“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” - George W. Bush

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is It Fair To Ask Chelsea Clinton About Monica Lewinsky?

I say no. There was no other purpose than to humiliate Chelsea Clinton. She handled the question with grace. She is the daughter campaigning for her mother. It has no relevance to her mother's campaign and at this time was a tasteless loutish question.


  1. .
    Yeah pretty tasteless but she is an adult now and she is campaigning so as long as the question is legitimate in some context...

    What I find interesting about the Wright kerfuffle regarding Obama having the lack of judgement to expose his children to his preaching what about Hillary taking Chelsea with her into a WAR ZONE where they had to sit on their flak jackets to protect themselves as they corkscrewed in to run for cover under a hail of bullets. Well, I misspoke a bit there but still, taking your child into a war zone for a photo op? Judgement? I'd rather sit 'em down to listen to the pastor.

  2. D.B. Cooper's parachute has been found.

    No, it isn't fair to ask Chelsea. Sure is fair to ask her mom, though, about that, and all the other bimbos, and how she helped, or didn't, aided and abetted, or didn't.

    Ash, if there had been a 1% risk, do you think Hillary would really have gone? Nah.

  3. Said she was at ground zero on day- 2 when she really didn't show up until a couple weeks later with Schumer et al, and protection.

  4. The debate on association widens. Of course it is alright to question a family member about the mother's judgement, while camaigning in her stead, for President!

    It is a major incident in the past lifes of the once, and possibily future, first family. Public incident, as well. The Court filings, hearings, Impeachment, then Bill being dis-Barred. Oh the humiliation, how did you guys handle it?
    Did you blame Monica,
    Or Bill?

    How did you FEEL???

    Totally legit, now.

    Why continue to be associated with Bill, after that incident, explain the decision processes you went through. Balancing power and honor.

    An important attribute to understand, about a President or the children he or she's raised.
    Judge the tree by the quality of its' fruit.

    Then on FOX, just moments ago, "The Gore/Obama Solution".

    Scenario was pausable
    They'd clean McCains clock.

    "Are you better off now than you were, eight years ago?"

    "Right on Iraq, from the beginning."

    First African-American VP, first to be in line of sussession.
    Building his base for the 2016 campaign. Shoed in.

    Gore rides into Denver, on a White Horse, on his way to the White House!


  5. A move to seat Florida and Michigan, after the first round of deadlocked voting.

    The delegates now free to vote their conscience. Every delegate becomes a "Super Delegate", after the initial vote. Neither Billary nor Obama win in the first round.

    To many abstentions, a technique which the Obama campaign is not the only expert.

    Gore rides in, young Mr Obama, he agrees to wait his rightful turn.
    Get some VP experience, build a real resume.

    Al Gore, the reborn Hero
    Risen from Hollywood and Stockholm to reengae America in the Global challenges that await US!

    I can almost hear it now!

  6. I'll have nightmares tonight, thanks.

  7. For Gore, the UTLIMATE revenge.

    Get even with that backstabbin' Bill Clinton.

    Won the popular vote, the first time
    Win that and the Electoral College, second round.

  8. Hillary ought to put her futures trading abilities on her resume. Got one sharp, calm, steely mind. The kind of mind the nation could use in an international facedown.

  9. Who's The Father Here? On second thought, don't think I want to know.

  10. Al Gore is totally vetted, and approved.

    With an Oscar and Nobel Peace Prize already in his pockets.

    McCain echoes his "Green" message, but Al Gore was there, first and famously.

    Young, vibrant and now, strangly "hip".

    The Race woould become all about personality, with Gore honing his image, for the past eight years.

    The Savior of the Democrats,
    the Man from Tennessee!

    wi"o", he'd vote for him, I'd betcha'.
    He'll tell us now, either eay, I'm sure.

    rufus, wonder how'd he vote
    Gore v McCain?

  11. I dunno Bobal, Malki is directing the warfare in Basra, and I remember reading Dubya took a keen interest in the details of Shock and Awe so I can see Chelsea and Hillary ponying up and going to battle....or not.

  12. hmmm ...

    Gore/Obama vs McCain/Leiberman...

  13. Is she getting paid to be part of the campaign? And how much?

  14. It may not be D.B. Cooper's chute, after all, but it may be. Found in the right area. Buried. Has a serial number, but an older date, 1946, I think it said. Too old a date. Some kids found it, after a dozer guy worked the area.

