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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Israels’s Ghetto in the Zionist Landgrab

Gaza Reconstruction Is Moving at ‘Snail’s Pace’ 

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

   Ruins of a residential area in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip. (btselem / CC BY-SA 3.0)

It will likely take 30 years to repair the damage to the Gaza Strip, given the current rate of construction, a senior United Nations official has said.
More than 2,200 Palestinians, including 1,462 civilians, were killed in last summer’s 50-day war, according to the U.N.

An Associated Press interview explains:
Roberto Valent, the incoming area chief of a U.N. agency involved in reconstruction, blamed the delays on the slow flow of promised foreign aid and continued Israeli curbs on the entry of building material to Gaza.
Speaking in the Gaza City office of the U.N. Development Program, he said his tour of destroyed neighborhoods this week was “very, very disheartening.”
Israel and Egypt have severely restricted access to Gaza since the Islamic militant Hamas seized the territory in 2007.
Valent told The Associated Press on Wednesday [June 24] that the system is too slow and Israel must open Gaza’s borders to allow for the speedy rebuilding or repair of 141,000 homes he said suffered minor to severe damage or were destroyed.
“The housing stock is being reconstructed at such a snail’s pace,” he said. Easing access is not enough and “the real solution is the lifting of restrictions.”
In New York, U.N. political chief Jeffrey Feltman told the Security Council on Wednesday that the pace of reconstruction “remains far too slow,” but that the U.N.-supervised system has been vital for getting building materials into Gaza. He said close to 90,000 homeowners have received construction materials for repairs and that 135 construction projects were approved by Israel, out of 202 submitted.
Critics of the reconstruction efforts note that not a single home has been rebuilt. Feltman said the construction of 16,000 homes is expected to begin shortly.
He appealed to donors to send promised aid. Otherwise, money will run out by September, he said.
Donor countries have pledged $5.4 billion in aid, including for Gaza reconstruction, but Palestinian officials say they’ve received only a fraction so far.
The Israeli group Gisha, which advocates for Gaza civilians, said about 5 million tons of construction materials are needed to rebuild the 2014 war damage.
Read more here.
—Posted by Roisin Davis


  1. This video destroys the Big Lie about Israeli Zionism.

    1. The video is garbage. Same sort of propaganda that Isis produces

  2. Deuce ☂Sat Jun 27, 06:01:00 AM EDT

    The thread that keeps on giving. I knew that I would smoke you out with this post. Lock stock and barrel.


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    You didn't 'smoke me out'.

    You locked me out.

    One of your juvenile tactics, the others being the disappeared comment, and the deleted by blog administrator comment.

    I was talking to Quirk, who is not a buffoon, and fun to talk to and read.

    This new Pope may be your kind of guy, Deuce. Maybe he's the one can get you back in the pews.

    There is a genocide against Christians going on, and he 'recognizes' Palestine. There are no Jews in Gaza, and only a handful of Christians and he 'recognizes' the apes.

    Over on the West Bank, Bethlehem, where, we have read, the Lord was Bethlehem on a handful of Christians hang on, the rest having left out of fear for their lives.

    Further both areas have said it will be Moslem only...........and yet you claim Israel is an apartheid country, where Moslems sit in the Knesset.

    This Pope may your kind of guy.


  3. The BDS 'movement' is failing -

    >>On June 24, 2015 Israel announced a deal with the World Bank to provide water technology knowledge and expertise for those developing countries with troubling water security difficulties. Israel has committed $500,000 to the responsible World Bank unit. The agreement includes a number of activities, including study tours that aim to transfer global knowledge on water security issues.

    The agreement marks a remarkable change from the time when Israel was a borrowing country from the World Bank. Israel has been troubled with a continuous shortage of water over the last few years because of drought and its growing population. Israel, because of this need for water, created innovative policies and solutions that have made it a water world leader, whose impressive policies are admired by the director of water at the World Bank.

    Particularly important is drip irrigation, invented in Israel, through which farmers can water their crops using the precise amount of water necessary, thus saving as much as 90% of the amount of water they might otherwise use. Two of the world’s largest drip irrigation firms, Netafim and NaanDanDanJain, which is very active in India, are Israeli.

