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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Netanyahu said “the enemy of your enemy is your enemy”. What is the friend of your enemy?

Iran And ISIS May Soon Have Competition
Posted By Brent Smith On 12:34 PM 03/06/2015 In |

During Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress this week he proclaimed “Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown of militant Islam. One calls itself the Islamic Republic. The other calls itself the Islamic State. Both want to impose a militant Islamic empire first on the region and then on the entire world. They just disagree among themselves who will be the ruler of that empire.”
Well, it seems there may now be a new kid on the Islamic block.
In the fall of 2014 it was thought that the al-Qaeda affiliated gang, the Syrian Jabhat al-Nusra Front might be joining forces with the powerful and growing Islamic State – ISIS.
Now it seems they may have other plans and other backing, not to mention some help from us Americans.
The Daily Mail reports al-Nusra leaders “announced they are considering cutting their links with Al Qaeda in order to form a new entity backed by Gulf states.”
Gulf States? You mean a terrorist group will have the backing of at least one Middle Eastern nation?
Yep – that’s exactly I’m saying: “Sources within and close to al-Nusra said that Qatar, which enjoys good relations with the group, is encouraging the terrorists to go ahead with the move, which would boost the militants’ funding.”
The backing of a rich and radical state like Qatar “could transform al-Nusra from a weakened militia group into a force capable of taking on Islamic State at a time when it is under pressure from bombing raids and advances by Kurdish and Iraqi military forces.”
Qatar – why does that sound familiar? Oh, that’s right – it’s the friendly and responsible nation that so kindly and willingly took the 5 high-level terrorists we swapped for the scumbag Bowe Bergdahl. Hmmm … I wonder what ever happened to those guys.
What else is Qatar famous for, besides being the richest nation per capita on the planet? Right again – it owns al-Jazeera. You know – the news outlet Hillary Clinton praised as being a “real news” network. She said, “In fact viewership of al Jazeera is going up in the United States because it’s real news. You may not agree with it, but you feel like you’re getting real news around the clock instead of a million commercials and, you know, arguments between talking heads and the kind of stuff that we do on our news which, you know, is not particularly informative to us, let alone foreigners.”
Anyway, so how has America helped this latest break-out terrorist gang?
Just a few days ago photos went out via Twitter showing al-Nusra fighters posing in a large captured warehouse in Syria fully stocked with vast amounts of food and weapons that the United States had supplied to a Western-backed Syrian rebel group, Harakat Hazm.
The rebels were storing the supplies in a warehouse near a former Assad military base. But when the base was overrun by al-Nusra, the rebels could see the writing on the wall and high-tailed it out of town, leaving everything behind, much as Iraqi forces have done, leaving similar windfalls for ISIS.
One of the terrorists can be seen tauntingly posing with boxes sporting United States emblems and another with a TOW (tube launched, optically tracked, wireless guided) anti-tank missile.
With the photos, they added “’Thanks be to God, Allah let the Mujaheddin take these weapons after we fought the traitors [Harakat Hazm]. Tens of American TOW missiles became for the Mujaheddin.”
Muzamjer al-Sham, a prominent jihadi figure who is close to al-Nusra Front said, “A new entity will see the light soon, which will include Nusra and Jaysh al Muhajereen wel Ansar and other small brigades.”
Intelligence officials from Gulf States including Qatar have already met al-Nusra Front’s leader Abu Mohamad al-Golani several times in a effort to encourage him to abandon Al Qaeda.
So, great news for us and for Israel. Yet another potentially major terrorist organization with which to contend, and this one appears to have the direct backing of a rich Gulf nation.
And PS – the Khorasan group may be splintering off with them. They are like terrorist special porces, who train specifically for attacks against U.S. and Western targets.
The news just keeps getting better by the day.


  1. "The Beebs" is getting dangerously close to jumping the shark.

  2. Most Members of Congress Share Netanyahu's View

    By Michael Barone - March 6, 2015

    If anyone had any doubts that most members of Congress oppose the Obama administration's proposed nuclear deal with Iran, they can put them aside after viewing the response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before Congress Tuesday.

    Fifty-some Democratic members chose not to attend. Joe Biden arranged to be out of town, and Barack Obama let it be known that he didn't even have time to watch on television. But the House chamber was packed, the galleries were filled and Netanyahu was interrupted multiple times not only with applause but boisterous cheers.

    In negotiations with Iran, continued beyond two previously proclaimed deadlines, Obama has dropped demands that Iran disassemble centrifuges needed to produce nuclear weapons material. And he has proposed a 10-year time limit on the deal.

    Those concessions, Netanyahu argued, make this a "very bad deal" that "would all but guarantee that Iran gets those weapons, lots of them."

    It's hard to disagree. Obama's position is apparently that the Iranians won't agree to anything more stringent. The president seems to be suffering from the compulsion afflicting some parties to a lengthy negotiation: the urge to get to some kind of agreement, however disadvantageous.

    The strongest argument for the administration is that any alternative would be worse. Democrats argued that Netanyahu's recommendation -- to maintain sanctions and increase demands -- would be rejected, leaving military action as the only alternative.

    Obama, like George W. Bush, has said that all alternatives remain on the table. But he seems even more reluctant than Bush to launch an attack.

    Unlike Bush, he seems to believe that reaching an accord with Iran could change the character of the Iranian regime. He is ever ready to apologize for America's past sins, like overthrowing an Iranian government 62 years ago, and evidently believes that the mullahs will be grateful to reach accommodation with what he describes as a different kind of American president.

    Netanyahu disagrees. He notes that the mullah regime, in power for more than 35 years, has been a consistent and sometimes deadly enemy of the United States. He notes that Iran's Arab neighbors doubt it will change.

    "At a time when many hope that Iran will join the community of nations, Iran is busy gobbling up nations," he said, leaving little doubt that Obama is among the "many." His hardheaded conclusion: "This regime will always be an enemy of America."

    With all this, almost all of the Republican members in Congress tend to agree. So do many Democrats -- notably Bob Menendez of New Jersey, formerly chairman and now ranking minority member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

    1. Menendez and other Democrats got Republicans to postpone consideration of legislation extending sanctions on Iran unless it agrees to stringent concessions until the current March 24 deadline. Netanyahu's speech increases the chances they will agree to press such legislation after that.

