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Monday, March 26, 2018

US National Defense Begins with a Defensive Wall. It Belongs in The Pentagon Budget

Trump suggests the military might build the border wall

Trump suggests the military might build the border wall
President Trump hinted in a tweet on Sunday that the military could be tasked with building a wall on the Mexican border after a $1.3 trillion spending bill failed to include the funds he sought to erect the structure.

“Because of the $700 & $716 Billion Dollars gotten to rebuild our Military, many jobs are created and our Military is again rich,” Trump wrote in a posting about the increase in military spending. “Building a great Border Wall, with drugs (poison) and enemy combatants pouring into our Country, is all about National Defense. Build WALL through M!”

But the 2,232-page spending plan, which Trump threatened to veto on Friday before changing his mind, came up short of providing the $25 billion the president wanted to build the wall – an oft-cited campaign pledge that also included the vow that Mexico would pay for it.

While the bill provided for $1.6 billion for wall construction, it severely limited the money to be used on shoring up parts of the existing barrier.

It also provides funds for new fencing, but prohibits a concrete barrier or construction of any of the prototypes Trump has considered.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer pointed out to Trump that the budget he signed last Friday doesn’t include money for a new wall.

“I remind the president, he did campaign on the wall, and guess who he said would pay for it? How about going to Mexico and getting them to pay for it, because this budget doesn’t allow American citizens to pay for it,” the New York Democrat said on Sunday.

Railing about the bill that passed the House and Senate last week and ended up on his desk for signature Friday, Trump declared: “I will never sign another bill like this again – I’m not going to do it again.”

Trump, who has said a wall is necessary to keep drugs and illegal immigrants from flowing over the border, suggested in his remarks that he would use the military to erect the barrier as part of a “national defense” strategy.

“I want to address the situation on border security, which I call national defense. I call it stopping drugs from pouring across our border. And I call it illegal immigration. It’s all of those things,” he said at the White House signing ceremony. “But national defense is a very important two words. Because by having a strong border system, including a wall, we are in a position, militarily, that is very advantageous. ”

Trump’s nod to military involvement is significant because among the omnibus bill’s military funding is $654.6 billion to continue the global fight against terrorism.

The president has been working with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Homeland Security to build the wall.

Additional reporting by Reuven Fenton


  1. A border enforcement advocacy group says once again the Republican-controlled House “punted” on funding for more robust border security.

    The $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill passed by the boosts military spending by $80 billion – a 15-percent increase. But it approves only $1.6 billion for President Trump’s border wall – only a fraction of the $25 billion the president requested.

    Ira Mehlman with the Federation for American Immigration Reform says the GOP had everything they needed to secure the border, except for one thing: a spine.

  2. It's a wonderful idea.

    Just declare a national emergency and build the wall.

    We lose something on the order of 100 people dead/per day from drugs right now. It's nearly like losing the same number of dead per year as we lost in all the Vietnam War.

    It really is an emergency.

    Build The Wall !
    Put The Army Corps of Engineers To Work On It !!

  3. Federal officials are saying little about how they chose a Nebraska startup to build an $11 million section of border wall in California, including whether they knew of the company's connections to a construction firm flagged in a government audit for "many potential fraud indicators."

    The top Democrat on the House Committee on National Security is seeking answers from the Department of Homeland Security on what vetting was used last year to select SWF Constructors of Omaha for the job. The company, founded last year with only one employee, is an offshoot of Edgewood, New York-based Coastal Environmental Group, which has been repeatedly sued for underpaying or failing to pay subcontractors.


    Coastal has an office in Omaha — a repurposed house in an industrial district south of downtown, the same address listed on federal documents for SWF Constructors. While a Coastal sign appears on the building, there is no sign indicating it is home to SWF Constructors.

  4. .

    The top Democrat on the House Committee on National Security is seeking answers from the Department of Homeland Security on what vetting was used last year to select SWF Constructors of Omaha for the job.

    Why ask why?

    The company, founded last year with only one employee, is an offshoot of Edgewood, New York-based Coastal Environmental Group, which has been repeatedly sued for underpaying or failing to pay subcontractors.

    There's your answer. The guy uses the Trump game plan for profitable real estate development. SOP.


