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Thursday, July 20, 2017

EU Merkelization - African/Muslim Cultural Enrichment in Lesbos Greece

Fires broke out during a demonstration on the Greek island of Lesbos Tuesday, where migrants protested against the slow asylum-seeking process and what they call bad living conditions. Some of the migrants can be seen throwing stones in protest. Police said that 35 people were detained after clashing with security forces.



  1. John McCain played no small part in the Middle Eastern wars and bears responsibility for the suffering and losses in Europe.

    He is a war mongerer that will soon be escaping justice.

  2. The Polish government has petitioned the European Court of Justice against the EU over the latter's demand that Poland allow tens of thousands of migrants from Muslim countries to enter its territory.

    Last June the EU sued Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary claiming that the three countries are opposed to the "Division Plan" of the EU in which countries take a fixed amount of Muslim migrants.

    Poland has now transferred the case to the ECJ, stating that it is not obligated to take in migrants.

  3. Ingraham says Greece is covered with graffiti.

    Modern Art

    Merkel Art


    Sex offences on trains 'more than double in five years'

    The number of sexual offences on trains reported to police is said to have more than doubled in five years.

    There were almost 1,500 such offences reported to British Transport Police (BTP) in 2016-17, the BBC said.

    This figure is an increase from 650 reports in 2012-13, a Freedom of Information request to BTP from Radio 5 Live showed.

    The broadcaster said most of the reports, which cover England, Scotland and Wales and include the London Underground, were in relation to sex assaults on females aged 13 and above.

    BTP Detective Chief Inspector Darren Malpas said an awareness campaign launched two years ago by the force is likely to have prompted an increase in reporting.

    He told the BBC: "When the 'Report it to stop it' campaign launched, we fully expected to record a rise in sexual offences and it is pleasing that previously reluctant victims of sexual offences now have the confidence to report this to us.

    "Tackling all forms of unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport is a priority for British Transport Police and we have worked hard in recent years to send a clear message to victims that they will be taken seriously and we will investigate offences."

    The campaign encourages people to report "anything of a sexual nature, including rubbing, groping, masturbation, leering, sexual comments, indecent acts, or someone taking photos of you without your consent".

  5. EU CIVIL WAR: Austria threatens to send army to Italy border in 24 HOURS over migrant row

    AUSTRIA has warned it will send soldiers to close the border with Italy in 24 hours if Rome decides to take the "nuclear option" and grant visas to almost 100,000 migrants stranded in the Mediterranean country.

  6. Gaddafi offered to control the flow of migrants through Libya for EUR 4 billion.

    Obama/Clinton/Cameron Killed Gaddafi.

  7. When will Europe wakeup and realize Russia is the least of their problems?

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  9. The Poles are showing themselves to be the intelligentsia of Europe.

  10. Unable To Confront The Migrant Crisis, Europe Is Committing Suicide
    As Europe’s migrant crisis enters a new phase, it’s clear that European leaders have neither the will nor desire to preserve their own civilization.

    John Daniel Davidson By John Daniel Davidson
    JULY 18, 2017

    On Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would not limit the number of refugees coming into the country. “On the issue of an upper limit, my position is clear,” Merkel said. “I won’t accept one.”

    Setting aside the electoral implications of Merkel’s statement, which defied her party’s long-term coalition partner just two months before federal elections, it perfectly captured the refusal of European leaders to face the migrant crisis head-on—a refusal that in turn epitomizes the slow suicide of European civilization.

    President Trump’s Warsaw speech earlier this month provoked predictable cries of racism and xenophobia from a mainstream media worried that even the term “western civilization” was a dog whistle for alt-right nationalists. Implicit in such criticism is the dubious notion that western values are not really western, that people of all cultures and religions desire more or less the same thing.

    His critics say Trump was playing on white Europeans’ fears that Muslim migrants won’t adopt western values and won’t assimilate into European society, and therefore pose a direct threat to western civilization. But there’s another group that Trump no doubt had in mind, a group that also rejects western civilization and has little interest in defending or preserving it: European elites.

