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Friday, May 26, 2017

Montana Republican Kicks Ass Twice in Two Days




  1. I know nothing about this guy, but..

    1. He should be considered as a House Whip.

    2. "Yo, Giantforte, have a word with ( fill in the blank), see what you can offer him for his support."

    3. Started his own business then sold it to Oracle.

      The company was founded in 1997 by Greg Gianforte in Bozeman, Montana. Additional offices were opened in California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, Illinois, Washington, DC, Colorado, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

      The company employed over 1000 people in 2011.[3] RightNow's business model was software as a service using cloud computing.

      Gianforte started the company in 1997 without external capital and created a software product that was initially focused on customer service with an integrated knowledge base. As the company grew, it added marketing and sales functionality, voice automation, customer feedback management, analytics and a social platform to its product, creating a full customer experience suite.

    4. In October 2011, Oracle Corporation announced its intention to acquire RightNow for $1.5 billion, a deal which was completed in January 2012.

    5. I went to college with a guy that became a bigwig lawyer at Oracle.

      His name is now on a bridge over the entrance to UCSB.

      I probly drank more than him, though.

    6. "bigwig lawyer" indeed.

      ...he made Chairman!

  2. BobFri May 26, 12:38:00 AM EDT

    Quist got a bad rap when he was hanging out at Sun Meadow Nudist Resort in Idaho with Quirk.

    That's what really hurt him.

    He should have had photo ops of shooting wolves, or skiing, or panning for gold, but no, there he is bucked naked with Quirk at Sun Meadow.

    I could have gotten the guy elected.

    1. Bob was too polite to mention that he played with his daughter at the Nudist Ranch.

      ...or that he had Herpes and bad credit.

    2. Gianforte just gave a decent acceptance speech, and a nice apology, how sincere I don't know, for body slamming the asshole reporter.

    3. The election wasn't really close.

      Basically a body slam.

    4. Casino Time !

      Montana has a lot of casinos. Lots of small ones in Missoula.

    5. Ingraham couldn't get over him saying

      "You broke my glasses!"

      She said when a bully in school broke a kid's glasses, he came back the next day and punched him out!

  3. Fox is bringing in closer numbers, but it must be over.....Ciao !

  4. The Idiot Billionaire


  6. 2 white women opened a Portland burrito pop-up. It closed after cultural appropriation accusations.

    2 white women opened a Portland burrito pop-up. It closed after cultural appropriation accusations.

    A Portland, Ore. burrito shop shuttered a week after being featured in an article, amid accusations of cultural appropriation.

    Some commenters in the Week article agreed with the “white folks profiting off the labor of people of color” explanation.

    One accused Connelly and Wilgus of being “white girls using their whiteness to steal from brown people.”

    “This is about stealing aspects of a culture without credit, and laughing about it like the two little idiotic privileged white girls they are,” another commenter noted.

    Yet another wrote, “These white girls think what they’re doing is completely harmless and what not. They don’t go through the struggle these women do who wake up early in the morning to make a living [in] a community.”

    A Portland Mercury piece said the burrito-making duo “colonized this style of food” and then “decided it would be cute to open a food truck.” And while the Mercury called Kooks’ late Friday closure a “victory,” it added other forms of cultural appropriation will happen in the future “unless we continue to call this out.”

    The piece concluded with a list of six Latin-owned restaurants in Portland for those who really want a burrito.

    For those who want to travel the whole nine yards of social justice, a document showed up online calling out “white-owned appropriative restaurants in Portland” along with alternative eateries owned by “POC” (i.e., people of color).

    1. I threw out my American made refried beans after reading that.

  7. Snowflakes under attack: Conservative celebrity’s pitch for ‘No Safe Spaces,’ the movie

    Conservative comedian and talk show host Adam Carolla has teamed up with conservative radio show host and author Dennis Prager to create a film documenting the dwindling right to free speech on college campuses.

    The film is titled “No Safe Spaces,” and according to Carolla, is intended to combat of the dying notion of free speech and return students’ rights to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

    “The epicenter of free speech was always college campuses,” Carolla said about the film. “The very same place that advocated, fought, couple people actually died at Kent state for … free speech, now are shutting down everybody who disagrees with them.”

    Calling those trying to quash free speech “miserable,” Carolla said, “We have a group of insanely miserable people who are just hammers looking for a nail. If President Trump could just put up a wall around the campuses and keep everything in the campus that would be fine. But this horrible child-like adolescent attitude is spreading into our society.”

    In a Wednesday press release, Prager said that the story must be told because “the future of our country literally depends on what happens on these campuses.”

    “If these students don’t understand the very concept of free speech, our whole nation is in trouble,” he added.

    The press release continued: