya has the “flexibility” to allow such assistance, “if we thought that were the right way to go,” Obama spokesman Jay Carney said. It was a “possibility,” he said...

    Both the United States and France, in closed-door discussions, have cited legal “flexibility.” Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told the Security Council that the language in U.N. resolution authorizing international action to protect Libyan civilians “is not specific,” one council diplomat said.

    The Valkeries, Clinton and Rice. Reminds me of the euphmisms and pained legal interpretations of the Bush years.

    Ghadaffi Not Playing By Rules We Set. What's With This Guy?

    Obama knows he looks like a fool at the moment. He also knows he will look like a complete chump if Ghadaffi is allowed to stay.

    In his mind, he has little choice. Arming the unknown in a tribal civil war? What could possible go wrong? And anyway whatever we do is for 'humanitarian' reasons.

    It's all good.


  20. .

    From the WaPo,

    Libyan economy struggles under weight of no-fly zone and blockade

    TRIPOLI — Long lines formed outside gas stations and supermarket shelves were emptying Friday amid signs that the week-old no-fly zone and naval blockade against Libya are beginning to take a toll on the country’s economy...

    “If a stalemate continues and there is no regime change, these measures will starve the economy,” said David Cortright, a scholar at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at Notre Dame University and one of the country’s leading experts on U.N. sanctions. “Sooner or later, and probably sooner, Libya will begin to face internal economic difficulties, and therefore, humanitarian difficulties.”



  21. .

    The president will attend a reception for Greek Independence Day but has no other public events today.

    Party Down Dude!


  22. The Model of a Democratic President
    With apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan

    I am the very model of a Democratic president,
    Who stumbled into office on a wave of massive discontent .
    I’ve organized communitie s and burdened our state government s,
    With help from union activists and other roguish elements.
    I’ve found a way to give you unemployme nt at plus ten percent,
    And rammed through legislatio n that the population does resent,
    With stimulus and bailouts that our politician s should prevent,
    Increasing sovereign debt to cover all the cash that I have spent.

    I’ve made my mark with policies where spending transcends revenue,
    And finding businesses that government can stick its mitts into.
    In matters that ensure the currency is on a fast descent,
    I am the very model of a Democratic president.

    I’m having major problems working out my foreign policy:
    My allies are unable to respect my clever repartee;
    My country seems upset I bow to every potentate I see;
    My enemies seem not content with my constant apology.
    I dither and I hesitate for everything ’s a quandary,
    Until I get pushed in a corner by my dear friend Hillary,
    Who teamed up with a rabid Bonaparte with surname Sarkozy,
    And forced me to engage in war with Muammar al-Gaddafi .

    By knowing absolutely nothing in relation to defense,
    I gather coalitions of unwilling states when wars commence;
    In matters that determine where our military men are sent,
    I am the very model of a Democratic president.

  23. I still recall boob telling US that the United States did not maintain an empire.

    That those 700 US military bases scattered around the whirled were not power projection, but part of a domestic economic stimulus package.

    boob used to deny that those territories that the US took from Mexico, to include California, Nevada, Colorado and Utah were ever, really, part of Mexico.

    Guess that, if he still posted, he'd have to admit he was wrong.

    Or not.

    That the US stole those lands, from Mexico, long part of the meme of the Story of "o".

    President US Grant, he thought the Mexican Wars were a disgraceful period of foreign policy implementation, for US, as did Mr Lincoln, contemporaneously.

  24. SEATTLE - A Roman Catholic religious order in the Northwest has agreed to pay $166 million to more than 500 victims of sexual abuse, many of whom are American Indians and Alaska Natives who were abused decades ago at Indian boarding ...


  25. The information age has created the age of blissful ignorance. Television, the web and cell phones and the myriad of diversions, political correctness and mental sloth have created the dumbest US population in history.

    They know nothing and have an opinion on everything. I doubt one in ten could even identify 30 of 50 US states on a blank map. We dedicate the month that used to be February for made up achievements of black history but hardly touch on any real American history.

    Anyone remember where the reset button is?