      Obama has strongly opposed such legislation, claiming it would torpedo negotiations -- even though he admits that sanctions drove Iran to the negotiating table. And the administration has made it plain that it has no intention of submitting whatever agreement it obtains for congressional approval.

      This is not the first time that a president has pursued a policy opposed by congressional majorities. George W. Bush persevered in his 2007 surge in Iraq, which most members opposed. They refrained from voting it down only because it could be argued that would undermine soldiers in the field.

      That's not the case here. And unlike Bush's surge, whose success strengthened America's position, a deal that left Iran with a quick breakout to nuclear weapons would weaken America's sway.

      Congress may not find a way to prevent Obama from making the deal he apparently desperately wants. But the cheers for Netanyahu may push the administration to make tougher demands. Moreover, the next administration could undo any agreement, as Obama in declining to get a status of forces agreement with Iraq undid Bush's success in the surge.

      Obama supporters argue that Netanyahu provided no trouble-free alternative. But the history Netanyahu recalled, in saluting Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel in the gallery, tells us that sometimes accepting a bad deal can lead to more horrifying results than the downside risks of rejecting that deal.

      Iran's leaders have threatened to rain nuclear weapons on geographically compact Israel. That's a threat that Israel's leaders cannot ignore -- and one that most members of Congress evidently take seriously as well.

      Michael Barone is Senior Political Analyst for the Washington Examiner, co-author of The Almanac of American Politics and a contributor to Fox News.

  3. Real Clear Politics Video

    The Latest Politics, News & Election Videos
    Posted on March 8, 2015
    Netanyahu To Obama: "Remember Who Your Ally Is And Who Your Enemy Is"

    BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: If we let our guard down now, [Iran] will have the [nuclear] weapon. As far as Tweets, if I had to choose, I would retweet something that relates to Iran, and that is the Supreme Leader Ayotollah Khamenei's recent tweet in which he cites nine reasons Israel must be destroyed...

    Even in these times of sometimes heated disagreement, I think it is useful to remember who your ally is and who your enemy is.

    And who is fighting for civilization, and who is not.

  4. (Reuters) - The United States and Iran have narrowed their differences in nuclear weapons negotiations, President Barack Obama said in the face of a renewed Republican warning on Sunday that any deal will face a tough congressional review.

    "We have made progress in narrowing the gaps, but those gaps still exist," Obama said in an interview on CBS News' "Face the Nation" that was recorded on Saturday and broadcast on Sunday.

    He nonetheless repeated he was willing to walk away from negotiations, which are scheduled to reach a framework deal in late March, if Tehran does not meet Washington's demands.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, cautioned the Democratic president not to make "the bad deal we all anticipate he's going to make". He said Obama "cannot work around Congress forever".

    McConnell told CBS he was hoping to get 67 of the Senate's 100 members "to assert the historic role of the Senate ... in looking at matters of this magnitude".

    Sixty-seven votes are needed to overturn any presidential veto of legislation regarding an Iran deal. The same number of votes are needed for Senate ratification of treaties negotiated by presidents with foreign countries.

    Arguing that Iran was "fomenting trouble" in other Middle Eastern countries including Syria, McConnell also warned that the Senate "cannot ignore all of their other behavior in looking at the potential nuclear deal."

    The negotiations with Iran center on restricting its ability to produce weapons grade nuclear materials while allowing it to develop nuclear energy.

    Defending the talks, which have come under withering criticism also from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama told CBS:

    "Iran has abided by the terms of the agreement, we know what's happening on the ground in Iran, they have not advanced their nuclear program, we've been able to roll back their 20 percent highly enriched uranium during this period of time" of negotiations.

    McConnell had planned to debate on the Senate floor this week a bill requiring Obama to submit any deal with Iran to Congress for approval. But on Friday, he postponed it after Democrats objected to the timing.

    Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes but Washington and others fear it is covertly seeking the capacity to build a bomb.

  5. Iran has already won the battle of the negotiations.

    They wanted more time, they are getting it.

    They can perfect their means of delivery.

    They wanted relief from the sanctions, they are getting it. The sanctions are collapsing.

    They were taking target practice on a mock up of an American air craft carrier the other day.....


  6. When the Arabs and the Jews are beginning to make common cause against the Persians......

  7. March 8, 2015
    Refuse to Surrender
    By Eileen Toplansky

    Jewish time is not measured in years. It is measured in space; the transitions from one age to another continually merge with each other. Rabbi Hanina ben Teradyon casting a merciful last rite on his Roman executioner who chose to die with his victim juxtaposed against teacher Janusz Korczak who went with his orphan charges to the extermination camp. All escaped the misery of this world. Is it Jewish fate to leave the world rather than to live in it? How many times does the energy of Satan need to be destroyed? Is this the unrelenting rhythm of Jewish life? Yet there is "Next Year in Jerusalem" under the safety of the Iron Dome!

    Fire, the source of life, is fire, the beacon of death, for nameless children whose only crime is that their parents wish to believe in an ineffable unseen force. The pagans worship images as if from a void but cannot accept the essence of a spiritual sustenance of a different order -- a force of thirteen attributes.

    But it never merely stops with the Jews as Martin Niemöller a prominent Protestant pastor acknowledged when he wrote:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out --
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out --
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me -- and there was no one left to speak for me.

    The Jew has always been the canary in the mine. And now Christ's descendants burn at the hands of Hagar's children as more of G-d's creatures are thrown on the pyre. And mankind looks away yet again while Christian Coptics beseech the world to help them and Jews in France hurriedly pack their bags and flee to the Promised Land to escape the fury of the European jihadist human beasts.

    Elie Wiesel continues to be a "still small voice" persisting even when his comrades-in-camp, Primo Levi, Jerzy Kosinski, and Paul Celan committed suicide having endured so much in the concentration camps. We are living in a world where Islamic terrorists revile the “little Satan” and forswear to kill every last Jew. Where Arab leaders would rather let their own people go without water than share a drop of it with the Jews! Where black-hooded men behead Christians and hold the dripping heads in triumph. Where Yazidi women are enslaved and raped. Where Christian adolescent girls are ripped from their mother's arms in Nigeria never to be seen again..........