    European Elites Refuse to Defend Women
    Without splitting hairs over what we mean by “western civilization,” let’s stipulate that, at minimum, it encompasses things like freedom of speech and religion, equal rights for both sexes, and democratic rule of law. One could argue that these are elements of western civilization most people in Muslim-majority countries don’t share with the denizens of Europe. But let’s set that aside and ask an equally pressing question: do European political leaders believe in them? Do their policies reflect a desire to defend and preserve these principles?

    Increasingly, the answer is no.....


    1. :):):)

      Maxine Waters is testing the waters in New Hampshire, I read, with an eye on running against Trump.

      What a match up that would be.

    2. SHE WOKE!


      Dems see huge field emerging....DRRUDGE

    3. She'll be 82 in 2020.

      Or not.

  12. Video
    We've been invaded': Italian mayor slams gov't migrant policy

    Rural Italian mayors protest government's poor handling of migrant housing as residents use their cars to blockade road to their complex.

    1. EU Mandated Suicide.

      Or as Quirk would say:


  13. When will Europe wakeup and realize Russia is the least of their problems?

    When will the American left and the MSM realize the same?

    1. The American left ?


      The MSM ?

      Maybe when MSNBC studios are blown up by jihadis.

  14. OJ's ass is free.

    50/50 chance if he can stay free.

  15. Down but not out: McCain sends out blistering statement accusing the Trump administration of 'playing into the hands of Putin' on Syria hours after former POW reveals cancer diagnosis
    The Trump administration is ending a CIA program to arm and train rebels battling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
    The covert program began under the Obama administration and was aimed at pressuring the dictator
    Senate Armed Services chairman John McCain is one of the foremost Russia critics in the Senate
    McCain issued a statement accusing the administration of playing into Russian President Putin's plans
    Making 'any concession' without a strategy is 'short-sighted'
    'There is still no new strategy for victory in Afghanistan either'
    Also tweets: 'I'll be back soon, so stand-by!'
    Trump has pushed improved ties with Russia as an overarching goal, and touted a recent cease fire over part of Syria
    Putin 2015 ripped the program as providing 'aid to illegitimate organizations' and said it 'contravenes the principles of international law'

    By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.s. Political Editor For
    PUBLISHED: 20:01 BST, 20 July 2017 | UPDATED: 20:09 BST, 20 July 2017

    Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Russia hawk and occasional Donald Trump critic, blasted a report on the administration's new Syria posture just hours after revealing he had a cancerous brain tumor.

    McCain's statement faulted the administration for reportedly ending a cover program begun during the Obama administration to provide arms to Syrian rebels battling President Bashar al-Assad.

    'If these reports are true, the administration is playing right into the hands of Vladimir Putin,' the Armed Services Committee chairman said in a statement.

    Senator McCain blasted a report on the administration's new Syria posture just hours after revealing he had a cancerous brain tumor +11
    Senator McCain blasted a report on the administration's new Syria posture just hours after revealing he had a cancerous brain tumor

    The statement served as a reminder that so long as he is in the Senate, McCain will continue to warn against the administration's proposed move toward Moscow.

    The former Vietnam POW also thanked the collection of supporters who sent their encouragement after he revealed the life-threatening diagnosis that was discovered.

    "I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support - unfortunately for my sparring partners in Congress, I'll be back soon, so stand-by!" McCain wrote on Twitter.....

    McCain certainly has the positive attitude.

    Unfortunately I believe he is 80, has about the worst form of brain cancer there is, and the prognosis is grim.

    1. Time is short.

      We gotta go Nuclear with Russia.


