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Monday, March 24, 2008

Nuclear and Conservation is the Only Option

Heading into the wrong direction.

It takes electric energy to convert any source, be it tar sands, corn, tree branches, coal or pig manure to a liquid fuel that we can use. If we go to batteries, we need electricity and a lot of it. The source for clean cheap energy is here and has been for some time.

Nuclear technology, developed in the 1950's, is available now. Instead of re-creating the wheel every time a nuclear plant is built, we need three or four off-the-shelf versions of nuclear power plants that on a large scale would be not much different than going to a home depot and picking up a generator.

An obvious over-simplification, because of politics, environmental and security issues, but other than wishful thinking, there is no plan B. There is simply no credible alternative. In order for nuclear to be successful it must be accompanied by serious and comprehensive energy conservation.

The Friends of the Earth prefer solar and wind mills, but the French may have it right.


UK and France 'plan nuclear deal'

Anti-nuclear campaigners have reacted with dismay to reports that Britain is on the brink of signing a deal with France to construct a new generation of power plants.
Downing Street declined to comment on claims that the agreement would be sealed during the forthcoming state visit to the UK of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The Guardian reported that, as well as committing themselves to using nuclear power to combat climate change, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Mr Sarkozy would unveil a new Anglo-French drive against illegal immigration.

According to the paper, Britain aims to draw on French expertise to build new nuclear power stations that will reduce the country's reliance on fossil fuels like coal, which are blamed for global warming.

Creating a pool of skilled British nuclear workers would put the UK in a position to join with France in exporting the technology to the rest of the world over the coming decades.

France has long relied heavily on nuclear power for its energy needs, and in 2006 the two premiers' predecessors Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac created a Franco-British Nuclear Forum to allow the UK to share in technological know-how from the other side of the Channel.

Nuclear power supplies almost 80% of France's electricity, against around 20% in the UK. The Government wants to replace Britain's ageing plants, which are due to be decommissioned over the coming decade, and last week began the process of licensing four reactor designs, including one by France's EDF and Areva.

A Downing Street spokesman refused to discuss what would be on the agenda at the Anglo-French summit being held at Arsenal football club's Emirates Stadium in north London on Thursday. "We are having discussions, but anything that happens at the summit will have to wait until the summit," he said.

Friends of the Earth nuclear campaigner Neil Crumpton said: "The idea of selling nuclear power around the world as a solution to climate change is just nonsense.
"Nuclear power is limited, dangerous and requires a lot of hi-tech skills to deal with the waste. By far the better technology is renewables, particularly solar power in the deserts and wind power in more northerly climates. It is these safe, simple, easily constructed technologies that the UK and all other countries should be promoting."


  1. Just listened to 2 of last weeks Miller shows about Cape Wind off KennedyLand.
    Think they're talkin about 140 43 Story Fans, plus a big Transformer/Transmission setup.
    Sure seems like you'd be sweeping a big swath of seabirds out of the sky for a percentage share of Mass. Power.
    Should check out the record here up on the hills... wouldn't think it would be so bad, but who knows?
    Solar in the desert should definitely be part of the mix imo.

    How we can remain last in utilization of proven resources including Nukes is another sad commentary on the mindless religious zealots on the left.
    We need refineries and wells going in NOW for national security!

  2. Sounds like a reading from the Lost Gospel According to Bob.
    Slowly, the Californians may be beginning to Wake Up. There is a little talk of doing away with the nuclear power moratorium from back in the 1970's.

  3. Well good for them! Besides, what will they say after seagulls have become an endangered species due to wind farms?

    That's why I say it's time to go green and nuclear!!

  4. If we'd really nuke up, we could bust up water, make hydrogen, drive around in our hydrogen cars, with water coming out the tailpipe.

  5. anidealworld, you and me,brother, or sister.

  6. It'd beat drivin' this damned trap wagon!

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