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Friday, January 26, 2018

California Dreaming

Map: Illegal immigration costs California most, $23B, all states $89B

In this July 7, 2015 file photo, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, right, is lead into the courtroom by San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi, left, and Assistant District Attorney Diana Garciaor, center, for his arraignment at the Hall of Justice in San Francisco. On Thursday, the illegal immigrant was acquitted of killing Kate Steinle. (Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle via AP, Pool, File)In this July 7, 2015 file photo, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, right, is lead into the courtroom by San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi, left, and Assistant District Attorney Diana Garciaor, center, for his arraignment at the Hall of Justice in San Francisco. On Thursday, the illegal immigrant was acquitted of killing Kate Steinle. (Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle via AP, Pool, File)
Illegal immigration costs taxpayers in all 50 states a total of $89 billion, and California, where an illegal on Thursday was cleared of murdering Kate Steinle despite admitting to the shooting, pays the most at $23 billion, according to a new map of the costs.

The website, working with figures from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, found that Californians pay more than twice as much for illegal immigrants than the next closest state, Texas, where the price tag is $11 billion.
The costs cover added expenditures for education, welfare, law enforcement, and medical care.

When federal costs are included, the price tag nationally soars to $135 billion a year.

FAIR’s data also includes the offset of taxes paid by illegal immigrants, though the numbers are much lower. In the state and local column, they are $3.5 billion. Nationally they are $15 billion.

Overall, costs associated with illegal immigrants is much higher for state and local governments than the federal government. States pay $89 billion, Uncle Sam $46 billion.
The states paying the most to care for illegals:
1. California - $23,038,125,353
2. Texas - $10,994,614,550
3. New York - $7,489,141,357
4. Florida - $6,290,429,108
5. New Jersey - $4,466,838,574
6. Illinois - $3,220,767,517
7. Georgia - $2,487,719,503
8. North Carolina - $2,437,965,113
9. Maryland - $2,378,996,947
10. Arizona - $2,314,131,964

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at


  1. Cultural enrichment through diversity

  2. Conventional political wisdom holds that there will be some sort of amnesty for illegal immigrants who came to the United States as minors.

    The Obama administration’s original DACA memorandum applied to individuals who came to the United States before the age of 16, but where the line would be drawn in any permanent DACA deal remains unclear. There are a number of familiar talking points surrounding this amnesty, which tend to give the impression that the approximately 800,000 DACA recipients are disproportionately valedictorians and Medal of Honor recipients. Amnesty proponents often extend these characterizations to illegal immigrants generally, claiming that they’re the “real Americans,” better, harder-working, and more law-abiding (with the exception of that pesky “illegal presence” thing) than native-born Americans.

    DACA amnesty is merely the first of what will likely become many amnesties. The ink will not have dried on the bill before pro-amnesty organizations and politicians will begin agitating for amnesty for the parents of DACA recipients. Then we must have amnesty for illegal immigrants whose children are native-born U.S. citizens. After all, why should parents of DACA recipients receive legal status simply because their children were born in another country? If anything, the parents of U.S. citizens have a stronger claim to receive amnesty. Still more will be added through chain migration. On and on it will go.


    1. {...}

      Before we start down this road, then, we should grapple with some facts regarding illegal immigrants and crime.

      Unfortunately, almost every public official not named Jeff Sessions guards against disclosure of illegal-immigrant crime data more tenaciously than disclosure of nuclear launch codes. But in 2011, GAO conducted a study on criminal aliens incarcerated in state jails and prisons. According to GAO, in FY 2009 295,959 SCAAP criminal aliens, of whom approximately 227,600 are illegal aliens, were incarcerated in state jails and prisons. This is a 40 percent and 25 percent increase, respectively, in criminal-alien incarcerations in state jails and prisons since FY 2003.

