“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tel Aviv has spared no effort to hamper the nuclear deal through pressuring the US Congress and will continue to do so

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says a final deal between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries over Tehran’s nuclear program is "within reach."
"The situation at the talks is progressing in a positive direction. There remain questions, mostly regarding procedural issues rather than technical. We have all reason to believe that results are within reach," Lavrov said after a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry in the Austrian capital of Vienna, the venue of talks between Iran and the P5+1, on Tuesday.
He added that the implementation of any potential agreement and its presentation to the UN Security Council are among the outstanding issues.
Lavrov noted that the deputies and political directors of the six global powers have been instructed “to do everything necessary to reach an agreement in the upcoming days."
Lavrov on Tuesday also held talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.
Iran FM’s meetings
The Iranian foreign minister on Tuesday held separate meetings with Kerry, his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano in Vienna.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (3rd R) and Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano (3rd L) meet in Vienna, Austria, on June 30, 2015. © IRNA

Meanwhile, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi and US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz also held discussions about technical issues related to a possible final deal.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (2nd R) and his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier (2nd L) meet in Vienna, Austria, on June 30, 2015. © IRNA

US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf said earlier on Tuesday that Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – the United States, France, Britain, China and Russia – plus Germany have agreed to continue their talks until July 7 to finalize the text of a possible deal over Iran’s nuclear program. The two sides had earlier set a deadline of June 30 for the talks.
The European Union also extended a freeze on sanctions imposed against Iran by one week "to allow more time for the ongoing negotiations to reach a long term solution to the Iranian nuclear issue.”


  1. AIPAC is probably out of luck. Obama's on a roll, and his poll numbers are on the rise

    (CNN/ORC has him up to 50%, which is his highest ssince 2009, I think.)

    1. AIPAC is not out of luck, the western free world & America is.

      Obama is going to give 50 billion and a path to nukes to the mullahs...

      Proud are you?

    2. So Iran has helped Syria slaughter over 300,000 civilians an make refugees out out 11 million...

      are you proud?

      Does it fill a warm place in your heart knowing that under Obama's watch he has helped Iran's hegemonic plans for the world?

      How many gays will be hung, girls stoned due to Obama's watchful gaze?

      But no one here cares unless it's a Jew doing the killing.. Then it's a war crime...

      Hamas is your rufus rat deuce and quirk...

      You own hezbollah, hamas, syria and iran...

      they are yours....

    3. .


      I guess that would mean you own Saudi Arabia, ISIS, al-Qaeda.

      How many heads will be cut, Christians and Druze killed due to support provided to these dolts.

      They are yours.

      Your nutz.

      Reason #19 the US should have nothing to do with any state in the ME. They are all batshit crazy.


    4. America supports Saudia Arabia, has for decades.

      OWN it..

      As for ISIS? Isis is the rebirth of Saddam Hussien's core supporters....

      As for al-aqaeda? America gave them a start in afganistan is Charlie Wilson's war...

      how convenient....

  2. Five posts in a row on Deuce's sickness.

    It's sad.

  3. Deuce will not criticize this non sense - after all Iran is fighting for Civilizaton:

    June 30, 2015
    U.S. caves on inspections of Iran military sites
    By Rick Moran

    Bill Kristol thinks this may be a deal-breaker for Congress, but it looks to me that the administration has created sufficient cover to sell to those who desperately want to avoid conflict with Iran.

    Apparently an agreement has been struck that would grant the IAEA access to military sites to inspect them for nuclear work, but only after they go through a "process" with the Iranian government. One can imagine this "process." The IAEA asks politely to inspect a military site, and Iran bombastically rejects the request. End of discussion.

    From the AFP report:

    "We have worked out a process that we believe will ensure that the IAEA has the access it needs," the administration official told reporters.

    "The entry point isn't we must be able to get into every military site, because the United States of America wouldn't allow anybody to get into every military site, so that's not appropriate," the official said.

    Another US official later said the proposals were part of an April 2 deal agreed in Switzerland "the details of which are being negotiated now."

    The Islamic republic has so far refused to give the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) access to sensitive sites.

    "There are conventional purposes, and there are secrets that any country has that they are not willing to share," the first American official said.

    "But if in the context of this agreement... the IAEA believes that it needs access and has a reason for that access, then we have a process to ensure that that is given," the official said.

    Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol is appalled at the "moral equivalency" U.S. negotiators are drawing between Iran and the U.S.:

    This sentence is key: "The entry point isn't we must be able to get into every military site, because the United States of America wouldn't allow anybody to get into every military site, so that's not appropriate," the official said.

    1. Think about that. The American official argues that Iran—a rogue regime that sponsors terror and that has lied about its nuclear program, and that is under sanctions precisely because it has proved time and again it can't be trusted—should be held to the same standards as the U.S. Amazing. It turns out the left's old doctrine of moral equivalence between the Soviet Union and the U.S. has been replaced by a doctrine of moral equivalence between Iran and the U.S.

      This sentence says it all. Opponents of a bad deal should make it famous: You can only vote for this deal if you accept this basic equivalence between the Iranian regime and the U.S.

      And those who've been genuinely undecided, but have said repeatedly that an acceptable deal would have to have "go anywhere, anytime" inspections, must now acknowledge the Obama administration has unequivocally yielded on what had been presented by the administration as one of its key requirements. Could this sentence be a final tipping point in collapsing congressional support for the deal?

      Although that last point is devoutly to be wished, it ain't gonna happen. What we see here is the first in a series of cave-ins that are going to be sold as "reasonable compromises." The purpose is not to negotiate the best deal possible, but to obfuscate the agreement's flaws by papering over differences, which will allow those in Congress so inclined to support the president but not appear to be voting for a flawed deal. There is no way that Iran will ever let the IAEA into one of its military sites – certainly not on "snap inspection" basis. Iran will "study" the request for months and then, after any contraband is removed, graciously allow the inspectors in.

      Or, as mentioned above, they may simply deny the request outright.

      This "process" is as bogus as the deal itself.

    2. The happy news is the Caino's open !

      Why sit and read the same old, same old ?

      Cheers !

      ('Only' 105* here today)

      Tata !

  4. That's "Jerusalem"

    Not Tel Aviv....

    Capital of Israel, Jerusalem.

    Get it?

    Understand it?

    Embrace it?

    Don't like it?

    Shove it....

    1. Only one country in the world recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and that's, uh, Israel.

    2. Guatemala and El Salvador do as well...

      It's not a popularity contest but a truth issue.

      jerusalem is the capital of Israel regardless if every other nation doesn't recognize it.

      then again?

      the world is filled with nations that have their own interests, most are scared of islam and or need their oil...


    3. Most of the world had no issues watching jews be gassed and mass murdered too....

      So really do we really care what Oman, Nigeria, Spain and Greece think?

      The reality?

      Jerusalem is a united city, under the complete control if Israel. It's citizens have free movement, the religious sites are open to all...

      This is the 1st time in 2000 years that all faiths have peaceful access to all their sites.


      Not under the brits, the ottomans, the arabs, the romans or even the crusaders, certainly not under jordan...

      So like it or not, recognize it or not, the fact is...

      Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

      Don't like it?

      Too fucking bad..

    4. Funny thing about the world's nations...

      Over 100 have decalred Palestine to be a state..

      SO what?

      It's still fiction.

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  6. Greece unilaterally extended the "talks" to July 5, so here's Iran going "me too!"

  7. .

    Damn, that was a pretty long trip to Palouse Falls, T.

    How are you doing?


    1. One night, two days, from Seattle to Othello for lunch, then Palouse Falls (south of Washtucna), then Steptoe Butte (saw Idaho shrouded in thunderclouds, sunny alfalfa and wheat quilt elsewhere), then Spokane for supper, spent the night, toured the falls on the river, then drove to Kettle Falls, over the hump (highest pass in Washington, part of the Rockies) to Republic, then Tonasket, Omak, Okanagan, Twisp, etc, and home on the North Cascades highway. All to see things I'd never seen before.