    1. Quirk, do you know anything about a construction lien ?

      Or, as it may be called in Idaho, a workman's lien ?

    2. .

      Nope. Not up on the backwoods folklore of the indigenous types.


    3. Out this way it's hard to get away with not paying one's contractor or subcontractors because, until they are paid, they have a lien on the property and the 'owner' doesn't really 'own' it until the liens are removed - until the contractor/subcontractors are paid.

      One could perhaps make a stink about not completed on time, or completed in a substandard way.

      If it isn't settled amicably, it ends in court.

      The building trade back in civilized areas like Detroit or New York City must not have any of these retrograde nuisances (from the owner's point of view).

    4. Think of it this way, Quirk.

      It's kinda like the legal instrument I have on your home. For all the amounts of money I've ever loaned you over the years, getting you out of your 'situations'.

      You actually don't really own your home any longer. I do. If you sell it, all the money from the sale goes to me.

      And if you rented it, I could get the rents if I wanted to do so.

      That's how it works.

      Always looking out for you !, maybe is better.

    5. .

      Think of it this way, Bob.

      You are a small to medium size company and sell a $100k in goods or services to some fat fuck real estate developer. Then after you have delivered on your end, he comes back poor mouthing and demanding you take a 30% haircut on the goods and services because he can't make any money at the current prices.

      The fat fuck is a Billionaire with a stable of lawyers whose sole purposes is to argue cases like this in court, drag them out as long as necessary, and in the end win or more likely have them dropped. What do you do if you are living off accounts receivable? Do you litigate, possibly for years, or do you take the haircut, learn your $30k lesson and move on?

      Trump has been running this shit game for a long time.


    6. .

      Or, as with the case in point...

      You provide services to some guy who stiffs you for material or services to build Trump's wall. What are you going to slap a lien on, some ramshackle 'repurposed house' in the 'industrial district' of Omaha that he is using to front his business. Or, possibly you will attempt to slap a lien on Trump's wall?


    7. Just have the Army Corps of Engineers build the wall.

    8. A lien is a very powerful tool, Quirk.

      Never build anything for anyone without one.

      I'll leave it at that.

  5. Israel’s illegal immigration quandary, centering on the future of 40,000 infiltrators who snuck into Israel over the Egyptian border, would look very different had Israel not built a physical barrier along its frontier with Egypt, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Tuesday.


    While the government has approved a deportation plan which would remove most of the 38,000 illegal immigrants to third-party states in Africa, the Supreme Court issued a temporary injunction against the plan last week.

  6. March 27, 2018
    Dr. Jordan Peterson, full speed: A new book
    By John Dale Dunn

    Jordan Peterson, a clear-eyed traditionalist advocate on political and social issues, has inspired and compelled sensible people to support his efforts. I predicted back in January that he would be subjected to the intolerant thugs of Canadian and international speech police totalitarianism, and so it goes.

    On March 5 at a Queen's University (founded in 1841 in Kingston, Ontario), he was an invited speaker for the law school-sponsored inaugural lecture in a series intended to promote liberty. Dr. Peterson, professor at the University of Toronto, presented by the dean of law, discussed "The Rising Tide of Compelled Speech in Canada" to a packed house of almost a thousand. A leftist thug rent-a-mob started disruption proceedings, banging on walls and even breaking a window.

    Dr. Peterson's eloquence, mastery of the science of psychology and sociology and social science research, and insight are extraordinary. I recently downloaded his new book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (2018 Random House, Canada), which puts to print his commitment to moral philosophy and social science. He reminds the reader of the teachings of many – Confucius, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Aristotle – with an emphasis on his study of the classics from many cultures along modern neuroscience and the social sciences. This is scholarly but commonsense advocacy of the Peterson canon of virtuous adulthood and good citizenship. He teaches what parents hope to be proud of in their children.

    In the foreword to the book, Norman Doidge, M.D., psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, colleague, and friend of Peterson, provides a great deal of information on why Peterson is so well received and so energetically committed to fight the speech police and totalitarianism. Doidge relates that Peterson, a child of the isolated and cold Fairview, Alberta, married his hometown sweetheart and went on to great academic success at Harvard and then the University of Toronto. On the way, he worked in all kinds of blue-collar jobs and never forgot his roots. Doidge describes the unique goodness (yes, I said goodness) of Peterson and his indomitable desire to stand for individual freedom and liberty.