    Besides this help to India, Israel is establishing closer relations with China. A number of examples may be mentioned. The Chinese Railway Tunnel Group, a joint stock company, has joined with the Israeli Solel Bonneh Infrastructure firm in a $750-million tender from Israel’s Metropolitan Mass Transit System to build a Tel Aviv light rail Red Line. It will link Petakh Tikva to the northeast of Tel Aviv with Bat Yam to the south. Solel Boneh is a unit of Shikun and Binui, Israel’s leading infrastructure and real estate group, and has played a major role in Israel’s construction industries.

    In addition, three other projects are worthy of mention. One is the deal between Tnuva, Israel’s largest food company, and the Chinese company Bright Food. Another is Phoenix, the insurance company, which is being acquired by China’s Fossum Group. A third is the deal for $510 million between the Hong Kong XIO group and the Israeli Lumenis, the company for equipment for surgical and ophthalmology applications.

    In March 2015, the Shanghai International Port Group, the Chinese company that operates the Shanghai deep water port and largest harbor for container cargo, won the bidding to operate the projected new port of Haifa. Already, China Harbor is planning to build a new port in Ashdod.<<

    June 27, 2015
    Israel Not Getting Boycotted Where It Counts
    By Michael Curtis

    It is always a moment of amusement to read the latest fulmination of the venerable archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu. On June 17, 2015, he beguiled us again with his message to his dear sisters and brothers in the United Church of Christ, which is holding its general synod in Cleveland June 26-30, 2015. He assured the congregation of his support for its divestment resolution targeting the “Israeli occupation.” He fully endorsed the proposal to use the powerful nonviolent tools of economic leverage against the State of Israel.....

    I notice India/Israel again and again these days.

    I had a tenant who sold drip irrigation equipment, developed in Israel, all around the world.......

    1. I have a Niece from India, obviously extremely bright, who has never said a word against Israel, yet, as to the Moslems, they are......well I'll put it this way, not her cup of tea.

      Yet even there, she is judicious. "The ones in the middle east are the worst, Uncle Bob"

      This is saying a lot, as the Moslems have slaughtered an estimated 80 million Hindus over the centuries......

    2. .

      Israel has committed $500,000 to the responsible World Bank unit.

      Well, with money being fungible and all, and with the fact that Israel will no doubt include a corresponding amount in the baksheesh total they demand of the US for 'allowing' us to complete the Iran nuclear deal (or any other Israeli-identified crisis they can dream up), I guess you could say the US just contributed $500,000 that we don't have to the World Bank.

      Damn white of us.

      I'm sure they appreciate it.


    3. >> I guess you could say the US just contributed<<

      YOU could, and would, and did, say it, but you're full of shit to have done so.

      >>Damn white of us<<

      And knock off the racial craparoo.

      We are the Rainbow Nation now.

  4. Michigan’s legislature passed a bill this week that blocks any cities in the state from passing their own minimum wage increases or paid sick leave requirements.

    The text of the bill states that “the regulation of the employment relationship between a nonpublic employer and its employees is a matter of state concern,” and stipulates that local governments won’t be given the authority to pass any requirements like minimum wages or paid leave that are higher than what’s already in place at the state level. It now awaits the signature of Gov. Rick Snyder (R). The governor’s office did not return a request for comment about whether he will sign or veto it, but local advocates expect that the will.

    If Snyder does sign the bill into law, Michigan would become the 12th state in the country to ban local governments from passing paid sick leave or minimum wage requirements, according to Ellen Bravo, executive director of Family Values @ Work. While just three states had these laws on the books as of 2012, eight have passed them since 2013.

    More could also join in soon. Missouri similarly passed a preemption bill blocking local governments from enacting their own requirements, which is waiting for Gov. Jay Nixon (D)’s signature. And in Pennsylvania, a bill that would roll back the paid sick leave law passed the state legislature this year.

    1. According to Bravo, advocates have stopped similar legislation in Montana, South Carolina, and Virginia this year. And the progress for both cities and states requiring paid sick leave has ramped up significantly in the past year and a half. Twenty-three have now passed, more than half of them since the beginning of 2013, including four states and 19 cities.

      While critics worry that these laws will hurt local economies, the evidence doesn’t support that idea. Employers report that the laws have been easy to comply with and have even brought some benefits, such as lower turnover and higher productivity, and most now support the laws. Job growth, meanwhile, has been stronger in some places after the laws went into effect.

      Slave-Driving Assholes

    2. More on that:

      Another proposed bill requiring employers to offer paid sick leave was reintroduced in Congress earlier this year and supporters expect a battle ahead. But the push for paid sick days is gaining momentum across the country and getting support from a powerful ally — Microsoft Corp.

