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Friday, May 22, 2009


Sure bring the worst of the worst Islamic terrorists to US jails so that they can become stars to the tens of thousand of blacks who annually convert to Islam in US prisons. That will help our standing with the left in Europe.

Plot renews fears of radical Islam in prison
The arrest of four Muslim ex-convicts in an alleged homegrown terror plot in the Bronx is renewing fears about the spread of Islamic extremism in the nation's prisons.
At least two of the four men suspected of plotting to bomb synagogues and shoot down military airplanes converted to Islam behind bars. The alleged mastermind is also a convert, and the fourth man identified himself as a Muslim when he entered prison.

Islam has had a strong presence in U.S. prisons for decades, and many chaplains and corrections officials credit the faith, when taught properly, with being a stabilizing force that can help inmates turn their lives around.

But this week's foiled plot is not the first terror scheme implicating Muslim convicts, and it comes despite reports of progress in screening chaplains and materials on Islam in the prison system.

"Basically, the threat is real," said Paul Rogers, past president of the American Correctional Chaplains Association. "Prisons have unstable people and people who are on the edge of a lot of different things. The radical elements of any religion can be emphasized."

Those fears were heightened this week as lawmakers debated the fate of detainees if President Barack Obama shutters the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

FBI Director Robert Mueller said terror suspects brought to the U.S. could end up "radicalizing others" or plan attacks on the country. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Obama would do nothing to endanger the public and decried "fear-mongering about this."

The four defendants in the New York terror case had been in and out of prison.

Laguerre Payen said he converted to Islam in prison, but a Muslim prayer leader who counseled him when he got out said he had a poor understanding of the faith. Onta Williams had registered as a Baptist in prison, but his uncle said he converted to Islam inside. David Williams and James Cromitie had registered as Muslim in prison, according to correction officials.
Payen appears to be a Haitian citizen, while the three others are Americans. The Williamses are not related.

Mitch Silber, a top New York Police Department intelligence analyst, said inmates converting to Islam are so common that he and his colleagues call it "Prislam." Though many drop the faith once they are out, for some "the conversion sticks" and can fuel anger toward the United States, said Silber, co-author of the 2007 NYPD report "Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat."

Just as young people can be radicalized by "cut-and-paste" readings of the Quran on the Internet, new inmates may get a distorted view of Islam from gang leaders or other influential inmates, according to "Out of the Shadows: Getting Ahead of Prison Radicalization," a 2006 report by the George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute and the University of Virginia Critical Incident Analysis Group.

Several imams used the term "Jailhouse Islam" to describe a form of Islam in prison that incorporates gang loyalty and violence, the report said.

Many states are doing a better job of screening the reading material that comes into prisons, Rogers said. But other problems arise when there are no qualified chaplains or volunteers.

"Sometimes inmates rely on other inmates, and it's sort of the prison way," Rogers said. "They turn to someone they trust, their 'celly' or someone in their cellblock, and put them on a pedestal as someone who has more knowledge about the religion. He could be spreading knowledge, or could be spreading ignorance."
Inmates who were radicalized in prison include:

_ Jose Padilla, a former Chicago gang member, who converted to Islam behind bars and was recruited at a mosque to become a mujahedeen fighter, authorities said. Prosecutors accused him of plotting to detonate a radioactive "dirty bomb," but he was convicted of unrelated terror support charges.

_ Richard Reid, a British citizen and follower of Osama bin Laden, who was a prison convert in England and became involved with militants after he was freed. He pleaded guilty in 2002 to trying to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight with explosives hidden in his shoes. He is now serving a life sentence at a maximum-security prison in Florence, Colo.

_ A group of prisoners in California who converted to Islam and were arrested in 2005 on charges of plotting behind bars to attack military sites, synagogues and other targets.

Islam took hold in U.S. prisons in the 1940s, when members of the Nation of Islam were held for refusing to fight in World War II. Malcolm X was one of their most famous prison recruits.

The religion spread when Muslim inmates successfully sued for more freedom to practice their faith. Get-tough sentencing laws enacted in the 1980s filled prisons with large numbers of blacks and led to another spike in conversion. By this time, many blacks who once were in the Nation of Islam embraced mainstream Islam instead.

Some inmates gravitate toward Islam out of resentment over being locked up, said Jimmy Jones, a Muslim chaplain and volunteer in Connecticut prisons.

"The argument being made is that some people are being taught core values in jail that are turning them into jihadists. This is outrageous," Jones said. "It's not Islam that turns them against America. If you track them back, they had some resentment already going on."