    2. McCain riding the bomb down with left eye shut.

    3. Waving an Arizona cowboy hat....

    4. So far, it's hard to accuse The Donald of being a warmonger.

  16. Mueller Probe Expands To Include Trump Business Transactions, Despite Trump Warning In NYT Interview
    ALLAHPUNDITPosted at 2:01 pm on July 20, 2017

    Technically Trump’s warning was aimed only at business dealings that don’t have to do with Russia. Mueller needs to stay in his lane, he told the Times:

    SEE ALSO: Trump: Comey was using “totally phony” dossier as leverage over me

    SCHMIDT: Last thing, if Mueller was looking at your finances and your family finances, unrelated to Russia — is that a red line?…

    TRUMP: I would say yeah. I would say yes. By the way, I would say, I don’t — I don’t — I mean, it’s possible there’s a condo or something, so, you know, I sell a lot of condo units, and somebody from Russia buys a condo, who knows? I don’t make money from Russia. In fact, I put out a letter saying that I don’t make — from one of the most highly respected law firms, accounting firms. I don’t have buildings in Russia. They said I own buildings in Russia. I don’t. They said I made money from Russia. I don’t. It’s not my thing. I don’t, I don’t do that. Over the years, I’ve looked at maybe doing a deal in Russia, but I never did one. Other than I held the Miss Universe pageant there eight, nine years [crosstalk]…

    SCHMIDT: But if he was outside that lane, would that mean he’d have to go?…

    TRUMP: No, I think that’s a violation. Look, this is about Russia.
    Around 15 hours later, Bloomberg has confirmation from someone close to the special counsel’s office that his probe is in fact now looking at Trump’s business dealings — albeit, so far, only with Russian interests. It’s hard to tell if that leak’s designed to be reassuring or defiant to the White House. It’s reassuring in that it confirms that Mueller is staying his lane for now, but it must be unnerving to Trump to know that Russiagate now involves scrutiny of his businesses. If Mueller stumbles on something criminal but unrelated to the Russia investigation, what does he do? Ignore it? What did Ken Starr, charged with investigating Whitewater, do when the Lewinsky scandal landed on his doorstep?

    Berkeley Antifa leader arrested for inciting a riot
    A president who resents the special counsel to begin with and is sufficiently anxious about people knowing what his businesses are up to that he won’t release his tax returns isn’t going to tolerate this comfortably, assuming he tolerates it at all. Is it time to start the pool on Trump firing Mueller? This constitutional crisis will be the best constitutional crisis, believe me:......

    ......This leak comes on the same day, by the way, that the Times is out with a splashy piece on Paul Manafort having owed many millions of dollars to pro-Russian interests before becoming Trump’s campaign manager last year. Someone with that sort of debt, and especially those sorts of creditors, wouldn’t stand a chance of getting a security clearance at a government agency, yet for awhile he was running the Republican presidential campaign. He’s been “invited” to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee next week. Stay tuned. Exit question: When does Trump finally drop the axe on Mueller? Before or after Labor Day?

    Mueller has packed his investigation panel with folks who donated to Hillary.

    Comey's revenge.

  17. "By the way, I would say, I don’t — I don’t — I mean, it’s possible there’s a condo or something, so, you know, I sell a lot of condo units, and somebody from Russia buys a condo, who knows?"

    uh-oh - a 'tell'? I heard on the radio today whilst driving along that, unusually, Trump's Condo sales allow for anonymous buyers and a standard way to launder money is through the trade of luxury condo's. Seems that Russian Lady Lawyer at 'the meeting' was also involved in Condo sales deals...

    1. There's nothing unusual about anonymous buyers or sellers, far as I know.

      Maybe you don't want your wife or husband to know you've bought a little condo cuddly hole.

    2. ...or anonymous Lava Tube.

  18. What in the world has happened to Ash and his potato head ?

  19. JUL 19, 2017
    Trump’s Surprisingly Strong Start with India

    WASHINGTON, DC – Heading into the recent meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump, expectations were modest. Even the Indian government played down Modi’s trip to the White House as a “no-frills” visit. Yet the leaders of the world’s two most populous democracies ended up making important headway, demonstrating the power of diplomacy to transform challenges into opportunities.