    She's doing it for love of mother, Mat, and because she's the best candidate. And because if she didn't she be out of the family's inheritance.

  15. You would think that McCain would strive to keep up with current events, like the battles going on in Iraq these last few days yet in a speech today he said:

    “Political reconciliation is occurring across Iraq at the local and provincial grassroots level,” he said. “Sunni and Shi’a chased from their homes by terrorist and sectarian violence are returning. Political progress at the national level has been far too slow, but there is progress.”


    I guess he really is just Bush again - he thinks if he says it, it must therefore be true.

  16. I'd bet she's gettin' paid. Some staff role of some sort.

  17. Ah, jeez, that video's got that damned Harry whatshisname, the guy I can't stand, the guy I always tell my wife he keeps a pack of rubbers in his coat pocket. She always grimmaces. What a sleezoid.

  18. I'll see your Chris Matthews, deuce, and raise you a Harry Whathisname.

  19. The cynic in me thinks she's still getting paid by the hedge fund Avenue Capital Group even though she's not "working" but on the campaign trail. The ole revolving door of business in politics still spins.

  20. ...though she may be on a leave of absence and no pay checks are currently being cut there will still be some 'consideration' I would think.

  21. Ash:
    Did you read this post?

    How much plainer do we need them to make it?

  22. Bobal: It may not be D.B. Cooper's chute, after all, but it may be. Found in the right area. Buried. Has a serial number, but an older date, 1946, I think it said. Too old a date. Some kids found it, after a dozer guy worked the area.

    Mystery of mysteries, Bobal. If it's D.B.'s chute, then he survived long enough to get to Vancouver. Some of the money was found in 1980, about 15 miles upriver from the outlet of the Lewis River, which is the watershed of the estimated landing zone and where they found this chute.

  23. Have you read that news article, aenea? The one in the paper today said the shute had some old marking on it, maybe ruling out D.B. Cooper.

  24. Fat belly in middle age raises risk for dementia, study says

    AP Science Writer

    NEW YORK --Having a big belly in your 40s can boost your risk of getting Alzheimer's disease or other dementia decades later, a new study suggests.

    It's not just about your weight. While previous research has found evidence that obesity in middle age raises the chances of developing dementia later, the new work found a separate risk from storing a lot of fat in the abdomen. Even people who weren't overweight were susceptible.

  25. Probably does not affect anyone here.

  26. hunh Whit? What's Islam got to do with any of the discussions in this thread?

  27. If your response to this episode is: "Lay off! Chelsea's not the candidate." Then why is she a surrogate on the campaign trail?

    If you don't want her exposed to reporters, then have her do something behind the scenes. Stick to fund-raisers.

    Totally fine. But if Chelsea is going to accept the campaign putting her in public settings, then she should be prepared to hear whatever the unwashed ask, no matter how inartful.

    How Off-limits?

  28. Import More Young Muslim Men! [John Derbyshire]
    According to Fox News, according to Andy:

    McCain said the United States' goal in fighting Islamic extremists should be "to win the hearts and minds of the vast majority of moderate Muslims who do not want their future controlled by a minority of violent extremists."In this struggle, scholarships will be far more important than smart bombs."

    So–o–o–o, Senator, you favor bringing in even more students from Muslim Middle East nations — even more than the 15,000 extra Saudi students the President favors.
    Is that right?
    What a great idea, Senator. What a wonderful, visionary idea.
    I just hope the flight schools can handle them all.
    Universities are hotbeds of Patriotism, turning Muslims into Pro-American Warriors.

  29. Indictment: Hussein Funded Trip
    Capitol Briefing Feds say nonprofit funneled funds to pay for '02 Iraq trip by three lawmakers.

    Federal prosecutors on Wednesday accused a Michigan nonprofit executive of funnelling money from Saddam Hussein to pay for a 2002 trip to Iraq by three House Democratic lawmakers, according to the Associated Press.

    The AP says the dates of the 2002 Iraq trip correspond to those of an infamous visit to the country by Reps. David Bonior (Mich.),
    Jim McDermott (Wash.) and

    Mike Thompson (Calif.).

    Their trip, which came in the heated run-up to the war, sparked controversy and drew heated criticism from many war supporters who suggested that they were doing the public relations bidding of Hussein.

  30. Al-Bob,
    Please contact Herb for me, 'kay?

  31. Probably does not affect anyone here.

    Wed Mar 26, 05:41:00 PM EDT

    Fat belly or dementia?

