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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Netanyahu brings his contribution to the Republicans


  1. Bitter? Hardly, I look at this as an opportunity to expose the disastrous and reckless nature of the perverse relationship that has grotesquely damaged US interests. It will further damage the Republicans and that on balance is good for the country.

    Washington (CNN)The Obama administration is bracing for Benjamin Netanyahu to spill secret details of Iran nuclear talks, as both camps traded last-minute political jabs ahead of the Israeli prime minister's controversial address to Congress at 11 a.m. EST on Tuesday.

    The White House is uncertain what precise details may come out but aides spent Monday frantically mobilizing after Israeli officials said that the prime minister planned to disclose sensitive details of an agreement taking shape in talks between six world powers and Iran, which has entered a delicate final stage.

    Concern and anger among American officials about the nature of what Netanyahu might expose heightened already roiling tensions between the two countries. Secretary of State John Kerry cautioned about the damage such revelations might have on the negotiations and President Barack Obama himself attacked Netanyahu's judgment.

    Netanyahu is expected to use the details to bolster his argument before Congress that the deal under discussion will not prevent Iran from getting a bomb and could therefore threaten the Jewish state's existence.

    The speech, which was organized by House Republican Speaker John Boehner without the White House's prior knowledge, has already fueled a bitter domestic political row, and the fallout from any shared intelligence details could result in a more fundamental break between Israel and the U.S.

    "The release of that information would betray the trust between our allies, and it certainly is inconsistent with the behavior of trusted allies," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday.

  2. It's off to the salt mines for me.

    But first I'd like to say, Bibi Netanyahu is a great man.

    And Israel is a great nation.

    And Judaism is a great great cultural tradition.

    I'm glad I will missing the non sense and shit that will be posted by the usual suspects here today.....

    I leave you with this from my new Iran Is Fighting For Civilization files -

    rch 3, 2015
    Iran Poses an Existential Threat to Western Civilization
    By Lauri B. Regan

    We are living through historic times – and perilous times. However, the leaders of the Western world are oblivious to the imminence of the dangers as Islamic fundamentalism takes hold on every continent in the world. While the focus since 9/11 has been on al Qaeda and its spin-off ISIS, the greatest danger to the Western world is Iran -- a country that, with a wink and a nod from the U.S., is on the precipice of becoming a nuclear hegemon.

    Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of international terrorism, killing Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan and threatening pro-American regimes across the region. Its warships are expanding their movement in regional waters and cruising to Venezuela. Its aggression in Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria has succeeded in causing vast regional instability and violence. And Iran does not simply seek regional hegemony –- it seeks global domination as it develops ballistic missiles capable of hitting the U.S..................

    Gotta run, work, work, work

    Cheers !!

  3. That anyone supports this loathsome attack at the authority of the President of the US in front of Congress is reprehensible.

  4. It should be a wakeup call to Americans, unambiguous in their loyalties.

  5. That execrable motherfucker.

    We should have shut off All Funding, and support for this horrible government long ago.

    If we're going to support this vile, and putrid bunch there's no hope for us.

    We probably won't last much longer than they will. We sure as hell don't deserve to.

    1. That applies to you, Netanyahu, and his despicable, apartheid government.

      And, any vile, putrid assholes that voted for him.

  6. That despicable prick came to MY country, and disrespected My President in My Congress.

    My last word on this will be, I'll drink a toast when your shitty little country is gone (and, I don't give a fuck How it "gets gone.")

  7. Does The Fed Have a Currency Problem?, by Tim Duy: The PCE inflation data was released today, and I have been seeing commentary on the relative strength of the core-inflation numbers. This, for example, from the Wall Street Journal:

    A key gauge of U.S. consumer prices sank in January due partly to cheaper oil, undershooting the Federal Reserve’s goal of 2% annual inflation for the 33rd consecutive month. But a gauge of underlying price pressures remained resilient headed into 2015.

    The picture:

    Inflation Chart YOY

    Core-PCE is hovering around 1.3%, and the stability relative to last month is supposedly supportive of Federal Reserve plans to hike interest rates later this year.

    I would caution against that interpretation just yet. While it is true that the year-over-year change is how the Fed measures its progress toward price stability, you should also be watching the near term changes to see the likely direction of the year-over-year message. And in recent months, near-term core inflation has been falling at a rapid pace:

    1 and 3 Mo. Change, Core Inflation Chart

    On a 3-month basis, core inflation is at its lowest since the plunge in 2008. Year-over-year inflation has been held up by a basis effect from a jump in early 2014, but unless we get another jump in the monthly data, you can guess where the year-over-year number will be heading in the next few . . . . .

    Good Article - Goes With What I've Been Saying

    1. Bottom line: I think there's an even chance the Fed puts us into recession within the year.

  8. .

    But you really didn't address ONE point about Bibi's speech.

    There was no point.

    It was a high profile campaign speech. He should pay Boehnerr and the GOP for the free press time. Oh, wait, I guess he already has.

    He said absolutely nothing new.

    He offered no new approach, no solutions.

    And he did it with his usual condescension and arrogance.

    The man is a slug.


    1. Bibi has overstated the threat from Iran in the past and he seems to be doing so now. He appears to think that the only good deal would be one where Iran fully capitulates and that isn't going to happen. It leaves the impression that he doesn't want a deal at all which leads one to wonder - why? How does he and Israel benefit from the status quo?

    2. .

      First, Bibi insults our intelligence by lecturing America on the facts of life in the ME.

      He complains about the proposed deal because

      1. It doesn't take away Iran's nuclear infrastructure.

      2. It only last for 10 years at which point Iran 'could get the bomb'. This assumption goes back to 1.

      Bibi's idea of a good deal is that all of Iran's nuclear infrastructure be dismantled. He also ignores the fact that once the 10 year agreement expires, it could be replaced by another. In the absence of an agreement, more sanctions can be applied.

      Bibi says we don't need to go to war with Iran we just need to insist on a good deal. This is of course bull. As noted above, Bibi's idea of a good deal is that all of Iran's nuclear infrastructure be dismantled. This is a non-starter. Iran won't agree to it no matter what level of sanctions they face. They would take it as an insult that couldn't stand. And while we can install a sanctions regime, there is no changing the language of the NPT and Iran's right to have nuclear capability. Likewise, the NPT has no wording in it that restricts Iran from enriching fuel.

      Bibi says we don't have to go to war but what is the alternative? Bibi offers none. His new idea? Negotiate harder.

      My opinion? Bibi is lying. He is looking for a war to take out Iran's nuclear capability. He knows Israel can't do that on its own. He knows the US is the only one that can. But that isn't going to happen.

      That's why I say,

      He said absolutely nothing new.

      He offered no new approach, no solutions.


    3. .

      I notice you could not find fault with any specific point but rather just name call.

      Name calling?

      You know my view of Netanyahu. I've never hid them. That video I put up on the last stream is all I need to see him as an arrogant liar and an ungrateful SOB. He showed nothing but contempt for the American public on it.

      I guess you do not see any threat from Iran.

      'You are better than that.'

      I've stated my position on Iran and the nuclear negotiations here 3 or 4 times before. If you don't know what my position is you should pay more attention rather than throwing out the juvenile insults you and rat throw around here all day.