    The US-India relationship, despite having become closer, has been burdened by mutual misgivings as of late. For the Trump administration, concerns have focused on issues such as the growing bilateral trade deficit, the displacement of US workers by Indian information-technology professionals, and India’s alleged use of the Paris climate agreement to extract billions of dollars in assistance.

    India, for its part, has been increasingly worried about the Trump administration’s isolationist worldview and, in particular, its apparent retreat from Asia, where the US has been a key guarantor of security for the last 70 years. These perceptions dampened hopes that India and the US would continue to regard each other as reliable strategic partners.

    But, in Washington, Modi and Trump displayed a comfortable chemistry, with no real discord to be seen – a departure from some of Trump’s other early diplomatic forays. More important than their apparent bonhomie, however, was their joint statement, which recognized what makes the bilateral relationship so valuable.

    India matters to America for a host of reasons. It is the world’s fastest-growing major economy; it boasts the world’s largest middle class; and, soon, it will have the world’s largest population. Moreover, India abuts crucial global shipping lanes in the Indian Ocean. And it serves as an important democratic bulwark in Asia.

    Such factors have given rise to rare bipartisan support for deepening US ties with India since the early 1990s. Yet they have not always proved sufficient to capture the sustained attention of US decision-makers. Judging by Modi’s recent visit, however, this may not be the case under Trump’s administration, which appears keen to build on bilateral security cooperation as a key tenet of its Asia policy......

  20. Boo hoo hoo:
    Lindsey Graham chokes up as he credits John McCain in latest immigration push

  21. Maxine Waters Is Learning From Millennials

    Recently you’ve found internet fame after some of your public appearances went viral. Why do you think you’ve become so popular with young people? They like the way that I don’t camouflage how I feel. They don’t see elected officials act that way. When I first experienced the millennial response to me, I had come out of a classified briefing, and I told the group of media individuals who were there that I didn’t think James Comey had any credibility, and I threw up my hands and walked away — that went viral.

    How does it feel to be a meme? I have been adopted by the millennials, and I’m enjoying every minute of it! I’m learning a new language. You never think about shade, for example, other than, you know, ‘‘a tree is providing shade,’’ but when they taught me what shade was, I thought: Now, isn’t that creative?

    I’ve seen a few references to your rhetoric, including the nickname Kerosene Maxine. Do you like — I don’t. I think it was born out of a right-wing group’s description of a person they didn’t like, and they try to tag you with something that would help others believe there’s something wrong with you. I like Auntie Maxine.

    You’ve actually said that you have a right to your anger. There’s a history of enslaved African-Americans having to make their slave masters comfortable. This business of what we call skinning and grinning — that is something African-Americans are very much cognizant of.

    Tucker Carlson went after you recently: He used some very loaded language about your home, which he implied you could not afford on a government salary. I own several properties. The way he talked about it is: What right does an African-American woman have to do well? He doesn’t know anything about my investments, about the house that I’ve lived in for 25, 30 years. This idea of ‘‘how could she afford that?’’ is racist, and I just dismiss it.

  22. If you could have a private conversation with Trump, what would you say to him?

    I would not waste my time.


  24. Christie's left-handed catch:

    Signs it for a kid:

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  25. It's about the worst:

    Despite maximum treatment, the cancer usually recurs.[3] The most common length of survival following diagnosis is 12 to 15 months, with fewer than 3% to 5% of people surviving longer than five years.[2][3] Without treatment, survival is typically three months.[9] It is the most common cancer that begins within the brain and the second most common brain tumor, after meningioma.[5][10] About 3 per 100,000 people develop the disease a year.[3] It most often begins around 64 years of age and occurs more commonly in males than females.[2][3] Immunotherapy is being studied in glioblastoma with promising results.[11]

    1. Corolla's sidekick, Bald Bryan, got an inoperable glioma 8 years ago, but is still kicking thanks to Avastin treatments.

