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Friday, December 10, 2010

"If Israel falls, the West falls. That is why we are all Israel." - Geert Wilders

Wilders urges Israel to annex West Bank

Published on : 6 December 2010

Radio Netherlands

Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders has called on Israel to settle the West Bank. In a speech Mr Wilders gave in Tel Aviv on Sunday, he urged Israel to build more settlements in Judea and Samaria, as the West Bank is historically known, in defiance of international calls for a construction freeze.

The Freedom Party leader said that Israel needs defendable borders for its own survival and security: "A county that is only 15 kilometres wide is impossible to defend. That is the strategic reason why Jews need to settle Judea and Samaria".

Mr Wilders also said Palestinians should be allowed to voluntarily settle in Jordan. The country could then rename itself Palestine and the Palestinians could "freely elect their own government in Amman." The Dutch politician said there was no reason for the Jordanian king to become nervous: "If the present Hashemite King is still as popular as today, he can remain in power. That is for the people of Palestine to decide in real democratic elections."

He told his audience that the West too often points an accusing finger at Israel, which, according to Mr Wilders "is not to blame for the situation in the Middle East." The Dutch politician said he knew why the Palestinians are a problem in Israel: "Because the Palestinians were not welcomed in the neighbouring Arab countries. There was no Arab solidarity; the refugees were forced into camps and slums, where many of their descendants still linger today."

Mr Wilders also said that the United Nations has not handled the situation well: "Under international definitions the status of refugee or displaced person only applies to first generation refugees. However... descendants of Palestinian refugees are granted the same refugee status as their ancestors. Consequently, the number of so-called Palestinian refugees registered with the UN increased from 711,000 in 1950 to over 4.7 million in 2010. These refugees are being used as a demographic weapon against Israel."

Mr Wilders said the Jews had built new lives for themselves in Israel and that Palestinians should do the same in Jordan. The situation could then slowly return to normal, even though he warned that: "Islam... conditions Muslims to hate Jews. It is a religious duty to do so." He said it made him sick to see how Western leaders refuse to acknowledge that Israel plays a vital role in the region: "If Israel falls, the West falls. That is why we are all Israel."

Unlike his former personal visits to Israel, Wilders was in Tel Aviv on Sunday as the result of an official invitation by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.


  1. The Palestinians have become entitled to permanent victimization. The UN has done more harm than good for them with the absolute maintainance of a ward mentality that refuses to face the facts as they are and not as they want them to be.

    A state of Palestine at peace and bordering a trading partner Israel, would become wealthy in rapid time.

    Neither the United States nor the UN should be doing anything that hampers the evolution of a normal relationship between the two states.

    That means the best thing to do is do nothing.It is there problem, let them solve it themselves.

  2. The probability of the US "staying out" is absolutely "0" (zero).

    O/T - I am disappointed that no one addressed my observation about Charle's car being attacked by the mob. The report of an attack on the car rather than on its occupants was another of those Orwellian modern moments in journalism. The perversion of language continues apace.

  3. 90% of Jordan self identify themselves as palestinian.

    Why should a MONARCHY, whose roots are from Arabia, control a land that is not historically his?

    That also raises the question, Why should there still be Kings and Queens in this day and age?

    Just who the hell are these "posers"...

    Kings my ass....

    More like parasites....

    The "West bank" has been the homeland & birthplace of the jewish people for 3000 years. Only nitwits and shit for brains haters deny this...

    There is NOTHING culturally unique about "west bank" arabs that make them any different than east bank arabs.

    If the east and west bank arabs choose to create a NEW identity called "palestinian"? I cant stop them, but I sure and laugh about the foolishness of creating a NEW arab country with that starts with a LETTER P that isnt even IN an ARABIC alphabet...

    The fake nationalistic goals of the arab squatters that have inhabited the east and west banks for the last 100 years or so are mostly NEW arab settlers..

    Mark Twain wrote all about the LACK of population in the east and west bank in the 1880's of arabs.

    It was the JOBs and COMMERCE that the Jews created that drew into the area Arabs seeking employment..

    Let us not forget the fact that the Arabs already control 649/650th of the middle east...

  4. rufus wrote:

    "Fuck the Royalty. Fuck the Elites. Fuck the Fat-ass Criminal Bankers. Fuck the "Diplomats." Fuck the "Generals." Fuck'em All."

    ahhhh, the early spring shoots of revolution - rufus and the tea party folks. Nothing like grass roots rebellion to shake things up a bit.

  5. but as the shit for brains crew continue to demand that Jews not build in the Jewish section of Jerusalem, the fun loving moslems across the globe continue to plant ied's, car bombs, plan attacks, implement sharia, throw acid in women's faces, ghettoize sections of every major city in the world...

    yep 148 square acres in the west bank and jerusalem are the real issue...

    not hardly...

    congrats to the world...

    as you demand racist juden free areas of Jerusalem and the west bank to be created? Your own cities are becoming Moslems ONLY...

    what a bunch of nitwits...

  6. If all of the West Bank became part of Israel the 'Israel is Jewish' becomes more of a problem. Sharon came to understand this...

    ...WiO, not so much. Mind you, WiO, as did the Nazi's, believe that ethnic cleansing is no big deal.

  7. Ash said...
    If all of the West Bank became part of Israel the 'Israel is Jewish' becomes more of a problem. Sharon came to understand this...

    ...WiO, not so much. Mind you, WiO, as did the Nazi's, believe that ethnic cleansing is no big deal.


    I notice you ignore the ethnic cleansing of 800,000 jews from 649/650th of the arab world 1st....

    And population transfers are not ethnic cleansing...

    and to point out that your a shit for brains, please post where I have advocated "ethnic cleansing"?