    2. .


      Gd to see your are still around. Anything popping over at the BC?


    3. .

      Sorry about the Gd. My wife picked me up a laptop for Father's Day and the keys keep sticking. I don't know if there is an adjustment to increase the sensitivity. If so, I haven't found it. Hopefully, it will get better with use.


    4. Fess up, Q-Mire, you spilled vodka on the keyboard.

      You can buy another keyboard, plug it in to your computer, set it on top of the computer keyboard, and you are set to type.

      None of us here wish to miss even a single letter of your commentary.....

  8. Miss T !!!!!!

    What a delight, even if you did use to call me a ruralrubepeckerheadwood or whatever.

    Say, Miss T, everyone one here turns chickshit when the heat is on.......even Quagmire has slithered out, and he's our logician, our thought experiment guy.......generally willing to stand up to any thoughtful challenge....

    If you had a daughter, Miss T, would you rather raise and hav your beloved daughter, for her best interests, live in Israel, or Iran ?

    Israel or Syria ?

    Israel or ISISland ?

    Israel or Egypt ?

    Israel or HamasHole ?

    Israel or Irano-Shia Iraq ?

    The folks around here are mostly dicks.

    So, I turn to you.

    I'm taking my son to fish the Wenaha for a week soon now.

    I KNOW that river......

    Sounds like you had fun....

    1. So far the slitherers refusing to answer include:

      Noble Ash
      Ignoble rat's ass

      I leave Sam out as he doesn't read here enough, and my have missed my Thought Experiment.

      I do think I know how Sam would choose, though.

    2. The point of my Thought Experiment is to force the JudeoHaters to face their own contradictions.......

      And to ferret out the slitherers from the honest.....

      It is in imitation of the old literary device of the recognition scene..........

    3. .

      Every time you put up this inanity you will get the same answer,

      QuirkTue Jun 30, 05:09:00 PM EDT


      Bob, you struggle to find two brain cells to rub together.

      What does your 'Thought Experiment' have to do with the issues raised above? Your primary concern is Israel. Mine is the US. You did the same yesterday when confronted with evidence you didn't like. You bring up the issue of women's rights as if that justifies every sin Israel commits, whether that is breaking international law or UN resolutions or treating the Palestinians as chattel or in the case of Gaza, prisoners.

      Come on, try and answer one question that has been raised here without trying to change the subject. How about that
      anti-BDS resolution sponsored by AIPAC that got added to the 'fast-track' legislation just passed by the 'US' Congress. What the hell is that doing in US legislation involving the TPP, TPIP, and other trade agreements when Israel isn't even amongst the countries involved in the agreements.


    4. .

      QuirkTue Jun 30, 05:12:00 PM EDT


      Or here's a thought experiment for you. If women's rights are the only positive you can hang your hat on regarding Israel tell me why the trend in Israel is in the wrong direction, why is it moving more towards the countries you abjure so much? When I mentioned that though Israel claims to be a 'secular democracy' perhaps the most important questions of their society are determined by religious beliefs and ruled on by the Chief Rabbinate, questions as basic as 'who is a Jew', crucial in a bifurcated system constructed to grant advantages to Jews over non-Jews.

      When I ask the question, where is the justice in denying a women a divorce if her husband refuses to allow it, you offer up this flaccid inanity, 'Well, gosh some people are talking about some ways to try to change this sometime in the future.'

      In 2006, the World Economic Council came up with way to measure gender inequality in the various countries around the world (about 148 of them). The 'Inequality Index' measures inequality for women across a number of categories. When it came out in 2006, Israel was the worst amongst developed countries. Further, the countries are ranked and since the initial report in 2006 through last year, Israel has dropped 30 positions and are moving towards not away from the Arab countries.

      While the various categories reflect Israeli society in general, the disparities seem to be most stark amongst the untra-orthodox and that is the way the country is moving at the moment. Currently, the Haredi represent about 12% of Israeli society; however, at the current birthrate that percentage will double in 17 years. Beyond that, their population is being fed by immigration and conversion. Their birthrate is about 4 times that of the non-Haredi population. Their influence is already larger than their numbers would suggest. It will only grow in the future.

      As for the Haredi and their respect for women, I came across this while googling Haredi population figures.;_ylt=A2KLqIPmOIhVmw8AWKssnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWc0dGJtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMQ--?p=Fight+Breaks+Out+Between+Haredi+Jews+and+Gentiles&vid=558da79492611e8d488ad60c5ce4278c&

      Must be the culture.

      In the future, try answering the questions raised and stop with the diversionary tactics. Start thinking of the USA first not some foreign country. Quit the pseudo-intellectual 'thought experiments' and simply argue your case. Read a book on logic to learn what the word 'argument' actually means in this context.


      QuirkTue Jun 30, 05:19:00 PM EDT


      Reason #18 on why the US should not be involved with any of the countries in the ME.


    5. Quagmire continues to SLITHER.

      This actually surprised me, as I had though he more honest than that...for the other it is to be expected.

      You SLITHER, Quagmire, and have dismissed yourself from polite thoughtful discussion.

      You are a great disappointment to me.

  9. Miss T, I must tell you - as I love to brag about her - I have an adopted Hindu Niece now, and she has adopted me as her Uncle.

    I lost a tenant, but gained a Niece, best exchange I ever was involved in......she is wonderful.

    She is at the Max Planck Institute of Brain Research in Dresden, Germany right now.

    She called me yesterday........she is going to be able to get her Ph.D there at Max Planck...using her publications in Nature and other places as the basis.... She was so giddy happy.......

    We Americans can no longer compete with young women like her, who have the true fire in the gut.....

    I am going to Europe in September or October to visit.

    She has given me the traditional Hindu 'Uncle's Prerogative' to pass judgement on any prospective marital mate she may be considering.

    I CANNOT tell her whom to marry, but I DO HAVE A VETO, a big stick indeed.

    This is all new and wonderful to me, let me tell you, and I take it very seriously.

    She fired her Uncle back in India. They all said 'Get back her and marry the man. It's your duty.

    She stuck with me. I was urging her not to do that.

    Finally, she said, "I don't give a damn what they say back there, I'm going to Germany"


    I have been high as kite ever since.

    This slime bucket she was with had put in the hospital for ten days, brutality.....and took all the money out of their joint checking account as a parting gesture when fleeing to she is dating a on top of the world......

    Sometimes wonderful things can happen in life.

    It's not an ending unless it's a happy yet, Uncle Bob


    I LOVE to brag about her. ..........

    She has by the way ZERO against the Jews, Israel, or their way of life.....

    She is not so endeared of the muzzie, as you might expect....

    1. It was a delicate balance there for a few weeks, this way or that.....but she finally chose correctly.....I had gotten her a female lawyer in Moscow for her to visit with......that may have helped.....and she did have a great lady grad foreign student adviser at U of I.....

      Cheers up !

      Sometimes things work out for the best.....

      Sometimes life can be o soooo wonderful !

    2. Understanding things in my American literary way, it was a Huck Finn moment.

      They were demanding she return and marry this turd.

      Her uncles were demanding she do so.

      If I go back there I will just be his slave all my life

      She had three REAL AMERICANS on her side, myself, the lawyer I got for her, the grad student advisor lady.....

      She considered......she loves her education......she had some backup for the first time in her young wonderful life -


      Her "Huck Finn" moment - "alright then, I'll go to hell

      And this is why I find the islamo/fascist here apologists like


      so fucking disgusting.

      Some Americans you shits are...

      None of you are fit to wash this true woman's feet........

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. .

      And this is why I find the islamo/fascist here apologists like...

      Are you nutz? I thought she was Hindu. What's Islam got to do with it?

      She's lucky she wasn't Jewish and live in Israel or she wouldn't even have been able to get a divorce. She'd have been stuck.