      In March, the tech giant announced in a company blog post that it is requiring its large suppliers to give 15 days of paid time off a year to its full-time employees.

      “Like many companies in many industries in the United States, we rely on a wide variety of other companies that supply us with goods and services that reflect their core competencies,” wrote Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel and executive vice president of legal and corporate affairs. “From building maintenance to management consulting and campus security to software localization, we rely on a large group of outside companies to do what they do best. The people who work for our suppliers are critical to our success, and we want them to have the benefit of paid time off.”

      About a dozen states have paid leave laws under consideration, according to the National Partnership for Women & Families, which also estimates that 40 percent of private-sector workers lack paid sick days. California, New Jersey and Rhode Island already have laws on the books.

      In addition, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco are among more than a dozen cities that have passed paid leave legislation, according to the advocacy group, despite employer pushback.

      “Our members strongly opposed in every one of these cases,” said Jack Mozloom, spokesman for the National Federation of Independent Business. “It’s a real expense that some of them cannot absorb. We don’t oppose the benefits, but we oppose the government mandating that every business of every size must be required to provide paid leave. Most of our businesses have fewer than 10 employees.”

      The NFIB doesn’t have an official position on Microsoft’s decision, but Mozloom said that company’s decision shows that businesses care about the issue, and those that can afford to will provide the paid leave benefits.

  5. An international team of activists has set sail for the Gaza Strip, in a bid to break Israel's sea blockade with four boats. It comes five years after a similar attempt finished in bloodshed.

    The “Freedom Flotilla III” departed from various ports in Greece on Saturday. This is the third attempt to break the Palestinian blockade inflicted by Israel, which has lasted for nine years, according to a news release on the campaign’s official webpage.

    In a similar bid in 2010, a botched pre-dawn raid by Israeli so-called commandos killed nine Turkish activists.

  6. It would be my bet that all the concrete that should be used for the buildings is being diverted to reinforce the tunnels into Israel.
    Gotta keep on killing the Jews.

  7. Nonsense.

    Suppose Texas was occupied by Mexico and Mexico invited Spanish speaking Catholics with any Indian blood, from anywhere to new settlements in the reclaimed Indian lands, claims that go back thousands of years, and enclaves were cordoned off by The Mexican Defense Force for the newly arrived Spanish speaking Catholics, what do you suppose the Texans that were living there for one hundred fifty years would do?

    What would a good red-blooded Texas Christian do? Roll over and die, move to Pennsylvania or would they resist?

    1. .

      I mean you are talking about an occupied Texas not occupied Palestine, Texan's not Palestinians.

      Entirely, different.


    2. Facts are stubborn. You can cherry pick and create presentations but the fact is simple. Israel is 1/900th of the Middle East the Arabs occupy 899/900th of the rest. More jews were thrown out of their homes in the Middle East than Arabs in 1948. Gaza is jew free, as is almost all of the Arab world. Gaza started and caused the last war they are not occupied, they have and had a choice. They choose perpetual war. If u cannot stop rocketing Israel ? U will suffer. Simple really. Hamas has bragged it already has replenished it's tunnels and rockets and is ready to murder jewsa for Allah, They are cut from the same clothe as Isis, May they and their supporters enjoy rubble forever. Just as America is doing to Isis on Syria and Iraq except Israel doesn't kill nearly as many civilians. Reconstruction of gaZa is not in hamas'a interest, how can they be victims if gaza is rebuilt? Funny fact? The brother arabs have not donated but a few pennies on the dollar to the cause and the pa. Is refusing to help. Lol

  8. Gotta keep killing the Jews? Last summer the ones that were being killed were Palestinians. They were killed by Jews.

    1. The hamas started it and refused to stop. Numerous cease fires violated and turned down by Hamas. Continued rockets and the intro of terror squads into Israel continued it. If you don't want UR people killed don't use them as shields. Hamas owns their deaths. Just as the next round when they attack again tgey will cause more deaths. Stupid is as stupid does. 😄

  9. Do you seriously believe that any human being is that different from any other? The science of human behavior is possible because there are universal truths in human behavior. If you don’t believe that , then you don’t believe in the basic premise of being an American. No statement could be more unequivocal:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

    You either believe the statement about all men or you don’t. Either is fine with me, but don’t pretend to be one thing when you are something far different.