  26. July 20, 2017
    A plea to Republican politicians to prevent an Orwellian health care system
    By Howard J. Warner

    The news concerning Arizona senator John McCain is extremely sad for his family and friends. His glioblastoma is particularly aggressive, but McCain is a fighter, and we can only wish him well during his treatment. As a result, his ability to be present in Washington may be limited dependent upon his treatment schedule. Unfortunately, this adds further complication to the dysfunction in Washington among Republicans.

    A few hesitant Republican senators hold the future of our health care funding system in the balance. The public has indicated that this issue is the highest-ranking concern for the people. Time is quickly evaporating to repair the damage wrought upon us by the Obama administration when it pushed through the Affordable Care Act. Perhaps a short review of the situation is in order.

    In a speech to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) prior to his election in 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama indicated his wish to see a single-payer system but admitted that this nation was not ready for this move at that time.

    Since the election of Woodrow Wilson in 1912, the Democratic Party has sought a national role for health care. After two world wars, the Veterans Administration system was created and expanded to provide care for soldiers unable to afford care for injuries sustained while serving our nation and for subsequent illnesses. Under Lyndon Johnson, the first steps toward a government-managed system for the public were realized in the Medicaid and Medicare systems. Again, this was intended to provide care for those unable to pay for it.

    During the Clinton administration, an attempt to ensure coverage for the general public was undertaken. As that attempt was known, Hillarycare, with its many regulatory shortcomings, failed due to the opposition of the health care system lobby, particularly the insurance industry, which ran ads condemning the effort. Obama, a better politician, co-opted the insurance industry by offering its members subsidies. Further, he managed to get the support of the American Medical Association, which publishes and earns substantial income from its medical procedural coding system. Perhaps he threatened to end this monopoly.

    Obamacare was conceived by Jonathan Gruber and Ezekiel Emanuel as a system likely to fail within twenty years or so. (This would be half the time that occurred in Canada.) Gruber provided the scoring method the CBO still utilizes inaccurately regarding numbers of insured. This would allow the next president (expected to be Hillary) to replace it with a single-payer system. This leap would become acceptable as the private insurance system fails due to the withdrawal of companies from unsustainable regulatory mandates. Loss of subsidies would increase the speed of withdrawal. Republicans, having reduced these during the early years of Obamacare, actually speeded up the timetable to possibly ten years or so. Already, many states have one insurance provider through the exchanges.

    1. Forward to 2016 and the election of Trump, victorious as he offered forgotten Middle America a chance to reclaim an economic future. He understood that any replacement of Obamacare with some element of market-centered principles was preferable. Further, the elimination of taxes and regulations would free up monies and energies that could unleash the economic power of American creativity and provide new jobs and industries for those forgotten citizens. Reducing the spending resulting from Obamacare would free up funds allowing a greater tax reform plan. Republicans in the Washington bubble have missed these points as they are swallowed by the swamp.

      It is possible that the 50 votes for repeal and replacement of Obamacare are less likely with McCain's illness. Now it is time for Senators Susan Collins and Rand Paul to rethink their positions. They seek different aims but will be the authors of the same result. Collins wants greater government support for her state's rural hospitals, while Paul seeks an end to government intrusion into health care decisions and elimination of new spending programs to subsidize insurance companies. Paul has suggested taking the provision to subsidize insurance companies (the pork) to a separate bill, which might help. Their points may be valid, but they miss the issue. The present system is unsustainable.

      The medical funding system in America is sustained through the private insurance industry and its reimbursements for procedures in offices and hospitals. Medicaid funding does not cover existing costs, while Medicare provides funds as approximately a break-even point. This leaves the private system with its higher payments to providers to make up the loss for uninsured services. In socialized-medicine nations, the federal government covers all people with lower payments but maintains levels to sustain health care. But this comes with a price never mentioned. The Charlie Gard case explicitly demonstrates this cost: loss of freedom to make individual health care decisions for everyone.