Jones said Connecticut and New York correction officials have barred "The Noble Quran," a Saudi translation of the Muslim holy book. An appendix in the book is titled "The Call to Jihad (Holy Fighting in Allah's Cause)."
But Jones argued that the threat of extremism from prison conversions has been exaggerated.

"I think this is another form of fear-mongering," he said. "The guys I know who come out of prison, they have many issues, and that's not one of them."

Harry Dammer, a criminologist at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania who studies religion in prisons, said there is no clear evidence that the Islam taught or spread in U.S. prisons are the forms of Islamic militancy on display in the Bronx case.
"I would say that yes, of course, there are extremists around, but they are few and far between," Dammer said, "and they are not supported by imams and chaplains in prisons."

Associated Press Writers Michael Hill in Newburgh, N.Y., and Tom Hays in New York contributed to this story. Gorski reported from Denver and Zoll from New York.


  1. Is this where the Cheney fan club meets?

    I brought cookies.

  2. Yes, it is.

    What kind of cookies have you?

    Chocolate chips are my favorites.

    I can become a Cookie Monster if Chocolate Chips are around.

  3. The kind best accompanied by Kool Aid served out of a fifty gallon drum.

  4. (Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetness.)

  5. But, hey! My husband leaves Baghdad in two weeks, gets back ten or so days after that, so I'm feeling charitable toward all creatures great and small and will let that be my only ugly comment on Lord Vader.

    Did you know that Vader-breathing has taken place at the back of the room during briefings in the OVP? He's either got a sense of humor or lost his ability for hands-free strangling.

  6. Interesting, that with all the muslims from the prisons, the 2nd fellow listed had to have come from England. Never in a US prison, until after he tried to light his shoe.

    The Californios, still in prison, since no mention of conspiritors on the "outside" was made, these terrorists had no capacity, while still in prison. Now they'll stay there longer.

    The choices are clear enough, we imprison the miscreants at Gitmo in high security US prisons, possiblly the military one at Fort Leavenworth, where they would not "mix" with US civilian prisoners. We send them back to their country of origin, or we kill 'em.

    Or some combination of the three.

    Some though, the Chinese most likely, will just be released in the US, since it'll be "decided" that they do not present a security risk.

    We have read of this muslim threat from the prisons for almost eight years, now. It has failed to materialize in any meaningful way.

    The only case of merit, Jose Pedilla. And we had been tracking his movements, without the assistance of enhanced interrigation techniques, arresting him as he got off the plane, from Islamicstan.

    Mohammed, who learned his Islam in the Army, along with his protege, Malvo, caused more actual terror in the US than any of the prison muslims, to date.

  7. wi"o" is not using his new Mossberg to hunt birds, bob.

    Remove the plug, it won't be a legl hunting weapon, in most States. That simple modification can prove malevolent intent, if the weapon is used in a manner consider by 12 of your peers to be illegal.

  8. Indeed, if one were to add up the fragging deaths committed by muslim soldiers in Kuwait and Iraq.

    Then factor in the OK City losses to the newo-Nazi and ex-US Army Engineer, Sgt Timmy McVeigh.

    Then, of course, Mohammed and Malvo. Mohammed also being an Army vet, from the home of the Rangers, Fort Lewis, WA.

    Little wonder Homeland Security considers military vets a viable threat source.

    On 30Jun08 there were 1,540,805 sentenced prisoners were under state or federal jurisdiction.

    About the same number of folks in the US military.

    Now, from 27Dec06, the CSM reports that the US military wants to recruit more Muslim troopers.

    The US armed services don't recruit by religion, but the Pentagon estimates at least 3,386 Muslims were serving in the US military as of September. No precise figures are available because, while US service members are surveyed on their religion, they aren't required to disclose it. Advocacy groups put the number at 15,000, saying many are reluctant to reveal their religion. African-Americans represent the largest share of Muslims in uniform, they add.

    Chuck Schumer, Dem from NY saw the dangers, back in 2003

    Terror-Linked Group May Supply Muslim US Military Chaplains.

    U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer contends that Muslim chaplains hired by the U.S. military and federal prisons must be approved by two organizations that are affiliated with the American Muslim Council, a group that is itself under investigation as a possible conduit of funds for international terrorists. The U.S. Military currently has 12 Muslim chaplains

    It is not just in the US that this possible challenge with veteran miitary muslims exists.