    It is the racist fools that slice and dice and assign characteristics to different branches of humanity. I set a trap for one of them in the last post and he like Pavlov’s dog, the old dumb setter chased the ball out the window.

    1. .

      Keep it up and I will be calling the ASPCA.


    2. Of course, most of the men that signed under that passage were slave owners.

  10. There were 56 signers, estimates are that one-third to one-half of them owned slaves.

  11. Slavery had been part of human institutions for tens of thousands of years. It is hard for us to see how the signers could not have seen the irony in the words on the document that they were signing. Seeking the truth should be the lifelong mission of any thinking human being. It is not possible if you are not skeptical of every “Truth”. In most of them, there is a lie.

    1. We are forced to admit, though, that while the signers were, without doubt, carrying their fair share of hypocrisy, and assholery, they did write a remarkable document.

  12. Sharia A-Comin’!

    While Jindal made Louisiana a laughingstock with his stand for Creationism, he brought the state further disrepute when he traveled abroad to claim that Sharia law “no-go zones” are springing up around Europe and will soon come to the United States.

    Seemingly relying on debunked talking points from Fox News and anti-Muslim activists, Jindal didn’t know how to react when a reporter in London asked if he could name a single Sharia law “no-go zone” in the British capital.

    He responded that he did not actually know where they exist.

    1. Don't know about London, but I can point you to Paris, France, Sweden, the Netherlands and many other places in Europe.

  13. Harvard and CUNY researchers say death toll from 25-state ‘opt-out’ may be as high as 17,100 annually; hundreds of thousands more will be harmed by depression, untreated diabetes, and skipping mammograms and pap smears

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, January 30, 2014
    Contact: Mark Almberg, communications director, PNHP, (312) 782-6006,

    The decision by 25 states to reject the expansion of Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act will result in between 7,115 and 17,104 more deaths than had all states opted in, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School and the City University of New York.

    The study, the first detailed estimate of the health impact of the states’ decision to reject the Medicaid expansion (with state-by-state data as well), is being published today at the Health Affairs Blog.

    The researchers found that because of the states’ “opting out” of the Medicaid expansion, 7.78 million people who would have gained coverage will remain uninsured. In addition to the thousands of excess deaths associated with that lack of coverage, the rejection of the Medicaid expansion will have the following likely impacts:

    * 712,037 more persons . . . .


    1. We have money to piss away all over the Middle East and we are worrying about the threat to American lives from terrorists. 17,000 Americans dying annually from inadequate healthcare, not so much of a problem.

    2. The amazing thing is, that money has already been collected, and allocated; all those states have to do is say "send it."

    3. Republican State Governments will probably kill more people, this year, than ISIS.

    4. Dale was among the first to get the Death Panel treatment.

      He opened the path ahead for us all...........

    5. Please don't attach your idiot comments to my posts.

    6. Black democrats abort more babies every day tgan Isis kills

    7. Fuck you, Rufus, you illiterate ass hole.

      It's you who have attached your idiot comment to my post, not the other way around.

      My comment wasn't directed at you at all, nor was it attached to your stupid shit.

      And I'll call you anything I wish you old fart.

    8. “This site is dedicated to preying on people’s vanity, ignorance, or loneliness, gaining their trust and betraying them without remorse.”

      If you don't like the guidelines, go somewhere else, Rufus.

      You've called me enough shit in your day.

  14. Humans are basically the same, cultures are vastly different.

    Moslem 'culture' SUCKS.

    The result of a book written - dictated - remembered - from hell by a psychopath.

    What we've got going is a cultural dispute, at bottom a literary dispute.

    We are the noble side, they are the savages.

    See: William James and the philosophy of pragmatism - that which is 'good' is that which brings forth life, and more life, and it isn't Islam, where, they hoot and holler:

    "We love death more than you do life"

    It's these death loving turds that are found all over Gaza, Iran, etc etc.

    In Judaism the recommendation is:

    CHOOSE LIFE !!!!

    Some here have extreme difficulty understanding the simplest of things.


    Heat Wave out this way. 102 degrees yesterday, going higher today, was warm all last night.

    This will ripen the crops.....

    My guy planted hard red winter wheat on the place, first time ever unless grandpa did so back in his day.....

    Looks good, I'm very interested to see how it yields.