      Some Americans you shits are...

      Are you drunk or just having another one of your spells? You, an Israeli-firster and AIPAC member, have the temerity to question other people's loyalty? I'd like to say 'unbelievable' but I doubt anyone here is surprised.


    5. Once again quirk you prove your trashy side....

      "She's lucky she wasn't Jewish and live in Israel or she wouldn't even have been able to get a divorce. She'd have been stuck."

      Quirk you are really one for the books...

      I hope your kids marry jihadists...

    6. .

      Your same bullshit.

      You have no legitimate answer or argument so you merely throw the ad hominems.

      Do you disagree with the statement?

      If so, explain.



      You refuse to answer the simple question:

      Would you rather you beloved daughter, in her own best interests grow up and live her life in Israel or the Moslem countries cited.


      You are not fit for polite rational society.

      You are a dick.

    8. Dear Gentle Reader -

      My aim is force a RECOGNITION SCENE on our poor dear Quirk, a dick, who still retains, lonely among the others, a capacity for rational though and self recognition.

    9. .

      There is no choice to make. There is no way I would allow my daughters to go to ANY country in the ME.

      They all suck.

      One would have to be nutz to leave the US and go to live in any one of them. Luckily, my daughters are smart enough to know this.

      A thought experiment?


      You lack the basic prerequisite for designing a 'thought experiment'.



    10. Quirk, i didn't think responding to your shit comment about Israel and divorce and wishing your kids were to marry jihadists was ad hominems.

      You state: Do you disagree with the statement?

      you comment was non-specific and ad hominen at Israel.

      Maybe you should learn to be specific....

      ah what the heck, who gives a shit what you think?

  10. First Chapter, Farewell to Arms....

    >>In the late summer of that year we lived in a house in a village that looked across the river and the plain to the mountains. In the bed of the river there were pebbles and boulders, dry and white in the sun, and the water was clear and swiftly moving and blue in the channels. Troops went by the house and down the road and the dust they raised powdered the leaves of the trees. The trunks of the trees too were dusty and the leaves fell early that year and we saw the troops marching along the road and the dust rising and leaves, stirred by the breeze, falling and the soldiers marching and afterward the road bare and white except for the leaves.

    The plain was rich with crops; there were many orchards of fruit trees and beyond the plain the mountains were brown and bare. There was fighting in the mountains and at night we could see the flashes from the artillery. In the dark it was like summer lightning, but the nights were cool and there was not the feeling of a storm coming.

    Sometimes in the dark we heard the troops marching under the window and guns going past pulled by motor-tractors. There was much traffic at night and many mules on the roads with boxes of ammunition on each side of their pack-saddles and gray motor trucks that carried men, and other trucks with loads covered with canvas that moved slower in the traffic. There were big guns too that passed in the day drawn by tractors, the long barrels of the guns covered with green branches and green leafy branches and vines laid over the tractors. To the north we could look across a valley and see a forest of chestnut trees and behind it another mountain on this side of the river. There was fighting for that mountain too, but it was not successful, and in the fall when the rains came the leaves all fell from the chestnut trees and the branches were bare and the trunks black with rain. The vineyards were thin and bare-branched too and all the country wet and brown and dead with the autumn. There were mists over the river and clouds on the mountain and the trucks splashed mud on the road and the troops were muddy and wet in their capes; their rifles were wet and under their capes the two leather cartridge-boxes on the front of the belts, gray leather boxes heavy with the packs of clips of thin, long 6.5 mm. cartridges, bulged forward under the capes so that the men, passing on the road, marched as though they were six months gone with child.

    There were small gray motor cars that passed going very fast; usually there was an officer on the seat with the driver and more officers in the back seat. They splashed more mud than the camions even and if one of the officers in the back was very small and sitting between two generals, he himself so small that you could not see his face but only the top of his cap and his narrow back, and if the car went especially fast it was probably the King. He lived in Udine and came out in this way nearly every day to see how things were going, and things went very badly.

    At the start of the winter came the permanent rain and with the rain came the cholera. But it was checked and in the end only seven thousand died of it in the army.>>

    First Chapter, Farewell to Arms

  11. We are moving on a higher level here than these deluded at EB can ever comprehend.

    their rifles were wet and under their capes the two leather cartridge-boxes on the front of the belts, gray leather boxes heavy with the packs of clips of thin, long 6.5 mm. cartridges, bulged forward under the capes so that the men, passing on the road, marched as though they were six months gone with child.

    (((((Marched as though they were six months gone with child))))

    is exceedingly good.....

    And yet our MORONS here:

    rat's ass
    et all

    Cannot read.

    They all, in their own way, embrace, one and all, hopeless, thoughtless violence.

    See Deuce of late.

    The itchy trigger finger...

    1. We note the lack of place or time or motive in the above description...........

  12. .

    You are a great disappointment to me.

    You are bizarre. Disappoint doesn't come close to describing your performance here.

    Why can't you simply offer some comment on whatever the subject happens to be. If you have an argument, offer it. If you don't know anything about it, find out about it or, better yet, just shut up. But no, you insist on ignoring the subject at hand, diverting the conversation, offering up non-sequiturs or 'thought experiments', boring us with cloying and insipid pseudo-intellectualism, anything to change the subject.

    For instance, why didn't you respond to my post about AIPAC on the last stream? Why didn't you offer a defense of the group. After all, you, if you can be believed (something I would have to be a fool to do) you are the last remaining member of AIPAC here. Could it be that you don't know shit about AIPAC, that you only said you belong because WiO said he was a member? Now, WiO tells us he quit a year ago. That's gotta be a kick in the head. Don't you feel a little foolish?

    And on the women issue. You tell us how great Israel and the Kurds and Egypt are. When you try to respond to the issues I raised about Israel, that is when you respond at all, you sound like a blithering nut job. You didn't even try to address the issues I raised above. And on the Kurds, you ignore the fact that the Kurds indulge in the same actions you decry in others in the ME. And Egypt. On the Gender Inequality Index put out yearly by the World Economic Forum, Egypt's in the lowest 10% of all countries rated.

    So why do you praise Egypt, a corrupt military dictatorship, governing what is considered a failed state by many observers, a country that gets by on the charity of others (US, Saudi Arabia)? I can only assume it is because Egypt accepts US baksheesh in return for keeping the peace with Israel. It's all about Israel with you. You will excuse anything if it furthers Israel.

    You are disappointed in me?


    I am very, very disappointed in you.



    1. You are not answering the simple question.

      You are avoiding the simple question.

      You are slithering... ...... ......




      And you put words in my mouth.

      I have not praised Egypt. I have praised Sisi.

      The Thought Experiment is working.

      It has backed you into a corner.

      You simply seem incapable of saying, 'I would rather my daughter live in Israel than in......'

      You are a lapsed Catholic, like Deuce, with a hold over anger at the Jews.

      You are a fraud.

    2. Usually when I call you a fraud I am joking.

      On this topic I am quite serious.

    3. Have you stopped beating your wife Bob?

      Answer! Now!

    4. I have never beaten my wife, Ash.

      So let us ask you, Noble Ash, a serious thought experiment question:

      Would you rather your daughter (if you don't have one simply imagine that you do) grow up and live her life in Israel, or Iran ?

      No fair saying 'Canada'

      No fair for me saying 'Idaho'

      Answer now like a man or join Quagmire in the cool of the underground snake pit.

      This whole exercise is designed to make here think a little, to come to terms with their own prejudices against Israel.

      it is working, too.

      I know you, Ash, you would no more consign your daughter to Iran than I would.

      You would choose Israel.

      Now, all you have to do is say so, and you get the first passing grade....

    5. I have never beaten my wife, Ash, but sometimes, I admit, the idea that you need and deserve a good non life threatening thrashing once in your life comes waltzing by......


      I will not administer this well deserved mugging myself, I swear....