    I regained my girlish figure by moving to a South American city where a decent pizza can't be had at any price.

    I highly recommend it.

  32. Zyprexa, which is among the third-best-selling antipsychotic in the United States, had worldwide sales last year of $4.76 billion.

    Patrick Burns, communications director of Taxpayers Against Fraud, a Washington, D.C. group that monitors government anti-fraud actions, said the Alaska lawsuit will likely prove to be less significant than lawsuits against Eli that are sure to follow.

    "There is almost a perfect storm of litigation for everything from stockholder suits to patients who have medical fallout, to off-label marketing to state liability issues," Burns said. "It's just like a clown car of litigation; it's just going to keep unbundling."

    Tax on Healthcare

  33. $4.76B

    Man, there's a lot of psycho's out there.

  34. ahhh, trish, but the booze seems to pack the calories, even Merlot. You may have a girlish figure still but I, even though quite active, seem to be headed to dementia (well, sure, already there according to many here)...


    getting older sure sucks the big one sometimes!

  35. sam said...

    Man, there's a lot of psycho's out there.

    and how much was spent on pot, crack, coke, meth, booze, cigs, lap dances, starbucks, sugar sodas, chocolate, valium, oxycoton, sports events, mega churches & ice cream?

    most people are f*ckin psychos... we just consume the poison of our choice...

  36. I asked a simple, civil question Ash:
    Did you read this post? How much plainer do we need them to make it?

    which did not call for a wise-acre response.

    hunh Whit? What's Islam got to do with any of the discussions in this thread?

  37. “I’m a human being. I made a mistake and owned up to it,” she said.

    “But that’s not what people talk to me about. When I’m out campaigning … people want to talk about the economy and health care, and they want to know what are you going to do to get fix our country and get it back on track, and help my family and me.

    “And that what I’m really engaged in. Because, you know, when you’ve been on a campaign for 14 months there’s all kinds of other distractions, but at the end of the day this is a hiring decision,” she said.

    Looking Toward Convention

  38. Gore/Obama, heard another report on that subject, also on FOX.

    Different head, same message.

    Better tune into MSNBC, see if the babble is consistent across the arc, or part of the "right wing conspiracy".

  39. Sure Whit, I did read it, not carefully, but I did read it. My impression was that the author's POV was that Islam is like Catholicism, there is no deviation from the ordained hence it is nonsense to make a fundamentalist claim. That was her opinion, and I'm sure there is some truth to it, but, in the immortal words of one of your heros, Dick Cheney "So?"

  40. doug, you found more to dislike about John McCain ...

    And we're just gettin' started.

    Wonder where Big Al stands on student visas?

  41. McCain's campaign billed the foreign policy speech as a major address, the first of several set for the coming weeks as the GOP nominee-in-waiting seeks to reintroduce himself to the general public and outline his stances on a range of issues.

    Judging by excerpts made available by the campaign, however, the speech initially appeared to offer little more than repackaged previous proposals, including his push for better relationships with democratic allies.

    He again called for creating a new global compact of more than 100 democratic countries to advance shared values and defend shared interests. He also advocated anew a successor to the Kyoto Treaty.

    Policy Positions

  42. Bobal: Have you read that news article, aenea? The one in the paper today said the shute had some old marking on it, maybe ruling out D.B. Cooper.

    Since none of the $200,000 went into circulation, I believe he died that night. Since the money was found on the Columbia River at Vancouver, the next tributary up is the Washougal, and so I believe he landed in the hills east of Vancouver and broke his neck. But this parachute was found in Amboy, so it can't be the right one.

  43. Obama and Clinton try to defame McCain by claiming he’d provide a “third term for Bush,” but the Republican standard bearer wisely refuses to accept that designation. He’s differed with enough Bush policies (especially regarding run-away government spending and the early mismanagement of the war) to run credibly as a candidate of conservative change.

    Those who support the Bush administration (more than one third the electorate, remember) will back McCain anyway, so avoiding the enthusiastic embrace of the administration costs him nothing while giving him a better chance to appeal to independents and wavering Democrats. It’s not that the status quo is indefensible, in other words, but just that there’s no presidential contender who’d gain by defending it.

    In this situation, feverish alarmists inevitably drown out the voices of reassurance, and the public feels persuaded of a prevailing state of crisis and desperation. It becomes fashionable, in other words, and all but inevitable, for citizens to view our national condition in grim and frightening terms, at the same time that they speak to friends and family (and even to pollsters) of their manifold reasons for private satisfaction gratitude and optimism.