    1. I didn't know of Kosinsky's early life in Poland -

      >>Early life, teaching, and marriage

      Kosiński was born Józef[citation needed] Lewinkopf to Jewish parents in Łódź, Poland. As a child during World War II, he lived in central Poland under a false identity, Jerzy Kosiński, which his father gave to him. A Roman Catholic priest issued him a forged baptismal certificate, and the Lewinkopf family survived the Holocaust thanks to local villagers who offered assistance to Jewish Poles, often at great risk. (The penalty for helping Jews in Nazi- Germany-occupied Poland was death for all members of a family and sometimes for the inhabitants of the village). Kosiński's father was assisted not only by town leaders and clergymen, but also by individuals such as Marianna Pasiowa, a member of an underground network that helped Jews evade capture. The family lived openly in Dąbrowa Rzeczycka, near Stalowa Wola, and attended church in nearby Wola Rzeczycka, with the support of villagers in Kępa Rzeczycka. For a time, they were sheltered by a Catholic family in Rzeczyca Okrągła. Jerzy even served as an altar boy in the local church.[2]

      After the war ended, Kosiński and with his parents moved to Jelenia Góra, and age 22 he had earned two graduate degrees, in history and sociology, at the University of Łódź.[3] He then became an associate professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Kosinski also studied in the Soviet Union, and served as a sharpshooter in the Polish Army.[3]

      In order to emigrate to the United States in 1957, he created a fake foundation, which supposedly sponsored him.[4] He later claimed he forged the letters from prominent communist authorities guaranteeing his loyal return to Poland, as were then required for anyone leaving the country.[4]

      First worked at odd jobs to get by, including driving a truck,[4] Kosiński managed to graduate from Columbia University. He became an American citizen in 1965. He also received grants from the Guggenheim Fellowship in 1967 and the Ford Foundation in 1968. In 1970, he won the American Academy of Arts and Letters award for literature.[5] The grants allowed him to write a political non-fiction book that opened new doors of opportunity.[4] He became a lecturer at Yale, Princeton, Davenport, and Wesleyan Universities.

      In 1962, Kosiński married an American steel heiress, Mary Hayward Weir. They divorced four years later. Weir died in 1968 from brain cancer, leaving Kosiński out of her will. He would fictionalize his marriage in his novel Blind Date, speaking of Weir under pseudonym Mary-Jane Kirkland.[4] Kosiński later married Katherina "Kiki" von Fraunhofer, a marketing consultant and a member of the Bavarian nobility.[4]

      Kosiński suffered from multiple illnesses towards the end of his life, and he was under attack from journalists who accused him of plagiarism.[6] By his late 50s, he was suffering from an irregular heartbeat, as well as severe physical and nervous exhaustion.

      Kosiński committed suicide on May 3, 1991, by ingesting a lethal amount of alcohol and drugs[7] and wrapping a plastic bag around his head and suffocating to death.[1][3] His suicide note read: "I am going to put myself to sleep now for a bit longer than usual. Call it Eternity."[6][8]<<

      The Akedah Sttory

    2. >>The Akedah Gained Prominence in the Late Roman Period

      The Akedah, or"Binding of Isaac", is the account in the book of Genesis (22: 1-19)of Abraham, at the command of God, taking his son, Isaac, to be offered as a sacrifice on Mount Moriah. Abraham binds his son (hence "the Binding of Isaac") to the altar and is ready to perform the dreadful deed when an angel appears to tell him to stay his hand and to promise him that his seed will increase.

      There is no reference to this episode anywhere else in the Bible. Nor does it feature very prominently in post-biblical Jewish literature until the third century CE. Some biblical scholars, Jews included, have read the story as a protest against human sacrifice, the significant point being that the angel intervenes to prevent the murder as an obscene act that God, unlike the pagan deities, hates and could never really have intended.

      But in traditional Jewish thought, the Akedah is used as a paradigm for Jewish martyrdom; the Jewish people are ready at all times to give up life itself for the sake of the sanctification of the divine name (Kiddush Ha-Shem).<<

      The Akedah Story

    3. There is no mention here of the extremely strong mis-reading that Abraham was a 'psychopath'.

    4. Was this before or after the discovery that the World wasn’t flat? Were they still stoning women to death for adultery? Idiotic horse shit at any time, unforgivable rot today.

    5. Ah, gee.....

      Point is no one else is reading Abraham as a 'psychopath'.

  8. from Iran Is Fighting For Civilization series:

    March 9, 2015
    Islamic Republic and Women's Rights in Iran
    By Mansour Kashfi

    The eighth of March marked International Women’s Day across the world, a significant and jubilant day, but Iranian women who have been victims of the Islamic regime have nothing to celebrate. Prior to the Islamic revolution in 1979 in monarchical Iran, women had civil rights equal to those of men. In fact, many women had ministerial responsibilities or held various positions in government, including parliamentarians, mayors, and even high-ranking military officers. Many women were also university professors. However, shortly after the Islamic regime’s establishment all women were banned from their positions, and shamefully several of them, including the minister of education, were publicly stoned to death in accordance with Islamic law.

    Although some observers had expected a degree of moderation after Hassan Rouhani won the Islamic regime’s fabricated presidential election in 2013, nothing has changed. Political opponents’ and non-Islamic believers’ executions by the Islamic regime have continued to mount.

    Amnesty International, for the past 36 years, time and again has published reports on physical and psychological torture in Iran, saying that “the number of reports of torture and ill treatment…. makes it clear that these violations of human rights are continuing, widespread and, in some places, systematic.” Further, the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center recently announced (and was confirmed by Amnesty International) that more than 800 innocent Iranian men and women have been executed under fabricated charges of being the “enemy of God” in the second half of 2014 while the so-called moderate President Hassan Rouhani has been in office. The Islamic regime’s clergies argue that the death penalty is the key to maintaining religious law and order............

    Always Remember Neda

    1. Remember US citizens killed by the Zionist terrorists in ISrael

      Rachel Corrie was a 23-year old American peace activist who was run over and killed by an Israeli on a bulldozer

      Robeert "Draft Dodger" Peterson does not care about US, does not care about US women, killed by Zionist terrorists in ISrael.

    2. Rachel Corrie the ORIGINAL ISIL Convert....

  9. Israel doesn’t use stones to kill innocents, they use rubber bullets on a good day and high-powered explosives on all others. Your pity for the horrible death of one beautiful living girl is missing for the thousands killed by Israeli bombs a few short month ago. Such selective sorrow says more about your feigned humanity and your pious plea for remembrance.