    6. Your daughter - send her to Libya or Saudi Arabia?

    7. Ash, as one who escaped the American draft by fleeing to Canada does this act of cowardice slant your opinion about issues in America?

  13. How corrupt is The US Congress?

    WASHINGTON — One day after President Barack Obama signed hard-fought trade legislation, his administration took issue with language meant to discourage boycotts of Israel.

    The "fast track" trade bill takes aim at international efforts to punish Israel economically for its treatment of Palestinians.

    A bipartisan amendment — which drew comparatively little attention in Congress' long, multi-faceted trade debate — instructs U.S. negotiators to resist other countries' actions that support the "boycott, divestment and sanctions" movement against Israel because of its policies in "Israeli-controlled territories."

    Several pro-Israel groups and lawmakers backed the amendment.

    But the State Department said Tuesday that "by conflating Israel and 'Israeli-controlled territories,'" the amendment "runs counter to longstanding U.S. policy" toward the disputed territories claimed by Palestinians.

    The statement, by spokesman John Kirby, said U.S. policy has "strongly opposed boycotts, divestment campaigns, and sanctions targeting the State of Israel, and will continue to do so." But Kirby said Democratic and Republican presidents have consistently opposed Israeli settlements that violated borders drawn in 1967.

    Kirby said the government "does not pursue policies or activities that would legitimize them."

    A spokeswoman for Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, a key sponsor of the amendment, said it was never intended to make a judgment on the Israeli settlements.

    The fast track bill will allow Obama to present proposed trade deals that Congress can ratify or reject, but not change.

  14. Have you looked at the Aipac website lately? The Israeli-Firsters are at DEFCON 1. Several pages focused on undermining P5+1. New commercials on undermining deal. General Hayden on MSNBC undermining the deal. Pressure continues to take the deal down. Take a look at this fifth column website. To make myself clear:

    A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine.

    1. It's a lousy deal, and ought to be undermined.

      You lost your sense a couple of years ago.

      It's a farce.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I make myself clear...

      You are calling jews and israel supporters traitors...

      You are on dangerous grounds.

    5. Aipac undermines US interests to support Israeli interests.

    6. Hardly, AIPAC supports the very BEST of American interests.

      Now you Iranian-Firsters?

      You support the Mullahs and all that they do…

  15. A fire broke out at a prominent black church in South Carolina on Tuesday night, the latest in a series of blazes at places of worship in the South serving the African-American community.

    It is the seventh prominent African-American church in the South to have been burned down since a gunman killed nine people at the historic black church Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal in Charleston two weeks ago.


    1. You are right in the area. Why not get off your arse and help guard some of those places with them ?

      You've been wanting to lose some weight.

      Get you out of the house.

    2. Please don't attach your idiot comments to my posts.

    3. Get off your lazy arse and actually do something, Rufus, people will think more highly of you.

      By the way, that Christian Church those blacks have built there- what a wonderful institution, what an excellent community they have built.

      So take your 'I hate Christians' crap and shove it,.

      Those people in that black church ?

      They are just 'better' than lazy arse drunks like yourself.

    4. Please don't use my name.

      And, by the way, moron, I haven't lived in Mississippi for several months.

    5. And happier too.

      They don't seem driven to hate, like loners like Deuce sometimes seem so driven to hate.

      They have one another, in love, the real kind.

      They have found some real fulfillment.

      They care.

      Life has meaning to them.

      They are not in juvenile Deucean despair.

      I like them a lot.

    6. Fuck off Rufus.

      Not in Misssissippi any longer ?

      Must be a big change in your life

      I trust, and sincerely hope, you haven't moved to Idaho.

    7. The same state as you? I can't stand being in the same country.

    8. My God, My God, I hope Rufus hasn't moved to Gaza...

      heh ;)

    9. You're just sore I made such a fool of you on your 'military predictions'.

      You thought you were such the cock of the walk.....

      Ha ha ha

      I'm glad you haven't moved to Gaza.

      You were so fired up there one time you were nearly ready to go fight for them.

      I was thinking at the time the gentle members of the Bar should figure some way of restraining you from injuring yourself....

    10. Would you, Rufus, rather your daughter or granddaughter grow up and live in Israel, or Iran ?

      That is your only choice, Israel or Iran.

      You know what a thought experiment is, don't you.

      This is a simple thought experiment, designed to create an aha moment in the participant, a recognition scene.....

      Answer like a man, or slither with Quagmire back to your snake den.

    11. Discuss my family with racist scum? You're delusional.

      Now, go bother someone else. Leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone.

    12. I am not a racist.

      And I can't recall asking anything about your family.

      I like people with some good culture.

      I don't see it in the inner cities, I do see it in that Church in South Carolina.

      I see very little culture in you, Rufus.

      I see a lot of gas passing and that's about the extent of it.

  16. Praise Egypt, Quagmire ?

    I'm the guy said Egypt was better off before the Moslem Catastrophe.

    I'm the guy that pointed out to you that the old Egyptian iconography came from India, 'in the form of a white bull'.

    I'm the guy that noted by President Sadat said:

    'We are Egyptians, not Moslems'

    I praise Sisi, not the current Egypt.

    And I have noted here that my OGF's Egyptian friend supports Sisi, as, she says, her country is not grown up enough for democracy, and they need a strong man to see them through puberty............

    Like any sensible Egyptian high class woman, she'd rather live in Vegas, which is exactly what she has chosen to do.

    And I think, that if my Thought Experiment question were put to her, she'd rather have her daughter grow up and live in Israel rather than Iran, or Egypt.

    That is to say, she's got some smarts, and don't wanna be fucked with. ........................

  17. Still waiting for our Host to declare his desires for his daughter, if he has one (he has a son or two I think) - whether he would place her for life in Israel or Iran.....

    He is slithering, along with Quagmire, Rufus, Ash.....

    My point is being made by the lack of reply.....................

    As I knew it would be.

    1. Go back to your playhouse. I raised my daughters to think for themselves. They don’t need my advice where to live.

    2. Are they occupying native lands too like their dad?

    3. They don’t practice apartheid.

    4. They don’t belong to a state that oppresses people who are of the wrong ethnic group or religion and they have allegiance to one country, USA. They obviously do not live in Israel.

    5. You obviously don't really KNOW anything about Israel.

    6. But you answered the question, you and your family occupy other people's lands.

      Since America genocided the Indians all is good...


  18. .

    A spokeswoman for Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, a key sponsor of the amendment, said it was never intended to make a judgment on the Israeli settlements.

    I'm sure it wasn't. But you'll note there was no follow-up question to old Ben such as "Then, what was the reason?"

    I posed the same question to the only alleged member of AIPAC here but got no answer, "What is an amendment that is specifically written to resist the BDS movement against Israel doing in a US trade bill where Israel isn't even a party to the agreements currently being negotiated?"

    No, I'm sure old Ben doesn't really give a shit one way or another about settlements in Israel. It's a lot simpler than that. He merely wants to keep the campaign funds rolling in.

    Hypocrites and liars all.


  19. .

    And, by the way, moron, I haven't lived in Mississippi for several months.

    Well, that explains it.

    I saw a short piece on one of the news shows yesterday and was going to comment on it. It listed the states that had the 'least' amount of alcohol consumption per capita. Utah had the least. However, Mississippi came in fourth, right between Tennessee at third and Alabama at five. Mississippi's consumption must have taken a huge drop recently.


    [Just kidding, of course. I feel obligated to state this only because it is obvious the Idaho rodeo clown has you bothered this morning.]


    1. Naw, not "bothered" at all. I'm just tired of his ignorant, racist bullshit. The thought that such a person would discuss my family is repulsive.

    2. I have not discussed your family.

      I have 'discussed' YOU, you abject uneducated gator tail eating illiterate Oaf of the First Order.

      Ill read, ill mannered, ill smelling, former Mississippi DUMBFUCK.