    Tourists scramble to escape...
    Head hung on fence...
    Covered with Arabic writing...
    Islamist flag raised...
    Extremists Celebrate 'Holiday'...
    Caliphate Anniversary...
    ISIS Tosses 4 Gays from Roof of Building.......DRUDGE

    It's not the world's Jews, nor the Hindus, nor the Buddhists, nor the North American/European culture matrix, nor the Christians nor the atheists nor the agnostics doing this shit on a daily basis -

    It's the Moslems.

  16. The chocolate packers are winning......

  17. (This is just an observation, not an endorsement or condemnation of gay marriage)

  18. Egypt is the recent historic ruler of gaza. If the folks who want to break the blockade want to help? Bring the aid to Egypt let them let it in but that doesn't address the real issue. Hamas is a terror group. They have no rights

  19. By deuce's standards he'd support native Americans shelling and killing all other Americans as occupiers.

  20. The UN recognized a 2 state solution in1948. Like or not? The Arab people and nations rejected it.

    Case closed

  21. Funny thing about the Middle East? Assad has murdered more palestians in 3 yrs than Israel has KILLED IN TOTAL (battle and collateral) in 65 and not a peep out of those that demonize Israel. Funny shit. But the Moslems of the Middle East are killing each other at record numbers. And I have popcorn. Yet I said it. Popcorn. Now demonize me deuce....,,,,

    1. The more I read, the more I'm glad about the Sunni/Shia divide.

      It's bad enough the way it is, but a monolithic Islam is a truly scary thing to contemplate.

      And there is something very hard but satisfyingly Shakespearean/ancient Greek about these morons who love death so much killing each other.

      If you should happen to need some butter with that popcorn, just let me know. I'll UPS.

    2. I attempted to outline once an, admittedly, somewhat hair brained scheme where the USA would send some troops to Syria to part the warring parties and keep them from killing one another.

      For this I was, probably properly, absolutely pilloried by Quirk.

      This occurred some two hundred thousand Syrian dead ago.

      Now it occurs to me Quirk might want some popcorn too......

    3. .

      You were and evidently still are a nitwit.


  22. French terror suspect took selfie with beheaded victim......Drudge


    Ah, those Iranians, always fighting for.......O what's the use...

  23. Here, Quirk, put your logico/analytical mind to work on this -

    Ask Ethan #94: Could dark matter not exist?

    Is it possible that our problems indicate a flaw in the theory of gravity?

    - and explain it all to us in 100 words or less so we too can know what is going on.

    1. .

      What problems?

      As to, is it possible there is a flaw in the theory of gravity the answer is 'Of course'.

      It is a theory after all. Every anomaly not explained by the theory requires explanation through new knowledge confirming the original theory. If you can't confirm it, then in light of the new knowledge the theory either requires modification or rejection.

      Why would you even ask?


  24. >>Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, says that most big French cities have "no-go zones" where non-Muslims, including police, cannot enter:

    "It's happening right across Europe. We have got no-go zones in most of the big French cities. We've been turning a blind eye to preachers of hate that have been coming here from the Middle East and saying things for which the rest of us would be arrested. In parts of northern England we've seen the sexual grooming of under-age girls committed by Muslim men, in the majority, and for all of these things we are seeing the law not being applied equally, we're seeing the police forces not doing their job because we've suffered from moral cowardice. We have through mass immigration and through not checking the details of those people who have come to our countries, we have allowed big ghettos to develop and when it comes to confronting tough issues we're run a mile and that is why we're in the mess we're in, we've been led very badly. … So, wherever you look, wherever you look you see this blind eye being turned and you see the growth of ghettos where the police and all the normal agents of the law have withdrawn and that is where Sharia law has come in."<<

    England is not yet France, the number of Moslems there being smaller.

    The 751 No-Go Zones of France

    by Daniel Pipes
    Nov 14, 2006
    updated Jan 17, 2015

  25. By deuce’s standards he’d support native Americans shelling and killing all other Americans as occupiers.

    1. American Indians can travel anywhere in the US
    2. They can buy land and live where they want
    3. The US army doesn’t shell Indian homes and buildings
    4. The US Air Force does not bomb them
    5. US Indians are equal under US law

    Don’t even dare compare US treatment to modern day American Indians to the apartheid Palestinian ghettos controlled by The Jewish State of Israel. There is no moral equivalency. There is no country in all the Americas and Europe that is more of a disgrace to human rights and acceptable human behavior than Israel. Own it.

  26. Your propensity to compare Israel to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and other despotic Middle East regimes is more apropos. Don’t even pretend that Israel is in a higher echelon.