    Had it not been for the US CIA destroying the legitimate democratically elected government in Iran in the 1950s, there would likely never have been a group of religious fanatics ruling Iran.

    Your intellectual pursuit knows no time boundary trying to justify the absurdity of the tales of Abraham, millenniums come and go, but you fear to walk in a decade that you were part of examining the cruelty and evil that allowed the same toxic religious monstrosity to kill a young innocent girl.

    Remember Neda, you remember nada.

    1. Syria, Hezbollah and Iran doesn’t use stones to kill innocents, they use barrel bombs on a good day and high-powered explosives on all others. Your pity for the horrible death of one thousand human shields killed by Israeli bombs a few short month ago and yet you ignore 300,000 innocents, including over 10,000 Palestinian civilians. Such selective sorrow says more about your feigned humanity and your pious plea for remembrance.

    2. Flying false flags, the frauds just cannot help themselves.

      Perhaps they hold deciet holy in the synagogue of Satan

    3. General Clark called out the plot behind the Neocon plan to destabilize the ME years ago. It wasn’t a case of yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, it was throwing in some fire bombs, killing the management, wrecking the police force and disabling the fire department.

      Now the apologists, after starting what they knew to be the inevitable outcome, are shocked, simply shocked that their plan to destabilize the region worked. Despicable bastards.

  10. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson said that people cannot learn from history - paraphrasing now ...

    Now, if he were to renounce that position, I would smile and go on.
    But ...

    ISrael and its Wahhabi allies ..
    "either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists"
    - GW Bush

    ISrael and Qatar, they are with the terrorists.
    They are hostile regimes.

    If GW Bush was speaking for US, and he was.

  11. TIKRIT, Salahadin province - At least 60 percent of areas northeast of Tikrit city have been retaken from ISIS militants by Iraqi joint forces, officials announced on Monday.

    According to military sources, the Iraqi army and Shiite militant groups are tightening their encirclement around Tikrit, the administrative center of Salahadin province, and the entire city is expected to be recaptured soon.

    At least 40 ISIS armored vehicles and cars have reportedly retreated to al-Huwaija district, 117km southwest of Kirkuk city, in Kirkuk province.

    The sources estimate 60 percent of the area northeast of Tikrit, and 80 percent of the Albu- Ajili area south of Tikrit, are now under the control of Iraqi forces.

    The joint operation to retake Tikrit has lasted eight days, with military officials reportedly preparing for a final assault in the immediate future.

  12. Chechen Strongman Ties Killing of Boris Nemtsov to Charlie Hebdo Cartoons
    - New York Times

  13. Kano, Nigeria (CNN) Hundreds of troops from Chad and Niger launched a ground and aerial offensive against Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria on Sunday, according to residents and military sources from Niger.

  14. WASHINGTON, March 9 (Reuters) - U.S. and coalition forces conducted five air strikes against Islamic State fighters in Syria and nine in Iraq since early Sunday, the U.S. military said on Monday.

    In Syria, the strikes near Kobani hit a tactical unit and an oil refinery, and also destroyed seven fighting positions and a vehicle, the military said in a statement.

    In Iraq, strikes hit tactical units, vehicles, a storage facility and a bunker near Kirkuk, Tal Afar, Al Qaim, Fallujah and Haditha, the statement said. (Reporting by Emily Stephenson; Editing by Meredith Mazzilli)

    Dead Men Through Walking

  15. AWESOME NEWS! Iran's new missile reaches further into the world.

    Tal Inbar, the head of space research at the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies in Herzliya, said that with their 2,500 kilometer range, the Soumar missile unveiled by the Islamic Republic on Sunday “entails a 25% increase in the range of Iran’s missiles and if we consider the future possibility that the missiles would be deployed on ships and submarines, we see the ability to project their power worldwide.”

    In an email sent out on Sunday, Inbar said that revealing the missiles – which could potentially hit cities in Eastern Europe and southern Europe and cover a large portion of north Africa, – represents a strategic change on the part of Iran which previously had portrayed their long-range missiles as defensive, and meant to protect their interests in the region.

    The missile is believed to be a reverse –engineered version of the Ukrainian KH-55 missile. The cruise missile flies at a subsonic speed but because it travels at low altitude it is much harder to detect.

    In his message, Inbar also wrote that the missiles could potentially have an impact on the issue of missile defense systems in Europe, in that Russia has traditionally been opposed to such a program and has argued that Iranian missiles would not be able to reach Europe or the United States.

    “This is why the Iranian step [to reveal the missiles] is very interesting – if the Russians were not aware of this move.”

    The missile was revealed by Iran’s Defense Ministry on Sunday, the first time they have done so publicly. Inbar said that the timing of the reveal is significant, being that it comes amid international negotiations aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear program, during which Iran has stated that their missile capabilities will not be subject to the negotiations.

    1. MAD becomes ever more paramount ...

      Invasion becomes ever more impossible ...

    2. The ability to attack Iran, without fear of retaliation ...


      That is awesome news ...
      The balance of power that maintained the peace in Europe and Asia for the past seventy years will now be applied in the Middle East. The price of aggression has become an existential threat to those that would advocate for the use of force.

      Better than awesome news ... it gives peace a chance.

    3. Crapper has it just ass backwards.

      It gives another holocaust a chance.

      Which is why it excites him so.

      Iran and Israel have not had a major war up to this point, disregarding the actions in Gaza and south Lebanon.

      And as for the balance of power in the MIddle East, a nuclear armed Iran dramtically changes the equations........hence the odd unfolding of the beginning of some kind of alliance between Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

      Rather than giving peace a chance it is going to give war hell of good odds.

    4. Ah, but how do you KNOW who attacks Iran when Iran threatens dozens of peoples and nations?

      As Iran grows tall, it's feet are still made of clay...

      The larger and stronger Iran grows? THE MORE of a target it becomes.


    5. That is the essence of MAD policy, anonymous.
      Now you are 'getting it'.

      Mutual Assured Destruction

      The most operative word ... Mutual
      If the Iranians were to use their weapons, if those missiles were weaponized, their own destruction is assured.

    6. Same goes for all the other terrorist states in the region.
      Local hegemonic powers will be gelded...

      ... by Mutual Assured Destruction

      That really is awesome.
      Military aggression will be stifled.

