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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Terrorist group Al-Nusra Front is receiving daily arms shipments across the border from Turkey - US troops prefer the Kurds

As US/ Kurdish force Moves on ISIL at Manbij, Turkey goes Ballistic

The YPG is softening up al-Raqqa for invasion and also feathering the nest of Kurdish Syrian nationalism.
On Tuesday, according to BBC Monitoring, the Turkish state-funded news agency Anadolu (also known as Anatolia) put on its website in Turkish remarks of Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who slammed ‘the United States for cooperating with the PYD [Democratic Union Party] on the pretext that Al-Raqqa was going to be seized by regime forces.”
He said that US and Turkish special ops forces would be better placed than the Kurdish YPG to close the smuggling gap from which Daesh profits.
BBC Monitoring translates the Anadolu report: “Criticizing the United States for collaborating with the PYD on the pretext that Al-Raqqa was going to be seized by the Syrian regime forces, Cavusoglu it was never right or humanitarian to collaborate with another terrorist organization. Stating that the PYD’s goal was to partition Syria by seizing more land, Cavusoglu said: “In that respect America is unfortunately embarking on a process with the PYD that is very dangerous for Syria’s future. We already warned them. Yet, if we were to join forces; they have their special forces and we have our special forces, but unfortunately both the United States and Russia see a terrorist organization as a partner and they are supporting it. This is what we are objecting to . . .”
If Manbaj soon falls, as seems likely, Turkey will face the fait accompli of a new Kurdish mini-state on its border. Ankara is obviously furious at the US, which is urging the Kurds on. Despite Turkish oral offers of assistance, the US Pentagon has clearly decided that the YPG Kurds are the only game in town if the goal is to defeat Daesh in its lair of al-Raqqa. There are likely to be long-term repercussions for the US-Turkish relationship, on both sides, of these dramatic events.
The government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed severe misgivings over the Pentagon’s cooperation with the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG), a group Ankara views as a terrorist organization. Photos that emerged last week showed US Special Forces operating with the YPG insignia.

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    What is "Occupation"Thu Jun 02, 01:21:00 AM EDT

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    So by your standards, when America bombs isis, the people we must be bombing are unarmed at the very moment of the lethal force?

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    You said the same thing the other day. There were protests and rocks were thrown. But you have no proof whatsoever these kids were doing the rock throwing. And even if they were, the protests were over. There was nothing going on at the time. Here’s the film, the video YOU put up...

    Look at it again and explain to me why these kids deserved to be murdered. At the time of the shootings, do you see any protests going on? Are the two boys that are shot causing any trouble? Are they armed? Or, are they just walking along outside a building? Even if the IDF knew both boys were involved in the previous demonstrations, and nothing on the film suggests that, so what? You arrest them if you need to. You don’t shoot them in the back.

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      The "San Bernardo 13" has a ring to it.

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  2. The problem with your outlook, Quirk, is that you are always focusing on this current incident or that one and never really seem to be able step back and see the forest. Islam has been on the warpath for 14 centuries. And the 'Palestinians' are hate filled and genocidal since the days of Marths Gellhorn and long before. Islam is a 'religion' that proselytizes through violence. Judaism is not a proselytizing religion by any means.

    This has caused all sorts of massive problems damn near forever all over the earth, and will continue to do so long past when we are all gone.

    Step back and look at the forest just for once in your life, Sir !

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