  26. Here is some information our shit bird rulers and masters should be more concerned about than Libya.

    I receive two or three of the notices everyday of another factory closing and equipment auction. Most of this gets put in shipping containers for export:

    Here is one company selling all their forklifts:

    Large selection of forklifts.

    Closing Online: April 15th

    Forklifts & Pallet Jacks Consisting Of:
    Crown RR5000 RR-5020-45, 5000 Lb Cap Reach Order Picker Electric Forklift (2000)
    Crown RR5000 RR-5020-45, 5000 Lb Cap Reach Order Picker Electric Forklift (2000)
    Crown RR5000 RR-5020-45, 5000 Lb Cap Reach Order Picker Electric Forklift (2000)
    Crown 35 RCTT, 3500 Lb Cap Stand-Up Counterbalance Electric Forklift
    Crown RC3000-40, 3000 Lb Cap Stand-Up Counterbalance Electric Forklift
    Crown RC3000, 3000 Lb Cap Stand-Up Counterbalance Electric Forklift
    Crown SP3000, 3000 Lb Cap Stock Picker Electric Forklift
    Crown SP3000, 3000 Lb Cap Stock Picker Electric Forklift
    Crown 60FCTT-180, 6000 Lb Cap Sit Down Counterbalance Electric Forklift
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack (2000)
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown RR5000 RR-5020-45, 5000 Lb Cap Reach Order Picker Electric Forklift
    Crown RR-35000, RR 3540-45, 3500 Lb Cap Electric Reach Order Picker Forklift
    Crown RR-35000, RR 3540-45, 3500 Lb Cap Electric Reach Order Picker Forklift
    Crown RR-35000, RR 3540-45, 3500 Lb Cap Electric Reach Order Picker Forklift
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown RR5000 RR-5020-45, 5000 Lb Cap Reach Order Picker Electric Forklift
    Crown 60FCTT-180, 6000 Lb Cap Sit Down Counterbalance Electric Forklift
    Crown 60FCTT-180, 6000 Lb Cap Sit Down Counterbalance Electric Forklift
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown PE3000/PE-3540-60, 6000 Lb Cap Electric Pallet Jack
    Crown RR5000 RR-5020-45, 5000 Lb Cap Reach Order Picker Electric Forklift
    Crown RC3000, 3000 Lb Cap Stand-Up Counterbalance Electric Forklift
    TCM FCG25N6 Forklift, 4500 Lb. Capacity
    Toyota 7FBCU25 4400 Lb Cap Electric Forklift and Battery Charger
    Big Joe PDH-20106 Walk Along Fork
    Datsun LP Forklift (Parts Machine)

    Maybe there should be an "idle lift truck index", if there were, it would be at an all time high.

  27. And another indication on how the government and big banks are screwing the public:
    Investors Flee CDs
    The difference between the rates on three-month and 12-month certificates of deposit fell 41% during the past 12 months, according to Market Rates Insight. The average 3-month CD paid 0.18%, while a 12-month CD paid 0.46%, a 0.28 percentage-point difference. Investors withdrew $114 billion from CDs during 2010's final three months.

    The fed policy and kid-glove treatment in shoveling cheap money into the banks is a silent tax on savers. It erodes their savings and capital and forces them into riskier investments.

    At the same time, the government is selling US debt to foreign countries, exporting a future stream of money out of the US.

    Would it not make more sense to force the government to borrow from US residents by offering tax exempt savings bonds? China will never pay any tax on the income it recieves from the cash flow on these bonds.

  28. "Wave of Revolution"

    That is what they have on their graphic, on MSNBC.

    Everyone that wanted to see instability and chaos, in the Islamic Arc, are getting what they asked for.

    While we may discuss, even argue about the cause of this "Wave of Revolution", the true effects of the instability have yet to be felt.

    That the US is right there, surfing the break, not arguable.

    Whether or not it should be hanging five, shooting the pipeline or just riding the swells, there is the rub.

    If one thinks that the whirled is engaged in a "Clash of Civilizations", then we are easily ahead. The "other" is in complete disarray.

    Whether by accident or design.

