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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Understanding the Concept of Military FUBAR





  1. Thanks, Deuce. Do you have a link to the video. I can't see it.

    Well, there's your "Best and Brightest" at work, folks.

    How did someone on this blog put it? "I just don't understand the work of my "Betters?"

  2. I used an anagram for a joke, but it did not read the way I intended, so I took it down.

  3. Oh, thanks, again. I got tears in my eyes. That's the guys I've known, and loved.

  4. Life would not have been the same without time in the military, assuming you didn't get shot, killed or maimed.

  5. Well, I gotta go spend some more of youse guys money. I dread going to the V.A. All I'm getting is a co-pay on some generic drugs; I'm not sure it's worth the time, and drive. I may get off youall's teat.

    "Operation R.U.F.U.S." - Perfect.

  6. I heard on the radio whilst driving this morning that US federal and state debt is 94% of GDP. Greece is somthing like 124% and Spain 60% or so (speaking off of the top of my head) but I was rather stunned by the rather large proportion of US debt. I did a quick google and wiki had it at 87%. Still, that's baaddd folks.

    How do you get out from under all that debt? Increase in taxes, growth, and slash spending seem to be the only hope. Population growth might help in the long term, but hey, who want immigrants anyway?

    Once the bond markets finish with the PIIGS, and Britain it seems, they could come a huntin' the US. Turbulence ahead...

  7. “…In April 2006 the cost for each F-22A is assessed by the Government Accountability Office to be $361 million per aircraft.

    By the time all 183 jets have been purchased, around $28 billion will have been spent on research and development, with an additional $34 billion spent on actually procuring the aircraft. This will result in a cost of about $339 million per aircraft including program…”

    Procurement and Sales via Electronic Aviation

  8. allen said...
    Re: F-22

    Originally, the USAF sought 750 units, having an expertly projected per unit cost of about $107,000,000.00 per copy.

    Unit cost has risen to approximately $373,000,000.00 per plane.

    Had the original USAF order been procured, the cost would have been in the range of $279,000,000,000.00.

    No nefarious Skull and Bones conspiracy is needed to explain the F-22's current plight: The country cannot afford it and interest on the national debt.

    Another lesson may be taken from the F-22 program: Government projections are worth approximately 0.

    Tue Apr 27, 11:27:00 PM EDT

    allen said...
    F-22 (non-Wiki)

    "Program acquisition unit cost has doubled, from $149 million in $345 million in 2005."

    F-22 Raptor Cost

    "Do the arithmetic: $64.540/184 = $350.1. Total program unit price for one F-22, what approximates the "sticker price," is $350 million per copy."

    What Does an F-22 Cost?

    " Ergo, the total program unit cost is not $350 million each, it's $394 million, assuming Young is correct."

    Real cost of an F-22?

    Thu Apr 29, 08:40:00 AM EDT

    To date five (5) reliable links have been provided. If necessary, at least six (6) corroborating GAO reports could be linked.

    As to GAO, since its first published apprehension in 1988, GAO's rhetoric has escalated as the cost overruns of the F-22 have escalated. Note the passage of 22 years and four (4) presidents.

  9. It's my Blessed Idaho Fish and Game Department and and the wolf reintroduction program all over again. The wolves have now crossed the Snake River and are into the Wallowas, and in Areas 8 and 10, here, the elk are at below reproduction levels. That's the good news. If they get up into the Selkirks, the few remaining Mountain Caribou are finished. Bless, bless the Idaho Fish and Game Department, and the environmental groups.

  10. From the NYT;

    "Investors were unsettled by perceptions that European leaders have not yet shown they can contain the fallout from Greece’s problems, as well as the political resistance in Germany to using taxpayer money for a rescue...

    "In an effort to show unity, European Union governments may hold a summit meeting May 10 to discuss releasing aid to Greece, according to an E.U. official who was knowledgeable about the ongoing talks on the matter, but who declined to be identified because the date was not yet confirmed..."

    It's not incidental to note that Germany has elections set for May 9.

    Those who feel that some type of agreement on the Greek debt issue would have been resolved by now if Merkel didn't have election worries may be right.