      The Israeli Interior Ministry and Land Administration Agency, in cooperation with the Regavim NGO and the Jewish National Fund (JNF), have been demolishing 1,000 Arab homes in Al-Naqab every year, under the pretext that they were built without permits.

      Days of Palestine reports that this has been revealed by Amichai Yogev, the southern region director of Regavim, which was founded in 2006 in order to confiscate Palestinian land and build illegal Jewish only settlements in the occupied West Bank and Al-Naqab.

      In an interview with Jewish Voice, Yogev said that there are 220,000 Arabs in Al-Naqab today and that they are living on 13,000 km2 of land.

      According to estimates, there are about 70,000 unlicensed homes in the “recognised” and “unrecognised” towns and villages.
      This means that these homes are at risk of being demolished at any moment, according to Regavim’s way of thinking.

      Yogev also claimed that the Israeli NGO is frustrated by the current situation, as the Palestinian residents in Al-Naqab build 2,000-3,000 homes a year in the unrecognised villages and gatherings.

      He added that, despite their aggressive nature, the demolitions have less of an impact on the reality of the demographic spread that the Israeli establishment is seeking to reduce by means of these campaigns.

      Asked what a village needs in order to be classified as “unrecognised”, Yogev said that all the villages located in the Beersheba-Arad-Yeruham triangle are “illegal”; therefore, they may be destroyed and their residents expelled.

      The indigenous Palestinian residents in the region describe Regavim as a racist organisation. They say that most of its inspectors, who stick demolition notices on their homes, working with the so-called Israeli Land Administration Agency, are settlers living in settlements in the Negev.

    2. That is the real face of Israel in 2015.

    3. In any country in Europe and the US, behavior such as is common in Israel would result in long prison terms for the architects of such a loathsome system. The fact of the matter, non-Zionist Jews would lead in the outrage.

    4. America and Europe demolish illegal squatter homes, it's the law

    5. Stay with the equation with Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

    6. Why?

      Governments can and do demolish illegal squatters across the globe.

      One standard for all or none for anyone....

    7. Reminds me of the rantings of Rat that claimed Israel tore down an arab village 54 times in 36 months...

      Now that some funny shit...

      Calling squatter shacks a town...

    8. So the collective arab world destroyed the homes of 700,000 Jews. None illegally built and silence...

      The europeans? They simply murdered 6.000.000 Jews and took their homes...

      But let's screw Israel for destroying ILLEGAL shacks of Arabs...

      BTW, any CLUE about the arab homes in Rafah that egypt bulldozed???


      One standard for the Jews. No standards for anyone else.

  27. A CNN/WMUR poll released Thursday showed the socialist senator from Vermont just 8 points behind the former secretary of state in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary for the 2016 presidential race.

    The Guardian reports:

    The poll has Sanders receiving the support of 35% of likely Democratic voters while Clinton is at 43%. Vice-president Joe Biden, who has not indicated that he will mount a presidential bid, is at 8% and the former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is at 2%.

    The poll has Clinton with a far slimmer lead than she possessed at this time eight years ago. In June 2007 a CNN/WMUR poll gave Clinton a 36%-22% lead over Barack Obama in New Hampshire. Obama won the Democratic nomination. …

    Clinton’s weakness in New Hampshire is a significant red flag for her campaign. New Hampshire has long been a stronghold for both Hillary and Bill Clinton. A strong performance in the state’s primary made Bill Clinton “the Comeback Kid” in 1992 and a surprise win in the 2008 primary kept Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign alive after her loss in Iowa.

  28. Call me naive, but I don’t think Bernie Sanders can be bought. I will not agree with everything he does, but I’ll take him over any of the corrupt loathsome Republicans and ultra-corrupt Hillary Clinton.

    1. I might have to start working out; that's 8 years I wouldn't want to miss. :)

    2. You may have to start working, Rufus, cause with Bernie we'll be Greece and Venezuela in short order and your money won't be worth shit.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. That wasn't me. But I like them sentiments.

      After all the names you've called me you can lump it, Rufus.

      It was 107 degrees here today. Supposed to top 110 tomorrow.

      Thank God for air conditioners.

      We should get a big thunder storm soon that will cool it off :), but set the forests on fire :(

    5. In Idaho man caused forest fires are exactly a thing of the past but they've gone down a lot since the courts started holding people financially responsible for the costs of suppression, lost timber, environmental damage., etc

      This would bankrupt most people before they can say 'Smokey the Bear'.