    Peterson is one helluva lecturer, as anyone can see on his YouTube channel and as you will see in his Queen's University presentation linked above. He has YouTube followers in the hundreds of thousands. His writing in 12 Rules demonstrates cogent thinking and teaching and command of the social and psych sciences along with history, moral philosophy, anthropology, and social and political sciences.

    David Solway, a frequent contributor to American Thinker, wrote about Peterson in PJ Media – his recent fame and the media, academic, and political antagonism he faces in Canada. Solway interviewed Peterson and makes the point that Peterson is getting a positive response because he is counseling and coaching people who are adrift or in a rut. Peterson provides a way out of spiritual emptiness and asserts the importance of being a mature and functional adult. One could say "what's new?," but even if it's old wisdom, Peterson presents it in a way that attracts people in need. Peterson is lucid, practical and sensible. He has the knack.

    1. I have ordered this book, and will give a book report one of these days.

      12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

      I am hopeful it will give me some helpful suggestions in my continuing therapy programs for my charge, Quirk, and, maybe even allow me to see a little more deeply into the dark chaos that is our Young Ash.

  7. Not even that moron Sean Penn is talking about Venezuela any longer -

    In Venezuela, hungry child gangs use machetes to fight for 'quality' garbage....DRUDGE

  8. Continuing my ongoing effort to grow Ash a brain cell - re: peer reviews -

    The second argument is the real kicker, in which we are informed that there’s no need for the hoi polloi to have a look at studies which have been peer reviewed. Seriously? Does anyone over there keep track of the news from the science world? The quality of a peer review depends entirely on who is doing the reviewing, what their qualifications are and whether or not they bring any bias into the lab with them. But let’s say none of that is a factor. Even in generic terms, peer reviews are no guarantee of anything and the scientific community already knows how much of a problem this is. You don’t have to look far to find stories of how the peer review process needs to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the 17th century. And with good reason, too. Just a few years ago, one science journal announced they had to pull dozens of peer reviewed studies from publication because the “reviews” had been done from fake accounts set up to be favorable to the original authors. Just last year one cancer journal deleted more than 100 studies for the same reason… fraudulent peer reviews. Other science journals were found to be publishing peer reviewed reports which turned out to be random, computer generated nonsense.

    Former EPA Head Turns Out To Be A Huge Fan Of Secret Science
    JAZZ SHAWPosted at 6:41 pm on March 27, 2018

    1. (this hankers back to the claim by Ash that global warming had to be true because the 'peer reviews' all said so)

  9. Melania ought to dump Trump. Such a move would make a woman out of her, and might be good for young Barron, too. The Donald has a high percentage of arse in him, better than Hillary though -

    The writer of this article has it wrong - (and it's not a political act but a personal one) -

    Leave Melania Trump Alone About Stormygate
    ALLAHPUNDITPosted at 8:41 pm on March 27, 2018

    I expected this take would come eventually. I did not expect it’d come from the right.

    Melania Trump should be a role model for women and girls by … ending her marriage? What?

    She shouldn’t even be asked about Stormygate. The story’s fair game for the media to cover, irrespective of her feelings. Trump’s the president, there’s a legal battle surrounding what he did and didn’t do with Daniels, there may be criminal charges related to an unreported campaign contribution, there may even be someone connected to POTUS who threatened Daniels years ago. It’s news. The news doesn’t stop because it’s painful for the First Lady. But trying to drag her into it knowing how painful it must be for her is baffling. And dragging her squarely into the middle of it by asking her to blow up her marriage as a political act when there are a million more pressing personal considerations to a decision like that, starting with the welfare of her son, borders on cruel.