    Really you are full of shit..

    I advocate the making of JORDAN into Palestine, and the removal of ONE KING, hardly that makes it ethnic cleansing!

    Now if there are areas of the west bank, unsettled and vacant? israel should annex those empty areas at once and stake claim to them..

    Israel has 20% arab population with full citizenship as Israelis, how is that ethnic cleansing shit for brains????

    Now if Israel were smart? they would cut out of Israel the MAJOR Arab population centers, build a wall to partition them off and set those towns and cities FREE of Israeli rule...

    That aint ethnic cleansing, that's giving the goat fuckers FREEDOM!

    So Ash, before you make bullshit comparisons to the Nazis, pull your head out of your ass and learn to read....

    THe arabs are guilty of ethnic cleansing, on par with the nazis, they did it in 1948 thru 1967 to the Jews that had lived for thousands of years..

    There is no ethnic cleansing in Gaza, except for the Jews being pulled out of their homes (by the IDF)

    In the west bank?

    Jews should build their own cities!


    Those Jewish Cities should have the right to JOIN Israel...

    Just as the major arab cities should join together and form a new arab state, together with Jordan, which is Palestine.

    Now before you launch into a bullshit argument about the Arabs needing a state that is attached?

    Might I suggest you look at a map of the USA...

    The USA does very well and yet, it is NOT contigious.

    Alaska does not connect with the lower 48...

    Guam is not attached...

    Puerto Rico is not attached

    US Virgin Islands???? Not attached...

    Hawaii? Last time I checked? Not attached...

    Northern Mariana Islands, all American, all the time, no direct connection...

    American Samoa? same thing...

    And the list goes on!

    In fact many nations have lands that are their own that do not have a direct highway to attach themselves...

    Why cant gaza, selected major population centers of the west bank of arab control and jordan NOT be a nation?

  8. Ash,

    I do not believe WiO has called for the extermination of Palestinians. And I think you know that. However, such misdirection is the standard Muslim retort when faced with the inconvenience of reality.

    This map from the 1917-1922 era is what Wilders contemplates.
    British Mandate

  9. Allen,

    Ethnic cleansing and extermination are not equivalent terms. To forcibly remove a population because of its ethnicity is ethnic cleansing. Systematically removing Palestinians from Israel would constitute ethnic cleansing. That is exactly what WiO has proposed on numerous occasions.

  10. Ash,

    I think you should look at the trial records of the Hague. Serbia comes to mind.

    If you can, do provide an example of "cleansing" that did not require "genocidal" handiwork. Armenia comes instantly to mind.

    At Nuremburg, Nazis were not tried for moving "undesirables"; they were tried for removing undesirables. Poland springs to mind.

    Moreover, Ash, as time goes by, you can expect more countries to exercise their prerogatives as to immigration and residency of non-conforming, radicalized minorities. Germany is in the forefront.

  11. The geese
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  12. I wonder if Obama will get the
    Confucious Prize.

  13. Ash said...

    Ethnic cleansing and extermination are not equivalent terms. To forcibly remove a population because of its ethnicity is ethnic cleansing. Systematically removing Palestinians from Israel would constitute ethnic cleansing. That is exactly what WiO has proposed on numerous occasions.

    Please site ONCE.

    And there are NO Palestinians IN Israel. There are Israeli Arabs.

    As for expelling Arabs from israel?

    I advocate that if they are convicted of terrorism.

    I never have suggested ALL arabs be removed from Israel, but now that you suggest it?

    I'd offer Arabs 10,000 bucks to MOVE out of Israel and renounce her citizenship forever..

    yep, that sounds like a plan...

  14. Cutting OUT major population centers of arabs inside of Israel and giving them their freedom is not ethnic cleansing, not one little goat fucker has to move, they just can use the services of the Israeli state any longer...

    By cutting these 5th column populations out of Israel territory it give freedom to these "people".

    I think it's a wonderful solution.

    The land given to the arabs for their new
    "state" "reich" can be offset with Israeli annexation of their major population centers in the historic jewish lands of the west bank, a "disputed land"

    go ahead ash, twist my words...

  15. Let's face it - Ash is a nincompoop.

  16. My mom - I really don't know where she is now -other than in my heart - but that is enough.

  17. No twisting of words needed WiO you say it loud and clear.

  18. Things must be really bad for Obama:
    With Obama, Clinton urges Dems to back tax deal
    AP – 4 mins ago
    WASHINGTON – Bill Clinton implored Democrats to back the tax-cut deal that President Barack Obama negotiated with Republicans as the former president made a surprise appearance with Obama in the White House briefing room Friday — and later took over the podium. Full Story »

  19. That was wonderful, Melody. You always come through.

    My daughter is still shoveling horse shit for Miss Marion. She is getting to be a good horse back rider. She loves it.

    The best of Christmas's to you.

  20. .

    The Christmas Song

    I guess Christmas is my favorite holiday. Lots of great memories. And, usually, I am well into the Christmas spirit by this time of year. But not this year.

    Oh well, Nat's always good anyway.




  22. .

    I find it hard to be cynical at Christmas.

    Merely nostalgic for times pasts.

    For me the Spirit of Christmas Past preempts the specter of Christmas Yet To Come.

    I usually get mellow, a holiday high if you like. But it has nothing to do with drink. An appreciation for the past as well as for the transcendent.

    Good stuff.


  23. .

    Not sure why I have the current lack of holiday spirit.

    I'll need to throw up some more decorations. Maybe see the Nutcracker or Messiah at Orchestra Hall or visit Meadowbrook Hall for one of their Christmas programs.

    And, admittedly, a drink couldn't hurt.


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