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Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Mercenary Professional Army is to Protect Your Rulers and Masters, Not You.

A US Mercenary Army Will Kill Americans in a Heartbeat - They Will Protect Our Enemies If So Ordered. Where Is the Proof? 


  1. Why do we have to wait to board a plane to defer to some hotdog traveling from one American City to another American City wearing a combat uniform? Why does our mercenary military travel inside the USA dressed in combat fatigues?

  2. Public Enemy #1 - Israel
    Public Enemy #2 - The Republican Party
    Public Enemy #3 - The Police
    Public Enemy #4 - The US Military

    No REAL American agrees with any of this horse shit.

    1. In fact, the US Military is the ONE institution in the United States that continually gets high positive marks.

      Approval of Congress is in the teens.

      Approval of the US Military is way high in the 70 or 80% range.

      You are a voice crying in the wilderness, but you are not a prophet.

    2. Obama, Pope, President of China Teaming Up to Save World...

      'Very existence of human species' at risk...

      'Blood Moon' seen as sign of end times by some Mormons......Drudge

      Considering the first two items, I am tempted to agree with some of the Mormons.

  3. .

    The "Krafty Kraut" continued...

    Not only did Volkswagen deliberately commit the crime, when confronted they put in a phony fix for the problem that they knew didn't work.

    John German (yes, that's right) earns a modest salary as US co-lead of the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) a small nonprofit organisation dedicated to helping to reduce vehicle emissions and has an annual budget of just $12m. He and his team are the ones who discovered the fraud perpetrated by VW.

    He reported the findings to the EPA and also to VW but received no response.

    German published the research in May 2014 and handed it over to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). “There was an expectation that they would find out what was causing the higher-than-expected emissions,” he said. “We did send a courtesy copy to VW to say ‘vehicles B and C are your vehicles and you might like to know’, we had no response.”

    There was no response from the EPA either, but keen-eyed German noticed an EPA press release in which VW agreed to recall almost 500,000 vehicles in December 2014 to reinstall software, which it said would solve the higher-than-expected emissions.

    However, a couple of months later the California Air Resources Board (Carb) carried out spot checks and discovered that the “defeat device” software – used to dramatically reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions only when the cars are undergoing strict emission tests – was still present.

    “That is actually the single most inexplicable thing about this whole business,” German said. “VW had a chance to fix the problem, and they continued to try and cheat and do what they had done. That’s just amazing.”

    It is amazing. Perhaps, the fact that the EPA failed to publicize the original fraud gave VW hope they could get away with it.

    (Or, perhaps it was a belief that the habitually ill-informed and credulous amongst us, those who are chronically wrong about most things, would form the sneaking suspicion that VW is being punished for no good reason whatsoever... Luckily, VW failed to realize that there are so few of these clodpates still walking around.)


    1. Or, perhaps, the cars performance, when operating to EPA specs, was so horrible no one would buy it.

    2. Have you accepted your new Syrian 'refugee' family into your home yet, Quirk ? It is rumored Deuce is making arrangements to accept two or even three families into his compound there in Philly. You best get cracking......

      By the way, many of the new cars these days can be purchased with a breathalyzer got to blow before you can go.....always looking out for you, I recommend you get one of these devices....a vehicular homicide is a good mood breaker......I think VW may make one of these should have one for the good of the new adopted Syrian kids when you are taking them to school, the market, Mass, and such.....

      Idaho up at 6:00pm, Vandal Fans. A win today will be the first back to back wins in ten years....we call such an event 'a winning streak'.....

      The whole of North Idaho is in a high degree of excitement and expectation......

      Go Vandals !

  4. From the last "boy who cried wolf" thread headline..

    Israeli IDF thugs attack journalists



    Amazing bullshit from the Israel hating host..

    1. I have been long awaiting the thread about the slaughter of Christians by the moslems in the Middle East, but it never seems to arrive......

      Even in little Bethlehem, things are bad for the Christians.....

      The Beleaguered Christians in Bethlehem

      by Khaled Abu Toameh
      May 12, 2009 at 6:30 am

      Christian families have long been complaining of intimidation and land theft by Muslims, especially those working for the Palestinian Authority.

      Many Christians in Bethlehem and the nearby [Christian] towns of Bet Sahour and Bet Jalla have repeatedly complained that Muslims have been seizing their lands either by force or through forged documents.

      In recent years, not only has the number of Christians continued to dwindle, but Bethlehem and its surroundings also became hotbeds for Hamas and Islamic Jihad supporters and members.

      Moreover, several Christian women living in these areas have complained about verbal and sexual assaults by Muslim men.

      Over the past few years, a number of Christian businessmen told me that they were forced to shut down their businesses because they could no longer afford to pay "protection" money to local Muslim gangs.......

      Just one of dozens of articles on the subject....reading this place you'd think the moslems in and around Israel are all Saints.....

    2. .

      The Israel Defense Forces said Saturday that the troops who assaulted two journalists from a foreign news agency in the West Bank a day earlier acted in an unauthorized manner and will face disciplinary measures.

      In similar cases, the following is the usual disciplinary measures applied:

      - For attacking reporters and destroying their equipment: Daily loof allotment will be restricted for up to 1 week.

      - For being caught on film attacking reporters and destroying their equipment: Transfer to the Golan Heights for up to a year with no loof at all during their time there.


    3. Big deal.

      In Iran, Russia, the Palestinian lands, Jordan, Egypt and more, journalists are killed and executed.

      The Israelis broke some cameras..


  5. Aha !

    Just noticed an Opinion piece in the local rag here -

    Limousine Liberals Should Take Syrian Refugees

    by Michael Costello

    He is a reseacher at Washington State University, and the rag's designated token conservative.....

    Yes, indeed, he is spot on......let the 'limousine liberals' take in the Syrian refugees if they insist they squat on our shores....

    Limousine liberal
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Limousine liberal and latte liberal are pejorative American political terms used to illustrate hypocrisy by a political liberal of upper class or upper middle class status; including calls for the use of mass transit while frequently using limousines or private jets,[1] claiming environmental consciousness but driving low MPG sports cars or SUVs, or ostensibly supporting public education while actually sending their children to private schools.[2]........

    Note: Quirk does not qualify as a limousine liberal, as he does his own driving in an old beat up heap, driving 'better drunk than sober' as he once proudly claimed.....and, he actually walks his own dog to the corner fire hydrant.....

  6. The other day everyone was all atwitter at the Afghanis, and their "boy-play," or whatever it was they call it, but no one has remarked about this Catholic bunch in their shiny, white, and green, and gold, and red immaculate robes, in their beautiful, lavish, tax-subsidized church , and how not one of the "righteous" fishers of souls said a damned thing when their priests were abusing little boys all over Our country.

    Evil, law-breaking, corrupt bastards.

    Religion is what keeps the poor from killing the rich.

    Napoleon Bonaparte