  11. It seems the pesky German public are not very keen on sending money to the Greeks...

    ...but if the bailout package were not to happen...

    ...even if it does


  12. For any who still think there is any possibility that Iran won't eventually develop the bomb.

    "It's incredible the administration is asking for exemptions, under the table and winking and nodding, before the legislation is signed into law," Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida Republican and a conference committee member, said in an interview.

    "A White House official confirmed Wednesday that the administration was pushing the conference committee to adopt the exemption of "cooperating countries" in the legislation.

    "Mrs. Ros-Lehtinen, however, said the exemption "is aimed at China and Russia specifically."

    "The administration wants to give a pass to countries for merely supporting a watered-down, almost do-nothing U.N. resolution," she said."

    The Hypocrisy is Palpable


  13. European Debt_Possible Domino Scenario

    Interactive. Keep pushing button to move dominoes.


  14. Belgium bans burqa-type dress in public (actully it still needs to be approved by their Senate)

    '"Like elsewhere in Europe, Belgium struggles with anxieties that visible signs of Islam erode national identity and that women in traditional conservative Islamic dress, such as the burqa, the chador and the niqab, signal a refusal to assimilate in western society..."

    Differences Will Not Be Tolerated in the EU, PC Champion of Tolerance

    Muslim culture runs into Europe's PC culture.


  15. Tomorrow, we start seeing pictures of that oil slick washing up onto Louisiana. Dying seabirds, talk about the oyters, and fisheries.

    In a week, or two, we'll see the goo coming onto the pristine, white beaches of Pensacola, and the panhandle. The Flying Fecal Matter will hit the Harmonic, Rotating, Blade.

    Thunderhorse, and Neptune are producing at about 50% of what was expected; Jack will probably never show a profit, and the Brazilians are "reevaluatng" Tupi. Meanwhile, we're stalled out (and, have been for 5 yrs.) in the 73 million barrel/day range.

    China is upping consumption about a Million bpd/yr; and if you add in India, the rest of the Asian/Pacific, and the OPEC countries you're probably looking at 2 mbpd increase in demand, annually.

    Meanwhile, DDCE, Poet, and Novozymes are continuing to insist they can turn switchgrass, and other cellulose into ethanol for about $2.00/gal.

    Good Grief! What does it take?

  16. Perhaps seeing them do it.


  17. They're doing it at "demonstration" scale, at Vonore, Tn, and Scotland SD. Also, Inbicon has 6 plants, I believe, operating "doing it" in Denmark.

    In case you're wondering, Q, there's not nearly the worry over "scale up" in the fermentation/enzyme technology as there is in the "Gassification" technology. Scaling up gassification is very hard (and, expensive;) scaling up fermentation doesn't deal with the Great amounts of heat that are required in the Fischer Trop (sp) Thermo/chemical process.

    Thus, A Demo plant in the enzyme/fermentation process (that's what Dupont, Poet, and Novozymes do) is much more likely to "scale" w/o nasty surprises than, say, Range's Gasifiction process.

  18. Keep us informed. Let me know when they are doing it at a scale that is affecting me.

    We all want to save money.


  19. USA Today -

    After weeks of speculation surrounding one of the nation's most compelling political contests, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist announced today he will leave the Republican Party to pursue an independent campaign for Senate.

  20. Los Angeles Times -

    Federal attorneys are examining legal options to prevent the strict new rules from taking effect this summer.

    A team of top government lawyers has quietly begun studying legal ...

  21. Wall Street Journal -

    Democrats in Congress, trying to harness newfound energy from activists and Latino anger at a new Arizona immigration law, are working to advance an overhaul of immigration laws but treading carefully given complex politics ...

  22. April 29 (Bloomberg) -- The worsening oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may alter President Barack Obama’s five-year plan to open new areas to offshore oil and natural gas drilling, administration officials said today.

    “Obviously, what’s occurring now will also be taken into consideration as the administration looks to how to advance that plan and what makes sense and what might need to be adjusted,” said Carol Browner, Obama’s adviser for energy and climate change.
    “We need to learn from the incident.”