  16. Neda represents thousands, even hundreds of thousands, perhaps more, over the course of Persia's moslem history.

    She is not just one beautiful girl.

    I think it is you that remember nada.

    And perhaps your beautiful people, the noble Gazans, who throw dissidents off buildings, would do well to stop this launching of Iranian supplied missiles into Israel.

    1. Rachel Corrie was a 23-year old American peace activist who was run over and killed by an Israeli on a bulldozer

      Robeert "Draft Dodger" Peterson does not care about US, does not care about US women, US citizens killed by Zionist terrorists in ISrael.

    2. There have been dozens of US citizens killed by Zionist Terrorists.
      ISrael a state sponsor of Terror that has killed US citizens, in ISrael and around the world.

    3. There have been dozens of US citizens killed by the US government in it's war on ISIS and Terror...

      US Citizens are all over the Middle East fighting for Hamas and ISIS...


    4. She should have stayed in the USA.

      She should have gotten out of the way of the bulldozer.

      I've read the bulldozer driver could not see her.

      If she didn't like the USA, and wanted out, she could have gone and lived with your 'wife' in Central America.

      Shared expenses, helped out there, cause you never send any money.

      If you stop the personal attacks, I won't be responding to them, War Criminal, and dead beat dad, and Hamas terror supporter, Iranian terror supporter and self confessed professional asshole.

      How about we try that ?

    5. There has never been a personal attack made, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

      What responses you make, to the realities that are presented, not my concern.
      If yo respond or not, unimportant.

      You are not the audience, you are merely a clown that provides us a foil.

    6. You can tell lies, all you wish.
      You can make unsubstantiated claims, all you want.

      I will continue to quote your past statements.
      If you consider the use of your past statements an attack upon you ... well ... that is telling, isn't it.

    7. Or you can admit that you have been posting lies, and apologize...

      That offer remains on the table.
      You have rejected it, in the past.
      You would rather tell lies than admit to the truth.

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, has admitted to Bank Fraud.
      While claiming the loot was owed to him.

    8. bob Thu May 27, 12:52:00 AM EDT

      But I did rip off the bank for $7500 hundred dollars, when I was on my knees, and fighting for my economic life, on my aunt's credit card. But that wasn't really stealing, just payback. …

      Just like a meth head, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, tries to justify his crime by saying that the loot was owed him, by the people or institution he ripped off.

    9. BobSun Jun 22, 01:42:00 PM EDT

      When did I ever say I was a scholar??

      I don't recall saying that.

      I have a college degree in English Lit. from U of Washington.

      To avoid being drafted in part. ...

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, in his own words ...
      In Vino Veritas.

  17. Just How Bad a Candidate Would Hillary Be?

    Bruce Walker

    We're talking landslide loss material here.


    Where there's Hillary, there's hope. She lost to O'bozo, and her resume looks a lot worse now.

    1. It all depends on the money players ...
      Mr Obama had Lester Crown ... Made all the difference.
      We got the "First Jewish President", because of it.

      In 2004, Obama – now a state senator in Illinois and a candidate for the US senate – was chosen to be the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention, but his book was long out of print. Yet when he arrived in Washington, the $169,300 senator’s salary was not going to be his mainstay:
      two weeks before he was sworn in, Crown Books announced a $1.9m three-book contract with the senator-elect.

      Follow the money, it will lead you to the Democrats next nominee.

  18. Rufus IISun Mar 08, 12:54:00 PM EDT

    "And, besides that, when you came out in opposition to humanitarian aid to the Yazidi, trapped on Sindar Mountain, no rescues had been made."

    Rufus, old man, your memory and comprehension abilities are failing, assuming they were intact in the first place. You have brought this up a few times and I have tried to set you straight. I do not have a problem with humanitarian aid. I do think the military involvement is misguided. The US has a poor history of fixing things in the Middle East with the military and, recent history, has demonstrated how we make things worse.

    I had some time this morning and I decided I would go back and look through the blog and see if I couldn't pull up the posts you are referring to. I found them. The bit you wrote about the timing of the post is dead wrong. It was well after the incident on Sinjar. And two, it is clear we were talking about using the military and not, as you claim, simply providing humanitarian aid.

    You can find the conversation here:

    1. Bullshit. Your link takes one to a "Bing" page.

      Try again (and, make it clickable this time.)

    2. Rufus II Sun Aug 24, 12:21:00 PM EDT

      Do you think we Should Not have taken the actions we took at Sindal Mountain, and Mosul Dam?

      Ash Sun Aug 24, 12:23:00 PM EDT

      No, the US should stop picking the winners and losers over there.

      Ash Sun Aug 24, 12:26:00 PM EDT

      Enough with American exceptionalism.

      Then a little while later

      Rufus IISun Aug 24, 12:23:00 PM EDT

      I asked above, and I'll ask, here: Is there anyone who thinks that

      We Should Not Have Taken the Actions That We Took at Sindal Mountain, and Mosul Dam?

      Ash Sun Aug 24, 12:29:00 PM EDT

      No, nor should have the US decided to oust Saddam. The USA is not the arbiter of right and wrong in the ME, or the world.

      Ash is succinct in saying the US should have left hose people on the mountain, to die.


    3. revised and amended.
      hose = those

    4. Reading that exchange, Ash, now, in retrospect ...

      Rufus and I were right, in Kobane and northern Iraq.
      Your policy proposal is being implemented, in Tikrit.

      No US troops, no US or Coalition airstrikes.
      Iranian support, along with the Russians is taking the Iraqi into the fight against Daesh and they are gaining ground.

      Good things are happening on every front.
      Despite the cat calls and derision.


    5. The US is not picking the winners, the Iranians and Russians are.

      We're all on the same side.
      None of us prefer al-Qeada, unlike the ISraeli.

    6. ummm, dude, you are putting up an edited version of the conversation. It occurred across two threads in that blog post.

      I think the US should get its military out of the ME and let the locals sort it out. I do no have a problem with the US providing humanitarian aid. Bombing is not humanitarian aid. The Yazidis on the mountain went from 40k to 5k to not needing US evacuation. You guys like to put forward the notion that it is the US bombing that allowed them to leave. I haven't seen any evidence to that effect. But even if we accept that the bombing opened up an avenue of escape it doesn't offer us any information of how many were actually there and what would have happened to them if they stayed on the mountain.