    Dutch Worry About Radical Muslims in the Military.
    From the desk of Paul Belien on Tue, 2006-05-02 13:05

    The Dutch secret services AIVD (state intelligence) and MIVD (military intelligence) are investigating an unknown number of Muslims within the Dutch army. Last Saturday, the Dutch newspaper Het Parool reported that a growing number of Dutch soldiers sympathizes with radical Islamists

  9. the Mossberg is for home defense...


    I shall remove the plug...

  10. islamic terror in america?

    the killing of robert kennedy by palestinian sirhan sirhan

    the killing of meir kahane in nyc by a palestinain

    the attacks on the seattle and la jewish community center....

    the greyhound bus driver attacks (2)

    the el al counter in la....

  11. Even in your own home wi"o", you do not have a "right" to deadly force. There is no uniformity, except that you have to be in a position where you have a JUSTIFIABLE fear of your life, and trespass alone does not present that threat level.

    In some States if there is a viable avenue of retreat available to the homeowner deadly force cannot be employeed.

    Fore warned is fore armed.

    You are armed.
    You have been warned.

    Take that concealed weapons course, at least.

  12. In order for me to use my shotgun I will be in deathly fear of my or my loved ones life...

    property is not an issue unless it's food and water and we are being raided by the mad max types.... and at that point we will stack them and rack them like cord wood in front of the sub-division as a warning to other trolls....

  13. No doubt that there have been muslims involved with criminal acts in the US, few of those acts have been classified as terrorist attacks, by Team43.

    An arguable point, but the determination of the Federals, for our own good, I'm sure.
    They are the deciders, after all.

    The point of discussion is how does muslim conversions, while in prison, impact those events.
    Not that they "could", but have they?

    Which means knowing the story of the miscreant beyond their religous label and delving into their life stories.
    Which I'm not all that interested in, except superficially.

    We know that Army veterans, with a familiarity with weapons and explosives, constitute a current threat with historical precedents.

    What are the precedents of terrorist attacks from the prison converts?

  14. Take that concealed weapons course, at least.--/

    Good advice, for sure.

    The state laws are such a crazy quilt, a person should study up and know where one stands.

    The NRA is a good source for questions like this.

  15. I could not begin to give knowledgable legal advise for Ohio self defense standards, just find someone that can.

  16. I will take the Ohio Concealed Carry Permit Class...

    I have been advised by several local police what is and is not allowed for home protection...

    Again, if someone breaks into my home and it is reasonable that i fear for my or my children's lives...

    kill the perp,,,,

  17. Our guy told the women in our group--I'm not sure if he was right on this--that, generally speaking, a woman can get by using more force immediately than a man.
    Don't count on it, that's just what this one guy said. It kind of makes sense in a way, but I don't know if he had law, case, or statute to back up his claim.

    Best to check out your state's laws from a reliable source.

  18. heh, that sounds like I'm saying our Concealed Weapons Permit guy wasn't a reliable source.

    And, I'm not sure he was, on that particular point.

    Good guy though, everyone had a good time, we all passed the class, made a new acquaintance or two.

  19. Actually for 'home defense' a couple of big dogs that bark like hell are worth the price of the Alpo.

    In my wife's little place in Ohio, which is just a bit out in the country, when we go back, I'm building a fence, and if we stay, I'm getting a couple of good big dogs.

    They can sleep outside.

    The thing that scared the living hell out of me last time there, was the big thunder, rain and lightning storm.


    Rocked the whole place.

    I sez "Is it often like this?"

    She sez--"All the time, and this was a small one."

    Holy Smoke!

    Right in that river valley, big mothers coming in. Wham!

  20. Nailed anothter one. Eight legger. Easing his way down the curtain again. Warhead bounced back across the room. (I cut the string off)

    That makes four so far this spring, if my count is right.

  21. Bob blows the smoke out of the barrel of the FlyShooter, The Original Bug Gun, and, goes to bed, satisfied.

  22. Malevolent intent has already been proven, wo"o".

    Between the modification to the shotgun, and your two postings, here, tonight.

    "... stacked like cordwood ..."
    "... kill the perp ..."

    Together would sink your self-defense case. Good people have been jacked around, by prosecuors, for less.

    Learn the correct language, wi"o", and use it.

    Never shoot to kill, always shoot to stop.

    Or take your chances extolling your rightousness, and hope that the jury of your peers, that they really are... ... your peers.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Good Christ, I was just going to bed.

    Then, I read that b.s.

    Defend yourself, WiO, you and your family, and we will back you up in court.