      The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) partially reimburses states and localities for the cost of incarcerating certain criminal aliens. It does not reimburse states and localities for the cost of incarcerating criminal aliens who are in the country legally. There are two types of criminal aliens for which SCAAP will reimburse the incarcerating authority: SCAAP illegal aliens, whom DHS has definitively determined are in the country illegally; and SCAAP unknown aliens, for whom DHS is unable to find a record, but who are probably in the country illegally. In FY 2009, there were 295,959 SCAAP criminal aliens incarcerated in state and local jails and prisons. DOJ uses a reimbursement metric based on how many SCAAP unknown aliens are believed to be illegal aliens: DOJ is to reimburse states for 65 percent, cities for 60 percent, and counties for 80 percent of correctional salary costs associated with unknown aliens. According to DOJ officials, this methodology was developed based on analysis that the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) conducted in 2000 where it analyzed the records of aliens submitted for SCAAP reimbursement in 1997 whose immigration status was at that time unknown. Based upon this analysis, INS determined that 65 percent of those unknown aliens submitted for reimbursement by states did not have legal status, 60 percent submitted for reimbursement by cities did not have legal status, and 80 percent submitted for reimbursement by counties did not have legal status.


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  4. {...}

    ...There are studies that suggest that illegal immigrants as a group are less prone to crime than native-born Americans. I’m skeptical of these studies, even when not including immigration-related offenses. But the point is broader than that. The media portrays illegal immigration as a victimless phenomenon, as benign as the coming of spring and as impossible to forestall. But that’s untrue.

    Any amnesty will act as a magnet for future illegal immigration.

  5. Our Strength is our Diversity!

  6. The truth about crime, illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities

    Previous administrations have deliberately kept Americans in the dark about illegal immigrant crimes

    Most states and our federal government have kept information and statistics about illegal immigration, crimes committed by illegals and the costs borne by you the U.S. payer out of public view. It is in fact difficult, but not impossible to locate accurate crime statistics involving illegal immigrants. The statistics are buried both to suit a political agenda and to avoid public outcry. Once you read this article, you will quickly understand why.

    Demographics – The Pew Research Institute estimates that as of 2014, there are at least 11.2 million illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. This population comprises approximately 3.5 percent of our country’s population.

    Of these, by far the largest ethnic population, 52 percent are Hispanics comprised of Mexicans, Central Americans and Cubans.

    Six states: California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, New York and New Jersey account for 59 percent of all illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. The fact that 66 percent of all illegal immigrants have lived in our nation for over ten years underscores our long-standing inability to address the serious problem of our inability to control our nation’s borders.

    The relationship between illegal immigrants and violent crime

    Research conducted by the federal government oversight organization Judicial Watch in 2014 documents that 50 percent of all federal crimes were committed near our border with Mexico.

    Of the 61,529 criminal cases filed by federal prosecutors; 40 percent or 24,746 were in court districts along the southern borders of California, Arizona and Texas.

    The Western District of Texas had the nation’s most significant crime rate with over 6,300 cases filed; followed by the Southern District of Texas with slightly over 6,000 cases.

    The Southern California District with nearly 4,900 cases; New Mexico with nearly 4,000 cases and Arizona with over 3,500 criminal cases ranked 3rd, 4th and 5th.

    The U.S. Department of Justice documents that in 2014, 19 percent or over 12,000 criminal cases filed by prosecutors were for violent crimes; and over 22 percent or 13,300 cases were for drug related felonies.

    That same year, the U.S. Sentencing Commission found that 75 percent of all criminal defendants who were convicted and sentenced for federal drug offenses were illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants were also involved in 17 percent of all drug trafficking sentences and one third of all federal prison sentences.


    1. According to the FBI, 67,642 murders were committed in the U.S. from 2005 through 2008, and 115,717 from 2003 through 2009. The General Accounting Office documents that criminal immigrants committed 25,064 of these murders.

      To extrapolate out these statistics, this means that a population of just over 3.5 percent residing in the U.S. unlawfully committed 22 percent to 37 percent of all murders in the nation. This is astounding.

      Illegal immigrants clearly commit a level of violent and drug related crimes disproportionate to their population.

    2. .

      This is astounding.

      You said it. Down right unbelievable.




  7. Our strength is the 1.8 million "Dreamers" that Amnesty Don is going to "morph" into US citizens.

    Amnesty Don is doing his Neo-Liberal best.


  8. The two primary issues that Donald Trump ran upon

    Economic Nationalism and Immigration.

    Promises Made - Promises Broken

  9. New York: At the beginning of 2010, there were 10,254 prisoners incarcerated in New York for murder and manslaughter offenses (murder, first-degree manslaughter, second-degree manslaughter, other homicide). Approximately 1,350 were illegal aliens.

