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Friday, June 10, 2016

"Deadbeat Don"

Hundreds of Claimants Say Deadbeat Donald Trump Doesn’t Pay His Bills

More than 3,500 lawsuits over the past three decades, many involving ordinary Americans who say Trump or his companies refused to pay them.

Hundreds of former employees and business associates say that former reality TV star and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is a grifter and a deadbeat who never paid them for their work. 

According to USA Today, Trump has left a trail of broken promises and debts in his wake over the years as a result of his long string of failed businesses, multiple bankruptcies and a cavalier attitude regarding his obligations to others.

“Donald Trump often portrays himself as a savior of the working class who will ‘protect your job.'” said the newspaper. “But a USA TODAY NETWORK analysis found he has been involved in more than 3,500 lawsuits over the past three decades — and a large number of those involve ordinary Americans who say Trump or his companies have refused to pay them.”

The article tells the story of people like Philadelphia cabinet-builder Edward Friel Jr., who performed $83,600 worth of work building “bases for slot machines, registration desks, bars and other cabinets at Harrah’s at Trump Plaza.”

Friel submitted an invoice in 1984 and it was never paid. The missing revenue crippled the family business and ultimately resulted in the end of the Edward J. Friel Company, destroying what the Friel family took generations to build.

USA Today said that more than 60 lawsuits and a blizzard of judgments, liens and other filings are from a wide array of Trump employees who are all waiting to be paid for their work. 

“Among them: a dishwasher in Florida. A glass company in New Jersey. A carpet company. A plumber. Painters. Forty-eight waiters. Dozens of bartenders and other hourly workers at his resorts and clubs, coast to coast. Real estate brokers who sold his properties. And, ironically, several law firms that once represented him in these suits and others,” the paper said.

Trump companies have been cited on 24 violations of the 2005’s Fair Labor Act by failing to pay overtime or minimum wage. The purported billionaire has been served with more than 200 mechanic’s liens filed by contractors and employees, ranging from “a $75,000 claim by a Plainview, N.Y., air conditioning and heating company to a $1 million claim from the president of a New York City real estate banking firm.”

Trump has made of habit of stiffing small businesses and suppliers over the years and then simply financially exhausting them in court or waiting until the financial wounds he inflicted on them drive them out of business.

Edward Friel’s son Paul told USA Today that his father’s company filed for bankruptcy after five years of battling Trump and his lawyers, but that his family’s experience is hardly unique.

“There’s tons of these stories out there,” he said. “Trump hits everybody.”


  1. USA Today is in league with the WSJ so I won't give them much credence.

    It's undoubtedly true that Trump has had plenty of lawsuits though.

    I've read his win/loss record is quite good but don't know the truth of that assertion.

    Putting some perspective on it, he's running against a criminal and corruptocrat of the first order.

    It's hard to beat Hillary at slumming.

  2. .

    Everything is relative.

    I've had little good to say of Obama in his eight years as president; however, four years from now given what we have in Clinton and Trump, I fear we may be looking back at Obama's presidency as the good old days.


  3. .

    It is recognized that there are lies of omission as well as lies of commission. Hillary Clinton goes out of her way to assure she touches all the bases. The latest example is the truncated version of her memoirs Hard Choices first published in 2015. With the help of her enabler, publisher Simon and Schuster, Clinton managed some artful deletions in the new soft cover version.

    What is notable about the softcover version of the book is that many chapters have been considerably shortened but what is more notable are the sections that have been deleted.

    Hillary Clinton’s Memoir Deletions, in Detail

    As was reported following the assassination of prominent Honduran environmental activist Berta C├íceres in March, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton erased all references to the 2009 coup in Honduras in the paperback edition of her memoirs, “Hard Choices.” Her three-page account of the coup in the original hardcover edition, where she admitted to having sanctioned it, was one of several lengthy sections cut from the paperback, published in April 2015 shortly after she had launched her presidential campaign.

    A short, inconspicuous statement on the copyright page is the only indication that “a limited number of sections” — amounting to roughly 96 pages — had been cut “to accommodate a shorter length for this edition.” Many of the abridgements consist of narrative and description and are largely trivial, but there are a number of sections that were deleted from the original that also deserve attention.

    In addition to the section on Honduras, the softcover version also disappeared certain key sections on...

    Columbia where sections on human rights abuses under Plan Columbia first initiated by her husband Bill were deleted.

    Brazil where uncomfortable sections on Hillary's views on Brazilian presidents, Lula de Silva and Dilma Rousseff were deleted.

    The TPP where sections discussing her support and efforts to garner support for the deal throughout South America were deleted.

    The Arab Spring where half of the entire chapter was deleted including sections on the Libyan adventure and arms sales to players in the Gulf.

    I could be off base but I would imagine that many of the people who can afford to buy the hardcover book probably wouldn't be too upset with the material in those sections. On the other hand, those buying the softcover version might be influenced by the material that was deleted.

    When it came to the editing of the soft cover book, given the issues she was called on by Sanders and can be expected to be called on by Trump, it's likely the choices involved with the revised Hard Choices just weren't all that hard.


    1. A new concept in publishing books.....tailoring the book to the individual reader....heh

  4. Those that would vote for Trump don't care that he's a crook, or that he's ignorant in all aspects of foreign policy, defense, or in the basics of how our Constitutional system of government works.

    They care that he seems to be just as racist and hate-filled as themselves.

    Nothing else is relevant.

    1. Weeeellll there are those who will vote for him because he is ~Clinton.

    2. I ain't buying it. A vote for Trump is a vote for Racism. Period.

      The good news for Trump is that he'll get a lot of votes.

    3. The bad news for him is that he won't get enough.

    4. You ought to vote for Trump.

      You hate all white cops. You always come to an immediate emotional reaction against them regardless of the facts, even before the facts are known.