    If you take this argument seriously, it would make Melania Trump — the victim in Trump’s alleged affair — a bad guy for choosing to save her marriage and keep her family intact. Don’t conservatives normally oppose divorce? If a marriage is broken beyond repair and you need to leave, okay, but if it can be salvaged, salvage it. Family is too important, especially for young children, to be lightly discarded. Watching this, you would think Melania has a higher duty to the Women Of America than she does to herself or Barron. I wouldn’t ask Hillary Clinton to make a decision about her marriage based on how it might “inspire” 10-year-old girls or serve the cause of female empowerment, and Hillary’s a million times more ripe for a critique like that than Melania Trump is. She is, as Cupp notes, a feminist icon and someone who’s harbored political ambitions of her own for decades.

    But even Hillary’s entitled to make the most personal decisions for personal reasons.

    In an age when dogmatic politics encroaches on personal life remorselessly, you would think conservatives would want to defend the personal sphere, particularly in matters involving family. Yet here we are. Oh well. Enjoy a nice reminder in the clip of Hillary’s fake southern accent circa 1992, at least.

  10. And here I thought the 'other shoe to drop' would involve a golden shower...

    "Few media outlets reported on the allegation after that, and the media were similarly timid in reporting other allegations of sexual assault – most notably, that of a 13-year-old girl who said in a lawsuit that Mr. Trump raped her in 1994 while in the company of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a friend of Mr. Trump’s who was an alleged trafficker of underage girls. In her affidavit, the alleged victim claims that Mr. Trump told her to stay silent since he was capable of having her whole family killed, and noted that another victim, a 12-year-old named Maria, had disappeared.

    On Nov. 2, 2016 – a few days before the election – that accuser and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, were scheduled to hold a press conference. According to Ms. Bloom, the press conference was abruptly cancelleddue to intense threats to their safety, including a bomb threat. Two days later, the accuser dropped her lawsuit.

    We do not know the full story of what happened in that case – or those of the many other women who have said Mr. Trump sexually assaulted them. (Mr. Trump’s team claims he is innocent in every case.) But what we do know is that there are very troubling allegations of Mr. Trump and his lawyers threatening those who talk about it. When Ms. Daniels says she feared for her safety, take it seriously – and consider who may be scared into silence."

    1. He fucked me in the ass on my 60th b-day.

      I assured him I enjoyed it so much that I would keep it as a sacred secret.

      ...except for Ash.

    2. (He said I reminded him of Ivanka's sphincter.)

    3. .

      Delusions of grandeur?

      Sure he didn't just say you're kind of an ass?


    4. Touche

      Not a bad reposte, Quirk-O.

      15 toucherepostepoints awarded to The Quirkster.

    5. Maybe he said "You're MY kind of ass ?"

  11. Let’s talk about the president’s pathological dishonesty. The Post reports that Trump makes an average of six false or misleading statements a day.

    Among the most recent statements, Trump denied that he was going to fire national security adviser H.R. McMaster or shake up his legal team before doing just that.

    There are plenty of other Trump transgressions to discuss, too. The more time we spend discussing Trump’s dalliances with women who remind him of his daughter, the less time we spend on genuine scandals that have the potential to end his presidency.

    Don’t fall for the (click) bait.

    Trump Scandals

    1. O come Max, you're full of shit on most of that stuff.

  12. AG Sessions Furious After Congressional Investigators Slam Justice Department With Subpoena

    Last Thursday, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) issued a subpoena to the Justice Department requesting documents related to the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton private email server.

    “To this date, the Department has only produced a fraction of the documents that have been requested,” Goodlatte wrote to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

    “Given the Department’s ongoing delays in producing these documents, I am left with no choice but to issue enclosed subpoena to compel production of these documents,” Goodlatte continued.

    Byron York of the Washington Examiner reports that Attorney Jeff Sessions was angry after the FBI’s slow pace of turning over said documents to Congressional investigators resulted in a subpoena.

    The FBI is promising swift action on a House subpoena covering three politically-charged investigations after word that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has grown angry with the bureau’s slow-walking of congressional requests for information.

    Late Tuesday, a source who asked to be identified as a “DOJ insider” emailed an update from inside the Justice Department, making clear Sessions has grown impatient with FBI Director Christopher Wray:

    Senior staff on both sides of the street have met on this and the FBI is getting called on the carpet. The Attorney General is angry with how slow the process has moved when it comes to requests from Congress to the FBI. He’s told Wray that the pace is unacceptable and that if the FBI needs to double the number of people working on this, then that’s what they need to do, but he is done seeing the Department criticized for the FBI’s slow walking of requests from Congress like the last administration when these requests should be a top priority.
    In response to Sessions’ criticism, FBI Director Wray revealed he is “doubling the number of assigned FBI staff, for a total of 54, to cover two shifts per day from 8 a.m. to midnight to expedite completion of this project.”