    The total population of New York was approximately 19.3 million, and the illegal alien population was approximately 800,000. This yields an estimated rate of 168.75 illegal aliens incarcerated for murder and related offenses per 100,000 illegal aliens, and 48.12 legal residents incarcerated for murder and related offenses per 100,000 legal residents.

  10. Arizona:
    About 240 illegal aliens were imprisoned for homicide-related offenses. In 2009 there were 3,484 total inmates incarcerated in Arizona state prisons for homicide and related offenses (first degree murder, second degree murder, murder (old code), manslaughter, and negligent homicide).

    Removing the estimated 240 illegal aliens from that total leaves us with 3,244 citizens and legal residents imprisoned for homicide-related offenses out of a total population of approximately 6.3 million residents. The Pew Research Center estimates that approximately 350,000 illegal immigrants lived in Arizona in 2009. That leaves approximately 6 million citizens and legal residents in Arizona.

    This yields a rate of 68.57 illegal aliens imprisoned for homicide offenses per 100,000 illegal aliens in Arizona, and 54.06 citizens and legal residents imprisoned for homicide offenses per 100,000 citizens and legal residents in Arizona.

    It should be noted, however, that a study by John Lott, using more recent and comprehensive state data, found that illegal immigrants are far more likely to commit crimes than lawful residents.

  11. There should be no amnesty. None. This bill and any like it is cultural capitulation and political suicide. These so-called dreamers are a politically active group of left wing extremists, radically politicized by the Democrats. It is now what they are and what they will be.

    They want family unification, pay them to unify where their families are.

    Get them out legally. Pay them off. Send them back and let them reapply for residency, from their native country, on a merit basis and without prejudice by their previous unlawful status.


    1. There should be no amnesty. None

      Amnesty Don will "morph" 1.8 MILLION Immigrant Dreamers into citizens.

      A Neo-Liberal dream that is the new reality. Like "Tax Reform", the Trump "Base" got played.

      MAGA ...
      Har de har har

  12. Give the American people the facts. Build the wall and increase security, funding it by a $25 entrance fee from all overseas travel from all citizen and non-citizen travelers.

    There are aprox 150 million international passengers to and from the US annually. That would generate $3.75 billion per year and pay for the wall at about the same rate it could be built.

    1. Give the American people the facts. Build the wall...

      I want to increase the borders of the United States.

      Export the American Dream.
      Come hell or high water, it's going to happen.
      If it be the will of you know who.

    2. Oops, almost forgot the smiley face 😎


  13. Immigrants on Maui Commit Suicide

    For the fourth time in seven days, a visitor has died while snorkeling or scuba diving in waters off of South Maui.

    In the latest incident, a 57-year-old man from Montgomery, Texas was pulled unresponsive from waters at Oneuli Beach on Wednesday morning. The man had gone scuba diving alone about an hour earlier while a friend waited for him on the beach.

    The incident follows the death of two California men, a 50-year-old man from Oakland, California on Jan. 18, and a 67-year-old visitor from Castro Valley, California on Jan. 20 at Kamaʻole Beach Park III; and the death of a 66-year-old visitor from Saskatchewan, Canada on Monday, Jan. 22, at Ulua Beach in Wailea.


    I did something along the lines of this when I visited a Jehovah's Witnesses' church awhile back.

    Enlightening experience. 🤔


  15. 81% of US want to reduce immigration.

    Amnesty Don wants to grant citizenship to 1.8 MILLION immigrants that should be granted legal status, but not citizenship, as part of a DACA deal.

    Amnesty Don is betraying every one of US.

    Promises Made - Promises Broken


  16. EXCLUSIVE: Melania Trump has been spending nights at a posh D.C. HOTEL since the president was accused of having a fling with porn star Stormy Daniels - before the first lady unexpectedly flew to Palm Beach

    Promises Made - Promises Broken


  17. Turkey DEMANDS changes in US foreign policy ...

    .DoD says the US will no longer arm the Kurdish terrorists

    Ankara wants more than lies and broken promises from the US.

    The United States needs to withdraw from northern Syria's Manbij region immediately, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said on Saturday.

    Speaking to reporters, Çavuşoğlu also said Turkey wanted to see concrete steps by the United States to end its support for the YPG.

    Amnesty Don remains mute.

    Promises Made - Promises Broken

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