      I'm sure I'd have compassion for your family if I knew anything about them.

      Think of the pure bull shit they've put up with all these years............

    3. Rufus, someone actually bred with you?


  20. Deuce ☂Wed Jul 01, 06:18:00 AM EDT
    Have you looked at the Aipac website lately? The Israeli-Firsters are at DEFCON 1. Several pages focused on undermining P5+1. New commercials on undermining deal. General Hayden on MSNBC undermining the deal. Pressure continues to take the deal down. Take a look at this fifth column website. To make myself clear:

    A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine.

    So opposing a bad treaty makes Jews and Israel supporters a danger to the "state"…

    I heard of this concept before…. In 1938…..

  21. Wow this stuff is DANGEROUS….

    Inspections and Verification
    Inspectors must be granted unimpeded access to suspect sites for “anytime, anywhere” inspections, including all military facilities.

    Possible Military Dimensions
    Iran must completely explain its prior weaponization efforts. Otherwise, it will be impossible to establish a baseline to measure Iran’s true capabilities and future actions.

    Sanctions relief must only begin after the International Atomic Energy Agency certifies that Iran has complied with its commitments under the agreement.

    A deal must last for decades to ensure that Iran does not become a nuclear threshold state with a virtually instant breakout time after 12 or 13 years.

    Iran must dismantle its nuclear infrastructure such that it has no path to a nuclear weapon.

    Wow… AIPAC and it's Israel-firsters are just so over the line in demands...

    1. I guess those AIPAC'ers and Israel firsters are really true Americans…

      And those that slander them?

      Are the true traitors...

    2. The entirety of the Iran 'negotiations' are one big FARCE.

      Actually, everyone knows that, it's just not so PC to say so.

      Even Quart Q. Quagmire, who is no stranger to negotiations, knows this......he is just chicken shit to say so.

    3. The Iranian "deal" is comical.

      Interesting that Israel is excluded from the talks.

      Iran cannot even say "israel". It calls Israel a "zionist entity", a cancer, that needs to be wiped out..

      And yet?

      The Iranian-Firsters here would have you believe it is Israel that is the problem, not Iran's support of terror and it's hegimonic march to regional supremacy coupled with it's investment in a nuclear enrichment program and delivery capability.

    4. .

      Of course, Israel is the problem. At least it is a problem for the US.

      Inspections and Verification

      Inspectors must be granted unimpeded access to suspect sites for “anytime, anywhere” inspections, including all military facilities.


      No country in the world would agree to this. None. The US wouldn't agree to it. Israel certainly wouldn't agree to it.

      Possible Military Dimensions

      Iran must completely explain its prior weaponization efforts. Otherwise, it will be impossible to establish a baseline to measure Iran’s true capabilities and future actions.


      The only baseline that needs to be established is were they are at present to judge if they comply with the agreement.


      Sanctions relief must only begin after the International Atomic Energy Agency certifies that Iran has complied with its commitments under the agreement.

      More nonsense.

      This may be a starting position but the agreement is a negotiation. Sanctions relief is not an either or issue. How sanctions relief is implemented is also negotiable.


      A deal must last for decades to ensure that Iran does not become a nuclear threshold state with a virtually instant breakout time after 12 or 13 years.

      According to Israel, Iran is a nuclear breakout state right now. Any agreement is an improvement on that.


      Iran must dismantle its nuclear infrastructure such that it has no path to a nuclear weapon.


      There is no international agreement or protocol that demands Iran dismantle its enrichment capabilities. The NPT certainly doesn't. This new agreement would be the first that actually reduces that capability.

      But why kid ourselves? These aren't serious demands. They are like Netanyahu's late hour demand that the PA recognize a 'Jewish State'. They are merely thrown out there as poison pills to guarantee that there is no agreement.


    5. .

      I guess those AIPAC'ers and Israel firsters are really true Americans…

      And those that slander them?

      Are the true traitors...


      The word 'traitor' has a range of meanings that express varying degrees of perfidy. That's why I would avoid using it. However, I have no problem using the word unpatriotic when describing 'those AIPAC'ers and Israel firsters'. The very name Israeli-firster says it all.


  22. The only thing I'd mention about Rufus and his family is how I loved to read how he played with his little grand daughter I think it is....

    Now THIS amounts to something......

    The elders, and the little kids, have something deep in common......they know, as those struggling through the earning years of life do not.....that it's all play, it's all a gift, and it's all good.

    The older look back and wonder:

    What was all that hullaballoo about ?

    And turn to their grandkids, who haven't even begun to think about it yet.

    For those two groups, it's all good, just as it should be.......

    And so they play together......

  23. Surely such a loving old grandpa would not wish his daughter or grand daughter to grow up in and live in Iran, rather than Israel.

    Our old smelly fart Rufus just can't bring himself to actually admit it though, having been Grubbered to death on the subject by Dread Deuce.

    Rufus really does very little original thinking, but his heart is often in the right place, least as far as his grand daughter goes.....

    As Trish once said:

    "Rufus has never been right on anything, but he is such a dear."

    Trish got it right.

    1. Trish also said, with Obama war will ultimately be more, not less, likely.

    2. I don't have a Granddaughter, you dumb fuck. Go bother someone else.

    3. Daughter then, or grandson.

      Go Fuck yourself, Rufus the Moron.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. .


    Ash, as one who escaped the American draft by fleeing to Canada does this act of cowardice slant your opinion about issues in America?

    What American draft? There is no American draft. The draft ended in 1973 a couple months before the last US personnel left Vietnam.

    More importantly (and Ash can correct me on this if I'm wrong), I recall Ash saying his family moved to Canada when he was 11 and that he was way too young to have participated in the Vietnam War.

    The idiot from Idaho continues to spread this calumny even though Ash has corrected on more than one occasion. This is the first time I have you stoop to it.


    1. Spooking by through the archives, are we now, Quagmire?

      You may be right about Ash, I don't know.

      I do recall saying, as you do not recall me saying, that if Noble Ash went to Canada to get out of the draft he showed extremely good sense, and I have never criticized him for doing so, if that is what he did. The accusation was floating around the Bar thick and thin for some time.....

      We are all still waiting for you full story as to your military adventures and how they came, or didn't come, about.

      We know

      Rufus fell off a bar stool dead drunk and rolled into the recruiting station.

      We know

      Noble Deuce, due to his father, fought the Vietnam War in the pleasant countryside of England, in the US Air Force, even though he 'saw himself as a Marine'.

      We know

      Honest Bob got a high draft number after graduating from college

      Why is it we know nothing of your history in this regard, Quagmire ?

      Hiding something, hmmmmm......?

      Tell us all now the history of those years in your life.

      Quit with the slithering around on all things.....

    2. You slither in the archives like rat'sass.

      Go find that quote where I praise Noble Ash for going to Canada to get out of the war.

      I say there it was the most intelligent decision anyone of us ever made.

      Maybe that's not what happened, but that is what I said.

      Shove your shmarm up your asshole, Quagmire, and tell us your personal history in this regard.

      Come clean.

    3. Ya, correct Quirk.

      Bob, would you choose Libya or Saudi Arabia for your daughter or niece to live in?

    4. .


      You are evidently suffering the ill effects of late onset Alzheimer disease. Your short-term memory is shot. You storm around the bar demanding this or that when its all been explained to you a number of times before. You really should be seeking help.

      Why in the world would I have to consult the archives when what i am talking about has happened within the last few months. If you don't believe me ask Ash.

      You are divorced from reality. Everyone here is sick of your delusional rants. You embarrass yourself every time you open your mouth.

      You are sick. Get some help.


  26. Iran and the six major powers still have issues to resolve as they work towards a final nuclear agreement, but the atmosphere among all sides during the talks is positive, a senior Iranian nuclear negotiator said on Wednesday.

    "There are still some issues that we have not been able to resolve, but the atmosphere of the talks is positive," Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi told reporters.