  29. Crown manufactures 85 percent of the parts used in its lift trucks, producing components ranging from wire harnesses to electric motors. Crown’s lift truck manufacturing facilities include over 1,500,000 square feet (139,000 m2) in west central Ohio. Crown also has manufacturing facilities in Kinston, North Carolina, and Greencastle and Connersville, Indiana. It has manufacturing, distribution and sales operations in Australia, Germany and Mexico. Since April 2006, Crown has been manufacturing hand pallet trucks in a 150,000-square-foot (14,000 m2) facility in Suzhou, China.

  30. Fleet after fleet low mileage, low hours dump trucks, front end loaders, crawlers, graders, haulers, you name it are being offered at auction. It's a buyers market.

    The construction industry is dead.

  31. why does america keep poking its nose into somebody else's affairs?its causing morec havoc in this world than al qaeda.then it was afghanistan, after that iraq and now libya.barack obama will be the second bush .nobel peace prize winner ...bull shit....

  32. bush was lot better than obama .at least he had guts to accept what he did.obama hides hiomself behind the mask of peace and friendship and harmony and cooperation and blah blah blah,.....

  33. For a while after the cold war, we were idealistic and thought that we could bring peace and freedom to the whirled. Then, many of us earned that no good deed goes unpunished and that some people just aren't worth the trouble.

  34. sudheer said...
    bush was lot better than obama .at least he had guts to accept what he did.obama hides hiomself behind the mask of peace and friendship and harmony and cooperation and blah blah blah,…..

    No argument on that point.

  35. sudheer said...
    bush was lot better than obama .at least he had guts to accept what he did.obama hides hiomself behind the mask of peace and friendship and harmony and cooperation and blah blah blah,…..

    No argument on that point.

  36. whit is right -no good deed goes unpunished-what about my feelings

  37. peace isnt an easy thing .men find it difficult to be at peace with themselves and have conflicting thoughts always in their minds-how can we expect so many minds with so many different thoughts to be at peace with one another .the world is a doomed place .it will someday meet an unceremonious end.

  38. sometimes you are too sad to see this world .too sad too see that the world is exactly like you ,constanlt being torn apart by conflicting forces .being pulled back by them.its too sad ..........

  39. hi deuce how are you??hope everything is fine......

  40. i look for lonely spaces ,crowded ones where no one knows me,i shout there at least my words wont reach her............

  41. I am 65 years old Sadeer, and have never seen such times. I think we want the same thing. Hope you are well.

  42. sir,but i am 21 and too sad perhaps thats why i am seeing the world in that way,....

  43. At 21, there is still much to be optimistic about.

  44. i will be optimistic from now .but how does optimism help in an hopeless situation?i think it helps anyway...what do you think is better sir, to face a situation very difficult to face or to run awayand hide?

  45. Sudheer, ol' Bud, you need to get laid.

    Hi kiddos.

  46. Taking it to the streets!

    Demonstrators swarm central London to protest spending cuts
    By the CNN Wire Staff

  47. Let's see how they spin this little inconvience:

    Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links
    Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi's regime.

  48. Nothing personal mind you…strictly business.

  49. Hell we will be three for four. We supported the mujahideen in Afghan I .They joined us to fight the horrible Christian serbs in Kosovo and they are now locked and loaded with our guys in Libya.

  50. Everytime we attack a country to prevent a human disaster, AQ shows up to lend a hand. Maybe they should hold a seminar for the boys over at ATF on disaster avoidance techniques.

  51. .

    Demonstrators swarm central London to protest spending cuts

    In May, I go on vacation to the 'Heart of Darkness', Londonistan.

    While a good portion of the trip will be spent north of Hadrian's Wall and with a brief run for Paris, I will still plan on sending back dispatches from Mordor, the black land, the land of shadow, rotting hulk of a once great empire.

    (That is, I will if if my last e-mails to my congressional reps hasn't landed me on the no-fly list.)


  52. Some years ago I was in Tacoma waiting for a ship. It was late and I had some time to kill so I went over to the Pt Defiance Zoo. It was a chilly overcast week day morning and I thought it'd be a good way to spend some quiet time. And I'd heard they had a tiger exhibit...

    It was, in deed, almost deserted when I arrived. And on my way to the cats I saw an old, rheumy eyed elephant...