      The costs of the Medicare system have grown beyond any conceived when it was passed during the 1960s. Its future is unsustainable without substantially increased taxes and fees as the proportion of elderly increases. Then we are faced with another painful decision: if a single-payer system results from the failure of Obamacare, what will it be? The end result will likely be a revised Medicaid system that covers all. The source of funding will make the rules, and they will be normalized for all.

    2. Perhaps the worst result of this will be lessened monies for providers: hospitals, medical school research facilities, clinics, and medical personnel. This will mean less innovation and research, as these require money. We have been an engine for new procedures and treatment, much like what McCain will be given. Although this change will be less noticeable, in time, our nation will suffer. Germany at the turn of the 20th century was among the greatest scientific researching and cultural countries in the West. But two world wars and government control of daily lives destroyed this tradition, leaving a socially managed society, a shell of its former self. Will we suffer the same fate?

      Once, people were embarrassed by dependence upon Medicaid. In time, the payments for long-term nursing home care were accepted as normal for the middle class. The insurance for many through the exchanges has been a renamed Medicaid. Obama sought a forced expansion of Medicaid, which Justice Roberts rejected (through states' rights). Yet the government will ultimately control health care payments through such a system. The trajectory toward socialized medicine is hard to reverse once entitlements are given.

      Liberals seek equity regardless of excellence. The march toward a national health care system is gaining momentum despite Trump's election. The window for a better solution is closing.

  27. Ravens Are So Smart, One Hacked This Researcher's Experiment

    One raven in the experiment figured out how to work their rock/box contraption first, then began teaching the method to other ravens, and finally invented its own way of doing it.

    Instead of dropping a rock to release a treat, the future Ruler of the Raven Kingdom constructed a layer of twigs in the tube, and pushed another stick down through the layer to force it open.

    The bird had to be removed from the experiment before it could teach any other birds how to do it.

  28. On a rural research farm in Sweden, working with birds he raised from hatchlings, cognitive zoologist Mathias Osvath recently taught five ravens how to use a tool to open a puzzle-like box containing a treat. He then put his birds through a battery of tests in which they had to choose the tool, despite the temptation of a more immediate goody with the box nowhere in sight.

    The birds didn’t bite. Only when the box was brought back did they use the tool they had been saving to secure the better reward — demonstrating self-control, advanced reasoning and planning.


    “These are the real questions we should be asking about nature,” Osvath said. “Instead of just focusing on ourselves as humans, we should see ourselves as part of this world.

    Making Plans

    1. The birds didn’t bite. Only when the box was brought back did they use the tool they had been saving to secure the better reward — demonstrating self-control, advanced reasoning and planning.

      The bird brains are brighter than OJ.

  29. Have a cup of hard on -

    Coffee with Viagra-like ingredient recalled by Grand Prairie company

    A Grand Prairie-based company is recalling a coffee it produces because it contains a substance similar to Viagra, a drug used for erectile dysfunction.

    Bestherbs Coffee LLC voluntarily recalled all of its New of Kopi Jantan Tradisional Natural Herbs Coffee after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found desmethyl carbodenafil, which is structurally similar to the active ingredient in Viagra. The FDA also found undeclared milk.

    Some people were purchasing the instant coffee to use as a male enhancement.

    But the undeclared ingredient might interact with some prescription drugs and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels, according to the FDA.
    The milk could also pose a risk to people with an allergy or sensitivity to it.

    The FDA issued a warning about the coffee last year, which they said was part of a growing trend of food or dietary supplements with hidden drugs and chemicals that are often represented as being "all natural."
    Bestherbs distributed the coffee nationwide from July 2014 through June 2016.
    No illness associated with the coffee has been reported.
    Consumers with questions about the recall can contact Bestherbs at 817-903-2288 or Consumers should contact their physician or health care provider if they experienced any issues that might be related to the coffee.