      In fact many Yazidi were taken hostage by ISIS and bunch let go eventually. There are many bad things going on in that area and our bombs aren't going fix it. That discussion noted above was in the context of 'we rescued the Yazidi now should we do the same for 18,0000 Amerli.

      The irony of it all is that Rufus's justification for the warfare is based on one reason only - OIL but, funny enough, he'll pull out poor suffering people when it suits his purpose but only in that one region -elsewhere he doesn't give a shit about them.

      In short he has maintained, specifically, that I object to humanitarian aid, I don't, I object to the US waging war in the region.

    7. I am pleased the Iraqis and their allies are taking on Tikrit without coalition help!

    8. That is what I've urged - let the locals sort it out. call it the potato doctrine if you like!

    9. I went to the site which you posted and took the conversation segments in which you and rufus were engaged. Where he asked the question and you answered it.

      If there is another thread, or some other comment made ... well ... you should post those, too.

      But do not try to play games ...
      Do your own rebuttal, based on what you posted, then and now.

    10. Oh, by the bye, I'm not a dude.

      You may be, or the word may have different connotations in different regions of the Americas, but I'm not the "Big Lebowski"

    11. not a dude eh, well, here rat, let me make it easy for you:

      thread 1

      Rufus IISun Aug 24, 10:07:00 AM EDT

      I want to start all over again.

      Obama has said that in the case of a true humanitarian crisis, and/or if the Shia/Sunni/Kurds will work together, he will supply some air power.

      After watching the effects of this type of precision action on and around Sinjal Mountain, and the Mosul Dam area, Rat and I think that what he's outlining is a workable solution.

      Ash, and Quirk seem to rabidly disagree.

      Now, we hear about this town of 20,000, Amerli, in which children, and women are dying due to a siege put upon them by the same group that we routed from the Mosul Dam.

      I guess my question is: If we can get the Peshmerga, or Iraqis to go in and mop up, are Ash, and Quirk against us using our drones, and F/A-18's to to "break the siege," and bring electricity (and food) back to Amerli?


      AshSun Aug 24, 10:30:00 AM EDT

      What about town x and y in Syria? Wash, rinse repeat?

      I am unfamiliar with the particular situation in Ameri. Has a team gone into to asses the situation as was done on the mountain? Have the Iraqis or the Kurds indicate they will move in hold and administer the area?

      Rufus IISun Aug 24, 10:37:00 AM EDT

      Deuce put this post up, Yesterday:

      Amerli, Iraq - 18000 Shiite Muslims face starvation, capture and execution by ISIS

      AshSun Aug 24, 11:10:00 AM EDT

      The team sent to the mountain determined that increased US action was not required, how much do we know about Amerli, who will take care if the ground operations ?

      Rufus IISun Aug 24, 11:20:00 AM EDT

      We sent That team after we'd spent a full week bombing IS positions around Sindal Mountan, thereby keeping the headcutters off of the mountain, and allowing the Kurds to set up a "back door" for escape.

      Should we do the same thing, again?"

    12. thread 2:

      Rufus IISun Aug 24, 11:33:00 AM EDT

      Come on, anyone can blindly criticize the President; let's get on record:

      Was Sindal Mountain / Mosul Dam a success?

      If so, should we do it again in a place like Amerli?



      AshSun Aug 24, 11:40:00 AM EDT

      Sure, no problem if it will only take a few runs by F18's and the odd drone. That is all it will take, right?

      wash, rinse, repeat and peace will reign throughout the land. Ain't air power wonderful?

      Rufus IISun Aug 24, 11:44:00 AM EDT

      Is that all it took at Sindal Mountain, and the Mosul Dam?

      AshSun Aug 24, 11:45:00 AM EDT

      Why aren't the Turks running the air mission?

      Rufus IISun Aug 24, 11:48:00 AM EDT

      Two questions:

      1) Do you think the Turks have the same precision strike capability that we do?

      2) And, do you think anyone really wants the Turks running air operations in Iraq?

      AshSun Aug 24, 12:15:00 PM EDT

      The Amerli being Turkmen Shia would like it. Would anyone want the US running air operations? Anyone in the ME is happy with anyone running air operations if it does it in support of them. Why are you so.keen on America being the arbiter of who wins and loses over there while shouldering all the costs of that privilege?

      Rufus IISun Aug 24, 12:21:00 PM EDT

      Do you think we Should Not have taken the actions we took at Sindal Mountain, and Mosul Dam?

      AshSun Aug 24, 12:23:00 PM EDT

      No, the US should stop picking the winners and losers over there.

      AshSun Aug 24, 12:26:00 PM EDT

      Enough with American exceptionalism.

      Farmer RobSun Aug 24, 12:30:00 PM EDT

      Because the Turks will not do it. Will not fund it, have no 'national interest', there.

      Now, Ash, if you would like to debate the political justification for taking action ... the History of US/British involvement in the region, dating from ... 1776 or just from the 1916 Sykes-Pikot Agreement, the 1917 Balfour Declaration or the Anglo-Persian Agreement of 1919 .. and how those past actions create a 'Western' responsibility for the current situation.

      Then given what ever status of 'Western" responsibility is ...
      What the 'best' policy for the US to pursue would or should be.

      That would be interesting."

    13. rufus, please note, contrary to your assertion, we are talking specifically about military action and not humanitarian aid.

    14. No, that is not true, Ash.
      We were talking about what Mr Obama had done in saving those people.
      A combination of military and humanitarian actions.

      You were unequivocal in your response, the US should have done nothing

    15. And when and if you wish to discuss the "Responsibility" of the "West" in regards to the present condition of the Middle East, that would be interesting.

      I thought it would be an interesting discussion last August, still think it would be, today

    16. Rufus asserted I opposed humanitarian aid, I did not.

      The West and the USA in particular holds much responsibility for the present condition of the Middle East. I maintain that our trying to 'fix' it has significantly contributed to the problems. We should change our approach and quit trying to 'fix' it, we should stop our meddling, trying to pick winners and losers, and let the locals sort it out - the potato doctrine. I'm not promising it will easy and that the good guys will prevail - rather it will be messy and bad things will happen but at least our 'responsibility' for the outcomes will recede.