  27. Jobs Report out tomorrow. 220,000 expected. Looks like I'm taking the "over," again.

  28. "Grand dada da Quirk what di you in th war......"

    says little Q-ette, wanting to know Grand pa Quaqmire's place in the world of military adventures

    We are all longing to hear.............

    But I bet this fraud doesn't answer, any more than he answered my question of Israel, or Iran.....for your daughter's best interest.

    Quirk made his money in advertising.


  29. Let us put another direct question to our Quagmire:

    Were you ever in the US Military ?

    If so, in what capacity, and how did you join ?

    If not, why not, and how not ?

    I am predicting our advertising executive will slither away from this honest question in some manner.........

  30. We are all waiting for your honest answer, Quirk.

    Waiting, waiting, waiting....

    Everyone else has given an accounting of their own relationship to the US Armed Forces, except you.....

    Tick tick tick goes the clock....

    1. .

      We are all still waiting for you full story as to your military adventures and how they came, or didn't come, about..

      No 'we' are not 'all' waiting to hear about it. 'You" are waiting to here about it.

      I laid it all out before in excruciating detail as is my usual wont. I know you saw it because being the moron that you are you called me a liar. Why would I lower myself to lie? I've got nothing to apologize for. This is just another example of you being divorced from reality.

      The same for your 'thought experiment', the very idea of which is an oxymoron coming from you. I gave my answer to your sophistry upstream.

      You can remember things Trish said five or six years ago but many times by the time you get to the bottom of one of these streams you can't remember what you said above. You have real problems.

      You are a sick man, Bob, and I am tired of indulging your pathology. You are like that doddering old uncle or grandfather who keeps repeating the same thing over and over again because he can't remember what he said a few minutes before.

      Get some help and stop bothering us.

      This is not a therapy session.


    2. I think You are a scoundrel and a liar and a deceiver.

      If I missed it, I missed it.

      Clear it up for us all, once and for all.

      I think you are lying out your asshole.

      I never saw where you explained your lack of service in the US Military.

      And I don't think anyone else saw any such thing either.

      You are a Sick-O.

      A simple matter to clear up, once and for all, Quagmire.

      Can anyone else out there enlighten me as to Quagmire's relationship with the US Military ?

      I am seeking answers, cause I ain't gettin' them from old Quagmire.

      Just gettin' ad bullshit, as per usual.

      You refuse to answer the simple question -

      Where would you place your daughter for her life experience -




      etc etc etc

      I'm tired of you bullshit, Quagmire.

      You are really truly fucked, to be expected from an Ad Man from Detroit, Michigan

      You refuse to answer the simple question, your relationship to the US Military.

      You are an AD MAN and a CON ARTIST.

      You are totally fucked up, Sir.

  31. Aipac undermining US diplomatic efforts

    On April, 1, P5+1 countries and Iran agreed on framework terms ahead of aiming for resolving remaining issues by June 30.

    Whether possible remains to be seen. Israel and its US lobby are going all-out to sabotage talks.

    A June 11 article discussed Iranian spying on hotels used for P5+1 talks - to acquire and pass on information to congressional members and others aiming to prevent a fair and equitable Iranian nuclear deal.

    National security adviser Yossi Cohen heads an Israeli team including foreign ministry, defense and nuclear energy officials coming to Washington this week to meet with Obama's national security advisor Susan Rice and likely others.

    CIA director John Brennan and Joint Chiefs chairman General Martin Dempsey met separately with top Israeli officials days earlier.

    Israel and its US lobby want current talks sabotaged, tough sanctions maintained, and continued Iranian isolation. How things turn out remain to be seen.

    Heavy AIPAC pressure may accomplish what Israel perhaps can't do on its own. It made unreasonable demands before. It’s got new ones it calls five requirements for a good deal.

    1. "Unrestricted inspections and verification:" It wants them "anytime, anywhere," including military facilities no country would permit free access to.

    It wants them on short-notice anywhere within Iran's borders. "No facilities can be off-limits," it says. "Iran must not be able to veto specific inspections."

    AIPAC wants robust inspections continued until the IAEA verifies all Iranian nuclear work is peaceful. It want Tehran's supply chain monitored to check on whether illicit purchases are made.

    AIPAC owns Congress. Any member not fully supportive of Israel is targeted for replacement.

    On March 18, 2014, 391 House members sent a letter to Obama saying inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities "should include an agreement granting the IAEA necessary access to inspect all suspect sites, including military facilities."

    A same day letter signed by 83 senators said "(w)e believe Iran must…submit to a long-term and intrusive inspection and verification regime."

    On March 20, 2015, 367 House members wrote Obama saying "(a)ny inspection and verification regime must allow for short notice access to suspect locations."

    2. "Possible Military Dimensions:" AIPAC wants Iran to explain earlier nuclear weaponization efforts whether or not any existed - including revealing documents perhaps never produced.

    It claims a baseline must be established from which to judge future actions.

    3. No sanctions relief until "Iran complies with its commitments:" AIPAC wants stiff consequences for any violations discovered.

    It wants Western-controlled monitors to be judge and jury about Iran's well-known peaceful nuclear program.

    4. "Duration: Iran's nuclear weapons quest must be blocked for decades," says AIPAC - to prevent Tehran from becoming a nuclear threshold state.

    No evidence suggests its intention to develop nuclear weapons. AIPAC demands the impossible.

    It wants Tehran to prove a negative - "that it no longer seeks a nuclear weapons capability" no evidence suggests it had in the first place.

    It wants Iran's legitimate nuclear program hamstrung - limiting its research and other essential activities needed to operate effectively.

    5. "Dismantlement:"AIPAC demands Iran eliminate its essential nuclear infrastructure "so it has no path to a nuclear weapon" it has no intention to develop.

    1. AIPAC's notion of a "good deal" is one no responsible nation with a peaceful nuclear program would accept.

      It wants unreasonable demands made Iran will reject to assure no final deal resolution - at least no fair one.

      It wants continued Iranian isolation and tough sanctions maintained aiming for eliminating Tehran as an Israeli regional rival by regime change.

      The whole world knows Iran's nuclear program is peaceful with no military component.

      Claims otherwise are part of a longterm US/Israeli strategy to replace its sovereign independence with pro-Western stooge governance.

      Iran remains resilient. It withstood imperial pressure for 36 years. It has no intention of sacrificing its legitimate rights now - nor should it.

    2. Iran is the world's largest sponsor of terror and you defend them and Hamas like they were a Norman Rockwell painting...

      Lot's of luck.

    3. Deuce: "The whole world knows Iran's nuclear program is peaceful with no military component."

      Do you actually believe the crap you type?


      Are the ICMB's the Iranians working on for "peaceful" purposes?

      Or the nuclear warhead research for "Peaceful" purposes?

      Or the nuclear sites that went hidden for decades? Or the under the mountain sites?

      Are you naive or stupid?

      Deuce, please answer how you think Iran is PEACEFUl in any way shape or form?

    4. "Claims otherwise are part of a longterm US/Israeli strategy to replace its sovereign independence with pro-Western stooge governance."

      Now we see that de-nile aint just a river in egypt..

  32. The US cannot dump Israel fast enough for our own sake.

    1. But Deuce, the US will not "dump" Israel.

      Americans and it's leaders understand it, you don't.

      You stand with Hamas and the Iranians.

      I stand with America and Israel

  33. It's simple, you hate Jews, and have said so. You are nuts.

    "Iran is fighting for civilization"

    Much more interesting topic is Quirk's, so far, failure to reply to an honest question:

    What did you do regarding the draft and the Vietnam War, Quirk ?

    I really haven't criticized was a confusing time......

    We know the history of nearly everyone else here, save our Ad Man, Quirk.

    Becoming very curious concerning this topic as to Quirk.

    I have nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of.....nor does anyone else.......

    Quirk ?

    Come clean.....