      Also you are in the rat, deuce, Quirk cabal against the Jews.

      Look homeward, angel.

    5. I think it all comes from your Cherokee ancestors, who were 'the special people', 'the real people', and enslaved others.

      It's in your genes.


    6. By the way, it wasn't Trump that fucked up Libya. That was Hillary the War Monger.

      She owns it. And a good part of the Iraq Fiasco too, and Syria.

      If Trump gets into it he will be cleaning up the mess left behind by Hillary and O'bozo.

      Good old Rufus, he never can shake off his old irrational self, his old prejudiced, racist self.

      At one time he was making excuses for Hamas.

    7. La Raza isn't racist, Rufus tells me so. So a La Raza Judge must be unbiased. are the San Jose Mayor and Police Chief, both La Razanistas, both told the Police to stand down as Mexican thugs suckerpunched and broke bottles over the heads of innocent American citizens, black, white, brown and female.
      Real Machismo Mexicans, abusing women.
      The Master Race
      A hero of the Left, labor organizer Cesar Chavez, a natural born American of Mexican ancestry, thought la raza was a dangerous, un-American concept.

      “I hear about la raza more and more,” he said.

      “Some people don’t look at it as racism, but when you say ‘la raza,’ you are saying an anti-gringo thing, and our fear is that it won’t stop there. Today it’s anti-gringo, tomorrow it will be anti-Negro, and the day after it will be anti-Filipino, anti-Puerto Rican. And then it will be anti-poor-Mexican, and anti-darker-skinned Mexican.”

      That Chavez viewed this kind of Mexican race-consciousness as destructive was reinforced by his lieutenant LeRoy Chatfield around 1970.

      "Everyone should be proud of what they are, of course, but race is only skin-deep. It's phony and it comes out of frustration; the la raza people are not secure. … He said to me just the other day, 'Can't they understand that that's just the way Hitler started?' A few months ago the Ford Foundation funded a la raza group and Cesar really told them off. The foundation liked the outfit's sense of pride or something, and Cesar tried to explain to them what the origin of the word was, that it's related to Hitler's concept."

      Donald Trump may not even realize just how right he happens to be.

    8. Donald Trump may not even realize just how right he happens to be


      The founder of the Hispanic lawyer's group of which the Judge is a member is on record as saying all whites should go back to Europe. Following this logic presumably they would argue that all blacks ought to go back to Africa.

      What I don'tget is why those with Spanish ancestry shouldn't be forced back to Spain, or Portugal perhaps, and only the true descendants of the Aztecs be left here, presumably to return to their rich cultural heritage of human sacrifice of cutting the living beating heart out of the victim atop a stepped pyramid.

  5. .


    Gordie Howe

    (CNN)"Mr. Hockey" Gordie Howe, whose career spanned six decades and included four Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings, died Friday, his son, Marty Howe, told CNN. He was 88.

    "No hero is mortal until he dies"



    1. That all sounds wonderful but the classic concept of a Hero is one who dies for his people.

      The spiritual concept of the Hero is one who realizes the boon of the monomyth, experiences it.

      Our life between birth and death is a gestation.

  6. Up Smirk's way, Canada's top court gives the Okie Dokie to bestiality.

    Or, the Okie Donkey, if you prefer.

    This is called liberal enlightenment.

    Or, 'different strokes for different folks'.

    The wonderful Canadians are finally catching up with the muzzies.

    Gofer it, Smirk, gopher it.

    1. One of the objections to all this sort of twisted disgusting craparoo is that the poor animal can't give consent.

      So, I imagine that the animal rights folks will be objecting to it.

      Then, Smirk is in what is known as a 'quandary'.

  7. RACIST!



  8. LeBron James is Racist !

  9. I wonder if 'Rufus the Doofus' is aware that the founder of Judge Curiel's Hispanic lawyers group is on record as saying that all California' whites ought to go back to Europe ?

    Nothing racist about that, though, in 'Doofus World'.

    Here it is -

    1. They really should.
      It belongs to the Mexicans, not the Indians.

    2. I demand a return to the rich indigenous cultural heritage of Aztec human sacrifice atop stepped pyramids !

      By the thousands, to keep the sun coming up !

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. By the way it went ill for the prosecution this day in the Freddie Gray case. This is the case in which 'Rufus the Doofus' immediately wanted to hang all six of the 'white officers' involved, even though it turned out three of the officers were black. The black cop on trial now is the driver of the van. On cross examination the Medical Examiner was unable to state that she knew exactly when or how Gray died, or what exactly caused his death even though she had earlier declared it a 'homicide'.

    This cop is charged with 'depraved heart murder', the worst kind of charge.

    My hunch is he will get off, as have the two earlier officers charged.

    He opted for a Judge to hear his case, and not a jury, thinking it would be hard to find a fair minded jury under the circumstances of place and case, most of the pool of jurors being of the Rufus the Doofus' hang em' all high turn of mind, the hell with the evidence.

    The Judge in the case is a black male.

    It is an interesting situation. The officers are in the process of suing the prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, for prejudicial or malicious prosecution, or whatever it is called. It is obvious that Marilyn Mosby has had her eye on 'higher political office'.

    Will keep the Bar up to date on this interesting American case.

    1. Correction: I believe Freddie Brown died in a trauma center after being taken there by the police.

      So my statement that: "the Medical Examiner was unable to state that she knew exactly when or how Gray died, or what exactly caused his death even though she had earlier declared it a 'homicide'......should read:

      'the Medical Examiner was unable to state that she knew exactly how the death was caused even though she had earlier declared it a homicide'.

      Freddie Gray seems to have died of a spinal cord injury but exactly how that injury occurred is in question.

    2. The Cops did it.
      They're all racis.

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