    Some how he caught my attention and I waited for him down at the fence to the enclosure. He slowly rambled down and, for some reason, I started talking to him...

    Asking him how he was. Things like that. There was what looked like moss growing between his toenails...

    Again, for some reason, I came to the conclusion that he was a retired circus performer. So I asked him about that. How the life was back then... Then I said I betcha you can still count can't you? Would you count to three for me?

    The old guy gave me a rheumy twist of his head and very distinctly lifted his right front foot and slowly tapped three times on the concrete...

    At that moment I felt that sensation of someone watching me. I turned around and there, maybe four or five feet behind me, were a dad and his maybe 8-9 yr old daughter.

    I'm sorry to say that I felt embarrassed and cut off my conversation and moved on...


  53. .

    I regret a lot of fun I have missed over my life because of things I didn't do because of the fear of embarrasment or that they didn't seem the appropriate thing to do, Gnossos. Most people do it to some extent.

    The lucky people are those who aren't constrained by those conventions.

    (Of course, taken to the other extreme, you also have the clear a-holes.)


  54. Ah, you were being conned, anyway. The little girl was tipping off the elephant (an old con, the "cherub/pachederm" one.)

    There's a sucker born every minute.

  55. .

    Interesting story Gnossos, regardless of what 'NoConningRuf' was saying.

    There's a sucker born every minute.*

    *Printed on Rufus' business card when he was selling insurance.


  56. Jordanians are finally seeking liberty for self expression... They want to be


    Too fucking funny...

    Meanwhile their "brothers" in Gaza dont want to be Palestine, they just want to murder jews...

    Their other "brothers" in the west bank? just want to slit throats of Jews, especially those settler babies, they have the best throats to slice..

    In syria? 55 dead! how wonderful the world of Islam..

    In Yemen? to many dead to count if anyone actually cared...

    In Libya? Our own Moslem President supports Islamists murderers against Comrade Frankenfurter. How many dead? Who know, who cares.. And how many did we kill? Who knows, who cares..

    In England, riots! How wonderful, all over government paycuts.. lovely looking burkas seen on the scene.. (they will get their welfare cuts too!) No free FGM for you!

    Suicide bombers in Iraq, Murder in Iran, Bahrain has clamped down on it "squatting" shia moslems, Iran is pissed (lol)...

    arabia is reeling...

    Havent heard anything from Lebanon, but Hezbollah has murdered plenty last year and let's not forget the complete destruction of Fatah el Islam's refugee camp that displaced 65,000 so called "palestinians"

    All the world of Ishmael is a clusterfuck...

    Could not have happened to a finer bunch of goat fucking vermin...

    Oh, forget about Egypt, the crotch of the arab world..

    More murder and fun... Burn the Christians!!!!!

    But who cares, who counts!

    The Moslem brotherhood is waiting to take control, so says the NY TIMES!!!!

    But let's not forget, it's the Jews and Israel, sitting on 1/900 of the land, with no OIL, that has 20% arab/moslems that is the cause of all the unrest, so says Rat and Obama.

    The interesting news?

    Israel set up the 1st international hospital in Japan after the tsunami...

    and Haiti

    But whose counting, they do that of course to steal organs from the dead don't ya know...

  57. desert rat said...
    The settler movement in Israel, full of extremist nationalists.

    The Leaders of the Israeli government, eager to seize on any excuse to wage an air campaign against Gaza.

    Notice how the Bar's own Pro-Islamists slants the issue..

    Oh, that's just a misrepresentation, no it's a slanderous lie.

    He states "The Leaders of the Israeli government, eager to seize on any excuse to wage an air campaign against Gaza."

    Wage an air "campaign"


    Any excuse?

    Like advanced Grad rockets are ANY excuse when they are shot at Israel cities?

    When 5 are slaughters in their homes with a knife cut to the heart and throat, does that warrant a response by Israel?

    Does Hamas shooting 100 rockets and mortars in a 3 day period warrant "any" excuse?

    and btw, there has been NO israeli air "campaign"

    Nice slant here folks, just as his bud's over at Al Jeezera taught him, be polite, distort, act civil, lie, speak quietly, misdirect, be topical, advocate one standard for Israel and no standard for anyone else.