    And, this is asking too much, would you rather your daughter grow up in and live in Iran. ...........

    Or Israel ?

    You might answer that question yourself, Deuce.

    1. .

      Once again, you you display your infirmity. I responded to your sophistry upstream.

      I am being generous in calling it sophistry but then you are a sick man.



      You have never answered a question.

      You are full of shit and even you know it.

      You are a laughing stock, a cartoon, a fraud and an Ad Man.

      God have infinite mercy on you and your sorry progeny...............

    3. Idaho BobWed Jul 01, 02:31:00 PM EDT
      It's simple, you hate Jews, and have said so. You are nuts.

      “Iran is fighting for civilization"

      OK scumbag. A $1000 bet. Find my quote or start print a check you punk ass hick.

    4. You said it.

      You evaporated many of ratass comments.

      So you find it.

      I would swear in Court I have that exactly correct.

      You have not only deleted many of my comments, you have evaporated them.

      And you covered for your sick pal, desert rat.

      I am unlikely to go back about a year or more....I have other things to do.


      I am beginning to take notes to my computer about egregious comments here from now on, so as not to be called a liar.

      You asshole uberurban piece of lapsocatholic shit.

    5. You also once said, in reference to the holocaust,, to WiO -

      "Your neighbors didn't like you"

      You hate niggers,(Let them languish in slavery; re; discussion of Lincoln and your perverse reading of this man) you hate Jews, what about the Sigma Nus as the old fraternity saying has it ?

    6. That was the most disgusting thing I have ever read here:

      "Your neighbors didn't like you"

      From Ayn Rand to Bernie Sanders in the whiff of some Persian perfume and the whisper of a skirt.

      You are truly fucked.

  34. So, Deuce, let's cut to the chase, as the saying is....




    IRAN ?

    Declare yourself, or be forever thought a dissembler...a crass propagandist, and racist of the worst sort.

    And a Slitherer to boot.

    1. Bob, you are descending into madness, again. Can you recognize the symptoms? We can.

    2. It's a fair question, deuce being the Israel hater and Iranian-1ster that he is...

    3. .

      Of course, you are right, Ash. The boy continues his descent into darkness.


  35. Deuce: Iran remains resilient. It withstood imperial pressure for 36 years. It has no intention of sacrificing its legitimate rights now - nor should it.


    Now that's spoken like a true supporter of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Deuce, you are now officially a true believer...

    Did you convert to Islam yet?

  36. So in the end, israel is 1/900th of the middle east.

    The arabs have 21 and soon to be 22 nations that encompass 899/900th of the middle east.

    and yet?

    The hamas lovers here wish to see Israel defeated and destroyed...

    They call it occupiers and apartheid.

    They do nothing to HELP the palestinians but advocate Israel's cuckholding.

    But as time goes on the arabs are killing one another at record numbers....

    Israel still has 20% arabs as citizens that will never leave as they are scared shitless to live under arab rule....


    Free-est arabs in the middle east live in Israel.


    Suck on that..

  37. I pledge to assign the $1,000 dollars pledged to me by Deuce to anyone on the Internet who can find and post his comment that:

    "Iran is fighting for civilization"

    This may have been two years ago, or more.

    (The time sense is the first to go)

    I recall it was a statement in a paragraph and didn't stand out on its own.

    Deuce, for all his faults, will actually pay up, being an honest, though wayward man, unlike Rufus and ratsarse, who both owe me money.

    I have assigned my debst legally owed me from Rufus and ratsarse over to WiO, in the hopes he goes to the trouble to collect.

    It was $100 dollars as I recall, from Rufus.

    Deuce is no cheap skate, for sure. He will pay to the finder.

    He is an honest man.

    1. You are not an honest man Bob as evidenced by your numerous slanders when you know you don't have the evidence to back your assertions up. You just now admitted you don't have the evidence yet you persist. Why? Because you are dishonest.

    2. Oh, by the way Bob, a bet us a two way transaction. If, as you have done, you accept the bet you have to pay deuce 1000 dollars if you can't come up with the quote.

    3. .

      You have never answered a question.


      What you mean is I have never given an answer that you can remember.

      That I can believe.

      In fact, I have provided all the answers, one of them above on this very stream. However, you prefer to curse the darkness rather than light the candle. When you miss or forget those answers, rather than use some initiative to track them down, you ask that you be fed them again like an old gaffer being fed his pablum at the nursing home.

      "More pablum, Bob? Are you sure? You already have two bowls of pablum right there in front of you."

      You are a laughing stock, a cartoon, a fraud and an Ad Man.

      Ad Man?

      Again, I can only laugh. I mention once or twice that I had a Marketing major on my undergraduate degree. However, I went on to get a MBA. From that you erroneously assume I was an 'ad man'. I have never been an 'ad man'.

      I have never worked for an advertising firm. I never composed a page of advertising copy. I have never instructed anyone to do so.

      Once again you display your bizarre thought patterns, the strange assumptions you concoct, the weird conclusions you draw.

      Get some help, Bob.


  38. Ash, you dumbfuck, it is not a bet, it is a contract between Duece and myself, assignable.

    Quagmire, you are slithering .

    You are not answering The Question.

    Nor do you want to tell us your military experience or lack thereof, the how, when, where or lack of it all, and the why.

    You obviously need HELP, and I am considering, but I know Max Planck is booked up now.....

    Again, would you place you daughter to live in Israel, or



    You are just a big gas bag, Quagmire, a big fraud and a disgusting person, to put it politely, who lets his mutt piss on public property.

    1. Bob, you are so messed up you can't even remember or look up thread slightly to read what deuce actually wrote?

      "OK scumbag. A $1000 bet. Find my quote or start print a check you punk ass hick."

      Right there punk ass hick "A BET"

  39. Ash don't know the diff between a bet, and a contract..... an offer and acceptance.

    I'm surprised this young feller knows where to wipe his silly ass.... ...............

    1. "OK scumbag. A $1000 bet. Find my quote or start print a check you punk ass hick."

    2. Have you no shame old man?

    3. But you are funny. Something to laugh at.

  40. Has our Quagmire served in the US Armed Forces, or no?

    You already know the answer.

    Now all we are seeking to know is how this Ubercity ad crapper fraud slithered out of it...............

    1. Talk about a fast talking gas bag.............Quagmire is it..........

    2. Note: Quagmire has not yet given us the history of his relationship with the USA Armed Forces, or why he has none.

      I got high draft number.

      We are waiting, waiting, waiting Quagmire............

      O Quagmire, calling Quagmire.......

    3. Quagmire is, on both counts, his military history, and the issue of daughter in Iran or Israel........


      It's all his 'bake and shack', his change the subject routine, his magical act of turning the tables....

      1) What is your military history, Quagmire ?

      2) Would you place your daughter in Israel, or Iran, to live her life ?

      Quagmire SLITHERS

      And I haven't the power to compel, alas, alas............

      Three or four weeks without his 'Detroit Donuts' sounds about right.....but alas I have no power to make an honest man out of our Quagmire............

    4. bake and shake, bake and shack, whatever, it is all his 'big city' fast hands fast tongue bullshit.

      West of the Mississippi Quart wouldn't stand a chance.

    5. Out here, would I take Lost Quagmire under my wing ?

      Yes, probably, but only with a great deal of moaning and groaning...............

      There would be some 'restraint issues' to work through...

    6. Put up or shut up you fool. You owe deuce a grand unless you can come up with the quote.

    7. No, I do not.

      I have not accepted his offer.

      I have however offered the offer to others.

      I know you do no understand the law of contracts.

      Your are a silly dumbfuck, illiterate in nearly all ways, Noble Ash.

      I am going to take a nap now.

    8. God your breathe smells like potatoes.

      Can't you buy some Certs ?

    9. Ash, it is not a bet.

      Also, he may have monkeyed with the archives.

      He allowed ratsass to do so in the past.

      Please get your terms straight on bet, contract, challenge etc.