    17. Like, dude, errrr, rat, how far back do you want to go? To the middle ages? To the Balfour declaration and the abandonment of the arab allies post WWI? To our support of the Shah, Saddam, our fixing of Iraq through the removal of Saddam and the rise of ISIS? Lots of bad things have sprung from our trying to 'do good'.

    18. heck, one of the risks of our taking out ISIS is the rise of the Shia genocidal butchers and the hegemony of Iran. They aren't 'nice' folk either like our bestest allies the Saudis aren't so nice as well.

    19. oops, wrote Balfour when I was thinking Sykes-Picot - it's tough citing history on the fly.

      Then there is the fun we did/had with al Queda - the ones we financed and were our allies before they weren't - oohhhh, but we had to take down Russia ....

    20. How far back ...
      That would part of the discussion, wouldn't it?

      Back to before the founding of Islam, fer sur.

      Before the Romans conquered Egypt.

      Perhaps back to the invasion of Canaan, by the refugees from Egypt.
      The 'Conga Line' here at the EB claimed they were the fount of "Western Civilization"

      As to the rise of genocidal butchers ...

    21. That was first recorded by the chroniclers of that invasion of Canaan, by the refugees from Egypt..

    22. If the US were actively involved with the combatants in Iraq, the odds of there being genocidal violence would diminish, at least that is the theory.

      It has not been proven, though.
      It could be argued that the theory has been disproved, if the ISraeli experience is analyzed ...
      But that could be debated, as US troops have never really been 'on the ground' in ISrael. A few Patriot missile batteries are not the same as troops in combat.

      In fact there are examples of US troops 'on the ground' that have been targeted by ISraeli, although those US personnel were on the "High Seas" and not 'on the ground'.

  19. Heh heh

    Fox News is showing how the New York Times erased George Bush and his wife from their front page photo of the recent march and celebrations at the bridge in Selma, Alabama.


    Stalin used to do this quite often after he bumped some rival off........they got erased from the old photos.....

    I find this really funny, poor George, he doesn't exist any more.....

    1. The Saudi funded Faux News Network, strikes again.

  20. To change the past, delete pictures, delete comments, delete opinions, delete an entire human being.......presto !

    It seems to be a temptation impossible to resist by many 'journalists'.

    The New York Time should be ashamed of itself, but it is long since past they had any shame.

  21. The New York Times is fighting back !

    They are saying it is all a bunch of crap, not a crop.

    Go to Fox News right now for update.....

  22. The New York Times is saying there was too much sunlight on po' George's face, or something, and they didn't have any other photo, or something..........

    I call this explanation a 'crop of crap'.


    ISSA: Clinton could face criminal charges...
    'Huge gaps' in email record...
    WASH POST: Will Hillary's experience be liability?
    FT: Clinton fatigue...
    NYT: Bright days for Clinton are darkened...
    'Family foundation accepted millions of dollars in donations from Middle Eastern countries known for violence against women and for denying them many basic freedoms'..............Drudge

    >>>ISSA: Clinton could face criminal charges...<<<

    OOOO, I hope she finally gets her.....



  24. The Iranians do seem to be making some progress around Tikrit, according to Fox News right now.....

  25. If the Iranians take Tikrit, peace will break out.

    The Sunnis will peacefully settle in to being occupied by the Shia.....

    1. Quirk Sat Aug 23, 07:44:00 PM EDT

      What right do the Shiites have to be in Sunni lands?

      Da lobby is getting a bit uppity. Now, they would disperse this group here, move that group over there, determine which group has a 'right' to live in this country or that, all apparently based on sectarian affiliation and whose friend they might be, or to be more exact as to whether they happen to be a friend of Israel's enemies.

    2. What the Iraqi do in Iraq, what concern is it for US, if the US is not involved, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson?

      Those that were elected, in Iraq, by the "Purple Fingers of Freedom" are the ones that get to decide what is best, for Iraq.
      4,000 US KIA, tens of thousands of US casualties and a trillion USD bought them that authority.

      Why turn your back on democratic success?

    3. Haider al-Abadi has given the people of Tikrit the opportunity to vote with their feet...

      Just as Abe Lincoln gave the people of Atlanta the chance to swear allegiance to the Republic.

      If Abe Lincoln was right, how can Haider al-Abadi be considered to be wrong?

    4. You did say ...
      I've maintained here, only partly in jest, that the whole wind blown riffle was a literary event, a contest between two opposed readings of the Christian Bible.

      Just as the Shia and Sunni are having a literary event, a contest beween opposed readings of the Koran.
      What dog does the US have in that fight?

  26. World Affairs Journal is finally catching up to Joe Biden, Miss T, and Bob, who never thought a multicultural Iraq was viable in the first place - now that Obama has put the nail in the coffin:

    Let Iraq Die: A Case for Partition
    Michael J. Totten

    Iraq is finished, an expiring, cancerous nation on life support. Pulling the plug might be merciful. It might be cruel. But either way, it’s time to accept the fact that this country is likely to die and that we’ll all be better off when it does.

    The Kurds in the north, who make up roughly twenty percent of the population, want out. They never wished to be part of Iraq in the first place. To this day, they still call the bathroom the “Winston Churchill,” in sarcastic homage to the former British prime minister who shackled them to Baghdad. Since the early 1990s, they’ve had their own government and autonomous region in the northern three provinces, and they held a referendum in 2005 in which 98.7 percent voted to secede and declare independence. The only reason they haven’t finally pulled the trigger is because it hasn’t been safe; the Turks—who fear the contagion of Kurdish independence inside their own country—have threatened to invade if they did.

    The Sunni Arabs in the west, who make up another rough twenty percent of Iraq, aren’t itching for independence necessarily, but they sure as hell aren’t willing to live under the thumb of Shiite-dominated Baghdad any longer. Millions of them live now under the brutal totalitarian rule of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, which has declared its own state not only in a huge swath of Iraq but also in much of northeastern Syria. ISIS either controls or has a large presence in more than fifty percent of Iraq at the time of this writing........

    1. >>>>The Kurds in the north, who make up roughly twenty percent of the population, want out. They never wished to be part of Iraq in the first place. To this day, they still call the bathroom the “Winston Churchill,” in sarcastic homage to the former British prime minister who shackled them to Baghdad.<<<<

      This, I hope, will answer Q's stumbling question regarding whether the Kurds want out..........