  30. The Donald must feel he is losing control.

    WASH POST LEAD FRIDAY: Trump's new lawyers look to scale back Mueller's investigation...
    President Reshuffling Legal Team...
    Kasowitz Out....DRUDGE

  31. Things going right along according to schedule in Venezuela -

    Strike: Venezuelans Protest Socialist Dictatorship By Staying Home

    JOHN SEXTON Posted at 5:21 pm on July 20, 2017

    Millions of Venezuelans are participating in a general strike today in a last-ditch attempt to stop the country’s socialist president from rewriting the Constitution. After a referendum in which just over 7 million Venezuelans voted against the plan to create a new constitution last weekend, the opposition announced plans for what it calls “zero hour.”

    From Reuters:

    From the Andes to the Amazon, millions appeared to be participating in the 24-hour shutdown, staying at home and closing businesses in a civil disobedience campaign the opposition hopes will end nearly two decades of socialist rule.

    “We must all do our best to get rid of this tyrant,” said Miguel Lopez, 17, holding a homemade shield emblazoned with “No To Dictatorship!” as he manned a roadblock on a Caracas thoroughfare that was devoid of traffic…

    In a speech, Maduro vowed some of the strike leaders would be jailed and insisted the action was minimal, with the 700 leading food businesses, for example, still working.

    The public response to this strike has been significant, especially compared to a similar effort last October. From the Associated Press:

    Business groups estimate that 150,000 Venezuelan businesses have closed over the last 15 years. The opposition called a 12-hour national strike last year that saw little response and was widely seen as a failure.

    The Venezuelan Workers’ Confederation, a labor coalition with ties to the opposition, said at least 12 of its 20 member organizations across the country had decided to join the strike. Transportation workers in the capital, Caracas, also said they would participate…

    “We urgently need a change in government, because what we are living through is pathetic,” said Frangeli Fernandez, 24, an accountant who walked three hours to his job at a bank.

    President Maduro ignored last week’s vote and is promising the vote to elect people who will rewrite the constitution will take place at the end of the month as scheduled. The effort is widely seen as an attempt by Maduro to cling to power, giving him an excuse to seize more power and hold off on elections.

    However, opposition to Maduro’s regime is building. President Trump issued a strongly worded statement threatening economic sanctions after last week’s vote. And the head of the Organization of American States (OAS) says there is fear the situation could turn into a blood bath:

    The head of the Organization of American States (OAS) has warned of a “calamitous deterioration” of the situation in Venezuela.

    “The fear we have, and which we are afraid to say out loud, is that this situation could turn into a bloodbath,” he said.

    The warning came shortly before a 24-hour strike began on Thursday.

    The AFP published this video of empty streets in the country: VIDEO

  32. The Trump administration is threatening to take "strong and swift economic actions" if Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro proceeds with his plan to rewrite the nation's constitution and consolidate power over the few remaining institutions outside the control of the ruling party. A senior administration official said this week that "all options are being discussed and debated," implying that Trump could use Venezuela's dependence on oil exports to the U.S. as a means of pressuring Maduro to halt the July 30 constitutional assembly.

    Oil-rich Venezuela has been plunged into political and economic turmoil as petroleum prices plummet, nationalized farms and factories halt production and corruption runs rampant. More than three months of street protests have left at least 93 people dead.


    President Donald Trump said in a statement Monday that "the United States will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles. If the Maduro regime imposes its Constituent Assembly on July 30, the United States will take strong and swift economic actions."


    Effects of Centuries of Extreme Inbreeding Among Muslims: Low IQ, Violence and Terrorism


    Taboo: Almost half of Muslims are inbred. How does that affect intelligence and health? And is there a connection to terrorism and violence?