  13. In our neighbor to the north, the cannabis industry is budding at an incredible pace. Canada legalized medicinal marijuana all the way back in 2001, and Health Canada, its version of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has been overseeing licensing and production ever since.


    Comparably, the United States is stuck in the marijuana "Stone Age." Not only is there little hope of recreational legalization on the horizon, but there's virtually no chance that the federal government with alter its Schedule I classification on pot, which makes it entirely illegal and categorizes it as highly prone to abuse and having no recognized medical benefits.

    Marijuana Protections

  14. I disbelieve most of the allegations against Trump, but not all.

    If he's been humping 13 year olds he ought to be in jail, but I thought it was Bill Clinton who frequented The Lolita Express the last I read.

    I note that none other than the mighty Allen Dershowitz once defended Epstein.

    And if Melania knows these allegations to be true, she is herself not being true by sticking with The Donald and what respect I got for her would be in the toilet.

  15. Confirmed: Kim Fatso III did visit The Forbidden City in China.

    I think this is good news though I can't exactly explain why.

  16. All seems normal with traffic flowing nicely in Truckee at this time.

  17. Whether Sessions stays or goes, Trump will continue to use the threat of expulsion to draw out unquestioning adherence and unwavering loyalty – his favorite word – from those around him. But most of that effort will be merely for show.


    Frighteningly, Trump’s tendencies for isolation and self-direction will only increase in whatever time he has left in office. As The New York Times reported this week, Trump, having grown confident in the role of president, now feels “newly emboldened” to ignore the advice of those around him and follow only his own instincts.

    After more than a year in office, Trump may have finally found his sea legs. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s captaining the Titanic while his obsequious lackeys in the White House quietly rearrange the deck chairs.

    Serve Ego

  18. Chemotherapy-free ‘cancer vaccine’ moves from mice to human trials at Stanford
    By Ted Andersen Updated 2:41 pm, Tuesday, March 27, 2018

  19. Recreational ax-throwing and beer will mix at new Salt Lake City business, despite worries about safety and underage drinking

    The Social Axe partners did not apply for a liquor license for their Ogden venue because it is too close to a Mormon temple.


  21. Al Sharpton's 1/2 brother accused of murder.....gunned down with many shots a woman who stole his car, a day after he attended an anti-gun rally.

    Them Sharptons.....

  22. Hogg Hitler

  23. FOR ASH

    Canada is as bad as South Africa was

    March 28, 2018
    Discrimination and Segregation: How Trump Can Fix Canada
    By Tony Kondaks

    The Donald will fix your segregation problem, ASH, through renegotiating NAFTA.

    1. No freedom of speech or print, segregation, lousy medical care....snow snow snow.....what, really, is there to like ??

    2. And the muzzies are the first class citizens, the Christians the dhimmis -

      Would the cops have been called in if she had ripped a Bible ?

      March 28, 2018

      The answer to the question is 'no'.

    3. (ash needs a good non harmful but scary mugging AND some discrimination against the lad)

    4. A silly shit shit face as Canadian Prime Minister....who makes a fool of himself on the world stage.....

  24. .

    A Quarter Century into out journey and the bloated costs for the F-35 continue

    Future US purchases of the F-35 may be cut due to cost

    The U.S. Air Force may have to cut its purchases of Lockheed Martin Corp.’s F-35 by a third if it can’t find ways to reduce operations and support costs by as much as 38 percent over a decade, according to an internal analysis.
    The shortfall would force the service to subtract 590 of the fighter jets from the 1,763 it plans to order, the Air Force office charged with evaluating the F-35’s impact on operations and budgets, in an assessment obtained by Bloomberg News.

    While the Defense Department has said it has gained control over costs for developing and producing a fleet of 2,456 F-35s for the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps -- now projected at $406 billion -- the internal analysis underscores the current and looming challenges of maintaining and operating the warplanes.