    If 100 rockets and mortars were fired at LA or NY in a 3 day period of time, a family including babies and toddlers had their throats slit, Grad Rockets fired at it, 50 tons of weapons have been confiscated, ied's and muggings all occurred in a 2 week period of time, that ENEMY of humanity (the Palestinians) would have had their asses killed to the moon.

    One standard for Israel, and in fact one standard for Israel EVEN IF THEY DIDNT DO THE DEED, it doesnt matter, they are guilty in advance.

  58. Great News Michael Vick is being honored as a "Hero" to African American culture!

    Who let the dogs out!

    Wolf Wolf...

  59. African Americans QUICKLY traveling the road to people following the cultural icons, the Palestinians.

    By the way...

    40% of all African American pregnancies are aborted!

    Makes us Jews look pro-life.

    (that one is for the Bar's Jew hating, Israel hating, abortion obsessed fuckard, the RAT aka Dr Hiss, aka Ishmael)

    You go African Americans!

    Demand Free Homes (Jessie Jackson Jr)

    Demand More Stuff (Al Sharpton)

    Demand Reparations (Maxine Waters)

    Demand Israel not allow Jews to buy land in Jerusalem (Obama)

    Ah yes, the African American culture.. Just one or two clicks from becoming full bore Palestinians...

  60. I wonder will Obama push African Americans to lessen their abortion rate in order to raise those babies to become suicide bombers for the cause?

    After all that is the "palestinian" way


    Private sources confirmed yesterday that the Iranian regime is trying hard to, to prevent the collapse of its ally the Syrian regime, and spared the wave of revolutions taking place in the Arab world

    , Like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen.

    The sources of the "Beirut Observer" website, that the warships three women, which arrived to the port of Latakia on February 24, coming from Iran, were carrying on Mtnehma elements of the "Basij" of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, to support the Syrian security forces to guard against any attempt to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad and his regime.

    "The two civilian Iranian planes were, laden with elements of the" Basij ", and arrived at Damascus International Airport last Saturday, the first belonging to the company," Mahan ", coming from Isfahan and I arrived at 12:05 am, and the second belonging to the NIOC official, coming from Tehran and I arrived at 21:46 pm ".

    The sources confirmed that "Al-Assad and living a hard time, given the gravity of the situation winning since 15 this month, which was not Bhspanhm at all, their belief that the spark revolutions will not burn the empire they built 41 years ago."

    She added, "so they are struggling to hold regional deals that will keep the specter of" revolution "for them, the most recent attempt to mediate the Syrian regime recently to Tehran to calm the situation in Bahrain, to gaining the approval of Saudi Arabia at any price."

  62. What the HELL is wrong with the GOP, with the RIGHT in America these days? The US has a prime opportunity right now to take out some historical enemies and the right, the GOP, is getting all weak kneed and mealy mouthed. Not only can we take Ghadafi but Assad in Syria is a sitting duck giving US the perfect excuse to kick his ASS what with his shooting on the protesters and all. Not only does the US have the opportunity to do it but there are allies all ready to pony up and help - those surrender monkey cheese eating French are on board along with the Brits and Canada and NATO (mostly) but what do we hear from the right, from the GOP? 'oh, my oh my, are poor little army is over-extended, we can't afford it, it is immoral, not in our interest' blah blah blah. What happened to the good old days under the Bushes when it was all gung ho American can do???

  63. There's really not much I wouldn't do and most things don't embarrass me.

    Unless, well, um…I forgot my beano, say like on a first date or something.

    There are things I don't get to do only because of the company I'm with and those are the only things I look back on and regret not doing.

  64. You don't get it Ash. Gaddafi is long past due killing. That should be a singular event. A third war in Arabia is not.

  65. If the Syrians, Egyptians, Yemenis, Libyans or any of the other tribes want to dismount their leaders, that is their business. It is not ours unless they attack us. Then you go after the bastards. it is not our job or business to pick winners and losers.

  66. The Middle East is the key to unlocking world dominance. All that oil and now's our chance to take all our traditional enemies down. How would Iran fare if we had Iraq, Syria, Libya, and the rest. Israel would be sitting pretty to.