    National Mood

  44. Hey, schlepping all that Merlot sherpa-like at 9,000 ft from wine shop to apartment block burns a few calories.

    The housekeeper doesn't do *everything*.

    13 lbs gone and I have to find a good tailor hereabouts.

  45. Watch the video again of Chelsea responding to the question. I say the person asking the question was planted. The question was fed to him/her and he/she was paid to ask it.

    This is just a giant photo op/sound bite for Chelsea and all things Clinton. Her answer was very calculated and her timing was perfect. I don't trust any of them.

  46. There is a real danger that the special relationship could eventually die a slow death through a combination of political indifference, a decline in British defense spending, and the erosion of British sovereignty within the European Union. It will be up to a future Prime Minister to reverse this process, as there is scant evidence that Brown has any appetite for doing so.

    It remains to be seen whether David Cameron, the increasingly popular leader of the Conservative party, will reinvigorate the alliance if he is propelled to power at the next election, which must be held by 2010. For the future of the free world though it is vital that he does.

    The special relationship has been the most enduring and successful alliance of modern times, and provides the best hope for defeating the threat of militant Islam and protecting the West against rogue regimes.


  47. About aging--some folk have a real talent for it--my aunt's mind was clear, and beautiful too, up until about age 96, and even after that, it was still pretty good--I'm not sure what the secret is--good genes I quess--but being a darling, eating right, always doing your own work, being concerned about everyone around you, doesn't hurt either. A great sense of humor doesn't hurt either.

  48. The decision will potentially affect thousands of pending applications for permanent U.S. residence. The cases of hundreds of others who have been denied green cards since December will also be reexamined, said Jonathan "Jock" Scharfen, deputy director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    All the applicants are living in this country under refugee or other visa provisions or political asylum.

    Most of the applications involve people linked to groups that U.S. immigration and counterterrorism laws have defined as "undesignated terrorist organizations" because they took armed action against a foreign government. The groups include U.S. allies that fought against former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and the Taliban government in Afghanistan, as well as Burma's military junta and Sudan's Islamic leaders.

    Stopping Green Card Denials

  49. Damn, that B-2 is neat. And I'm not a warmonger.

  50. Looks like a flying saucer in some of those shots.

  51. Officials at Whiteman Air Force Base, near Knob Noster, Mo., insist the jets are not grounded, a status typically reserved for planes with identified defects that need fixing. If B-2s were needed for combat, the Air Force says, they could fly immediately to any target in the world.

    Rather, the command at the 509th Bomb Wing says the planes are idled in a “safety pause.” Initially, Whiteman officials said they would take advantage of a planned lull in flights to have pilots and ground crews train without flying and to prepare for a coming inspection of its readiness for nuclear missions.

    That was to last a few weeks.

    Not Flying

  52. Andrew Bacevich, conservative:

    "So why consider Obama? For one reason only: because this liberal Democrat has promised to end the U.S. combat role in Iraq. Contained within that promise, if fulfilled, lies some modest prospect of a conservative revival."

    Specifically, he's promised to bring home the combat troops, which would (given that you can't just bring home the combat troops) effectively end OIF - but then OIF effectively ended years ago anyway. That mission's long done.

    What's stopping the administration from doing this? From changing the mission again? Besting Obama by actually announcing the end of something that doesn't exist anymore, as well as the end of the thing that followed it that, in the absence of a name change, was confused with a continuation of the first thing - and introducing the shiny new thing?

    Imagine if Petraeus were brought out in October and his replacement were...General Stanley McCrystal.

    That's a shiny new thing, alright. And a change about, oh, two years overdue.

    Special Ops, you see, aren't "combat troops." Why, they're not even "troops." Those you can send home.

    If the Bush administration doesn't do it, Obama may just do it anyway. And good on him if he does.

  53. Will doing so introduce some modest prospect of a conservative revival?

    Absolutely not.

  54. gag reflex said...

    "Watch the video again of Chelsea responding to the question. I say the person asking the question was planted. The question was fed to him/her and he/she was paid to ask it."...

    She was very poised indeed.

  55. A good answer, she had answered it many times, in the coaching warm-ups, that she had been used to.

  56. The Clintons are not sending the daughter out there, unless they have confidence in her.

  57. The person that asked the question was a Hillary supporter!
    Rush had the audio of an interview with the questioner afterwards.