    2. Didn't get this in -

      >>> they held a referendum in 2005 in which 98.7 percent voted to secede and declare independence<<<

      There is a lot of talk about holding another referendum on the issue soon. The result will be the same.

    3. The President of Iraq is a Kurd.
      Non-binding referendum are non-binding.

      Lincoln was not impressed by the results of elections in Georgia.

  27. Latest from Fox News -

    So far neither the Iranians, Iranian militias, the Iranian General in charge, neither General Rufus nor General rat, nor the Iraqi Shia troops have entered Tikrit, though they are closing in.....

    Q is still hanging tough in the mean neighborhoods of eastern Mosul.....having set up a 'journalist station' in a bar/bordello there....

    1. (Bobbo I got to admit I don't get these a-rabs. This dump has a trans-gender Winston Churchill. Weird. Got supply of Vodka through the Russian....later.....did you put the $$$$ in my account ? Q)


  28. Bribes Disguised As Charitable Gifts: Hillary Clinton’s Possible Legal Trouble
    March 9, 2015 By Mollie Hemingway

    Last week the Washington Post reported that Algeria gave half a million dollars to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation while at the same time lobbying Hillary Clinton at the State Department. At a forum in Miami this weekend, Bill Clinton defended taking money from Algeria and other countries while his wife held a high-level government position.........

  29. WAIT !!

    O'bozo DID know about Hillary's private e-mail account.

    They e-mailed each other -

    White House: Why yes, Obama did know Hillary’s private e-mail address — and they did e-mail each other
    posted at 3:21 pm on March 9, 2015 by Allahpundit

    And just the other day The 'Bozo said he found out about it in the newspaper. (He is always saying that)

    1. He found out about the IRS scandal in the newspapers, the VA scandal, and other scandals, too.

    2. Thank God for freedom of the press or our President would be 'out of the loop'.

    3. At least he reads, and learns stuff.

      More than can be said of you, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

  30. nytimes:

    "Obama Angry as Republicans Contact Iran on Nuclear Talks


    A letter signed by 47 Republican senators warns Iran’s leaders that a nuclear agreement now being negotiated by the Obama administration may not last without congressional approval. "

    1. But it may ...

      Just depends on if the other governments in Europe would follow the agreement, or let the US twist them in the wind.

    2. A sanction regime against Iran that France, Russia, England, China and Russia did not participate in, would be no sanction regime, at all.

    3. The hubris of Republicans, it knows no bounds

  31. Some Iranians fighting for civilization:

    Mohammad Khatami, the former president of Iran: “If we abide by real legal laws, we should mobilize the whole Islamic world for a sharp confrontation with the Zionist regime … if we abide by the Koran, all of us should mobilize to kill.” (2000)

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: “It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region.” (2001)

    Hassan Nasrallah, a leader of Hezbollah: “If they [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” (2002)

    Nasrallah: “Israel is our enemy. This is an aggressive, illegal, and illegitimate entity, which has no future in our land. Its destiny is manifested in our motto: ‘Death to Israel.’” (2005)

    Yahya Rahim Safavi, the former commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps: “With God’s help the time has come for the Zionist regime’s death sentence.” (2008)

    Mohammad Hassan Rahimian, Khamenei’s representative to the Moustazafan Foundation: “We have manufactured missiles that allow us, when necessary to replace [sic] Israel in its entirety with a big holocaust.” (2010)

    Mohammad Reza Naqdi, the commander of the Basij paramilitary force: “We recommend them [the Zionists] to pack their furniture and return to their countries. And if they insist on staying, they should know that a time while arrive when they will not even have time to pack their suitcases.” (2011)

    Khamenei: “The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor and it will be removed.” (2012)

    Ahmad Alamolhoda, a member of the Assembly of Experts: “The destruction of Israel is the idea of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and is one of the pillars of the Iranian Islamic regime. We cannot claim that we have no intention of going to war with Israel.” (2013)

    Nasrallah: “The elimination of Israel is not only a Palestinian interest. It is the interest of the entire Muslim world and the entire Arab world.” (2013)

    Hojateleslam Alireza Panahian, the advisor to Office of the Supreme Leader in Universities: “The day will come when the Islamic people in the region will destroy Israel and save the world from this Zionist base.” (2013)

    Hojatoleslam Ali Shirazi, Khamenei’s representative in the Revolutionary Guard: “The Zionist regime will soon be destroyed, and this generation will be witness to its destruction." (2013)

    Khamenei: “This barbaric, wolflike & infanticidal regime of Israel which spares no crime has no cure but to be annihilated.” (2014)

    Hossein Salami, the deputy head of the Revolutionary Guard: "We will chase you [Israelis] house to house and will take revenge for every drop of blood of our martyrs in Palestine, and this is the beginning point of Islamic nations awakening for your defeat." (2014)

    Salami: "Today we are aware of how the Zionist regime is slowly being erased from the world, and indeed, soon, there will be no such thing as the Zionist regime on Planet Earth." (2014)

    Hossein Sheikholeslam, the secretary-general of the Committee for Support for the Palestinian Intifada: "The issue of Israel's destruction is important, no matter the method. We will obviously implement the strategy of the Imam Khomeini and the Leader [Khamenei] on the issue of destroying the Zionists. The region will not be quiet so long as Israel exists in it ..." (2014)

    Mohammad Ali Jafari, the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guard: "The Revolutionary Guards will fight to the end of the Zionist regime ... We will not rest easy until this epitome of vice is totally deleted from the region's geopolitics." (2015)

    The Iranian Regime on Israel's Right to Exist
    The foreign minister says his country is friendly to Jews. But his country seeks the elimination of the country in which nearly half the world's Jews live.
    Jeffrey Goldberg Mar 9 2015, 8:32 AM ET

  32. President Sisi of Egypt is being interviewed on Fox News -

    He is very much worth listening to......

  33. Why is it that President Sisi of Egypt, who is saying all the right words, and is risking his life to do it, is ignored by Obama, who is rushing hell bent on some foolish treaty with Iran, where they shout 'Death To America' "Death to Israel' every Friday ?


  34. COPS: Teen Burglars Mistake Cremated Remains For Cocaine.......Drudge


    A snort of a different sort.....