      Go dig, if you find, you get the gold.

  41. Highlights

    Construction spending rose a solid 0.8 percent in May, safely above the Econoday consensus for a 0.5 percent gain. April is revised fractionally lower to a 2.1 percent jump but the March gain, in a special positive, was revised sharply higher, to 1.3 percent from 0.5 percent.

    Areas of special strength include manufacturing facilities, up 6.2 percent in the month for a fourth straight outsized gain that belies declines in other measures of business investment.

    Turning to the key residential construction component, growth was less strong, at a moderate 0.3 percent for a second straight month. But year-on-year rates are still very solid with total spending on residential construction up 7.8 percent. Spending on single-family homes is up 11.2 percent year-on-year.

    Recent spikes in housing permits, not to mention gains in new home sales, point to accelerating gains for residential construction in the months ahead. Construction is quickly shaping up as one of the lead sectors of the 2015 economy.

    Construction Spending

  42. The economy sucks.

    Only a fool would think otherwise.

  43. .

    Are Jordan and Turkey Invading Syria?

    Or are they just messaging to Obama that they’ve had enough with his non-policy?

    Four years in to Syria’s civil war and same ideas keep coming up. This week, buffer zones were back in the news as they have been periodically since they were first floated in 2012 as to way to protect the civilian population from Bashar al-Assad’s regime. But the timing of the latest announcements—a one-two punch with first Turkey, now Jordan revealing plans to carve out zones inside Syria—suggests an effort by regional actors to send a message to Washington, D.C.: With or without the U.S., it’s time to intervene in the conflict.

    “I find the timing of it really interesting,” said Phillip Smyth, a researcher at the University of Maryland who studies Shia Islamist militias in Syria. “First the Turks have come out with this, then Jordan comes out with it. And there’s been this similar talk in certain segments of D.C. that are, let’s say, not very pro-Obama in terms of how Syria policy has been executed.”

    It’s difficult to predict whether this time around the talk of buffer zones will lead to concrete action—if so it would be the first time since the war started in 2011 that foreign armies established an official presence inside Syria. But the rhetoric has intensified.

    Turkey announced plans to send 18,000 soldiers into Syria. That announcement was amplified by Jordan’s, which came out the next day in a Financial Times story that reported the Jordanian plan was “backed by key members of the international coalition against Isis.”

    One key member of the coalition that definitely has not backed the plan is the US...

    Interesting article (and not as long as Atlantic articles usually are). Provides a reminder of the various interests at play in Syria. A lot of it is obviously true, other parts more speculative.


    1. Turkey wants to set up a second front against ISIS, and we won't play ball? The nerve!

    2. .

      Turkey's enemies in order of priority are the Kurds, Assad, ISIS. If they can use ISIS to take down the first two, they will be happy.


  44. Replies
    1. Remember, if you win the Special Olympics, you're still a retard.

  45. The U.S. Department of Labor just proposed raising the overtime threshold -- what you can be paid and still qualify to be paid "time-and-a-half" beyond 40 hours per week -- from $23,600 a year to $50,400.

    This is a big deal. Some 5 million workers will get a raise. (See accompanying video, which we made last month.)

    Business lobbies are already hollering this will kill jobs. That's what they always predict - whether it's raising the minimum wage, Obamacare, family and medical leave, or better worker safety. Yet their predictions never turn out to be true.

    In fact, the new rule is likely to increase the number of jobs. That's because employers who don't want to pay overtime have an obvious option: They can hire more workers and employ each of them for no more than 40 hours a week.

    It's high time for this change. When the overtime threshold was at its peak a half-century ago, more than 60 percent of salaried workers qualified for overtime pay. But inflation has eroded that old threshold. Today, only about 8 percent of salaried workers qualify.

    Overtime pay has become such a rarity that many Americans don't even realize that the majority of salaried workers were once eligible for it.

    We just keep working longer and harder, for less. A recent Gallup poll found that salaried Americans now report working an average of 47 hours a week--not the supposedly standard 40--while 18 percent of Americans report working more than 60 hours a week.

    1. Meanwhile, corporate profits have doubled over the last three decades - from about 6% of GDP to about 12% - while wages have fallen by almost exactly the same amount.

      The erosion of overtime and other labor protections is one of the main factors worsening inequality. A higher overtime threshold will help reverse this trend.

      Finally, a bit of good news for hard-working Americans.

      Good News

    2. .

      Robert Reich is one of the few intelligent people to have worked for the government in D.C. It's unfortunate his influence isn't greater than it is today.

      The erosion of overtime and other labor protections is one of the main factors worsening inequality.

      True enough.

      I agree with almost all Reich has to say with the exception of his opinion that the new rule is likely to create more jobs. Net/net, I expect companies would rather pay the overtime than pick up the tab for the additional benefits on new workers.


  46. Today, Chicago's new $10.00 Minimum Wage goes into effect.

    Today, Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, signed into law a bill prohibiting cities from passing their own (higher) minimum wage.

  47. All we need do to get everyone out of poverty is raise the minimum wage.

  48. .

    F-35 - The Latest Bad News

    What you get when you combine incompetence with corruption and politics in D.C.

    Saw a spot on CNBC today. It confirmed something I have been hearing since 2013, the F-35 can't win a dogfight.

    The story is recounted by a test pilot involved in a mock dogfight between a F-35 and a F-16, one of the many planes it will replace. The F-35 didn't have a chance. It was reported the same happened when the F-35 engaged with a French plane a couple of years ago at an air show.

    Lockheed Martin responds that the F-35 isn't designed for dogfights. It is designed to take down enemies at great distance. Possibly true but I doubt it will make pilots feel all that comfortable especially given the advances both Russia and China will have in place in 5 years.

    Bad enough, but if you really want to be worried, read this one. The US has had no equal in air superiority since WWII, now

    Will US Air Superiority be Eclipsed by China or Russia by 2020?

    In addition, the price of failure continues to rise.

    Already the most expensive defense weapons program in history, the price tag on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jumped up another $4.3 billion in the last year – the latest hike in a program that’s gone $113 billion over its original projected cost, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.


  49. What this country needs is a higher minimum wage to fight poverty.

  50. If I'm President we'll have a higher minimum wage so the father of the family can put food on the table.

  51. If you elect me President I'll make sure there is a father in every family.

  52. I have heard this rhetoric since about 1960, with President Kennedy.

    And all the way until now.

  53. What this country needs is a new political slogan, or five.

  54. What this country needs to do is make love, not war.

  55. And we need to end White privilege in this country.

    Affirmative Action hasn't done the trick.

    We need to deny upward mobility to whites in this country.

  56. We need to copy the Iranians.

    They are fighting for civilization.

    (Yes, Deuce, you did say that)

    And we need a Congress that isn't run by the Jews, too.


  57. Finally, no one should have to work for a living.

    That is so yesterday.

    What this country needs is a work free work place.

    1. (We need an America without any 'hard working Americans')

  58. (We need Quagmire for President)

  59. >>>>Quagmire For President !!

    "He's no dick"<<<<

    *Brought to you by Idahonians for Quagmire, Idaho Bob, President

  60. Idaho BobThu Jul 02, 12:29:00 AM EDT

    I have heard this rhetoric since about 1960, with President Kennedy.

    And all the way until now.


    This kind of political rhetoric goes back thousands of years, to whenever political rhetoric began, which was when the Paleolithic hunter/gatherer/fisherfolk began to lose out, inevitably, to the more organized farmer/city folk, one of only two major moves that have ever happened in human history.

    'Society' was created, class divisions arose, and art changed, the bounded form came into being, and the geometric design.

    Get used to the political rhetoric, dear gentle reader, it will be with you until you die...........

  61. My Niece has already in her young life done more actual good for people than all the Deuces, Idaho Bobs, Quirks, Rufus's, Ashes combined.

    And she never talks politics. I have never heard her talk politics.