    Lise Egholm, longtime school leader in the Muslim-dominated area of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark, recently warned against not talking about the widespread practise of inbreeding among Muslims: “A study shows that infant mortality doubles, along with a high risk of congenital malformations, also that increased birth defect rates and inheritance of recessive traits are more common in consanguineous marriages. I think it’s time to express concern. We must talk about this problem. All parents want healthy children. Fortunately, we live in a society where our health system does much to ensure that a pregnancy ends with a viable child. What amazes me and has made me wonder for years is why we do not talk about, maybe they even ban, the many cousin marriages?”

    While health systems in otherwise less-developed countries in the Muslim world are openly discussing and warning against consanguineous marriages, it is considered politically incorrect in the West to regard as a problem the vast genetic and societal difficulties resulting from this religious-cultural practise.


    Statistical research on Arabic countries shows that up to 34 percent of all marriages in Algiers are consanguineous (cousin marriages), 46 percent in Bahrain, 33 percent in Egypt, 80 percent in Nubia (southern area in Egypt), 60 percent in Iraq, 64 percent in Jordan, 64 percent in Kuwait, 42 percent in Lebanon, 48 percent in Libya, 47 percent in Mauritania, 54 percent in Qatar, 67 percent in Saudi Arabia, 63 percent in Sudan, 40 percent in Syria, 39 percent in Tunisia, 54 percent in the United Arab Emirates and 45 percent in Yemen (Reproductive Health Journal, 2009 Consanguinity and reproductive health among Arabs). In Pakistan, 70 percent of marriages are consanguineous, and in Turkey, the percentage is 25-30. There seems to be no national data on Indonesia, but there are reports on 17 percent consanguinity on East Timor and a “high level of consanguineous marriages in some areas of Java.”

    Full story at


    2. Health and intelligence

      A long list of mental and physical complications are related to inbreeding between cousins. These include an increased risk of depression, schizophrenia, and mental retardation. Mental retardation (less than an IQ of 69)
      in children of consanguineous marriages is five times more frequent than in normal marriages. On average, cousin marriages results in children with 10-16 points lower IQ. Social abilities, including empathy, are also less developed with inbred people.

      The cognitive consequences of Muslim inbreeding might explain why non-Western immigrants are more than 300 percent more likely to fail the Danish army’s intelligence test than native Danes. When it comes to the production of scientific work, the Islamic world produces less than 1/10 of the world average. Low average intelligence in the population and prioritizing faith over knowledge may also be the reason why fewer books have been translated into Arabic over the last 1,000 years than there are books translated in Spain every year.

      On top of these mental complications comes the increased risk of many diseases related to genetic disorders leading to severe syndromes, handicaps, painful diseases, and decreased life expectancy.

      Terror and violence

      According to the Danish police, cousin-marriage is a cause for criminal behaviour because of low intelligence. This claim is confirmed by criminology research that long has established a connection between violent criminal behaviour and low intelligence.

      It is also likely, that it is easier to convince people with low intelligence to follow the Islamic scriptures’ hundreds of invitations and direct orders to harm, terrorize and wage war against people – including fellow Muslims, even family members – who do not following a literal interpretation of those scriptures.

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      Another link between Muslim inbreeding and terror concerns handicaps and mental diseases. Yusuf Yadgari of the Medical University of Kabul has autopsied the remains of suicide bombers and his findings support this theory. Yadgari found that close to ninety percent were suffering from severe illness such as blindness, cancer, missing limbs or leprosy. Many Muslim societies, including that of Afghanistan, have a low social acceptance of handicaps and severe illnesses. According to Yadgari, being physically handicapped or mentally retarded often leads to exclusion in a society like Afghanistan, and becoming a martyr might be the only chance of achieving social recognition and honour — if not just a way to end the pain of being socially isolated (which is especially traumatizing in collectivist cultures like Islam). Al Qaida’s use of people with Down’s syndrome to commit terrorist attacks might be another unpleasant side effect of the many chromosomal illnesses that result from inbreeding between first cousins.