    It may cost as much as $1.1 trillion to keep the F-35s flying and maintained through 2070, according to the current estimate from the Pentagon’s independent cost unit.

    A chart in the Air Force analysis, which was completed in December, said the service has “very limited visibility into how” increasing funds going to Lockheed for “contractor support” are spent...


  25. The Pentagon says it can't build The Wall.

    1. .


      Does that really surprise you?


    2. Traitors.

      And it's not their call.

      If there's a question about it the courts decide.

    3. .

      Congress designates allocations. Within the military budget they decide what projects deserve money and those that don't. The only way I could see Trump getting money for his wall (even if he could convince Congress it really was a national security issue) would be if some of those major programs came in under budget and the money was free to be reallocated. Questions to ponder...

      1. What do you think the chances of that are?

      2. What do you think are the chances any major military project is going to come in under cost?

      3. If one did come in under cost, do you think it would be reported as such? Typically, as with most bureaucracies, anything left over would be spent by the projects in question in order to assure their allocations aren't cut the following year. They are not in the habit of giving anything away.

      4. The personal needs of each service take precedent aver the overall good of the entire program. The F-35 program is a good example. The Marine Corps' demand for jump jet capabilities drove a significant increase in cost and compromised optimal design.

      5. $25 billion for a wall? The Pentagon has multiple times that in overages and waste.

      Good luck.


    4. The Pentagon has plenty of money, but reprogramming it for a wall would require votes in Congress that the president does not seem to have. Taking money from the current 2018 budget for the wall would require an act of Congress, said a senior Pentagon official.

    5. .

      Trump had a $25 billion agreement for money for the wall tied to a DACA settlement.

      His advisers (whoever they are these days) convinced him it would be politically worse for him to approve a DACA settlement than the come up short on the wall.


    6. The fault lies with the Damnitcraps, who insisted on the lottery visa and chain migration.

      Where DO you get your news ?

    7. If Democrats insist on chain migration, they'll kill the DREAM Act | TheHill
      Sep 24, 2017 - Trump and Democratic leaders seemed to make progress on an immigration reform deal, but both parties have since made new demands.
      Missing: lottery
      Democrats are letting Republicans fundamentally reframe the ...

      Jan 16, 2018 - When Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin first emerged from that now-infamous White House immigration meeting last week, his bipartisan bill cut down on sight by President Donald Trump, he conceded the obvious: Democrats were, at last, on the ropes.
      2013: All Senate Dems voted to build border fence, kill visa lottery, end ...

      Jan 30, 2018 - All Senate Democrats united with two independent senators in 2013 to push through a comprehensive immigration reform plan to build a border fence and end “chain migration” and the visa lottery, positions they now oppose because they are in President Trump's immigration package.
      Missing: insist

    8. White House floats an offer to keep legal immigration at 1 million per ...
      Feb 10, 2018 - The hardest sell for Democratic lawmakers and immigration advocates has been Trump's insistence on limiting the types of family members that U.S. citizens and permanent residents can help resettle in the U.S., and what happens to those who already have applied. Deriding the program as "chain ...

  26. .

    Anti-trust or Personal Grudges

    The Trump administration is fighting the merger of AT&T and Time Warner. There are reports they are looking at starting anti-trust actions against Amazon. Of the two, Amazon makes the most sense given its complete dominance in retail. The actions against AT&T Time Warner is the first time in 40 years that a vertical merger has been challenged.

    Since it's Trump, question continue to rise as to whether the current DOJ actions are truly about anti-trust or simply attempts at punishing Trump antagonists CNN and Jeff Bezos. That question will never fully be answered; however, Trump could prove his anti-trust chops by going after IT giants Facebook and Google.

    What they do may not be illegal but it should be.

    Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you.


    1. What they do may not be illegal but it should be.

      Well, that's certainly enough for most of us then.

      If it should be illegal it IS QWorld.

      And if it shouldn't be illegal but is, then it isn't illegal !

    2. One must admit, that is scary.

      Where and how do I sign up for the class action suit ?


      Trump hates Amazon, not Facebook

  27. Trump ought to go ahead and hire Dershowitz.

    Dershowitz is practically begging for the job.