  25. And not the peers of the dead perp.

  26. extolling your rightousness--

    and exactly when, O may I ask, has WiO "extolled his rightousness"?

    He has stuck up for his heritage, once in a awhile, like all good men should do, and, admitted some of its failings, too, if memory recalls.

    I rather think it is the great Desert Rat, who does know a thing or two, but not much really, who has been "extolling his righteousness" all these days.

    May I send you a copy of "The Vanity of Human Wishes" dear Rat?

  27. It is not bs, bob.

    It is deadly serious, when you statrt using deadly force.
    a person like your Planning Commissioner, or ash, as prosecutor is more prevalent than you'd want to admit.

    That Duke University prosecutor, in the lacrosse rape case, he was not swayed by reality, and the jury would not have been made up of lacrosse players.

    Only huge amounts of cash save those lacrosse players, not their innocence of the crime. There are plenty of poor "innocent" folk in jail, bob.

    DeLorean being an example of how the "Rules" can be bent. Both ways.

  28. Actually, I think you are an ignorant Jew hating piece of desert scum.

    Very poorly read, but does know a thing or two about guns.

    Whose mind is corrupted by conspiracy theories, and who has jeolously at the heart of his very being.

    A moron in actual fact.


  29. His rightousness, bob, is in claiming self defense, when there is/was previously expressed that there was intent to kill.

    Prosecutor Ash or Planning Man may mot see wi"o", in the same rightous light that he'd see himself in. Especially with a history of using inflamitory language when writing about the subject. It is how they build a case, as to motive.

    As he defends the walls of his village, against the onslaught of anarchy. Stacking the dead, like cordwood.

    Read that to the jury, as pictures of the 14 year old victim are perched on easels in the Courtroom.

    While the victims' "brothers" are on the jury. Saved OJ, once.
    That same jury would not have "saved" wi"o", based upon the same evidence.

    They not being his "peers", really.

    Never know, about juries.

  30. I'd give that advise to you, bob. If I was a jew hating bastard, I'd encourage his inflamitory rhetoric, hoping against hope he kill someone. Then pay for it.

    But that is not what I want, at all.

    Sematics, bob, after the fact, are more important than a good sight picture, before it.

  31. As you say, bob, it is a subject you know little about.

    It is one I am quite familar with.

    Like Real Estate development.

    Good luck, but you'll never get to fund your trip to Haifa on your present course.

  32. In 11th grade, Allante Rhodes spent 50 minutes a day in a Microsoft Word class at Anacostia Senior High School in Washington. He was determined to go to college, and he figured that knowing Word was a prerequisite. But on a good day, only six of the school's 14 computers worked. He never knew which ones until he sat down and searched for a flicker of life on the screen. "It was like Russian roulette," says Rhodes, a tall young man with an older man's steady gaze. If he picked the wrong computer, the teacher would give him a handout. He would spend the rest of the period learning to use Microsoft Word with a pencil and paper.

    One day last fall, tired of this absurdity, Rhodes e-mailed Michelle Rhee, the new, bold-talking chancellor running the District of Columbia Public Schools system. His teacher had given him the address, which was on the chancellor's home page. He was nervous when he hit SEND, but the words were reasonable. "Computers are slowly becoming something that we use every day," he wrote. "And learning how to use them is a major factor in our lives. So I'm just bringing this to your attention." He didn't expect to hear back. Rhee answered the same day. It was the beginning of an unusual relationship.

    The U.S. spends more per pupil on elementary and high school education than most developed nations. Yet it is behind most of them in the math and science abilities of its children. Young Americans today are less likely than their parents were to finish high school. This is an issue that is warping the nation's economy and security, and the causes are not as mysterious as they seem. The biggest problem with U.S. public schools is ineffective teaching, according to decades of research. And Washington, which spends more money per pupil than the vast majority of large districts, is the problem writ extreme, a laboratory that failure made. (See pictures of a diverse group of American teens.)

    Rhee took over Anacostia High and the district's 143 other schools in June 2007, when Mayor Adrian Fenty named her chancellor. Her appointment stunned the city. Rhee, then 37, had no experience running a school, let alone a district with 46,000 students that ranks last in math among 11 urban school systems. When Fenty called her, she was running a nonprofit called the New Teacher Project, which helps schools recruit good teachers. Most problematic of all, Rhee is not from Washington. She is from Ohio, and she is Korean American in a majority-African-American city. "I was," she says now, "the worst pick on the face of the earth."
    (first link from Google, above)