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Sunday, January 28, 2018

More FBI Chicanery on messages - Time to send in the US Marshals ?

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton revealed on Fox News over the weekend the FBI has refused to turn over additional text messages related to two anti-Trump employees and senior bureau leadership.

Who do the messages belong to?

In recent weeks, the focus of text messages at the FBI have centered around senior agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page. The two high-ranking bureau employees worked on both the Clinton email investigation and the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, which would become the investigation taken over by special counsel Robert Mueller.
Strzok was removed from Mueller’s investigation last summer after the anti-Trump, pro-Clinton messages were discovered.
But according to Fitton, the messages the FBI doesn’t want to turn over don’t belong to either Strzok or Page. He told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro the messages belong to the FBI’s number two man, deputy director Andrew McCabe.
“If [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions were serious about this…he’d recognize that this is just the tip of the iceberg. He should send the U.S. Marshals in over to the FBI and to secure the evidence here,” Fitton said. “Because there are other text messages here that have yet to be turned over to Congress.”
“We knew there were text messages to be had. We sued back in September for the text messages of the number two at the FBI, Andrew McCabe. And they just told us this week they gave us everything they were gonna give us and not one text message was turned over,” Fitton explained. “Have they lost Andrew McCabe’s text messages?”
Fitton went on to explain that what’s going on at the Department of Justice almost amounts to “obstruction of justice.”
“Jeff Sessions has got to take stronger action here,” Fitton said.

Why McCabe?

Fitton didn’t explain exactly why Judicial Watch has sought McCabe’s text messages.
However, in one very mysterious message between Strzok and Page, the couple referred to a man named “Andy” — who many believe is McCabe — in the same message they referred to an “insurance policy.”


  1. In his own right, Strzok wasn’t just pushing papers around the FBI, either. He was the senior FBI official who signed the opening argument for the Russia investigation in July 2016, served as the second in command of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, and was the FBI agent that softened the language of the Comey memo regarding Clinton’s use of a private email server from ”grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.”

    The fact that the pair was so biased is bad enough; however, the duo behaving so recklessly themselves is, in and of itself, alarming. It is grounds for both of their firings, yet both of them remain at the FBI collecting taxpayer-funded salaries and benefits.

    Whatever the ending to the case of the missing text messages, one thing is now abundantly clear: Disgraceful hypocrisy at the FBI was at an all-time high during a time when integrity should have been.

    Disgusting Hypocrisy

    1. Not only did the senior bureau officials send thousands of text messages to one another over a period of five months (which quite frankly begs the question, “Doesn’t anyone work anymore?) According to those texts, the lovers used personal Gmail email accounts to share government documents and information.

      They also used personal devices and Apple iMessages to discuss their investigations.


      We don't need to follow the stinking law!

      (Like Hillary)

      Trump's another matter.

    2. This happens in every government and institutions all over the world, I know its wrong but I don't think it will ever change. These guys need to be made an example of and then maybe the wind of change will turn.

      Good read